The Magic Johnson and other stories

Monday, 14 September, Year 12 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

"Sex, you know, I mean accuplation, between the man and the woman, is for begetting children, not mere tittilation of the man's pleasure."
"I'm pretty sure I read that somewhere."
"In all the good books."
"So only when you mean to get pregnant, huh ?"
"But don't you get... I mean... isn't it... don't you miss it ?"
"Miss what, Jenny dear ?"
"You know..."
"Oh. Oh you mean... do you mean the orgasm ?"
"But that has nothing to do, nothing at all. Husbands still have to worship the Heavenly Gate."
"They do ?"
"But of course they do! It's the magical portal all humanity crawled out of, right there in their living room. Of course they should do their part to keep it... well oiled, you know, in working order. I mean, what if it should break down, Lord's mercy!"
"So Ben..."
"Tongue in, tongue out, and all around..."
"Slurp slurp slurp, yep, yep."
"Oh my god Molly, you're terrible."
"I know, I know... they're just so funny, you know, all helpless between your thighs."
"What do you mean they ?!"
"Really ?!"
"Why not, you know ? They just make each other more eager."
"I bet that's a sight."
"So come by sometime, get an eyeful."
"Is that allowed ?!"
"Of course it's allowed... since I'm allowing it."
"I think I'd like to see that."
"All right, so let's make a little party next Saturday."
"You mean, in three days ?!"
"No, not this Saturday. Next Saturday. If I meant this Saturday I'd have said 'this Saturday'."
"Oh I'm sorry, it's just confusing. Sure, I'd love to come!"
"Haha, 'sure, she'd love to come'. Really love, do you love to come ?"
"Hehehehe. Got me there..."
"Are you bringing Joe ?"
"Oh good Heavens no."
"You two not really doing much, huh."
"Well.. you know, we're kinky."
"What was it you did ?"
"1920s romance, I think it's called. Though I don't know..."
"How does that go again ?"
"He keeps insisting, I keep refusing. You know, with the hands, everything. Then once in a blue moon I get drunk and he... well, he has his way with me. Then in the morning we don't talk about it."
"Doesn't sound like much..."
"It isn't much ; and can you believe at some point people lived like this ?"
"About people living I can believe anything. You know about the same time, 1920s, in Russia they had these people who cut off their parts ?"
"No ?!"
"Yeah, and I don't just mean the boys. The women cut off their breasts! With a knife! And then went around with 1920s Russian mastectomies, flesh sewn together with jute rope like in the horror movies."
"The tsar kept passing laws against it, you know, but when they're willing to do that themselves... what can you even do to them anymore..."
"That's horrifying."
"Maybe you should talk to him about it."
"Cutting my breasts off ?!"
"No no, you silly goose. Normal sex, you know, like it's done."
"Yeah... I really should. But tell me more about it first."
"Fine, but keep your hands where I can see 'em haha"
"What'd you like to know ?"
"How often do you do it ?"
"As often as I feel like."
"Really ?"
"Oh yeah. With normal sex, husbands get very eager, you know, they very much want to please."
"I had no idea."
"The truth is, men are pleasers, they really want nothing better, deep down, than to please you. It's just, they don't know about it at first, if their mother or older sisters or earlier girlfriends didn't tell them they just don't know. Men aren't very creative. And besides, they get anxious about it, I mean very anxious, you've never seen anything like it. But after they've gone through the motions a few times, after they know it makes them pleasant and it makes them pleasant reliably... why, there's hardly any stopping them!"
"So you sit on Ben what, maybe once a week ?"
"Oh no, absolutely not, nothing like that."
"Then what ?"
"Every morning, for starters."
"Every morning ?!"
"Absolutely. Ben has to sleep tied, you know..."
"No I don't know, how do you mean tied ?"
"Let me explain. The only good way for husbands to ejaculate is at night, you know ? They get wet dreams, and it makes them spurt."
"O wow, really ? I thought only young boys did that."
"Husbands do it to, if they don't masturbate. All men do, it's just they have to not touch themselves to achieve it. If he's not had any stimulation in a two, maybe three weeks, definitely they'll be dreaming of you."
"Is Ben allowed to..."
"Oh heavens no! Make his own pleasure ? Never! I'd divorce him right then and there!"
"If you caught him ?"
"But I mean... they hide, don't they ? Joe doesn't get it once a month, but I've never heard him mention wet dreams or anything."
"Well, Joe's got his own problems."
"Anyways, so when they get wet dreams, you know, they mechanically touch themselves. I saw Ben do it a couple of times, you know, and I didn't like it at all. I told him, it's not acceptable to touch himself, even in his sleep. It's one thing for the dreams to come from Heaven, and make him spurt, that's holy, you know, but if he just rubs himself with his own hand, it doesn't matter he's asleep, it's still the devil's work."
"Makes sense."
"So we put a pair of cufflinks by the bedstand, and every night when we go to bed I cuff his hands above his head. Not thight or anything, you know, just so he can't lower them."
"Doesn't he mind that ?"
"No, actually, at first when I forgot he'd remind me himself. He says he sleeps much better like that, hands tied above his head."
"Wow, really ?!"
"Yeah, he says it's very comforting, and relaxing."
"Is it because he knows you're there to tie him up, and to let him out again in the morning ?"
"Yep, that's exactly what he said, it makes him very confident to know there's nothing he can do without me."
"That's just..."
"Isn't it beautiful ?"
"Oh my god it is. It's the most romantic thing I ever heard!"
"Yeah, I love him for it."
"So what do you do ?"
"Oh, in the morning I straddle him, let him eat me out. As he does I check him for cummies. Nice and slow, everywhere."
"Doesn't that make him spurt ?"
"Oh, I'm very careful not to."
"Is that hard to do ?"
"At first it's a little challenging, but as you practice you get used to him, and you know exactly how far to go."
"And then what ?"
"Then nothing, I let him out, he goes about his day."
"But doesn't he want to... I mean... you know."
"Of course he wants to. What difference does that make ?"
"Not your problem, huh ?"
"It's very much my problem, of course he has to want to. I mean... what, are you saying the husband shouldn't want to make love to the wife ?"
"Of course... but..."
"So he wants to, it's all good. What he wants and what he gets..."
"... aren't the same thing, are they."
"So what's the best ?"
"Eating me out you mean ?"
"I'll tell you, I like it best while I'm peeing."
"What, on him ?!"
"Not necessarily. Usually what we do is, we get in the shower. I crouch on one knee, you know, support myself on my left leg and right sole. He lays on his side and sticks his head between my legs, and mostly suckles my clit, you know, hard. As I feel my orgasm welling up I just try and hold it down, you know, just hold it all in, tense everything up."
"Which of course just makes it harder."
"So,so much harder. Then when I'm overwhelmed I just let go, of everything. And of course he knows to just do me harder and faster then, I just... half the time I pass out, my brain just shuts down."
"That sounds incredible."
"It is incredible."
"But I mean... you said you search him for cummies every morning ?"
"What's it like ?"
"When he did it, you mean ?"
"Usually it's a mess. It dries up overnight, you know, so he's all glued together, his pajama, his balls, hair, everything."
"So what do you do ?"
"I tell him he's been a good little boy, and praise him, and so on. Also most of the time, not always but most of the time, I also tie his ankles up to the bed, and I get out Magic Johnson."
"What's that ? Is it a paddle ?"
"Oh, no, it's a dildo."
"Wow, really ?!"
"Aha. Usually I put it in, as a strap-on, but sometimes I just use it on him in my hand, while straddling him."
"But why do you call it Magic Johnson ?"
"Well... we did have to call it something. He's a great fan, you know, and one time watching a game it seemed to me he's gushing just like a little fangirl, you know, 'oh, Frankie!!!' sorta thing. So I started calling it Magic Johnson. We were saying it's magic before, and well... it is a johnson."
"How did he take it ?"
"Oh, he loved it. I made him kiss it, you know, I always make him worship it before going in, and he was saying 'make me your bitch' and things of that nature. He spurted buckets, too..."
"So you just rub him inside, until he spurts ?"
"You rub him inside until you're done. You have to be careful about the prostate though, not poke it, but rasp along and against it."
"I heard about that..."
"But we have a rule, he has to be soft. He must cum, yes, but he has to be flaccid doing it."
"That's possible ?!"
"Of course it's possible. Anything's possible if you set your mind to it, but this isn't even hard. Most guys naturally come soft if there's a big sweet cock up their ass."
"Really ?! I didn't know that."
"Of course."
"So if he gets hard, what do you do ?"
"I needle him."
"You what ?"
"I have an acupuncture needle set on the bed stand. If he gets hard during, I just needle him."
"In the penis ?"
"Yes, along the frenulum. It doesn't have to be very deep, you don't need to pierce the skin. He feels it, and it gets him in line."
"Really ?"
"Oh, absolutely."
"You know, I saw this on the telly."
"That was on the telly ?"
"Yeah, the Merry Wives show, last night. They had an episode about how husbands are not allowed hardness. They had to wear skirts so it made it obvious if they did, and the women would fuck them in the ass and hurt their penises until they were soft. They had all sorts of methods, one was using ice, another one had a little electroshock device, like a dog collar, you know ? There was one with needles just like you said, and..."
"Meh... you know, we've been doing this for years..."
"I know, darling."
"And now some half-baked TV suit is just going to walk all over it, appropriate it for his sponsor. Such crap, excuse me but it is."
"I know, and I agree with you... it was entertaining though, I mean at one point a husband got it hard on the bus, and don't you know it wifey made him strip naked right then and there and ride her strap-on. She didn't even fuck him herself, she made him fuck himself on her, you know, she just sat all normal as you please and he had to be naked and humiliate himself like that, while she chatted with the other passengers and apologized for her husband, you know, like her pet poodle or something. 'Oh he just can't keep himself, he's such a slut' she'd say, 'He really needs it in the ass, the poor darling' and 'Boys will be boys' and so on. It was one hell of a bus ride..."
"Isn't that something."
"Well... I mean..."
"Next thing you know there's going to be all these young couples doing it on the bus."
"I guess..."
"I don't know, Jenny. Some things are meant to be private."
"What's the harm in in, though ? I mean, we're meeting Saturday, right ?"
"I'll tell you what the harm is : all the kids will start doing it because they've seen it, but without feeling it. It's not the same thing at all, just going through the motions like that."
"Okay... but didn't you say yourself that men aren't very creative, and they get anxious, but if they've gone through the motions a few times, so they know it makes them pleasant, then there's no stopping them ?"
"I guess I didn, but I didn't mean it like that. It just ain't right, I'm telling you, it's not normal."
"Maybe you're right... what do I know."

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