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Friday, 06 November, Year 12 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu


We always order the same thing, you know. It's always lamb. Sometimes Hannah gets the cashew korma, sometimes I do. Sometimes I get the (deliciously spinach-y) palak saag, sometimes Hannah does. The bimbo always wants butter chicken, I generally offer a departure but she adamantly sticks it out for her preferred treat, not that I mandate otherwise. We long decided that though Polish she's a black girl nevertheless, and I am culturally sensitive to her nigger needs therefore. We also buy watermelon whenever I remember. Then for trims we get basmati, dry fruits and nuts pulao, naan con ajo, raita, some other piece occasionally like maybe ground lamb stuffed naan or as this time tandoori salmon (incredibly tender, deliciously marinaded, a real treat). Sometimes I have the Old Monk and sometimes I don't, now and again we get mango lassis, usually not, there's some variation, faintly always there, somewhat ; but San Pellegrino always, samosas if not pakoras or vice-versa (though sometimes both, as here was the case), it's really the most stable of orders a la carte.

The waiter always indulges our unintentional pretense at selection, with a most Indian patience ; we always take the time to read through the menus, seriously trying to make an earnest determination : what of these dishes, dozens upon dozens of all kinds, all excellent, expertly made of first class ingredients, is earnestly and truthfully at this one time in our lives our most desired and honestly preferred option ? It always comes out to the same things, with minor variations in the trims, but the exercise is always thorough, somewhat reminescent of how no woman yet squeezed out puppies or bunnies, or anything else but babies, even if impregnated doggy style, or in whatever other manner.





'Tis said that society is built on the backs and feet of women ; 'tis said in the same place they'll not just do it by themselves. This is partially true, or rather, exactly true but incomplete : they will in fact do it by themselves, under the proper gaze.


And then we go for coffee. I wish you a good time!

Category: Oda Superbiei
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