So... is it a virus ?

Monday, 12 October, Year 7 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu


What do you think ? Is iti a virus ?

The whole thing leads me directly to Ballas, of course :

Unlike men, women, as a group, are constantly being reminded by the media that social media is a necessary use of time-- just find a balance. To be precise: it is not marketed as a diversion, or useful, or helpful or fun-- it's necessary to their existence. The danger is branded as "excess." And this coincides their role as the primary consumers and consumables, which is why Randi's stupendously uninsightful book is being heralded wherever online women congregate. The book itself isn't meant to be read, it can't be read, it can only be hurled. It is a MacGuffin; her interviews aren't promotions for the book, the book is an excuse for the interviews. No, of course she doesn't know this. I'm sure she thinks she's talented and smart and fiercely independent (two fingers to the sky!), but getting her to televangelize about finding a balance (=the default is plugged) to her demo of underachieving credit card applicants is what suits the suits.

That's a great article, like pretty much everything else on that man's site (even if most of it really above our pay grade in this discussion). Nevertheless, the equations underlining this processii are that most people don't have anything marketable outside of their sex drive (in men, direct, in women, indirect, as the sex drive they arouse in others).

Originally the great commercial Internet dream (you might recall it as the epic failure of web 2.0) was that "we'll just let people create content for us, for free". Endless attempts at "a platform for you to author music" and whatnot sprung up all through the 90s, and the long tail's still going, to some rather impotent extent. It turns out that the average person can't really compose symphonies, or write novels, or do anything else of any import whatsoever. Even if they tried much harder than the average person ever tries anything. Yes, fancy that -- where is your "humanism" bullshit now ?

As those early attempts failed left and right (and the yahoo-Paul Graham ponzi scheme built atop of it came crashing down, because yes, that is the fate of any pipe dream built on fundamentally broken economics that nevertheless manages to attract unwarranted attention aka chumps : it turns into a Ponzi scheme) someone came up with the bright idea that "hey, people suck, but if we limit their output maybe it won't be so visible ?" and Twitter was born. Incidentally, the explanation given "fits in a text message" has absolutely nothing to do with anything, and the idea itself is in no sense innovative -- anyone who ever struggled pointlessly with the stolid stupidity of computers trying to create "ai" sooner or later discovered the cop-out that hey, if you don't let them say too much at a time it may even seem like they're saying something meaningful. Or at least that mistaken idea may be entertained for longer intervals at a stretch.

But the real money is in the sexual drive. While writing symphonies or novels or whatnot is incredibly hard, everyone gets wet down there, and much more importantly... everyone is, to some, present if minimal degree, interested in everyone else's moist spot. This is a fact, as incontrovertible as the rain, and the conviction with which you deny the obvious tells you two things : one that you're a woman and the other that you're too fucking dumb to understand that a stick that's ten inches long or NEGATIVE ten inches long is the same exact god damned 25.4 centimetre stick which I should crack over your dumb ass a few times to thereby fix your head.

Obviously UStards women being the hypocritical idiots that they are, sexual drive platforms are marketed as "social media" and totallies not sexual drive platformsiii, no matter how blatantly obvious the nonsense of the claim. And they lap it up, because hey, equations are not going to serve us "in this life", according to 15 yo logic.

Then we sit around wondering whether it's a virus. The only problem is that while we formally agree on that point, we're in silent if gross disagreement as to what "it" is. Is stupidity a virus ? Is normal sexuality rape a virus ?

Humanity might be the first species of virus destroyed by a cancer, making cancer win at evolutionary biology!

  1. Sexuate reproduction, it. Because that's what the fuck is going on there, obviously, women present and men chase. Heck, they're chasing my god damned publicity account. For its sin of having a handcuffed woman in the background a buncha arab twerps wish to run through the Alecu Snackbar / how old are you / where are you from / blabla at the rate of five a day.

    The incredible patience of the flesh, you know. Will do it again and again and again, each day, each minute, in the face of slow decay, until that one day you finally die. Your heart, it mastered heartbeating around the age of 16 or so, but did it ever stop ? Did it ever move on to a different career, say perhaps aiming to be a liver now ? Because you know, it's mastered one thing and the goals of personal development require it to move on, yes ?

    Your so called civilisation is a cancer, you realise this. Do you ? Or are you above such things ? []

  2. Hey, did you know every natural process that ever happened, or ever will happen, can be described by closed form equations to any arbitrary degree of precision you might wish for ?

    You likely don't, because "what's physics going to do for me in life", so let's do adult education together for a spell. Your bath tub is comfortable (which is a female-termed expression, in male terms it would read 1.8 x .8 x .9 -- by the way, do they even make confortable tubs where you live ? since they gave up on showers ?), and your faucet is "normal" (in female terms, which in male terms means one inch) and water flows normally fast through it (ie, 1m/s). Behold, for I know how how long your tub (that you don't have, anyway) would take to fill.

    For one thing its volume is 1.296 cubic meters, which would mean over a ton of water (hey, did you know this is how proper notation works ? now do the same thing in your god forsaken imperial units, how many long tons of water fit in a reservoir that's ten yards long, eight feet tall and four hundred inches wide -- hm?) but there's that emergency drain up there to keep it within the ton.

    For the other thing the section of a one inch pipe is 3.141592 (I know the first digits of pi, and so I typed that from memory. This is because I am a man, and you are blown away at this because you are a woman and this is how sexuate reproduction is intended to function -- your only real option is to pretend like this isn't the case "because you don't care", but you don't have available an actual defense -- see Ballas for it, he explains the damned thing in detail) * (0.025 / 2)2 which comes to 0.000490874 which means you're getting a shade under half a thousandth of a cubic meter in there every second, so you will need about two thousand seconds and change which is closer to two thirds of an hour than half, so closer to 40 than 30 minutes. How about that!

    And it doesn't stop with fucking tubs. I drive like a man - you drive like a woman which is why your car surprises you and you get in "accidents" -- seriously, bodies moving on a surface is where "accidents" happen ? Because why, because you can't add and so 3 + 5 coming out to 8 is a surprise to you ? Derp.

    Whether you are a slave or not is not predicated on whether you give your consent. Your consent is not required in this as it is not required in any other matter, you don't have to agree to be born a girl or grow into a woman either. You can choose whether to be a malformed girl or an obnoxious woman, but this is as far as your choice goes (and that's precisely what "transsexual" means, too).

    The only point of difference, as to whether you're an individual or someone else's slave, is whether you know the equations involved in whatever process you're participating in. If you know them, you're an actor. If you don't, you're someone's bitch. It's that simple - and no, your ideas of "gender" don't enter into it. Life's what happens between sexuate animals, irrespective what dreams about "gendered persons" they might entertain during the intercourse. And of course as a slave you'd get the trappings of power. That's the whole fucking point. []

  3. Not even the only one, here, have another. []
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  1. "I know the first digits of pi, and so I typed that from memory."

    I have this vivid memory from littlegirldom in which my dad was kvetching about the state of technical customer service (CompuServe iirc, lettuce join hands and feel old). He was used to the completely inept being forced to work at McDonald's and the like, but there'd been a perceptible shift in that yesterday's McDonald's flipper was "doing technical service" now, and McDonald's was employing some new sort of sub-bovine, and it's probably going to get much worse, and jesus trying to talk to stupid people sucks.

    He was right, of course, and I think it'll bleed into your second footnote, too; "Pi Day" and various other mass learning theatre circlejerks have put pi, certainly to six, and probably more like eight or ten decimal places, firmly in the mouths of the herd. As far as I know the imperial system's still taught as though US kids couldn't swim in water described by the metric. But certain points of actual data, like pi.phonenumber, inasmuch as they're easily memorized and worshiped as patron saints of Dunning-Krugerism, can't meaningfully distinguish people from fucktards, and the points on that list won't stop growing.

    It's the facility with which they're used that's important, that isn't solely an artifact of memorization, that can't be faked. In other words, it's not how many decimal places of pi you've got in your head, it's how you use it.

  2. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Monday, 12 October 2015

    I still doubt random derp can recite pi.

    Maybe your argument held more water in the time before calculators became mandatory in school ?

  3. pletzalcoatl: Re: digits of pi: this goes right back to the earlier "exams optimize for expert exam-takers" observation.

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