Der Schlussakkord, o sopirla.

Friday, 15 September, Year 9 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Der Schlussakkord (ie, the last accord, in the musical sense, like seen in accordion) is a 1936 piece made by Douglas Sirk (back then Detlef Sierck) for Universum Film AG. It stars Maria von Tasnady, who was a Hungarian girl named for a Romanian town that lost a miss Europe contest and made a coupla films before finally scoring her marriage and disappearing forever into the biofilm. The story is very much biofilm-interest, woman left a kid in an orphanage to follow some guy who killed himself (biofilm-Aesop & teachable moment here : if you wanna biofilm properly dun follow the guy, follow the child instead!) and then came back but the kid was now maintained by some anodyne cuck or other, so there's a biofilm wrangle when the two cunts fight it over and one dies and the other nearly gets sent to jale!!forever!!! except a cunt-in-training intervenes by pointing out that it's really silly to the degree of inconceivable in biofilm-logic to put any cunt out of circulation, as it'll reduce biofilm production!i So they all live happily ever after or something instead. I don't really read amoeba and so my understanding is fuzzy at this juncture.

O sopirla, ie a lizard, is the Romanian name for a fundamentally disobedient item that is deliberately constructed to pass formal examinations by a totalitarian state. It's part and parcel of the larger "resistence through culture" manifestation of the fundamental idiocy and utter irrelevancy of the anal child. If the part where they arranged An die Freude against a montage of happy old farts supposedly united in the melo-metaphysical au-dela with "Hanna", an "American" married to some dude named Muller doesn't make it plain enough for you, I suppose you're stuck waiting for Shtierlitz. Bettler weden Furstenbruder, dontchakno!

Keep some lime handy for when you're done, if you actually intend to trudge through this muck.

  1. Here's a simple bit of mental judo : if you wish to reduce the stray population, it is infinitely more effective to castrate some female strays than some male strays. []
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