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Saturday, 29 October, Year 8 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

The charge that women have it too good, better than they deserve, better than their (as a rule self-appointed) betters, better than they should, better than it could be supported etcetera etcetera is about as frequent as rain. The actuality of that charge however has not yet been in fact realised, for no stretch of time during the endless milennia, on no stretch of grass anywhere on the globe. In anecdotal support of which point, let us quote the truly anecdotic :

Banged Her Like a Cheap Whore
By Kickboxer USA Silver Member Posts: 1,049 on August 2013 in Married Life

After reading a lot of things on this forum I have decided that my marriage and sex life a pretty good. I want more spice and variety but compared to people posting "BJ Drought is Broken" or the various threads about divorce I'm in a great place. However that doesn't mean you can't have a bad night.

I started a game with her to spice things up. We play a small email Jeopardy style game with my co-workers. Whoever wins between the two of us gets to request something "personal" for Saturday night. She has won the first two weeks and requested a back massage with a happy ending both times. For her this was predictable. For this last romp I prepared a vibrating sex toy to enhance things a head of time (got it clean and warm so getting it out wouldn't take a long time). When I went to go get it I hear, "don't get out a sex toy I don't like those".

I went back to massaging her while my tent deflated. When she finally decided to flip over for the happy part I intentionally had a "are you done?" look on my face. I had spent about ten minutes going over in my mind what to do with a willing woman who had just disappointed me. I decided that the advice I would get here is to "bang her like a cheap whore". So I did. Got a blowjob to stiffen me up and then just tried to finish quickly. After I simply cleaned up and went on like nothing happened. I went and watched TV while she stayed in bed reading.

Thoughts? Was this a good response/way to maintain frame? Am I over-reacting? We have played with toys before and I know she gets orgasms with them but apparently these things are "dirty". I married a good girl who likes to think she is bad but isn't really inclined to be the naughty slut I told her I want.

Before we proceed to discussing this nonsense, I perceive a debt is on me for having taken a story. To discharge it, I will recount a story of my own.i

Not a forthnight ago, I took a superbly trained slut to a party of wanna-bes. The way these work is that there's a core of married couples who dabble in occasional "naughty" "kink" exactly the same way some other middle class bored old fucks dabble in camping, or fishing, or RC speedboat racingii. It's their hobby, not their identity, to be engaged in every third Sunday of the month or somesuch. They're employees every working day of the week, they're taxpayers every year, they're good sons and fathers and probably even go to church (the tell-tale sign is the "slave" married to her "master", as fucking if that's how it worked) every Sunday - but they do take time out of their busy schedule of sticking in traffic and pushing pointless paper to you know, bless me with their fumigenous presence every now and again.iii

Outside of those, there's a crowd of beta orbiters, be they males who aspire to one day have "a career" and you know, "a family of their own" with which to engage in family activities like going to the Dodgers game and to the Mazmorra, whatever sounds good that weekend ; be they females who are yet young and inexperienced and so need a space in which to vanquish their reflexive coy behaviouriv. Either that or marry some young careerist and recreate the eternal wanna-be-ism of the democratic cancer. Who ever knows ?

At this party, a fellow with evident artistic inclinations, who evidently felt oppressed by modernity but not quite enough (inclination, and feeling) to actually rebel nevertheless very much sought my approval. He was there with a short woman with very nice breasts, and so when I directed mine to play with the tits on his he felt very proud, as rightly he should have, and in his delight tried (and failed) to push his to eat mine out through calling her a whore with pregnant subtext and engaging in the general behaviourv.

I don't think I'd have permitted such ; but this shall be never known for failure of the asker. While maintaining outward happiness at the proceedings ("look! subbie soup!") he was evidently inwardly dejected, in the angry, lashful manner of a five year old narcissist boy trapped (for reason of tapping into his creativity!) in the decaying body of a fifty year old man - and there's no doubt in my mind the poor woman, disciplined, methodical, and resolutely independent behind all the role-playing nevertheless had a full plate of "I married a good girl who likes to think she is bad but isn't really inclined to be the naughty slut I told her I want." waiting for her unsuspecting self at home.

So there, now we're even. Let's move on.

For one thing - I do believe no English speaker alive today has fucked a cheap whore. I have, strictly for the reason that I wished to be able to truthfully say this. It goes like so : you pay a cover charge, a few pesosvi, worth maybe a dollar to be admitted in a bar-like thing. You buy the girl you want the special drink and then she takes you out back in a large warehouse-like place where there's sixty or morevii beds in a room separated by thin, age-worn cloth hanging from cheap wire. Her fuckplace is maybe sixteen square feet, her age is maybe sixteen, the bed is closer to what a large dog delivers its litter on, and if you spend your twenty minutes talking with her instead then every single working girl in the county will hear it, happening as it is in their very bored workaday presence ; or else hear of it. That same day. And they'll stop you in the street just for that rare and radiant wonder which is a moment in the social company of a man they didn't know existed. And yes I know that whores in your dead culture mostly have to deal with men who want to talk not fuck. Cheap whores don't. Cheap whores never met one.

That's what cheap means : not you. You're expensive. You're expensive all the time, day in and day out, when poor, when depressed, when sad, when happy - and it's absolutely never worth the cost, either.

Now tell me again all about how you fucked your wife "like a cheap whore", and then let's move on.

I may be excused to think upon first encounter that what "happy ending" means is his eating her out. It does not. The guy is married to a woman who, upon winning a "sexual favour" token, wants him to rub her back and then she gives him a blowjob. This guy :

Kickboxer USASilver Member Posts: 1,049 February 2014
So the same thing basically happened again. I have timed my more adventurous sexual thoughts for her ovulation peak. I worked to stroke her desire last night so that by the time we reached the bedroom she was good to go. (Yes I'm sure)

So I told her I was getting out the toys. She immediately starts in with a high-pitched whine like a tween girl, "Nooooo! I don't like those! I prefer your fingers!".

This whine has the magic effect of draining my sex drive on the spot. I still had an erection and she was naked on the bed so I went to her, stopped a blow job, and put her on her back. I checked for her lubrication and just went to pound town. We switched positions once. Now I still did not have the desire to have sex so I faked an orgasm to end it after several minutes.

My first question is am I handling this in an acceptable frame?

I don't know why she is so turned off of the toys these days. We picked out the damn things together online. We don't have any of the fetish type toys just dildos and vibrators. I know she is attracted to me. So are sex toys something I should just let go?

What do you think, guys ? Did he "handle it" in an acceptable frame ? Is your opinion, esteemed Lords and Ladies, that he may be excused if he drops the instruments, or are we going to kick him out of the manhut durst he such apostasy ?

He does check the oil level however. He's in the union, he knows how to handle the equipment.

And while all this inane imbecility is going on in his head, his poor misfortunate wife thinks she has a solid marriage, works hard to maintain it solid, and will no doubt be very fucking surprised in a few short years.

Just like a friend of a girl's was surprised by her "Master" whom she married. And whom she has two small children with. And who then wanted her to wear elaborate boots. And who then wanted to wear her boots. And who now wants to be you know - and no doubt for the exact reasons he wanted to be a Master previously. To quote the classics, Know what ? I should have kept my dick. I miss my dick. Now go drown your infant and tell me all about how great women have it, why don't you.

Why don't you! You've done everything else, haven't you ?

  1. "You fucked me without asking. You owe me."
    "What would you like as repayment ?"
    "Let me ride your cock."

    All good debt is extinguished by the deed that created it, redone, is it not ? []

  2. I never bothered to review Love Liza because it's a shitty movie ; nevertheless shitty as it was it'd have provided an anchor for today's reference. The reason I write down this note is precisely to underscore as thickly as humanly possible this most important point : that you are in no position to judge what's not worth doing. Because the future is uncertain. It would have been worth doing, all 20 minutes it'd have taken me, so as to have what to link here ; if only I were to somehow know months ago when I decided not to that months later in a discussion of women I'd have liked to have the reference. Yet I couldn't have known such a thing. Neither can you. Ever. And so instead of spending those twenty mintues there I spent five writing this note and fifteen fishing through the internets trying to identify which fucking bad film it was in the first place. []
  3. The difference is marked, and painfully visible to them. My slave is not my wife that acquiesces to humor my kink. She is my slave, her entire life predicated on this and to the exclusion of alternative identity. She's been my slave for longer than the pliable wives have been married, she will be my slave long after their future marriage shipwrecks like the first one did. She has no "safe words", not because "that's how I want it", as a further step on the Road to Acquiescence, but because she has no safety whatsoever. They're contrary concepts, these, you understand ? Safe slavery can well be served with a platter of frozen fire. []
  4. Ha-haaa! I had this one, motherfuckers! []
  5. Not a week ago a girl complained to me emphatically about the stupid ass males who "won't even fucking tell you they want you to suck their cock! They just... sorta...deniably, kind-of vaguely and faintly will like... push on the back of your head. What the fuck!"

    You do this, and you should not. Despair of the sinful idiocy, it's earning you no brownie points and isn't making any woman happy. Speak the words. On your knees, bitch. Suck my cock, woman. 'Cmere and eat it nice and slow. They can be written, and the internetruck doesn't get a flat tyre. They can be uttered and your bedroom won't fall through a recently opened chasm into hell.

    You can even tell girls you just met to go to the bathroom and come out holding their underwear in their hands. They will. Or maybe they won't. Either's better than whatever the fuck you sad lot are doing over at Pomodoro. []

  6. The currency of both Colombia and the Philippines, it should be pointed out. []
  7. Or more. You understand what this means ?

    It means that a refractive medium has been built out of a metamaterial composed of an array of cells consisting of beds with poor young girls on them surrounded by approximately clean sheets as walls that is so extensive its echoes and reverberations, which is to say refraction phenomena, are so extensively complicated as to hide the size of the thing from your senses, trained as they may be since time immemorial to excel at tasks quite like this. []

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