So they found it!

Monday, 11 February, Year 11 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Cleaning up the tard filters,

Bacon-and-Legsi Was there more to your tag line? Because all I see is "How about you drop whatever it is."

LordMPofTMSR Think of it as an intelligence test. That you're failing.

Bacon-and-Legs Someone has a big man complex.

LordMPofTMSR If you're passively-aggressively trying to discuss me, you're off the mark : I actually am a big man.

LordMPofTMSR A nevermind, meanwhile discovered you're short. Ain't nobody got time for that, get lost.

Ain't she just tops ?

But anyways, time for a short intermission (not to be confused with an intromission, which ain't fucking happening, or as the man sad -- "don't stick your dick in stupid") :


And we're back!

LittlePinkMocchiii Uh what? I've been asked some STRANGE things but THIS? This takes the cake. :/

LordMPofTMSR So welcome out of your bubble, what.

LittlePinkMocchi Welcome out of my bubble? I'm sorta confused by the way you're talking. So, I got a very standard question for you. Have you read my bio?

LordMPofTMSR Nope.

LittlePinkMocchi I thought as much. Most don't. sigh Anyways, make an effort to know someone before messaging them.

LordMPofTMSR Woman, nobody gives a shit what conditions you'd like to impose upon the world, or think you might or whatever the fuck. Cut out the pompous self-important bullshit and limit yourself to answering ther questions asked of you, when asked, and to the best of your ability. That's the whole thing.

Meanwhile back at sanity, the girls squeezed an online lemon composed of nothing but expansive advertisements for tragamonedasiii and expressive regrets for the complete absence of a pinball machine anywhere in this sad but small (yet well meaning!) metropolitan metropolis into...





Yup, that's right, they've found it. Because what MP wants...

I had a great time on 3`000 colonesiv. If you're interested feel free to ask, I'll tell you where it is (if I like you) ; otherwise -- you're welcome to try and guess. Why the hell not, right, "I feel anyone could" and all that.

I really much prefer living my own life, well above any possible or conceivable alternative.

  1. 21F Princess 3h []
  2. 24F Little 2h []
  3. Localese for "one arm bandit". []
  4. About six bucks. They don't do the whole coins / tokens bs that made the anglotarded arcades such a pain. Instead, they charge a flat fee and there you go -- play till you drop. []
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