Unii sunt putin luati, da' altii saracii sunt luati rau de tot, mai frate.

Sunday, 22 June, Year 6 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu


but it'd prolly be pretty sad, rather frustrating and quite boring.

Actually many men dont have the self confidence needed to fuck more than one.
Me At 15 ?!

Her At any age, there is always the OMG, what if I can't get it up? Which of course produces the fact.
Me I can't imagine teenagers having that issue.

Her Teenagers even worse, what if girl laughs? Or tells?
Me Tells what lol.

Her That he couldn't get it up, big joke among girls, now they are all laughing at you, and telling their BFs.
Me This has got to be a puritan thing.

Her Prolly, but your stats were US.
Me True.

Her All talk, no action. Seriously.
Me So how exactly is a sense of kinship and camaraderie supposed to emerge if they don't really fuck ?!

Her Well that indeed is the problem isn't it? While they are busy sending kids to sex-ed to learn how to put condoms on cucumbers they are telling them they are not allowed to touch each other and generally even if you manage to meet a sensible person they can't be bothered to teach you anything useful.
Me Nuts. Well, not really how it worked when i was a kid, honestly.

Her Yeah, you had a blessed childhood in many ways.
Me Girls were generally of the notion, unspoken but in retrospect quite distinguishable, that it's at least dishonorable for a woman not to respond to being called for fucking, much akin to how it'd be unbecoming for a man to shy away from war or whatever such. I'm pretty sure this is the ancient European view, and prolly wider than that.

Her Whereas I was taught the opposite. I have been fairly lucky to have gotten over much of that early teaching on mine own, but the prohibitions do run deep. It might be that the large number of women that get to be subbies are in some way reliving themselves of the responsibility.
Me In the states you mean ?

Her Ya well we are talking American culture.
Me I imagine generally it's just the universal fact that woman will do anything whatsoever with a man she perceives as great, which more or less boils down to the twin situation of her not perceiving it likely that any other may infringe upon his will and the contingent ability to control the immediate surroundings ; and that he's not insane.

Her I don't think perception of greatness can overcome all of early indoctrination. And a lot of women wind up behaving that way with men that are far from deserving. Surrender removes choice, and thus responsibility. Ignoring of course that the surrender is the choice.
Me Maybe. That sounds a lot more like codependent pathology than submission.

Her Most of it is, imo.
Me Most of what ?

Her At least the American version of slave master relationships.
Me Hard to tell. They're kinda weird.

Her And those are pretty much the only ones I know anything about so can't really sensibly comment beyond that, but yeah my short investigation of them kinda turned my stomach.
Me Back in boston ? Lol those were a lulzy bunch weren't they.

Her Well sorta, I looked into it in OK before that.
Me Ah yea.

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  1. Most teenagers have virtually no real issues, although some may claim otherwise (Most teenagers = mentally healthy teenagers, born in financially sustainable families).

  2. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Wednesday, 25 June 2014

    Well, while I agree no teenagers have any problems at all, irrespective of what they may think or claim, you gotta keep in mind the "financially sustainable family" is a fiction in the US.

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