Time to rehash that old strategic superiority discussion.

Thursday, 24 September, Year 7 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Remember how that old article went, back when MtGox was lying through its teeth and pretending that's "just how business is done" ? It went like so :

This happens to be exactly what PR is not. PR is not about clogging the channels with meaningless formulaic stupidity and actively attempting to prevent anything from moving either direction. PR is the effort of clearly communicating the position of the company to the market and the position of the market to the company. Clearly communicating means that sometimes the customer will be delivered a large steaming plate of "You're stupid". Clearly communicating means that sometimes the company will have to come out with a "We've been stupid" dounce hat and eat some crow.

There's a lot more where that came from, and by "a lot more" I mean quite specifically strategic superiority. Which is to say that very recognizable quality which differentiates the winners from the losers, and the leaders from the wasters, and the successful from the inept and me from everyone else in this god forsaken space.

Meanwhile over at Bitpay, a year ago :


And then yesterday,

In an effort to provide better service to our expanding user base, BitPay will be adjusting our pricing plans October 1, 2015. Due to your volume and settlement preferences, we do not believe your account will be drastically affected, but we wanted to make you aware of the changes to our Free Plan.

On October 1st, all Free Plan accounts will be migrated to the Starter Plan, which offers free, instant conversion for 30 transactions per month. If you process more than 30 transactions, a 1% settlement fee will be applied to the additional transactions. The Starter Plan offers weekly settlements in USD and EUR, and daily settlements in BTC. Your processing Tier will not be affected.

The new Business Plan applies a 1% settlement fee and comes with unlimited processing, daily settlements for all supported currencies and additional features, such as Multi-User Organization and access to Premium Integrations. The new fee structure is designed to simplify bookkeeping and enable us to build more features and tools for Business accounts without changing how we price each plan.

The addition of new services for Business and Enterprise plans is part of our continued effort to build the world’s smartest and fastest payment network. Your participation in this ecosystem is a critical part of that vision. We truly value your business and hope that you continue to use BitPay for your bitcoin payment solutions.

You may adjust your settlement and plan preferences at anytime by visiting your Settings in the Dashboard. You can learn more about the new pricing model here: https://bitpay.com/pricing. For account-related questions, please contact support@bitpay.com.

The BitPay Team

But this tidbit's not on their fucking blog. Naw, they sent this part by email. Smooth, eh ?

So Gallippi, listen up (and tell that Pair fucktard, while at it) : stop being fucking Natalie over there. Grow a pair. Be almost like similar to kinda men, or something, over there! You can do it.

Stop lying about when you got started. No, it wasn't 2011. I was here in 2011. You weren't here in 2011. Other people were here in 2011, and in 2010, and in 2009. They know I was here in 2011, they know you weren't here in 2011, together we control enough Bitcoin to make it so our laughter at you is going to be on your gravestone.

I get it, this is the club you aspire to break into. We don't aspire to break into it, we were fucking born into it. Things that seem as natural to you as breathing, such as lying about your birth certificate, don't seem natural to us. At all. They seem ridiculous to us. Can you get that ?

And stop lying about volume, too. What, you imagine everyone's as connected as you pair of nobodies on a stick ? I know when you fuck upi, and I know when you get kicked off the adult table, and like I know, hundreds of other people know. Inept bullshit about how you're going to sell the world over Black Friday and then forgetting to tell anyone how far behind target you actually came out might wash on reddit, but that's because reddit is retarded. People, actual people, men with jobs, Jerry, and secretaries, know fucking better.

Actual people - not redditards, not forum mites, not Martin Mirkheim from fucking Atlanta, Georgia trying to play the movie producer - actual people with actual businesses and actual money and the habit of business and money see through all this retarded shit. And laugh at you.

You will not be able to build a business on the inept support of the Pointless&Witless club under the whitering glare of actual people's laughter. You'll fail at it like you failed at it so far. It can't be done.

It can't be done, and not managing to figure that much out in three years of wasting OPM is exactly what strategic inferiority is all about. Go open a hair salon or something and be happy, stuff that actually matters isn't for everyone.

  1. Yeah, I had the qntra story back in January. And while I love Qntra, I didn't give it to them, not then, not hence.

    They had it on their own, for fucking months, too. And they didn't run it for reasons. The sort of reasons which distinguish actual deontology, and actual professionalism, and actual journalistic integrity, from the fake, cheap Chinese copies people like the worthless imbeciles at Gawker brandy about. But that's a discussion for another day. []

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  1. Eh, Gallippi can't hair salon anymore, someone already opened "The Cutting Edge".

  2. Thus i came across a very awesome firmware mod for Kncminer Titan owners for batch one and two. Looks like the developer really has done a lot with it. It appears they are on the 12th version and it has lots of bells and whistles you can imagine including:

    1 . Auto-bypass connected with dies which cause constant soft / hard resets. The way this works: If a pass away has caused more than five soft / hard resets within 2 hours then that die will be flagged for autobypass - which means monitoring of its “hashing health” will be further overlooked and the die will be itself. Its DCDC’s will still be monitored for temperature conditions even though, so if soft / tough resets are being caused by heat level issues.. these will NOT be disregarded! The list of dies bypassed is persistent across pi reboots etc, when a die has been bypassed a message will be shown on ADVANCED webpage w/ an option to clear often the autobypass file.
    2 . Up-to-date BFGminer to 5. 3. zero
    3. Integrated pf4g’s KNCminion webgui extension & included a link “more goodies” on status page.

    Minor Add ons:
    1 . Disabled http easy access logging by default(option nonetheless exists to enable in SYSTEM page).
    2 . Set bfgminer 5. 1 . 0 seeing that default miner to be leaped (can still change it to five. 3. 0 via ENHANCED page).
    3. Minor alterations to ADVANCED running bfgminer version readout.
    4. Included reset count per cease to live to /var/log/monitordcdc. log
    5 various. Optimized various sections of my very own code additions in checking script.


    CONFIGURABLE DCDC OVERHEAT PROTECTION: (The BIGGEST threat to Titan owners!! ) This feature stops the DCDC’s climbing approximately high in temp(granted temps tend to be configured below 100C). Dies will be invidiually clock along by 25mhz until they are below the DCDC temp threshold specified. Dies will be turned off if 100mhz is not great enough.
    PROPER DIE RESETS performed when dies go to a “dead” state while gold mining. First attempts a number of soft resets, if those endeavors fail, bfgminer is ended, affected cube powered straight down, powered up then bfgminer restarted. note: will not resolve permanently damaged dies.
    On top of that, if certain dies ended up issued nonstop soft resets via KNC’s original code, because that will lead to a hardcore reset often using this code, there is a bypass_dies. conf file which manually might be edited for bypassing regarding checking die status entirely.
    OPTION to switch between COMMODITY 5. 1 . 0 BFGminer vs newer 5. installment payments on your 0 BFGminer.
    Added several meaningful webgui stats.
    Important changes in this release: (V. 99b)
    FAN-FAIL protection - The way this works is actually, if any die DCDC’s are detected 10C covering the user specified temp threshold(and DCDC protection is enabled) OR DCDC’s are over 115C(and DCDC protection is definitely enabled) then those drops dead will be shut off & bfgminer restarted. A warning within big red letters will be thrown up on the STATUS page of webgui, in addition if using the LCD, the message will switch to “Poss. Fan-Fail! ”. Both the STATUS page message & FLATSCREEN message will say what cube(as labeled per webgui innovative page) was flagged seeing that having a possible fan disappointment.
    To clear fan-fail message on status page & LCD… a reboot of the pi will be needed. There is no way to physically detect an actual fan failure as it seems there is not any sort of fan monitoring or control on these panels, so thats why I came up w/ the actual rule based fan failure detection.

    Minor changes:
    1 . More options in DCDC dropdown menu
    2 . Added wall watts estimation to SOPHISTICATED page. Assumes 85% PSU effeciency plus power required for pi, controllerboard & lovers.
    3. Replaced default KNC version message on FLAT SCREEN w/ Mod version information

    Minor fixes:
    1 . Processed hostname(minername) handling & backupname file handling
    2 . Taken away bfgminer. sh from git & builds to avoid overwriting peoples custom command series arguments for bfgminer.

    For anybody that want to check it out, individuals pics here: http://bitcoinlasvegas.net/kncminer-titan-firmware-knc-miner-firmware-titan-firmware-kncminer-titan-customized-firmware-mod/
    It can also be purchased with paypal on ebay: http://bitcoinlasvegas.net/kncminer-titan-firmware-knc-miner-firmware-titan-firmware-kncminer-titan-customized-firmware-mod/

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