San Jose Vive and other narrative fancies of the failed female state

Tuesday, 28 July, Year 12 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Con instrucciones superiores y dada la emergencia por el Covid-19 el señor Ministro de Saludi no le es posible en este momento atender entrevistas, solo algunos audios de respuesta breve.

Esperamos más adelante poder atender este tipo de espacios.

Saludos cordiales
Elena Castro Hernández
Asistente Ministro
Telf. (506) 2233 0683

I was going to give the local Minister of Health, a certain Daniel Salas, the chance to explain some basic points, such as what exactly is the backing for the figures of "covid deaths" announced by his office, seeing how no necropsies have been performed in this countryii ; and such as why is his ministry paying google for traffic on keywords like "mueren dos mas en cr por covid", and who approved it, and upon what documentation, when and where, and how is the money to pay for such obtained, and whether he personally thinks this ammounts to an attempt at manufacturing reality or not, and if not what'd the limine be, by his lights ; and so on, a whole list of things. But, as you can see, the ComInform coordinating the herd of concern trolling muppets knows well enough what they're capable of, and exactly how valuable their ready, "consensus"-seeking willingness to lemming ; so they've taken measures, not merely to prevent necropsies, but also to prevent the co-conspirators from engaging in the legally-mandated functions for which they're even paid in the first place, inasmuch as those functions would rather tend to blow the whole charade wide open. In a certain bimbo's words, "isn't it a wonder how nobody seems to notice that the politicians are still getting paid while nobody else is ?"

Given the foregoing, we conducted a freedom of circulation exercise in full battle regalia today, the only people in all of Costa Rica's capital not to wear the pleb muzzles by the looks of it (heck, some of the locals wear multiple kinds on top of each other). It went perfectly smooth, the occasional shopkeeper here and there impudent enough to propose they're going to tell us what to wear, but ineffectual in any sense, because other than my bemused "si mueren de hambre, por mi no importa de nada" and moving on to the next shop over demonstratively... it did precisely and exactly nothing. Who knew power speaks loudly than "consensus", for srsly now...


Above : The hotel pluriously mentioned in previous despatches meanwhile reopened. The fees are the same 7`500 for two hours / 10`000 for the whole night ; but the girls working the beds are asking for half (and probably making a third) of the cien that had been a more or less crumbling standard before. It's going to be a very hard Q3 and doubtless even worse Q4 for these misfortunate marks.

Below : Remember those flashy white pickup trucks the police used to always use here ? Well... not anymore. Progress looks like a beat-down toyota, and that's not all : hay mas futuro!


Above : This shop used to sell mostly cheap clothing and other pisi-on-a-budget accoutrements, materiel & war paints. Now it's only allowed to sell "food" (in the sense of drastically overpriced horrible crap), because "clothes are not an emergency" or somesuch -- notwithstanding that all these girlies buy the cheapest chinese crap they can find, and if it lasts two months or three washes (whichever comes first) it's nothing short of a miracle. But I suppose this is all for the best, after all they gotta end up naked somehow.

Below : Would be goffy kitten posing so hardcore it nearly melted my lens. The attitude problems go away first, it seems. Left behind of course is the more perdurant problem of those extra pounds ; but then again, considering how successful this "mobilisation" has been in all other respects, I suppose by September she might even be worth picking off the gutters.


Si mueren de hambre...


Has anyone seen Sharloth ? The girl who was trying to commercialize her ass and used to, back in the good days, send a little back home too, but who meanwhile decided there's really no point, and so cut off the ballast ? No ?

It might be because she dun want to be seen again -- at least, not by those people.


Sala Malekoum, it's a thing.


Un tributo a Costa Rica, de parte de la Direccion de Informatica. Sa fie primit.


Above, as below, as all around and everywhere : the endless lines of empty buses.


Malekoum be upon you!

  1. They have a regrettable muppet here looking exactly the part : buttkettle-ugly, hairy and dark, awkward to surfeit any tolerance and blessed of an appearance bug-like in all the viscerally alarming ways. He's been naively abusing the opportunity of defrauding the general public fallen in his lap by means of pasting his astringent mug on any available surfaces (including some built all over the downtown at greatly inflated costs by a tangled web of US interests, resulting in considerable drain upon this small country's microscopic public budget), concern-trolling the captive pantsuit-wannabe population so fucking hardcore it'd have been ridiculous anywhere else -- but the simple hearts and loving natives almost entirely lack the mock gene. Obviously he's unaware of both the lessons of history (seeing how no "extremely successful" self-imagologue of his ilk lived to long enjoy the fruits of his attempt, from Hitler onwards) and the theoretical understanding available (seeing how the better decorated a scape-goat, the less likely to convince the social group doing the decoration to forbear the eventual sacrifice). As it's not quite Chrismas day just yet, Prikoke happily huffs, puffs and snorts his "helpful warnings" at nobody in particular. Esperamos mas adelante. []
  2. As they haven't been performed in any other, as per "World Health Organization" guidelines.

    I'm not even kidding -- not a single "pandemic death" has actually been confirmed, in the manner causes of death have been up until this point ascertained, because WHO told everyone not to, and everyone's been irresponsible enough to obey that sort of patent nonsese.

    So, until such a time as actual necropsies start, all the "deaths from the virus" are so presumed ; and if the press were a working organism they'd be reported as such (and if the "safeguards" supposedly keeping the press credible worked, they'd have sanctioned the offenders, [and so on]). In any case, this'd eminently be what "fake news" even means.

    Perhaps at this juncture you're starting to notice the same sort of handiwork as deployed by the "pluralistic, multi-racial, fast-miscegenating, post-gay America, whose president looks like the future, not the past" a decade ago, when they falsified "data" to support their hysterical "global warming" nonsense. Certainly the same superficial wrappers on very inept mishandling of the basics of the activity in question, and the exact same willingness to play fast and loose (but very loudly!) with the truth are in full display. This'd be because yes, it's a conspiracy, perpetrated by the same exact demographic, towards the same exact goals. It's the "London apprentices" of the 2010s still trying to take the fuck over ; and if you don't like it... well, you should have put the mendacious "scientists" with transparent political goals in mind in jail (for fraud, before it had to be high treason) back when you caught them the first time. It's always cheapest to punish the first time. []

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  1. America will live`s avatar
    America will live 
    Thursday, 30 July 2020

    We are going to rebuild the once-great Republic north of you according to the original specifications. It may take a while for the effects of this change to filter down to your current surroundings, but that is the plan.

    If you want to help, then you can make a well-placed donation that will be used to shine a light on some key dark secrets and unlock the final collapse of the various usurper states around the world.

    It will happen anyway but you are in a position to facilitate the next steps with relative ease.

  2. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Thursday, 30 July 2020

    And who's "we" ?

    Don't think in terms of "my current surroundings", because I'm perhaps the largest fish that currently exists, and that means some things. Think rather in the terms of "who's we".

    On the basis of experience I have little confidence to waste on this "shining artefact of information" theory ; but otherwise I buy people worth buying all the time. Who am I buying here ?

  3. Check it MP.

    Check it out, check out how much you rule.

    Sieg hail!

  4. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Thursday, 30 July 2020

    Heh... the victory of whom, over what ?

    And come to think of it... how many tries did getting the hour precisely 13:37 take ?

  5. First try, I swear.

  6. America will live`s avatar
    America will live 
    Thursday, 30 July 2020

    Sure, effects on your current surroundings would be only a nice side benefit.

    At the moment I'm just an intermediary for this particular project trying to help it prosper - I've set the email address of this comment to the person you want to talk to.


    Sapienti Fortuna Iuvat

    PhoenixVault understands that a piece of raw intelligence (or information) is like an individual particle of ash from a Phoenix. A massive database of declassified government records combined with the proper tools for analyzing, discussing and sharing them will create a large public outcry: a Phoenix rising from the ashes.

    So far, these analytical tools are either missing or provided by parties who are primarily interested in controlling and limiting public exploration and discussion.

    PhoenixVault is currently in a closed beta while it is prepared for public launch. It is independently built and run from bare-metal hardware using open source technology by a public intelligence analyst who has been waiting years for the right moment to undertake such a project: (snapshot of

    PhoenixVault only hosts public domain declassified records released by the various branches of the current government of the United States, such as it is. These documents all come directly from .gov or .mil domains as the government is being inexorably forced to reveal its own secrets.

  7. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Thursday, 30 July 2020

    Just as long as it's not another one of those.

  8. America will live`s avatar
    America will live 
    Friday, 31 July 2020

    No, this is a real thing. I'm not worried about the marketing part, the audience is ready for it (thousands plus, and we know where to go and what to say to help it grow further).

    As for proof that I personally am not a complete imbecile: all I can offer at the moment is that I managed to leave a comment even though the entire comment form is currently enclosed in a very long <a> tag which was absorbing all clicks. You might want to edit your latest comment to add the missing closing </a>.

    As for the project itself: further funds would be used to first guarantee that the thing stays online and then help it grow into something more decentralized. Proceed by email with either/both of the addresses I've provided, or some other suggestion?

  9. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Friday, 31 July 2020

    Maybe proceed with reading a few articles ?

  10. America will live`s avatar
    America will live 
    Friday, 31 July 2020

    Already have.

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