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Monday, 16 March, Year 12 d.Tr. | Author:
deedbot: << Trilema - Lifestyle, okay ? [00:00]
mircea_popescu: in other news holy shit looks just like a random spamsite. [00:04]
BingoBoingo: Holy lols t does [00:14]
BingoBoingo: In other self defense against antifa files: "Shortly before 5:30pm, it was reported that a silver Jeep stopped to argue with a group of protesters and began threatening, offering Nazi salutes and shouting chants about Hitler to the group that was near the bus stop. During the altercation, Tenbrink produced a handgun while the Fears brothers encouraged him to shoot at the victims. Tenbrink fired a single shot at the group which thankfully [00:31]
BingoBoingo: missed the group and struck a nearby building." [00:31]
BingoBoingo: Yet, once again: "one of the protesters involved in the altercation struck the Jeep with a baton before the shot was fired" [00:31]
BingoBoingo: !~ticker --market all [00:52]
jhvh1: BingoBoingo: Bitstamp BTCUSD last: 6027.4, vol: 18047.02551016 | Bitfinex BTCUSD last: 6046.8, vol: 69404.89652073 | BTCChina BTCUSD last: 4251.858, vol: 0.00000000 | Kraken BTCUSD last: 6064.0, vol: 5295.463232 | Volume-weighted last average: 6044.00714146 [00:52]
BingoBoingo: !~bcstats [00:52]
jhvh1: BingoBoingo: Current Blocks: 490917 | Current Difficulty: 1.196792694098E12 | Next Difficulty At Block: 491903 | Next Difficulty In: 986 blocks | Next Difficulty In About: 6 days, 5 hours, 19 minutes, and 12 seconds | Next Difficulty Estimate: None | Estimated Percent Change: None [00:52]
BingoBoingo: [00:54]
mircea_popescu: <<->> work for you ? [11:33]
a111: Logged on 2017-10-20 23:35 BingoBoingo: Yeah, one would be helpful. Still probing for other costs that might try to do the surprise sex thing on my butt. [11:33]
a111: Logged on 2017-10-18 18:55 mircea_popescu: i dunno, lessee. repayable in service charges / convertible to equity by mutual consent / convertible to one year guaranteed note at present fiat value in any case. how about that ? [11:33]
* asciilifeform walks the ground of orcistan ! [11:50]
mircea_popescu: o hey. how goes asciilifeform [12:17]
asciilifeform: fascinating [12:19]
asciilifeform: in the cab nao. [12:19]
asciilifeform: legs still elongating to orig shape [12:20]
mircea_popescu: lol [12:40]
deedbot: << Trilema - The coolest thing about Romania... [13:22]
shinohai: 10/10 would read daily just to see Scarlett Johannson [13:42]
mircea_popescu: lol [13:42]
mircea_popescu: this was 2011, at the time nobody had seen her ass. [13:42]
mircea_popescu: and in other "the only new thing is the history you didn't know", female steroid users grow genuine penises where the clit used to be. head and errything. and they don't go away. [13:47]
shinohai: <<< Ain't gonna suck itself! [14:13]
shinohai: !~bcstas [15:15]
jhvh1: shinohai: Error: "bcstas" is not a valid command. [15:15]
shinohai: gah [15:15]
shinohai: !~bcstats [15:15]
jhvh1: shinohai: Current Blocks: 491017 | Current Difficulty: 1.196792694098E12 | Next Difficulty At Block: 491903 | Next Difficulty In: 886 blocks | Next Difficulty In About: 5 days, 15 hours, 18 minutes, and 43 seconds | Next Difficulty Estimate: None | Estimated Percent Change: None [15:16]
shinohai: !!up sexylucy [15:21]
deedbot: sexylucy voiced for 30 minutes. [15:21]
shinohai: Hola sexylucy [15:22]
sexylucy: hola mircea_popescu no he recibido los bitcoins.hice algo mal? [15:23]
shinohai: sexylucy: Esperate aqui y cuando viene mircea_popescu el te ayudara [15:25]
* shinohai goes back to dragging this table micrometer by micrometer .... [15:28]
mircea_popescu: trinque did the auto thing fail ? [15:48]
mircea_popescu: sexylucy vamos a ver q paso. [15:49]
mircea_popescu: trinque nevermind i fucked it up. sexylucy gracias por signalar, tenia un error. disculpe la demora. [15:55]
lobbes: !!deed [16:27]
diana_coman: o.O lobbes sorry about that I read "total" indeed do say it on the spot though! [16:30]
lobbes: I actually didn't notice until later then I thought 'eh not worth worry about' [16:31]
lobbes: ultimately my fault for labeling the subtotals as 'totals' [16:32]
asciilifeform: << eggog [16:48]
a111: Logged on 2017-10-21 18:13 shinohai: <<< Ain't gonna suck itself! [16:48]
* asciilifeform goes to sleep for 20hr or so [16:49]
shinohai: May thoughts of Dani Daniels fill your dreams! [16:49]
trinque: mircea_popescu: got it now, w/ spiffy qr code printout [17:29]
trinque: btw, I will be traveling from tomorrow until wed. in-bot wallet ops will be working fine during that time, but I'll be unable to process withdrawals while out. any queued will be sent wed night. [17:31]
mircea_popescu: trinque so is this one sent ? chick's addy still empty fwis. [17:36]
mircea_popescu: !!pay 0.1 hanbot [17:36]
deedbot: Get your OTP: [17:36]
trinque: this one will shortly be sent. [17:37]
mircea_popescu: a kk [17:37]
mircea_popescu: !!balance [18:04]
deedbot: [18:04]
deedbot: mircea_popescu: [18:04]
* trinque will apparently be looking for a different qr code reader. [18:06]
trinque: got garbage results before unplug/replug [18:06]
mircea_popescu: sexylucy ya esta, 004c25d4506c8c20fbf490cab13f7c26a6b69ffc4486cbfa4eb383f63d335199 [18:10]
shinohai: !!up sexylucy [18:12]
deedbot: sexylucy voiced for 30 minutes. [18:12]
sexylucy: muchas gracias [18:13]
shinohai: !~blocks [18:13]
jhvh1: shinohai: 491030 [18:13]
deedbot: << Trilema - Blow-up [18:17]
hanbot: say trinque is mp's latest pay incoming? my balance shows 0.0, and i'ma try to make a non-wot payment before you skedaddle [18:29]
BingoBoingo: mircea_popescu: Those terms are very agreeable [18:50]
mircea_popescu: what was it [18:55]
mircea_popescu: !~ticker --market all [18:55]
jhvh1: mircea_popescu: Bitstamp BTCUSD last: 6075.84, vol: 15633.08986228 | Bitfinex BTCUSD last: 6072.8, vol: 53250.65449833 | Kraken BTCUSD last: 6092.9, vol: 4440.14385487 | Volume-weighted last average: 6074.66530595 [18:55]
mircea_popescu: !!pay 1 BingoBoingo [18:55]
deedbot: Get your OTP: [18:55]
mircea_popescu: !!deposit 10 [19:06]
deedbot: Get your OTP: [19:06]
shinohai: !!divert 1 acoount-of-shinohai [19:17]
BingoBoingo: !!balance [19:18]
deedbot: [19:19]
mircea_popescu: and in other sleeping beauties, [19:19]
mircea_popescu: BingoBoingo publish monthly reports of your adventure. [19:19]
* BingoBoingo assumes that part was assumed. Anyways, this week's task: Solicitors and company making. [19:20]
mircea_popescu: cool. [19:21]
BingoBoingo: And mebbe a server, but mostly exploration in birthing an Ltda [19:23]
mircea_popescu: and here's some lulz for asciilifeform's private "art ownerhsip" collection : femme nue couchee, a courbet knockoff of the maja desnuda goya painting was looted in 45 by the soviets, who displayed it in the manner of truckers, which is to say on a truck tarpaulin. the item was thought lost, but it surfaced in 2000. the owner (possession is 100% of the law!) was accused of being unfit for ownership, as he happened to be slovak [19:26]
mircea_popescu: , notwithstanding he had proofs (but did he have proof those proofs were proofing ?!?!). in the end, after a lot of back and forth between various government agencies, they paid him 300k, "acquired" it (legally, of course, what usg steals is legally acquired, what slovak antique dealer owns is "mafia involvement") and then proceeded to sell it at auction. for ... 15.3mn. [19:26]
mircea_popescu: needless to say, no portion of the "added value" of 15mn was injust enrichment, or taken from them to be returned to the rightful slovak owner. [19:26]
shinohai: "The BingoBoingo whoreticulture centre, LLC" [19:26]
deedbot: << CH - FUCKGOATS testing [19:27]
mircea_popescu: !~calc 1.2*2**20 / 7.3 [19:35]
jhvh1: mircea_popescu: 1.2*2**20 / 7.3 = 172368.65753424657 [19:35]
BingoBoingo: shinohai: Nah, gotta be something that stands out in the Registry once we own some IP space. [19:36]
shinohai: Neat post ben_vulpes [19:37]
* shinohai now desires fuckgoats 10x moar [19:37]
shinohai: In other lulz: [19:39]
ben_vulpes: ty shinohai [19:47]
BingoBoingo: In readings so far, Brazialian "entrepreneur's visa" once business making process is started takes 150,000 Reals deposited (i.e. first year's rack rent) in bank with plan filed to hire two employees or 600,000 Reals deposited to waive hiring plan requirement. Actual incorporation far less. Hong Kong still has a week to make a final push. [19:52]
mircea_popescu: BingoBoingo from experience nobody gives a flying fuck about visas in this part of the world. [20:06]
BingoBoingo: That's the suspicion, but still likely useful as part of journey to second passport [20:08]
BingoBoingo: Or I guess there's the finding a girl to marry route, but then I forfeit my dissident license. [20:09]
ben_vulpes: BingoBoingo: d'you want to talk to the guys i spoke to in hk? [20:12]
ben_vulpes: i'd rather get back to profiling mpfhf than marketing a cabinet [20:15]
BingoBoingo: ben_vulpes: THeir contact info wouldn't hurt. Anyways the trade off is warehousing the meat in Brazil is less expensive while starting a business in HK is a two hour online form. It still would not hurt at all to have a VulpesISP even with a BingoISP [20:24]
BingoBoingo: Brb, sobertime [20:30]
ben_vulpes: perhaps my estimates are bad but i'm also having trouble make the thing pencil out to not-a-flaming-hole-in-my-own-pocket [20:33]
mircea_popescu: ben_vulpes did you publish that anywehre ? [20:34]
ben_vulpes: no, but i could type it up [20:35]
ben_vulpes: would appreciate some more experienced eyes on it for sure [20:36]
* mod6 raises a glass to the 3rd anniversary of The Bitcoin Foundation [20:37]
mircea_popescu: hear heare [20:37]
trinque: << other way around [20:39]
a111: Logged on 2017-10-21 21:36 mircea_popescu: !!pay 0.1 hanbot [20:39]
trinque: if the bot doesn't give an affirmative reply, it didn't do anything [20:39]
mircea_popescu: hm. [20:39]
mircea_popescu: trinque could this actually be changed to match the format of all others ? iirc it's amt dest for withdraw etc. [20:40]
trinque: yeah, isn't uniform is it. I can change invoice and pay to match withdraw. [20:42]
mircea_popescu: i think amt first is better, so yeah. [20:42]
mircea_popescu: should i re-do this in the current format for now ? [20:43]
trinque: yep if hanbot wanted me to send some txn tonight, better off. I might not find time to change the code this evening. [20:43]
mircea_popescu: kk. [20:44]
mircea_popescu: !!pay hanbot 0.1 [20:44]
deedbot: Get your OTP: [20:44]
shinohai: <<< Cheers mod6 ! [~]D [20:46]
a111: Logged on 2017-10-22 00:37 mod6 raises a glass to the 3rd anniversary of The Bitcoin Foundation [20:46]
mod6: Salud! [20:47]
mircea_popescu: hanbot shoudl be done now [20:49]
hanbot: !!balance [20:51]
deedbot: [20:51]
hanbot: aha cool [20:52]
shinohai: !!balance [20:52]
deedbot: [20:52]
shinohai: ghehehe [20:53]
hanbot: !!withdraw .001896 1KvoD4BCQyQ9qJ6PrUgnqB8y28wcnULs7j [20:56]
deedbot: Get your OTP: [20:56]
mod6: this thing is pretty sweet huh [20:57]
hanbot: !!v 5E10A5E30A1F746A48E73EC6E06074B08AC98BECF8D1E414DCD91BC0A954890A [20:58]
deedbot: [20:59]
hanbot: trinque can put in the deedbot help html? [20:59]
hanbot: the !!v i mean. [20:59]
trinque: it's in there, not clear? [20:59]
hanbot: Performs the previously requested command associated with the decrypted `otp`. << nah, actually, i think that's fine. [21:02]
hanbot: dunno why i expected to have to use a different letter [21:03]
hanbot: anyway, very cool itam. [21:03]
hanbot: trinque that withdraw was a bitpay thingie with 3mins left on the clock fwiw. [21:05]
trinque: hm, possible it didn't get there in time then. I just dispatched it. [21:10]
trinque: I think I've told everyone by now that this is a by hand process. I dunno that I'd use it for that. [21:10]
trinque: how long do they usually give you? [21:10]
hanbot: 15 mins. anyway, they credited it, should be fine and dandy [21:11]
trinque: 15min til they see the unconfirmed? [21:12]
hanbot: 15 mins is what they give you "to pay" in their idiotic bleeping red timer interface. it "ran out" in this instance, but they still see the tx afterwards and credit it [21:15]
trinque: super dumb. [21:15]
hanbot: i don't know what the actual time threshold is tbh. clearly longer than 15 mins tho. [21:15]
trinque: at any rate there'll before too long be a limited hot wallet on this thing people can subscribe to for automatic txn [21:16]
trinque: just gonna take time [21:16]
hanbot: neato, and greatly appreciated thus far. [21:17]
shinohai: Heh, Dogecoin creator now advising new scam: [21:26]
deedbot: hanbot: [21:28]
ben_vulpes: !~later tell mircea_popescu probably hare-brained in all sorts of ways, but this is the result of my pencilwork: [21:31]
jhvh1: ben_vulpes: The operation succeeded. [21:31]
ben_vulpes: BingoBoingo any thoughts on ^^? [21:31]
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