Moar haxxing, moar haxxing, have a look an' here we go...

Saturday, 21 June, Year 6 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Other than the usual farei, here's some even lulzier stuff :


Now the acunetix string would seem to suggest this is automated, but the selection of articles (a few random hits, a lot of repeats) as well as the almighty Trilema antispam filters pretty much guarantee this was done by hand.

Think of it, yesterday, while I was busy with Kitty and you were busy with whatever it was you were doing, some kid somewhere with an OVH shared server was spending his time hand typing into his terminal things to be put into my comment section.

It probably took him hours to figure out all the barbs, hours which he could have used much more pleasantly and much more satisfactorily, and much more humanely in the end doing what I was doing, or what you were doing. Or, at the very least, learning how to do either - which isn't what he's been doing, in any case.

But no, instead of petting a kitten or reading a book or darning his own socks our leet haxxor "mircea popescu is an asshole" boi was busy figuring out cookie sessions for a vm, and copy-pasting strings off acunetix into bash. This isn't just him, by the way. During the coupla hours at the brunch the two dozen or so "alpha male dominant" kids in attendance spent their time fidgeting too.

Fidgeting. It's a horrible disease, this. Stop motherfucking fidgeting and go live your life already. Yes, I know fidgeters can never get hurt while they stick to fidgeting. Try and guess why the fuck that is.

  1. The disruption due to that DDOS lasted all of five minutes. Find people with similar results, why don't you. []
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