Balul de Simbata Seara

Sunday, 07 May, Year 9 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Toata lumea zice-asa,
Ca nu-i buna dragostea
Nu-i nevoie ca s-o spuna
Ca si eu vad ca nu-i buna

Asta mi-e norocu'
Si focu'
De-ar fi buna dragostea
Nimeni n-ar zacea de ea...

Balul de Simbata Searai is an excellent offering on the topic of love. Not infantile love, bumbling kids "discovering" bla bla. Not naggy old love either, doua jucarii stricate trying to forget enough of their baggage, piled up abuse and neglect, trying to throw out enough yellowed newspaper, rats' nests and assorted squalor to free up a square foot of something on which a new potted plant might be settled.

No, none of that crap. Adult love, between a young man who knows himself to be a man and young women who know themselves to be women. Not girls. Women. Not singular, either. Fucking plural. Because reasons.

Floricica floare-albastra
Toata lumea-i cu nevastaii,
Toata lumea-i cu s-o tieiii,
Numai eu ca cucu-n vie...

One's blonde, one's brunette. One can sing, one can dance. One's not afraid to walk the street in camisole, the other's fine with coming naked out of the waters. Neither has any problem in close quarters. Neither has children.iv Neither is annoying. Neither is demanding. Neither has expectations. Neither needs help. Neither, neither, neither.

Wut do ?

Foaie verde flori de mac
Care-mi place eu nu-i plac
Foaie verde razachiev
Cui plac eu nu-mi place mie...

Briefly, it is considered that the first to show up on the platform shall be the victor. The nonsense is abandoned as soon as it forms. As it should be.

The correct solution is displayed, believe it or not, in the 60s, in a film printed and distributed by the Romanian communist party. The girls kiss. Obviously, what fucking wedding, what fucking "sotie", what fucking bullshit ? He's going to live with both and they're going to love each other, what.

There aren't films worth the mention on this topic, spoken in English. Yes, I'm aware it's a large topic. Yes, I'm aware they made a pile of crap not worth the shoveling. Truth stands : there's never been something at the Oscars to compete with the simple stories of simple barbarians. Stuff like The Graduate are poor, sad, contorted strands of phtysic sputum by comparison.

Foaie verde de sulfina
Doua flori intr-o gradina
Amindoua ma iubesc,
Eu numai una voiesc.

Asta mi-e norocu'
Si focu'
Astazi una, ieri cealalta,
Miine iara, si-alalalta.

  1. 1967, by Geo Saizescu, with Sebastian Papaiani, Mariella Petrescu (the brunette), Anna Szeles (blondy). Sometimes rendered as "Balul de Sambata Seara" because retards. []
  2. The root on which the endearing diminutive was formed which in Romanian denotes the wolverine. Literally, nevasta = wife, nevastuica = wolverine. Endearing because Romanian admits three or at times even four different diminutives on the same root -- and they're all intensive. []
  3. Sotie, ie, spouse, the feminine of sot, the polite way to reference the obsolete socio-sexual relation, is also homonym in this language with "let him keep her then". S conjunctive, -o pronoun, tie to keep. It's also the common way to express separative disdain, such as

    - Ai auzit ? Si-a luat Bula nevastuica.
    (Hey, I hear Bula got himself a pet wolverine.)
    - A, da ? S-o tie sanatos.
    (O yeah ? Let him keep it then.)

    The alternative would be "let him wash his head with it", the etymological details of which we know better than to go into. Tu l'aurais voulu &c. []

  4. Laugh, but your laughter only betrays your lack of experience with the third world. []
  5. Grape variety, at some point popular but meanwhile obsolete. Long cylindrical fruit, thick pulp. Name from Turkish/Greek. []
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  1. Seed plz? I know you are, but what am I? I am not what I am. A != A.

  2. works

  3. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Monday, 8 May 2017

    Yeah, most ro cinema is on youtube.

  4. _Swag_Yolo_`s avatar
    Monday, 8 May 2017

    Cool beans, I chromecasted that pup using DIAL and RAMP. My wife turned it off midway, because "that movie is in french", and I did not bother to splain that it was a fuckin' Gypsy movie, and per Reddit, I can only hate Gypsy cause they Gip people, and business men cause they Gip people. Roma can be low, cause ya know, insular, thieving, lying, fucking their SISTERS!!!

    Weird though, kept having issues with TV shutting down, like mysterious. The HDMI was routing CEC through their C&C system, and remotely shutting down the damn boob tube. I figured sniffing the traffic would work, but I'll be damned i you have to special to get the docs on CEC. I'm special though. Stay tuned if you want to know more. Same bat time, same bat channel. Lookup what the C&C software is, if like you wanna no how.

  5. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Monday, 8 May 2017

    Actually Romanian and Romales/Polari are not mutually intelligible. Gypsies speak a sort of Italian creole, rather.

    The rest sounds like run of the mill modern TVechnology bug.

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