Ben doesn't get fingered

Monday, 14 September, Year 12 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

"4.0 GPA... 44 MCATs.. President, American Legion Math League... TA to Professors Wilkins and Sanders, both of whom are friends of mine, and both of whom wrote glowing recommendations... And you're accepted early into school here, at Harvard Med. Pending graduation from MIT. Very impressive."
"Thank you."

"The Robinson Scholarship is comprehensive, as you know. It's a free ride ; and free rides... don't come easy."
"I guess..."

The graduate looked the old fart up, and then he looked the old fart down. What the fuck is this ridiculous nonsense ?! Why are they here in the first place, at 7:14 in the PM, with the fucking fireplace going. Does this degenerate have absolutely no social life whatsoever ? Is he... is he actually looking for a bribe, is that what all this bullshit is about ?

"We have 76 applicants this year, only one of whom will get the scholarship, and most of whom have résumés just as impressive as yours."
"Like hell they do. Here's the thing : you're wasting my time, and it's not entertaining. I have all the options here. I could, if I felt like it, spend the next decade playing videogames. Your savings will be dinged a little harsher by inflation for it, but I could do it, and it's entirely my option whether I do it or don't do it. Or I could spend the next decade becoming my generation's best medical doctor. If I decide to do that, you'll live slightly longer, and slightly better at it, for all the other degenerate old farts just like yourself taking slightly longer to croak. Where do you even get the nerve, posturing quite to the degree! You've got three-nine in the hole, they're not even suited, what the hell do you take yourself for, God's own ?!"

"Did you rehearse that?"
"No, it came naturally."

"Unfortunately, desire doesn't figure into this much. The Robinson is going to go to someone who dazzles. Somebody who just jumps off the page."
"Oh, well, why didn't you say so before! In that case I'm also involved in a science competition. Our team is building a robotic wheel that can navigate itself using a proprietary GPS system. I'm designing the system. So..."

"Right. Ben, last year, the Robinson went to Hyum Jae Wook, a Korean immigrant who has only one leg."
"Do you mean he has only one leg of two legs or only one leg of four limbs ? Does this Kook have arms or not ?"

"He has no arms, just the one leg."
"Are you fucking insane ?!"

"What do you mean by that ?"
"This guy with no spare legs, not to mention any arms, this guy you're gonna take the time to teach medicine ? Why the everloving would you do something that fucking stupid ?"

"It's not stupid! Hum Jay Kook has just as much a chance as anyone! Even though he only has the one leg!"
"O yeah ? Is he ever going to be a surgeon ?"

"If he sets his mind to it! He could be anything he wants!"
"Are you fucked in the head ? That 'massive competition' you hallucinated out of thin air to try and squeeze me, and from the weakest position imaginable at that, actually consists of some cripple ?! Fuck'all! You know what ? That's it, you've sold me, I don't want anything whatsoever to do with anyone fucking stupid enough to do something like that. Forget about it, my whole life I thought what I want to do is go to Harvard Med, you know, like some kids dream to play for the Red Sox or be a fireman or whatever. I thought I wanted to study with you sad lot, but really, this conversation has opened my eyes. I wouldn't vomit in the same vomitorium as anyone fucking stupid enough to put a triplegic through med school, what spend a decade coming here ? Fuck off, fucking dumbass geezer. I'm out of here."

And with that, Ben left the room, and then the building, and then the place altogether. Wouldn't you ?

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