That gay ass site, BitBet

Tuesday, 05 March, Year 5 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

JimRogers Why is the sendto address on my wager wrong?
mircea_popescu JimRogers which wager is that ?

JimRogers 05-03-13 08:30 Yes 97`003 1.00000000 16fUs / 13rnD. Not the "Send To" address I put but the exact amount bet. And the timing is right, so what the fuck? I've placed multiple bets successfully. This one seemed to have gotten fucked up.
mircea_popescu JimRogers now that's a good question. Do you have autocomplete or anything else on the browser side messing up your bets ?

JimRogers Nope.
B0g4r7_ That would suck.
mircea_popescu A guy earlier had his browser autopick No whether he clicked Yes or No.

JimRogers I have placed 9 wagers successfully.
mircea_popescu Is the address wrong as in, not the one you intended to use or wrong as in, never seen it before ?

JimRogers Wrong, as in, not the "Send To" address I have used numerous times and intended for this wager and pasted into the box. Are my coins gone?
mircea_popescu Likely ;/ Kakobrekla's looking into it tho.

Chaang-Noi MP are you conected to that site in anyway other than a user?
mircea_popescu "That site" ? BitBet you mean ?

Chaang-Noi Yup.
mircea_popescu Owner : Matic "kakobrekla" Kočevar and Mircea "mircea_popescu" Popescu. Says so right on teh asset page.

Chaang-Noi I dont use MPEx and no longer BitBet lol.
JimRogers Has anyone else had their bits go to a random Send To address? I demand my money back.
mircea_popescu JimRogers it's totally a new one.

Chaang-Noi I doubt MP scammed you, fucked up mabe...
JimRogers Thats not the address I entered into the Send To. I'm done wit this fucking website scam stealing my bitcoin. Gay ass coding. Unreliable. Other ppl having same problem?
kakobrekla You are the only one.
B0g4r7_ I only started using BitBet yesterday.
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B0g4r7_ I guess I could check the send-to address if I were in front of that wallet. But I'm not.
mircea_popescu What he quit ? Wtf is wrong with people ;/

B0g4r7_ Emoquit.
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mircea_popescu Incidentally! The address he paid his 1 btc to is 16fUsi. He paid from 1M1Ugii. If you look at if you look at taint analysis on that, the address the payout goes to (13rnDiii) is there : 18.5851316787%.

JimRogers Huh? Should I send some coin to the address and see if I get it?
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mircea_popescu Well, there's relation between the two addresses, it didn't pop out of randomness. Maybe it's yours ?

JimRogers I don't understand the taint analysis. What can I do to see if those funds will end up in one of my accounts?
mircea_popescu It looks through the blockchain to see if two addresses are related. Send a 0.001 btc or w/e small dust to it see ? It's somewhat improbable the two addies got 8 txs in between themselves and yet they're totally unrelated.

JimRogers I don't understand the second sentence. Which two addresses? 13rnDiv is the one the gay ass website says "send to".
mircea_popescu The address you paid from, and the address that's listed as beneficiary are not strangers.

JimRogers I sent it from sealswithclubs. The send to is gonna fuck me huh?
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mircea_popescu so you don't control the sending address ?

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mircea_popescu Bah how is one ot talk with people that keep leaving.

kakobrekla he is parting and joining
mircea_popescu So you don't control the sending address ? <<

kakobrekla JimRogers: well, the only thing I can really say is you pasted an address (which you also say you did), BitBet did no further processing as in establishing the return address. What you pasted is in the db. What's in the db is on the site. But I can do one thing - add your payout destination notification at the last step if that would help to prevent any mistakes in the future.
JimRogers I am not trying to leave.
mircea_popescu kay.

JimRogers I sent a micropayment to that address. Hopefully it ends up in one of my accounts. This fucking website is lacking serious functionality
mircea_popescu What functionality would that be ? There, .001337v. Does it show in your wallet ?

B0g4r7_ Maybe you clicked on "send to originating address" accidentally and then clicked SUBMIT.
kakobrekla nope
mircea_popescu Nah cause it's not listed as the orig addy.

B0g4r7_ Mmm... It would be nice if the "Send bitcoins to fund the bet" screen showed the chosen payout address.
JimRogers This fucking website needs account history. Or something. To track
kakobrekla Use your bitcoin addy.
JimRogers This website just ate my Bitcoin. I put the correct "Send To" address in and then sent a bitcoin to the supplied addy. Your website registered the bet, but put a different send to. That's functionality that sucks.
mircea_popescu JimRogers the problem here is this : you state what you did, but we have no way of knowing it's true or false.

JimRogers I get that.
kakobrekla 17:47.17 ( kakobrekla ) JimRogers: well, the only thing I can really say is you pasted an address (which you also say you did), BitBet did no further processing as in establishing the return address. What you pasted is in the db. What's in the db is on the site. But I can do one thing - add your payout destination notification at the last step if that would help to prevent any mistakes in the future.
mircea_popescu The two addresses are related, and you just declared you don't control the originating address. This is very difficult to resolve because it's basically no leads.

JimRogers Gay, gay, gay. Your website put the wrong send to. Why would I put that addy?
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B0g4r7_ Spaz
mircea_popescu Lol totally.

Namworld How much was the bet for?
mircea_popescu 1.

Namworld Why don't people check their inputs before submitting?
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JimRogers Why does it keep kicking me 1AKevii
mircea_popescu I have no idea.

B0g4r7_ It's not us, it's you.
mircea_popescu Most likely.

B0g4r7_ Says you've left the channel.
mircea_popescu JimRogers : run a virus scanner ? You might have a trojan or something.

B0g4r7_ Stop closing the window or whatever you're doing.
JimRogers 1AKeAviii was the bitcoin address I sent the money to. Only I would have access to that, right? So give me my coins back or set the send to to the right addy.
B0g4r7_ Are you sure someone doesn't have remote control of your PC? Idk why your client would randomly leave the channel.
mircea_popescu JimRogers srsly, run a scanner.

JimRogers Well heres a new wrinkly. It seems the addy 1AKeAix never received it.
mircea_popescu Received what ?!
JimRogers 1AKeAx was the addy bit bet supplied as the bet destination address. Seals with clubs sent 1 bitcoin to 1AKeAxi. The block chain doesn't recognize the transfer.
B0g4r7_ So maybe you're seeing a bet that's not yours, and yours still is not confirmed?
JimRogers That's possible.
mircea_popescu Uhm well then ?!

JimRogers Seals claims to have sent last night.
B0g4r7_ It took a while for my bets to confirm. (sent from local wallet)
kakobrekla This is just ridoinculous.
B0g4r7_ Take it up w/ Seals. If it's not in the blockchain, they didn't send.
kakobrekla Seals with Scams.
B0g4r7_ In the future, I advise always sending from a local wallet.
kakobrekla I'm sorry im just sleep deprived.
B0g4r7_ Showing the payout address on the bet confirmation/funding screen would be nice to have. Would help avoid mistakes.
kakobrekla I'll add that.
B0g4r7_ Thx.
kakobrekla Not that many mistakes were made. Maybe in total 1?

JimRogers I didn't make a mistake.
B0g4r7_ That's good. If that can be reduced to 0.1, even better.

JimRogers I have records of everything I have done. Either your guys system fucked up or seals is claiming a cash out happened that never happened, coincidentally at the same timing and same amount as what I sent.
kakobrekla with over 2k bets placed - yeah its preety good
B0g4r7_ Your mistake was in thinking the listed bet was yours. 1.0 BTC is not exactly a unique bet amount.
mod6 ...

JimRogers Good point.
kakobrekla JimRogers if its not in a blockchain on the correct address what do you expect BitBet to do? Guess?
* TomServo boggles.

JimRogers BitBet aint doing shit, I get it. I get how this bitcoin world works. Dog eat dog.
kakobrekla Also, if addy is not used in 24hrs is not active anymore. I might remove that now since the last bitcoind upgrade.
JimRogers Wait wait wait. So you can confirm that 1AKeAxii was a bitbet addy?
kakobrekla Yes, requested as a bet on betid 283.

JimRogers Right, that's me.
kakobrekla Sure.

JimRogers And seals claims to have sent it to that addy.
kakobrekla That address is empty.

JimRogers I guess they lie?
mod6 Yeah, 0 tx's for that address.

JimRogers 2013-03-04 23:31 1 BTC 1AKeAxiii directly from seals backend.
Namworld Nothing was ever sent to 1AKeAxiv

JimRogers Yea I get you. Thanks for the help. I emailed seals. And if I lose the money I won't fault you guys but the site could still use much more functionality. And perhaps binary options, instead of this weird time weighting bullshit.
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JimRogers Keep getting kicked out.
B0g4r7_ Srsly, consider a local wallet. You should be using one anyway.

JimRogers That's also a good suggestion. I won't do it this way again.
B0g4r7_ Colloquy on OS X huh. I use that at home and don't have that issue. I run version 2.3 tho, which I think is a lot different.
kakobrekla I moved the 24hrs limit to 3 days now. So you have 3 days to send the bet in since the time you requested an address. Once first bet is in - addy is kept active until the bet is over so you can use the same one.xv
B0g4r7_ Hm, that's handy.
kakobrekla It's how it works.

B0g4r7_ What happens if I bet .01 BTC, and then days later, after betting is closed, I send another 5 BTC?
kakobrekla You made a 5 btc mistake.
blu3gr1ffon You tipped kakobrekla.
B0g4r7_ :nom nom nom:
kakobrekla Well you tipped mircea. But I will scan the blockchain to findout how much he is getting and take half muahaha.

jurov Lol... at least it should be added to dividends, like MPEx mispayments.
kakobrekla Yeah, prolly. Would be the smart thing to do.
B0g4r7_ Earlier I made a whole new "bet", when I could have just sent more to the same address.
kakobrekla Yes. What a waste of time and resources.
mircea_popescu Totally. And his conclusion, he generously won't blame us guys, but the site could still use much more functionality ? I get it.

The controlling quote is, of course,

Up until recently it was practically impossible to become embroiled into any sort of dealing with the subgroup, their ownership being strictly assumed and their lives strictly subsumed by the corporations competent at dealing with the human cattle : fastfood providers, supermarkets, the government. Both as employers and providers these specialised bureaucracies have the necessary tools, including cattle prods (or whatever they’re called now, non-lethal something or the other) to correctly handle them. They have the chemicals, they’ve done the research, know the behavioural patterns, have the walls all built to obstruct vision, living arrangements all thought through and everything.

Bitcoin suddenly opened the gate. It is a poisonous offering. You are grossly unequipped to interact straight with the refuse of Western society.

  1. 16fUs2yD4xLyxYy6863SMX3PP8Lw1xvZog []
  2. 1M1Ugbk2P2L3ekZPESywAyfF5aeZ3wNi5d []
  3. 13rnDnrH8zBAkNpxXFEyphj3EFcvDKd9Ws []
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  5. tx 1d65ace8daa117bcd97fe7bff9672e8e5c174aba8ab7d0217694f3cf55c4afea. []
  6. Obviously it has that, through the blockchain. A point incidentally proven above. The guy that doesn't understand taint analysis however obviously also doesn't understand other things. []
  7. 1AKeAYxjfcdQeGMtKTma9gsRG2i1dgMxtN []
  8. 1AKeAYxjfcdQeGMtKTma9gsRG2i1dgMxtN []
  9. 1AKeAYxjfcdQeGMtKTma9gsRG2i1dgMxtN []
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  13. 1AKeAYxjfcdQeGMtKTma9gsRG2i1dgMxtN []
  14. 1AKeAYxjfcdQeGMtKTma9gsRG2i1dgMxtN []
  15. This is deliberate to ease the internal bookkeeping/coding of anyone running bots for the site. []
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