Martine Kelly

Sunday, 30 June, Year 5 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Martine Kelly has done two noteworthy things with her life. One is this scene from Les Grandes Vacancesi :


She's about 19 and it's her debut dans le cinema francais. The delicious cling of the sweater on her adolescent bosom is what made me review her other major contribution : L'histoire d'O.ii


Just as contrived a piece of crap, but a decade later and for some reason utterly offensive in its multi-layered stupidity. Somehow the first doesn't make me roll my eyes and grind my teeth at all - it's just silly, fané comedy. The second however is cringe worthy, with all the empty grandstanding and all the hollow pretense, with all the absurd, punctilious insistence on "her free will" as if she wasn't a slave! for crying out loud. It ends up giving the pathetic impression the spunkless "masters" are more into avoiding responsibility than actually mastering anything. In the end it boils down to little more than dollies dress-up games with a little bit of lovesmelovesmenot thrown in, a pubescent girl's mental universe. Not at all what it's all about.

Sucks, I guess.

  1. 1967, with de Funes and his ideal pair, Gensac. []
  2. She's Therese, the girl on the bed, just in case any noob was preparing to whine. []
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