L'homme orchestre

Thursday, 11 March, Year 13 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

L'homme orchestrei is as delightful a harem comedy as can be had. Replete with hardcore fat shaming past my own practice evenii and a lot of mind controliii, it predictably breaks down over the issue of issue.

Obviously the nubile gaggle eventually contrives to bring a baby home, however "interdit aux hommes" the posters plastered everywhere might have said, however "they're sisters" supposedly repelled the gentherd, however many bed time stories Evans told 'em (and however brilliantly he did it, at that). However many suggestive night-time bedroom visits, ultimately and eventually the matter has to come to a head (the downside of fiction's that it has to deal with conflicts reality can readily eschew).

The comedy, being a comedy, readily eschewsiv becoming a tragedy : the babe's not summarily crushed underboot and anonymously discarded with the [rest of] the night's garbage. The meaningful distinction's therefore lost, the entire structure collapses upon itself and the final curtain draws ignominiously over a trite if tedious domestic scene nobody anymore cares about.

They lived happily ever after, what. Pitty-pitty-flat.

  1. 1970, by Serge Korber, with Louis de Funes and his usual crew (Franco Fabrizzi, Paul Preboist, Christor Georgiadis -- sadly no Gensac), a whole gaggle of cute girlies -- Puck Adams (the ballerina slut ; she did pretty much nothing else though she wasn't that bad), Martine Kelly (about as English as I am, though she speaks it well enough), Michele Alba, Lydie Callier, Geraldine Lynton, Francoise Occipinti, Christine Reynolds, Annie Trembasiewicz, Leila Bouvier, Françoise Gres, Sylvie Maumet, Elisabeth Plazanet, Rosario Toledano -- and his own son Olivier (playing his nephew, har har) before deciding laying all the young broads his Dad sucks in is too much trouble, and going off to be an... airline pilot instead. []
  2. I have no doubt I'm the foremost (as well as practically speaking only) defender of the female form from the idiocy incumbent in idiot females ; but you should see what happens to young bitches weighing in over 50 kgs -- that's 110 lbs -- at dinner time in this thing, or for that matter when a quite pimp-able blondy tries to get up on the stage. []
  3. The scene where Mssr Edouard dit Evan Evans hypnotizes a whole orchestra into playing his music because he ain't got time to explain it to them is something the fuck else. I wish my life worked anything like that. []
  4. The French word for which'd be the same as for failure, in this context. []
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