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Tuesday, 02 February, Year 13 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Motto : That it's interesting doesn't mean it's desirable.

In natural continuation of observations from like two years ago (my my how time flies!), I must plainly admit my life's pretty much reverted to highschool. Twenty-odd years later just like twenty-odd years ago I play video games all day while gulping down really elaborate home-made treatsi and fucking really submissive girls. It's a living ; though admittedly not for everyoneii.

They go to the gymiii ; I don't. They go shopping, and cook and clean ; I occasionally indulge, for pleasure, which is a whole different... ball game. They maintain my standards, and enforce them upon the world -- which is precisely what every bureaucrat/Karen's wet dream is, and has always been. Except... well, I've recently remembered that I don't actually care. Somehow, for many years, I had apparently sold myself on this stolid angle of responsibility, "we'll heal the world" and assorted out of place bullshitiv. What ridiculous nonsensev, imagine that, trying to help a "world" that's pathetic enough to need helpingvi! Why the fuck ? Let it burn ; if what morphs out of the ashes is worth two shits, you'll know by that sure sign that it ain't gonna need my help. And if it isn't... well, that's a sure sign it's not done burning, and it can very well burn again, pretense to the contrary notwithstanding.

So that should explain all the teen fucking then : we're pretty much on the same page, really. It's true that I put my pants on in the morning, just like any other man. The difference's that once my pants are on I make... well, not really gold records, seeing how gold's not really good enough ; but I make something. What is it that I make ? Well... you know... Anyways, point being, when I don't put my pants on... highschool is highschool, rite. Oh, s'thematter, you wanted to talk more about what I do instead ? Keks.

Fine, let's indulge. Here's an ancient quote :

Asta inseamna demnitate da om, da smecher, da mafiot, da ceva. Asta-i mafiotu' de astazi. Mafiotul de azi, nu mai impusca, nu mai racheteaza bani, nu mai recupereaza bani, nuuu.... mafiotul de astazi face bani de unde nu stie nimeni si se comporta ca un domn. Si i se spune mafiotu', nasu' ca-i respectat. Corect ?"

I find it amusing, a decade later as a degrade decade ago. Perhaps for slightly different reasons, if such a thing is even possible, but amusing nevertheless. You find it incomprehensible, I wager ? Unsurprising ; and that's how it stays.

To get back to more... pleb-accesible topics aka "the news" : I do on occasion follow the dekulakization 2.0 ongoing in the sad lands of the femsocs, of course I do, pompous poverty's always been the cornerstone of comedic goldmining. Carry on, please, by all means. It's definitely entertaining ; and so, secure in the knowledge your Master's even occasionally tuning in, please proceed with the self-burial ad lib. We'll laugh togethervii all the way to the bottom.

This'd be the bottom.<br />You know which one is yours, of course, by that ancient sign (or as the Latin put it, tibi, lector, culus).

This'd be the bottom.
You know which one is yours, of course, by that ancient sign ; or, as the Latin put it, tibi, lector, culus.

  1. And not without making trouble, either. []
  2. What a pleasure it is, re-reading ancient Trilema bits and pieces. Self-evidently "o suta de mii" ie a hundred thousand meant something back then (meaning, when the piece was penned, residue of when the piece was... made). It had some consistency, a web of equivalency, the lifeblood of any word. Meanwhile... it's been replaced ; ironically with the exact same thing, even though in dollar terms we've moved from something like a dozen to a hundred fifty. Such is the power of (entirely absent, believe!) inflation : the contemporaneous hundred fifty's more or less even with the remembered dozen or thereabouts. []
  3. Speaking of which, Nicole's benchpressing 260 pounds, she tells me. On each leg! She tells me in excited crescendo. It does sound like quite a lot, doesn't it ? I'm nowhere near that myself, nor do I intend to be ; yet it's vaguely reassuring that should it come to it, she can definitely benchpress me (on each leg!) and with plenty of technological margin, too.

    Have you ever been benchpressed ? Oh, what's the matter, you thought "I'm nowhere near that" meant I'm not benchpressing that much ? Bwahahaha dork, gimme a break. []

  4. No, it didn't exactly start in 2014. []
  5. The problem with it, if you're curious, is that it's inclusive. It comes off the same trunk as "no child left behind", but with an imaginary, meaningless "world" symbol substituted for the (exactly equally meaningless) "child" symbol.

    Fuck that dumb shit. []

  6. Almost as dog-gone stupid as lending money to people stupid enough to need to borrow. Who the fuck's dumb enough to run a bank like that, and how long can that lulz possibly last ?! []
  7. A strange sort of togetherness, if you think about it ; for you too must admit you're back in highschool : Nannare's had you grounded for the past year+!

    Practically speaking we're together there too ; except me in mine and you in yours. Together tho. Rite ? []

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  1. Well.. I'm only leg pressing 160lbs on each leg, for the ass! But I think If I keep having those steak sandwiches with a side of tuna then I'll be at 260 in no time :)

  2. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Thursday, 4 February 2021

    I don't know what any of the numbers are anyways.

  1. [...] was re-reading that old articlei (as part and parcel of the research required by the previous one, though no reference made it through) ; [...]

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