A tale of nothingness

Saturday, 07 November, Year 12 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Motto : Du’ su’ u pudendu,
cu avu assà e cu avu nudu.

The motto is a rather old proverb, here rendered in Sicilian (which is itself rather old a language, neither particularly original nor all that authentic to the historic Kingdom [of the two Sicilies], but more in the vein of a preserved Legionnaire's vernacular). What it says is that there's two kinds of powerful : the kind that has plenty, and the kind that has... nothing.

Nudul is, of course, how you say the nudei in Romanian (itself very much not a language in any proper sense, but merely the still-warm core of Latin somewhat crusted over but otherwise kept safe inside). It is also phonetically very close to the Spanish nada, which is how you say nothing in that language.

Nada is not how you say nothing in Romanian, however. Nada is how you say the lure in Romanian, which circumstance should suffice to illustrate and circumscribe the confused Platonism of "the christian core of European culture" : a lure is definitionally not what it seems, but less. The bait can't possibly be what it seems to be, it has to be cheaper for the substitution to make sense. Therefore we might as well say it's not worth nothing at all. Nudity, of course, is the ultimate lureii ; the rest just follows from here, through linguistic logic.

So forget both heroiciii and patheticiv nudity, forget the obligations incumbent upon female existence, never mind any of that. It's "nothing", you know. Take the $42 worth of beads leaves an'... leave. Quietly. Don't make a fuss, above all don't make a fussv.

PS. To make the title... whole : the motto is actually "du’ su’ i putentivi, cu avi assà e cu nun avi nenti", meaning there's no actual substance to this article (beyond your unyielding, inexhaustible capacity for directed dreaming).

  1. Not the nude as in the substantivation of herds without clothes, "the nude crowded on the beach" ; but the nude as in "Joan of Michigan is a nude statuary depiction of America's Greatness (such as it is). The nude was thought lost since the discovery of the West Indies however bla bla bla". []
  2. The Romanian expression being "ti-a placut sa dai din craci, acu' leagana si taci", although I'm sure you've got your own. []
  3. Stonedick-worshipping tranny emperor, with whores and horses. []
  4. Early xtian asshat shown dead alongside the bull that had just ravished her precious virginity, for the serious offense of having attempted to mother up the joint.

    Back then they still tried. []

  5. Why would you make a fuss over nothing ?! Maybe you're bad at math, or something ? There are ways to help you trebuie sa intelegi ca, you know. []
  6. Do you remember what pudenda means, by the way ? []
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