Somewhat busy these days...

Tuesday, 09 February, Year 13 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

... because... well, of the usual reasons.

One day ended with me saying that I feel so very superlatively loved, an' happy, to delighted coos from the (nude) audience ; because as they say and I plainly believe there's no light shining greater in the slavegirl's life than a thoroughly satisfied Master. Then I continued to say "and my asshole's so thoroughly licked, and...", in the purely rhethorical sense of rounding the statement and anchoring it in the... you know, synergy of facts. But it sent all the girls into a mild tailspin, "how long's it been since I ate your ass ???" "omg I've not licked in there this week" and so on. I pointed out to them that it's the spirit that cunts, and besides ; and then we went to bed : me in bed, and they besides. I'd like to make a sentence with betides now, for complextitty, but I have no ideas, besides perhaps to say that woe betide the man without ideas (and the boi with).

I now must save this piece, and what the fuck am I going to call it ? wtf.txt should be good enough, I guess ; but back to our story : the morn rolled around, and we went... shopping! Because what the fuck else am I gonna do, rotting here in earthly paradise ? And besides, I'm a money stylisti as a principal vocationii. At which point, upon returning from our coffee break mid-perusal of wares, I spoke to my slave, "Oh, what a nice life I lead! I've just bought a pile of laptopsiii and now I'll go home to play video games, or... maybe you make some cake -- wait, you already did". Because she had, the day before, some truly delicious brownies the likes of which I've seen exactly nowehere -- and I travelled the world. At which point we were just rounding a corner past the elevator and coming in view of the... German make car, let's call the local bramobile thusiv, so she says "And you have a girl waiting by the car to open your door", which was true, there she was, most eager filly, waiting by the car to open the door. So I bellow'dv "what the fuck are you doing standing, bitch ?", which put her on her knees, and there we go, Gaddafi ain't got nuttin' on me!

The day continued in the same vein, a "closed on Mondays" restaurant opened for me because I fucking felt like going Monday, and then they went to the gym leaving me behind counting money, in piles, because there's a lot, and uhm... that'd be it, we're going to the beach tomorrow, what can I tell you. There was some public fucking at some point in there too, "go chain yourself to a polevi, maybe I feel like coming over and fucking you" and so on in that vein, but... well, what can you do.

I'm a very busy guyvii.

  1. Rest at ease no large sums were hurt in the making of the substance for this paragraph, I think we only went through like a million colones or thereabouts, which isn't anything. []
  2. I do other things, of course. I'm a reasonably accomplished spyncter phlebotomist, for instance, as well as an anoxia experimentalist and I feed small invertebrates to Vulnavia the Burt also. How's that for a pizdicullum vitae! Ca nom nom n-om fi cutotii gay de-aia ieftini cu net gratis de la gayromeo sa cur-ricullum impreuna asa, tinindu-ne de minute acuma. Da ? Just ?

    Mbine. []

  3. It was a pile indeed ; she did the research, I was in the store all of ten minutes, counting piles of money (yes, they still discount por efectivo, especially if you don't want receipts) and off we went, on her work. Props, bitch!

    PS. No, I didn't wear a mask. Everyone else in the store was, sure. They kept looking at me oddly, sure. "Laws" aka queefs still don't apply to me, and may you chodes choke on it. Seriously now, you've been in them muzzles for what, a year ? Two years by now ? Mandatory for you, is it ? Well... when you look up, in the direction of the urine stream, you get an inkling of what wealth, power an' supremacy are all about : it's just as mandatory for "the presdient of the united states" as it is for you ; but it's optional for me. Thassit. []

  4. Do you fuck in your car, by the way ?

    On the highway ? []

  5. It's an interesting device, this Master praline, whereby the outer shell's plainly serious as if it were serious throughout, but there's a soft core of joke inside. Takes them a year or two of live-in slavery to start appreciating it. []
  6. She was naked, of course. Perhaps I should say "as nude as a newborn babe" ?

    Except for the fake tits, definitionally the item babes aren't born with, but gotta earn on their own time and out of their own hide. []

  7. We also watched a brief portion of some lulz with Ben Kingsley about some big deal Brit mobby-sters or somesuch. L-O-L's all I can say. []
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