The sad story of Sacrifice

Wednesday, 21 October, Year 7 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

♩♫ And it's no ♭ sacrifice. ♬ Just a simple word. ♪♫

A new line which allows one to create a loti of the skill items was added on July 15th, which is to say just about three months ago. At the time I announced serious prizes for whoever found any of the other 6, with the full expectation that they would be claimed within the month, if not within the week. The reason the 5 "craftable" skills were not involved was my conviction that they will be discovered immediately. A total blowout, something like this later wonder.

They... weren't.

So, a month later, to honor the original bidder's exclusivityii, another altar package was auctioned off (with some pretty interesting sweeteners to sweeten the deal). And I was hopeful that... you know.


And so today we're making a third pass at this wonder. To be auctioned Sunday, October the 25th, starting at 6pm GMT, the following :

  • One Grotesque Altar, of a purely obscene if somewhat vaguely eulerian durability (2`718`281).
  • One item that teaches the required skill (not eligible for the ~ still ongoing! ~ contest / easter egg hunt).
  • One Petrified Bubble of leet quality (q 1`337).

The opening bid for this truly rare and very mysteriously valuable bundle is 2`718`281 + 995`000 + 576`728 = 4`290`009 coppers, to be incremented as per the auctioner instructions.

This will also be the last Sacrifice auction this year, so if you're looking to keep the rest of the players in the darkness of ignorance, now's your chance!

See you all Sunday!

♬ It's two hearts ♫ living. In two separate worlds. ♩ ♪

  1. 5 of the 11 total. []
  2. More like the case was, because the original altar had been worn down and we still haven't managed to manufacture one normally. []
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