The lulz of today : DDoS attacks, ransom notes, Tor anonimity and other faits d'armes of the retarded generation

Sunday, 16 November, Year 6 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Part one, subpart A.

19:18:54 mircea_popescu: in other news :

Part one, subpart B.

Subject: RE: - DDOS ATTACK!
From: "Mircea Popescu" *
Date: Sat, November 15, 2014 2:20 pm
To: "DD4BC TEAM" <>

Stop emailing me before we've been properly introduced.

Go to and wait in
line with all the other noobs instead.

All the best,
Mircea Popescu

Part two, subpart A

* sdffsd (~sf4fd32@ has joined #bitcoin-assets
mircea_popescu !up sdffsd
-assbot- You voiced sdffsd for 30 minutes.
* assbot gives voice to sdffsd
* Received a CTCP PING 1416088684 from sdffsd
* Received a CTCP VERSION from sdffsd
* Received a CTCP TIME from sdffsd
You are being CTCP flooded from sdffsd, ignoring *!*@
You are being CTCP flooded from sdffsd, ignoring *!*@
mircea_popescu punkbot status
punkbot mircea_popescu: No pending deeds | Last bundle 1 hour and 9 minutes ago
mircea_popescu so anyone know this Khalahan Henkh fellow ?
sdffsd Mircea, I can't access, what's going on?
assbot Arrakis | The Operating System is the Control Plane
mircea_popescu $proxies
empyex mircea_popescu: Proxies: Current MPEx GPG-Key-ID: 02DD2D91
mircea_popescu sdffsd nothing ?
mircea_popescu anyway, if you have trouble with websites use the irc bots.
assbot The many ways available for talking to MPEx pe Trilema - Un blog de Mircea Popescu.
empyex mircea_popescu: MPEx-Status: (116 milliseconds), (131 milliseconds), (350 milliseconds), (1681 milliseconds), (error)
empyex mircea_popescu: Health-Indicators: Homepage: √ MK Depth JSON: √ VWAP JSON: √
* sdffsd has quit ()
mircea_popescu awww

Part two, subpart B

% TOR Node Checker Tool
% Copyright(c) 2014, Daniel Austin MBCS.
Status: ACK
Exit-Node: NAK
% TOR-Name: PPTOR0020
% TOR-Onion-Port: 9001
% TOR-Directory-Port: 9030
% TOR-Flags: Fast HSDir Running Stable V2Dir Valid
% TOR-Exit-Node: NAK
% TOR-Version: Tor
% TOR-Full-Version: Tor on Linux
% TOR-Uptime: 1913031
% TOR-Bandwidth-Average-Bytes: 655360
% TOR-Bandwidth-Burst-Bytes: 786432
% TOR-Bandwidth-Estimated-Bytes: 776398
% TOR-Contact: 1024D/39B9820C admin at perfect minus privacy dot com

Summary : script kiddie didn't read the logs, for reasonsi. So script kiddie does not know things, such as what MPEx is, or how to use irc, or for that matter even how crowded the lolcow side is, in the internet lulzmarket. Or what usually comes out of an interaction between the retarded generation and the powers that be.

And now to practical matters.

  • why is a non-exit Tor node being used as an irc BNC ?
  • what other information did we rape out of the piles upon piles upon piles of badly written software, collected by some infantile (but happy!) monkeys that never as much as read any of it but nevertheless use because "it works", and "everyone does it" ?

Truth be told, Tor is not just a honeypot, run by the USG in the manner of crankbait. It's also the much larger pile of idiots flocking around it, being "happy", in their own way.

  1. Here's a splendid model of how that works :

    mircea_popescu TheNewDeal: did not feel the need to argue the point that no on in their right mind wants to stock shelves at the Canadian superstore at 2am < < why should they get a choice ? Obviously if that's the only job they can get they AREN'T in their right mind. So why should their unright mind get an option as to what it wants to do ? Not everyone's brain works, even if everyone's brain THINKS it does.
    mircea_popescu nubbins`: getting tired of the bellicose rhetoric < < "why can't we all just get along" ? Fuck me, I dun wanna get along with idiots. It's not a matter of why or wherefore. I just do not wish to. I suppose the one true source of trolling is exactly that. Ironically enough, pankake was orignally selling himself as a troll for hire iirc.

    Anduck Remember, the people who you call 'idiots' may be living a happier life than you. So, are they idiots after all in that sense?
    mircea_popescu Yes. I'm sure most of the cattle that I'm going to eat in my lifetime has also lived a pretty happy life, according ot its own standards. The notion that cattle gets to enact standards of happiness is beyond ridoinculous.

    Anduck Sure but it's funny that many really are happy. They also know it.
    mircea_popescu So good for 'em. Krugman prolly "really is an economist", at least if you ask him.

    Anduck xD Oh, what do ya think of him. Well, his bitcoin speech.
    mircea_popescu You mean />This is how much I rule today ?

    Anduck I guess I can't read that one. Paywall I see =(
    mircea_popescu Funny lol. Guy from the public went up to Bernadotte, after Wagram : "O, what did you think of the Archduke's order of battle!" I think it sucked, lol.

    Anduck Hmm. You know the new monero/bitcoin rpg stuff by Rpietila?
    mircea_popescu Vaguely.

    Anduck Thoughts? Will you attend?
    mircea_popescu I will not attend.

    Anduck Ok. As it's question hour: thoughts about bitcoin short term (1-2 years) valuation? It's good to see how long bitcoiners see these last years of development.
    * mircea_popescu shrugs.
    mircea_popescu You really need to go read the logs.

    Anduck There's too much of logs. Seriously, even you wouldn't
    mircea_popescu I actually do. I imagine you have no fucking idea what Wagram is, either, but this gives you no pause, because you're happy without, right ?

    Anduck Not relevant but yes I've zero idea of what a wagram is.
    mircea_popescu Right. Well, carry on but if possible quietly.

    Anduck Hehe. So you would value my speech here if I knew what a wagram is? Good. As expected. Just remember: this is not how the world was built.
    mircea_popescu The world was not built by ignorant twerps. Your ideas about "the world" are about as well formed as your ideas about "wagram". Both are meaningless symbols to you. About one, you arbitrarily delude yourself you have something to say.

    Anduck Fine. I don't agree but im fine with it.
    mircea_popescu Now STFU and go read the logs.

    Anduck I guess I already stated I won't read the logs because there's too much and I've got better ways to find out what I want to find out =) Doesn't make me ignorant twerp, or does it?
    mircea_popescu Yeah, it does.

    RagnarDanneskjol Yes it does.
    Anduck Please, give me a third "yes it does".
    mircea_popescu Kids, you know ? Tries to engage its mother on its own terms (cries). Mother doesn't go for it. Kid... INSISTS!!! Because totally, if you ignore everything and just repeat your thing... well.. that's happiness innit.


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  1. Better question, why is it running Tor That's two major revisions ago.

  2. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Sunday, 16 November 2014

    Same reason people are using wordpress, I imagine.

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