What's not to like ?

Friday, 07 February, Year 12 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Motto: Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
I never loved your mother
Like I love you.

The natural problems and the unnatural preoccupations of the anglo mind aren't interesting (or for that matter even possible) outside the very carefully maintained artificial environment which produces the deeply stunted dainties.

This said, let's move on to the dialogue part of our article :

"Man, don't you think that'd be weird, if you visited some guy, whatever, big deal guy, and he introduced his women, right ? There'd be a bunch of them, and then he'd show you his dogsi -- but the dogs were named the same as the women. Like 'here's Joanna I, Joanna II, this is Melba I, Melba III, I don't know where Melba II went...' and so on."
"That's... disturbing."
"What happens if they have puppies ? Melba I.1, I.2 ?"
"If they have puppies he probably just kills the bitch. Hence the numbers, you know."
"Awww. That's no good, puppies need their momma."
"Oh, right you are. How inconsiderate of me."

Then, after a pause, "I suppose he could stuff them. Do you suppose there's anything sadder..."
"Oh, no!"
"Than a bunch of puppies, like really small dayling puppies with their eyes still closed even, puppying around a stuffed bitch ?"

Now you know why they like me. It's because...

  1. Some people hunt -- which, apud James, is not quite the same as shooting. []
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