Contemporaneous lifeforms in proximity, an illustrated atlas (by me)

Monday, 16 November, Year 12 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu


The tiny yet animated emerald jewels are happier than ever!


Very theoretically regarding the matter, the sky's also a living thing. I mean... it breathes, among other things.


The city's perhaps not as dead as it seems...


These other (tiny, yet just as animated) emerald jewels are occasionally (as here depicted) scared beyond what they've ever been. But then the magical latch releases, and they lark leaping into the vast unknown of nearby early morning air.


For some reason these seem to my eye made by youthful hands to satisfy female artistic tastes and inclinations. If this be so, if you happen to know, please say to her (from me) "Hello!"


Here concludes our leisurely foray into the offerings of this particular today ; there'll be a tomorrow later on, but that must wait until the dawn!

Category: Zsilnic
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