PrimeAsic - Most likely a scam.

Tuesday, 05 March, Year 5 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Suddenly all of a sudden,

PrimeAsic - 80 Ghash/sec Asic Miner
March 03, 2013, 10:14:47 PM

Hello Everyone!

I'm posting to announce our ASIC product, PrimeAsic which does up to 80Ghash/s using a little over 800W power.

We are a Hungary based company bla bla bla

Later that same evening,

Mar 04 04:05:45 Person yo.
04:05:49 Person listen, you got a car ?
04:06:01 Individual ya

04:06:17 Person wanna take a trip ?
04:06:30 Individual arent i [redacted - confidential]

04:06:36 Person tomorrow.
04:06:43 Individual uhh?

04:06:56 Person take your girlfriend, go to budapest, fuck her on the erzsebet bridge
04:07:00 Person and then check this shit out for me :;all
04:07:15 Person i'll pay for the gas. and the condoms (up to three).
04:13:32 Individual hmmm
04:14:13 Individual no mention of price

04:14:16 Person indeed.
04:14:48 Individual really so little to go on
04:14:54 Individual not even a fuckin contact

04:14:55 Person the vat number checks out
04:18:20 Individual 520 km to budapest

04:18:32 Person big fucking deal, you got a highway neh ?
04:21:16 Individual would you buy one?

04:21:51 Person depends on the price... but one, three, ten, a hundred. i imagine you;d want one or two yourself maybe
04:23:50 Individual i thought i was out of the mining game

04:24:56 Person when opportunity knockers...
04:25:12 Person asics aren't so bad if they work. nothing like gpus
04:25:41 Individual but 800w is a lot ya know in asic terms
04:25:44 Individual hm

04:25:50 Person i know. this is why i want someone checking things out. i wouldn't want some hungarian smartass selling me fpga.
04:25:51 Individual is that same as avalon?

04:26:06 Person iirc 60 at 72. they prolly got a wafer made on 72 process over at a local university or some shit.
05:13:19 Individual why the fuck did they not put the price up. cocksuckers.

A little bit later ...

Mar 04 18:19:37 Individual we are leaving at midnight
18:20:29 Person what do you do, like 7 liters /100 ?

18:20:45 Individual 1.6 L and i drive 190
18:20:54 Person wait what ?!

18:21:01 Individual ok ok ill drive slower

Even later still...

Mar 04 23:13:11 Individual >Looks like they've stopped mining at OzCoin.
23:13:19 Individual bah
23:13:33 Individual im getting a bad feeling about this - hope im wrong!
23:13:53 Person if you're right we'll have a great story.

01:25:10 Individual ill be going. hope they dont use on me hehe
01:25:20 Person later man

01:25:21 Individual laterz
01:25:36 Person and don't worry, if you're not back in a coupla days ima call your gf.

01:25:51 Individual and fuck her for me? tnx.
01:26:03 Person water her plants lol. yw.

01:26:40 Individual take care of the back yard.
01:26:50 Person haha i'm totally publishing this. (names removed)

01:27:11 Individual :p

And finally...

Subject: [redacted - confidential]
From: Individual
Date: Tue, March 5, 2013 4:34 am
To: Person

In short:

I meet edi greens accountant, kind woman. She made a couple of phone calls for me and no-one had any info about ASICs. The boss never heard of Bitcoin or anything related.

The published phone no. was not working while I was there. Now its ringing but no one answers.

Scam 99.5% at this point.

This is the great story. I hope you've enjoyed it.

PS. No actual girlfriends were harmed in the making of this film.

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