As far back as I can remember...

Sunday, 04 October, Year 12 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Motto : "Chi sono, io ?
Cosi cominciava un romanzoi di Brèton."

"Naturalmente nel romanzo
non c'è risposta."

"As far back as I can remember..." starts, iconicly, a rather mediocre filmii rendered ironically iconic by a cartoon series. My own version is scattered throughout this shell : as far back as I can remember I've always had Amandas by the pail, kneeling eagerly, eager to serve. As far back as I can remember I've always been loved and worshippediii, as far back as I can remember I've always had ready access to resources -- not just mere money, but outright and indisputably the very fabric and substance of social pre-eminence. As far back as I can remember I've always been myself, and... hm, I suppose this doesn't exactly read like a CV, does it.

Which'd perhaps be the point, I guess. Inferior insect species produce the leadership through a simple process, they feed the future queens royal jelly. Bees are totipotent, an egg as laid can turn out to be worker or queen, indistinctly. Genetics in reality lie very far from what you imagine them to be. The genome's not a number, or three, it's not a half hour's worth of dice casting, either. Not billions, not trillions, not "bazillions" or "gazillions" -- three billion base-pairs, four to the power of three billion, a number not ten or twelve or fifty or a thousand but a billion digits long. Or two. What do you think, what do you hear, what do you know ? Is it one, or two billion digits long ?

But that, extremely, outrageously delabree as it may find itself, ain't the whole story, not by a long shot. The ideologues of simplicity gingerly omit any mention of phenotype, notwithstanding that direct, immediate interactions with the genotype are rare (and blind) ; yet the relationship between the two, genotype and phenotype, are of the usual indirection layer sort : there may be a lot, a known, countable, cardinal'd lot in the first -- but there's a much larger, unquantifiably larger lot in the second. We don't even know how many digits it'd take, nor do we know how proceeding to find out will go, nor do we frankly expect ever to know.

So yes, in simple insects the vast variety of queen phenotypes can be chosen, against the vast variety of worker bee phenotypes, through the relatively "simple" process of feeding them royal jelly as opposed to pollen -- and to see just how simple it is, why don't you go make some.

But leaving the making of royal jelly asideiv, for it is much too close to work, and work's not something the superior worker bees engage in, precious "wanking" they incorrectly misrepresent as "thought" occupying each moment and their all : what if in complex insects the same outcomes could simply be obtained through simply following the same (simple!) procedure ? What if a steady diet of Number Four could turn any louse into something quite as grandiose as I ? (Or maybe rather Number 5, which is the point of this article -- god knows they've been trying straight #4 to very dubious results for quite a while now).

I mean... it would really be unfair if there's actual differences deeper than mere diet. It'd be outright racist if in point of fact my universal, ahistorical Mystical Domination as a lived, reflexively lived, subjectively experienced and even consciously described thing would turn out toxic for another, for some misfortunate other "just like me", just as much a "lottery winner", the supposedly equal "Other" of daydreaming wank.

The ultimate limit of social engineering as "public policy" is whether you believe God a racist. Is he ?

  1. Nadja.

    This "libro sempre futuro" is probably the world's first blog, published originally in 1928. []

  2. Goodfellas, 1990, by Martin Scorsese. I've not bothered to review it because, honestly, it's just not that good. Made for TV attempted expoitation of that week's fashionable topics. []
  3. Two things that truly are the same thing, but you don't know, for having never had anything to do. []
  4. How do you suppose it'd go ? Start with crude, of course, it is after all human synthesis. Perhaps start with petroleum jelly ? And... then what ?

    O look! There's both troll and u jelly in vaseline! Whodda thunk! []

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