Actual Bitcoin corporations (ABCs) versus fiat-based frauds trying to masquerade as Bitcoin companies (while masquerading as companies in the first place) on the solid theory that the general public is too stupid to make any difference, this one included, and on the flimsy theory that the general public matters in Bitcoin (FBF-TTMABC-WMACITFP-OTSTTTGPITSTMAD-TOI-AOTFTTTGPMIBs, alphabets for short).

Sunday, 16 November, Year 6 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

The discussion below a recent piece on qntra (which, in spite of a whole lot of arrayed efforti, is quickly becoming the reference point in the Bitcoin news space) turned towards an older article of Daniel Krawisz's.

The piece repackages (without referenceii) a number of ancient ideasiii. These ideas, having originated with the font of all wisdom, are both actually correct and on these grounds deserve defended ; and actually part of a larger thing, which integration deserves being preserved for the sake of protecting the legitimate interests they who are motivated by a desire to enrich their own mental universe against the more dubious interests of they more interested in propping up their self image.

So, yes : the ancient political divide still stands :

Whatever it may be called, this latter party cares not one whit for the difficulties of the exchanges, nor does it care that their hopes of creating fiat-businesses out of exploiting Bitcoins are pretty much quashed by even a cursory examination of some aspects of the legality of the matter. Sure, they had hoped to one day be listed on NYSE on the strength of their marginal position in this virtual but probably last currency, and make the bright original investors a pot of… well, not gold, anything but gold, some government scrip (which you may not spend and soon enough may not hold, either). Bully for them, but that’s a way of being part of the problem, not part of the solution.

Of course it stands, how could it not stand ? And it still matters, of course. How could it not matter ?

The world of offspring is necessarily and always divided into the adult children and the infantile children. The adult children wish to start a house of their own. The infantile children do not, absolutely, as the chief point in their mind, wish to start a house of their own. This is actually the last thing they could possibly want, because they do in fact depend on the support of their parents (here in the form of welfare redistributionsiv) to survive. They do however still wish for all the things people commonly desire : a greater measure of control of their surroundings of interest coupled with a lesser degree of responsibility for their surroundings of interest, and the estimation of their betters. Not of their peers, infantile offspring is not yet advanced enough to have peers, which is exactly why they're not ready yet to have their own house, either. They wish the estimation of their betters, and their betters are, universally, the food dispenser and the punishment machine.

It turns out that "children starting their own house" is a categorical existential threat for those betters, as it turns them from "parents" to merely "old people", but in any case it extinguishes the magical font of their unthinkable power (that food dispenser + punishment machine aggregate). Obviously actual human beings might well revel in this destructionv, because a status is a status not a person, and every status eventually gets old. But this makes no difference (indeed can not even be comprehended) by the infantile child, who is yet unable to relate to others as people, instead relating to others as things (food dispenser + punishment machine). And so to the normal white child, and to the various sorts of retards populating the world, "moving out" is its own kind of paricide, resolving a fundamental psychological conflict in an actually productive manner. Which is why civilisation is so important in the first place : it resolves things cleaner than intuition, you no longer have to cover yourself in the guts of your own father, whom perhaps you actually like, you can just make your own house and metaphorically kill just the parent in him. It's something.

For this reason, the number of young people clamoring about "being on the market for a house of their own" is composed out of mature children who are actually looking, and infantile children, who are actually looking to be looking, because they figure perhaps this may give an edge in a discussion with the parents, might perhaps offer better control over their holy food dispenser and better protection from the... let's not even mention that. In short : there's Joe, who goes West to make a life for himself, and then there's Moe, who pretends to be getting onto the westbound train so his mommy will come to the station with a brand new automobile as a gift to "desuade" him from the absolute last thing he would actually do anyway.

The situation is exactly the same in Bitcoin : on one hand there are the actual Bitcoin companies, dedicated to building a new housevi. These mostly gather around MPEx. Then there are the pseudo-Bitcoin companiesvii, which use Bitcoin like they used "synergy" or "dotcom" before. To them it's a simple buzzword, intended as a means to separate dollar-holders from their dollar-holdings.

These aren't representative for Bitcoin anymore than or Think Tools AG are (or were) representative for the Internet. At the time they were of course misrepresented as "the very substance" of the Internet, against a mostly absent backdrop of mostly silent grumbles coming from they who knew better, they who plainly saw that if these icecrap cones are representatives of anything, it's of Schweinepest and diarrhea, not icecream. And just so now : people think Vessenes' scam is the Bitcoin Foundation just like they thought had a really good business idea ; people talk of "innovation" and think "blockchain technologies" just like they said "superhighway" and thought of trucks back then.

Such is life, the interface of the covetous with the numerous isn't ever going to produce anything different.

So what do we want from you ? Nothing, really. We'll be fine with or without you. Nobody is trying to get you involved, and we emphatically don't give a shit that "it's too much to read" for you. If it is, you obviously don't belong here.

However, if you want something for yourself, or from yourself, mind the differences. There are never any refunds for the lickers of icecrap cones.

  1. Seriously, what other news site got nearly as much attention at birth ? Do you suppose this difference of circumstance translates a difference of substance, perhaps something like "well yeah, all the other ones aren't actually news sites, merely more alphabets" ? Or do you believe, alongside the socialist ideology, that circumstance and substance are wholly divorced, unrelated and independent phenomena ? Jus' askin'.

    And, since we're talking about it, check out all the damned effort going to waste in this "oh, let's isolate MP" strategy. This is the sort of thing that amuses me, if you're curious. I don't go so much for slapstick or puns, but some particular aspects of the human condition really do it for me. []

  2. Horrible habit, this. []
  3. Like say "Labor Is Scarcer than Ideas" aka

    That’s what it is. There’s no such thing as “an idea”, for damn sure. And there fucking definitely on a stick is no such thing as “your idea”. Get over yourself.

    (In pro idiotas in March, but otherwise all over here and the chan and so on. It's a solid point.) []

  4. If you read "welfare redistribution" and mentally replace it with "oh, those foodstamps, ew, I hate those people" you're being lazy. Etatism does a lot more for you than merely paying you a salary, whether directly as its employee or indirectly as a sham "independent", on the model TLP explains :

    The system not only pays poor people, it employs lots and lots of almost poor people. I'm not saying this is a good thing, or a desirable thing, I am simply stating a fact. Some of these are direct government jobs (e.g. staff down at the SSI office) and some are pretend private sector jobs. If you're a psychiatrist at an inner city clinic, you may think you're an independent contractor, but you're really working for The Man (but with no pension.) That's the system. Cut SSI payments and those docs-- and nurses and etc-- don't get paid.

    Etatism makes it so clearly specified idiocy is "the topic", guaranteeing you that you can always fit in any sort of social intercourse, provided you're willing to put in a modicum of effort. Really, is it that hard, "men bad, women good", "fucking bad, anything else great", "white bad, all other colors perfect", a coupla more inherited from auld lang socyalism along the lines of "rich bad, anything that may connote it to be avoided" ? Now you know enough to never be wrong in public ever again, you can even discuss politics at the table! And nothing will come of it anyway, the state guarantees you that! You think this is worth nothing ? Or do you think this is not welfare ?

    Imagine if instead you were confronted with that world where people thought and you had to actually think about what they thought. Ahem ? []

  5. Ever seen Freddy got Fingered ? []
  6. Which yes will be built, as it always happens ; and yes will be so much better than the old one, as it always happens ; and yes it will reuse a lot of concepts and aspects from the old one, as it always happens ; and yes it won't be to everyone's satisfaction, as it always happens. []
  7. Which, amusingly, also gather on MPEx, under the fitting caption of DERPs. Because FBF-TTMABC-WMACITFP-OTSTTTGPITSTMAD-TOI-AOTFTTTGPMIBs really is too long, for any sort of practical usage. []
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  1. "Daddy would you like some sausage?" is Canada's finest export since the days of the Bronfmans. Coincidentally, both showed how laughable the existing rule set was. Eh maybe there's a tagline in there...

    Canada: Come for the weather, stay for the laughs!

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    Monday, 17 November 2014

    Speaking of which,

  3. O didn't you hear? Socialism is the most contagious blood-borne pathogen since the hiv!

    Shit, too late.

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