Industria Argentina, or my life among the tribal savages.

Friday, 09 September, Year 8 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Remember Gastón Marjbein (this imbecile), president of Fag Sistemsi dba "Kanji" (Tecnologia Japonesa con Precio Argentino) ? The proud makers of the world's most contortedly idiotic computer case ?

Good for you. So do I. Today we have a continuation of this sad, sad storyii :


What do we have here ? Well, what you have there is a picture of a female human hand, with fine carbon residue deposited post sudden vaporisation. And what I have here is a very scared girl, whose laptop charger died out a while back, and who brought the matter to meiii so I bought her a universal transformer locally. Which exploded, in her hand, while she was trying to unplug it.

Here :


That, my dear friends and extended readership is Industria Argentina. That and naught else, there you have it, complete and entire, sprawled in all its nude glory. "Industria", as best this sad cargo cult can tell, consists of glorified janitorial closets wherein glorified janitors, not fit to actually pick up my trash and shine my boots, produce dangerous, unsafe, badly engineered, misshapen, misshod and overall ridiculous items.

Broken, sad, dysfunctional, useless items, to exactly mirror the broken, sad, dysfunctional and useless Argentine. Which is all of them.iv

  1. I kid you not, Fag Sistems of Av. Honorio Pueyrredon 1548 (C1414CER) CABA Argentina, tel 4858-5200, CUIT 30-70975211-8. []
  2. The subhuman monkeyspawn befouling Argentina pompously refers to a collection of barely literate idiots as "industria". As if that makes it, you know, a thing.

    Meanwhile this alleged "industria" entirely and without exception consists of firme de apartament (ie, janitorial closets masquerading as economic agents). Sole owners dba as "companies" ; being "CEO"s and "presidents" and whatnot ; ruling over a vast domain consisting of fewer concrete items than there are titles for them. As is typical of the thirld world and Uganda, the same well worn chair seats the "President", the "CEO", the "tech department" and the cleaning crew each and every single day. []

  3. "What do I do now, get a new laptop ? Try to get these idiots to actually deliver something in this rural shithole ? Buy a new laptop ? Tell me." []
  4. All of them, you understand me ?

    That sticker says Noga Net (other than "informacion para usuario", the crowning height of presumption, of course). Here, this Noga Net :


    They, bless their clueless hearts, don't even know this. []

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