Of sheep, and the women that love them. Not the sheep I mean, just some "them" in general.

Sunday, 01 November, Year 12 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

mircea_popescu tot nu cred ca scapam undeva de o lista.
diana_coman posibil ca nu.

mircea_popescu daca pentru headere la trilema n-am scapat...
diana_coman ahahaha

mircea_popescu ai vazut apropo oaia ce haioasa e in plm ? ieri tata ziua am stat si m-am bleojdit la ea lol
diana_coman daaaa. m-a amuzat ca mi s-a parut si potrivita asa pt babydoll-story, lol

mircea_popescu lol. te caci pe tine de ris, isi explica alea feminismu' si pe hitler pe-acolo. io atita m-am distrat da' cre' ca pe diversi ii arde cu fieru-n cur.
diana_coman nu-ca-ei-doar-admira. dar in fine, mie uneori imi pare ca le cam tragi si tu de par pe unde le vrei nu musai pe unde or pica ele veci da' in fine

mircea_popescu e bine. ca o fi existind acuma naturalete in futaiu' la 12 ani, laissez. numa' o poveste poate fi.
diana_coman apai nu, da' exista naturalete in ...12 ani, lol

mircea_popescu aia da, da' nu e subiect literar.
diana_coman lol, bine

mircea_popescu plm, tocmai de-aia : nimic nu e mai plicticos decit unu' de 12 ani real. numa' ma-sa il poa' suferi. motiv pentru care si nu exista sexualitate, ca is PREA PLICTICOSI. ca n-au cu ce nu fi. inca. natura deh
diana_coman stiu si eu, parca retin ca pe la 12 ani (ai mei) le apucase turbarea pe unele mai de vreo 15-16 ani asa de mi-a luat si ceva vreme sa pricep ca "are sani mai mari ca mine!!!". iaca. asa ca in fine, nu stiu daca nu exista asa deloc sau ceva

mircea_popescu hahaha. nu zic ca nu exista deloc, nu. da' mnoa, exista asa... mai intr-un sens autoreferential cumva, cum sa zic.
diana_coman pai tb sa inceapa de undeva, drept

mircea_popescu fix ca-n povestea cu inginerii, "are ochii inteligenti, da' nu se stie exprima". "are tite mari da' nu se stie fute"
diana_coman real da' si perfect corect

mircea_popescu ma bucur ca am avut aceasta conversatie
diana_coman lolz

mircea_popescu acum inteleg ca interesu' femeilor adulte pentru ingineri e pedofilie pura.
diana_coman ahahaha

mircea_popescu zi ca nu!
diana_coman si interesul pt copii tot pedofilie pura e?

mircea_popescu ouch. noa ce mi-ai dat.
diana_coman deh.

mircea_popescu bine, is mamoase ele, drept si asta. citi de-astia n-am vazut, de-mi si venea sa intreb "tu, asta-i prietenu' tau sau copchilu' tau retardat". grele probleme.
diana_coman eu am zis unora exasperata asa pe cand eram inca naiva rau pe la 20 de ani asa ca "bai, eu vreau copii, e drept , da' MAI MICI CA MINE CU MACAR 25 de ani, ce dracu'"

mircea_popescu stau pisi si discuta, "e barbatii nu is porci, is asa... ca niste copii mici"
diana_coman pai... unii copii mici, altii copii mari, mai rar cate-un barbat da' neispravit si tot asa

mircea_popescu bine tu, da' revenind la oile noastre... adica nu la oi ca alea ne-or si dus in aratura aici. ci revenind la creaturile noastre interspatiale. mai sunt dureri ?
diana_coman inca nu ard; acum ar fi sa inchei deci bucata asta si apoi sa ma uit ori la ce ziceai de salt si alea pt scris/citit chei ori daca pun intai si pe server burn ca sa vad cum iese si cand se intersecteaza

mircea_popescu bon. io is prin zona oricum, nu te sfii.

Also in Englisch :

mircea_popescu I still don't think we'll manage to do it without using a list somewhere.
diana_coman Possibly not.

mircea_popescu If I didn't manage for Trilema headers...
diana_coman Hahaha.

mircea_popescu Did you see btw the sheep, how fucking hysterical it is ? Yesterday I spent the whole damned day looking at it.
diana_coman Yaaaaaa. Especially funny because it seems to me it works well with the babydoll story, lol.

mircea_popescu Haha. Funny enough to give one the shits, those chicks explaining to each other feminism and Hitler and stuff. I had the time of my life but I suspect various others might perceive it more like a hot poker up their ass.
diana_coman No-they-just-watch. But... whatever, it seems to me you're pulling things in place, where you want them to be, not necessarily where they'd naturally ever fall.

mircea_popescu Yeah, right. Because there is such a thing as the naturalcy of twelve year olds fucking, maybe. Forget about it, however approached it'll be a story.
diana_coman No, but there is such a thing as the naturalcy of being twelve years old lol.

mircea_popescu That yes, but it's not a literary subject.
diana_coman Lol ok.

mircea_popescu Precisely because of that circumstance : nothing's the fuck more boring than a real twelve year old. Only the mother can put up with it. Which is why there's no sexuality either, they're too fucking boring. Because they've not what with to not be. Yet. Nature, heh.
diana_coman Who knows, I rather remember when I was about that age some 15-16 yo girls being pretty pissed off. It took me a while to get what this "she's got bigger tits than me!" was even about. I wouldn't say it's completely absent or anything.

mircea_popescu Hahaha I'm not saying it's completely absent, not at all. But rather it exists... more in a self-referential manner, how shall I put it.
diana_coman Fair enough, it has to start somewhere.

mircea_popescu Exactly like the story of engineers : "the eyes betray an intelligence he doesn't manage to express". "She's got big tits but doesn't know how to fuck."
diana_coman Perfectly true yet absolutely correct.

mircea_popescu I am glad we had this conversation.
diana_coman Lolz

mircea_popescu Because I understand now that the interest of adult females for engineers is straight-up pedophilia.
diana_coman Ahahaha.

mircea_popescu Say it ain't so!
diana_coman And their interest in children is also pedophilia ?

mircea_popescu Ouch. I am burned to a crisp.
diana_coman Deh.i

mircea_popescu Okay, they're motherly, it's true too. I've seen lots of these pairings where I was templted to ask her "is this your boyfriend or your mentally retarded son". Difficult issues.
diana_coman I said at some point in company back when I was still a very naive 20something that "Listen, I want children, but at least 25 years younger than me what the hell."

mircea_popescu Kittens hanging about talking, "eh, men aren't swine, they're just small children."
diana_coman Well you know... some small children, others larger children, the occasional man unfinished and so on.

mircea_popescu Ok, but coming back to our sheep... or rather not sheep because they've led us astray before, but coming back to our interspatial creatures. Are there more issues ?
diana_coman Nothing burning ; I'll finish now the salt thing and the read/write keys or maybe do first the server-side burning to see how it comes out and where it crosses.

mircea_popescu Alrighty. I'm around, don't hesitate.

  1. This really can't be translated (not that the previous is doing much better). Deh is a Romanian affirmative form, used in response to the retort pointing out ex-parte disadvantages made to a rebuttal showing unexpected or otherwise uncompassed effects or implications of a proposition describing either a putative course of action or otherwise some conditional or optional deed, activity or in any case an ideal with real counterparts. Is that kinda confusing ? Alright, let's work an example :
    A: "I am going to shit on the floor from now on."
    B: "That'll attract bugs."
    A: "Omfg bugs are gross!"
    B: Deh.

    It can also work in the retrospective, but generally reinforced.
    A : "What the fuck is with all these bugs!"
    B : Pai deh, ti-o trebuit sa te caci in living [you had to shit on the floor].

    I can't currently locate where on Trilema is found reflected Bacon's discussion of English affirmative and negative forms (aye, yea nay, no), though I'd have liked to link it above. []

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