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Sunday, 28 December, Year 6 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

01 my kids were arguing while i was trying to cook dinner, dinner got burned, i tossed it in the sink and left them to their peanut butter sandwiches and kitchen duty and locked myself in the bathroom for a few minutes
09 sounds like a far trade off 01
01 i lost my temper...i hate it when i do that
09 at least you stepped away from everything
02 sound like you are stressed 01
02 stressed
01 a little bit, yes
03 it probably helps you to see someone professionally, 01
02 iit happens
01 it surprised them, that's for sure....they are eating their peanut butter sandwiches without making a peep
03 that creates fear and damage in them
03 and there are things kids remember forever
04 lol hiya 05
01 they need to fear...and they are far from damaged...
03 no, children do not need to fear
ME 03 and you know this how.

01 i did pretty much that 07 but i didn't spank them....made them wish i had though
03 really, ME ?
ME yes. really.

05 That was supposed to be bangs on your cage 04
09 07 is a 07 ...
03 maybe you should look it up then
04 oooh okay
ME look it up ? what's that, like, seek confirmative bias from other dudes that similarly never considered the point ?

06 hiya 07
03 then don't look it up and rely on tribalism intead
01 tell you what 03, you raise your kids your way and i will raise mine my way. there's no need for us there's no need for us to disagree since we don't share children in common
03 no, that won't do, either
ME 03 so far, you're the one proposing that kids should only eat half the pie of life "because reasons".
ME that'd be tribalism.
ME what, you saw a burning bush that told you so ?

03 I haven't proposed anything
ME 03 no, children do not need to fear <<

03 all I suggested was seeking help for violent attitudes
ME not what i saw.

08 LOL
03 there is nothing wrong with that statement
01 i don't have a violent attitude and i resent the implication that i do.
01 you don't know me
03 nor do I care to
ME no, but it does give the lie to your later statement that "03 I haven't proposed anything"

08 let me just remind everyone that if you want to use the ignore option... type /ignore nick
ME try an' keep consistency, it's the mark of a functioning intellect.

02 01 : ignore remarks like that
01 thanks 08
09 things got heaten up in here quickly
03 you keep telling yourself that mircea
02 ahh 11 as i swisk my cane
01 there...much better
06 hey there 03
01 thank you
ME i really can't stomach the "here's a bundle of nonsense i've been given by god but won't even admit it" types.

03 06, what's up?
01 i agree ME ...
06 nothing much whats up with You?
ME at least catholics or mormons or whoever are honest enough to just produce some ridiculous fundational story
ME rather than pseudoscience and "look it up"

02 smiles and kiss'a her cheek
01 sorry folks...didn't realize i was gonna start all that
03 oh, the usual, I suppose, conversation with fools..until you came over
06 hey there 05
03 how's your weekend going?
09 feel free to come over here 01
06 i worked today
10 Hello im here looking for honest slave.
03 worked at what?
ME do you even have a profile 03 ?

06 umm my job
11 looks like someone got some pissed on cheerios for breakfast
06 lol
03 well, mircea, that's really none of your business, now isn it/
02 I have slaves foe sale
02 hi 06
03 do you like your job, quet?
ME i tend to make idiots that call others idiots my business. it's kinda what i do on the internets.

03 quiet, even
03 I haven't called anyone an idiot, mircea but if you want to troll for shit, knock yourself out
06 hiya ParadoxMaster
03 say, quiet, want to spend a really fun few minutes?
06 fun!!!!!
03 on youtube, look up just for laughs
ME 03 one day maybe you grow a pair start actually standing behind your own stuff. this "o i didn't say what i said" twice in five minutes makes you much too typical an internet "dom" thingee.

06 ok
12 Yes?
yes Daddy ^_^
09 how are you doing?
03 yeah, that's what I need to do, I'll just run off and do that
13 +
06 begins to ignore people
14 lol 06 why?
02 why 06
03 they are one or two trolls, quiet
13 greetings Aall
11 Ro, you turned into a dom thingie
11 How does one do that
11 I need to try
02 easy
03 I turned what, 11 ?
11 someone was accusing you of turning into a dom thingie
14 hey don't make fun of ME's words or else!
11 Or else what
03 I don't recall that accusation
06 or else what?
11 You probably were choosing to ignore :)
* 14 intinctively goes for his sword.... only to find a carrot in his pocket
03 what I suggested for that fellow that inadvertantly scared his kids that he seek professional help before it happens again
12 I am 09 ?
ME lol

11 I might lose a battle of wits with a twit on the internet
03 the rest was just bullshit
ME 14 do not feed the rabbits!

11 that would be life shattering
02 laughs
14 okay, you've been save by the carrot, you can call yourselves lucky !
11 How will I eat, how will I provide for my family
08 03 ... give it a rest please
10 Are you honest tanssexual, im here for you.
14 lol
11 Its tragic
ME 11 you laugh, but soon enough you won't be able to, because the internet is pretty much taking over.

03 I am not the one triggering this but if you would like to blame me, kknock yourself out

14 yeah, 11, I know .... "it would be funny, if it was not so sad" (Lermontoff)
ME cue all the "fired over facebook comments" bull.

08 well thanks for the permission that i dont need.... and im not asking again
06 i just came in a few minutes ago and i had enough ...i might be back later
11 Yeah, the internet is unfortunately being taken over like asses like you, but the good thing about the internet it comes with an off button, and I can shut the screen and go on with my life
08 if you feal the need to be like this 03, please chat elsewhere... if youi need assistance with that just hollar
05 See you later 06
03 you shouldn't have asked at first - again, I did not start this, 08
* 03 has quit (Local kill by 08 )
11 Maybe you should address the one who is calling people Dom thingies
08 yep... i shouldnt have asked LOL
02 he gone
* 03 (03 @67.86.189.*) has joined #somechan
* 14 wonders whether 08 is offering a date to 03 and he did not realize
08 be nice 03 ... last warning
03 what a fucking waste FOR AN OP!
* 03 has quit (K-lined)
14 play who was the funny guy who replaced my sword with a carrot hu ????
05 he shouldn't have raised his voice 08
02 no more fighting please
11 She should have read the whole conversation and addressed the problem
11 Not get all butt hurt someone was defending themselves
08 pardon?
15 who is fighting punches 02 in the belly
14 nope, she was just stopping them triggers, me thinks
02 laughs
08 are you talking about me 11 ?
02 ouch 15
02 i am shocked
15 wossie
ME 15 wow you know that hurts.

14 lol 15, was that on a 'just in case' basis ?
11 Actually I am taking about you and your partner, you both come in to moderate when things annoy you, but really more you decide things that suit your mood, this is not a dictatorship, if you want to moderate then moderate
15 no it is the way myself and 02 have sex on here 14
11 I can live withouth the selective bullshit hypocricay in my life I have real shit to do
14 awwwwright tough duetto ! (lol)
* ME averts his eyes

ME how's the snow treating you 14 ?
02 grins looks at 15 its new form of coitus
10 are you there my honest tanssexual
06 no he/she isnt
14 hey Mircea ! so far so good here, 'tis snowing more further down south of the big lakes
05 I guess he told you all
ME 10 just for my own idle curioisity if you'd indulge, what makes a honest transsexual ?

15 seems 10 has his stylis stuck in the grove
16 one that doesnt lie a lot
16 I'd assume
10 Yes correct
ME ah. i thought maybe he meant one that actually went for the knife or w/e.

16 in trusth
16 everyone lies
10 Yes
14 lol @ knife, ME
16 but carry on
10 So are you there?

ME 16 afaik the accepted figure is 10% among the professionals. ie, 10% of people asked anyquestion will lie for no apparent reason.
16 sure sure
16 but we all do is all I said.
ME yeh.

16 a man that tells you he doesnt
ME just did it ? :D
16 is doing it right there
ME win.
16 adn then
10 Im here Looking for Submissive Women
* 08 pratices her lie's..... I love ALL people on chat and want to give big warm hugs to everyone
16 :)
16 quite
06 wonders who 10 is talking to
16 :)
ME that came out pretty convincing 08

02 wonders am in a zoo
ME (flattery, the most elegant lie of all)

08 bbiab... gotta make dinner

The lulziest thing (to me) is just how desperately squishy the progre actually is, out in the field. To hear the 2nd layer of US propaganda machinery, Yarvin & all, this same progre would be naught but an unstoppable onslaught of nature itself, like all the transformers plus all the captain planets rolled into one scourge of doom or some shit. Meanwhile in actual practice, this supposedly superhuman being capable of many and varied superhuman feats is about as effectual as a shell-less hermit crab lost in the Mojave desert.

Should it manage to get five hundred similar idiots arrayed in a wailing brigade it's altogether possible someone might be fooled by all that ruckus and imagine it somehow equates strength, especially if that someone is part of the highly stylisized political class. However, try and examine this superpower of "you can do anything for just as long as a large group of idiots agreeing with you is arrayed behind your back" in an actual practical setting. Say, cooking : "you can cook any dish you want, provided there's 500 women clustered behind you". What sort of superpower is this, sounds more like a superinconvenience ? Seems the superpower of "never accidentally respond 'you too' to the movie usher saying 'enjoy the movie'" would be way better, and that's not even much of a power at all.

"You can go to the supermarket if there's another 500 dudes behind you". Seems safe on the surface, on the grounds that... whatever, there's always 500 dudes at the supermarket. This until you stop and consider that they can't be just any 500, they have to be selected and policed so that they don't even think a whole list of things, let alone actually say them. If you have the experience of trying to get a dozen people seated and ordering, you readily can imagine what horror the progre has to put up with on a daily basis.

With such an incredibly massive blessing of suck little wonder he's so very unwieldy in the field. No wonder he carefully shies away from Trilema, or for that matter any other salty treat. The fact it can only feel safe enough to move in the quiet dark of some cave or other, where no noise nor light of day breaches the peace - hence its proper name, Progre troglodytus - is unsurprising at best. You'd be in the same position too, if you were stuck with its "superpowers".

No wonder he's ridiculous, no wonder he's poor, and by and large no big surprise he'll stay stupid. The only question seems to be, whatever possessed anyone to believe this bizarre artificial creation of a lengthy period of prosperity is in any sense powerful, or important ? It's clearly not important, it's clearly not effectual, nor efficacious, nor in any sense or manner powerful. It's pretty much a waste product - like the slag left in the factory powerplant after the goods were produced, he's the slag left in the power plant of society after the goods were consumed.

Scrape it away, cast it aside... who knows, maybe after a while it fosillizes to oil or something. Then it may be important, but in any case no sooner.

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