Eulora Sunday Event - July the 19th

Wednesday, 15 July, Year 7 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

New content has been added to the game tonight. Chieflyi it consists of an entire new activity line, under Faith, with its own skill, craft table, recipes, unique loots scl - a total of > 80 new items have been created.

As it stands right now there are a total of 11 different skills that players can develop. A total of 6 of these may be acquired through particularly lucky activity - it's your job to find out what exactly. Success in this line is not without its reward - above and beyond actually getting the skill, as follows :

  • The first skill found receives a prize of 12 Slithy Toves (base value > 61k).
  • The second skill found receives a prize of 5 Chetty Divining Sticks (base value > 101k).
  • The third skill found receives a prize of 7`777 Crumbly Rock (q=50, base value > 283k).
  • The fourth skill found receives a prize of one magical blessing, raising the quality of any wearableii item to 999k (base value, 999k).
  • The penultimate skill found receives three copies of any recipe he wishes to ask for. In order to claim the winner is required to ask by the recipe's full proper name, no referencing permitted.
  • The ultimate skill found receives a prize of one magical bit of nothing, one million times the normal quality (base value, 11mn).

Any one player may receive only one prize from this list. Once this happens, the respective prize will be struck out and the name of the winner and his lucky item affixed thereto.

Players are not required to turn in their finds immediately - they can wait as long as they please (but obviously in so doing they run the risk of someone else discovering the item and claiming the prize). Prizes can be claimed at any point I'm online, by trading me and showing me a skill item from the selected list, bearing their crafter mark, that hadn't been found yet. Note that items which were created prior to today, July 15th, are not eligible for this contest. Attempting to pass off an old item will result in cruel and unusual punishment. Further note that I will ask you how you came by your item, and if you do not know the right answer I will confiscate it.

As far as the remainder 5 skills are concerned, they can only be obtained through using the new activity line. As the set of five actually includes - in a bonanza of self-reference - the skill required to use the newly introduced line, we will be holding an auction on Sunday, July the 19th, starting at 20:00 GMT, to decide who shall be the toecurlingly happy recipient of a starter kit consisting of :

  1. One instance of the relevant skill granting item (base value, >994k).
  2. One instance of the relevant equipment, normal quality (base value, >374k).
  3. One dozen recipes for the lowest cost craft in the line (base value, >5k).
  4. One recipe for the 7th cost craft item in the line (base value, >3k).

This glorious package will be auctioned by open outcry over something like a quarter of an hour (expanded so the auction closes ten minutes after the last bid). The auction will be starting at 1`376`000 copper coins, with increments of no less than 5% rounded to the highest two digit value are permitted (so the first bid may not be less than 1.445m, a 69k increase). The winner of this auction is thereby also excluded from participating in the aforementioned 6 skill contest.

The winner may at his option publicize the names of the recipes he receives (thus opening them to copying via prize 5 above) or not - I won't be spilling the beans. Ulterior auctions dealing in these same items may be held at later points, but in no case before August 20th, 2015.

See you in game!

  1. Secondarily it also consists of a major revamp of the Bouquinize line, as well as minor additions throughout all the other craft lines to support and integrate the new mechanics. []
  2. This excludes anything going in your hands, because "wieldable" is different from "wearable". []
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7 Responses

  1. Foxy Foxster`s avatar
    Foxy Foxster 
    Friday, 17 July 2015

    1. "The auction will be starting at 1`376`000 gold"

  2. Foxy Foxster`s avatar
    Foxy Foxster 
    Friday, 17 July 2015

    1. "The auction will be starting at 1`376`000 gold" - do you mean gold coins or actually 1`376`000 coppers?

    2. "The winner of this auction is thereby also excluded from participating in the aforementioned 6 skill contest." - if someone claims a skill prize before Sunday, can they still participate in the auction? Obviously, if that's not impossible by design :P

  3. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Friday, 17 July 2015

    1. Ah shit. Coppers, certainly. Somehow every other MMORPG out there is dealing in gold coins ("this broomstick is 75 GOLD pieces!!11") and it got me confused. Fixed.

    2. If it's not forbidden, it must therefore be allowed.

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