Black Snake Moan

Tuesday, 08 November, Year 8 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Black Snake Moani is an inexplicable little jewel. It unabashedly depicts the importance of breaking a girl's infantile "will" as part of her normal maturation processii. It plainly shows the valuable part a length of solid chain may play in supporting introspective reflexioniii and thereby aiding the entire process. It even correctly depicts the central role played by unyielding male will in the crucible that turns confused geese into fully grown gorgons. How in the hells it escaped the censors is anyone's guess, I can't fathom.iv

Christina Ricci readily emerges as the best actress of her generation, and easily the best actress currently working. Her range is astoundingv, her delivery crisp, her mastery of her own body as a vehicle of her art entirely enthralling. She even has huge tits, as it turns out. I had utterly no idea. Now if only she hadn't spent the ensuing decade doing bullshit voice acting, TV crap, shorts and so on. Give the woman some roles already!

The preacher is extremely convincing, mostly by virtue of very good screenplay. Jackson is tired. This film's worth watching.

  1. 2006, by Craig Brewer, with Christina Ricci, Samuel L Jackson. []
  2. Teeth work exactly the same way - deciduous teeth must be broken off before permanent teeth may take their place, and failure to lose them in time will deform the bite.

    Each girl develops naturally the same infantile surogate of a will, a spurious placeholder which must be broken off before she can develop a true will, turn into a woman and take her proper place by a man. In some unfortunate cases the infantile pseudowill is not broken, resulting in diformity and lifelong disability (an adherence to socialist aka "progressive" causes being an indicative symptom of this particular developmental retardation). []

  3. As in the case of punishment, the most important part is for the subject to interiorize his complete and absolute lack of recourse. Failure of this interiorization breeds the anal child in the feminine. []
  4. Perhaps because in typical progretardation, the male characters are even more dysfunctional, broken and sad ? Who even knows by now. []
  5. Think, for a moment. Have you ever seen Kate Blanchett play anything but that certain type of "high class" "intellectual" ? Or on the sluts side, ever saw Arquette or Juliette Lewis do anything but motels and trailerparks, barefoot and chickenwire ? Ever saw a film in which Monica Belucci wasn't raped ? I get it, she's great at being raped, the other one looks great in glasses, whatever the hell already. Trying to spend as much time as possible in the fancied skin of your preferred imaginary self isn't acting. []
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  1. Made it past the censors because Samuel L Jackson.

  2. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Wednesday, 9 November 2016

    Possibly, yeah.

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