Gawker Media Group (GMG) vs Arbeitsgemeinschaft Versuchsreaktor (AVR)

Saturday, 11 June, Year 8 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

We find from the press that Gawker Media Group has filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy protection ; assests are officially estimated to be in the 50 to 100 mn USD range (but likely entirely inexistent) while liabilities in the 100 to 500 mn USD range.

Before we discuss this matter, let's take a walk through history and gather a little bit of context. The Arbeitsgemeinschaft Versuchsreaktori was a project developed in the 60s by a group of companies including Brown, Boveri & Cieii, Krupp and others (mostly, local power companies). The idea was to explore in practice the Daniels pile, what is commonly known as a "pebble bed reactor".iii

It was one of the numerous victims of the imbecile (if not exactly disinterestediv) "progressive" lobby in Germany, and consequently was assessed fabulous if entirely hallucinated guiltsv and misdeeds, so much so that the project that cost something in the 90 to 120 mn Deutsche marks to buildvi ended up costing over a billion euros to "dismantle", about 50% more than the same "estimated" figure in 2006 (reflecting the increase of imaginary "guilts" and "misdeeds" over time, for as long as the enemy has a voice). With the caveat, of course, that the actual reactor has not been dismantled thereby - the "containment vessel" remains separate from all this, ready for further rounds of imaginary guilt & misdeed inflation in 2026, and since it's so very productive - hopefully forever.

Now we're in a position to discuss the failed nuclear reactor & pollution source known as Gawker Media Group. These people poured incredibly pernicious toxins of a variety so vast it is yet uncatalogued, and of a breadth of destruction so ample it has yet to be assessed. Every day millionsvii of innocent, ignorant sub-Canadians and other feebleminded derps came into contact with its poisonous offerings, to the utter ruin of their weak intellectual powers, such as they were, and with the only result of compacting shit in already dubiously scented skulls. Pro-socialism, anti-"racism", pro-"democracy", "human rights", "body positivity", "feminism", the whole "progressive" nonsense, or in the words of the poet

Tot ce-n tarile vecine e smintit si stirpitura,
Tot ce-i insemnat cu pata putrejunii de natura,
Tot ce e perfid si lacom, tot Fanarul, toti ilotii,
Toti se scursera aicea si formeaza patriotii,
Incit fonfii si flecarii, gagautii si gusatii,
Bilbiiti cu gura strimba sunt stapinii astei natii!

Voi sunteti urmasii Romei? Niste rai si niste fameni!
I-e rusine omenirii sa va zica voua oameni!
Si aceasta ciuma-n lume si aceste creaturi
Nici rusine n-au sa ieie in smintitele lor guri
Gloria neamului nostru spre-a o face de ocara,
Indraznesc ca sa rosteasca pin' si numele tau... tara!viii

So then. AVR cost a quarter billion to build, but a billion and a half to "decommission", in the sense that everything but actual decommissioning was done. Quid pro quo : Gawker cost half a billion to build, apud the guilty. They therefore owe three billion to "decomission" their poisons, under the same exact understanding : these costs go to carefully preserve their guilt, and over time ratchet its valuation up. Not, pointedly not, in any case not to reducing it, in any way or to any degree. On the contrary - we'll jack it up to five or so billion next decade. Or whatever we feel like.

You owe, bitches. Pay up.

  1. Experimental Reactor Consortium, approximatively. []
  2. Swiss electrical engineering entity, meanwhile sold to Sweden via a merger with ASEA. []
  3. Alf is a fan. The promise is, roughly speaking, small, building sized, safe (through Doppler widening and other physics-provided therefore fail-less safety mechanisms) reactors. The idea is no longer pursued in the "civilised" world, thanks to the shithead lobby ; the Chinese however bought it, renamed it HTR-something and are actively developing it. As with everything else. []
  4. You can say what you want, and think that or anything else, but by the fruits is known the tree, and a group of loud shitheads that so effectually ruined the industrial capacity of Germany can only be working for its enemies. There is such a thing as working for free, especially among imbeciles. []
  5. See also, since we're on the topic. []
  6. Perhaps a quarter billion in today's money. []
  7. Using the waste plant's own numbers. []
  8. Accept this very modest attempt to downgrade the language in the understanding that while it's not good, at least it's free :

    All that everywhere's shat out and spat upon,
    All that's had Nature's mark of filth put on
    All perfidy and gluttony, the Fener, the hilots
    All scummed its way here to act out the patriots,
    So the snuffling babblers and incompetent mongoloids,
    Stutterers with crooked mouth be the governmental droids

    You, the spawn of Rome ? Evil and castrated!
    Humanity's ashamed to call you human.
    And this plague upon the world, these creaturers
    Have not even enough sense to refrain from gumming idly
    The glory of our kind, turning it into a shame,

    Dare even say your name, America!


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5 Responses

  1. Not the only instance or even type of reactor the vermin destroyed the possibility of. There were other promising items, e.g., thorium 'breeder'.

  2. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Sunday, 12 June 2016

    The possiblity is doing just fine, but in Rongcheng. The vermin are entirely irrelevant, as always.

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