Thursday, 29 January, Year 7 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

First, the theory :

cocainia My master asked me to aske you guys about hard torture for tonight....
angelic`devil Yay!
Mircea_Popescu O hey, torture time huh ?

cocainia Yes, as very often.
Mircea_Popescu What do you normally do ?
Danni39 sips coffee.

cocainia Well a lot, but generally bondage with weight, whip, wax, hit and else.
Mircea_Popescu Ever had the thumb tack shoes ?

cocainia I don't know this.
Mircea_Popescu cocainia you need duct tape and a few boxes of thumb tack. place strips of duct tape on floor, glue side up. place thumb tacks on the glue, close together. apply to your foot sole. after which, either light beating or light stepping.

cocainia I love your idea.
Mircea_Popescu YW. I do it to my girls all the time. Well not ALL the time, but anyway.

cocainia Excellent. And such more my master is a lot into hard pain and blood. We are not in soft relation I can say.
* cocainia has quit (Connection reset by peer)

Second... the practice!


You will need some duct tape, and a bunch of thumb tacks. The 800 pcs depicted above set me back 80 pesos, which is roughly five bux.


Setting them in makes for a little bit of manual labour. Artisan handmade shoes! No lasers involved!


The glitzy yellow stuff is best for show, however you're not well advised to use these seriously : most that is yellow is copper, and copper oxides aren't exactly healthy. You want good solid steel or chromed thumb tacks for actual use.

The ones depicted here are just that : for the show. The model's not actually going to walk on them or anything.


Make sure you follow the contour of the foot. It's called bespoke ergonomics.


At this point, you can either make the girl walk (ideally, on packing material, such as a bunch of polystyrene or wavy thick polyuretane foam for best pain distribution across the sole.

Alternatively, you can have her lie down (restrained or not, if that advanced) and paddle her feet. Rigid paddles are better for noobs, as they allow narrower control of the drive, but you can try a good leather strap, too. Just make sure whatever you use is thick enough, and start lightly.

It's a great treatment for callouses, and it's an even better treatment for bitchy. Just having the thing in the house generally prevents any serious misbehaviour. The crafting of the thing also makes for pretty decent corner time.

And remember : it's true that society is built on the backs and feet of women, but don't imagine they'll just do it by themselves!

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