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Wednesday, 17 September, Year 6 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

In honor of having spent about twenty bux on the worst steak I've had since I've been here - which still probably means leaps and bounds above anything one can get at TGIMNITU States but that does nothing for me as expectations adapt upwards incredibly fast - not to mention the incredibly bad vegetables - I swear to God these people have no fucking idea what to do with garnishes, they served me mushrooms straight out of the can, not really even as much as warmed, in the plate, with the meat ; not to mention the terrible mush they made of the asparagus and how they have no idea what to do to French to make it fries - at a place which is supposedly very good (La Chacra, Av. Cordoba 941) as well as per request acquiescence I will now dump some images.


You thought the 70s died, but they had not died, they merely moved South. First to Mexico, then on from there and here we are in 2014, they've made it to Argentina. I fear for the penguins going forward.


Come invest some time and in exchange you'll get money and freedom. Because time is money. And freedom.


I don't recall if we've done Gayola already. Had we ?


The bomb kit, this shop's most sold item. It mostly caters to homebrew Jewish terrorism, radicalism and irredentism.


Parrot guy found himself a treat. Hi!


Macri, the current governor of Buenos Aires and most likely the next president of Argentina (not that anyone I know here particularly favours the idea) came up with a killer program, he wants to get rid of taxes and no inflation. Pundits were wondering tongue in cheek just how could one do that, but it's quite obvious how he intends to do that : exactly the same way he's done it before : cut social benefits, admitted or disguised, in the raw flesh. Which process doesn't sit well with the various entitlement groups, obviously, and one must readily grant they have a point : it won't be bueno for 'em if the guy ends up in Casa Rosada.


In case you can't read that plaque, here it is full size :


In case that's unsurprisingly enough still not saying anything to you, Marcelo T. De Alvear 405 is the address of the supposed "Bitcoin Embassy" in Buenos Aires, a construction roughly equivalent to the "Bitcoin Chamber of Commerce" or whatever.


There's absolutely nothing there,


Just an ordinary residential building entryway, in between a cheap hairdresser's and some pub. Most probably someone misrepresented the purpose of his apartment, Faker House style.

And that's all for now, see you next time!

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  1. There are no Michelin Star restaurants in Argentina, apparently, but some aspire to the guides high standards. Those are the one you need to find, try and perhaps report on.

  2. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Wednesday, 17 September 2014

    I did find a few decent restaurants, but this accursed devil of "oh hey, let's try this place"...

    In this case this place is the one with the stuffed cow outside, right down from the Exedra whorehouse. You'd expect it'd have some decent food. It probably would, too, if people with money were merchants and traders by virtue of trade and travel like god intended, instead of various English speaking turds by virtue of their government giving them money.

    But in time...

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  2. [...] announce opening a Transgalactic Spaceship or something. I went to check out this thing back in September, Just an ordinary residential building entryway, in between a cheap hairdresser's and some pub. [...]

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