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Saturday, 21 June, Year 6 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Caught in traffic :


If anyone cares, I might go out of my way to document the sleaze available in that clearly pre-war kiosk. From what I've seen so far they don't think so much of public nudity, so who knows.


This is a protest. I've not cheated, the entire thing is in the shot, it starts on the left and it's ended by the right. They were trying to supplement their absent numbers by dumping very loud cherry bombs, but even that was kind-of anemic. This is generally true of protest vigor here, the next day I ran across a guy trying to promote the "revocatoria"i - he was equipped with a loud speaker, a stand with some crap on it and a chick with Brazilian assii in tight pantsiii trying to pass fliers. That was pretty much it, nobody giving a shit.


As promised in the Castellan languageiv article ("The third however… the third’s quite interesting, and I’m going to make another article out of it."), above is a collage : me very faint in the center, Tolstoy very faint on the left, and the explanation rather illegible on the right. It comes t in English "Photographic album of S.A. Tolstaya on the life of Tolstoy. Exclusive photographs of the countess, published by Sharer, Nabgolts & Co in Moscow, 1912."

Here's another one :


All in all an exhibition definitely worth seeing, and I'm glad I did. And now for something of narrow, Romanian interest, or otherwise of narrow professional cinephile interest :


Yeah, that's right :


And now, having written two articles this morning that take the count of three articles I wanted to write yesterday down all the way to three, I bid you a very good farewell while I shall be back shortly with more.

  1. Argentina is federal. The national president (Cristina, wife-and-successor of the meanwhile deceased guy that managed to cast himself as the successor of Peron out of a sea of pretenders in spite of not having much in common with anything else - him or them, equally so) is getting reamed pretty badly. The governer of the Buenos Aires district (one Macri, from what I hear a consummate political animal) is likely going to win the presidential election. The current president's party, not all that happy at the prospect, came up with the very Romanian-PNL-esque notion of revoking the incorporation of the province, because a re-incorporation would obviously create a new governorship. The most inept case of gerrymandering I've ever seen, and entirely unlikely to either work (ie, catch on) or do anything (ie, deliver a benefit even if it were to somehow catch on) but I guess desperate times call for desperate measures. Or, moreover, after all the rats with a future left the ship, the remaining rats are desperate ipso definitio. []
  2. This is not something that can be described, or even depicted. You've either tapped the Brazilian phat ass or you have not. []
  3. Absolute uniform here, I think if the police find a woman of ovulatory age that's not wearing camel toe pants they take her out back and shoot her. With bullets I mean.

    You can't begin to imagine the weird, so temperatures are hovering between 5 and 15 Celsius, everyone's talking about how cold it is, women in restaurants refuse to drop their coats and sit there huddled in every scarf known to man, then you look down the street : everyone's in tight pants, pubic mound clearly visible. Woman gotta tight pants in Argentina, 'tis the law. []

  4. They don't call it Spanish here, they call it "Castellan". And, bonus points, ll is read as the Romanian ș exactly - voiceless postalveolar fricative aka /ʃ/. Obviously I don't read it that way, I read it like God intended for ll to be read, which is /j/ (not to be confused with the Romanian j, which is usually read /ʒ/). To which kitten wants to know "who taught me to read it that way", because "all the foreigners read it that way" and apparently she's half considering there's a conspiracy or deffect out there, some troll misteaching people how to read on purpose.

    At which point she learned about "my hoovercraft is full of eels". She had no idea Monthy Python existed, you see, in spite of being conversant in English (and for that matter, French). But that's okay : when I tried to play Johnny Cash for her she said this sounds like advertising music, and I have no idea wtf bossa nova "o this is well known canon, everyone knows this" she played.

    Later edit : " I found a video with the english subtitles for you". []

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