Forum logs for 23 Mar 2012

Saturday, 23 November, Year 11 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu
triptyl greeting brolos [00:00]
triptyl crowdfunding act passed into law [00:03]
triptyl [00:03]
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unreal-dude hrm, interesting [00:06]
Joric is it what bull trap looks like? [00:06]
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coingenuity nice [00:08]
coingenuity thats good ot hear triptyl [00:08]
Cory I want to buy 100 BTC at $4.30 with PPUSD or MoneyPak. [00:09]
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cheebydi ;;ticker [00:10]
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Joric a tiny spike ~2.7k sold [00:18]
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triptyl bargalarganarg [00:20]
mod6 ;;ticker [00:21]
gribble Best bid: 4.63981, Best ask: 4.64, Bid-ask spread: 0.00019, Last trade: 4.63981, 24 hour volume: 51774, 24 hour low: 4.59768, 24 hour high: 4.88 [00:21]
splatster triptyl: What's that supposed to mean? [00:22]
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triptyl it means the party is here [00:23]
bonks is a $125 6870 worth it? [00:24]
draco49 new or used? [00:25]
bonks used [00:25]
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draco49 You can get a new one for like $160 [00:25]
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mircea_popescu << now with GRAPHS :D [00:26]
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draco49 Still just test stocks? [00:27]
mircea_popescu yup [00:28]
mircea_popescu quote from pm "o hey. eventually you'll have a space invaders console up there too ;)" [00:28]
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draco49 lol that would be cool [00:28]
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bonks draco49: Thanks. So what's a good value for used? I'm not much of a craigslist guy [00:29]
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draco49 bonks, If it's an in-person cash deal, maybe $115-$120. It depends on how used it is. [00:30]
bonks he says 6 months [00:31]
bonks Does that affect performance? [00:31]
draco49 If it's relatively new and hasn't been beat to hell by an overzealous overclocker, I'd say $115-$120. [00:31]
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bonks Alright cool [00:34]
draco49 You might want to check with some of the people in #bitcoin-mining before you decide whether to buy it or not. [00:34]
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bonks If i can get it cheaper it might be worth it to get my feet wet in mining, I don't want to jump all in. [00:42]
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rg mm [00:44]
rg good flick [00:44]
rg holy bitcoin drop [00:45]
rg ;;ticker [00:45]
bonks It just seems easier to mine, the last couple of days I looked at trading, so I want to look into mining small scale [00:45]
gribble Best bid: 4.7254, Best ask: 4.72721, Bid-ask spread: 0.00181, Last trade: 4.72721, 24 hour volume: 55056, 24 hour low: 4.59768, 24 hour high: 4.88 [00:45]
rg ;;asks 5 [00:45]
gribble There are currently 42191.086 bitcoins offered at or under 5.0 USD, worth 207332.557128 USD in total. [00:45]
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chwergy Anyone sell me BTC for mtgox USD code? [00:47]
coingenuity how much and what rate chwergy [00:49]
EvanR ;;ticker [00:49]
Cusipzzz EvanR: rallymode [00:49]
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rg Cusi: what OS did you want [00:49]
BenFranklin Established SR vendor has bitcoins looking for Monepak or Western Union. [00:50]
rg eek [00:50]
rg no [00:50]
rg Ben [00:50]
BenFranklin Want to establish long term relationship [00:50]
rg shhh [00:50]
rg simply 'im selling bitcoins' will suffice [00:50]
BenFranklin sorry [00:50]
rg well, the damage has been done, it will be up to the ops to decide how to act on it [00:50]
rg just .. dont do it again [00:51]
rg ;;ident benfranklin [00:51]
gribble Nick 'benfranklin', with hostmask 'BenFranklin!458e755c@gateway/web/freenode/ip.', is not identified. [00:51]
rg ;;tell benfranklin [guide] [00:51]
rg read that, sign up [00:51]
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Sublime_ I have a $250 moneypack and Im looking to buy some btc, can anyone help me out? [00:54]
Cusipzzz lol, he's fine. we have many SR guys, it's like don't ask don't tell [00:54]
vragnaroda BenFranklin: In the future, don't be so fucking retarded, but being a vendor on SR doesn't mean shit to anyone buying your BTC unless you can prove that to your counterparty and for fuck's sake, don't do that. [00:55]
vragnaroda Discretion is wise. ;) [00:55]
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Sublime_ Still nobody selling btc? [00:57]
BenFranklin Hey, thanks for the advice! [00:58]
Sublime_ Ill even by at 5.4 per btc [00:58]
Sublime_ *buy [00:58]
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rg also [00:59]
rg advertising that youre a vendor of SR and coming on from your home IP is pretty much a nice bullseye that says [01:00]
rg hey [01:00]
rg come prosecute me for federal crimes ive commited [01:00]
Sublime_ Hahaha [01:00]
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mircea_popescu how do you know its HIS home ip ? [01:01]
mircea_popescu maybe its his ex's [01:01]
triptyl dont be a narc rg [01:01]
mircea_popescu ok, how retarded are the price/volume icons ? are they too small ? [01:02]
Sublime_ Im convince not a single person in this room has any btc in their possesion [01:02]
Sublime_ *convinced [01:02]
kakobreklaa I have 1. [01:02]
Sublime_ lol [01:02]
rawrmage Sublime_: orly [01:02]
chwergy cavirtex has btc selling for 4.5 [01:03]
Sublime_ Yes! I challenge you! Sell me 45! [01:03]
coingenuity you would be dead wrong Sublime_ [01:03]
mircea_popescu sublime_ : i have over 5k. [01:03]
Sublime_ Prove me wrong! sell me some lol [01:03]
splatster Sublime_: I do, I'm just not selling. [01:03]
Sublime_ Sell! [01:03]
mircea_popescu lol [01:03]
Sublime_ :( [01:03]
kakobreklaa OVER 9000 [01:03]
Sublime_ Stingy mofos [01:03]
mircea_popescu most people here are old timers with large holdings [01:03]
mircea_popescu there's also noobs like rg, but hey :D [01:03]
coingenuity :) [01:03]
coingenuity hahahah [01:03]
mod6 maybe something like this could help mircea_popescu: [01:03]
mircea_popescu mod6 my problem's more in terms of size. [01:04]
Sublime_ Whos cavirtex? [01:04]
coingenuity Sublime_: what rate per bitcoin and how are you paying [01:04]
coingenuity it's an exchange [01:04]
coingenuity for canadians [01:04]
Sublime_ I have a $250 moneypack with the receipt [01:04]
mircea_popescu for cavorting canadians [01:04]
coingenuity meh moneypak [01:04]
coingenuity >.< [01:04]
Sublime_ :( [01:05]
mircea_popescu what do you want, gold ? [01:05]
Sublime_ btc please [01:05]
mircea_popescu not you, coingenuity [01:05]
Sublime_ oh sorry lol [01:05]
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Sublime_ And I need 46 btc so Im paying like 5.43 :P [01:06]
mircea_popescu god if btc keeps at 4.7-4.8 till next friday the people with all the calls will be pissed off. [01:06]
coingenuity lol mircea_popescu yeah basically [01:07]
mircea_popescu its like my personal trollery machine, btc pops, ppl buy calls, btc drops. [01:07]
mircea_popescu death and thunder. [01:07]
splatster lol @ people and their risky investments [01:07]
coingenuity nah, i meant re: gold :P [01:07]
mircea_popescu o [01:08]
mircea_popescu goldbug. [01:08]
coingenuity i was on teh phonez [01:08]
bonks what factors control the rate of btc? [01:08]
coingenuity yep, i am :) [01:08]
mircea_popescu the ammt of open puts and calls i hold bonks [01:08]
bonks so the people with the most shares? [01:09]
mircea_popescu see, it's a fixed supply asset. so the more ppl wanting to buy, the higher the price. [01:09]
rg man i wish i understood peoples upsetness with WHMCS [01:10]
rg they're like [01:10]
rg it stores the password in plaintext [01:10]
rg and im like [01:10]
rg bro [01:10]
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rg that password isnt valid for anything [01:11]
mircea_popescu WHMCS killed their auntie. [01:11]
rg WHMCS is shit [01:11]
Cusipzzz rg: got it fixed? [01:11]
rg Cusipzzz: got what? whmcs? [01:11]
rg yeah, stupid bug i found i guess [01:11]
Cusipzzz the panel probs [01:11]
Cusipzzz ah cool [01:11]
rg when i updated my admin account ( i changed the name listed ) it re-insrts it into the DB but for some reason it doesnt reinsert my 'template' column [01:12]
chwergy hey guys, places to cash out a moneypak other than greendot and paypal? [01:12]
Sublime_ ANyone know easystevey? [01:12]
rg so the PHP code just dies when it cant pull the template leement out of the db [01:12]
rg so i just manually inserted it.. and it works [01:12]
Cusipzzz ez game, lol [01:12]
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mircea_popescu here chwergy ? [01:12]
Sublime_ get rating;; easystevey [01:12]
Sublime_ fail [01:12]
rg this new customer says i ignored him [01:12]
rg but i sent him 6 emails, he never responded [01:13]
rg i think we have a serious miscommunication going [01:13]
Sublime_ ;;guide [01:13]
rg its ;;getrating easystevey [01:13]
mircea_popescu maybe you're going into spam [01:13]
rg all comands are prefixed with ;;command input [01:13]
Cusipzzz cusomers sucks.. o wait, i shouldnt say that now, lol [01:13]
rg no i dont have a spam folder [01:13]
mircea_popescu him not you silly [01:13]
rg i just change email addresses when i get too much scam [01:13]
chwergy well, i want to empty the balance of the card so someone else doesnt use the code [01:13]
rg spam* [01:13]
rg chwergy: why [01:13]
rg whats happened? [01:13]
chwergy nothing, just in trading [01:14]
* jackyyll (~irssi@ has joined #bitcoin-otc [01:14]
rg i think yo ucan redeem a moneypak for cash [01:14]
chwergy when people give you the number it's nice to be able to cash it out [01:14]
rg in the store [01:14]
jackyyll ;;guide [01:14]
Sublime_ ;;get rating easystevey [01:14]
chwergy oh, im in Canada [01:14]
rg but most people put it onto a greendot card or paypal [01:14]
easystevey ;;getrating easystevey [01:14]
gribble User easystevey, created on Mon Mar 12 17:30:07 2012. Cumulative rating 16, from 9 total ratings. Received ratings: 9 positive, 0 negative. Sent ratings: 10 positive, 0 negative. Details: Currently authenticated from hostmask easystevey!48e715d4@gateway/web/freenode/ip. [01:14]
chwergy nocando mon frier [01:14]
rg oui oui [01:14]
Sublime_ Thanks lol [01:14]
jackyyll why didn't ;;guide do anything [01:15]
rg ;;tell jackyyll [guide] [01:15]
jackyyll nothing :o [01:15]
rg ;;ticker [01:15]
gribble Best bid: 4.73672, Best ask: 4.73673, Bid-ask spread: 9.99999999962e-06, Last trade: 4.73672, 24 hour volume: 56811, 24 hour low: 4.59768, 24 hour high: 4.88 [01:15]
mircea_popescu is gribble in the aha [01:15]
spawn- Selling BTC for PPUSD or amazon GC [01:15]
rg gribble is fine [01:15]
* Joric (~joric@unaffiliated/joric) has joined #bitcoin-otc [01:15]
rg hes probably not seeing it [01:15]
coingenuity tis in a private message X_X [01:15]
rg isnt it a notice [01:15]
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rg ;;guide [01:16]
gribble Guide to using #bitcoin-otc: [01:16]
jackyyll dont have any windows open with gribble [01:16]
coingenuity its a /query [01:16]
jackyyll unless im REALLY blnd [01:16]
coingenuity or in socket speak QUERY [01:16]
rg Cusi: you want your login info [01:16]
rg or you want me to email you [01:16]
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Sublime_ Could someone act as an escrow for me and easystevey? [01:18]
* BertVoegele ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [01:18]
rg # hdparm -tT /dev/vda [01:18]
rg Timing cached reads: 15346 MB in 2.00 seconds = 7682.28 MB/sec [01:18]
rg Timing buffered disk reads: 2556 MB in 3.00 seconds = 851.83 MB/sec [01:18]
rg oo baby [01:18]
rg you so hot n sexy! [01:18]
nanotube Sublime_: #bitcoin-escrow is generally used to set that up :) [01:19]
Sublime_ Thanks! [01:19]
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bonks so many bitcoin channels [01:19]
rg or ask someoen with trading history [01:20]
* jmann (44303a72@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-otc [01:20]
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jackyyll it'generating entropy is a pain lol [01:20]
* jmann has quit (Client Quit) [01:21]
rg just move your mouse around [01:21]
nanotube disk activity is generally pretty good for entropy. [01:21]
jackyyll it's a server [01:21]
jackyyll btu yeah doing [01:21]
jackyyll find /var/ /usr /lib /srv -type f -print0 | xargs -0 cat > /dev/null [01:21]
nanotube try "ls -R /" :) [01:21]
jackyyll which is still not enough apparently [01:21]
nanotube or that [01:21]
jackyyll at least not yet [01:22]
* Valalvax ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [01:22]
Sublime_ ;;getrating spawn- [01:22]
rg neofutur: are you around to discuss some hosting stuffs? [01:23]
* vite (~vialnetwo@ has joined #bitcoin-otc [01:25]
Joric does anyone have a slightest idea how zhou adjusts buy/sell price ? [01:25]
Cory He takes a 1% fee. [01:25]
Cory Guarantees 50 BTC liquidity. [01:25]
Cory And pays MtGox fees. [01:26]
Joric what's 50 btc liquidity [01:26]
Cory You can buy 50 BTC at the advertized price. [01:26]
chwergy BTC at 4.5 CAD [01:27]
chwergy CAD is higher than USD right now :3 [01:27]
Joric i don't quite get it i only may buy in 50 btc packs? [01:27]
Joric 50 btc at a time? [01:28]
* _99percent_ ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [01:28]
* qwebirc36140 (d9ed9469@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-otc [01:28]
spawn- Selling BTC for PPUSD or amazon GC [01:28]
matthew_ buying BTC for MP [01:28]
* qwebirc36140 has quit (Client Quit) [01:30]
jackyyll why wont gribble tlak to me :S [01:31]
jackyyll even in PM he wont [01:31]
rg maybe you got ignored for sending invalid commands [01:31]
jackyyll first command i sent was ;;guide [01:32]
chwergy try sending in PM without ;; [01:32]
jackyyll hok [01:32]
chwergy also, guide is not a command [01:32]
jackyyll well gpg eregister doesnt work either [01:33]
* ponymage is now known as cmaxiha_ [01:34]
chwergy then i do not know [01:34]
jackyyll does gribble ban for idling? [01:34]
Cory Joric: After 50 BTC, the price may change because of your impact on the market. You couldn't sell 1000 BTC at $4.70 on MtGox right now; there would be slippage. [01:35]
* MBS considers slippage a good thing [01:38]
MBS well at least if the chick is decent looking [01:38]
vragnaroda jackyyll: Gribble doesn't ban unless an op tells it to. [01:38]
jackyyll i see [01:39]
jackyyll i wonder why he wont talk to me [01:39]
rg he probably is [01:39]
rg you just dont notice it somehow [01:39]
coingenuity one day, he might become sentient... [01:39]
vragnaroda It will ignore you for a time if you give it too many commands and it may just be lagging. [01:39]
rg its not lagging [01:39]
rg ;;ticker [01:39]
gribble Best bid: 4.73641, Best ask: 4.7399, Bid-ask spread: 0.00349, Last trade: 4.73641, 24 hour volume: 56897, 24 hour low: 4.59768, 24 hour high: 4.88 [01:39]
rg ;;asks 4.80 [01:39]
gribble There are currently 3127.5836 bitcoins offered at or under 4.8 USD, worth 14930.1057986 USD in total. [01:39]
chwergy hey rg, you got BTC to sell? [01:39]
vragnaroda LOL, he and it, but I usually think of gribble as a she. [01:39]
jackyyll i have a query window open with him [01:39]
jackyyll so [01:39]
rg chwergy: i dont think so [01:39]
vragnaroda ;;pet [01:40]
gribble *purrrrrrrr* [01:40]
chwergy ok [01:40]
vragnaroda jackyyll: I guess gribble just doesn't like you. [01:40]
jackyyll apparently so [01:40]
nanotube jackyyll: you do not appear to be on the ignore list. try joining #gribble and see if he responds to you in channel [01:41]
nanotube or ... she. heh [01:41]
* _99percent_ has quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds) [01:42]
jackyyll nope. [01:42]
stamit it! [01:42]
chwergy ;;rate bonks 1 Fast, PPUSD for BTC [01:42]
gribble Rating entry successful. Your rating of 1 for user bonks has been recorded. [01:42]
stamit ;;echo don't call me "it"! [01:43]
* abracadab is now known as abracadabra [01:43]
jackyyll wel that solves that mystery [01:43]
neofutur rg: more or less, working on [01:46]
neofutur but ask on #bitcoin-hosting i ll answer with a timeout ;) [01:46]
paulzag ;;ticker [01:48]
LordCanti anyone interested in selling BTC for $20 Moneypak? [01:49]
nanotube jackyyll: how did you end up with gribble on ignore? :) [01:49]
coingenuity lol [01:49]
* Turingi has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer) [01:50]
mircea_popescu poor gribble [01:50]
jackyyll nanotube: im not really usre lol [01:50]
jackyyll sure* [01:50]
vragnaroda lol [01:51]
vragnaroda putz [01:51]
mircea_popescu gribble means no harm [01:51]
* gribble gives voice to paulzag [01:52]
* masori has quit (Quit: Leaving) [01:52]
MBS ;;seen mcorlett [01:53]
chwergy ;;getrating LordCanti [01:54]
gribble User LordCanti, created on Sun Mar 18 22:27:09 2012. Cumulative rating 1, from 1 total ratings. Received ratings: 1 positive, 0 negative. Sent ratings: 1 positive, 0 negative. Details: Currently authenticated from hostmask LordCanti!~MF@unaffiliated/lordcanti [01:54]
* darkee| has quit (Remote host closed the connection) [01:55]
* darkee| (~darkee@gateway/tor-sasl/darkee) has joined #bitcoin-otc [01:55]
paulzag Sublime_: you still buying? [01:57]
paulzag trading BTC now - buying and selling [01:58]
paulzag price depends on what you are using to pay, or how you want to be paid [01:59]
* Joric_ (~joric@ has joined #bitcoin-otc [01:59]
* Joric_ has quit (Changing host) [01:59]
* Joric_ (~joric@unaffiliated/joric) has joined #bitcoin-otc [01:59]
* bandu has quit (Ping timeout: 276 seconds) [01:59]
* Joric has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds) [02:00]
* hngryhngryhippo ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [02:00]
* bandu ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [02:00]
* Sublime_ has quit (Quit: Page closed) [02:00]
chwergy ;;rate LordCanti 1 Quick, PPUSD for BTC [02:03]
gribble Rating entry successful. Your rating of 1 for user LordCanti has been recorded. [02:03]
LordCanti ;;rate chwergy 1 sold me BTC for PPUSD, fast and easy [02:03]
gribble Rating entry successful. Your rating of 1 for user chwergy has been recorded. [02:03]
LordCanti thanks again [02:03]
chwergy :) [02:03]
chwergy ;;seen dsmouse [02:04]
gribble dsmouse was last seen in #bitcoin-otc 4 days, 1 hour, 33 minutes, and 52 seconds ago: good luck with 15k and no paper trail [02:04]
* BertVoegele ( has left #bitcoin-otc ("PART #bitcoin-otc-foyer :PART #bitcoin-otc-eu :PART #bitcoin-otc-ratings :PART #gribble :QUIT :Leaving.") [02:05]
seco chwergy and trading partners: be careful not to name anything about bitcoin towards PP: just shout here, and many users with frozen pp-accounts will popup telling you about the likes and dislikes of them with bitcoin :p [02:05]
chwergy yeah, i heard, thanks seco [02:06]
LordCanti seco, definitely. [02:06]
seco always tag it as gift for grandma ;) [02:06]
chwergy :P [02:06]
* Joric_ has quit (Ping timeout: 272 seconds) [02:06]
paulzag Yep seco, happened to me yesterday. counterparty said "but I thought it wouldn't matter for $1" [02:07]
paulzag suddenly my PP account is flagged for review [02:07]
* seco remembers the time coinpal existed ;/ [02:07]
triptyl frozen coin is the worst [02:08]
* minimoose ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [02:08]
luke-jr blah [02:08]
* BenFranklin has quit (Quit: Page closed) [02:08]
luke-jr gnupg takes 30 mins then fails [02:08]
seco time to do a few ebay-transactions for paulzag :x [02:08]
rg must ... make ... text on bitvps darker! [02:09]
chwergy 96 coins available for 4.5 on cavirtex.. good buy? [02:09]
* splatster (~splatster@unaffiliated/splatster) has joined #bitcoin-otc [02:09]
* triptyl slaps ianthius around a bit with a large trout [02:10]
vragnaroda luke-jr: You still trying to generate the Goliath key? [02:10]
rg virtex gets you with fees [02:10]
rg big time [02:10]
* gribble gives voice to splatster [02:10]
triptyl rg is cool [02:10]
chwergy cavirtex?? [02:10]
rg so you usually dont end up saving more [02:10]
rg triptyl: this is kown' [02:10]
rg known [02:10]
triptyl killing chrome.exe has no effect. it only makes it stronger [02:11]
rawrmage lol [02:11]
rg unf i love our new box [02:11]
rg i cant believe how much better the software raid is [02:11]
triptyl what raid level you rollin wit? [02:11]
rg raid0 with backups up the wazooo [02:12]
vigilyn ssd? [02:12]
triptyl sweet [02:12]
rg no [02:13]
rg 7.2k rpm sata [02:13]
rg the disks alone are pretty quick [02:13]
rg its not better than our SAS raid [02:13]
rg but its nice [02:13]
vigilyn i wish platter drives would reach pre-flood prices, damn oems [02:14]
chwergy Buying BTC for PPUSD [02:14]
rg where the funk is the text in this css [02:15]
luke-jr vragnaroda: gonna have to give up :< [02:16]
brznbtni ddd [02:20]
* stamit (~stamit@pdpc/supporter/active/stamit) has left #bitcoin-otc [02:20]
paulzag chwergy: how many? [02:22]
chwergy erm [02:23]
chwergy lemme do some maths [02:23]
* Snapman[afkers] is now known as Snapman [02:24]
vragnaroda luke-jr: Well, you could try a slightly smaller key size. [02:25]
vragnaroda (or get better hardware) [02:25]
luke-jr ;;changekey [02:25]
luke-jr vragnaroda: can't get much better hardware… [02:25]
vragnaroda ;;help changekey [02:25]
gribble (changekey []) -- Changes your GPG registered key to . is a 16 digit key id, with or without the '0x' prefix. Optional argument tells us where to get your public key. By default we look on and You will be given a random passphrase to clearsign with your key, and submit to the bot with the 'verify' command. You (1 more message) [02:25]
vragnaroda ;;more [02:25]
gribble must be authenticated in order to use this command. [02:25]
vragnaroda ;;help echangekey [02:26]
* Woundead ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [02:26]
vragnaroda nanotube: There's no echangekey?! :O [02:26]
paulzag ;;ticker [02:28]
gribble Best bid: 4.70871, Best ask: 4.709, Bid-ask spread: 0.00029, Last trade: 4.70871, 24 hour volume: 58037, 24 hour low: 4.59768, 24 hour high: 4.88 [02:28]
luke-jr vragnaroda: my complaint exactly! [02:29]
* bonks (~randres@unaffiliated/bonks) has left #bitcoin-otc [02:29]
* Shaded has quit (Quit: Shaded) [02:29]
* judgement51 (45cc6ab7@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-otc [02:30]
* Clonedead has quit (Ping timeout: 250 seconds) [02:30]
* Shaded (~Shaded@unaffiliated/shaded) has joined #bitcoin-otc [02:31]
triptyl sup mangbro [02:33]
* Shaded has quit (Client Quit) [02:34]
* LordCanti has quit (Quit: Leaving) [02:35]
* localhost has quit (Remote host closed the connection) [02:35]
* localhost ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [02:38]
* Latitude (411fc08a@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-otc [02:40]
Latitude I have a Vanilla Prepaid Debit Card with $55 and another one with $14 on it Can I trade someone for bitcoins? [02:40]
Latitude you can use the cards online like any normal debit card. The only limitation is I don't believe they are possible to add to a paypal account. Unless the merchant allows paypal w/ guest sign in. [02:42]
nanotube vragnaroda: lol yes there is not. not a very oft-used command, so i never got around to making the e-version. ;) [02:44]
luke-jr nanotube: like my new PGP key? [02:44]
vragnaroda nanotube: Has that command been around the whole time? [02:44]
vragnaroda ;;ident luke-jr [02:44]
gribble Nick 'luke-jr', with hostmask 'luke-jr!~luke-jr@2001:470:5:265:222:4dff:fe50:4c49', is identified as user luke-jr, with GPG key id BD02942421F4889F, and key fingerprint E463A93F5F3117EEDE6C7316BD02942421F4889F. [02:44]
* Joriaan (~Jarwain@ has joined #bitcoin-otc [02:45]
nanotube vragnaroda: well, since before the e-commands days. :) [02:45]
* gazabobo (4744fddc@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-otc [02:45]
gazabobo hey guys got a question. [02:45]
luke-jr gazabobo: the answer is 42 [02:45]
gazabobo is there a way to get btc with a credit card [02:45]
splatster here goes... [02:45]
nanotube luke-jr: went for 8192 eh? :) [02:45]
splatster No. [02:45]
luke-jr gazabobo: no [02:45]
Joriaan Hey, I need 1 BTC for, er, personal stuff. All I've got is paypal though, anyone willing to sell? [02:45]
Joriaan gazabobo, no, not at the moment. [02:45]
luke-jr nanotube: went for 16kbit first, but couldn't get one [02:45]
gazabobo ffs [02:45]
gazabobo :/ [02:46]
luke-jr Joriaan: sounds illegal [02:46]
Latitude I'm looking to buy $50-65 in bitcoin [02:46]
nanotube luke-jr: yea i saw you mention something about gpg failing. [02:46]
Joriaan Well, I think VirWox takes credit card, actuall [02:46]
Joriaan actually*, but only in small amounts [02:46]
luke-jr Latitude: I'll offer 2 - 2.60 BTC ;) [02:46]
vragnaroda luke-jr: How much of a pain was it to tweak GPG to doing that? [02:46]
Joriaan How small, I'm not sure [02:46]
luke-jr vragnaroda: not much, considering I use Gentoo [02:46]
gazabobo ok ill check virwox [02:46]
luke-jr vragnaroda: just paused the install at compile, and hacked the max [02:46]
gazabobo is virwox hard to use or whatever? [02:46]
Joriaan its not pure cc>btc [02:47]
Joriaan You need to make a SecondLife account and verify it [02:47]
Latitude sorry luke-jr how do i send you a private message? [02:47]
* lunks has quit (Remote host closed the connection) [02:47]
Joriaan Sign up at virwox [02:47]
luke-jr Latitude: /msg luke-jr [02:47]
Joriaan Buy some linden dollars with CC, then buy BTC with linden dollars [02:47]
gazabobo is it a simple process? [02:47]
luke-jr no [02:47]
vragnaroda luke-jr: It's just a single constant you had to change? [02:47]
Joriaan No idea, it shouldn't be THAT hard [02:47]
luke-jr vragnaroda: yes [02:48]
gazabobo what is a virwox avatar? [02:48]
BTC_Bear Like a xbox avatar [02:49]
Joriaan SecondLife avatar [02:49]
Joriaan Linden Dollars are SecondLife currency [02:49]
Joriaan You need a SecondLife account to hold the Linden Dollars. xD [02:50]
Latitude ;;getrating luke-jr [02:50]
Cory luke-jr's finally going to make a deal? :) [02:50]
neofutur but you can create a SL avatar on the website without ever entering secondlife [02:51]
gazabobo wish there was a fucking simple way to use credit card online for btc [02:51]
neofutur and you dont ned to validate your SL avatar on virwox to be allowed to trade [02:51]
gazabobo neofutur [02:51]
gazabobo can u pm me pls [02:51]
* guest is now known as they [02:51]
gazabobo so i can ask u for directions or whatever [02:51]
* Zarutian has quit (Quit: Zarutian) [02:52]
* rory1 (56001573@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-otc [02:52]
Joriaan The reasoning against allowing CC is because of the potential for fraud [02:52]
Joriaan Same as why noone takes paypal [02:52]
Joriaan >.> [02:52]
neofutur gazabobo: nop sorry, no time for it [02:52]
luke-jr Joriaan: nah, paypal is worse [02:53]
gazabobo oh. :( [02:53]
Joriaan Anyone willing to send me 1 BTC? I can pay via paypal... :D [02:53]
Joriaan luke-jr: Its the same reason though. :P [02:53]
luke-jr Joriaan: not really [02:53]
luke-jr Joriaan: PayPal explicitly forbids it [02:53]
* Txyru (~Txyru@unaffiliated/txyru) has joined #bitcoin-otc [02:54]
Joriaan Ah, forgot about that part. I was just thinking about chargebacks. But its easy enough to say "buying Beats" or some other item around the same price [02:54]
seco isnt it possible to fund neteller, or okpay with creditcard, and then paysafecard-pin here, or ? [02:54]
rory1 Hi please can you tell me were i can downoad the bitcoin block chain and how to install it ?? [02:54]
seco rory1: [02:55]
Joriaan rory1: [02:55]
Joriaan Ah, nevermind then [02:55]
* Joric (~joric@ has joined #bitcoin-otc [02:55]
* Joric has quit (Changing host) [02:55]
* Joric (~joric@unaffiliated/joric) has joined #bitcoin-otc [02:55]
rory1 thankyou [02:55]
* gribble gives voice to Joric [02:55]
BTC_Bear Joriaan: What do you need 1 BTC for? [02:55]
seco how to install it: [02:56]
* fimpfimp has quit (Quit: This computer has gone to sleep) [02:56]
Joriaan I want to go by an ebook. Its actually .35 BTC, but yeah. The guy only takes BTC, all I have is paypal [02:56]
* nelisky has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds) [02:56]
* finway (76d4b84c@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-otc [02:56]
BTC_Bear Have you used BTC before? [02:57]
rory1 Thank you seco and Joriaan [02:57]
BTC_Bear Joriaan: post an address, I'll send you the .35 btc [02:58]
seco Joriaan: or bitcoin-otc?; you are welcome rory1: just ask if you have further problems :-) remember to keep the bitcoin client closed while you replace the blockchain files! [02:58]
mircea_popescu i was about to offer the guy his .35 btc lol. BTC_Bear beats me to it! [02:58]
seco let him setup account at btc-otc to use in future for his .35 ;) [02:58]
seco guess i would have been the most expensive one :D [02:59]
Joriaan I know How to use it, just not much actual experience. xD [02:59]
mircea_popescu lol seco that's an ideea [02:59]
mircea_popescu still need more betatesters for mpex! any volunteers ? lotsa gpg involved! [03:00]
pigeons hey Joriaan, where is this ebook? [03:00]
Joriaan 1FgLCQpnsk6yJVQaHg8XU6tonMtUJW32MU [03:00]
Joriaan pigeons, its on HackBB, one second [03:01]
rg you can download the blockchain from [03:02]
BTC_Bear Joriaan: sent [03:02]
rory1 thanks [03:02]
* triptyl has quit (Remote host closed the connection) [03:02]
Joriaan Thanks a Bunch. I owe you one [03:02]
mircea_popescu I have entered into a partnership to purchase a 2 year old Louisiana-bred thoroughbred filly with the intent on racing her in Louisiana. [03:02]
mircea_popescu the stuff people put on glbse... [03:02]
BTC_Bear Joriaan: That's another story... First born, please. [03:03]
Joriaan xD [03:03]
* dreaded (d882ed12@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-otc [03:03]
* Dragonai (~dragonai@unaffiliated/dragonai) has joined #bitcoin-otc [03:04]
* Chaang_Noi_ ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [03:05]
chwergy oin #bitcoin-minecraft [03:05]
* dreaded has quit (Client Quit) [03:06]
rg ;;ticker [03:06]
gribble Best bid: 4.70491, Best ask: 4.7089, Bid-ask spread: 0.00399, Last trade: 4.709, 24 hour volume: 62245, 24 hour low: 4.59768, 24 hour high: 4.88 [03:06]
* Chaang-Noi has quit (Ping timeout: 276 seconds) [03:06]
Joriaan bitcoin... minecraft? [03:08]
* amazingrando has quit (Ping timeout: 265 seconds) [03:09]
Joriaan pigeons: http://clsvtzwzdgzkjda7.onion/viewtopic.php?f=50&t=1108 [03:09]
Joric more likely bitcoin-ponies [03:09]
* rory1 has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds) [03:10]
* hexTech (~hexTech@gateway/tor-sasl/hextech) has joined #bitcoin-otc [03:11]
copumpkin that hackbb has me singing a whole new world [03:11]
splatster copumpkin: ? [03:12]
pigeons alladin [03:12]
Joriaan ^^ [03:12]
Joric Joriaan, why they need those paypal accounts? do they earn on refunds? [03:12]
* amazingrando ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [03:13]
BTCHero holy shit guys i accidentally took 250mg of xanax the other day [03:13]
pigeons zzzzz [03:14]
BTCHero for over 24 hours [03:14]
rawrmage BTCHero: um [03:14]
rawrmage BTCHero: you may have a small benzodiazepine problem [03:15]
BTCHero nope, first time. Thought it was something else [03:15]
BTCHero err not first time, but first time in months [03:15]
rawrmage i hope you don't get withdrawl from that [03:15]
rawrmage i hear benzodiazepine withdrawl is pretty bad [03:15]
copumpkin *withdrawal [03:15]
* luke-jr has quit (Remote host closed the connection) [03:15]
BTCHero yeah, it can kill you [03:15]
Joriaan Eh, I'm starting a little investment thing, I need to figure out how to cashout paypal as part of my method, all I'm going to say for now [03:15]
* luke-jr (~luke-jr@2001:470:5:265:222:4dff:fe50:4c49) has joined #bitcoin-otc [03:15]
rawrmage copumpkin: it's my drawl [03:15]
* ChanServ gives voice to luke-jr [03:15]
BTCHero but it was just once [03:15]
Joriaan And if it tells me what I think, I might start up a paypal, creditcard, and several other ecurrency exchange [03:16]
rawrmage BTCHero: 'just once'! [03:16]
rawrmage what would your mother think! [03:16]
BTCHero "just say once" [03:16]
Joriaan I know a guy that goes by the name Benzodiazepine [03:17]
BTCHero Last time i get benzo powder in the mail, when i am expecting other powders [03:17]
BTCHero but the ld50 is outrageous so no real danger [03:17]
rawrmage oh you [03:18]
rawrmage buying white powders [03:18]
BTCHero Also just for the record everything I am saying is a complete lie [03:18]
* redrocket has quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds) [03:19]
* Latitude has quit (Quit: Page closed) [03:19]
* redrocket (~redrocket@unaffiliated/redrocket) has joined #bitcoin-otc [03:19]
Joric life's good let's have fun and post mtgox codes in the channel [03:19]
rawrmage BTCHero: hahaha [03:19]
BTCHero I don't have mtgox monies, and vrag bans you for it [03:20]
NASDAQEnema LTC auction for chewing gum closed. [03:20]
rawrmage lol [03:20]
NASDAQEnema 30.1 LTCs [03:20]
BTCHero I have a few hundred ltc, can i get some of that bubble gum by the foot or whatever they call it [03:21]
vragnaroda BTCHero: Dude, STFU. If people post them ad nauseam and 3 out of 4 lines are either MTGOX codes or complaints about them, it's too much. [03:22]
vragnaroda I've never banned for posting a code. [03:22]
BTCHero sorry kicked [03:22]
vragnaroda I've kicked people for being gay about it. [03:22]
BTCHero damn dude wtf is your problem [03:23]
BTCHero you are usually nice to me [03:23]
nanotube omg vragnaroda did you just insult gay people? ⨀_⨀ [03:23]
vragnaroda nanotube: Yes, but not homosexuals. ;p [03:23]
imsaguy vragnaroda's covering up his homosexuality by gay bashing. [03:24]
BTCHero hes just looking for his favorite pair of pumps in the back of the closet [03:24]
imsaguy as a side bar [03:24]
g04 how do you know you took 250mg btw? [03:24]
imsaguy why don't you ever hear about homosexuality bashing in the news? [03:24]
vragnaroda BTCHero: Not trying to be mean. Just don't like misconceptions like that. ;) [03:24]
imsaguy why's it gotta be gay bashing? [03:24]
imsaguy and why isn't there lesbian bashing? [03:25]
vragnaroda imsaguy: Because reporters are gay. [03:25]
BTCHero lesbians are cool [03:25]
imsaguy BTCHero: some, not all. [03:25]
imsaguy Some lesbians just scare me. [03:25]
BTCHero i mean porn lesbians my bad [03:25]
BTCHero not the real life ugly ones [03:25]
Joriaan xD [03:25]
imsaguy if they are real lesbians, they aren't going to want to have sex with you. [03:25]
g04 BTCHero: how do you know you took 250mg? [03:25]
imsaguy just saying. [03:25]
BTCHero g04 thats what it was sold to me as, but i had another powder on the way i thought it was [03:26]
g04 and you took all of it? lol [03:26]
BTCHero Then i fell asleep for over 24 hours so im guessing it was legit [03:26]
BTCHero yeah i thought it was something else [03:26]
nanotube vragnaroda: heh nice save. [03:26]
g04 if it's from whom im thinking it's from (only person i can think that sells pure alprazolam) then 250mg would have been one helluva right [03:27]
BTCHero sooo about them bitcoins.... [03:27]
g04 ride* [03:27]
BTCHero fucking worthless [03:28]
Joriaan Lol [03:28]
Joriaan I remember someone buying a pizza for 120k [03:28]
Joriaan reading about someone* [03:28]
g04 i thought it was 20k [03:28]
BTCHero I wouldn't call it a ride. Just a really long sleep [03:28]
* vragnaroda has quit (Disconnected by services) [03:28]
nanotube 10k coins for the pizza [03:28]
BTCHero and groggy next day [03:28]
g04 btchero: just be happy it wasn't phenazepam or somethign else with a long half life [03:28]
Joriaan Oh, I guess I misread then. xD [03:29]
g04 you'd probably still be sleeping or completely out of it [03:29]
g04 i wish i would have gotten coins when they were cheap [03:29]
BTCHero I know, my girlfriend was about to call the squad because she was shaking me and i wouldn't respond [03:29]
g04 well i guess they are cheap now in comparison [03:29]
BTCHero glad she didn't [03:29]
BTCHero So who is selling small trinkets i want? [03:30]
BTCHero ;;view [03:30]
gribble #7293 Sun Mar 18 11:54:37 2012 BTCHero BUY 1.0 Troy Ounce Silver @ 1 BTC (I will buy .999 pure silver for up to 5 dollars over spot with shipping included for market rate in bitcoins) [03:30]
Joric 'A break above this level could open up an accelerated rally and lead to at leat a test of the all-time-high at 32 $' -- S3052 [03:30]
Joriaan So nobody wants to buy me pizza?  Is the bitcoin amount I'm offering too low? [03:30]
Joric 8-O better sell everything [03:30]
Joriaan ._. [03:30]
Joric [03:31]
nanotube Joriaan: what amount are you offering? :) [03:31]
BTCHero So s3052 is sad his coins are worthless and wants people to buy? [03:31]
* arij (arij@unaffiliated/arij) has joined #bitcoin-otc [03:31]
arij any one selling LR [03:32]
Joriaan nanotube: xD It was a post from the thread [03:32]
Joriaan [03:32]
Joric BTCHero, the only thing s3052 has teached me always do the opposite to what he says [03:32]
draco49 [03:32]
nanotube Joriaan: ah hehe yea [03:33]
* amazingrando has quit (Ping timeout: 272 seconds) [03:33]
BTCHero Joric how do you do the oposite of it might go up might go down? [03:34]
BTCHero do nothing? [03:34]
Joriaan I wish I invested in BTC 2 years ago [03:34]
BTCHero hindsight is 20/20 [03:34]
rawrmage lol [03:34]
* lunks (~lunks@ has joined #bitcoin-otc [03:34]
Joriaan ^^ [03:34]
* vragnaroda (~vragnarod@unaffiliated/vragnaroda) has joined #bitcoin-otc [03:34]
* ChanServ gives voice to vragnaroda [03:34]
BTCHero you're going to wish you bought in 2012 soon :) [03:34]
* vigilyn has quit (Ping timeout: 244 seconds) [03:35]
Joric BTCHero, well he's clearly says buy now [03:35]
* LordCanti (~LordCanti@unaffiliated/lordcanti) has joined #bitcoin-otc [03:36]
Joric 'Most probably, the major Elliott Wave III has started, which should propel prices higher and lead first to 7.22' [03:36]
Joriaan BTCHero: I don't have very much cash to buy, so I'm going to do the next best thing: Get rich off exchanging! xD [03:36]
Joric 'A break above this level could open up an accelerated rally and lead to at leat a test of the all-time-high' [03:36]
BTCHero I get small sums from loaning out my bitcoins [03:36]
BTCHero it seems to be working well [03:36]
Joric i think we're heading to all-time-low [03:37]
BTCHero below 2.30? [03:37]
Joriaan I want to open up an exchange that does more than just "secure" e-currencies. I want to be able to take paypal and CC, instead of just LR and BTC, and such [03:37]
h4ckm3 hey dudes, I have a question: I have backed up all my wallets regularly and regularly I check them. However today when I loaded a backed up wallet file the balance show zero and it is not encrypted, the addresses that I generated are there but none of the transactions? [03:38]
BTCHero Joriaan thats a stupid idea [03:38]
nanotube Joriaan: it's a nice desire... but how will you deal with chargebacks. [03:38]
Joriaan I know you think that [03:38]
h4ckm3 blockexplorer shows the correct balance for the address [03:38]
Joriaan Simple [03:38]
Joriaan For PP/CC, it isn't instant [03:38]
Joriaan I withdraw from the paypal before sending the currency [03:38]
BTCHero but if you get a chargeback they take it straight from you bank account [03:39]
Joriaan This is why I need that eBook [03:39]
nanotube BTCHero: no they can't do that. but they'll give you a negative balance [03:39]
BTCHero its not like they say "ooops lost some money, oh well" [03:39]
nanotube so next time you receive some money, it'll go toward your neg balance, and you won't be able to withdraw. [03:39]
Joriaan Well, want that ebook [03:39]
nanotube so unless you want to keep switching paypal accounts... it won't last. [03:39]
BTCHero I heard if it goes long enough they do. Am i mistaken? [03:39]
Joriaan I remember somone getting invoices and billing statements from paypal [03:40]
nanotube BTCHero: you must be, dipping into your bank account without your permission would be illegal. [03:40]
gmaxwell nanotube: they got your permission when they linked the account [03:40]
Joriaan ^ [03:40]
nanotube anyway, that is all even besides the fact that official tos of paypal says trading bitcoin is illegal. [03:40]
nanotube gmaxwell: no, they got your permission to send money that you ask them to send. [03:40]
nanotube not to take any old money that they want. [03:40]
BTCHero ill send you some money and charge it back to test ok nanotube? [03:40]
nanotube BTCHero: haha no thanks. [03:41]
Joriaan xD [03:41]
BTCHero nanotube it doesn't matter that you owe them money? [03:41]
Cusipzzz h4ckm3: try running it with the -rescan flag [03:41]
Joriaan Well, it involves temporary paypals and a relatively simple cashout method. [03:41]
nanotube Joriaan: see what happened with coinpal - it was doing fine, he was running a bunch of safety check and fraud level was low, but they closed him down because they suddenly decided bitcoin was against tos. [03:41]
Joriaan xD [03:42]
Joriaan I'm actually quite curious as to how coinpal worked [03:42]
Cusipzzz coinpal worked, until it didn't. [03:42]
Joriaan and I'll be circumnavigating Tos [03:42]
Joriaan I mean his fraud checks [03:42]
nanotube BTCHero: no. can you go and just take money from your neighbor's bank account if he owes you money? no, not legally. if he refuses to give you money, you can take him to court, but you can't just unilaterally go and steal money from him back. [03:42]
BTCHero So why don't we all just chargeback each other and keep the money? [03:43]
pigeons i need to write an ebook to sell Joriaan the secrets of being a rich bitchoiner [03:43]
nanotube Joriaan: not sure... there was waiting period, max amounts, address/phone checks, etc... bunch of stuff. [03:43]
Joriaan Ah. Well if all goes to plan, all it involves are waiting periods and high feels for PP/CC transactions [03:43]
Joriaan fees* [03:43]
nanotube BTCHero: yea i think you need to walk through that idea step by step and figure out where extra money will come from. :D [03:43]
* fimpfimp ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [03:43]
h4ckm3 will do ty [03:44]
h4ckm3 Cusipzzz, ty [03:44]
LordCanti Isn't that kinda what happens here anyway? [03:44]
Joriaan And actually, I'm doing this little "investment" thing on another site [03:44]
BTCHero I can't think, I think the xanax powder still has ahold of me [03:44]
Joriaan People send me paypal,I cash out, they chargeback, and I pay them half of what I cashout [03:44]
* DeLorean719 ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [03:44]
* DeLorean719 has quit (Remote host closed the connection) [03:44]
Joriaan The hard part is cashing out [03:44]
nanotube heh well, good luck... [03:45]
BTCHero Joriaan good luck [03:45]
Joriaan xD Thanks [03:45]
BTCHero lol [03:45]
* LeXLuther422 ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [03:45]
* rcorreia__ has quit (Remote host closed the connection) [03:45]
* DeLorean719 ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [03:45]
LordCanti nanotube: what you're saying is morally correct, but I think something in the ToS allows them to charge your account pretty much whenever they feel [03:45]
* gribble gives voice to DeLorean719 [03:45]
Joriaan I remember reading [03:45]
pigeons this plan sounds foolproof [03:45]
* yongjhen (~yongjhen@gateway/tor-sasl/yongjhen) has joined #bitcoin-otc [03:46]
LordCanti I'm now interested so I'm going to do some google fu [03:46]
nanotube LordCanti: well, if that is the case, i have not heard of that occurring. [03:46]
Cusipzzz pigeons: lol [03:46]
LeXLuther422 Hi all again been a while [03:46]
nanotube LordCanti: all that is iirc from some old google-fu i did :) [03:46]
Joriaan That if a buyer wants to do something (I believe its file a dispute, it might be seller) then they automatically give paypal permission to deduct funds from the bank [03:46]
BTCHero I sem to remember that they said if i didn't bring the balance back to zero they would do it automatically, but i have shit memory [03:46]
nanotube maybe these things change... [03:46]
LordCanti perhaps your goog-fu is stronger than mine [03:46]
Joriaan Note, this was in the TOS when I was looking into disputes [03:46]
LordCanti next I shall try my Tiger-Claw technique! [03:47]
nanotube well, take a gander and see what you find :) [03:47]
luke-jr LordCanti: ToS aren't always legal [03:47]
* copumpkin takes a goose instead [03:47]
nanotube no, leave my goose alone you hear! [03:47]
nanotube :P [03:47]
BTCHero Sue paypal. Have fun with that [03:47]
gmaxwell copumpkin: but you know— whats good for the goose is good for the gander. [03:47]
* copumpkin has the golden goose [03:47]
BTCHero ill donate 10btc [03:47]
BTCHero you just need about 1000000 more [03:47]
nanotube heh [03:47]
LeXLuther422 what do you all think a Casascius bitcoin is worth now I am supprised to see them for $30 on ebay [03:48]
DeLorean719 wtf is this 4.70 bs [03:48]
pigeons LeXLuther422: completed sold auctions? [03:48]
nanotube LeXLuther422: apparently, then, it is worth $30. to some people at least. :) [03:48]
LeXLuther422 no current lets see if I can find compleated [03:48]
pigeons shit i took the sticker off and redeemed a bunch when i needed money [03:48]
luke-jr anyone want to help me test Bitcoin-Qt? [03:48]
BTCHero can you still buy those silver round casascius coins? [03:49]
nanotube luke-jr: what do you need? [03:49]
luke-jr nanotube: I need people to send me bitcoins [03:49]
BTCHero and where, besides ebay [03:49]
nanotube luke-jr: how many? [03:49]
luke-jr nanotube: lots of tiny txns [03:49]
copumpkin luke-jr: tell me where [03:49]
BTCHero ill send you one [03:49]
BTCHero er like .01 [03:49]
nanotube define tiny, and define lots :) [03:49]
luke-jr copumpkin: 1EPyxH3cq4K6Zk6NNLwnMC5Pa3LiwLPuXu (any sends to this address get returned to copumpkin only!) [03:49]
luke-jr nanotube: enough to trigger a rare race condition :P [03:50]
luke-jr also, I need the txid of each one [03:50]
luke-jr out of band [03:50]
LordCanti I'm seeing a lot of forum chatter, people claiming paypal deducted from their account without permission, but not actual proof [03:50]
LordCanti yet [03:50]
* chsados (~chsados@unaffiliated/chsados) has joined #bitcoin-otc [03:50]
nanotube LordCanti: heh hot on the trail! [03:50]
BTCHero d133a5b00080be1f5c26a1e38afbb452777f6297b78e6a7107675ee38d3bc65c [03:51]
LordCanti of course you can't search their ToS page [03:51]
Joriaan yet [03:51]
nanotube luke-jr: ok pm me an addr and ill send you a dozen .01s or something [03:51]
LordCanti that's scummy on it's own [03:51]
luke-jr copumpkin: 4 so far? [03:51]
LordCanti its* [03:51]
BTCHero sent .01337 [03:51]
* LeXLuther422 has quit () [03:51]
Joriaan (09:56:03 PM) luke-jr: nanotube: enough to trigger a rare race condition :P [03:51]
Joriaan Whats the rare race condition? [03:51]
* finway has quit (Quit: Page closed) [03:51]
* rcorreia_ ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [03:51]
copumpkin luke-jr: I'm too busy abusing my bitcoin GUI [03:51]
luke-jr Joriaan: once in a while, Bitcoin-Qt doesn't show the txn [03:51]
copumpkin luke-jr: I'll give you the txn ids in a bit [03:51]
luke-jr copumpkin: it's possibly time-sensitive btw :P [03:51]
Joriaan Whats the upside to that? [03:52]
copumpkin oh, so I should automate it :( [03:52]
luke-jr Joriaan: what upside? [03:52]
Joriaan Or downside? [03:52]
luke-jr Joriaan: you don't see your funds until you restart [03:52]
BTCHero Transaction ID: 37734803440b0eb96f054ade515a921c9462c3667982d4fe65a749b9c5eb18b8 [03:52]
pigeons ask artforz for the "duster" [03:52]
Joriaan Why would someone want to trigger it? [03:52]
pigeons to fix it Joriaan [03:52]
copumpkin should have all the transaction IDs in it [03:52]
* finway (76d4b84c@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-otc [03:52]
* gribble gives voice to yongjhen [03:52]
copumpkin luke-jr: should I keep going? [03:52]
* seancky2 ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [03:52]
* seancky2 has quit (Client Quit) [03:53]
Joriaan Oh, that makes sense. xD [03:53]
luke-jr copumpkin: yeah, those are all listed :< [03:53]
luke-jr good idea on the ;) [03:53]
copumpkin what if I do a multi-send to your address multiple times? [03:53]
* gribble gives voice to vragnaroda [03:53]
copumpkin will the client try to outsmart me? [03:53]
pigeons if you get irc in prison Joriaan, tell us how the ebook worked [03:53]
luke-jr copumpkin: it probably won't trigger it any better [03:53]
copumpkin but it won't be any worse, will it? [03:54]
* rcorreia_ has quit (Remote host closed the connection) [03:54]
Joriaan xD What if I do well? [03:54]
pigeons don't worry [03:54]
copumpkin gah [03:54]
luke-jr Joriaan: 13N1b4iLRgfmSjwXXLZ36GgStQZiiZ1LV1 [03:54]
copumpkin it checks for duplicates in a sendmulti [03:54]
* lucid ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [03:55]
copumpkin that site is good [03:55]
copumpkin it's updating in realtime [03:55]
rawrmage good drugs [03:55]
luke-jr that's annoying :p [03:56]
Joriaan sugurd doog [03:56]
* dmn001 is now known as dmn001_ [03:56]
LordCanti copumpkin: have you used the wallet service on [03:57]
copumpkin nope [03:57]
LordCanti some people were touting it as a replacement for instawallet [03:57]
LordCanti their site is slick, but it's difficult to put trust in another company [03:57]
* subpar nods [03:58]
Joriaan Right now I use StrongCoin. I don't like fees though. <,< [03:58]
* Joric_ (~joric@ has joined #bitcoin-otc [03:58]
* rcorreia_ ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [03:58]
* Joric_ has quit (Changing host) [03:58]
* Joric_ (~joric@unaffiliated/joric) has joined #bitcoin-otc [03:58]
BTCHero charges fees [03:58]
BTCHero and they messed up some txn of mine that i had to email to fix [03:58]
finway How to turn this msg off ? Joric_ [~joric@unaffiliated/joric] has joined #bitcoin-otc [03:58]
LordCanti ohhh really [03:58]
Joriaan Is instawallet any good? [03:58]
BTCHero i like it, but it just changed hands [03:59]
LordCanti I've been using it without any issues Joriaan [03:59]
copumpkin luke-jr: I guess I should keep going? :P [03:59]
LordCanti and that [03:59]
luke-jr copumpkin: if you don't mind [03:59]
* cakes1000 ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [03:59]
copumpkin nah, it's fine [03:59]
cakes1000 cool bro [03:59]
Joriaan What about fees? And What are the possibly issues with the ownership change? [03:59]
nanotube finway: don't think you can, on webchat. [03:59]
* Joric has quit (Ping timeout: 272 seconds) [03:59]
LordCanti currently no fees, but the smallest amount you can transact is 0.01BTC [03:59]
Joriaan Well I wish I knew about this about an hour ago. xD [04:00]
seco finway: first of all start using a normal irc-client; then you can google for disable join messages on channel-view; with irc-webclients you can be happy to be able to chat or even use query-windows :p [04:00]
LordCanti I used it as an address for one of those fountain sites but realized I couldn't transfer it out haha [04:00]
luke-jr someone should make a vanitygen for QR-Codes… [04:00]
Joriaan The BTC client is buggy when running tails (read: Doesn't work at all) so I needed a nice ewallet. xD [04:01]
Joriaan What, so people can draw their own QR codes [04:01]
* gribble has quit (Remote host closed the connection) [04:01]
Joriaan ? [04:01]
* gribble (~gribble@unaffiliated/nanotube/bot/gribble) has joined #bitcoin-otc [04:01]
* ChanServ gives channel operator status to gribble [04:01]
vragnaroda gribble: Fuck you. [04:01]
luke-jr Joriaan: yes [04:01]
finway seco, thanks. [04:01]
mircea_popescu fascinating this page. [04:01]
finway nanotube, got it [04:02]
rawrmage vragnaroda: lol [04:02]
* rcorreia_ has quit (Remote host closed the connection) [04:02]
Joriaan The thing is, isn't the QR code based on a pattern of what it is encoding? [04:02]
rawrmage ;;eauth rawrmage [04:02]
vragnaroda rawrmage: I *just* reconnected and it does that shit. :( [04:02]
* JimmyHo3 ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [04:02]
vragnaroda Also, it's lagging like crazy now. [04:02]
luke-jr Joriaan: ? [04:02]
* seco feels so session-terminated :p [04:02]
* dmn001_ is now known as dmn001 [04:02]
Joriaan The pattern in the QR code is based on what is being encoded [04:03]
vragnaroda ;;voiceme [04:03]
* gribble gives voice to vragnaroda [04:03]
vragnaroda ;;gpg stats [04:03]
gribble There are 3536 registered users, 1 currently authenticated. There are also 1 pending authentication requests. [04:03]
* dvide_ ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [04:03]
* tdubellz has quit (Remote host closed the connection) [04:03]
vragnaroda Woohoo! I'm #1! I'm #1! [04:03]
luke-jr copumpkin: OK, let's give up :p [04:03]
* copumpkin sobs [04:03]
* rcorreia_ ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [04:03]
luke-jr copumpkin: where do I send it back? [04:03]
* tdubellz (~tdubellz@freenode/staff/tdubellz) has joined #bitcoin-otc [04:03]
* tdubz (~tdubellz@freenode/staff/tdubellz) has joined #bitcoin-otc [04:03]
seco vrag thats easy if you pulled the cable on your own :D [04:04]
* gribble gives voice to rawrmage [04:04]
copumpkin luke-jr: no need, all the amounts were so tiny that I don't really care :P [04:04]
vragnaroda seco: wut [04:04]
luke-jr fine [04:04]
vragnaroda ;;gpg stats [04:04]
gribble There are 3536 registered users, 3 currently authenticated. There are also 0 pending authentication requests. [04:04]
vragnaroda Who snuck in?! [04:04]
* dvide has quit (Ping timeout: 264 seconds) [04:04]
* gribble gives voice to nanotube [04:04]
copumpkin wat [04:04]
rawrmage :3 [04:04]
copumpkin only 3 authenticated? [04:04]
vragnaroda ;;ident copumpkin [04:05]
gribble Nick 'copumpkin', with hostmask 'copumpkin!~copumpkin@unaffiliated/copumpkin', is not identified. [04:05]
* rcorreia_ has quit (Remote host closed the connection) [04:05]
copumpkin fine, fine [04:05]
Joric_ i'm not that into QR codes but you may draw your own logo if it will not exceed 30% of area [04:05]
vragnaroda ;;ident nanotube [04:05]
gribble Nick 'nanotube', with hostmask 'nanotube!~nanotube@unaffiliated/nanotube', is identified as user nanotube, with GPG key id E7F938BEC95594B2, and key fingerprint D8B11AAC59A873B0F38D475CE7F938BEC95594B2. [04:05]
vragnaroda ;;gpg stats [04:05]
gribble There are 3536 registered users, 3 currently authenticated. There are also 0 pending authentication requests. [04:05]
vragnaroda Aha! [04:05]
nanotube copumpkin: gribble just had a connection hiccup. [04:05]
copumpkin oh [04:05]
nanotube vragnaroda: :) [04:05]
copumpkin ;;gpg stats [04:05]
gribble There are 3536 registered users, 4 currently authenticated. There are also 0 pending authentication requests. [04:05]
* JimmyHo2 has quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds) [04:05]
Joric_ version 05 correction level H (BBC used that) [04:05]
copumpkin whee! [04:05]
Joriaan luke-jr: [04:05]
vragnaroda ;;ident copumpkin [04:05]
gribble Nick 'copumpkin', with hostmask 'copumpkin!~copumpkin@unaffiliated/copumpkin', is identified as user copumpkin, with GPG key id 1AF929469280FBD6, and key fingerprint C275212F15F29AB8FB97E5F51AF929469280FBD6. [04:05]
seco i mean its like that old example where ircopers announce roflcopter flying against chanlist and pull-out the link-cable ;) [04:05]
copumpkin does the guy come on IRC? [04:06]
mircea_popescu i'd like to know that too [04:06]
* Cablesaurus has quit (Quit: It's a dud! It's a dud! It's a du...) [04:06]
* rcorreia_ ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [04:07]
vragnaroda luke-jr: What exactly did you have to tweak in gnupg? [04:07]
rg hell yea ill except the charges [04:07]
chwergy Buying BTC for PPUSD! :) [04:07]
* tdubz has quit (Client Quit) [04:07]
* tdubellz has quit (Client Quit) [04:07]
* rcorreia_ has quit (Remote host closed the connection) [04:07]
mircea_popescu so anyone can point me to an autoauth with gribble script ? [04:07]
rawrmage 9no [04:07]
LordCanti is another instawallet clone [04:08]
LordCanti this is more like a direct clone though [04:08]
nanotube vragnaroda: there's just one line to change the max-key. you can find the exact line on google. [04:08]
nanotube i think [04:08]
* gribble gives voice to imsaguy [04:08]
cakes1000 anyone using my wallet [04:08]
nanotube mircea_popescu: depends on your client. there are a bunch in the ,,code repo under gpg/helperscripts [04:08]
gribble Source code to gribble's bitcoin-related plugins: [04:08]
* Joric (~joric@ has joined #bitcoin-otc [04:08]
* Joric has quit (Changing host) [04:08]
* Joric (~joric@unaffiliated/joric) has joined #bitcoin-otc [04:08]
vragnaroda mircea_popescu: curl | gpg -d | xclip -i -selection clipboard [04:08]
cakes1000 [04:08]
vragnaroda mircea_popescu: Change that to your keyid. ;) [04:09]
copumpkin cakes1000: you're zoot reeves? [04:09]
mircea_popescu lol ok. ty. [04:09]
nanotube or that. :) [04:09]
nanotube copumpkin: i doubt it :) [04:09]
* _anti ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [04:09]
* _anti has quit (Changing host) [04:09]
* _anti (~IdrA@unaffiliated/-anti/x-0054887) has joined #bitcoin-otc [04:09]
* _anti has quit (Remote host closed the connection) [04:09]
Joric oh, wallet is now free of charge [04:09]
* Joric_ has quit (Ping timeout: 265 seconds) [04:10]
mod6 if vrags cmd isnt in the wiki, it should be probably. [04:10]
nanotube mod6: it is [04:10]
mod6 ok :) [04:10]
* rcorreia_ ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [04:10]
BTC_Bear wget version to I believe [04:10]
vragnaroda Meh, curl's better. :D [04:10]
Joriaan Its fwee? [04:11]
pigeons a free wallet? is it as good as mybitcoin? [04:11]
* rcorreia_ has quit (Remote host closed the connection) [04:11]
mod6 ahh good. i keep meaning to paste that to the new guys since that part seems to be a challenge. [04:11]
Joric pigeons, bruce wagner recommends now [04:11]
neofutur wget version : [04:11]
nanotube anyone who cares enough to use curl, is smart enough to s/wget/curl/ in the command :) [04:11]
* enyawix ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [04:11]
neofutur rm -f DF76B78C690B4E07; wget; gpg -d DF76B78C690B4E07 [04:11]
neofutur if someone ewants to add it [04:11]
vragnaroda mircea_popescu: You may not have xclip by default, though. [04:12]
nanotube neofutur: a wget version is already there. [04:12]
neofutur k [04:12]
nanotube also, no need for the temporary file, you can just wget to stdout, then pipe to gpg. [04:12]
vragnaroda Wtf, why would you *save a copy* of it. [04:12]
* rcorreia_ ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [04:12]
enyawix would not work on a LAMP based site anyway [04:12]
seco neofutur: wget -O - http://... to pipe it directly to stdout without file [04:13]
vragnaroda seco: Or curl, which behaves the way a *nix command-line utility ought to. :p [04:13]
nanotube vragnaroda: probably simply because you are not aware of "-O -" option. :) [04:13]
seco the problem about curl is: sometimes you have to install it; wget is on all base systems ...just for the lazy hardened folks ;) [04:14]
Someguy123 sweet fuck... aftereffects uses a LOT of ram [04:14]
Someguy123 o_O [04:14]
vragnaroda nanotube: No, I'm aware of it. The assumption shouldn't be creating a new file, though. The default should be piping. [04:14]
Someguy123 it's using 5gb rendering a 2 minute clip [04:14]
vragnaroda seco: That's not true. [04:14]
nanotube vragnaroda: i was answering your question of "why would you ..." so i used the same generalized 'you' :) [04:14]
vragnaroda $ wget [04:14]
vragnaroda bash: wget: command not found [04:14]
neofutur seco: thanks [04:15]
vragnaroda nanotube: Oh, right. :) [04:15]
pigeons curl [04:15]
neofutur im my mind the default is fast and simple when i dont need to optimize [04:16]
* gazabobo has quit (Quit: Page closed) [04:16]
pigeons much better with the -O [04:16]
neofutur no doubt [04:16]
rawrmage sudo emerge wget [04:16]
seco vragnaroda: the onus of proof lies on your side to show me all unix-derivates have curl installed; at least the embedded devices out there with busybox dont have curl, but wget *hiding* [04:17]
* jjjrmy has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds) [04:17]
rawrmage seco: lol [04:17]
pigeons perl -MLWP::Simple [04:18]
rawrmage don't you think this argument is a bit ridiculous [04:18]
seco i just support the lazyness: why install another package with potential deps if base is enough ;-) [04:18]
* enyawix ( has left #bitcoin-otc [04:18]
vragnaroda seco: “All unix-derivatives have curl” is *not* the opposite of “wget is on all base systems” [04:19]
* Orion-Hax ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [04:20]
seco ;) [04:20]
* finway has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds) [04:20]
Joric what should i do if i use windows? [04:20]
rawrmage install linux? [04:20]
splatster ^ [04:20]
seco foget about it :p [04:20]
rawrmage nah [04:20]
rawrmage i think there's a mirc thingy [04:21]
rawrmage to auth [04:21]
splatster seco: We never forget. NEVER. [04:21]
* seco hides [04:21]
cakes1000 wow, using the plunget on the kitchen sink actually worked [04:22]
cakes1000 plunger rather [04:22]
LordCanti INSTALL GENTOO [04:22]
rawrmage well they make plungers for a reason... [04:22]
pigeons GNU/Hurd [04:22]
rawrmage LordCanti: is that a meme [04:22]
splatster cakes1000: How is this relevant to #bitcoin-otc? [04:22]
LordCanti yes [04:22]
vragnaroda 3pigtrolololol [04:23]
Joric ginstall intoo [04:23]
seco LordCanti: and start building cli where others already have gui :D [04:23]
vragnaroda I don't know where that 3 came from but that should have begun with pigeons: [04:23]
cakes1000 looks like i dont need the liquid plumr after all [04:23]
splatster cakes1000: You are dodging my question. [04:24]
* gribble gives voice to mircea_popescu [04:24]
mircea_popescu meh, the bottleneck is still my longass passphrase [04:24]
rawrmage lol [04:24]
vragnaroda splatster: If he's ignoring you, don't try to pester him. [04:25]
* Cablesaurus ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [04:25]
* Cablesaurus has quit (Changing host) [04:25]
* Cablesaurus (~IceChat77@unaffiliated/cablesaurus) has joined #bitcoin-otc [04:25]
vragnaroda Cablesaurus: Your fly's down. [04:25]
* bx_ ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [04:25]
* chwergy has quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds) [04:28]
cakes1000 it would be nice if chrome supported javascript code signing [04:29]
mircea_popescu i dont trust js gpg [04:29]
cakes1000 then you could use a javascript wallet without wondering if the code was changed [04:30]
mircea_popescu you'd just wonder if the code verification was working. [04:30]
* JZavala has quit (Ping timeout: 244 seconds) [04:31]
cakes1000 if the code is open source, and your browser tells you the hash is the same as the published version, youre cool [04:31]
Joriaan Studying calc, bye peeps [04:31]
* Joriaan (~Jarwain@ has left #bitcoin-otc [04:31]
mircea_popescu chrome wasn't open soruce last i looked ? [04:33]
* amazingrando ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [04:33]
pigeons the open source project is called chromium [04:34]
pigeons which confusingly is the same name as the google netbook os project [04:35]
* Joric has quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds) [04:36]
cakes1000 anyway the blockchain guy is known, unlike the nom de plume tom williams. he seems legit to me [04:37]
smickles ;;seen splatster [04:37]
splatster ohai, smickles [04:38]
pigeons probably, but having a "legit" operator isn't the only reason not to use an online wallet for most use cases [04:39]
LordCanti nanotube: you might be right, I can't find official PP docs that say they will take money out of your bank account for a chargeback [04:41]
LordCanti it looks like they are claiming all chargebacks occur through credit card companies, not through them [04:42]
LordCanti unless I'm reading the wrong documents [04:43]
LordCanti they should have a single, searchable document for this stuff [04:43]
cakes1000 yeah they can take it all [04:44]
* vraa ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [04:45]
cakes1000 theyre thieves [04:45]
* NASDAQEnema has quit (Remote host closed the connection) [04:45]
splatster smickles and I need to come up with a proper name for our upcoming bitcoin investment fund on GLBSE. I'm not that great when it comes to thinking up names so I need your help. Anyone have any ideas? [04:45]
Cory What's the fund going to invest in? [04:46]
splatster Bitcoin lending institutions, Cory. [04:46]
splatster It comes with some guarantees to protect agains default and the like. [04:47]
splatster Or as copumpkin described them, various types of shit hitting the fan. [04:47]
* jjjrmy-m (~chatzilla@ has joined #bitcoin-otc [04:47]
cakes1000 "When you receive a payment, you are liable to PayPal for the full amount of the payment sent to you plus any Fees if the payment is later invalidated for any reason...If there are insufficient funds in your Balance to cover your liability, you agree to reimburse PayPal through other means." [04:47]
splatster Cory: In other words, no matter how you slice it, it would likely be safer to invest in the fund than doing the investing on your own. [04:48]
BTC_Bear BDIC [04:48]
LordCanti hmm, that might be enough, cakes1000 [04:48]
jjjrmy-m nigga please [04:48]
BTC_Bear as opposed to FDIC [04:48]
cakes1000 paypal be some thieves yo [04:48]
* NASDAQEnema ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [04:49]
Cory splatster: Exclusively lending institutions? [04:49]
splatster BTC_Bear: We don't insure in the same way the FDIC does. Our primary goal is to generate a positive bitcoin revenue. [04:49]
LordCanti I hate that they are the defacto standard in epayments [04:49]
BTC_Bear Didn't say it was the same, but the irony is there. [04:50]
splatster Cory: specifically fixed-income bitcoin securities [04:50]
mircea_popescu splatster : you should make a fund on mpex omg [04:50]
splatster mircea_popescu: Except the only way it can go is up. [04:50]
mircea_popescu hm? [04:50]
splatster There's no betting to be made. [04:50]
mircea_popescu ... [04:51]
mircea_popescu what betting lol [04:51]
jjjrmy-m *sigh* [04:51]
splatster MPOE ≠ MPEX [04:51]
splatster silly me [04:51]
mircea_popescu yea [04:51]
mircea_popescu mpex is like what glbse 2.0 is going to be [04:51]
Cory splatster: I think that should be included in the name, then. [04:52]
mircea_popescu the upfund ? [04:52]
Cory Unless you want to go the Shades Minoco path and mix and match your names. :P [04:52]
mircea_popescu splatckles ? [04:52]
splatster But regardless, I'm sticking with glbse (2.0) just because of it's being established. [04:52]
BTC_Bear Master Splaster Inc. [04:53]
mircea_popescu i thought it wasn't actually online [04:53]
splatster Cory: It is stated as such in the soon to come forum post. [04:53]
Cory Coming soon? :D [04:53]
Cory (I think that phrase might hilite imsaguy. I'd better be careful) [04:53]
splatster It isn't really just me. I'm doing the investing. smickles is doing the accounting. [04:54]
jjjrmy-m coming soon [04:54]
imsaguy that'll be 2 btc Cory [04:54]
imsaguy that'll be 2 btc jjjrmy-m [04:54]
jjjrmy-m what is 2 btc? [04:54]
imsaguy 1E7qfE55wJXrb4ZKJXH8masawnh54zL6d9 [04:54]
pigeons royalty/licensing fee [04:54]
imsaguy the use of that phrase is a trademark [04:54]
jjjrmy-m wait what [04:54]
jjjrmy-m to who? [04:54]
pigeons imsaguy: [04:54]
pigeons all rights reserved [04:54]
jjjrmy-m where is the proof [04:55]
imsaguy clearly you need to read my signature [04:55]
splatster What about a name like "Splatster and Smickles's Bitcoin Investment Fund" [04:55]
* amazingrando has quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds) [04:55]
jjjrmy-m imsaguy: [04:55]
pigeons i already get you two mixed up, now you're doing a project together [04:55]
mircea_popescu coming soon is a great question to ask the girlfriend. [04:55]
splatster imsaguy has trademarked the phrase coming soon™ (phrase credit imsaguy) [04:56]
rawrmage lol [04:56]
paulzag FYI on Moneypaks [04:56]
paulzag PayPal now requires you to provide your name, address, date of birth and Social Security Number in order for Green Dot to verify your identity before you can use the MoneyPak to add money to your PayPal account [04:56]
BTCHero after 250 dollars [04:56]
paulzag nope [04:56]
splatster pigeons: Yes, I know. [04:56]
jjjrmy-m splatster: I don't see how you can simply trademark something just by saying that [04:56]
BTCHero what instantly? [04:56]
paulzag yep [04:56]
BTCHero i didn't have to until 250 [04:56]
paulzag instantly [04:56]
pigeons i finally figured out one is slightly less annoying than the other ;> [04:56]
paulzag me neither [04:56]
reeses you can’t trademark something until it’s in commercial use [04:57]
paulzag problem is I have US tax id but no SSN [04:57]
BTCHero not that it matters who does less that 250 [04:57]
splatster /ignore pigeons for being a meanie! [04:57]
BTCHero im sure it would work no? [04:57]
splatster lots of people get us mixed up. [04:57]
reeses paulzag: tin is acceptable for an sun substitute almost everywhere [04:57]
reeses ssn [04:57]
imsaguy Coming Soon!™ © imsaguy 2012, All rights reserved. [04:58]
splatster It will make for an -awesome- thread on bitcointalk. [04:58]
paulzag but it's not accepting my EIN [04:58]
vragnaroda imsaguy: You forgot the ®. :p [04:58]
reeses weird [04:58]
mircea_popescu ein = employer id number ? [04:58]
mircea_popescu you want the taxid [04:58]
BTC_Bear same thing [04:58]
paulzag ® can only be used with Registered Trademarks [04:58]
paulzag I thought my EIN WAS my TIN [04:59]
imsaguy it certain cases, it is. [04:59]
splatster FYI, the announcement/IPO will come as soon as we get set up with GLBSE (preferably 2.0) [04:59]
reeses you want something that looks like 567-68-0515 [04:59]
pigeons hey, that's mine! [04:59]
paulzag that's what my EIN looks like [04:59]
reeses in fact, just use that one [04:59]
paulzag won't match my state address [04:59]
splatster With the announcement will come the planned distribution of funds. [04:59]
jjjrmy-m yeah, how can they really check [04:59]
* amazingrando ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [04:59]
jjjrmy-m here, one sec [04:59]
reeses (dick nixon’s ssn btw) [05:00]
* fizzisist_ (~fizzisist@unaffiliated/fizzisist) has joined #bitcoin-otc [05:00]
mod6 ha [05:00]
reeses memorize it and use it whenever someone asks [05:00]
paulzag hehehe Isn't SSN linked to DOB? [05:00]
nanotube LordCanti: 'agree to reimburse' is not the same thing as 'we will reimburse ourselves' :) [05:00]
jjjrmy-m [05:00]
reeses no [05:00]
Cory That's Richie's. [05:00]
reeses san is linked to state of issue [05:00]
paulzag I'm pretty sure they don't pass either jjjrmy-m [05:00]
h4ckm3 Cusipzzz, hey -rescan worked great ty [05:01]
jjjrmy-m try itgive syou an SSN and everything [05:01]
nanotube LordCanti: thanks for doing the research :) [05:01]
LordCanti nanotube: I would hope so, I couldn't find anything direct though [05:01]
h4ckm3 I also had an out of date client [05:01]
LordCanti novusordo: there are definitely a lot of people claiming that paypal pulls tuff like that on them, but no direct proff [05:01]
LordCanti proof* [05:01]
reeses Weight:240.2 pounds (109.2 kilograms) [05:02]
reeses Height:5' 7" (171 centimeters) [05:02]
reeses that’s just mean [05:02]
LordCanti I should double check my auto completes [05:03]
reeses Lion + TextExpander? [05:03]
* fizzisist has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds) [05:03]
* seco has quit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds) [05:03]
* lunks has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer) [05:04]
paulzag They check the US postal address is valid [05:04]
splatster So does anyone have any ideas? [05:04]
nanotube Bitcoin Lending Fund I [05:05]
* lunks (~lunks@ has joined #bitcoin-otc [05:05]
splatster What's with the I? [05:05]
nanotube leaves the option open to later offer II and III :) [05:05]
reeses Rocky wasn't Rocky I [05:05]
nanotube roman numerals. they suck, but they are traditional :) [05:06]
splatster Ah, things have changed to the overall plans. [05:06]
reeses ANH wasn't Episode IV until ESB was in the works [05:06]
nanotube reeses: yes it was. they just forgot to put it on. [05:06]
splatster It will be a single asset that will run forever. [05:06]
splatster s/asset/fund/ [05:06]
nanotube still never hurts to give it a version number ;) [05:06]
paulzag We were unable to verify the information you provided. Please confirm your information and try again. [05:06]
splatster Guys, this thing really should go on as long as it possibly can. [05:07]
splatster Unless the shareholders vote to dissolve the assets, we will be turning a profit every month. [05:07]
* NASDAQEnema has quit (Ping timeout: 244 seconds) [05:07]
jjjrmy-m i am so dang tireed [05:08]
amiller srsly [05:09]
nanotube jjjrmy-m: there's this thing called sleep i've heard about. i understand it's a good antidote to tiredness. [05:09]
nanotube have you looked into that? [05:09]
nanotube i think you can find it on google if you have some time [05:10]
jjjrmy-m might as well go to sleep soon. Have a lot of work to do tomorrow [05:10]
mircea_popescu who can look INTO sleep !? [05:10]
amiller have you seen inception [05:10]
amiller it's like that. [05:10]
* Txyru has quit (Ping timeout: 244 seconds) [05:11]
jjjrmy-m XML parsing fatal error: Invalid document structure, line: 1, [05:12]
* Mad7Scientist ( has left #bitcoin-otc ("K-Lined") [05:13]
* Mad7Scientist ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [05:13]
Mad7Scientist Was my part message different than a real K-Line? [05:13]
nanotube yes, kline generally results in a quit, not in a part :) [05:14]
Mad7Scientist Could I disconnect from the whole network with a fake K-Linei quit? [05:15]
copumpkin they put it in quotes [05:16]
nanotube yea i don't recall the exact appearance of a real kline [05:16]
Cory * douglas_quaid ( Quit (K-Lined) [05:16]
amiller is anyone else going to go to the startup weekend thing [05:17]
jjjrmy-m me :) [05:17]
amiller i think jjjrmy-m and i will be repping bitcoin [05:17]
amiller combined we'll have 8 screens [05:17]
mod6 nice, where is that at? [05:17]
coingenuity amiller: jjjrmy-m i'm sending my president of marketing, say hello to him [05:17]
jjjrmy-m B-) [05:17]
amiller it's at UCF, it's an event put on by Kauffman foundation which is a VC firm that 'works with' educational institutions [05:18]
jjjrmy-m coingenuity: wait, you are? [05:18]
coingenuity yes :) [05:18]
mod6 cool :) [05:18]
jjjrmy-m coingenuity: so I should bother him more about advertising? [05:18]
amiller i am going to be trying very hard to push my vision of a self-issued IOU-based complementary currency trading system. [05:18]
amiller but in general we'll show off all the cool bitcoin things we can think of [05:18]
coingenuity sure jjjrmy-m its his job :) bug away [05:18]
jjjrmy-m coingenuity: what is his name? [05:18]
amiller i guess we're supposed to try to recruit team mates to help us and have a demo to show by the end of it [05:18]
amiller so any ideas are welcomed... [05:18]
nanotube amiller: will there be any video feeds? :) [05:19]
amiller i'm thinking i'm going to set up one of the screens as a kind of skype wall [05:19]
jjjrmy-m how do you do that coingenuity ? [05:19]
amiller and maybe i'll do some live broadcasts if i can figure out how [05:19]
amiller let me see if i can set up a ustream [05:19]
coingenuity irc NOTICE function [05:19]
jjjrmy-m amiller: Yes, I'd love to do a ustream [05:20]
Cory What time is it? [05:20]
coingenuity amiller: ustream is pretty easy :) [05:20]
LordCanti why are there so many articles about the "fall of bitcoin" but none following up now that it's stable? [05:20]
amiller lol LordCanti i think that's predictable [05:20]
mod6 trolls, LordCanti. [05:20]
LordCanti "collapsing with no sign of recovery" [05:20]
coingenuity niggaz be jeaouz [05:20]
coingenuity jealouz* [05:20]
draco49 They've been saying that for almost a year. [05:20]
coingenuity glad to hear it jjjrmy-m [05:21]
Cory I'd watch a live stream. [05:21]
LordCanti how long has it been around $4-5? [05:21]
rg LordCanti: same reason they report on the current wars we're in instead of what i did today [05:21]
jjjrmy-m Cory: watch me, I'm better :) [05:21]
rg reason: no one cares when youre up, they only wanna know when youre down [05:21]
rg ;;ticker [05:21]
amiller it's been $4-5 for months now [05:22]
nanotube amiller: when's the ucf event? [05:22]
Cory Almost a month and a half. [05:22]
amiller begins tomorrow evening [05:22]
amiller we're pretty uncertain how it's going to go down [05:22]
nanotube ah... good luck! :) [05:22]
nanotube btw, y u not in -wot? :) [05:22]
jjjrmy-m what is -wot? [05:22]
Mad7Scientist wide open throttle [05:22]
coingenuity nanotube: -wot is dat [05:22]
nanotube coingenuity: haha [05:23]
coingenuity :P [05:23]
amiller [05:23]
draco49 I thought dis was dat [05:23]
* amazingrando has quit (Ping timeout: 264 seconds) [05:24]
* gamotua (4b914c31@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-otc [05:24]
mod6 looks to be a long weekend, good luck guys :) [05:25]
nanotube jjjrmy-m: it is a channel. starts with #bitcoin :) [05:25]
jjjrmy-m #bitcoin-wot [05:25]
draco49 :/ [05:25]
splatster Mad7Scientist: If you REALLY want to see what a kline looks like, start up some shit in a bunch of different channels. [05:26]
Mad7Scientist that's how you would see what a K-Line looks like [05:26]
amiller so i'm planning on making a trading site for self issued currencies [05:27]
* devrandom has quit (Ping timeout: 276 seconds) [05:27]
amiller i want to know if anyone in bitcoin otc is going to be willing to play along [05:27]
splatster OR, you could boot up your own IRCd and see what happens [05:28]
amiller by letting me buy some credits for fractions of online services [05:28]
amiller like a day of rg vps [05:28]
Mad7Scientist Who wants to sign up for something and make $10 a month [05:28]
cakes1000 10 bux? good deal [05:29]
Mad7Scientist But you have to send me $40 each month (you get $50 each month) [05:29]
* devrandom (~devrandom@gateway/tor-sasl/niftyzero1) has joined #bitcoin-otc [05:29]
novusordo lol [05:29]
novusordo not like it's a nigerian scam or anything [05:30]
Mad7Scientist it's actually not a nigerian scam [05:30]
Mad7Scientist I'm not from Nigeria [05:30]
draco49 It sounds like that stupid chain letter scam. [05:30]
Mad7Scientist and there is no sign up fee for you [05:30]
gamotua is it possible to purchase 1 bitcoin? [05:30]
cakes1000 sure gamotua [05:30]
gamotua w/ cc? [05:30]
Mad7Scientist $5.30 PayPal right here [05:30]
* rodrigorcm has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer) [05:31]
Mad7Scientist My mom just told me about freshman year college and the chain letters where you send $10 back and pass the letter on [05:31]
* cakes1000 straps on his bird wings [05:31]
* churchill (~neo2@gateway/tor-sasl/neo2) has joined #bitcoin-otc [05:33]
Mad7Scientist I can't believe anyone would be so stupid [05:33]
* hexTech has quit (Remote host closed the connection) [05:34]
Mad7Scientist but apparently a few people made $$$ by doing it [05:34]
g04 lol yeah they still circulate [05:34]
g04 i remember getting something in the mail once addressed to resident lol [05:34]
Mad7Scientist but why can't I send the letter on and not send the $10 back to the person who sent it? [05:36]
LordCanti [05:36]
* Now talking on #bitcoin-otc [13:02]
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rg good moring [14:18]
rg ;;ticker [14:18]
rg ha [14:18]
rg my prediction is coming true guys [14:18]
* h4ckm3 ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [14:19]
rg you have got to be shitting me [14:20]
brznbtni ;;ticker [14:20]
rg ùíù WHO This command could not be completed because it has been used recently, and is rate-limited. [14:21]
rg freenode is pissing me off [14:21]
* DIGISHELLS ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [14:22]
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* Clonedead ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [14:26]
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rg s5 [14:41]
* yossarian_ ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [14:46]
rg i said [14:46]
rg GOOD MORNING [14:47]
rg its time to say the pledge of allegience [14:47]
rg a [14:47]
rg not e [14:47]
* andrewparker ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [14:49]
* androSnake has quit (Quit: Verlassend) [14:50]
* agricocb (~agricolc@unaffiliated/agricocb) has joined #bitcoin-otc [14:51]
luke-jr rg: no way [14:51]
rg i pledge allegience to the flag [14:53]
rg of the united states of america [14:53]
rg and to the republc for which it stands [14:53]
rg one nation [14:53]
rg invisible [14:53]
rg with liberty and justice for all [14:53]
rg indivisible* [14:53]
rg invisible works too [14:53]
* yrral (c7a82cc0@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-otc [14:54]
luke-jr rg: you left out a line [14:57]
rg no, i didnt [14:58]
luke-jr rg: also, wtf would you pledge allegience to a flag? [14:58]
luke-jr it's a piece of cloth [14:58]
rg cause its a symbol of our freedom [14:58]
rg why would you pray to a wooden cross [14:58]
luke-jr lack of* [14:58]
luke-jr the current flag is a symbol of tyranny [14:58]
rg i love my country [14:58]
rg hate the system [14:58]
rg i am a true american [14:58]
luke-jr the flag represents the tyrant Lincoln forcing his control over the States [14:59]
rg yeah cause im sure the catholic symbol represents awesomeness [14:59]
luke-jr <-- flag for true americans [14:59]
* da2ce7|2 is now known as da2ce7 [15:00]
* andrewparker ( has left #bitcoin-otc [15:00]
* Sedra (~msn@ has joined #bitcoin-otc [15:00]
rg lol [15:00]
ageis lol, you love that slavery [15:02]
* vite has quit (Quit: Leaving) [15:02]
* d4de (~RaWWR@ has joined #bitcoin-otc [15:03]
* d4de has quit (Changing host) [15:03]
* d4de (~RaWWR@unaffiliated/d4de) has joined #bitcoin-otc [15:03]
* Sedra- has quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds) [15:03]
luke-jr ageis: lol you love your rewritten historybooks [15:03]
* ozstralia (3a06b141@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-otc [15:04]
easystevey ;;rate nanotube 10 awesome stand up dude [15:05]
* Orion-Hax ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [15:05]
* cheebydi has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds) [15:05]
* cheebydi (~cheeby@unaffiliated/cheebydi) has joined #bitcoin-otc [15:06]
* cryptoxchange has quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds) [15:06]
easystevey ;;rate nanotube 10 awesome stand up dude [15:06]
gribble Rating entry successful. Your rating for user nanotube has changed from 1 to 10. [15:06]
* yrral (c7a82cc0@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has left #bitcoin-otc [15:07]
* ozstralia has quit (Client Quit) [15:08]
* cryptoxchange ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [15:09]
* cryptoxchange has quit (Changing host) [15:09]
* cryptoxchange (~Ken@unaffiliated/cryptoxchange) has joined #bitcoin-otc [15:09]
rg luke-jr: so slavery didnt occur? [15:10]
rg what a load off my chest [15:10]
* cyphase has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds) [15:12]
* tritoch has quit () [15:14]
* da2ce7 has quit (Ping timeout: 276 seconds) [15:14]
occulta market order create spread? [15:17]
* DamascusVG has quit (Quit: I Quit - [15:21]
luke-jr rg: it occurred in both N and S [15:23]
luke-jr rg: and was on the way out naturally in both before the war [15:23]
luke-jr (in fact, if the war hadn't happened, we'd probably have skipped all the discrimination crap) [15:23]
rg obviously it occured in both [15:24]
rg but the whole war wasnt that slavery was bad [15:24]
rg it was the fact that holding rule over a man is immoral [15:24]
rg they didnt care about the slaves or black people as a race [15:24]
rg they just thought it was immoral to tell another man what to do in those circumstances [15:24]
* Orion-Hax has quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds) [15:26]
* eusoubitcoin (d8bdaf84@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-otc [15:29]
* chk has quit (Remote host closed the connection) [15:30]
* merlin1234 (5990c0a4@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-otc [15:30]
* aparigraha ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [15:31]
* merlin1234 has quit (Client Quit) [15:31]
rg luke [15:32]
rg i am having the weirdest proble3m with our billing syste [15:32]
rg i am completely stumped [15:32]
* _Bigpiggy01Minin ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [15:32]
* aparigraha ( has left #bitcoin-otc [15:33]
rg OH [15:33]
rg figured it out [15:33]
rg now i have to figure out how to fix it.. [15:34]
* vraa has quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds) [15:38]
* d4de has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer) [15:38]
* h4ckm3 ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [15:41]
* Joric (~joric@unaffiliated/joric) has joined #bitcoin-otc [15:42]
* gribble gives voice to Joric [15:42]
* tonikt ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [15:42]
* bv-falcon ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [15:42]
* arij ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [15:43]
Joric i just love the term 'tainted coins' [15:44]
Joric wallet aids [15:45]
* GlooBoy (48948d9a@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-otc [15:46]
* lunks (~lunks@ has joined #bitcoin-otc [15:46]
* copumpkin taints all of Joric's coins [15:48]
* tonikt has quit () [15:48]
* tonikt (5038ed55@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-otc [15:48]
* caish5 ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [15:51]
* EvanR (~erinehart@ has joined #bitcoin-otc [15:54]
* EvanR is now known as Guest68441 [15:55]
* nonick is now known as darkee [15:55]
* bitcoinTrader (~Adium@ has joined #bitcoin-otc [15:55]
bitcoinTrader hi [15:56]
* snake-e-ter (4c7266e4@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-otc [15:56]
snake-e-ter hello guys [15:56]
* paulzag ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [15:57]
snake-e-ter i cant get in auth right now because i dont have my key on this pc but anyone want to trade some poker chips for btc [15:57]
snake-e-ter i dont want to have to wait for cash out on seals i need it now im willing to give you extra [15:58]
snake-e-ter i can send it to any btc poker site [15:58]
snake-e-ter im on sealswithclubs [15:58]
rg not me [16:03]
rg but someone, maybe [16:03]
occulta can someone tell me if its possible to execute an order that not exact? im not a trader and im assuming thats not how it works :P [16:04]
occulta so say, buy all sells under a certain value ? [16:04]
* caish5 has quit (Quit: Leaving) [16:05]
* aparigraha (~aparigrah@gateway/tor-sasl/aparigraha) has joined #bitcoin-otc [16:05]
* Orion-Hax ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [16:06]
brznbtni rg [16:08]
brznbtni i have a picture for the photobook [16:08]
brznbtni it's of nanotube [16:09]
brznbtni vragnaroda: great pic [16:09]
brznbtni vragnaroda: i am watching on my cinema display a [16:10]
brznbtni +it [16:10]
brznbtni :D [16:10]
* brznbtni is now known as bruzum [16:10]
Joric nice photobook: [16:10]
rg did he give yuo it [16:11]
rg or did you find it online [16:11]
* mcorlett (u5652@gateway/web/ has joined #bitcoin-otc [16:11]
rg i was under the impression he didnt want to submit a photo [16:11]
* Guest68441 is now known as EvanR [16:11]
* EvanR has quit (Changing host) [16:12]
* EvanR (~erinehart@unaffiliated/evanr) has joined #bitcoin-otc [16:12]
* ChanServ gives voice to EvanR [16:12]
bruzum rg: ph [16:12]
bruzum oh [16:12]
mcorlett ;;ping [16:12]
bruzum [16:12]
bruzum but as you said [16:12]
bruzum maybe he does not want it posted on the photobook [16:12]
rg haha yeah thats nanotube like im george washington [16:12]
* snake-e-ter has quit (Quit: Page closed) [16:12]
bruzum rg: hehehehe [16:12]
* LordCanti (~MF@unaffiliated/lordcanti) has joined #bitcoin-otc [16:13]
Cusipzzz EvanR: you have money yet?! [16:13]
terrytibbs you doctor yet [16:14]
rg EvanR was buying strippers and coke lastn ight [16:14]
rg hes probably not got much left [16:14]
* devrandom has quit (Remote host closed the connection) [16:15]
Cusipzzz rg: haha. no he has coins in deep storage (usb key buried 10ft down in swamp) [16:15]
bruzum [16:15]
copumpkin Cusipzzz: you mean in the bayou? [16:15]
bruzum girl from one of my super secret groupos on facebook [16:15]
* devrandom (~devrandom@gateway/tor-sasl/niftyzero1) has joined #bitcoin-otc [16:15]
bruzum groups [16:15]
Cusipzzz you have to hike, canoe, and snorkel to retreive it.. if they ever turn off GPS he's screwed [16:15]
rg bruzum, its a guy [16:15]
bruzum rg: no [16:16]
bruzum rg: iknow her personally :) [16:16]
EvanR rg: yeah but last night == 7pm [16:16]
EvanR everythings getting earlier and earlier [16:16]
EvanR Cusipzzz: i have recovered my computer, now its in the truck of my car [16:16]
EvanR its been raining... [16:16]
Cusipzzz EvanR: nice...progress [16:16]
EvanR i saw ohio and cincinatti [16:17]
EvanR my room mate used to live in both places [16:17]
EvanR who did you predict? [16:17]
* copumpkin has quit (Quit: Computer has gone to sleep.) [16:18]
Cusipzzz went 2-1 last night, almost another sweep [16:19]
EvanR what does that mean [16:19]
bruzum [16:19]
bruzum :/ [16:19]
bruzum im really offended by that [16:20]
bruzum picture [16:20]
Cusipzzz won 2 games, lost 1..made a little coin. [16:20]
EvanR mmk [16:20]
bruzum Cusipzzz: gambling ? [16:20]
EvanR sportsbetting isnt gambling [16:20]
rg the catholic boattttttttt [16:20]
bruzum im asking [16:20]
Cusipzzz it's skill, lol [16:20]
EvanR if youre playing against an RNG with rules where youre certain to lose in the long run, its gambling [16:21]
* vraa ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [16:21]
rg [16:21]
bruzum Cusipzzz: so can you guaranteee me a profit if i inest money in your plays? [16:21]
rg donate your HD's to CERN [16:21]
bruzum invest [16:21]
rg donate your HD's to CERN [16:21]
rg donate your HD's to CERN [16:21]
EvanR bruzum: you are about to get a call xD [16:21]
bruzum Cusipzzz: what is your rate [16:21]
EvanR also nothing is guaranteed even in investments [16:21]
Cusipzzz bruzum: no guarantees my man, but evanr has seen results lol [16:22]
EvanR youre just not certain to lose like in gambling [16:22]
bruzum Cusipzzz: ok. what are your terms? [16:22]
bruzum and what type of sport betting is it? [16:22]
EvanR [16:22]
Cusipzzz college basketball...tournament going on [16:22]
bruzum alright [16:22]
bruzum where can i transfer my funds ? [16:22]
bruzum and what are your terms, again [16:22]
bruzum i want to play exactly like you do [16:23]
bruzum so just mirror your plays for me if u can [16:23]
* itsme_ (43f2411d@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-otc [16:23]
Cusipzzz bruzum: lol, you can do it yourself, will explain in pm [16:23]
bruzum no [16:23]
bruzum i dont want to be directly involved with gambling [16:23]
bruzum so im asking what your rate is [16:23]
* PsiliPharm (~psiliphar@ has joined #bitcoin-otc [16:24]
bruzum but pm, sure [16:24]
* rodrigorcm ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [16:24]
rg why want disassemble johnny 5? [16:24]
rg why want disassemble johnny 5? [16:24]
EvanR bruzum: its not gambling [16:24]
EvanR and whats this thing about 'direct' involvement lol [16:24]
EvanR youre already in over your head, this is bitcoin [16:25]
bruzum Cusipzzz: i want to introduce a few friends of mine to bitcoin and they are into BETTING (NOT GAMBLING IM SORRY KTHX NP..) [16:25]
bruzum Cusipzzz: thats why [16:25]
EvanR bitcoin is great for that [16:25]
bruzum yeah [16:25]
bruzum i suspect [16:25]
EvanR you dont have to fuck with regulations and shit [16:25]
bruzum yeah [16:26]
bruzum but can you play on real games? [16:26]
bruzum like [16:26]
bruzum i dont know [16:26]
bruzum champions leauge [16:26]
bruzum and horses and stuff [16:26]
EvanR they have lots of stuff on there [16:27]
bruzum cooooooooool [16:27]
Cusipzzz yes, champions league, all major soccer leagues [16:27]
* dundo (d9a281d9@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-otc [16:27]
bruzum i dont like webpages, sry [16:27]
* wsmf (4c7266e4@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-otc [16:27]
bruzum accounts [16:27]
wsmf you here [16:27]
EvanR me neither [16:27]
Cusipzzz nba, etc [16:27]
bruzum and passwords etc [16:27]
bruzum i always use my email for all my accounts [16:27]
bruzum "forgot password" [16:27]
bruzum and that is a hassle [16:27]
* itsme_ has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds) [16:29]
rg [16:29]
rg standing tallllllllllll [16:29]
rg on the wings of my dreams [16:30]
rg rise and falllllllllllll [16:30]
* itisme (43f2411d@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-otc [16:30]
itisme hi [16:30]
itisme hi room [16:30]
wsmf ok so you can type [16:30]
rg we're a channel [16:30]
rg not a room [16:31]
* itisme_ (43f2411d@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-otc [16:32]
itisme_ i have chips [16:32]
itisme_ on [16:33]
itisme_ looking for btx [16:33]
itisme_ btc* [16:33]
rg can't you withdraw those to BTC? [16:33]
rg i mean, werent they BTC originally? [16:33]
itisme_ you can withdraw [16:34]
itisme_ but the owner has to be on for it to happen [16:34]
itisme_ and that wont be for a while [16:34]
itisme_ ill pay a lil fee if someone can do it for me [16:34]
* itisme has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds) [16:35]
bruzum itisme_: can i put the chips in btc sports betting somehow [16:35]
bruzum itisme_: if so i am interested [16:35]
* wsmf has quit (Quit: Page closed) [16:37]
* AnonX (~idioten@ has joined #bitcoin-otc [16:37]
AnonX nanotube [16:38]
* itisme_ has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds) [16:38]
* copumpkin (~copumpkin@unaffiliated/copumpkin) has joined #bitcoin-otc [16:41]
* ChanServ gives voice to copumpkin [16:41]
rg [16:41]
rg yeah [16:41]
rg thats the girl from Step by Step [16:41]
rg somebody got hot [16:41]
rg big time [16:41]
vraa ;;getrating speed_racer8 [16:44]
* tonikt has quit (Quit: Page closed) [16:47]
Joric oh gawd it's 4.62 [16:48]
rg ;;ticker [16:49]
gribble Best bid: 4.615, Best ask: 4.63481, Bid-ask spread: 0.01981, Last trade: 4.615, 24 hour volume: 68235, 24 hour low: 4.59768, 24 hour high: 4.83711 [16:49]
rg 4.61 [16:49]
EvanR whats the market rate for hot twin hookers [16:49]
rg EvanR: coke [16:49]
* jjjrmy-m (~chatzilla@ has joined #bitcoin-otc [16:49]
rg ;;asks 5.00 [16:49]
gribble There are currently 43361.761 bitcoins offered at or under 5.0 USD, worth 212544.202203 USD in total. [16:49]
rg lol. [16:49]
rg bye bye $5 [16:49]
EvanR hello 7 [16:50]
EvanR soon [16:50]
rg ;;market buy 400000 [16:50]
jjjrmy-m I have an annuity but I need cash now [16:50]
gribble This order would exceed the size of the order book. You would buy 286716.73 bitcoins, for a total of 316564485719.2266 USD and take the price to 1337000000000.0000. [16:50]
EvanR haha [16:50]
Joric why it's always 1337 billion [16:50]
rg ;;market buy 15000 [16:51]
gribble A market order to buy 15000 bitcoins right now would take 72152.2732 USD and would take the last price up to 4.8799 USD. [16:51]
rg think about that, 15,000 btc has to be sold to even take us near $5 [16:51]
bitcoinTrader ;;seen ocminer [16:52]
jjjrmy-m rg: you didn't fix the images yet... :( [16:54]
rg message me them now [16:54]
rg im not busy today [16:54]
* BTC_Bear|hbrntng has quit (Ping timeout: 248 seconds) [16:55]
Joric zhou doesn't even try to lower buy price [16:55]
* Duke_pro has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer) [16:55]
* Xunie (~Xunie@unaffiliated/xunie) has joined #bitcoin-otc [16:56]
* tonikt ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [16:56]
* bitcoinTrader has quit (Quit: Leaving.) [16:57]
* tonikt ( has left #bitcoin-otc [16:57]
reeses ugh mtgox’s architectural problems raise their ugly heads yet again [16:59]
* BTC_Bear (~BTC_Bear@unaffiliated/btc-bear/x-5233302) has joined #bitcoin-otc [17:00]
rg reeses: example [17:00]
* aemaeth has quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds) [17:00]
* masori (~masori@gateway/tor-sasl/masori) has joined #bitcoin-otc [17:00]
* PsiliPharm has quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds) [17:00]
* hngryhngryhippo ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [17:01]
* aemaeth ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [17:01]
* aemaeth is now known as Guest94883 [17:02]
* Blitzboom (~s@unaffiliated/blitzboom) has joined #bitcoin-otc [17:02]
* ChanServ gives voice to Blitzboom [17:02]
* PsiliPharm (~psiliphar@ has joined #bitcoin-otc [17:02]
* Valalvax has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds) [17:02]
Joric how ppl manage to sell tiny amounts a higher price do they buy from themselves? [17:02]
* merlin1234 (5990c0a4@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-otc [17:02]
* Valalvax ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [17:03]
Blitzboom wat [17:03]
merlin1234 Search anyone how chance PSC to BTC .. i have good rating on bitcoin-otc !! [17:03]
rg 0 Overdue Invoices [17:03]
rg mmm [17:03]
rg that pleases me [17:03]
Joric 50 @ 4.61 ... 0.01 @ 4.63 ... 80 @ 4.61 [17:04]
rg Joric: well [17:04]
rg i believe the goal is to make many small profitable transactions [17:04]
rg and have them equal out to a gain [17:05]
rg however [17:05]
rg you must also take into account mtcox's fees [17:05]
AndrewNTH ;;rate paulzag 1 Easy and quick transaction for 1 BTC. [17:05]
AndrewNTH oh i can't rate yet aha [17:05]
rg AndrewNTH: soon young jedi [17:05]
rg soon [17:05]
merlin1234 msg memoserv send seco [17:06]
AndrewNTH rg: i thought i was supposed to is all :P [17:06]
rg ;;getrating andrewnth [17:06]
gribble This user has not yet been rated. Currently authenticated from hostmask AndrewNTH!~andy@unaffiliated/andrewnth [17:06]
rg ;;gpg info andrewnth [17:07]
gribble User 'AndrewNTH', with keyid CE66010526934513 and fingerprint 2EF0329D58E02D44FD06DB4ECE66010526934513, registered on Fri Mar 23 02:50:22 2012. Currently authenticated from hostmask AndrewNTH!~andy@unaffiliated/andrewnth [17:07]
* s1cz has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer) [17:08]
merlin1234 hello can anyone help me please.. i need the command for selling pcs on the bitcoin otc order book [17:09]
* Duke_pro (~duke@ has joined #bitcoin-otc [17:12]
rg i cant be certain [17:16]
rg but [17:16]
rg it appears the new website look has boosted sales [17:16]
vragnaroda merlin1234: See the ,,guide [17:16]
gribble Guide to using #bitcoin-otc: [17:16]
Cusipzzz rg: it does look much better [17:16]
phedny rg: if you want to be certain, you can do A/B testing ;) [17:17]
Joric doesn't load [17:17]
* s1cz ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [17:17]
merlin1234 thanks :)) But can anyone change fast ?!? becasue my men had no more btc [17:17]
Joric as well as [17:17]
rg that was actually an ubuntu logo [17:18]
rg it was too big [17:18]
rg so i rm'd it [17:19]
rg i will find a better one now [17:19]
draco49 Good morning :) [17:19]
rg ahoy draco [17:19]
rg its like .. mid day [17:19]
rg :> [17:19]
draco49 I know, I slept in :P [17:19]
jcpham yeah i got 5 page erros loading it too [17:19]
jcpham for pve icons or something [17:19]
* bitcoinTrader (~Adium@ has joined #bitcoin-otc [17:20]
rg pve icons? [17:20]
rg ? [17:20]
rg i need to fix the black too [17:20]
rg the black on the bottom is darker than the title bar [17:20]
bitcoinTrader ;;seen mad7scientist [17:20]
jcpham the other day when it debuted you had 5 of these [17:21]
jcpham Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found) [17:21]
jcpham now you only have one [17:21]
mircea_popescu << case study, how to use options to hedge. [17:21]
rg oh mary poppins [17:21]
rg you and your options [17:21]
mircea_popescu yee! [17:21]
mircea_popescu at least i know html :D [17:21]
draco49 lol wow, below the belt [17:22]
rg i never claimed to know HTML [17:22]
rg i dont [17:22]
rg usually i just modify templates [17:23]
Joric mircea_popescu, 1311 Errors, 579 warnings [17:23]
mircea_popescu joric see ? :D [17:23]
mircea_popescu he who dies with the most errors wins. [17:23]
jjjrmy-m Hmm, anyone know how to get a Adobe Photoshop CS6 key? [17:24]
Joric oh it's 1307 Errors, 579 warning(s) already, good job [17:24]
Cusipzzz lol [17:24]
rg i have some stray divs [17:25]
rg the problem with the validation is that when i fix them, they break the site [17:25]
rg i already attempted to fix some [17:25]
Joric shit 1 got warning [17:26]
* knotwork_ (~markm@unaffiliated/knotwork) has joined #bitcoin-otc [17:26]
rg did you fix that shit yet? [17:26]
Joric i don't know how to fix this particular warning it probably just doesn't like html5 [17:26]
rg damn html5 validation! doesnt like htmlt! [17:27]
rg damn html5 validation! doesnt like html5! [17:27]
Joric looks like it's still experimental [17:28]
merlin1234 hello how can i delete orders ?? [17:28]
jjjrmy-m ;;delete [17:28]
jjjrmy-m ;;remove [17:28]
jjjrmy-m ;;remove [17:29]
bruzum rg: me and nanotube are getting ready [17:29]
bruzum rg: to go you [17:29]
bruzum to go ut* [17:29]
bruzum to go out* [17:29]
* knotwork has quit (Ping timeout: 265 seconds) [17:29]
jjjrmy-m where are you guy sgooing [17:29]
bruzum night club [17:29]
jjjrmy-m during the day? [17:29]
bruzum day ? [17:29]
bruzum where u at? [17:29]
bruzum anyways [17:30]
bruzum he wanted me to post another pic of him [17:30]
bruzum [17:30]
vragnaroda bruzum: Well, nanotube's in New Jersey, where it's 11:30 a.m. [17:30]
bruzum vragnaroda: hehehe [17:30]
rg [17:32]
rg another bitcoin ISP [17:32]
rg awesome [17:32]
rg just what we need [17:32]
rg another one to supplement the 100 other providers [17:32]
Joric this one is cooler [17:32]
rg they've got a pretty dumb name [17:33]
phedny rg: in a couple of months we might see the first mobile phone operator to accept Bitcoins :) [17:33]
rg [17:34]
rg well cool [17:34]
rg thats where they sell virtua lserves [17:34]
rg then tell you not to buy one [17:34]
rg We understand the risks and problems inherent with VPSs better than anyone. This might seem strange, but we'd strongly encourage you not to buy a VPS from us. [17:34]
Cusipzzz lol [17:34]
* Gaglia ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [17:34]
rg BitsForCoins was created to fill a tremendous void in the hosting market for companies accepting Bitcoins and providing a superior level of service. [17:35]
rg wow [17:35]
rg thats almost word for word from bitvps [17:35]
draco49 lol [17:35]
rg who are these fucks [17:35]
draco49 Hey man, they donate to, so you know they're legit ;) [17:35]
* Graet is now known as Graet2 [17:36]
Joric 'we'd strongly encourage you not to buy from us' what kind of business is that [17:36]
vragnaroda rg: I added to that thread because it annoyed me: [17:36]
vragnaroda draco49: rofl [17:36]
Cusipzzz Joric: because they want to sell whole servers, not VPS [17:37]
rg LOL [17:37]
rg oh my god [17:37]
rg thats some good wording vrg [17:37]
jcpham vragnaroda are you trying to get your post count up too? [17:37]
rg welp [17:38]
rg time to take out the big guns [17:38]
rg a service comparision chart [17:38]
rg with prices/server spec side by side [17:38]
draco49 I like how they use the word "superlative" instead of actually using a superlative. [17:38]
rg for $9 less, you could get a server with 4 more cores, 4 more gb ram, and about 260 more HD space [17:39]
rg from us [17:39]
rg 260gb* [17:39]
vragnaroda jcpham: The forum's mostly cancer. I've had an account there since 21 Apr, but I don't go there often. [17:39]
Cusipzzz rg: but they make it up in service? O.o [17:39]
rg Cusi: maybe [17:39]
rg ive never heard of them or their parent company [17:39]
rg (and the fact that their parent companies web page doesnt work doesnt help) [17:39]
draco49 And the bottom of their page says they've been in business since 2010... [17:40]
rg draco49: order a server from them [17:40]
draco49 hell no [17:40]
jcpham vragnaroda agreed [17:40]
jcpham WTB [17:40]
* hngryhngryhippo has quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds) [17:41]
rg rawrmage: this dude is talking shit to you [17:41]
rg on g+ [17:41]
rg he says you look asian [17:41]
rg them's fighting words [17:41]
vragnaroda lolwut [17:42]
* SomeoneWeird is now known as SomeoneWeirdzzzz [17:42]
jcpham WTB mtgoxusd or bitcoin with paypal [17:43]
jcpham easiest, safest pp transaction ever [17:43]
* merlin1234 has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds) [17:46]
Cusipzzz jcpham: how mcuh do ya need / price? [17:47]
jcpham ;;ticker [17:48]
jcpham i'd like it at market but i'll pay up to 4.75 i suppose [17:48]
jcpham ;;calc 2100/4.68 [17:49]
rg if Cusi cant help you, i can [17:49]
* omniflow (58729d40@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-otc [17:49]
Cusipzzz how many btc ? [17:49]
dxtr Where's a good place to get e-currencies that I can pay with my visa card that I can use to get money on my mtgox account? [17:49]
jcpham 450-ish [17:49]
Cusipzzz jcpham: lol, too many for me, was just going to get a few bucks into my paypal - no interested in selling that many, sorry [17:50]
rg oh yeah thats too much for me aswell [17:50]
jcpham i'll take whatever i can get [17:50]
rg ithought you meant like 8 :P [17:50]
jcpham sell whatever you can/will [17:50]
rg "balance" : 9.04599270, [17:51]
Cusipzzz haha rg [17:51]
jcpham you hold on to that for a minute [17:51]
jcpham :) [17:51]
rg i dont want to hold onto them [17:51]
rg i will sell them the first chance i get [17:51]
rg btw [17:51]
rg who here is married? [17:51]
rg what hand do you wear your wedding ring on [17:52]
draco49 left [17:52]
jcpham left [17:52]
rg shit really? [17:52]
rg ok [17:52]
Cusipzzz ya left [17:52]
draco49 You scopin' out some cougars? [17:53]
rg i dont know about that [17:53]
rg but i am wearing a wedding rung [17:53]
rg ring [17:53]
draco49 On the wrong hand? [17:53]
rg well its on the right (left) hand now [17:54]
rg :> [17:54]
Joric do you have four hands [17:54]
draco49 lol Well at least you've remedied that. [17:54]
jcpham rg [17:55]
jcpham how much for your 9 btc [17:55]
rg its too small for my fat fingers [17:55]
rg ;;ticker [17:55]
gribble Best bid: 4.66873, Best ask: 4.6696, Bid-ask spread: 0.00087, Last trade: 4.66873, 24 hour volume: 71575, 24 hour low: 4.59768, 24 hour high: 4.83711 [17:55]
rg will you do 4.70? [17:55]
jcpham yep [17:55]
rg ;;calc 9 * 4.70 [17:55]
gribble 42.3 [17:55]
rg send that to [17:55]
rg and message me a btc addy [17:55]
* bitcoinTrader has quit (Quit: Leaving.) [17:56]
* dundo has quit (Quit: Page closed) [17:57]
* mircea_popescu still can't believe somebody actually lives in nj [17:57]
jcpham ;;rate rg 2 Sold me BTC for PP [17:58]
* hngryhngryhippo (~hngryhngr@ has joined #bitcoin-otc [17:58]
rg i dont know if ive ever traded with jcp [17:58]
rg ;;rated jcpham [17:58]
gribble You rated user jcpham on Thu Dec 15 22:53:17 2011, giving him a rating of 1, and supplied these additional notes: king among men. definitely atleast better than jesus. [17:58]
rg haha what in the fuck [17:58]
* occulta has quit (Quit: KVIrc 4.1.1 Equilibrium [17:59]
jcpham ;;rate rg 2 Sold me BTC for PP [17:59]
gribble Rating entry successful. Your rating of 2 for user rg has been recorded. [17:59]
Joric mircea_popescu, i believe bruzum lives in nj for real [17:59]
AndrewNTH ;;ticker [18:00]
mircea_popescu le cool. [18:00]
gribble Best bid: 4.67627, Best ask: 4.6848, Bid-ask spread: 0.00853, Last trade: 4.6848, 24 hour volume: 71426, 24 hour low: 4.59768, 24 hour high: 4.83711 [18:00]
jcpham i believe you gave me arating because i sent you something [18:00]
jcpham ram i think [18:01]
BTCHero WTF 4.66? Who wants to buy my coins a t 5.20? :) [18:01]
Joric ;;asks 5.20 [18:01]
gribble There are currently 57259.831 bitcoins offered at or under 5.2 USD, worth 281907.440051 USD in total. [18:01]
jcpham I'll buy up to 4.75 but I'm not offering higher right now, sorry [18:02]
AndrewNTH I'm looking to buy 6 coins [18:02]
AndrewNTH PayPal [18:02]
jcpham Andrew I'm willing to re sell the coins I just bought for a profit [18:04]
Cusipzzz ;;rate jcpham 1 quick small trade [18:04]
gribble Rating entry successful. Your rating of 1 for user jcpham has been recorded. [18:04]
* Duke_pro has quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds) [18:04]
jcpham seems wrong and tedious to me, though [18:04]
AndrewNTH ;;remove [18:04]
gribble (remove ) -- Remove an outstanding order by . [18:04]
AndrewNTH jcpham: what price? [18:05]
AndrewNTH ;;view [18:05]
gribble #7345 Fri Mar 23 03:09:39 2012 AndrewNTH BUY 1.0 BTC @ 5 PPUSD (None) [18:05]
AndrewNTH ;;remove 7345 [18:05]
gribble Order 7345 removed. [18:05]
jcpham ;;getrating AndrewNTH [18:05]
gribble This user has not yet been rated. Currently authenticated from hostmask AndrewNTH!~andy@unaffiliated/andrewnth [18:05]
jcpham maybe not, sorry [18:05]
AndrewNTH ;;getrating jcpham [18:05]
gribble User jcpham, created on Fri Nov 11 09:35:04 2011. Cumulative rating 23, from 15 total ratings. Received ratings: 15 positive, 0 negative. Sent ratings: 17 positive, 0 negative. Details: Currently authenticated from hostmask jcpham! [18:05]
AndrewNTH jcpham: i'd happily send the money beforehand [18:05]
jcpham I really can't risk my PP on unrated user [18:06]
AndrewNTH okay, fair enough [18:06]
rg someone on just taught me the most evil SEO trick [18:06]
rg ive ever seen in my life [18:06]
* rodrigorcm-afk ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [18:06]
* rodrigorcm has quit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds) [18:06]
a5m0 use the porn tag? [18:06]
BTCHero any idea why the sell off? someone cashing out 43k coins a few k at a time? [18:07]
rg so i just found logs [18:07]
rg of this 'new company' [18:07]
rg rummaging through our WHMCS [18:08]
AndrewNTH ;;buy 6.5 @ 4.8 PPUSD [18:08]
gribble Order id 7353 created. [18:08]
rg ssl_request_log:[18/Mar/2012:19:42:18 -0500] TLSv1 DHE-RSA-AES256-SHA "GET /billing/cart.php?gid=2 HTTP/1.1" 2096 [18:08]
AndrewNTH oops [18:08]
rg has address [18:08]
AndrewNTH ;;remove 7353 [18:08]
gribble Order 7353 removed. [18:08]
AndrewNTH ;;buy 6.5 BTC @ 4.8 PPUSD [18:08]
gribble Order id 7354 created. [18:08]
rg NetRange: - [18:08]
* relet1 has quit (Quit: Leaving.) [18:09]
* relet1 (~hirtho@ has joined #bitcoin-otc [18:10]
AndrewNTH someone sell me some btc :( [18:11]
BTCHero ;;getrating AndrewNTH [18:11]
BTCHero mtgox will sell you some [18:11]
rg BitsForCoins was created to fill a tremendous void in the hosting market for companies accepting Bitcoins and providing a superior level of service. [18:11]
AndrewNTH BTCHero: i don't have a rating yet so i'm willing to send money in advance [18:11]
rg BitVPS's creation was brought on by a lack of reputable and reliable virtual server vendors in the Bitcoin community. [18:12]
BTCHero AndrewNTH that doesn't matter [18:12]
jcpham you would need to send it 90 days in the past [18:12]
BTCHero unless you mean Western Union, Moneygram [18:12]
BTCHero possibly moneypak [18:12]
dwon AndrewNTH: [18:12]
LordCanti Anyone know if Moneypak issues have been worked out? [18:12]
LordCanti I was trying to make a trade last night but the seller was having issues, PP requires a lot more info now to redeem MP [18:13]
* PsiliPharm has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds) [18:13]
BTCHero they always have, they just lowered the bullshit requirement from 250 to 0 [18:13]
LordCanti ahh ok [18:13]
Joric that whmsc is it cool never heard of it [18:13]
* BTCHero ( has left #bitcoin-otc [18:14]
* BTCHero ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [18:14]
LordCanti they weren't accepting my trading partner's info, so it was no go [18:14]
* relet1 has quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds) [18:14]
* gribble gives voice to BTCHero [18:14]
LordCanti didn't know if that means the MP I have is now useless or what [18:14]
BTCHero how much is your moneypak? [18:14]
LordCanti $20 [18:14]
BTCHero i only have a few coins [18:14]
BTCHero oh lol [18:14]
* PsiliPharm (~psiliphar@ has joined #bitcoin-otc [18:14]
LordCanti I just bought it to see how it would work for trade here [18:14]
BTCHero how many cons are you trying to get? [18:15]
* paulzag has quit (Quit: changing servers) [18:15]
MBS lol [18:15]
MBS [18:15]
* DIGISHELLS has quit (Quit: changing servers) [18:15]
LordCanti was thinking 4 if possible [18:15]
BTCHero ill do it, query me while i go look for my card [18:15]
* dodee214 (59bd4eec@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-otc [18:15]
dodee214 ddd [18:16]
* dodee214 (59bd4eec@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has left #bitcoin-otc [18:16]
* paulzag ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [18:17]
* _Bigpiggy01Minin has quit (Quit: changing servers) [18:18]
* h4ckm3 has quit (Quit: changing servers) [18:19]
* h4ckm3 ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [18:20]
* dragon_ (43f2411d@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-otc [18:20]
dragon_ anyone here play on sealswithclubs? [18:20]
* Tobias_Fu is now known as Dr_Tobias_Funke [18:21]
* Dr_Tobias_Funke has quit (Changing host) [18:21]
* Dr_Tobias_Funke (~Spaceghos@unaffiliated/spaceghost420) has joined #bitcoin-otc [18:21]
AnonX unless ur from the US [18:21]
AnonX there are alot of better options [18:21]
AnonX to play online poker [18:21]
rg jjjrmy [18:23]
rg i need a services comparison php dealie [18:23]
* h4ckm3 has quit (Client Quit) [18:24]
* paulzag has quit (Quit: changing servers) [18:24]
* dragon_ has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds) [18:24]
* paulzag (~paul@Optimus.PakiShell.Net) has joined #bitcoin-otc [18:26]
* h4ckm3 ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [18:26]
rg that pakishell shit seems to be so unstable [18:27]
rg according to logs [18:27]
rg it accounts for over 30% of quit/rejoin/quit/rejoin [18:27]
jcpham is that the hosts [18:28]
rg yeah [18:28]
rg i think thats spawn- [18:28]
mod6 30%! [18:29]
rg i made that stat up [18:29]
rg as i make up all my stats [18:29]
rg but its a lot [18:29]
mod6 ok :) [18:29]
mod6 i agree. [18:29]
* h4ckm3 has quit (Client Quit) [18:30]
* _Bigpiggy01Minin ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [18:30]
* h4ckm3 ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [18:30]
* Cablesaurus has quit (Quit: REALITY.SYS Corrupted: Re-boot universe? (Y/N/Q)) [18:32]
rg so what do you guys think [18:33]
rg mushroom & swiss or bacon & cheddar [18:33]
* EasyAt (~easy@ has joined #bitcoin-otc [18:34]
draco49 bacon cheddar [18:34]
rg i ahvent had the bacon in a while [18:35]
draco49 I love bacon. [18:35]
rg bacons good [18:35]
rg i gotta take a shower [18:35]
rg or else the delivery driver is gonna know i was wearing the same clothes [18:35]
draco49 lol [18:36]
* Clipse (~CLIPSE@ has joined #bitcoin-otc [18:36]
* bonks (~randres@unaffiliated/bonks) has joined #bitcoin-otc [18:36]
* GlooBoy_ (48948d9a@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-otc [18:37]
* jjjrmy-m has quit (Ping timeout: 244 seconds) [18:38]
* omniflow has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds) [18:39]
* eusoubitcoin has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds) [18:39]
* easystevey has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds) [18:39]
jcpham [18:39]
* pp7 ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [18:39]
* GlooBoy has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds) [18:39]
* Shibofu (482d0a1e@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-otc [18:40]
mircea_popescu jcpham and so falls another myth [18:42]
jcpham what's that mircea_popescu [18:43]
* paulzag has quit (Quit: changing servers) [18:43]
mircea_popescu well you know, the notion that spring break > lightspeed set. [18:44]
jcpham kitty thinks that shit boring [18:44]
* _Bigpiggy01Minin has quit (Quit: changing servers) [18:44]
jcpham and wants to go back to sleep [18:44]
* paulzag (paulzag@Optimus.PakiShell.Net) has joined #bitcoin-otc [18:44]
mircea_popescu apparently. [18:45]
rg wow [18:45]
rg record time shower [18:45]
rg 9m30s [18:45]
* merlin1234 (5990c0a4@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-otc [18:46]
* h4ckm3 has quit (Quit: changing servers) [18:46]
rg jjjrmy [18:47]
rg i have a task for you [18:47]
* h4ckm3 ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [18:47]
* Gaglia has quit (Quit: Gaglia) [18:47]
* paulzag has quit (Client Quit) [18:48]
* GlooBoy_ has quit (Quit: Page closed) [18:49]
* paulzag ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [18:49]
* GlooBoy (48948d9a@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-otc [18:49]
mcorlett rg: You time your showers, too? [18:49]
rg mcorlett: only cause im waiting for a delivery [18:50]
jcpham if you didn't take so long touching yourself... [18:50]
merlin1234 hello to all ! doea anyone fast change PSC to BTC ??? i have allready make an offer in the order book but that is to slow !! [18:51]
rg what is PSC? [18:51]
* dvide ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [18:52]
Shibofu buying btc via PP or MP. [18:52]
Shibofu paying well =D [18:53]
merlin1234 hello shibofu normaly i do that but in the last time i make it with psc but my BTC "dealer" is out of stock :(( and so i have the cards at home :(( [18:54]
* _Bigpiggy01Minin ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [18:58]
rg god damn it [19:00]
rg i knocked over my food [19:00]
rg every french fry fell onto the ground [19:00]
rg my nasty ground [19:00]
* masori has quit (Remote host closed the connection) [19:02]
* chk (~admin@ has joined #bitcoin-otc [19:02]
* GoldenAurora5436 ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [19:02]
* masori (~masori@gateway/tor-sasl/masori) has joined #bitcoin-otc [19:03]
bonks i hate when they fall onto the tray [19:03]
mcorlett merlin1234: See the topic in #bitcoin-otc-eu. [19:04]
ianthius rg: is your ground so dirty that you will now not eat them? [19:06]
* Graet (~Graet@unaffiliated/graet) has joined #bitcoin-otc [19:07]
mcorlett [19:07]
* bitcoinewb (44ba3288@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-otc [19:07]
ianthius rg: 9 min shower is a record for you? :) [19:07]
ianthius do you have mile long hair or something? [19:07]
bitcoinewb hi guys does anyone know if mtgox still allows dwolla funding and vice versa? [19:08]
bonks screw that, i've seen stacked trays with crap between them. imagine what's on the paper inserts on those trays.. [19:08]
mcorlett bitcoinewb: It does, yes. [19:08]
bitcoinewb is it taking longer than usual to deposit dwolla funding mcorlett ? it' [19:08]
bitcoinewb its been more than 15 mins' [19:08]
mcorlett That was not your question. [19:09]
bitcoinewb phew [19:09]
* Clipse has quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds) [19:10]
* SteinerC (48bdd6c0@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-otc [19:11]
SteinerC Selling 3 BTC $14.70 [19:11]
* LordCanti has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer) [19:11]
* LordCanti ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [19:11]
* LordCanti has quit (Changing host) [19:11]
* LordCanti (~MF@unaffiliated/lordcanti) has joined #bitcoin-otc [19:11]
* lolwut (b858a639@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-otc [19:13]
* lolwut is now known as brute [19:13]
brute still looking for someone to exchange $1400USD to BTC [19:14]
brute can do a bank deposit, moneypak, bank wire, etc [19:14]
mod6 ;;ident brute [19:14]
* androSnake ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [19:16]
* androSnake has quit (Changing host) [19:16]
* androSnake (~jhfkmuzj@unaffiliated/androsnake) has joined #bitcoin-otc [19:16]
SteinerC Selling 2.78371364412591 for $13.90 USD PP [19:17]
Shibofu Buying BTC via PP $160 [19:17]
mcorlett SteinerC: Too many decimals. [19:17]
SteinerC No [19:18]
SteinerC MTGox accepted it [19:18]
mcorlett 1 Satoshi = 0.00000001 BTC [19:18]
jcpham ;;calc 13.90/2.7837 [19:19]
gribble 4.99335416891 [19:19]
Shibofu Buying 32 BTC at $160PP [19:20]
* gribble gives voice to mod6 [19:20]
SteinerC Selling 2.78371364 BTC $13.90 PPUSD [19:21]
jcpham ;;calc 160/32 [19:21]
gribble 5 [19:21]
mcorlett SteinerC: Better! [19:24]
* _Bigpiggy01Minin ( has left #bitcoin-otc [19:24]
SteinerC mcorlett: Thank you! :) [19:24]
* pp7 has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds) [19:26]
* d4de (~RaWWR@unaffiliated/d4de) has joined #bitcoin-otc [19:27]
* torsthaldo has quit (Remote host closed the connection) [19:28]
rg MacGruber! [19:31]
rg ;;ticker [19:31]
gribble Best bid: 4.67002, Best ask: 4.68769, Bid-ask spread: 0.01767, Last trade: 4.68799, 24 hour volume: 69573, 24 hour low: 4.59768, 24 hour high: 4.83711 [19:31]
rg ;;asks 4.75 [19:32]
gribble There are currently 2779.5055 bitcoins offered at or under 4.75 USD, worth 13134.2457167 USD in total. [19:32]
SteinerC ;;getrating merlin1234 [19:32]
jcpham 4.75 is a good price imo right now [19:33]
jcpham until it tanks and goes to $2 [19:33]
* bitcoinewb has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds) [19:34]
merlin1234 For all they dont know anything about PSC : [19:35]
rg i bet we'll see 4.30 [19:35]
rg by Monday [19:35]
rg ;;asks 4.30 [19:35]
gribble There are currently 0 bitcoins offered at or under 4.3 USD, worth 0.0 USD in total. [19:35]
* gribble gives voice to Graet [19:36]
* UNOE227_ (~mmc@unaffiliated/unoe227) has joined #bitcoin-otc [19:36]
BTC_Bear ## +init:trace -t 0xe1f432a218 Test [19:36]
* GoldenAurora5436 has quit (Quit: GoldenAurora5436) [19:36]
* Graet2 (~graet@unaffiliated/graet) has left #bitcoin-otc ("Leaving") [19:36]
Joric actually, s3052 said soon we'll see all time high [19:36]
subpar ;;bids 4.30 [19:36]
Joric i'm buying [19:37]
subpar Joric: heh [19:37]
jcpham I'm buying too! [19:37]
subpar I would not expect to see $31 again [19:37]
subpar in the next 12 months (if ever) [19:37]
Joric last update [19:37]
subpar except since 3/17 the market has fallen [19:38]
subpar I hope he is right [19:39]
subpar I am still long BTC [19:39]
* UNOE227 has quit (Ping timeout: 244 seconds) [19:39]
mcorlett I'm shlong. [19:39]
Joric check out his wording he finally said 'most probably' he's responsible now (most probably) [19:40]
chk what is the prediction? i cant seem to find it [19:40]
subpar agreed [19:40]
LordCanti where does gribble pull its bid data from? [19:40]
LordCanti mtgox? [19:40]
subpar yes [19:40]
* merlin1234 has quit (Quit: Page closed) [19:41]
* phraust is now known as [phraust] [19:41]
* [phraust] is now known as phraust [19:42]
LordCanti thanks [19:43]
* SteinerC has quit (Quit: Page closed) [19:45]
helo poor namecoin... nowhere in the orderbook [19:45]
* blaeks has quit (Quit: Leaving) [19:45]
* LordCanti has quit (Quit: Leaving) [19:46]
jcpham WTB MTGOXUSD or quantities of BTC with PP - rated buyer! [19:46]
* guest__ (~guest@gateway/tor-sasl/gagecolton) has joined #bitcoin-otc [19:47]
* guest__ is now known as gagecolton [19:47]
Shibofu buying 32 btc via 160PPUSD [19:50]
* Joric has quit () [19:51]
* hyphaestus ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [19:51]
brute please msg me if you can exchange 1400usd to btc [19:53]
brute thanks [19:53]
brute i have an order open already, but i can modify it [19:53]
* DIGISHELLS ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [19:53]
* AnonX has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds) [19:54]
Blitzboom ;;ticker [19:54]
* AnonX ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [19:55]
* AnonX has quit (Client Quit) [19:55]
Blitzboom ;;asks 10 [19:56]
* bitcoinTrader (~Adium@ has joined #bitcoin-otc [19:56]
bitcoinTrader ;;seen dxtr [19:56]
* PsiliPharm has quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds) [19:57]
phraust hrm, photoshop cs6 beta... [19:57]
mcorlett ;;getrating [ident Shibofu] [19:58]
* igor47 ( has left #bitcoin-otc [19:59]
* PsiliPharm (~psiliphar@ has joined #bitcoin-otc [20:00]
mircea_popescu omg! rally! [20:03]
Blitzboom mircea_popescu: ? [20:04]
bitcoinTrader which market ? [20:04]
mcorlett Mircea the Joker. [20:04]
mircea_popescu made you look hehehe [20:04]
* vigilyn ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [20:07]
* GoldenAurora5436 ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [20:14]
* paultroon (~paultroon@pdpc/supporter/active/paultroon) has joined #bitcoin-otc [20:16]
* pp7 ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [20:16]
phraust hrm, pretty. [20:17]
* fc (42d380ce@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-otc [20:17]
mcorlett phraust: Did you try the new Photoshop out? [20:18]
rawrmage rg: lol [20:18]
phraust yeah, just setting it up now. [20:18]
paultroon ;;gpg eregister paultroon E5A233DE77C60F89 [20:18]
mcorlett I will be expecting first impressions! [20:18]
rawrmage rg: is that the comment from like 5 months ago [20:18]
hyphaestus "happy hunger games" [20:19]
phraust so far it's very slick. I have cs4 from work, and haven't had a chance to try cs5. [20:19]
* netxshare (~netxshare@2a01:608:ffff:3405::42) has joined #bitcoin-otc [20:19]
* netxshare has quit (Excess Flood) [20:19]
phraust heh, it has little tooltips that show pixel coordinates and dimensions when you select/drag stuff. [20:20]
rg rawrmage: and that man still lives? [20:21]
* subpar_ ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [20:22]
rawrmage hmm wait [20:22]
rawrmage rg how are you in my extended circles [20:22]
* PsiliPharm_ (~psiliphar@ has joined #bitcoin-otc [20:22]
* PsiliPharm has quit (Ping timeout: 276 seconds) [20:22]
rawrmage rg: yes, because he's in the uk and i'm not :P [20:23]
rg rawrmage: please do not doubt the power that is rg [20:23]
* PsiliPharm_ is now known as PsiliPharm [20:23]
rg i would have figured youd know this by now [20:23]
rawrmage i can't find you [20:23]
rawrmage you must be under a pseudonym [20:23]
rg im not added [20:24]
rg i dont do social networking, except for the original social network [20:24]
rg IRC [20:24]
rawrmage how can you view something limited to extended cirlces then [20:24]
* subpar has quit (Ping timeout: 276 seconds) [20:24]
* klaus_trainer ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [20:26]
paultroon ;;gpg ident [20:26]
gribble You are identified as user paultroon, with GPG key id E5A233DE77C60F89, and key fingerprint A244FDBF1A5C32F129B0ED01E5A233DE77C60F89. [20:26]
rg i dont know [20:26]
paultroon ;;gpg stats [20:26]
gribble There are 3542 registered users, 24 currently authenticated. There are also 0 pending authentication requests. [20:26]
rawrmage rg: creepy. [20:27]
mircea_popescu Subject: ***SPAM*** Mircea, as per your request - Video of my life story [20:27]
mircea_popescu From: "Jason Julius" [20:27]
mircea_popescu This video is about a story of someone who went from a really broke state into a [20:27]
mircea_popescu very solid position as of today. This is not about some system or anything, [20:27]
mircea_popescu it is about how someone just like you, in 2011, could crack the code of the mobile [20:27]
mircea_popescu phone world to make a very good living which surpasses all kinds of [20:27]
mircea_popescu interet chores that we do today. [20:27]
mircea_popescu should i write back thell him about bitcoins ? [20:27]
mcorlett /votekick mircea_popescu [20:28]
BTC_Bear So you're spamming spam? [20:28]
mircea_popescu i thought it was funnay ;/ [20:28]
jcpham pretty awesome [20:28]
jcpham now i should spam it [20:28]
BTC_Bear any Eggs with that? [20:28]
mircea_popescu why the hate! [20:28]
BTC_Bear I don't hate [20:28]
BTC_Bear I love [20:28]
mircea_popescu not you, mlorcette [20:28]
* easystevey (48e715d4@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-otc [20:30]
* gribble has quit (Read error: Operation timed out) [20:31]
* bv-falcon has quit () [20:32]
rawrmage gribble!!!!!!!!! [20:32]
* gribble (~gribble@unaffiliated/nanotube/bot/gribble) has joined #bitcoin-otc [20:34]
* ChanServ gives channel operator status to gribble [20:34]
* minimoose (~minimoose@ has joined #bitcoin-otc [20:36]
bitcoinTrader ;;seen ocminer [20:36]
* LordCanti (~MF@unaffiliated/lordcanti) has joined #bitcoin-otc [20:37]
rawrmage ;;gpg stats [20:37]
jcpham WTB MTGOXUSD or quantities of BTC with PP - rated buyer! [20:38]
rawrmage ;;gpg stats [20:38]
gribble There are 3542 registered users, 1 currently authenticated. There are also 0 pending authentication requests. [20:38]
* gribble gives voice to rawrmage [20:38]
rawrmage FIRST! [20:38]
BTC_Bear interlaced [20:38]
* gribble gives voice to jcpham [20:39]
* GoldenAurora5436 has quit (Quit: GoldenAurora5436) [20:39]
* klaus_trainer has quit (Quit: Hasta la vista, baby.) [20:39]
* pp7 has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds) [20:40]
* androSnake has quit (Quit: Verlassend) [20:41]
jcpham [20:42]
jcpham i admit, since it's inception, i have abused it [20:42]
dwon nanotube: gribble's ;;gpg stats says "1 currently authenticated"? There are a lot more people voiced in here... [20:43]
jcpham gribble parted [20:43]
jcpham ;;gpg stats [20:43]
gribble There are 3542 registered users, 4 currently authenticated. There are also 0 pending authentication requests. [20:43]
* pp7 ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [20:43]
dwon ;;getrating dwon [20:44]
jcpham you will need to re-auth if you have not done so since gribble's return [20:44]
nanotube dwon: gribble's connection timed out, so all auths were lost. [20:44]
* gigavps ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [20:44]
* gribble gives voice to dwon [20:45]
hyphaestus yall got some coins? [20:45]
copumpkin nope, none of us [20:45]
jcpham WTB MTGOXUSD or quantities of BTC with PP - rated buyer! [20:45]
nanotube just pretending [20:45]
dwon nanotube: weird. I'd expect that gribble would de-voice everyone when it rejoins, but I guess that would also be strange [20:45]
hyphaestus the coinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn [20:46]
* lueo (3d405414@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-otc [20:46]
* gribble gives voice to dwon [20:47]
gigavps hyphaestus i have coins for cash in the mail [20:47]
hyphaestus really? thats cool [20:47]
* gribble gives voice to dwon [20:47]
* gribble gives voice to dwon [20:47]
* gribble gives voice to dwon [20:47]
gigavps yep, as many as you want [20:47]
dwon Could that be a DoS attack against gribble? [20:48]
* EvanR_ ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [20:48]
dwon (the fact that I seem to be able to tell it "letmein" as many times as I want... could I make it drop with "Excess flood"?) [20:50]
lueo hi everyone.I have a lot of MTGUSD and BTC, How do I exchange them to LibertyReserve as quick as possible without using the bitcoin-otc? [20:50]
rawrmage i doubt it [20:50]
nanotube dwon: voice is only cosmetic (or for when channel is +m). not to be taken as indication of being authed. [20:50]
* EvanR has quit (Ping timeout: 244 seconds) [20:50]
nanotube dwon: no, gribble's message queue is ratelimited. [20:50]
* chwergy (~chwergy@ has joined #bitcoin-otc [20:51]
nanotube gigavps: i want 22million :) [20:51]
dwon nanotube: Good to know (about both of the things you just said :) ) [20:52]
* paulzag has quit (Quit: changing servers) [20:52]
copumpkin nanotube: ship me eleventy quadrillion USD and I'll send you 22 million btc [20:52]
dwon I'll handle the escrow for you both. [20:52]
nanotube copumpkin: lol ok, let me just print out an eleventy quadrillion USD note [20:52]
nanotube i'll probably have to use scientific notation, will that be ok? ;) [20:53]
* Zarutian ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [20:53]
dwon nanotube: floating-point USD? [20:53]
gigavps nanotube please send 110m in cash to my address [20:53]
mircea_popescu no e's tho nanotube [20:53]
nanotube or would you prefer to see all the zeros explicitly [20:53]
nanotube gigavps: see, 110m cash is actually possible. :P (though maybe not for me, at this moment. :D ) [20:54]
LordCanti hmm [20:54]
LordCanti ;;bids --under 1 [20:54]
LordCanti There are currently 26380083 bitcoins demanded at or under 1.0 USD, worth 88105.8458257 USD in total. [20:54]
LordCanti isn't that more BTC than will ever exist? [20:54]
* EvanR_ has quit (Ping timeout: 272 seconds) [20:54]
nanotube yes [20:54]
Blitzboom very clever [20:54]
nanotube but that doesn't mean people can't want to buy them. [20:54]
mircea_popescu yup [20:55]
LordCanti I wonder what will happen if the price actually drops that low and mtgox tried to put those orders through? [20:55]
LordCanti unless they don't put through automatically [20:55]
mircea_popescu some would get filled. [20:55]
Blitzboom i don’t understand the question [20:55]
* h4ckm3 has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds) [20:55]
LordCanti maybe I need to learn more about how the exchanges work [20:56]
nanotube LordCanti: they can't, since it is impossible to sell that many coins :P [20:56]
nanotube and mtgox requires full reserve to sell. [20:56]
dwon MtGox will only fill buy orders when there are corresponding ask orders, so unless somebody deposits 26m BTC into MtGox (impossible without fraud or a change in the protocol) there's effectively a 1.0 USD price floor on BTC [20:56]
* DIGISHELLS has quit (Quit: changing servers) [20:56]
gigavps when you guys are done arguing, please send me my cash [20:56]
mcorlett gigavps: PayPal's fine, I take it? [20:57]
* androSnake ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [20:57]
* androSnake has quit (Changing host) [20:57]
* androSnake (~jhfkmuzj@unaffiliated/androsnake) has joined #bitcoin-otc [20:57]
* area has quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds) [20:57]
gigavps i do not accept paypal [20:57]
gigavps cash is king [20:57]
LordCanti gigavps, no arguing, just playing with gribble commands [20:57]
copumpkin I wonder how mircea_popescu's options compare to bitcoinica's leverage, for leveraged trading [20:57]
LordCanti and discovered that [20:57]
* androSnake has quit (Client Quit) [20:57]
Blitzboom copumpkin: anything is better than bitcoinica [20:57]
copumpkin lol [20:57]
copumpkin so I take it you've run the numbers? [20:58]
Blitzboom nope [20:58]
Blitzboom but you cannot be zhoutonged on options [20:58]
copumpkin yeah, but they expire at a fixed time [20:58]
mcorlett mircea'd? [20:58]
copumpkin so the zhoutonging is time-based, not price-based [20:58]
gigavps Blitzboom you can [20:58]
copumpkin mircea_popescu: would you object to being verbed? [20:58]
* gigavps ( has left #bitcoin-otc [20:59]
Blitzboom how can you be mircaed? [20:59]
* h4ckm3 ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [20:59]
mcorlett mir-what? [20:59]
copumpkin when your options expire [20:59]
copumpkin they're worthless [20:59]
Blitzboom sure [20:59]
BTC_Bear popexecuted [20:59]
Blitzboom but you can’t get fucked for certain fluctuations [20:59]
copumpkin yeah [21:00]
copumpkin it's predictable [21:00]
* bluefirecorp ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [21:00]
mircea_popescu copumpkin i tend to rarely object . what's being verbed exactly ? [21:00]
copumpkin mircea_popescu: you know, like zhoutonging is now a verb [21:00]
* copumpkin mirceas mircea [21:00]
* DIGISHELLS ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [21:00]
Blitzboom maybe popescu is better suited [21:00]
mircea_popescu lol kinda hmm... you've been popescud ? [21:00]
dwon lol [21:01]
* paulzag ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [21:01]
mircea_popescu but anyway, as to the leveraged point : you can get a lot more leverage with options than with any bitcoinica-style system [21:01]
mircea_popescu except you don't get to fine tune it exactly the same. [21:01]
copumpkin yeah [21:01]
Blitzboom you offer more than 10:1? [21:01]
mircea_popescu sure Blitzboom [21:02]
copumpkin it's not explicit like that [21:02]
* area ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [21:02]
copumpkin you just buy in-the-money or near-the-money options and hope shit moves in the right direction, then sell them back to him/exercise [21:02]
mircea_popescu point in case : if you buy 1000 calls at 7.0 they cost you 31.86050114 right now. if the btc goes to 17 that's 588.2 btc for you. [21:03]
copumpkin case in point :) [21:03]
mircea_popescu if you figure in dollars, $150 yielded a 10k usd payout, the equivalent of 1k btc's appreciation [21:03]
copumpkin mircea_popescu: you should let us type numbers into your pricing algorithm so we can predict gains :) :) :) [21:03]
mircea_popescu or 30x leverage [21:03]
bougyman betting on the margin is fools gold. [21:03]
* GoldenAurora5436 ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [21:04]
mircea_popescu and yea, point in case lol [21:04]
* copumpkin points into the case [21:04]
mircea_popescu any beer left ? [21:04]
bougyman si [21:04]
copumpkin nope :( [21:04]
copumpkin bougyman stole it!! [21:04]
bougyman i've got one dogfish head 60 minute left [21:04]
bougyman then I need another beer run [21:04]
copumpkin he's got it stashed under his bed [21:04]
mircea_popescu ofcourse the problem with this 30x leverage is that you only get it for speciffic bets, which may or may not be what you want to do [21:04]
* mrsy has quit (Ping timeout: 276 seconds) [21:05]
* torsthaldo ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [21:05]
copumpkin ;;calc 588/32 [21:05]
* mrsy (~mrsy@gateway/tor-sasl/mrsy) has joined #bitcoin-otc [21:05]
bitcoinTrader ;;seen gusti [21:05]
mircea_popescu copumpkin : you still control the appreciation of 1k bitcoins. by it going to 17 that's worth x. if it went to 27 it'd be worth more etc. [21:06]
* gribble gives voice to BTC_Bear [21:06]
mircea_popescu so the leverage is what you actually have (30 odd btc) vs what you control (1k) [21:06]
copumpkin yep [21:06]
* jjjrmy-m-m (84aa3a73@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-otc [21:06]
chk mind == blown [21:06]
jjjrmy-m-m You guys should watch my SWORL livestream [21:06]
mircea_popescu if short, you get loads of leverage for unlikely bets, and less leverage (in the 2-5 range) for likelier bets [21:07]
hyphaestus cool mang [21:08]
copumpkin well, we can sell the options back to you at any point [21:08]
copumpkin but yeah, I see what you mean [21:08]
* Bigpiggy01Mining has quit (Ping timeout: 272 seconds) [21:08]
* MORA| (~MORA@pdpc/supporter/active/mora) has joined #bitcoin-otc [21:08]
mircea_popescu can also sell them on the market, as in, put a bid/ask for them [21:09]
* vraa has quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds) [21:09]
mircea_popescu (im kind of surprised not more people do this - seems everyone prefers instant guaranteed trades) [21:09]
copumpkin then we need a VIX on MPOE [21:09]
mircea_popescu what's a vix ? [21:10]
mircea_popescu a a [21:10]
copumpkin volatility index [21:10]
Blitzboom volatility index [21:10]
* ianthius_ (~shell@ has joined #bitcoin-otc [21:10]
mircea_popescu i think that's tm [21:10]
copumpkin yeah, I didn't mean specifically called VIX :) [21:11]
mircea_popescu but anyway, will be a lot more useful once the mm does half or less of the trades i think [21:11]
copumpkin lol [21:11]
* fc has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds) [21:12]
mircea_popescu speaking of option strategies --> new post, about advanced hedging (calls) [21:16]
BTCHero ;;seen ocminer [21:17]
hyphaestus how the fbi manufactures its own "terror plots" and then pretends to "thwart" them: [21:18]
copumpkin mircea_popescu: your PR woman has an odd tendency to use an unconventional digit separator just like you do ◔_◔ [21:18]
mircea_popescu that's my text lol [21:18]
Optimo was' poppin [21:18]
mircea_popescu it may come as a shock to you, but the job of pr people is NOT creative. [21:19]
copumpkin mircea_popescu: speaking of that text, it looks like a nice example that might be useful to attach to the site itself. Like actually having a "help" section [21:19]
bluefirecorp we need a world standard for fucking the delimiter in money. >.< [21:19]
hyphaestus copumpkin: are you saying the PR person is really the other person? [21:19]
mircea_popescu bluefirecorp ++ [21:19]
copumpkin hyphaestus: nah, just teasing mircea_popescu [21:19]
mircea_popescu copumpkin that may be a good ideea... was sorta half considering making a forum [21:19]
hyphaestus is this a tom williams style menagerie of sockpopuppets [21:19]
Optimo crankyankers [21:20]
copumpkin mircea_popescu: the thing about forums is that they aren't the first place most people reach to learn about things [21:20]
copumpkin hey Optimo [21:20]
copumpkin long time no see [21:20]
Optimo yo copumpkin ;) [21:20]
Optimo copumpkin. lol apparently we don't hang out in the same chatrooms much ;p [21:20]
copumpkin yeah [21:20]
mircea_popescu yeah. so still thinking about best way to go about it. btctalk seems to attract a chunk of the more eager if less... hmm... informed people in the bitcoin world. [21:20]
copumpkin :) [21:20]
* PsiliPharm has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer) [21:21]
copumpkin mircea_popescu: post all over the SR forums ;) [21:21]
hyphaestus mircea_popescu is cool.. and his pr lady is hot. hopesfully she's real hehe [21:21]
Optimo it's just people looking for coins /now/ [21:21]
mircea_popescu hyphaestus quite the team huh. [21:21]
Optimo and people trying to manipulate otehrs lol [21:21]
mircea_popescu copumpkin which are the sr forums again ? [21:21]
* PsiliPharm (~psiliphar@ has joined #bitcoin-otc [21:21]
copumpkin mircea_popescu: open torbrowser, visit the SR address, navigate to forums :) I haven't been there in ages and we're not supposed to talk about it in here, anyway, but I remember them being quite active [21:22]
* mircea_popescu has never been on tor. [21:22]
mircea_popescu too lazy. [21:22]
copumpkin it's a whole new world! [21:22]
mircea_popescu ya im sure. how could it be new ? [21:22]
copumpkin undergronud hacker forums, drug forums, DDOS for hire, etc. [21:22]
* aparigraha has quit (Quit: Leaving) [21:22]
Optimo blacker than my balls [21:22]
copumpkin all the good stuff, basically [21:22]
mod6 :D [21:23]
copumpkin Optimo has black balls? [21:23]
Blitzboom copumpkin: you forgot the cp [21:23]
copumpkin Blitzboom: I often do [21:23]
Optimo imagine my nuts..ok.. now imagine them covered in molasses [21:23]
tbage YES [21:23]
mircea_popescu aite, if i ever want ddos for hire im sure to remember it lol [21:23]
copumpkin lol [21:23]
tbage OH GOD [21:23]
copumpkin okay, no more testicles! [21:23]
* Elio19 (~John@unaffiliated/elio19) has joined #bitcoin-otc [21:24]
Blitzboom so, is there more material of his pr girl? [21:24]
Blitzboom :D [21:24]
mircea_popescu and by material you ofcourse mean text [21:24]
Blitzboom ASCII pictures [21:24]
Optimo ascii pr0n? [21:24]
mircea_popescu lol [21:24]
mircea_popescu ima get on her case to change her avatar maybe. [21:24]
rg some of my plants arent doing well [21:24]
Optimo btc4porn [21:24]
rg i trimmed off the dead leafs today [21:25]
Optimo we're still positive for the last 12 months wooo [21:25]
* jjjrmy-m-m has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds) [21:25]
bitcoinTrader selling btc [21:26]
Optimo $5 is sticking nicely lately [21:26]
* GoldenAurora5436 has quit (Quit: GoldenAurora5436) [21:26]
copumpkin Optimo: don't jinx us [21:26]
Optimo anyone seen Bearbones lately? noticed he's selling bitmunchies site [21:26]
Blitzboom copumpkin: seriously [21:26]
Optimo I could jinx a lot harder if I had some cash to spare ;) [21:27]
copumpkin lol [21:27]
Blitzboom hahaha [21:27]
Optimo $5 month-to-month is looking real stable. so where's all the newfangled btc stores? [21:27]
copumpkin lol [21:28]
copumpkin coming soon! [21:28]
Blitzboom hahahahahaha [21:28]
copumpkin oh wait [21:28]
Blitzboom what do you want, "the armory" has opened up recently [21:28]
copumpkin that's imsaguy/imsaguy2's trademark [21:28]
Blitzboom new branch from SR for guns [21:28]
Optimo ah [21:28]
copumpkin oh yeah? [21:28]
copumpkin lol [21:28]
mircea_popescu leaves rg [21:28]
Optimo now I'm following along [21:28]
copumpkin Blitzboom: what if I want illegal animals? [21:28]
copumpkin I really need a pet manatee [21:29]
Optimo rg blow some of this ish smoke on em [21:29]
Blitzboom copumpkin: dunno [21:29]
copumpkin and I don't think I'm allowed to get one [21:29]
mircea_popescu copumpkin you'd be its pet most likely. sheer matter of size. [21:29]
Blitzboom haven’t seen any live stuff on SR [21:29]
copumpkin also, there's that guy who wants a platypus on the forum [21:29]
Optimo I got dat purp [21:29]
sturles One of my regular customers have sent their coins to this address a couple of days after receivin from me: 1DkyBEKt5S2GDtv7aQw6rQepAvnsRyHoYM [21:29]
sturles Check it out! Total balance is 178990 coins! [21:29]
copumpkin probably SR joint account? [21:30]
Optimo is that a escrow box? [21:30]
Blitzboom sturles: good to know we have such early adopters [21:30]
Blitzboom totally unexpected :D [21:30]
* dxdx_ ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [21:30]
Optimo young address? [21:30]
* dxdx has quit (Ping timeout: 276 seconds) [21:30]
Blitzboom First seen?: Block 161427 (2012-01-09 16:37:57) [21:31]
sturles Quite young, yes. [21:31]
Blitzboom 2 1/2 months old [21:31]
Blitzboom sturles: this customer of yours, which transaction was his? [21:31]
* aparigraha (~aparigrah@gateway/tor-sasl/aparigraha) has joined #bitcoin-otc [21:31]
sturles I'm nore revealing that. [21:32]
sturles not [21:32]
sturles There are more than one, btw. [21:32]
brute please msg me if you can exchange 1400usd to btc [21:32]
Blitzboom i’m just wondering if you know the business [21:32]
copumpkin sturles: I'm going to bet it's a large escrow account or possibly even mtgox [21:33]
sturles I don't know the business, no. [21:33]
copumpkin and that the 170k aren't just his [21:33]
Blitzboom well, the evenly numbered incoming amunts are odd [21:33]
sturles Could be mtgox or some other exchange, yes. [21:33]
Elio19 sturles, is that in one address or the whole wallet? [21:34]
Blitzboom 1 address [21:34]
copumpkin we can't look up wallets [21:34]
copumpkin we can loosely correlate addresses into wallets, sometimes [21:34]
copumpkin but can never be sure we have all of them [21:34]
Elio19 good to know copumpkin, who is we? [21:35]
copumpkin people [21:35]
copumpkin and gourds [21:35]
Blitzboom has any thief ever been catched due to bitcoin’s block chain? [21:35]
mircea_popescu sturles : tell him to buy options :D [21:35]
mircea_popescu FOR ALL THE MONEYSSSS [21:35]
Blitzboom it seems to me that bitcoin is quite anonymous if no hacker and no large SR dealers have been identified yet [21:36]
helo i bet a few fbi informants have been created using it :) [21:36]
* hyphaestus has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds) [21:36]
Blitzboom contrary to what people claim [21:36]
sturles Here is another strange one. One of the transactions went to the previous address and this one: 1C86pWBp4515jjoFeZhLwTeSTnqQ6ytsob [21:36]
helo if someone gets busted, they're going to be busted by the fbi, and the fbi is going to keep them quiet and leverage them to work up the distribution chain [21:37]
mircea_popescu Blitzboom pretty much. [21:37]
sturles Long list of receive from addresses, giving atotal of 0.01006661 coins. [21:37]
Blitzboom mircea_popescu: double edged sword [21:37]
Optimo sturles a pool maybe? [21:38]
Optimo very weird [21:38]
Blitzboom i doubt a pool has that much [21:38]
sturles Why would he send to a pool? [21:38]
Blitzboom it’s either an exchange or an early adopter [21:39]
Blitzboom an exchange = gox [21:39]
mircea_popescu maybe it's th's legal fund [21:39]
copumpkin or SR [21:39]
mircea_popescu BURY DWOLLA [21:39]
Blitzboom legal fund? [21:39]
copumpkin I'd imagine it's SR, honestly [21:39]
copumpkin I've seen that address before [21:39]
BTC_Bear sturles: tracking your customers? [21:40]
mircea_popescu seriously sturles, how much do you want to give him a 30 second pitch about options ? [21:40]
sturles Not normally, but he supposedly bought more a week ago, and I haven't received the money or seen him after that. [21:40]
* minimoose has quit (Quit: minimoose) [21:40]
BTC_Bear ah... [21:41]
sturles No, I don't encourage people to invest in anything. [21:41]
Blitzboom sturles: can you disclose what business you conducted? [21:41]
mircea_popescu awww k. [21:41]
sturles I only sold him coins several times. All to the same address. [21:41]
Blitzboom four digit vol.? [21:42]
* GoldenAurora5436 ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [21:42]
sturles If this is SR, then SR is a lot larger than i thought. Never been there myself. [21:42]
Blitzboom i assure you, besides mtgox, SR is probably the largest business in the bitcoin world [21:42]
sturles Only two digit volumes. [21:42]
sturles (in BTC) [21:43]
copumpkin sturles: I'd guess that the address he gave you to send was a personal deposit address in SR, which probably then gets mixed into a huge jumbler for their escrow stuff [21:43]
Blitzboom then it is weird he sent a few thousand [21:43]
copumpkin I can't think of anything else large enough [21:43]
mircea_popescu i doubt sr is that big. [21:43]
sturles He didn't send a few thousand. His address is just one of the many. [21:43]
Optimo did something happen with TH in the last several months? I've been out of the loop here [21:43]
Optimo did they launch ? [21:43]
mircea_popescu they went under Optimo [21:44]
Optimo LOL [21:44]
Optimo like, not enough profits forced them out of the game or they just gave up? [21:44]
Blitzboom sturles: huh? i see almost none which are not a few thousand recently [21:45]
Optimo mircea_popescu, thanks I will read up on the subject [21:45]
Blitzboom anyway [21:45]
* neonindian (430740f5@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-otc [21:46]
mircea_popescu Optimo their story is that dwolla stole ~100k usd from their account and that did it [21:46]
Blitzboom we need better tools for analysis [21:46]
Optimo yep I went bitcoin-agnostic for about 4 months so I missed that event [21:46]
Optimo I also doubled my money apprently [21:47]
bonks is dwolla's primary business around bitcoins? [21:47]
Blitzboom bitcoin is a religion? [21:47]
copumpkin Optimo: by the exchange rate doubling? [21:47]
Optimo bonks, you could say so since they are were one of those popular methods for getting funding into mtgox [21:47]
Optimo copumpkin.. uhh not sure. whenever btc went from ~$2.50 to $5 I made double ;) [21:48]
copumpkin lol [21:48]
bonks Optimo: I ask because i discovered dwolla because of bitcoins, but bitcoins advertise sending/receiving money from friends, facebook, etc [21:48]
copumpkin that's not particularly surprising [21:48]
* bitcoinbulletin has quit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds) [21:48]
Optimo bonks, I thikn they were a startup that had a huge boost from the btc craze and mtgox [21:48]
Optimo bitcoin is 'merely' technology [21:49]
neofutur what do you mean with " bitcoins advertise sending/receiving money from friends, facebook" bonks [21:49]
* weenfan (45290190@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-otc [21:49]
neofutur how is bitcoin related to facebook ? [21:49]
neofutur and what is ". . ." ? [21:50]
bonks sorry i meant "dwolla advertised..." [21:50]
neofutur ok [21:50]
Blitzboom good to see we bootstrapped dwolla and they raped us [21:50]
Optimo it is, however, realted to the Internet so all that could be considered in a loose line of reasoning [21:50]
neofutur "we bootstrapped dwolla and they raped us" <-- 100 % agreed [21:50]
Blitzboom that’s almost as bad as the EFF’s betrayal [21:50]
LordCanti what did the EFF do? [21:51]
neofutur even worst imo [21:51]
bonks ie. Dwolla android app says nothing about bitcoins [21:51]
Optimo Blitzboom I guess if TH customers got raped. but if you were mtgox maybe you could get some favor from dwolla - you do a lot of biz with them [21:51]
neofutur loosing the second echange is really bad [21:51]
neofutur after echb also closed . . . [21:51]
pigeons LordCanti: EFF started taking bitcoin donations, then stopped [21:51]
sturles Blitzboom: All the transactions with several thousand has many inputs. The value is the sum of all inputs. [21:51]
neofutur exchb [21:51]
LordCanti wtf [21:51]
coingenuity i miss exchb :( [21:51]
bonks are there Dwolla competitors? i havent seen much, but i'd expect more [21:51]
mircea_popescu EFF are government goons. [21:51]
pigeons lawyers said anonymous donations may mess up non-profit status [21:51]
neofutur I also badly miss exchb [21:51]
Blitzboom sturles: sure, but it’s one single transaction from one wallet per? [21:51]
LordCanti did they state why? [21:51]
Optimo neofutur, and yet I didn't see a huge crash after this. wasn't Th's volume still not even 5% of the total? [21:51]
neofutur was my preferred exchange after mtgox [21:51]
coingenuity LordCanti: they weren't making enough $ and it was a hassle for them [21:52]
neofutur th vloume was between 5% and 10 % iirc [21:52]
coingenuity neofutur: yep, and a huge portion of that was me tbh [21:52]
pigeons coingenuity: but their stated reason was the lawyers won't let them [21:52]
Optimo bonks, dwolla is a new concept if I recall what I read.. competitors would just now be starting to mimmick their organization [21:52]
LordCanti that makes no sense, BTC is the least amount of hassle [21:52]
Blitzboom [21:52]
Blitzboom here it is [21:52]
Elio19 Take EFF with grain of salt, what is their new Observatory for? [21:52]
coingenuity pigeons: that too, money transmission in the usa is hard [21:53]
neofutur I didnt like TH , i didnt like their supporet, hated their web interface . . . but still bitcoin need more than one exchange [21:53]
coingenuity LordCanti: it was running a bitcoin business for no profit that was a hassle, not dealing with the protocol itself ;) [21:53]
neofutur I tried to send them feedback more than once, but they never changed anything in their web UI [21:53]
Blitzboom the EFF is the reason why the humble bundle for instance will not accept bitcoin [21:53]
coingenuity ugh, i hate TH [21:53]
* cyphase (~cyphase@unaffiliated/cyphase) has joined #bitcoin-otc [21:53]
Blitzboom they explicitely advised against it [21:53]
coingenuity time after time i would get them to do the most basic shit.....just would not [21:53]
coingenuity and FFS EVERY single deposit must be confirmed by hand? [21:54]
coingenuity th == ffffffffffffffff [21:54]
sturles Blitzboom: What do you mean? There are transactions with many inputs. E.g. this one: [21:54]
neonindian Does anybody selling BTC through PayPal? PM me if interested. Thanks [21:54]
coingenuity cuz i REALLY want to wait an extra 3 days on top of whatever deposit method i used for my transfer to get approved... [21:54]
Optimo I still don't fully grasp why they chose to go that way - EFF seems to otherwise adore being risque. but when there's money involved and they have exployees to pay there are probably money-guys calling that shot [21:54]
copumpkin sturles: that really suggests what I was saying [21:54]
Blitzboom sturles: what i am talking about is that the entirety of this transaction was initiated by 1 user [21:54]
coingenuity Blitzboom: hm? [21:55]
Blitzboom so the 4k or whatever belong to one wallet [21:55]
neofutur namecoin will soon have a historeical data website : [21:55]
* ianthius has quit (Quit: leaving) [21:55]
Blitzboom am i wrong? [21:55]
pigeons they have to report where their donation come from, and in usa there are restrictions on speech/money/bits that say they can't get more than X from one person if the person is a certain class political group [21:55]
sturles Yes, it suggests an exchange or something. [21:55]
* ianthius_ is now known as ianthius [21:55]
Blitzboom or something silky roady [21:55]
* ianthius has quit (Changing host) [21:55]
* ianthius (~shell@unaffiliated/ianthius) has joined #bitcoin-otc [21:55]
sturles Poosibly. [21:56]
pigeons well they have those restrictions or else they pay taxes directly [21:56]
* fimpfimp ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [21:56]
neofutur neonindian: state the price you want for your pp$ [21:56]
sturles Shady person. Negotiates a deal and don't pay. [21:56]
Optimo pigeons, yes but they took it a step further didn't they? They could have said 'here's great new technology that is promising for internet payments, but due to restrictions we cannot' [21:56]
Blitzboom sturles: so he scammed you out of bitcoins? [21:56]
sturles INo [21:57]
sturles I never planned to send until I got the money. [21:57]
neofutur sturles: who ? [21:57]
sturles So I still have the BTC. [21:57]
Optimo whatever EFF stated was taken strongly by some as a signal. it was not handled wisely [21:57]
Blitzboom yes, it still is negative in terms of legitimacy [21:58]
Blitzboom recently i’ve read someone argue bitcoin is dead and bring this as an example [21:58]
Optimo we can get eff talking about btc without them having to clash with some silly restrictions. things will change eventually. [21:59]
Optimo embrace change [21:59]
mircea_popescu in a sense people arghuing bitcoin is dead is good for bitcoin. [21:59]
Blitzboom it would have been better if they never accepted it [21:59]
rg man [22:00]
rg is pretty [22:00]
Optimo all I know is some day, some day soon I will be able to give my thumbprint to doante % to save the clock tower [22:00]
Elio19 ? [22:02]
* Shibofu has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds) [22:02]
* GoldenAurora5436 has quit (Quit: GoldenAurora5436) [22:03]
bitcoinTrader does any1 know how to transfer the gpg key from 1 comp to another? [22:03]
bonks bitcoinTrader: %appdata%/gnupg maybe? [22:03]
bitcoinTrader I have the key setup on windows [22:03]
bitcoinTrader I want to transfer the key on my mac now [22:04]
bonks i just copied the files from there to my other machine, both windows [22:04]
Cusipzzz Optimo: wow, long timeno see [22:04]
bitcoinTrader hmm [22:04]
bitcoinTrader copy paste works? [22:04]
Blitzboom yes, works [22:04]
bitcoinTrader k.. will try [22:05]
* wood has quit (Quit: Leave me alone. kthx) [22:05]
bitcoinTrader GNU installation will be required? :-S [22:05]
bonks Blitzboom: i just copied all files, the pubring, random_seed, secring, and trustdb, is this safe/ok? [22:05]
* nelisky has quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds) [22:06]
Blitzboom sounds fine [22:06]
Blitzboom afaik one only needs secring/pubring, but i’m no gpg guru [22:07]
* GoldenAurora5436 ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [22:07]
draco49 yeah that's correct... you only need pubring and secring [22:07]
* MikeEAGLE (56b2abce@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-otc [22:07]
* MikeEAGLE has quit (Client Quit) [22:08]
* hyphaestus ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [22:08]
draco49 random_seed and trustdb should not be copied [22:08]
hyphaestus wuttup brosto [22:08]
dwon trustdb can be copied. random_seed should not be [22:08]
bitcoinTrader :-S [22:09]
Optimo hi Cusipzzz ;) [22:09]
bitcoinTrader what I have is this; [22:09]
bitcoinTrader I have the gpg key setup in windows [22:10]
draco49 If you're moving from one version of gpg to another, as is likely the case since he's moving from Windows to Mac, you should only import the key rings. Then you should re-establish your trust settings after the import. [22:10]
bitcoinTrader I want to use in mac [22:10]
dwon draco49: ah, good point [22:10]
* extor has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer) [22:10]
bitcoinTrader I think I had installed something while setting up gpg [22:10]
* ljrbot has quit (Remote host closed the connection) [22:11]
draco49 just put put your Window secring and pubring file onto the Mac and do an import. [22:11]
bitcoinTrader ok [22:11]
* subpar ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [22:11]
* subpar has quit (Changing host) [22:11]
* subpar (~JW@unaffiliated/subpar) has joined #bitcoin-otc [22:11]
* subpar has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer) [22:12]
Optimo wtf is System-D.. [22:12]
draco49 Some French term for a shadow economy. [22:12]
* subpar_ has quit (Ping timeout: 276 seconds) [22:13]
Optimo sounds good to me [22:14]
hyphaestus any bros have coins [22:14]
* weenfan has quit (Quit: Page closed) [22:14]
BTC_Bear System-D is the black-market but used as a less nefarious meaning [22:17]
* agricocb has quit (Quit: Leaving.) [22:17]
Elio19 Does anyone have knowledge about OSCP? [22:17]
* easystevey has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds) [22:17]
Optimo I only bring it up because of the article on forbes, btw [22:17]
BTC_Bear Buying Cigs for $2 per pack rather than $6, is System-D [22:18]
hyphaestus D:> dir [22:18]
ageis just export and import bro [22:18]
Optimo [22:18]
Blitzboom system-d = free market [22:19]
BTC_Bear Optimo: Should say, Future Currency. Author is obviously an idiot. Cash (all Cash) is the money for System D [22:20]
Optimo I wouldn't say he's an idiot, but that is a mistake indeed [22:20]
BTC_Bear agreed [22:20]
BTC_Bear Retract idiot [22:21]
Optimo he touches on the person-to=person qualification for a classical system-d tx [22:21]
mircea_popescu willing to pay one btc for non-idiot mainstream media article author. [22:21]
Optimo it's not a half-bad article, if a latecomer [22:21]
BTC_Bear match the funds for that mircea_popescu [22:21]
Blitzboom mircea_popescu: you pay peanuts, you get monkeys [22:21]
mircea_popescu Blitzboom kinda, yea. most "press" these days is done by unpaid "interns" [22:22]
Cusipzzz Blitzboom: wouldn't that be bananas? [22:22]
* jjjrmy-m-m (84aa3a73@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-otc [22:22]
* GoldenAurora5436 has quit (Quit: GoldenAurora5436) [22:22]
mircea_popescu BTC_Bear i just meant, for an example of. [22:22]
jjjrmy-m-m Hello people [22:22]
* ljrbot (~supybot-l@2001:470:88ff:2e::1) has joined #bitcoin-otc [22:23]
imsaguy <+copumpkin> coming soon! << that'll be 2 btc [22:24]
* GoldenAurora5436 ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [22:25]
Optimo TIL: humans peel a banana from the wrong side, monkeys start peeling from what I call the 'bottom' (non-stem end) [22:25]
mircea_popescu romanians do it that way optimo [22:25]
mircea_popescu EVERYONE else doesn't. [22:25]
Optimo u romanian? [22:26]
mircea_popescu yea [22:26]
Optimo lol [22:26]
* trustyha_ ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [22:26]
copumpkin Optimo: I do it from the easy side too [22:26]
mircea_popescu you're a gourd! [22:26]
Optimo tru monkey [22:26]
Optimo I haven't met a 3-letter word that I didn't love using [22:27]
neofutur [22:27]
hyphaestus yes and yes [22:27]
mircea_popescu so let's re-do the game of "guess how many comments my blog got this month, you get 0.that many bitcoins". [22:27]
Optimo 0x0 [22:27]
mircea_popescu moar. [22:27]
hyphaestus mircea_popescu: i guess 51 [22:27]
mircea_popescu more. [22:27]
Optimo 0x1 [22:27]
jjjrmy-m-m ;;eauth jjjrmy [22:27]
* a5m0 has quit (Disconnected by services) [22:28]
* Arc_ ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [22:28]
hyphaestus 52 [22:28]
mircea_popescu more. [22:28]
Blitzboom 80 [22:28]
* gribble gives voice to jjjrmy-m-m [22:28]
mircea_popescu more. [22:29]
Blitzboom 122 [22:29]
jjjrmy-m-m will you guys watch my livestream? [22:29]
mircea_popescu more. [22:29]
Blitzboom 197 [22:29]
mircea_popescu more. [22:29]
* Arc_ is now known as a5m0 [22:29]
mircea_popescu this is fun already. [22:29]
Blitzboom 327 [22:29]
mircea_popescu more. [22:30]
Blitzboom 688 [22:30]
mircea_popescu more. [22:30]
Blitzboom hahaha oh god [22:30]
mircea_popescu yeah :D [22:30]
* a5m0 has quit (Changing host) [22:30]
* a5m0 (~Arc@unaffiliated/a5m0) has joined #bitcoin-otc [22:30]
hyphaestus your blog gets a lot of traffic [22:30]
mircea_popescu kinda. [22:30]
Blitzboom 1246 [22:30]
mircea_popescu more. [22:30]
Blitzboom 2468 [22:30]
mircea_popescu less. [22:30]
Blitzboom 1888 [22:30]
mircea_popescu didn't think you'd live to see that huh. [22:30]
mircea_popescu less. [22:30]
bonks 1500 [22:31]
rawrmage 1100 [22:31]
Blitzboom 1567 [22:31]
mircea_popescu more. [22:31]
rawrmage 1320 [22:31]
hyphaestus 1660 [22:31]
mircea_popescu more. [22:31]
rawrmage 1750 [22:31]
mircea_popescu > 1750. [22:31]
draco49 1775 [22:31]
chk 1900 [22:31]
mircea_popescu < 1900 [22:31]
rawrmage 1800 [22:31]
mircea_popescu > 1800 [22:31]
rawrmage 1850 [22:31]
hyphaestus 1854 [22:31]
chk 1780 [22:31]
Optimo all of romania [22:31]
draco49 1846 [22:31]
Blitzboom 1851 [22:31]
jjjrmy-m-m Hey, have you guys seen the transactions to and from this address: 1HhhsA31GSpRz2pbbV3dtfJjYGKrtHbnZL [22:31]
draco49 1860 [22:32]
hyphaestus 1894 [22:32]
mircea_popescu ok, betqeen 1846 and 1780 [22:32]
hyphaestus 1838 [22:32]
Blitzboom 1822 [22:32]
jjjrmy-m-m ~1.5k sent and received [22:32]
* ljrbot has quit (Remote host closed the connection) [22:32]
draco49 1827 [22:32]
chk 1845 [22:32]
mircea_popescu > 1838 [22:32]
mircea_popescu < 1845 [22:32]
draco49 1841 [22:32]
hyphaestus 1845 [22:32]
bonks 1813 [22:32]
hyphaestus 1843 [22:32]
mircea_popescu > 41 [22:32]
rawrmage 1843 [22:32]
draco49 1842 [22:32]
hyphaestus 1842 [22:32]
rawrmage 1842 [22:32]
mircea_popescu 1843 has it! [22:32]
Blitzboom 1839 [22:32]
chk 1844 [22:32]
rawrmage lol [22:32]
chk fuck my life [22:32]
mircea_popescu hyphaestus address ? [22:32]
hyphaestus i win!! [22:32]
hyphaestus hahah!! [22:32]
chk //wrists [22:32]
amiller that's dumb [22:32]
jjjrmy-m-m how much did he win? [22:32]
draco49 I never win anything :( [22:33]
Blitzboom now that’s 18 BTC? [22:33]
chk $100000000000000000000 [22:33]
mircea_popescu A LOAD!!11 [22:33]
Blitzboom nice :D [22:33]
mircea_popescu that's precisely 0.1843 btc [22:33]
* easystevey (48e715d4@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-otc [22:33]
jjjrmy-m-m isn't there #bitcoin-gambling [22:33]
jjjrmy-m-m just for gambling [22:33]
amiller #bitcoin-games [22:33]
Blitzboom hahaha [22:33]
Blitzboom it was fun though [22:33]
chk this wasnt gambling [22:33]
chk :P [22:33]
mircea_popescu i had to read all that shit. > 10k words ffs. [22:33]
chk there was no initial investment [22:33]
jjjrmy-m-m oh [22:33]
* wood ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [22:34]
mircea_popescu rawrmage nearly got it too, couplaseconds [22:34]
* ljrbot (~supybot-l@2001:470:88ff:2e::1) has joined #bitcoin-otc [22:35]
* Someguy123 is now known as Someguy123[afk] [22:35]
draco49 he would have just spent it on pony gear [22:35]
mircea_popescu eeek fee! so unfair! [22:35]
hyphaestus what is your blog address? [22:35]
* subpar (~JW@unaffiliated/subpar) has joined #bitcoin-otc [22:36]
mircea_popescu takes you there [22:36]
hyphaestus koolz [22:36]
* Someguy123[afk] is now known as Someguy123 [22:37]
hyphaestus chrome is translating [22:37]
* GoldenAurora5436 has quit (Quit: GoldenAurora5436) [22:37]
* PsiliPharm has quit (Ping timeout: 244 seconds) [22:37]
rg just give me dentastix [22:38]
rg just give me dentastix [22:38]
Blitzboom mircea_popescu: am i the only one who gets a 403? [22:38]
mircea_popescu possibly. [22:38]
Blitzboom and a 404 [22:38]
Optimo rg: this bong's fer u [22:38]
mircea_popescu pm your ip ? [22:38]
* gribble gives voice to Someguy123 [22:38]
hyphaestus dentastix [22:38]
rg its a trick [22:38]
rg get an axe [22:38]
* Arc_ ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [22:39]
* a5m0 has quit (Disconnected by services) [22:39]
hyphaestus denastix [22:39]
hyphaestus isnt that like chewing on a minty allen wrench [22:40]
Optimo neofutur: why does that africa article say tradehill is/was the largest exchange of btc for $ [22:40]
draco49 The writer was an idiot. [22:40]
* GoldenAurora5436 ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [22:40]
* trustyha_ has quit (Ping timeout: 244 seconds) [22:40]
hyphaestus i won 0.1843 BTC !!! thx mircea_popescu!!! [22:40]
Optimo nice [22:40]
Optimo rate him ;) [22:41]
hyphaestus good idea [22:41]
mircea_popescu ma pleasure! [22:41]
* PsiliPharm (~psiliphar@ has joined #bitcoin-otc [22:41]
draco49 At the time they closed, TH had less than 5% of the total exchange trade volume. [22:41]
ne0futur Optimo: i didnt write the article, i dont say its good or true [22:41]
ne0futur just sharing information ;) [22:41]
* Gaglia ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [22:41]
Optimo cool and whoa you have two nicks? [22:42]
Optimo ;) [22:42]
* Raccoon has quit (Ping timeout: 265 seconds) [22:42]
draco49 The writer is another Bitcoin-naysayer who begins with the premise that Bitcoin is doomed to failure. [22:42]
vragnaroda ne0futur: Did you know Glenn Beck raped and murdered a girl in 1990? [22:42]
vragnaroda I'm not saying he did. I'm just asking. [22:42]
Blitzboom which article are you talking about? [22:42]
danieldaniel anyone have a youtube viewing/sub bot? [22:43]
ne0futur Optimo: but thanks for the report, i ll tell mtgox to ask for a corrective [22:43]
hyphaestus well bitcoin can be taken down, but its just very expensive. would a blackhat / govt do that? seems unlikely [22:43]
* wazzootieman has quit (Ping timeout: 244 seconds) [22:43]
Optimo np. I stopped reading it after that anyway [22:43]
* tcatm has quit (Quit: No Ping reply in 180 seconds.) [22:43]
dwon You guys need to get your facts straight. TradeHill was _clearly_ the largest bitcoin exchange. Also, I'm the highest-rated person in this channel. [22:44]
draco49 [22:44]
ne0futur Blitzboom: [22:44]
Blitzboom thx [22:44]
mircea_popescu how exactly can btc be "taken down "? [22:44]
Optimo hyphaestus, you could almost wager that our community would come to find out about it and if such a travesty were to occur we could assemble to start a new chain of trust [22:44]
* jjjrmy-m-m has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds) [22:44]
mircea_popescu dwon orly ? [22:44]
hyphaestus nsa's computers are busy mapping out relationships between people on facebook according to their political affiliations and trying to detect pockets of "extremism" [22:44]
ne0futur vragnaroda: is your question related to me posting this article ? [22:44]
ne0futur is it forbidden to share news sources ? [22:45]
* wazzootieman (~wazzootie@ has joined #bitcoin-otc [22:45]
g04 yes [22:45]
mircea_popescu can someone edit that to mention mpoe ? [22:45]
ne0futur I dont even know who is glenn beck and I dont know how its related to bitcoin [22:45]
hyphaestus nsa's computers are busy doing sentiment analysis on twitter posts and trying to root out terrorists / people who drink unpasteurized milk [22:45]
* lueo has quit (Quit: Page closed) [22:45]
mircea_popescu i drink unpasteurized milk [22:46]
* bodom (~quassel@2001:1418:100:84a3::2) has joined #bitcoin-otc [22:46]
* tcatm (~quassel@2001:4dd0:fb22::2) has joined #bitcoin-otc [22:46]
* tcatm has quit (Changing host) [22:46]
* tcatm (~quassel@unaffiliated/tcatm) has joined #bitcoin-otc [22:46]
mircea_popescu often enough directly from the woman. [22:46]
Optimo I drink terrorist milk [22:46]
draco49 Don't try that in Wisconsin. [22:46]
hyphaestus the fda is monitoring this chat!! [22:46]
* Arc__ ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [22:46]
copumpkin mircea_popescu: I just had a bottle of unpasteurized milk [22:46]
Optimo and teh USDA apparently [22:46]
danieldaniel anyone have a youtube bot? [22:46]
ne0futur vragnaroda: but i ll answer you, I dont know it and i m not interested [22:46]
mircea_popescu copumpkin bottles are for pasteurissies :D [22:46]
hyphaestus in the US, sellign raw milk can bring a SWAT team down on u [22:46]
dwon vragnaroda: heh [22:47]
Optimo straight from the teet eh [22:47]
copumpkin mircea_popescu: I don't have any cows to drink directly from, and I don't do lactating women [22:47]
mircea_popescu i don't have any cows either [22:47]
* CanuckTux ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [22:47]
* dwon registers [22:47]
mircea_popescu besides, kinda iffy to suckle a cow. [22:47]
Optimo straight-up badger milk [22:47]
mircea_popescu it could get a sudden erection [22:47]
draco49 A hardened teat? [22:47]
Optimo three's company [22:48]
mircea_popescu lol [22:48]
* gribble has quit (Ping timeout: 265 seconds) [22:48]
vragnaroda ne0futur: The point is that posting content and immediately disassociating yourself with it and just saying someone's saying it is disingenuous at best. It's behavior that Glenn Beck was commonly associated with and resulted in someone registering a domain just to ask that question, which was googlebombed into being a high result after searching Glenn Beck. [22:48]
mircea_popescu someone should tell that woman with the human milk icecream in australia that got closed down to take it to sr [22:48]
* gribble (~gribble@unaffiliated/nanotube/bot/gribble) has joined #bitcoin-otc [22:48]
* ChanServ gives channel operator status to gribble [22:48]
mircea_popescu gribble is an op now ?~! [22:49]
ne0futur vragnaroda: ok I ll stop sharing news sources here [22:49]
vragnaroda ne0futur: In short, that behavior is the epitome of what's so odious about mainstream media. [22:49]
ne0futur you should add this rule on [22:49]
draco49 SkyNeat... [22:49]
ne0futur [22:49]
draco49 *net [22:49]
mircea_popescu so let me get this straight. going http://url <<< what a load of crock is no good ? [22:49]
* Arc_ has quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds) [22:49]
Optimo in this channel specifically it has some .. broader implications by posting it [22:50]
ne0futur bit coin related news are probably not useful for traders [22:50]
* bitcoinbulletin ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [22:50]
Optimo well some crazy person could question your motives, but this channel is always terrible on policing influencers [22:50]
ne0futur mainstream media news have no influence on bitcoin price for sure and traders dont need them [22:50]
BTC_Bear Just speak in Zen Tomes: A wall is a wall unless it is brick. [22:51]
vragnaroda It's not a rule in the sense of a prescriptive standard ne0nazi. It's a rule in the sense of respectable behavior. [22:51]
rg i duno vrag, in terms of respectable behavior, i dont think youre one ot lecture [22:51]
helo important bot's shitty connection [22:51]
Optimo nettiqquete [22:51]
Optimo qqq [22:51]
ne0futur i prefer not to answer, lets stay civil [22:51]
danieldaniel so nobody has a youtube bot? [22:51]
rg mines only jewtube [22:51]
rg sorry [22:51]
mircea_popescu what's a youtube bot supposed to do ? [22:51]
* Arc__ is now known as a5m0 [22:51]
* a5m0 has quit (Changing host) [22:52]
* a5m0 (~Arc@unaffiliated/a5m0) has joined #bitcoin-otc [22:52]
draco49 danieldaniel, what would it do? Watch videos for you? [22:52]
Optimo danieldaniel, try a video-related chatroom? [22:52]
mircea_popescu lol draco49 [22:52]
danieldaniel Optimo: like what [22:52]
danieldaniel draco49: sub and view [22:52]
Optimo not a bitcoin channel [22:52]
mircea_popescu the leet haxxorz of woolpath prolly have one [22:52]
vragnaroda rg: I may be an asshole from time to time, but I don't post links and then when asked about them, say “I don't know anything about it; I'm just sharing it.” [22:52]
danieldaniel yuallsomean [22:52]
ne0futur I also said : [22:53]
Optimo faux pas ? [22:53]
BTC_Bear If you immediately know the candle is lit, the meal was cooked some time ago. [22:53]
ne0futur (22:40) <+ ne0futur> Optimo: but thanks for the report, i ll tell mtgox to ask for a corrective [22:53]
draco49 [22:53]
Optimo that's great. I hope they change it [22:53]
vragnaroda ne0futur: What does that have to do with Neptunian surface temperature? [22:53]
mircea_popescu hmmm is tor only now ?! [22:53]
vragnaroda mircea_popescu: wat [22:54]
vragnaroda It loads fine from here. [22:54]
mircea_popescu i am getting error 112 wtf. [22:54]
draco49 works fine for me [22:54]
mircea_popescu o jesus [22:54]
* GoldenAurora5436 has quit (Quit: GoldenAurora5436) [22:54]
mircea_popescu someone needs to explain to these people how to set their certs. [22:54]
dwon mircea_popescu: that's true, but it's also working for me [22:55]
neofutur vragnaroda: i l stop arguing, anyway you never try to understand what I say [22:55]
* talso ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [22:55]
dwon mircea_popescu: maybe somebody's MITMing you? [22:55]
* Orion-Hax has quit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds) [22:55]
draco49 mircea_popescu, what's wrong with their cert setup? [22:55]
neofutur and will always try to "proove" i m saying what i dont mean to say [22:56]
mircea_popescu no dwon, just their cert is for non en. prefixed [22:56]
mircea_popescu as in, cert is for, i load [22:56]
jcpham WTB MTGOXUSD or quantities of BTC with PP - rated buyer! [22:56]
neofutur but its not a problem since you re the only guy in the world to never undersatand what I mean [22:56]
jcpham easy paypal money [22:56]
mircea_popescu ERROR: certificate common name `' doesn't match requested host name `'. [22:56]
mcorlett neofutur: lol [22:56]
* nanotube has quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds) [22:56]
* gribble has quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds) [22:56]
* easystevey has quit (Quit: Page closed) [22:57]
dwon mircea_popescu: oh, there's an X.509 extension, which some things don't support, which lets you specify alternate names [22:57]
* bitcoinbulletin has quit (Ping timeout: 272 seconds) [22:57]
mircea_popescu well when wget doesn't support it you have a problem imo [22:57]
vragnaroda neofutur: Quit doing that. Nowhere did anything indicate I didn't understand. I understood what you said just fine. It was *morally* wrong, not incomprehensible. [22:57]
dwon mircea_popescu: StartCom (the CA I also use) lets you create certs like that. [22:57]
draco49 gribble's on the fritz... [22:57]
* talso has quit (Client Quit) [22:57]
neofutur and I m not interested in [22:57]
mircea_popescu lol poor g. [22:57]
* hngryhngryhippo has quit (Ping timeout: 244 seconds) [22:57]
mcorlett /nick gribble, anyone? [22:58]
* agricocb (~agricolc@unaffiliated/agricocb) has joined #bitcoin-otc [22:58]
neofutur I dont have enought time to loose playing this silly game [22:58]
g04 lol [22:59]
* You are now known as griblle [22:59]
griblle yes ? [22:59]
BTC_Bear ;;griblle botsnack [22:59]
mcorlett griblle: You can be the real deal for 30 seconds or so. [22:59]
* draco49 is now known as mircea_popescu [22:59]
griblle lalala i can not hear ya [22:59]
* mcorlett is now known as draco49 [23:00]
mircea_popescu lol [23:00]
* You are now known as mcorlett [23:00]
-NickServ- This nickname is registered. Please choose a different nickname, or identify via /msg NickServ identify . [23:00]
-NickServ- You have 30 seconds to identify to your nickname before it is changed. [23:00]
mcorlett ew [23:00]
* You are now known as m_p [23:00]
-NickServ- This nickname is registered. Please choose a different nickname, or identify via /msg NickServ identify . [23:00]
* talso ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [23:00]
* You are now known as awwww [23:00]
-NickServ- This nickname is registered. Please choose a different nickname, or identify via /msg NickServ identify . [23:00]
rg great we all get to reauth [23:00]
draco49 Comfy boots, draco. [23:00]
* You are now known as rapeghoost [23:00]
rapeghoost ha! [23:00]
* draco49 is now known as mcorlett [23:00]
mircea_popescu if you guess how many coins are in my pocket, i'll send you all my Bitcoins. [23:00]
BTC_Bear 100 [23:01]
rapeghoost omg that's not the real rg! [23:01]
mircea_popescu ok, I don't want to be mircea_popescu anymore... [23:01]
* mircea_popescu is now known as draco49 [23:01]
* You are now known as mircea_popescu [23:01]
rg you should be mary poppins [23:01]
* mircea_popescu hoses all the spunk off [23:01]
mircea_popescu look what you've done to my mint condition nick! [23:02]
draco49 that was weird [23:02]
BTC_Bear Well there is SET ENFORCE ON [23:02]
* Guest94883 is now known as aemaeth [23:02]
mcorlett Next week on 'A day in the life of Mircea': [23:02]
* aemaeth has quit (Changing host) [23:02]
* aemaeth (~none@unaffiliated/aemaeth) has joined #bitcoin-otc [23:02]
dwon mircea_popescu (or whoever-tf): openssl s_client -connect [23:02]
* wazzootieman has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds) [23:03]
* PsiliPharm has quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds) [23:03]
dwon X509v3 Subject Alternative Name: [23:03]
dwon,,, DNS:*, DNS:*,, DNS:* [23:03]
mircea_popescu srsly dwon, run $wget [23:03]
draco49 Is that how you browse the web, mircea_popescu? Using wget? [23:04]
g04 lol [23:04]
mircea_popescu if i feel particularly loose that day yes [23:04]
vragnaroda Why not? [23:04]
* wazzootieman (~wazzootie@ has joined #bitcoin-otc [23:04]
dwon mircea_popescu: I know. [23:05]
draco49 The web must be a wondrous place viewed through the eyes of wget. [23:05]
mircea_popescu try the lynx eyes sometime draco49 [23:05]
* tbage has quit (Quit: Leaving.) [23:05]
draco49 lynx isn't quite the same... at least it's a browser. [23:05]
BTC_Bear Telnet into the Bitcoin BBS for the deals of the week [23:05]
mircea_popescu dwon not disputing it is a wget bug ftr. just saying most people aren't likely to know./ [23:05]
dwon mircea_popescu: The problem is likely to go away soon. It already works fine on my Debian "wheezy" box. [23:06]
mircea_popescu for curiosity's sake ima load a browsershots. [23:06]
* Pancake ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [23:06]
* gribble (~gribble@unaffiliated/nanotube/bot/gribble) has joined #bitcoin-otc [23:06]
* ChanServ gives channel operator status to gribble [23:06]
dwon mircea_popescu: but yeah, not disputing that it's a problem (it's actually one of the reasons why I didn't get that kind of cert for [23:07]
mircea_popescu yeah. [23:07]
Pancake ;;guide [23:07]
chk do you guys think i should cash out 100btc right now or wait for the price increase some people are proposing? [23:07]
Pancake o/ well that failed [23:07]
dwon I got a wildcard cert instead, which isn't free, but wasn't terribly expensive either [23:07]
dwon (from StartCom) [23:07]
mircea_popescu chk look deep in your soul. [23:07]
mcorlett dwon: How much was it? [23:07]
mircea_popescu those are prolly a better solution. [23:07]
chk i have no soul!!! [23:08]
* PsiliPharm (~psiliphar@ has joined #bitcoin-otc [23:08]
draco49 A wildcard cert from comodo is like $70/yr [23:08]
dwon mcorlett: Class 2 verification is quoted at US $59.60. [23:08]
draco49 *$750/yr [23:08]
dwon mcorlett: and that's per *person*, so once you do that, you can get as many wildcard certs as you want [23:08]
* easystevey (48e715d4@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-otc [23:09]
dwon Class 1 certs are free, and recognized by most browsers [23:09]
dwon s/recognized/trusted/ [23:09]
MBS [23:09]
* vraa ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [23:09]
mircea_popescu just look at that [23:10]
mircea_popescu like 1/3 to half the browser can't load it. [23:10]
mircea_popescu brutal. [23:10]
mcorlett MBS: Please read your private messages. [23:10]
dwon mircea_popescu: Look closer. Firefox 2.0.0 just shows its pointless "you are going to an SSL page now" dialog. [23:11]
dwon it's not an actual error [23:11]
mircea_popescu o [23:12]
mircea_popescu seems its mostly opera [23:12]
* gribble has quit (Ping timeout: 276 seconds) [23:12]
* talso has quit (Quit: Lost terminal) [23:12]
neofutur mircea_popescu: I dont agree with your conclusion, some of the machines used by are broken or overloaded, or have a setup to issue a silly warning on https [23:12]
dwon heh. safari took the screenshot before it finished loading [23:12]
dwon chrome, too [23:13]
* nanotube (~nanotube@unaffiliated/nanotube) has joined #bitcoin-otc [23:13]
* ChanServ gives voice to nanotube [23:13]
mircea_popescu ya neofutur, it was just a quick off the cuff [23:13]
neofutur imho you jump too fast to the conclusion "1/3 to half the browser can't load it" [23:13]
mircea_popescu doesn'tg hold up to scrutiny [23:13]
neofutur dwon: and others just print a warning for ssl [23:13]
dwon neofutur: yup [23:13]
* Pancake has quit () [23:13]
dwon and dillo, well, it's dillo [23:13]
mircea_popescu ya seems some versions of opera and some versions of deb/ubuntu have a problem [23:15]
mircea_popescu so i got a question : would the fiasco be maybe the same issue that got slush/bitcoinica/gavin/etc ? [23:15]
mircea_popescu because those guys knew what they were doing. was on linode ? [23:16]
MBS ok mcorlett, pmed you [23:16]
* nanotube has quit (Remote host closed the connection) [23:17]
imsaguy This week's project is cable management [23:17]
helo is gribble hosted on a fucking toaster oven or what? [23:17]
imsaguy lol [23:17]
imsaguy nanotube's connection sucks at times. [23:17]
* lethu has quit (Remote host closed the connection) [23:18]
mircea_popescu awww poor gribble in his toaster oven ;/ [23:18]
* lethu (~Naskingar@unaffiliated/lethu) has joined #bitcoin-otc [23:18]
vragnaroda helo: No, it's hosted on an iron in Uganda. [23:18]
vragnaroda Leave gribble alone. [23:18]
helo haha [23:18]
dwon lol [23:18]
helo has the idea of putting the WoT into namecoin's blockchain been shot down already? [23:19]
dwon all you want is more more more more MORE [23:19]
bitcoinTrader ahh gribble down [23:19]
* dwon sobs [23:19]
helo methods of mayhem heh [23:19]
bitcoinTrader seems nanotube is upgrading gribble [23:19]
bitcoinTrader :D [23:19]
vragnaroda I think that'd be a particularly silly way of distributing it but there are plans for an eventual decentralized WoT. [23:19]
dwon how dare you guys make fun of gribble, after all she's been through! [23:20]
bitcoinTrader dwon: gribble is she *-) [23:20]
dwon it's funny how much of this narrative could apply to gribble: [23:21]
Coolty where is gribble? [23:21]
mircea_popescu gribble's dead [23:21]
mircea_popescu locked in my basement [23:21]
* easystevey has quit (Quit: Page closed) [23:21]
* masori has quit (Quit: Leaving) [23:21]
mircea_popescu with dr dre. [23:21]
* BTCHero is now known as nanotube [23:22]
nanotube who wants to trade multiple thousands of bitcoins with me [23:22]
nanotube I would auth but gribble is down [23:22]
helo can heirarchal data be put into namecoin? [23:22]
* nanotube is now known as Guest51553 [23:22]
Guest51553 damn it [23:22]
* gribble ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [23:22]
* Guest51553 is now known as BTCHero [23:22]
* ChanServ gives channel operator status to vragnaroda [23:22]
* vragnaroda has kicked gribble from #bitcoin-otc (gribble) [23:22]
dwon aww. [23:22]
* merlin1234 (58750be2@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-otc [23:23]
bitcoinTrader lol [23:23]
vragnaroda gribile's cool but gribble isn't. [23:23]
* PsiliPharm has quit (Ping timeout: 276 seconds) [23:23]
* neonindian has quit (Quit: Page closed) [23:24]
* PsiliPharm (~psiliphar@ has joined #bitcoin-otc [23:25]
merlin1234 I search anyone ho can change PSC to BTC ?!?! [23:25]
BTCHero MBS i got that remote [23:25]
BTCHero didn't come with a usb cable though, but im sure i have one around here [23:26]
MBS oh yeah, i assumed you had one, its one of the old really common ones [23:27]
BTCHero i probably do [23:27]
BTCHero thanks again [23:27]
BTCHero anymore junk you want to sell? [23:28]
* lunks has quit (Remote host closed the connection) [23:28]
MBS hmm [23:28]
merlin1234 I search anyone ho can change PSC to BTC ?!?! [23:28]
jcpham WTB MTGOXUSD or quantities of BTC with PP - rated buyer! [23:29]
MBS well trying to sell a $10 amazon, $10 best buy, $20 lowes, and $10 outback steakhouse gc [23:29]
* Elio19 has quit (Quit: Leaving) [23:29]
* netxshare (~netxshare@2a01:608:ffff:3405::42) has joined #bitcoin-otc [23:29]
BTCHero physical lowes gc? [23:30]
MBS yeah [23:30]
* subpar_ ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [23:30]
* subpar_ has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer) [23:30]
* chk has quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds) [23:30]
* subpar_ ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [23:30]
merlin1234 i sell psc and accept BTC ?!?! [23:31]
Cory What's psc? [23:31]
helo pussy [23:31]
* style_ (~style@2001:638:208:d201:21a:6bff:fe66:777c) has joined #bitcoin-otc [23:31]
g04 hrm [23:32]
g04 interesting [23:32]
merlin1234 psc = [23:32]
BTCHero MBS ill give you 3.3btc for it [23:32]
MBS ok [23:32]
* subpar has quit (Ping timeout: 276 seconds) [23:32]
helo if someone was going to design a blockchain for a WoT system... [23:33]
* blaeks ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [23:35]
helo trust relationship mapping is kind of a general problem, so it wouldn't be entirely retarded to think about it [23:35]
mcorlett merlin1234: Did you check out #bitcoin-otc-eu as I told you to? [23:35]
neofutur <- why gribble / nanotube are no more here [23:36]
hyphaestus goxxed [23:36]
neofutur ( again :p ) [23:36]
* subpar (~JW@unaffiliated/subpar) has joined #bitcoin-otc [23:36]
* subpar_ has quit (Ping timeout: 276 seconds) [23:37]
BTCHero ;;view [23:38]
BTCHero oh yeah, gribble aint here [23:38]
BTCHero I want silver [23:38]
mircea_popescu o don't tell me they were on dreamhost wtf [23:39]
* easystevey (48e715d4@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-otc [23:39]
Cory I wonder if we send enough BTC to the -otc donation address better hosting will be bought. :P [23:39]
mircea_popescu jesus that piece of crap illustrates what's wrong with pr today. how many times does it say "small subset of customers" ? [23:39]
Cory I heard rg has a sale for -otc ops. [23:40]
Cory Maybe it's even better for founders. [23:40]
BTCHero i'm sure rg would hook him up [23:40]
BTCHero he did clarkmoody for free if i recall correctly [23:40]
Cory They have an ad for BitVPS. [23:41]
hyphaestus oogway's back [23:41]
* easystevey has quit (Client Quit) [23:42]
neofutur mircea_popescu: i m trying to push nanotube to leave dreamhost for years :p [23:42]
BTCHero ill host it on my xbox at my house [23:42]
rg its funny too, people asking for automated windoze installs, windoze already does that [23:43]
mircea_popescu i thought only girl bloggers hosted on dreamhost/bluehost/etchost [23:43]
mircea_popescu for srsly. [23:43]
BTCHero gauranteed 10% up time [23:43]
rg oops [23:43]
rg wrong channel [23:43]
dwon rg: what's the right channel? [23:47]
* EvanR (~erinehart@ has joined #bitcoin-otc [23:47]
mircea_popescu << might be nsfw. want to know if you think it is. ty. [23:48]
* EvanR is now known as Guest35510 [23:48]
helo hahaha wtf man [23:49]
rg dwon: #bitvps [23:51]
* specular ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [23:51]
* sbr2011 has quit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds) [23:52]
* EvanR_ ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [23:53]
mircea_popescu i dunno helo you tell me. art these days... [23:54]
* chwergy has quit (Quit: Leaving) [23:54]
* Guest35510 has quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds) [23:55]
* LordCanti has quit (Quit: Leaving) [23:56]
* merlin1234 has quit (Quit: Page closed) [23:58]
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