The insecure twits, the needy canadians, the RSR americans and ongoingly in this vein, until sanity falls over. And also -- beyond.

Wednesday, 06 May, Year 12 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

I asked a girl recently, you know, "did you ever imagine, you indigent girl from nowhere, that you'll ever live to laugh at them like this ?"

The question wasn't originally posed in this language ; but in another. The recipient wasn't originally here ; but somewhere else. The answer came, predictably as it is mindblowingly impossible. Nobody, absolutely nobody imagined, back in the days of the Republica Socialist Aromaniai, that these "Americanii" would ever or could ever end up with a meat shortage. The item was so deeply symbolic in the erstwhile sovok space that the usage in the phrase wasn't, couldn't even be descriptive ; by virtue of how language and the stringing of signs and symbols necessarily work, it'd have had to have been some kind of joke. No three guys ever walked into a bar, see, it's just not possible for reason of reference overpowering denotation, and similarily meat shortages never do nor ever could happen in Americaii.

Yet it has occurred, because phenomena are not captive in the stringy net that keeps the endless immensity of representation at bay for the meagre needs of the human "mind". It's happened, the successor state of America is confronting a meat shortage (and don't add "of its own making" as if that were somehow palleative -- it isn't, aromania's also was "of its own making", who the fuck else makes stupidity for the dumb, the fucking aliens ?!)

Canada meanwhile has a (slightly) different problem :


No "if you try to interfere with my property rights I'm going to shoot you in the face", which'd be the reasonable, albeit overly limited, individual response to the outrage.

Absolutely no "the government" arresting the alleged mayors &c for what is out and out rebellion and sedition, obviously -- because what's a "government" for if not maximal eatage with minimal delivering ?iii

None of that, just idle fretting about how "bring your money and leave it at the door, we don't want to see you" awkward recluse pantsuitisms. Apparently "the limited resources" (such as can be had on the available tax basis) properly belong only to "those who need them" (in their own estimation)iv and eminently not to those who... made them! How do you like that for Africanization of canada ?

But all that's a little too... how shall we say, too real ? To direct, too practical, to bound with phenomenology, insufficiently validating of dreams and aspirations and self-improvement (consisting of yakking, ie self-defense) and so forth. Right ?

Fine, I have a video for you too!

I asked my elder slavegirl (she's in the header today), I asked her... you know, what the fuck is the relationship between those two. She retorted quite securely that "they've never seen each other before in their life", and I absolutely see why. Anorexic bordersleeve there hasn't seen anyone in her life to date to begin with, while pedosmile awkward weirdo lacks even the basic capacity to represent the world outside in any terms besides whatever his favourite manga series provide and in any case you can bet (your) dollars to (his) donuts that he's still not quite figured out how come some cartoons move about in his field of vision whereas most of them sit put on the dedicated screen. Magic of technology brought about by lovengeneering, must be.

Nevertheless : the above depicted weirdos (along with some other people, including a 30-something heiress) were convicted since being arrested at some point last year of a strange array of guiltsv, witchcraftsvi and kulakityvii. They are also known for coralling the dalai lama into giving them gifts of sashes on stage through one of the group fucking Tenzin Dhonden, who apparently was some big deal monk or whateverviii, ongoing civilian nonsense in that vein.

And she, let me underscore and thicken and blink this out, she's his elder slavegirl. That's right, that's the fantasy they're entertaining : that he's practically me, and she's practically Hannah, and on and on with the lame fakerism along those lines.

These dumb fucks were "maybe", you get it, maybe eventually "going to" construct like you know, a dungeon, full of BDSM gear and things. Meanwhile they just rented some junky office space in a mostly abandoned mall and asciilifeformed all over themselves for twenty years ; but one day, you feel me, fam ? One day they were going to.

That day never came, not for them like it ain't gonna ever come for you ; but in the meantime they did what they do, trying their best to pretend like they're me from a safe distance. Not that it works ; but then again the insecure geniuses don't really want anything that works. All they really want are things that don't work intricatedly, tiresomely and over long intervals.

Outro : Since Trilema became (quite literally) the most widely read blog on this planet at some point last month I spent some time each day reading through all the other websites about as widely read or moresoix. Pretty slim pickings, too -- if it's not scams trying to steal other people's shit (mostly worthless, "dowload out selection of TV dramas" sorta nonsense) it's scams trying to steal your shit (find out how "our solution" can "help" you -- give us the valuable in this here hole through this peculiar procedure and we'll provide you with all the asciilifeformin' tools you could ever want "in exchange") and otherwise aggregators of mostly "news". It's true I've left out the third or so written in non-Euro languages, but it's just as true that the items discussed above are pretty much allx that's available as potential alternatives to Trilema in the "most visited websites" list.

The sad world you lot live in, I swear...

  1. The article is in a language you do not understand (irrespective what you may think on the topic -- you don't understand it). Its gist would be that outside of my own person there's no possibility (let alone any discussion of actualization : outright no potential) of being Romanian today (or rather, a decade ago, and hence) ; and that everyone claiming otherwise is committing the usual socialist fraud. []
  2. Which indeed is the case ; they happen in "the US", a different thing altogether. []
  3. Seriously now, what the fuck do you even pay taxes for, if the crime boss you pay them to doesn't even fucking protect you ? []
  4. Laugh not, for there's memorialized somewhere (maybe on qntra ? I'm too lazy to search) how a British supreme court judge enacted just such idiocy in that sad island's legal precedent -- something along the lines of how the legal system's only open to those who bring pantsuit claims, and not to those who bring legal claims. []
  5. It may or may not be the case that they harbored illegal immigrants, producing fake paperwork for them and such, which apparent moral obligation of every pantsuit in the face of Trump's evil regime that sends children away from their mothers to other places than the Clinton Foundation's own child fondling designated prison islands nevertheless is apparently also a crime in the eyes of the pantsuit press, "underground train" etcetera shared hallucinations notwithstanding.

    What can I say, #IBelieveBiden myself! If he says child rape is wrong if done off Epstein's island, whether it consists of Trump repatriating illegal immigrants or some dorks from New Jersey (Albany, right ?) making up shit about their maid... IT MUST BE SO.

    What, you don't believe Biden ?! But it's with science and things, don't you know!!! []

  6. They enslaved women and branded them and things, tulai doamne. []
  7. One of the "defendants" was foolish enough to post a $100`000`000 bond, which in itself may be the entire fuel powering the "legal" charade. []
  8. When the Chinese laugh at the USGistani puppetry, you get butthurt and indignant ; yet... look what a joke of a faux nothing you're fronting for! Seriously "dalai lama", spiritual leader etc ?

    I could buy thousands of them. Literally, remember, I was already a bilionare last decade. []

  9. The estimate's a 0.2% reach, meaning out of every five hundred pages anyone loads off the web, Trilema's delivering one. []
  10. There's of course also shadbase, let's not forget. []
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4 Responses

  1. User Name`s avatar
    User Name 
    Saturday, 9 May 2020

    What the f u c k is asciilifeforming?

  2. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Saturday, 9 May 2020

    You know, like doing the Leyla Black, but with asciilifeform instead of Leyla.

    Blac ?

  3. braindamage`s avatar
    Friday, 24 July 2020

    > there's memorialized somewhere (maybe on qntra ?

    This might be the qntra on the matter whose lulziest bits went:

    "Privacy International then sought a judicial review to challenge the tribunal's decision on general warrants – but the government argued that decisions of the IPT are not amenable to judicial review, citing Section 67(8) of Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act (as was in force at that time), which reads:
    'Except to such extent as the Secretary of State may by order otherwise provide, determinations, awards, orders and other decisions of the Tribunal (including decisions as to whether they have jurisdiction) shall not be subject to appeal or be liable to be questioned in any court.'
    Privacy International countered that this section should be read in restricted terms, arguing parliament could not have intended it to be read as excluding all resource to judicial review – an argument rejected by the High Court in February 2017, and then the Court of Appeal six months later."

    However, this ended up being nominally overturned at the Supreme Court a few months later.

  4. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Friday, 24 July 2020

    Probably on qntra, but it wasn't the bit you quote, I'm pretty sure.

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