Friday, 17 February, Year 9 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Junoi is the usual contrivancy the US Faggot Identity Party keeps pushing out. Weak and centerless malesii, decisive and self-possessed females, complete and utter anti-reality in a thick sauce of an inexistent socioeconomic context wherein stripping is a sort of sport rather than a sort of survival and nobody's going to tell anyone (and especially not any woman) what's what or else!

Thanks to the exceptional writing skills of Diablo Cody, the contrivancy actually stands up and makes sense, in this case. Sixteen year old boys acutually are weak and centreless, irrespective of what they may pretend or how convincingly they may clothe that pretense. Sixteen year old girls are certainly ahead of their male age peers in terms of societal and reality insertion. Blue collar fifty year olds are often the contemplative, passive, submissive type herein depictediii. Add to that a smattering of very solid observationiv and dialogue that flows as perfectly, smoothly and flawlessly as if I myself had written it, and there's Juno.

I would definitely force anyone involved in video production to study, not merely watch this film. It would greatly benefit that large swarm of dullards and imbeciles, to be forced to notice that just because one wants to push trite cliches and rank nonsense it does not thereby follow that the dialogue has to be wooden or the story formulaic.

A little creativity, dear socialists, what the hell. Your idiocy is distinguished by that rare attribute that being nonsense in the first place, it therefore follows that any nonsense could equally be it! Given such a vast space of possibility, why the fuck are you all doing the same two-three stories over and over and over and over and over again ? Random stripper with no talent besides the intuition that there's plenty of space left did much better than any of you, in 2007. Perhaps it's time to dare to blather in novel ways, since you're going to blather anyway ?

We have here anecdotal proof that once the pretense of broad relevancy and social centrality were abandoned, "feminism" could be both acceptable and even in places entertaining. Bear this in mind.

  1. 2007, by Jason Reitman, with Ellen Page. []
  2. In Faggot Identity Fanfic the male may appear strictly as the unconditionally loving, drony father ; or else as the indescribably lame, inept youth ; or else as the superficial, inconsequential asshole. No other alternatives are possible, much in the same way the girls in more traditional blue fare are always bosomy and always a little dim.

    It's war of the hacks, practically speaking. []

  3. Petrus, you see, is the product of his environment in the sense that primitive, orcish societies do waste a lot of what would constitute resources in a more complex world. This is exactly the point of social organisation : maximizing resource utilization. []
  4. What exactly do adults mean by "starting one's sex life" ? And perhaps more importantly : why would they imagine the categorical nonsense they invented to assuage their own terrors bears any relevancy to anyone besides themselves ? []
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