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Thursday, 11 February, Year 13 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

So here I sit, with a pile of deliciously fresh mango, all oily-ripe, and the world's best bananasi, and a mug of milk, and I'm about to write... well actually, I went through the comment section first. It was... lulzy, after a fashionii, but then it's also very predictable and besides, not really that interesting.

I was however about to write yesterday's story, which begins at four-something Wednesday morning, with nude slavegirls all quietly kissing my toes to wake me up, because... well, we're going to the beach. And I like going there early, because sunrise sun's the best sun, yes ? The trip's about an hour through one of the world's most scenic routes I'm pretty sure I've shown you before, except there's a difference between one picture and ten thousand tripsiii, but let's not make hay of it. There's a cooler packed with all sorts and manner in the trunk, byproducts of busily kneeling womanhood ; we're chattering happily about I don't specifically remember what, but as is oft observed "this is so much better than any radio show, comedian or anything on TV...". It is, too ; but I ain't about to start a fucking podcast. Nor am I about to start watching one ; or as death itself put it once, "you do you".

Then we jumped waves to exhaustion, watching the pelicans fly by from up close, underneath. They were literally skimming waves overhead, four-five feet away. Besides that, we were literally swimming with the fishesiv -- all sorts and kinds, coming up close enough to touch / nibble : the orange-black-white tropical guy, the pale blue guy with really long arches extending vertically from his body, a tuna or two, even a long preditor of some kind I couldn't identify. A bony fish for sure, long and slender (he was well over a foot), dark gray. A wave rose up and there he was, inside, swimming all like "wut ?" as if a section of ocean had been produced spontaneously for our inspection. Which... it had, hand't it. They jumped and watched us jump, and blew bubbles (perhaps because we were blowing bubbles ?). Fishes as friendly as these tropical guys most people have to go snorkeling to maybe encounter... but we were just at our usual haunt, see, they came to see us. Not the other fucking way around. I suspect there might be a crab somewhere selling tickets! Come see the people show!

Anyways, then we napped, on our comfortable beds, in our air-conditioned environment, fifty steps from the beach. By counties! But before we napped I took a shit (there's nothing quite like ocean waves for peristalsis) while the girls showered ("Wash my cunt, bitch!" and other audible amusements filtering past the see-through glass) and then... we went back. Swam some more, and walked on the beach for the sunset, admiring the hermit crabs -- there must've been fifty billion of them, at one point we ran into a large grouping of perhaps fifty, or a hundred maybe, I've never seen them socialise before. And all the pretty and varied shells they got! We played with them to our heart's content, and walked and watched the susnet and "Nah, I think you're the only one getting his cock sucked on this beach" and then we went back to the beach house and showered and packed the car (well, I didn't pack jack) and hit the road on a return trip, sixteen or eighteen hours later, thereabouts, them bitches tired out. They're still sleeping actually, ha-ha!

How's your Wednesday been ?

  1. "You know... I think this might be the best bannana I ever had."
    "Oh yeah, these are great."
    "Umm... shall I turn the car around ?"

    Because it ain't worth turning the car around, for me. As the harem slaves call it, "Emperor of China syndrome", whereby I have it so good it's getting outright absurd. And that Lucian Blaga cuck dared misstate his cucky bliss as "being affraid of divine envy ?" Pshaw!

    Grow a pair, why don'tcha. You won't be afraid of anything anymore. []

  2. mircea_popescu daca doriti sa revedeti.
    diana_coman ahaha, eu am citit "luna crypto" si deja ma gandeam la lapona enigel
    diana_coman lmao

    mircea_popescu tu mai esti in lumea crypto apropo ?
    diana_coman eu? da' ce, am fost eu vreodata?
    diana_coman da' acu' au auzit brusc toti de bitcoin-fashion si na, ii tine acolo vreme de 5 lei cat vor face ei averili

    mircea_popescu ce simplu e, stii... "bun venit in minunata lume a matematicii". bai... da' io-s in viata reala ok ? nu in "lumea matematicii".
    diana_coman ei na, care lume reala, auzi colo, aia e la televizor :D

    mircea_popescu tati puletii din lumi imaginare, gen youtube, sau ma rog, garsoniera-comfort-sporit vin la tine sa te intrebe daca mai esti in "lumea" oamenilor ce fut gagici
    diana_coman pe mine oricum ma pufneste rasul la alea cu "e youtuber" ori "influencer" si alte alea

    mircea_popescu is hazu' de pe lume, TOATA presa ro iese sub trilema daca aduni. date publice, etc. da' ei... mnoa, nu observa lol
    mircea_popescu e ceva asta cu lumile...
    diana_coman lasa, ca e doar ca te-a vorbit ala buhuhu-nicinici de ti-a facut trafic!

    mircea_popescu just
    mircea_popescu asa o fi in lumea youtube, nu zic nu.
    diana_coman cum era aia, da' probabil ei nici pe aia n-o stiu cu "astazi iar, la telejurnal, am vazut cascaval"; cam asa si ei, numai ca intre timp nici ce-i aia cascaval nu mai stiu, imi pare.

    mircea_popescu pai asa e regula, cind uiti repeti.


  3. I don't think we've been to the beach a thousand times. Maybe a coupla dozen this year -- I don't mean this year that just started, I mean this "year" ie since last returning to Costa Rica. And maybe a hundred or two the previous return, and so on. Apocatastasis, you know, I keep returning ; and through it all the Autopista Del Sol perdures. []
  4. I can't imagine why this expression caught on such ominous coloring. There's a lot of fun in swimming with the fishes. []
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14 Responses

  1. Not Dear MP,

    I am a 9 year old boy, and I think you are braggadocious, inappropriate and how are you not arrested?!

    Sincerely, J

  2. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Friday, 12 February 2021

    Because, little j, the world ain't even close to a nine year old boy's notion thereof. Or, for that matter, a nine year old boy's mom's best intended misrepresentations and assorted pious frauds.

    Nice going with the braggadocious tho.

  3. you are the one with a false worldview as you think you are god and besides, just because I am a kid, doesn't mean you can't give me a straight answer.

  4. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Saturday, 13 February 2021

    Actually, you being a kid means you're not a person. You're insufficient, inadequate, inexperienced, short of a man in absolutely every respect. The mentally retarded are still normal height, the lame or maimed are still mentally there ; you however... you're like a "knife" without a handle that's missing the blade, worse than the worst in every respect.

    So bugger off, this isn't the place to extend your misapprehensions of what "potential" means or how it's valued.

  5. This "braggadocious" precociousness calls to mind that afternoon at the high-falootin' Herradura resort where, while walking single-file over a sidewalk particularly overgrown with hibiscus shrubs, the harem was met with a couple of ~ten year old boys. Gazing upon MP, the one had a pretty typical shattin' it reaction, but the other looked the dragon square in the eye and asked, without a trace of sarcasm, "Are you a savage?".

    That kid was alright. Tho' I bet he was "inappropriate" also.

  6. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Saturday, 13 February 2021

    You know, I coulda sworn that story was recounted somewhere on Trilema.

    But, true to form, now I can't find where anymore...

  7. Ahh, do you mean on New Years Eve 2018 when those two boys saw MP around the beach (beard, hat, & women) and spent the next 50 meters daring one another to ask him THE scary question of 'is-he-in-fact-a savage'?! Of course, the loser did win when he asked THE question and was met with a "yes, yes I am a savage". Only then he could then claim the braggadocious victory of, "see, i told you so".

    I also searched and could not find the article anywherez.

  8. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Sunday, 14 February 2021

    Bullshit, bitch. I said "No. Are you ?"

    I thought you were there, in the train somewheres.

    And for that matter I seem to vaguely recall that kid actually phrased his question in the vein of "Mister..." or "Hey, mister..." rather than straight up like that ; but then again actual awareness of address seems a bridge too far these days, and maybe that's not much of a word for one of them contemporary cunts' thoroughly illiterate products to use (or even know)... so maybe it's just writer's re-write. I... forget.

  9. Mircea is the biggest scammer in Bitcoin history.

    This Romanian doucebag is still alive???

  10. Mircea should het killed

  11. Mircea
    We will search for you

  12. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Saturday, 27 February 2021

    Da fuck ?

    Speaking of nonsense from "the public", what kinda glue's popular with you zany kids these days?

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