Sunday, 08 June, Year 6 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

This is sort-of lulzy, so here you go :

Subject: ddos attack
From: "Mitar Seselj" (I'll omit his email out of pure assholery)
Date: Sat, June 7, 2014 4:05 pm
To: officeoffice


Your site (mpex.co) is extremely vulnerable to ddos attacks.

I have just tested it and find out that I can even dos it from my
personal computer with low upload.

I have prove it to you, like to dos it for a minute while you are online.

I can help you to fix it for 0.15 btc. (I won't touch your server, I
will just give you explanation what to do).

If interested, please reply.

btw. Don't get me wrong, this is not a blackmailing. I'm not
threatening you :) but if you don't get that fixed you might have a
problem (most certainly you are)

Well so what's one to do ? Obviously Read Teh Flamboyant Trilema is too much to ask, so let's start with something light.

Subject: Re: ddos attack
From: officeoffice
Date: Sat, June 7, 2014 4:38 pm
To: "Mitar Seselj"

Suppose you get on #bitcoin-assets on Freenode like all the other noobs
aspiring to matter in Bitcoin and follow the established path, instead of
derping around with delusions of individuality or whatever it is you're

All the best,
Mircea Popescu

What'd you suppose the effects of these three brief lines would be ? Well, I'm in a position to tell you, and so tell you I will. First :

Jun 07 23:47:47 FabianB ;;isitdown mpex.co
Jun 07 23:47:51 gribble mpex.co is down
Jun 07 23:48:26 mircea_popescu it pings...
Jun 07 23:48:56 mircea_popescu but it dun web anymoar!

Jun 07 23:49:02 FabianB hm, coinbr proxy works for me
Jun 07 23:49:59 mircea_popescu a, smartass ddos kid.

Jun 07 23:50:54 FabianB lol, why are they even still trying?
Jun 07 23:51:03 fluffypony boredom I suppose

Meanwhile some other place, on Jun 07 '14 5:49pm

Hello Mircea,

Found $1 connections to :80 from $2

[xxx]# netstat -n | grep :80 |wc -l
Blocked. Are they yours? Say if block should be removed.

Thank You

Meanwhile back at the ranch,

Subject: Re: ddos attack
From: "Mitar Seselj"
Date: Sat, June 7, 2014 4:38 pm

Subject: Re: ddos attack
From: "Mitar Seselj"
Date: Sat, June 7, 2014 4:38 pm

I'm sorry, but what are you trying to say?i

What exactly is the reason for those insults?ii

and soon thereafter

Subject: Re: ddos attack
From: "Mitar Seselj"
Date: Sat, June 7, 2014 4:45 pm

Did you even read my email before answering you dumb fuck?!

I have find out that your site has bad security and offered to help.
If you were not interested, fine, just ignore my email...

And furthermore,

Jun 07 23:52:39 * TarMi (~3d3d@ has joined #bitcoin-assets
Jun 07 23:52:46 mircea_popescu !up TarMi
Jun 07 23:52:48 * assbot gives voice to TarMi
Jun 08 00:14:32 * TarMi has quit (Quit: MIRCEA POPESCU IS AN ASSHOLE!)
Jun 08 00:15:43 pankkake TarMi!~3d3d@ has quit: Quit: MIRCEA POPESCU IS AN ASSHOLE! < for those who hide quits

Jun 08 00:20:56 * TarMi (~TarMi@ has joined #bitcoin-assets
Jun 08 00:21:05 * TarMi has quit (Client Quit)

Jun 08 00:21:50 * TarMi (~TarMi@ has joined #bitcoin-assets
Jun 08 00:22:04 mircea_popescu !up TarMi
Jun 08 00:22:06 -assbot- You voiced TarMi for 30 minutes.
Jun 08 00:22:06 * assbot gives voice to TarMi
Jun 08 00:22:13 mircea_popescu Dude what's your major dysfunction.
Jun 08 00:22:18 TarMi Mircea is an asshole!
Jun 08 00:22:27 * TarMi has quit (Client Quit)
Jun 08 00:22:30 fluffypony TarMi: I know, right, he's a real cock head.
Jun 08 00:22:50 mircea_popescu You'd think he caught me while I was doing his mom or something.

So now, seeing how that name seems Croatian or something, which one of you BFFs knows him irl ? Tell him to stop being silly and srsly, just lurk in chan for a year or so like any other noob.

Or whatever, tell his mom or older sister to tell him ; or whoever you're doing.

  1. As it was previously observed, one needs a special degree to understand what the fuck I'm saying. A common symptom of the sore absence of such qualification is the mistaken notion that I were trying to say something. []
  2. As a general rule, the easier it is to insult the other party, the closer they are to a young male. Mentally speaking.

    On one end of the scale, a grown woman (also known as an old whore) can't actually be insulted. Boys trying to pretend like they're men however, and little girls trying to become boys... god help you. []

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