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Monday, 13 July, Year 7 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Here it is :


Yes, I've just found my ~SeCoNd~ Remarkable grass claim. Which is unfortunate, because

  1. Each of these requires no less than ten Bandar Toolkit Bundles.i. Which wouldn't be too bad, even if each requires six tools and each tool a special type of crafted slag piece plus some other trims, and in turn each special slag piece requires five slags and Improbable Oil, which requires in turn Leaky Treebark Flask which needs Treebark Shavings and rope and whatnot. The only real problem in this endless pile of prerequisites is the Wooly Mushroom that's needed to make the oil that's needed to shape the slag that's needed to make the tools that are needed six to the toolkit. Sixty fucking mushrooms per claim! 120 total. Where am I going to get that many mushrooms ?! Not to even mention the Spicy Moss that goes THREE PER!!!
  2. FORTY-ONE Grubthread Silk ? You have GOT to be kidding me. Each of those is a coupla Swarming Grubs which are reasonably rare, and a coupla Alchemist Cheap gins, which I could make if I had Samovars (Demeaning Harnesses, blessfully, I've got a pile), but I can't make Samovarsii because other than the dozen shaped pieces of slag each needs (see above) there's call for one Slithy Toveiii, and as far as I know a) nobody can mine these currentlyiv and b) I own the grand total sum of all extant such wonders in game, and it comes to a pile of exactly one. Which is our last one. Who wants to open that last can o' beans!
  3. I would guess 82 gins take at least a Samovar and a half, if not outrigt two - even if you have the LTFs (which I do, cuz I'm that good), but... oh, did I mention how each gin needs one Two Leaf Clover, of which we have just about none ? Mmmyeah. Need those too. And as far as I know nobody's managed to find one yet.
  4. Ah, but what of the joy of the Suspect Ointment ? Obviously, it's made with a Samovar, and it wants Tuber Milk, Mollusc Cheese and Dulce de Leche. Doesn't that sound appealing ? TM needs a lot of Improbable Oil, which isn't all that bad, just a tad shy of terrible. Add 33 Wooly Mushrooms from here. Per claim. But guess what the Cheese Needs ? Oh, that's right, you've guessed it : Slithy Tove! And Dead Molluscs, which we also don't have. The DDL is just more TM, so add more mushrooms etc from there, too!

Fortunately I've got pretty much everything else.

To recap : need immediately asap 120 + 66 + 14 = 200 WM ; 360 SM + 162 TLC + 70 DM + a minimum of 50 ST plox kthx bai.

Shouldn't be much more than... I dunno, 200k for the mushrooms, 100k for the moss, 200k for the clovers and i guess 150-200k for the molluscs. Plus another 3-500k for the Toves, so I guess we're talking over a million here, and that's just the things I don't already have.

On the bright side once I finally get to dig these up there should be at least 20-30k grass floating around (hey, maybe I get lucky and it comes out as a million or something), which should be about 10k Coarse Frangible Threads (after no less than 70k seconds spent with the braiding, so about a full crafter day). Which 10k+ CFT is enough for more than a thousand fully loaded Small claim builds, which should keep a few serious miners busy for maybe a week or so.

Don't you just love the simplemost, lowermost, firstermost tier of Euloran economy ?

  1. Seriously, who came up with that idea! []
  2. Incidentally, remember when Foxy Foxster had a Samovar blessed during that event ? Best. Move. Ever. []
  3. Speaking of which, Diana Coman seems really advanced in the quest for a client side bot for crafting and perhaps mining. I intend to pay her - in Slithy Toves! Making this the first time in the history of humanity when a programmer worked for Slithy Toves. Fancy that. []
  4. The process to managing the feat of mining ST probably involves getting an as precise as possible map of resources and then probing all the "unknown" spots with Chetty Sticks. Which I could make, seeing how I have a decent supply of a coupla hundred Particularly Promising Branches, except there's call for a dozen Flinty Toothpaste, which - you've guessed it! - needs Samovars. []
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