Bulk sale, some Princess included

Sunday, 15 November, Year 12 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Monday October the 13th. I asked Meron about Africa and boobs and she told me that it is not true at all! She said mothers in Africa use a rolling pin or something like that to beat up their small daughters over where their boobs will maybe grow so they don't! Because if their boobs grow at all then men fuck them and they have babies and everyone starves! I didn't believe her about the starving, because seriously now, who starves ? You have to not eat anything for like weeks! But she said it's true, because they only have a small goat or something or a pet rat and it can't give enough milk for so many people, because the feminism in Africa is to not have supermarkets or Whole Foods or anything. So it's very rare for women in Africa to even have boobs, though they do have a lot of babies anyway, because men still fuck them anyway to give them babies but just don't like them as much. So maybe I think that's why they do it to their daughters, because men don't like them and so they won't like the daughters either. Stupid moms!

Then Sylvia asked me how come and where did I hear about such things and I said oh Sylvia, I go to the library like every day, you know. Which is true, because I do, but I don't always write it up because I only write up some things because it takes too long. But Doll said "Oh yeah ? Which book was it ?" and I said "The Illustrated Survey Of Boobs in Africa" and she started laughing and I said don't laugh, it's real! It's a big book in the library and Sylvia asked me who was the author and I said "Sylvia Dollhouse" because it's such a funny name. Sylvia rolled her eyes and Doll said "That sounds maid up!" but I said nuh-uh, it's real! So they said I'm a witch and I'm messing around and Doll grabbed me by one hand and Sylvia grabbed me by the other shoulder and sisi yelled "Get her!!!" and they all piled on me and tickled me. Except for Meron who took the breakfast things out, and I was yelling "I'm a bad witch, I'm a bad witch, I am messing and I have to be punished! Please punish me!" when Chef came in.

Everyone was like "Oh hi Chef!" but I grabbed dogslave by the hair and pushed her face in my cunt and held her head with my thighs because I can't have it when there's men there but I like not having it so much it's almost maybe better than having it, some times! dogslave lapped me and drooled on my cunt like she was a real dog licking a chunk of frozen peanut butter and it was so nice omg. Then Chef told us we are sold off and I was like what! and everyone else was like o wow, except dogslave who was like lick lick slurp slurp and I love her between my legs and all the time. She's such a good doggy licker it is incredible! But I was blinking at Chef and said "I thought we're supposed to have an auction ?" but he said we did, and aren't we curious who the new owner is ? But I said no, I'm curious how we had an auction, were we even there ? And he explained that people heard about us and saw our presentation materials, which the facility people made out of us and filming us all the time when we didn't know, and like funny things we said are in there and how we fuck all the time but I said silly Chef, we don't fuck, there's only girls here and he said it makes no difference. Because for instance when I have dogslave between your legs lapping you up it is still fucking even though I don't even have my hole and I said "Chef, are you sure ?" and he said yeah and Sylvia said "He read it in a book in the library called The Atlas of Fucking in Facilities Illustrated by Psycho Chef" and we all laughed so hard and he was like wtf have you all been eating. I think I maybe peed a little in dogslave.

Then he explained more that qualified bidders which is like cool people were invited when we were punished and watched us being whipped and they told them that we weren't even being punished just their Princess asked for it because they like to be hurt and beaten now and again and also at the dinner we went to and so people know us very well. Like, some people even watched us the whole time at the facility, all day long, and they'd take special whoremones to keep them up all night instead of sleeping so they could catch up. So I went like elk and elephant and octopus at like everywhere, which are mocks you can do like elk is when you put your thumbs against your head and move your fingers and do faces with your eyes and your tongue out, and elephant is when you put your thumb against your nose and move the fingers and shake your head and make funny noises of neener and you can also put your other thumb against the pink for extra and octopus is when you put your thumbs on either side of your chin and make faces too. They're really all the same thing of making faces and moving your fingers but it is very insulting! And it serves them correctly, because correctly is even more than right. Plus it's longer.

So I asked him if we can have our presentation materials and he said ok, but we'll have to wait to watch them because there's no tv or anything at Occunt which is how our place is now called and we can't watch that in the library because it is against the rules and I asked how come and he said well for one thing you five don't fit in a media booth, and besides we'll make a scandal and I said ok Cheffffff. Then he said "so you really don't care who bought you, huh" and I said not really, it's more interesting how much they paid for us ? And he said he offered our weight in gold! Like, all together, which is much more than anyone else would have bid not like they do in auctions where they just bid a little more over each other because nobody wants to pay anything if possible. Chef said our new owner did it because it is poetic, and because it means we are as great and valuable as the famous slave whores of very old in his country, like when poets existed which is before America was even invented! And I was wow, and Doll and Sylvia too, because it's really just such a cool thing to do. But Chef said we have no idea, because all the gold there even exists in the world at all would only be enough for the weight of maybe a few million women, and there are a few billion of them.

Doll said "so he's getting a great deal, huh" and I said "how come ?" and Doll said "well where's anyone gonna find another million Babydolls" and Chef laughed and said that is so. But I said no Doll, you don't understand, that's not how it goes, because many women have a little bit and even if it is just a little it adds up because there's so many of them and it's like with rich people, the richest guy doesn't have like, half of all the money there is. He has a very small part but he is very rich because nobody has more because everyone has a littler bit but there are so many of them. Chef facepalmed and I said "It's the Power Law Doll, look it up!" Doll was like wtf and Sylvia asked what gave me that idea and I said it's in the Illustrated Atlas of Power Things by Cool People. But really it's true, I looked it up when I was looking for power things, like there's electric power and power of attorney and there's a law! Like when one guy gets most of things and that's what it's called.

Then I said I am sorry for earlier good Chef, please tell us who the new owner is but he said we can all just look it up in the atlas, and said he's going to be here tomorrow to talk to us for the first time and please be good and also later there's going to come his architect to talk to us too. So I said later when, and he said as soon as you are all gussied up. Then he clapped his hands and three women came in, and they were dressed very interesting, like they dressed me and Doll up that day we went to lure Sylvia to be kidnapped and enslaved to be with us. I said so and Sylvia teared up a little and then Doll asked her if she is sorry and she said no, she's not a little bit sorry, and thank you so much Babydoll for doing it to me. I told her Doll was very worried that maybe she did the wrong thing, and Sylvia said she told her but that luring a girl to be kidnapped and enslaved is always the right thing to do. And I said "even if she has a career and drives electric cars just as well frontwards and backwards ?" and they laughed and Sylvia said in that case especially!

The women though, they are so strange! First thing they came in they said "Salami and cum!" like I thought maybe they meant the penis is like a salami ? But I was all I don't want to fuck a salami wtf! but Sylvia said no no that's how they say hello and they started chattering among themselves, the three women, and it sounded like maybe they're impersonating birds ? It made no sense, but Sylvia said it is their language, like French is a language, but I said how can it be a language it has no words or anything, it's birdspeak. I was really starting to think maybe they're really birds somehow but I tried them out if they spoke French ? And they said Oui Madame! which is not really correct because I am not married nor do I want to be, even though big white dresses with your boobs out are kinda cool but I don't have that big boobs anyway and I don't want three children of which two won't even ever grow up and who knows about the third. But anyway, we speak in French with them, Sylvia and Doll and me too, but dogslave and sisi have no idea at all what we're saying because they didn't like French in school and didn't pay any attention especially dogslave, because it doesn't matter so much with sisi if she pays attention or not, so we tell them what we say but sometimes we mess it up. But I'm not going to write it in French here because I don't like all the accentings.

They said we have to dress up, and I said nuh-uh, wtf dressing, we're slave whores and we aren't dressing but then Doll said hey remember the gym and she is kinda right and besides they explained that the architect of his grace is waiting to see us since this morning early and he can't come in when we are naked like that because he is not a you nuck. And it turns out that this guy that bought us doesn't do the trannie thing like everyone else but they actually cut off the boy's penises and ballsac and everything so little boys can hang out with slave girls and in the harem, which is what the place is called where slaves go like the Occunt. And in that country you can't tell men to kiss your bud like I made Psych or be naked at all in front of them because they go all crazy. I think that's silly, because Chef doesn't ever go crazy, but maybe that is because he has so many slaves and he sees naked girls all the time and besides I think they probably always want to lay down for him so he forces himself into them if he wants. dogslave told me she'd totally do it once when we were talking and sisi too, sisi said she'd do it with anyone she's so tired of not having her hole to put things into, and then I told her about the little girl so she got all spooked and couldn't go to sleep anymore but then I told her it is all made up bullshit to scare girls just like her but I'm not sure she believed it or maybe she's still worried about spiders crawling secretly inside of her and doing spidey researches. This is the problem with stories, that people sometimes believe them even if they don't.

But the big news is that the man who has bought us is actually a prince! Like, his older brother's son is king, so he is a prince that is the uncle of the king in that country. Isn't that strange ? But if you think about it that's right, because say a guy is king, and he has sons. So they are princes, like it is normal, but if the guy dies one of his sons will be king instead, also like it is normal, but this means what will the others do ? Because you can't say to a person "you are no longer a prince because your brother is king now not you father". And then if the brother who is king dies too, what happens ? Because it could be that his other brother is king now, but it can also happen that his son is king, so then you still can't say to the guy he's not prince anymore, right ? Because you're either a prince or not, you can't keep changing it back and forth. So you can have princes that are the uncles of the king, they don't have to be just his sons. This is what happens when time passes, everything that was clear and normal becomes all messed up, and complicated and hard to keep track of and you can't expect things to be normal which I think it's why people from like Ohio have so much trouble living in a real town.

Doll said "Check out Princess, she's found herself a real Prince" but I said nuh-uh, because he probably doesn't even want to marry me or even put his penis inside me just like the owner guy and besides he probably is married already like Dad was to who knows what mom from like before they even had aeroplanes and also I don't want to be married in the first place because I don't want to suck a bunch of really big penises afterwards. And Sylvia asked me where did I get that idea from and Doll said you know, the atlas and I said damn straight! Then they wanted to tickle me again but the women got really pissy about it for some reason and they kept boinking their hands on their heads but not like you facepalm correctly and kept pushing and pulling and shoving themselves between us. I really had enough of the bullshit so I yelled and ordered them all on their knees and everyone did, like Sylvia and Doll and dogslave and sisi and the women too, and one of them said "Well that didn't last long" but in their bird language but Sylvia kinda understands it and she explained it to me. And they said in French this time that they have orders to do everything I tell them to but please be reasonable, there's a lot of things I don't understand and it's not possible to make so much trouble because my Master wouldn't like it. But I said to them if he didn't like it he wouldn't have come all the way to over here to pay our weight in gold for us slave whores, he'd just have married some of your daughters. And they started hissing all aggitated and they called me Princess Safaqa which Sylvia explained is how you say cheeky. I asked them why did they call me that and they said because I have no shame and I said that's right, I don't!

Then they dressed us quietly and it's pretty complicated work to end up looking just like a sack. Once we were done the architect guy came in and he had all sorts of plans, like drawn on really large paper of how our palace is going to be! Because my Prince owner guy is building a special palace for us to live in! But I told him this is all wrong because it was complete bullshit, he came up with this thing where it's all square and there's a water fountain in the middle with our statues in each direction and there's paths going through a garden around it and there's a palace for each of us four on the sides and we can meet in the middle. But I told him this is not a very good plan, because for one thing there are five of us. Which really got him very aggitated and he kept boinking his head against things like the floor, and waving his arms above his head like he was trying to scare chickens away or something. Really these people have no idea how to manifest themselves, they're like some people who have never seen other people do anything and so can't even facepalm because they just read about it and don't know how it goes really.

Then he calmed down a bit and I told him his ideas are all wrong so he got really excited and annoyed and kept chewing without any food but eventually he calmed down enough and I explained to him that we can't have a fountain for the center, we're not fish! We're whores, and what whores do is love, and they do that in bed, and so we must have a heart-shaped bed in the middle of all things. It must be real big, so that I with sisi and dogslave can sleep on one heart part of the heart, and Sylvia and Doll can sleep on the other one, although I could visit any time that way because it'd be just there and sisi and dosglave wouldn't miss me so much and plus there would be space for dogslave to go at our feet on the pointy part of the heart and we could all kick her that way and she could kiss all our feet together! Then they said but Princess, what if your Master comes to spend his time with you and I said it will be perfect because we can all pilehug him and besides I don't want to have him in me if Doll's not holding me down for it because I really have trouble with penises and I'm a lesbian maybe. So the guy started howling and covering his ears and they sprinkled him with water and it was a whole show! And then they brought in a wooden thing like a wall with holes in it but it just stands up and you can move it, and he sat behind that thing and we talked like that!

But we talked better this way so maybe it's not such a bad idea, and we agreed that the bed must be like a heart shape and taller than two girls are tall and wider than two girls too so it should be really big like the size of at least three beds put together! But it shouldn't be very big either, and he said he understands. Then we said there should be furniture around and normal things, and the bed should be in a square room, and each wall of the room should be painted different colors. Like there should be a green wall, and if you go out the door that way you should be in a greenhouse, which he said he knows what those are, and then the green house should open into a garden and then from there you should be able to go to the rest of the places that they have. And the white wall should go to the bathrooms, and there should be a big jacuzzi and showers and a gym, but the jacuzzi should be in the middle and there should be at least three bidets and good places for whores to play in the water like a very shallow pool like at first it should be only one palm deep and flat and long, and then after a bit it should be two palms deep and like that, so we can play well and splash. And the red wall should have in it everything for a whore like all the clothes they can afford and everything for make-up and perfumes and everything that is needed. I also told him we should have in the middle of it a special thing with a big mirror and lightbulbs around it like they do for real whores in brothels to dress up and in strip clubs and for actresses, and there should be five of these facing each other so we can all do our faces at the same time and we can help each other and with comfortable chairs and a table and everything for hairdoing and things, but he asked would it be ok if there were six and then the mirrors would make a hexagon ?

I said that's a good idea, and really, maybe he's not so bad an architect once he gets over not having had any girls or sex or anything. Then I told him the black wall should be towards the punishment room and it should have a fire in the wall just like Psych's does here, and all the machines and tortures that Master wants for us inside, like he really should talk to Psych about it because he knows things so well, and we should be beaten there and taken for our punishments so we stay enslaved for him and don't get independent or stupid or feminist. By the end of explaining it to him the poor guy was nodding and was very excited and he told us this is much better a design than the stupid thing he came in with and he is sorry for having wasted our time and he sees now why I am called Princess because I really am, and that it will be his honor to show me his beginner attempts just as soon as he's done what I say which he will do as fast as he can and not even sleep! So I said he is a good man and he kept kneeling himself on the way out.

And after they left the boss of the women pushed the thing aside and then came and kneeled and did like that silly girl, bopping her head on the floor, and then she said that she begs my forgiveness and she is humble and regrets offending my graceful englightment but that in my mercy I must bear in mind that many people who aren't as great as I am are also set in their ways, and it is hard for them to change, and I said of course, like Plato says about the men in the cave, and she looked at me horrified kinda, and then she said that please may they help us as much as they can and know how in our greatness. And I said sure, and now take your clothes off.

She just didn't say anything, and then said "Please Princess, do we have to ?" and I said definitely. You've seen us whores naked, now we'll be dressed and you whores parade your naked asses, it's only fair. So they talked among themsleves and one was crying but they took off their everything slowly and like they've never done it before, which they told me it is true, they were never naked in front of people before ever, and they held their heads very low and they were very red in the cheeks and held their hands in front of their cunts but you could still see they don't even shave their hair or anything. Their skin was all crinkly, not like black women at all not white either or like Doll at all but more like that pretty girl, golden somehow, but their hair wasn't curly like hers but also black, except in places with white in it and I think they were old like maybe not sixty but definitely older than any naked women I ever saw outside of the library. Isn't a library a wonderful thing ? One can learn so many things there, that will then serve them in their life... And we went and hugged them, although we were dressed and it was kinda stupid to hug people when they can't feel you on their skin, but we told them it's okay, and they cried on my shoulder a little!

Then we all went and ate dinner at the restaurant! Like where we were naked before when we met the owner, but this time we were all dressed and it was a large table and it was ok because we are owned now and we are allowed to go anywhere in the hotel that we want, because we're honored guests of his grace the Prince that owns me and my baes. But we have to go with the women of course, and their names are Maryam, Bahia and Zahida, and Maryam is the boss one of them but they told us these aren't their names from when they were born but from later when they got them, because Maryam means our boss lady and Bahia means beautiful so that everyone loves her and wants to follow her and Zahida means restrained and obedient, like with a hobble but not a real hobble on her ankles but a hobble she thinks and receives from god. We said oh it's the same with us, because sisi is named after this princess from long ago who was beautiful and obedient and easy-going just like sisi and everyone loved her, and dogslave is because she's loyal and obedient and likes to fuck a lot just like a bitch dog, and Doll is because she is so pretty and just like a perfect doll and I am Babydoll because I am Doll's baby girl and Sylvia we don't have a name for yet. They were very amazed, and whispered among themselves and then said how about Sadiqua for Sylvia, which means whore who speaks the truth, and it's pretty good, but Sylvia said she lies sometime. I told her I don't remember you ever lieing but she said she lies to other people not to her Princess that beat her hard and lured her to be enslaved and she was faking like she's affraid of me which I guess she kinda does a lot of messing around with people and faking out things.

So they said Nyla, which is an Egyptian princess but that's kinda meh and a stupid name. So they said how about Ibhar, which means wide open, like the ocean, and Sylvia said hmm and they said or Gazala which is someone who is intellectual and fascinating so we all laughed to mess with her and said oh no, that can't be Sylvia then, and she was all bothered by it but couldn't do much because we were in the restaurant! And she has to behave herself like a slave whore slut LADY! Then they said Rabita, which is a chain, like tying down, and all sorts of other things but we didn't really pick anything. The food was delicious though, and then we went back to Occunt and we took our clothes off because it's just too hot and inconvenient to be dressed all the time and especially it's annoying at home, but the women didn't and then we went to bed. And they are guarding our entrance so nobody can come in and fuck us! But we told them nobody comes to fuck us anyway, and they said it doesn't matter, because it's in their traditions. So we talked a little and then went to sleep.

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