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Wednesday, 17 September, Year 6 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

berta-lovejoyBerta Lovejoy - 11 hours ago

This is why I say that all men should have an annual mandatory mental checkup. Over 80% of inmates are men, and 40% of the global male population ends up in prison at some point in their life. It is clear that they have some sort of genetic defect that makes them act irresponsibly and end up putting others at risk. Peace and civility can only be achieved if we ensure that the male population has a normal functioning state of mind.

Berta Lovejoy, Feminist, Promoter Of Equality, Love, and Peace. 

The landwhale brings an interesting point, specifically, that the legal system in the United States is chauvinistically constructed to oppress males generally and men individually (and also spooksi, but who gives a shit about them). Specifically :

There is no law against gossip. There should be. There used to be. God only knows what I suffer trying to get people to talk to me properly, in channel, rather than improperly, in PMs.
There is a blanket law against murder. There shouldn't be. Some people deserve to die, and natural causes ain't soon enough.

There is no law against whining. Point in case.
There are a variety of laws against proper sexual congress. There shouldn't be. If you don't want to get fucked, go to a doctor and have a hysterectomy. What do you do if you decide you don't want to have tonsils, sit around and whine about it or go under the knife ? So stop whining.

There is no law against doing dope. If you don't want people to do dope, put them in jail for doing dope. Similarly, if you don't want your people to use my exchange/casino/whorehouse/whatever, put them in jail for it. Don't fucking expect me to police them for you, we're not related, and come to think about it we're not even friends.
There are numerous laws against moving dope. Fuck you, backwards man.

That right there covers 80% of the 80% in question. 80% of the women I ever met whine, gossip and do dope in some form or another, from the teenager blunt to the middle aged sleeping pills. Put them all in jail, that's suddenly 300 million bits o' caged tit, give or take. Meanwhile 80% of the 2.5 million jailhouse birds would be 80% released back into society fuck societyii, back on the street.iii That'd leave a cool half million dudes to play with the 300 million bits o' caged tit, or just about exactly what Allah was derping about. Win-win as they say.iv

The stupidity of trying to promote being happy and to limit violence is out of this world. What have happy people ever done for me ? Look as hard as I can there's nothing there, happy people are about as useful as junkies on a fix, they just lie there and do with the mouth : drool, spittle and nonsense. Violent people meanwhile have done for me everything I ever needed done and couldn't otherwise get done because the fucking hydra, derping all about "oh poor him" and "why won't you be nicer" and "why can't you all just get along" and fucktarded shit like that.

Why would I get along with some schmuck, like for instance my brother ? Just because he came out of some woman's cunt ? Tyvm, that's no qualification, and I'm not going to put up with a iota of inconvenience just to avoid some woman contemplating in sadness the cold, faintly smelly corpse that was once her child. Fuck her, make her another one. Maybe this time he's not annoying.

In closing let me deploy the age old, revered Woman! Know your place! It's the only avenue to a sustainable society. So what if it'd be pretty bloody ? Women bleed monthly and doesn't seem to do much damage - the damage, especially to their brain, starts once they stop bleeding.

  1. I must confess that after having redefined the word nigger to denote the assholes trying to derive economic benefit out of genetic happenstance through whining I found myself in a little bit of a verbal pickle. What do you use as a derogatory term for black people generally and indiscriminately ? 'Cause clearly you need such a thing, as for instance here. Thanks to Hopkins' memorable role in the otherwise excellent Human Stain however, I do have alternatives. Spooks, motherfuckers! []
  2. Bullshit "society" built by old women for old women (because men are too busy doing teenager sluts to sit around and gossip all day) inexplicably favours the needs and inclinations of old women. Gee whiz, who'd have figured such a thing! []
  3. Seriously, the street's a thing. That's where everything cool happens. Society is where accountants go to die of inflamed ulcers and hamburger cancer. []
  4. And don't even start with how they aren't virgins or something. Are you kidding, look at that picture. []
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  1. The hysterectomy you refer to here is a barbaric procedure, not done in a century. The currently understood definition of this term removes only the internal portions of the female organs, fucking still works just fine.

  2. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Wednesday, 17 September 2014

    I disclaim any liability for the evil corruption the 20th century had worked! If one wants to become an angel, one has to undergo the angel-making surgery, not some edulcorated contemporary version that shares the name but doesn't share the substance.

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