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Sunday, 24 November, Year 11 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu
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cgcardona_ ;;rate danielpbarron 1 #bitcoin-assets regular and defended me when a scammer squatted on my nick in #bitcoin-otc [00:09]
gribble Rating entry successful. Your rating for user danielpbarron has changed from 1 to 1. [00:09]
cgcardona_ thanks btw ^ [00:09]
artifexd cgcardona_: I wouldn't worry about total wot rating since it is a meaningless number. [00:09]
artifexd Sometimes a negative rating would be a good thing depending on who it came from. [00:09]
fluffypony like from Supa [00:10]
artifexd Imagine you had a negative rating from mtgox with the comment "TROLL!!!!!!" [00:10]
cgcardona_ haha. [00:10]
artifexd I would see such a rating as reflecting positively on the ratee. [00:10]
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cgcardona_ interesting way to look at it. [00:10]
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rithm i'd almost pay for a negrate from mgicaltux [00:13]
rithm *magicaltux [00:13]
rithm negrate from a scammer is a badge of honor [00:13]
artifexd Exactly. So you can't just look at the sum of the ratings and learn anything useful. [00:14]
artifexd Does anyone know of any wot visualization tools? I imagine something like bubbles with names and the lines connecting those bubbles are colored/weighted according to the rating. [00:15]
bounce sure you can. "person has been rated N times, some positive, some negative." -- negative ratings might well be the more interesting to read. [00:15]
artifexd When I said "look at the sum", I meant look at the single number which is the sum of all ratings. [00:16]
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bounce the fact that it exists at all is an interesting datum, inasmuch it doesn't say "not rated yet" [00:17]
bounce if it's well over 10 or -10 that's a clear indication it wasn't by just one rating either [00:18]
artifexd I would argue that the fact that it exists at all encourages the improper use of the wot. [00:18]
bounce no railroading powertools [00:18]
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mircea_popescu artifexd actually the controlling example is... anduck himself has a total negaitve [00:27]
* assbot removes voice from rithm [00:27]
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mircea_popescu also : [00:27]
mircea_popescu ;;gettrust artifexd [00:27]
gribble Currently authenticated from hostmask artifexd!sid28611@gateway/web/ Trust relationship from user mircea_popescu to user artifexd: Level 1: 0, Level 2: 2 via 2 connections. Graph: | WoT data: | Rated since: Wed Mar 5 02:06:14 2014 [00:27]
mircea_popescu first one. [00:28]
mircea_popescu !up rithm [00:28]
assbot Voicing rithm for 30 minutes. [00:28]
* assbot gives voice to rithm [00:28]
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rithm why must we voice me [00:29]
rithm the bot is dumb [00:29]
artifexd mircea_popescu: When asking about the visual tool, I meant for the whole wot. Specifically to identify islands, groups, etc. [00:29]
mircea_popescu dexX7 published one recently iirc. [00:29]
mircea_popescu rithm because you have no wot. [00:29]
rithm can't someone just run a normal eggdrop bot and auto voice people [00:29]
kakobrekla rithm up yourself on pm [00:29]
rithm gaH [00:29]
kakobrekla or that. [00:29]
rithm and my caps getsd stuck [00:30]
mircea_popescu so stop sucking [00:30]
kakobrekla i think not anymore [00:30]
rithm lemme try [00:30]
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artifexd Interestingly, wrt anduck, he has a total of -69. There are 7 -10 ratings that are CLEARLY from the same person. [00:31]
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rithm b-o-r-i-n-g [00:31]
rithm ;;ident [00:31]
gribble CAUTION: irc nick differs from otc registered nick. Nick 'rithm', with hostmask 'rithm!~rithm@unaffiliated/rithm', is identified as user 'jcpham', with GPG key id C71FB5ED6ACE04AF, key fingerprint F7299BD73879E866613EAB24C71FB5ED6ACE04AF, and bitcoin address 157CrafPv8oGC7f5vVFuLnE1BgDYUND4hq [00:31]
* assbot gives voice to dexX7 [00:31]
rithm ;;unauth [00:32]
gribble Your GPG session has been terminated. [00:32]
artifexd dexX7: Did you visualize the entire wot? [00:32]
dexX7 no :) [00:32]
dexX7 only the assbot/#ba users [00:32]
artifexd But... [00:32]
artifexd Ah [00:33]
dexX7 sec [00:33]
dexX7 [00:33]
rithm omg gold titans [00:34]
rithm incoming supposedly [00:34]
dexX7 bounce posted a list of all users who may be voiced here [00:34]
rithm much excite [00:34]
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dexX7 the tool used was which allows to import simple csvs but it's really slow for large datasets (or i simply don't know how to use it properly which is not unlikely :) [00:35]
artifexd That's hot. [00:35]
kakobrekla rithm, yeah, although i fixed the parsing side, its not gonna work because it would break the simplicity of the design, so nick around if you wanna dick around [00:44]
* rithm dagger to the heart [00:45]
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fluffypony dexX7: very cool [00:48]
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bounce probably should re-run that listing thing; the math was a bit borked. [00:51]
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bounce oh foo, need to re-do the via thing. hm. [00:59]
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dignork dexX7: try this one instead of Gephi: , on my graphs Gephi just crashed, but this one survived [01:05]
dexX7 ah ty [01:06]
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dexX7 does anyone know since when is offline? [01:15]
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dexX7 ah nvm. i found the blogpost [01:15]
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ozbot Palcohol: the powderised alcohol that turns water into rum | Life and style | The Guardian [01:25]
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bounce how does that work, powdering a liquid? [01:29]
bounce ``If you have $100 million or more to invest, we'll be happy to talk to you. :) Otherwise we are not taking on investors.'' -- totally legit [01:31]
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mircea_popescu bounce da fuck is that ? [01:35]
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assbot Voicing benkay` for 30 minutes. [01:38]
* assbot gives voice to benkay` [01:38]
benkay` thanks jurov [01:38]
benkay` bounce, jurov: it's a crystalline thing that absorbs alcohol. [01:38]
benkay` and then (i think) dissolves in water. [01:39]
* ChanServ removes voice from benkay` [01:39]
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assbot Voice for benkay` extended to 30 minutes. [01:40]
* assbot gives voice to benkay` [01:40]
* benkay` is now known as benkay [01:40]
* assbot gives voice to benkay [01:41]
benkay figured it out [01:41]
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thestringpuller ;;later tell mod6 yo mod6 mon, you dead? [01:45]
gribble The operation succeeded. [01:45]
dexX7 asicminer: "What is the status, size, and expected delivery of the next batch of chips? What about the one after that? -> This month: 850k, next month: 3.35m (order size), June: 6.7m (order size), assuming each chip is 10G." soo.. that's 8.5 - 67 petahash x_x [01:45]
dexX7 source [01:46]
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asciilifeform loltronicly - just got home to the Lande of teh Phree (tm) [01:48]
asciilifeform spend almost as long arse-sniffed by inspector dogs, standing in line, as on airplane [01:49]
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thestringpuller yo can we trade ATC in here? [01:59]
thestringpuller asciilifeform: you live in the states? [01:59]
* CheckDavid (uid14990@gateway/web/ has joined #bitcoin-assets [01:59]
asciilifeform thestringpuller: sadly, yes. i was brought there as a boy and haven't accumulated fuel for orbital escape velocity as of this moment. [02:00]
thestringpuller you know that's what I spend most of my time doing in kerbal space program [02:02]
thestringpuller i just shoot fuel into orbit [02:02]
thestringpuller like 90% of my time is spent doing that [02:02]
thestringpuller fucking gravity man [02:02]
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mircea_popescu asciilifeform 12 hours ?! [02:10]
asciilifeform aye [02:10]
mircea_popescu what ?! [02:10]
asciilifeform some of it, to be fair, spend puttering around in munchen [02:10]
mircea_popescu nuts. [02:10]
* assbot gives voice to diametric [02:12]
diametric Fancy [02:12]
asciilifeform takes almost as long to get out of washington's airport as to do a great circle loop across atlantic. [02:13]
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* assbot gives voice to joecool [02:16]
dexX7 did you do anything "suspicious" or is this the regular waiting time? [02:17]
davout ;;rate asciilifeform 1 this nick maps to a real person i have met IRL [02:18]
gribble Rating entry successful. Your rating of 1 for user asciilifeform has been recorded. [02:18]
davout ;;rate mike_c 1 this nick maps to a real person i have met IRL [02:18]
gribble Rating entry successful. Your rating of 1 for user mike_c has been recorded. [02:18]
davout ;;rate ThickAsThieves 1 this nick maps to a real person i have met IRL [02:19]
gribble Rating entry successful. Your rating of 1 for user ThickAsThieves has been recorded. [02:19]
davout ;;rate ThickAsThieves 1 this nick maps to a real person i have met IRL, also CoinBR [02:20]
gribble Rating entry successful. Your rating for user ThickAsThieves has changed from 1 to 1. [02:20]
davout ;;rate kakobrekla 1 this nick maps to a real person i have met IRL, also Bit4x [02:21]
gribble Rating entry successful. Your rating of 1 for user kakobrekla has been recorded. [02:21]
* cgcardona_ ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [02:21]
davout dexX7: i'm kind of surprised asciilifeform got through the customs at all with all the gear he was carrying :D [02:22]
thestringpuller lol rate away [02:22]
dexX7 sounds like a nice party you guys had [02:23]
davout gribble will tell you if you overwrite a previous rating, right? [02:23]
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davout dexX7: it was very interesting indeed [02:23]
diametric I've been promised to hear some good stories about it tomorrow [02:24]
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thestringpuller davout: if you met them IRL wouldn't you give them at least a 5 [02:24]
davout diametric: pictures speak a thousand words : [02:24]
diametric davout: incredible [02:25]
davout thestringpuller: you reckon? [02:26]
thestringpuller 5 was arbritrary [02:26]
thestringpuller lets say 2 [02:26]
thestringpuller or 3 [02:26]
thestringpuller being conservative and shit [02:26]
mircea_popescu [02:26]
ozbot An hero is he… pe Trilema - Un blog de Mircea Popescu. [02:26]
mircea_popescu nao im almost as good as stan, i have my own derp. [02:26]
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mircea_popescu my 500th, but anyway. [02:26]
diametric That picture of Stan by the o-scope is amazing [02:27]
assbot AMAZING COMPANY! [02:27]
davout mircea_popescu: mazeltov [02:27]
davout i took a few pictures, mircea_popescu if you want to compile them lemme me know [02:27]
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mircea_popescu davout jus' publish em [02:39]
mircea_popescu diametric pretty cool huh. [02:39]
* mjr_ (~Thunderbi@ has joined #bitcoin-assets [02:45]
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thestringpuller publish dat shit [03:02]
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mircea_popescu "I found myself conversing with a young criminal lawyer who will soon be marrying into the same family that I did last summer. I think this makes us laws-in-laws." [03:08]
mircea_popescu funniest shit i read all week [03:08]
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* jakov has quit (Quit: Leaving) [03:19]
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* assbot gives voice to joecool [03:19]
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asciilifeform dexX7: regular queue! no one bothered to actually search, arse or suitcase, on egress [03:43]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [AM1] 1 @ 0.4810062 BTC [-] [03:43]
dexX7 i heard many bad things about arrival, tsa and such but i didn't expect it to be that bad [03:44]
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asciilifeform davout: the customs at all with all the gear he was carrying << not one guard gave so much as a rat's arse! colour me equally surprised. [03:45]
asciilifeform although not quite true [03:46]
asciilifeform the american one, on the last exit before dulles parking lot, wanted to know 'what kind of business? software? now say, what kind!' [03:46]
asciilifeform me: 'financial, of course. want a demo?' [03:46]
asciilifeform muppet: 'no thanks, that door please' [03:47]
asciilifeform davout, others: i've a vast collection of pics, of various things, will eventually sort and post one or two. [03:48]
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kakobrekla well, i had the romanian customs scratching my passport with his fingernails for like 10 minutes, asking all sorts of questions. [04:00]
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Apocalyptic heh [04:05]
* CheckDavid has quit (Quit: Connection closed for inactivity) [04:11]
* jordandotdev has quit (Quit: Connection closed for inactivity) [04:14]
* AndChat|317009 ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [04:20]
* LorenzoMoney (~LorenzoMo@unaffiliated/lorenzomoney) has joined #bitcoin-assets [04:21]
* AndChat|317009 ( has left #bitcoin-assets [04:23]
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* assbot gives voice to TestingUnoDosTre [04:26]
TestingUnoDosTre thank you assbot [04:26]
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mircea_popescu kakobrekla anything good ? [04:31]
* ericmuyser has quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds) [04:34]
kakobrekla nah [04:34]
* wolverineks has quit (Ping timeout: 276 seconds) [04:37]
asciilifeform [04:37]
asciilifeform everyone here should recognize at least one or two of these. [04:39]
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mircea_popescu asciilifeform lol mike looks like he's in trouble in that 1st one [04:41]
mircea_popescu actually he looks like he's in trouble throughout. poor him [04:43]
kakobrekla apparently i managed not to get doxxed this time [04:44]
assbot [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 4650 @ 0.00099425 = 4.6233 BTC [+] [04:45]
mircea_popescu nobody knoes how you look like! [04:46]
* zoinky has quit (Quit: Leaving.) [04:53]
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* assbot gives voice to cgcardona_ [05:04]
kakobrekla illegal, apparently. [05:04]
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cgcardona_ asciilifeform: epic pics. wish I was there. [05:06]
asciilifeform cgcardona_: mr. p throws one hell of a party. [05:06]
cgcardona_ i can only imagine. hopefully next year [05:06]
cgcardona_ ;;rate asciilifeform 1 #bitcoin-assets regular and posted pics of the 2014 conf [05:08]
gribble Rating entry successful. Your rating of 1 for user asciilifeform has been recorded. [05:08]
asciilifeform also, turns out the plastic-and-pluckfoam case thing is a good idea. everything else in my baggage got spindled, save for the contents of the Evil Attache. [05:09]
asciilifeform (container pictured in bottom left of last photograph) [05:09]
mircea_popescu so anyone ran pagerank on wot yet ? [05:11]
asciilifeform ;;ident [05:12]
gribble Nick 'asciilifeform', with hostmask 'asciilifeform!', is identified as user 'asciilifeform', with GPG key id B98228A001ABFFC7, key fingerprint 17215D118B7239507FAFED98B98228A001ABFFC7, and bitcoin address None [05:12]
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asciilifeform ;;rate ThickAsThieves 1 human! [05:12]
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* nubbins` ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [05:12]
TestingUnoDosTre What is hooked up to the oscilloscope in that picture? [05:13]
asciilifeform TestingUnoDosTre: rng. [05:13]
cgcardona_ in person wot-o-meter [05:13]
asciilifeform lul [05:13]
mircea_popescu not thick enough [05:13]
TestingUnoDosTre random number generator? [05:15]
mircea_popescu yes part of teh cardano [05:15]
joecool nah it's a heart monitor [05:15]
joecool nice though, first prototypes? [05:16]
asciilifeform joecool: second. [05:16]
mircea_popescu actually someone was trying to measure their pulse [05:17]
mircea_popescu but too noisy power [05:17]
asciilifeform need something like this: [05:18]
asciilifeform [05:18]
joecool < you see this? this means you tell lies! [05:19]
mircea_popescu how so !? [05:19]
mircea_popescu o lol [05:19]
joecool mircea_popescu: would be a funny caption for it :) [05:19]
mircea_popescu yeah hehe [05:19]
mircea_popescu "and this is why you can;t have a penis" [05:20]
joecool "you are not the father!" [05:20]
assbot [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 6800 @ 0.00099254 = 6.7493 BTC [-] [05:20]
mircea_popescu "you sure you didn't eat the twix bar ?" [05:21]
cgcardona_ "the price of btc over time" [05:21]
mircea_popescu anway, i'm out. take it ezzy! [05:22]
* Now talking on #bitcoin-assets [12:10]
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* assbot gives voice to mircea_popescu [12:12]
HeySteve here is that article I mentioned: [12:12]
mircea_popescu lol so gigaom is promoting coindesk ? oh how very surprising. [12:14]
mircea_popescu HeySteve dude wtf, 45mn seriously ? [12:16]
mircea_popescu when has gauguin ever sold for 40mn ? [12:16]
mircea_popescuà-l-idole-b4sGfNf9LAv7N214A3Uq6A2 [12:17]
mircea_popescu there, buy a copper dildo he made for ... 20k usd. [12:17]
* rabite (620ebe82@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-assets [12:18]
* MCM-Mike has quit (Remote host closed the connection) [12:18]
mircea_popescu Te Po sold for what, half a mil or w/e [12:18]
HeySteve it's a tremendous sum [12:18]
mircea_popescu !up rabite [12:18]
assbot Voicing rabite for 30 minutes. [12:18]
* assbot gives voice to rabite [12:18]
* sunshyne (sunshyne@ has joined #bitcoin-assets [12:18]
mircea_popescu HeySteve it's laughable. [12:18]
mircea_popescu !up sunshyne [12:18]
assbot Voicing sunshyne for 30 minutes. [12:18]
* assbot gives voice to sunshyne [12:18]
HeySteve however, that value was estimated in one of the linked stories I believe [12:19]
HeySteve involving the NFL star's ponzi scheme [12:19]
mircea_popescu i mean i guess the idea is that bitcoiners are so fucking rich and clueless that they have no idea what's what, so they may throw 100k btc on something worth 1% of that. [12:19]
* MCM-Mike (~MCM-Mike@unaffiliated/mcm-mike) has joined #bitcoin-assets [12:19]
mircea_popescu god knows they've been doing it with all the ipos [12:19]
mircea_popescu HeySteve i tell you i dun see it. i estimate it to be worth in the 90-190 btc range. now what ? [12:19]
HeySteve well, I don't expect it will sell for bitcoin, more likely for USD if they get their price (which may be lower than their asking) [12:19]
mircea_popescu i'll bet you it won't sell for 40mn usd or equiv. [12:20]
HeySteve well it's worth what people will pay for it I guess. [12:20]
HeySteve heh I don't know enough about fine art to want to take that bet [12:20]
HeySteve I'm just reporting what the seller's agent told me [12:20]
HeySteve still, anything above 12 million would make it the most expensive thing offered for btc to my knowledge [12:21]
* MCM-Mike has quit (Remote host closed the connection) [12:21]
* MCM-Mike (~MCM-Mike@unaffiliated/mcm-mike) has joined #bitcoin-assets [12:22]
mircea_popescu HeySteve don't get me wrong, i'm not laying into you personally or anything [12:22]
mircea_popescu jus... doing the topic justice as it were. [12:22]
Naphex morning [12:24]
HeySteve sure thing, I think many people will have questions at that price especially considering the piece's history [12:24]
mircea_popescu Naphex hey [12:24]
HeySteve hi [12:24]
fluffypony I started a blog that I'm aiming to update extremely sporadically and only when I particularly feel like it [12:26]
fluffypony [12:26]
HeySteve fluffypony I get a server not found error in FF [12:27]
fluffypony HeySteve: oh new CNAME, may not have propogated yet [12:27]
fluffypony although it is multicast so I dunno, ZA DNS providers are just slow and stupid [12:28]
* benkay` ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [12:28]
cazalla loads here [12:31]
mircea_popescu HeySteve good sign your isp is an asshole. [12:31]
mircea_popescu prolly runs you through crappy local dns servers [12:31]
HeySteve given the stability of my connection, I'd say it's confirmed they are [12:32]
fluffypony HeySteve: who you with? mwub? [12:32]
HeySteve yeah fluffypony, although problem could also be on telkom side [12:33]
* benkay` has quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds) [12:33]
HeySteve mircea_popescu I found another of his oil paintings going for nearly $10 mil [12:33]
fluffypony HeySteve: when the wind blows or it rains our connection goes down, welcome to Africa [12:33]
HeySteve [12:33]
ozbot Art auction result for artist Paul Gauguin. Free art prices [12:33]
HeySteve fluffypony, yep had a lightning strike and it's been erratic ever since. [12:33]
HeySteve phone call interrupts connection but only rings once, etc. very tedious. [12:34]
fluffypony we had that, and it turned out that our splitter thingy was bust, Telkom tech just replaced it [12:34]
mircea_popescu fluffypony you ever seen white cat/black cat ? [12:35]
fluffypony mircea_popescu: nope/ [12:35]
mircea_popescu great somalian film. in it there's a scene where old woman can't talk on cellphone [12:35]
mircea_popescu sends daughter to water the pole (ie, pour a bucket of water at base on old wooden pole, no cables there or anything) [12:36]
mircea_popescu fixes her problem. [12:36]
fluffypony LOL [12:36]
mircea_popescu film also has interspersed scenes of a hog eating a trabant [12:36]
mircea_popescu if you know what those are. [12:36]
fluffypony like the car? [12:37]
HeySteve fluffypony, don't think it's the splitter, got a new one. think water is getting in the line somehow [12:37]
mircea_popescu yep [12:38]
* rithm has quit (Ping timeout: 265 seconds) [12:38]
fluffypony mircea_popescu: wife is East German, so I've learnt about a lot of that stuff, especially from her grandparents [12:38]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [COG] 31 @ 0.00699967 = 0.217 BTC [+] {2} [12:38]
fluffypony her grandfather (maternal) was a professor of economics, incredibly gifted man, who is now suffering from dementia [12:39]
fluffypony it's quite sad because he'll have these flashes when we've been talking about Bitcoin where he'll understand everything and comment with incredible depth [12:39]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [HIF] 500 @ 0.00024999 = 0.125 BTC [+] [12:39]
* _aeon has quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds) [12:40]
fluffypony and then five seconds later forget how to eat properly [12:40]
mircea_popescu "We would also let you know that a letter is also attached to your package. However, we cannot quote its content to you via E-mail for privacy reasons. We understand that the content of your package itself is a Bank Draft worth $800,000.00 USD; in FedEx we do not ship money in CASH or in CHEQUE but in Bank Drafts only." [12:41]
mircea_popescu logical. [12:41]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [AM1] 1 @ 0.519998 BTC [+] [12:41]
mircea_popescu fluffypony that sucks. [12:41]
cazalla how old is he fluffypony [12:43]
cazalla my opa died last year, his dementia dragged on for about 5 years [12:43]
* Rick__ (72d8b0d1@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-assets [12:43]
fluffypony cazalla: 75 [12:44]
mircea_popescu !up Rick__ [12:44]
fluffypony shame that sucks [12:44]
assbot Voicing Rick__ for 30 minutes. [12:44]
* assbot gives voice to Rick__ [12:44]
Rick__ looking for arji [12:44]
cazalla seems young, my opa was 94 [12:44]
Rick__ ask about my money [12:44]
fluffypony cazalla: yeah he has it quite young [12:45]
mircea_popescu ;;seen arij [12:45]
gribble arij was last seen in #bitcoin-assets 1 week, 5 days, 17 hours, 10 minutes, and 9 seconds ago: pLambert, yes, pm me [12:45]
cazalla according to 23andme, it's my highest risk disease too [12:45]
fluffypony :/ [12:45]
fluffypony I live in fear of that [12:45]
* Rick___ (72d8b0d1@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-assets [12:46]
* ericmuyser ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [12:46]
mircea_popescu Apocalyptic what's crypton do ? [12:46]
* Rick___ has quit (Client Quit) [12:46]
cazalla i don't tbh as i'm still relatively young and by the time i'm old, perhaps there will be a cure [12:47]
* assbot removes voice from rabite [12:49]
* assbot removes voice from sunshyne [12:49]
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fluffypony cazalla: true that [12:49]
* ericmuyser has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds) [12:50]
* lamosty has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds) [12:50]
* bertani_ is now known as bertani [12:50]
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* Rick__ has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds) [13:01]
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* gribble has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer) [13:08]
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* xdotcommer has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer) [13:11]
* xdotcommer (~xdotcomme@ has joined #bitcoin-assets [13:12]
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* gribble (~gribble@unaffiliated/nanotube/bot/gribble) has joined #bitcoin-assets [13:14]
* ChanServ gives voice to gribble [13:14]
mircea_popescu oh for the love of all that's holy. [13:18]
mircea_popescu so there's this romanian rap band, bug mafia. it exists since the 90s, it was one of the first in the sense someone in bitcoin since 2010 is "one of the first". they're to this day the best by a very very fat margin. [13:19]
mircea_popescu then one day i use one of their lines as a title for a post, and i get the #1 spot by morning. [13:20]
mircea_popescu google is racist, basically. [13:20]
fluffypony yeah but wouldn't your competition be lyrics sites? [13:23]
mircea_popescu they have their own official site and everything. problem is, they don't have much english support on the web, being.. you know, a romanian language band. [13:23]
mircea_popescu this would be the definition of racism : 10 units of e + 1 unit of r is more than 0e + 100 r. [13:24]
fluffypony ah [13:24]
fluffypony I wonder if your post would show up first for Romanian language results [13:24]
mircea_popescu problem is [most] everyone in romania uses english google [13:25]
mircea_popescu (and english kbds, for that matter) [13:25]
fluffypony ah [13:25]
Naphex mircea_popescu: BUG Mafia, you repping mircea?:p [13:25]
mircea_popescu because w/e, romanians were liek teh first on the internet. [13:25]
fluffypony quite unlike the Germans who won't use it if it's not in German [13:25]
Naphex always tought you a Parazitii man [13:25]
mircea_popescu fluffypony exactyly the opposite yeah [13:25]
mircea_popescu Naphex i actually like them both. which i guess is somewhat rare. [13:25]
mircea_popescu fluffypony as far as romanians are concerned, the 90s were spent going "da-i romaneasca ?" ie, does it suck ? [13:26]
mircea_popescu maybe that's starting to fade, but defo hasn't yet. [13:26]
mircea_popescu Naphex btw, this is what you've missed : [13:27]
Naphex next year [13:28]
mircea_popescu cool [13:28]
Naphex had my own party this weekend, chilling and doing nothing at all :) [13:29]
mircea_popescu kinda rthe idea [13:29]
mircea_popescu some peeps' first encounter of the proper european lunch, where you spend a few good hours with your food. [13:29]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [CBTC] 924 @ 0.000135 = 0.1247 BTC [+] [13:30]
fluffypony it's the only way to eat [13:31]
fluffypony it should almost blend into supper time, so you top it off towards the evening without needing to eat an entire other meal [13:31]
* CheckDavid has quit (Quit: Connection closed for inactivity) [13:32]
mircea_popescu either that or move to drinking. [13:32]
fluffypony yep [13:32]
mircea_popescu a btw, to bother everyone : local isp just unveiled its easter surprise w/e. [13:34]
mircea_popescu 200mbps. 19euro. [13:35]
bounce glass? symmetric? [13:35]
mircea_popescu glass yeah. no, you get like 1/8 that ul. [13:35]
mircea_popescu you can get it symmetric, but it's not really useful or needed for most end users. [13:35]
Naphex mircea_popescu: in oradea Tesari/RDS has Fiberlink 1G/s at 59RON [13:36]
Naphex ~16USD [13:36]
mircea_popescu AND they will layer it for you. you can get 1tbps both ways in this country, and it won't break your bank. [13:36]
fluffypony jealous. [13:36]
mircea_popescu Naphex lol [13:36]
* fluffypony looks at his 4mbps connection currently syncing at 2.4mbps [13:37]
* HeySteve has quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds) [13:37]
mircea_popescu fluffypony yeah. ppl are liek... "how come romania?!?!" and i'm like... dude, how long you got ? [13:37]
fluffypony heh [13:37]
* HeySteve (HeySteve@unaffiliated/heysteve) has joined #bitcoin-assets [13:37]
mircea_popescu Naphex oradea is like rds homebase is it ? [13:39]
Naphex yep [13:39]
mircea_popescu better juice closer to the plant :D [13:39]
Naphex it started here, with TVS (The TV network) [13:39]
* rithm (~rithm@unaffiliated/rithm) has joined #bitcoin-assets [13:39]
mircea_popescu actually upc arguably started as astral, which you know... got started by the father of a chick i was doing back in hs [13:40]
mircea_popescu he hated me. [13:40]
Naphex hehe [13:40]
bounce it doesn't really make sense to throttle the uplink on glass, though. it's likely just throttled gigabit. [13:40]
Naphex is there no RDS in TM?:) [13:40]
bounce good for the gamer kids though, "low ping" [13:41]
mircea_popescu Naphex sure there is. [13:41]
mircea_popescu bounce they save on gear upstream is all. [13:41]
mircea_popescu see, for instance, the whole town is full of fiber spools hanging from poles [13:41]
mircea_popescu because rather than buy the cutter they just don't cut it. [13:41]
mircea_popescu spool it up, stick it in the box. [13:41]
bounce like you're ever going to take it out and put it somewhere else. even so, throttling the uplink doesn't really buy you much of anything, hardware wise [13:42]
assbot [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 8000 @ 0.00098533 = 7.8826 BTC [-] [13:43]
mircea_popescu no, but it does bw wise. [13:43]
mircea_popescu romania could, on the basis of end user installed gateways, nuke the rest of hte planet off the internet [13:43]
mircea_popescu and... it would. [13:43]
Naphex its true :) [13:44]
mircea_popescu just imagine you have something like 10mn customers doing 1gbit uplink each [13:44]
mircea_popescu and now find me a peer that'll relay this. [13:44]
* rithm has quit (Ping timeout: 265 seconds) [13:44]
bounce depends on how the transit agreements work. some places actually liked generating more bandwidth "the other way", as it pushed the balance a bit more towards evening out [13:44]
* ericmuyser ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [13:46]
mircea_popescu so basically, if they actually allowed the uplink they'd have to have a filtering datacenter. [13:46]
mircea_popescu cheaper this way. [13:46]
* davout has quit (Quit: kthxbye) [13:47]
mircea_popescu (and even if it isn't, i'm pretty sure that's their rationale) [13:47]
* ericmuyser has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds) [13:50]
mircea_popescu ;;later tell bitcoinpete you're #10 on a google search for "bitcoin pete". while your twitter acct is #1. [13:51]
gribble The operation succeeded. [13:51]
mircea_popescu google is racist : it will push profiles in twitter BUT NOT facebook. it will push wikipedia articles. [13:51]
mircea_popescu basically it has a shortlist of websites that it gives preferential treatment to. [13:52]
mircea_popescu curious how long till the lolsuit. [13:52]
Naphex they have been doing that for ages [13:52]
Naphex twinking PageRank for domains [13:52]
Naphex that that product split with Google Now / Google [13:52]
Naphex then they merged together in the current version, which will always have preferential PageRank [13:52]
mircea_popescu Naphex but see, that's the snag : they used to do it as a per-domain page rank thing. [13:52]
mircea_popescu meanwhile they took that out, [13:53]
mircea_popescu and simply replaced with a handwritten list, either our friends or everyone else. [13:53]
Naphex yep you get filtered down and placed in a bubble [13:53]
* _aeon (~user@ has joined #bitcoin-assets [13:53]
mircea_popescu benkay`: [14:00]
mircea_popescu not i, not this year. i took some gents with whom i work up to the mountain for 4 days of drinking and talking about what the ever loving fuck we want to do for the next 3-7 years. << so you had brosex. [14:00]
* _aeon has quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds) [14:00]
mircea_popescu "Bringing Cryptocurrency To Women Worldwide, Launches" ahaha how fucktarded can you get. [14:01]
mircea_popescu the better women aren't moms, yo. [14:01]
mircea_popescu << bash #100. qft. [14:03]
* aegis has quit (Ping timeout: 258 seconds) [14:04]
mircea_popescu HeySteve: I was a seller there, it's unfortunate there's no way to migrate feedback from shuttered markets... << which is why wot. [14:06]
mircea_popescu dexX7: bci allows to push signed transactions but no signing << there's a reason for this. you shoulodn't be providing privkeys. [14:07]
fluffypony mircea_popescu: yeah that's exactly what I said [14:08]
mircea_popescu yeah i see [14:08]
fluffypony although tbh I don't know why sites like that and BTCJam etc. don't just integrate with the WoT [14:08]
fluffypony instead of reinventing the wheel (and doing so badly) [14:08]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [COG] 58 @ 0.00743106 = 0.431 BTC [+] {2} [14:09]
* assbot gives voice to HeySteve [14:09]
HeySteve mircea_popescu, quite so. I spoke to nanotube about integrating WoT with a cryptocurrency [14:10]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [COG] 24 @ 0.00750003 = 0.18 BTC [+] {2} [14:10]
mircea_popescu HeySteve i don't follow ? the wot is integrated with any cryptocurrency as it is. i can and have rated people for say... atc deals. [14:10]
mircea_popescu fluffypony because idiocy. [14:11]
HeySteve sure, but putting the identity and associated ratings into a blockchain [14:11]
HeySteve been working on this for a while [14:11]
mircea_popescu fluffypony and in the case of btcjam, because they know they're running a scam platform. it'd make no sense to take any steps that make this more obvious than it actually is. [14:11]
mircea_popescu HeySteve so like a sort of a db backup maintained distributedly ? [14:12]
HeySteve yep that's it [14:12]
mircea_popescu i know nanotube was working on a wot 2.0 that'd be distributed and not depend on him [14:12]
mircea_popescu seeing how he's all old and frail and will eventually go. [14:12]
HeySteve and associating costs with establishing an identity and rating people may improve the system slightly [14:13]
HeySteve I have a further idea to incentivise non-scammy behaviour too [14:13]
mircea_popescu no. [14:13]
mircea_popescu incentives do not belong in the wot. [14:13]
mircea_popescu gotta keep it separated [14:13]
HeySteve hmm, why do you say that? [14:14]
mircea_popescu why do i say what ?! [14:15]
HeySteve <+mircea_popescu> incentives do not belong in the wot. [14:15]
mircea_popescu because the wot is the measure of how people respond to incentives, it makes no sense to change its neutrality to add incentives for particular responses. [14:15]
* darkee has quit (Remote host closed the connection) [14:15]
Apocalyptic can't agree more [14:16]
* darkee (~darkee@gateway/tor-sasl/darkee) has joined #bitcoin-assets [14:16]
HeySteve ah. well as I see it, bad behaviour leads to negative rep which makes future trades less likely and the inverse is true. that's how I use the term incentives. [14:17]
mircea_popescu that's exactly how it works now. [14:17]
HeySteve right, but my idea is to augment that [14:17]
mircea_popescu let me make this point clearer through an example. suppose i go to a village in somalia. this village has 100 people and they're all normal people, they do good and bad things by w/e definition of good and bad. [14:18]
mircea_popescu i own more money than the entire village is worth, a million times over. [14:18]
mircea_popescu so i say to these people : each day you only do good deeds, you will receive your average yearly income. but for every bad deed you do, you get fined x% of that. [14:19]
mircea_popescu now, this obviously will make everyone do nothing but good deeds (presuming rational actors), [14:19]
mircea_popescu but it will also make it impossible for women to pick mates. [14:19]
mircea_popescu because... well... what the fuck, everyone's doing good deeds whether they're good men or not. [14:19]
mircea_popescu and so through incentivising good behaviour i managed to... break the wot. [14:20]
mircea_popescu once i leave that village is fucked. [14:20]
mircea_popescu and now you also understand why western aid ruins africa. [14:20]
fluffypony incentivised ratings also opens the incentives themselves to Sybil attacks, no? [14:21]
mircea_popescu exactly. [14:21]
fluffypony all I need to do is create a number of fake actors and claim they only did good deeds today (each fake actor supporting the other) and I receive average yearly income * the number of fake actors I've created [14:22]
HeySteve sure, but in the WoT there is no cost to create sockpuppets [14:23]
mircea_popescu exactly. [14:23]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [AM1] 50 @ 0.52420746 = 26.2104 BTC [+] {11} [14:23]
HeySteve right, to register an identity within this system there would be a BTC cost [14:23]
fluffypony HeySteve: yes [14:23]
fluffypony but spotting the sockpuppets is easy [14:24]
mircea_popescu HeySteve this counterintuitively makes your system weaker. [14:24]
fluffypony HeySteve: [14:24]
mircea_popescu because the cost is not a discouragement to the sybil, if it has a way to turn a profit [14:24]
fluffypony followed by: [14:24]
mircea_popescu but it IS a discouragement to the legit members. [14:24]
HeySteve fluffypony I have studied that article in some depth [14:24]
mircea_popescu and so through adding a cost you're actually skewing it towards scammers. [14:24]
mircea_popescu this is much ampler discussed in this older article : [14:25]
HeySteve well, I want to make the signup cost vastly more expensive than the cost of earning rep through good behaviour [14:25]
fluffypony so then you're chasing away legitimate users [14:25]
mircea_popescu this does not speak to the problem. [14:25]
fluffypony I won't pay to use the system when there's a perfectly good free one I'm already on :-P [14:26]
HeySteve heh well, I hope we can satisfy such concerns and build something useful [14:26]
HeySteve appreciate discussing it with people who understand the WoT in depth [14:26]
mircea_popescu HeySteve understand tho : this is not quite unlike solid state physics, or radioastronomy. [14:26]
mircea_popescu i can respect your desire to build a better process for refining hahnium, or for resolving doppler aberrations in telescopy. [14:27]
mircea_popescu nevertheless, these are not tasks of the same nature as mowing the lawn. [14:27]
Naphex while we're talking incetives, any opinion on a good referral system for bitcoin exchange users? [14:27]
mircea_popescu Naphex referrals markets is a TOTAL mess in btc. [14:28]
fluffypony Naphex: what do you mean? like an affiliate-style system? [14:28]
mircea_popescu bitbet has a very sweet one, and it's barely used. [14:28]
mircea_popescu that's actually one major thing to do. yo fluffypony what did you do for a living ? or cazalla ? [14:28]
Naphex some customers keep asking for one [14:29]
fluffypony mircea_popescu: one of the directors of a small group of companies, of which OpenRigs is a part [14:29]
Naphex more like just rewarding users for inviting other users [14:29]
* benkay` ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [14:29]
mircea_popescu someone with 10 years as an aff manager has to make fucking bitcoin clickbank [14:29]
fluffypony agreed [14:30]
* fluffypony puts it on his list of future projects [14:30]
mircea_popescu affiliate advertising is going to be major in this space, and currently it's way the fuck nowhere. [14:30]
* rithm (~rithm@unaffiliated/rithm) has joined #bitcoin-assets [14:31]
-fluffypony- when you get a moment to read, this is why HeySteve/DinoSaw wants to have the WoT in an altcoin: [14:31]
* _aeon ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [14:32]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [AM1] 1 @ 0.52898999 BTC [+] [14:32]
Naphex well i was just thinking, rewarding inviters with 0.0001 upon each withdrawal by an invitee [14:33]
Naphex some incentive there o.o [14:33]
* davout (~davout@unaffiliated/davout) has joined #bitcoin-assets [14:33]
fluffypony Naphex: I've seen some REALLY good affiliate systems that do very small lifetime rewards [14:33]
fluffypony eg. for every referred customer you get 2% of their fees forever [14:34]
* benkay` has quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds) [14:34]
Naphex along the lines where i was thinking:P [14:34]
fluffypony small enough that the guy referring one or two customers won't care [14:34]
Naphex but we run 0% comission soooo :) [14:34]
fluffypony but at scale it's amazing [14:34]
assbot AMAZING COMPANY! [14:34]
fluffypony Naphex: so your fees are withdrawal only, no trade fees? [14:34]
Naphex no trade fees, some fees at withdrawal fiats, and 0.0001 at BTC withdrawal [14:35]
Naphex fees for fiat withdrawal are basic bank fees [14:35]
fluffypony are you priming the system to attract an audience before raising fees, or are you just very altruistic company? [14:36]
fluffypony :-P [14:36]
mircea_popescu BingoBoingo you there ? [14:36]
Naphex fluffypony: we are raising fees at some point [14:36]
fluffypony Naphex: it's going to be tough to incentivise affiliates without that, rock and a hard place scenario [14:37]
HeySteve perhaps I'm being thick but I don't see how applies to blockchain WoT. Nigerians pic made me lol though [14:37]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [SFI] 265 @ 0.00084295 = 0.2234 BTC [+] [14:37]
mircea_popescu HeySteve it applies to the problem of putting a cost on the user. [14:38]
mircea_popescu fluffypony the romanian expression is "suntem pe investitii" [14:38]
* numerisTrade has quit (Ping timeout: 276 seconds) [14:38]
Naphex :)) [14:38]
HeySteve well, in terms of WoT there is a time cost to registration with gribble [14:38]
mircea_popescu to translate this, some history : romania was a communist country. to get it on a capitalist system, anyone not fucktarded enough was simply given money, from the state. [14:38]
mircea_popescu yes, just like that. [14:38]
mircea_popescu if you had any sort of a clue and could talk the talk of business, you just got money. [14:39]
mircea_popescu exactly the way i handle btc, incidentally. just don't sound like the lumpens and you'll be okay. [14:39]
mircea_popescu this resulted in all the moral hazard you might expect, but also into the most fiscally stable country in europe, and with stores of physical gold per capita well above everyone else [14:39]
mircea_popescu one of the edge cases of that moral hazard were idiot "business men" who thought they actually have a clue, but in fact were products of a fortunate environment like that. [14:40]
mircea_popescu notably, some of these magnates "invested" in media. [14:40]
mircea_popescu their investments fared about as well as neobee's, a few degrees of magnitude larger. [14:40]
mircea_popescu one of the best examples is a fellow known as varanul, ie dan voiculescu [14:41]
Naphex hehe [14:41]
mircea_popescu this schmuck was given something to the tune of a few bn usd, and ten years later he had to have a very embarassing 100mn sent to him in the middle of the electoral campaign, [14:41]
mircea_popescu because he was out of fucking money. [14:41]
mircea_popescu think about it, you give a schmuck 1bn and legal immunity, you'd fucking expect he can pay you 100mn a year for the rest of all eternity. [14:42]
mircea_popescu not this guy tho. [14:42]
mircea_popescu and not the only example, either. [14:42]
mircea_popescu and hence, the "suntem pe investitii" expression, which is what said idiots said about their media "empires", for 3-4 years [14:42]
mircea_popescu "we're in investment mode" [14:43]
* HeySteve has quit (Ping timeout: 276 seconds) [14:43]
* HeySteve ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [14:43]
* HeySteve has quit (Changing host) [14:43]
* HeySteve (HeySteve@unaffiliated/heysteve) has joined #bitcoin-assets [14:43]
fluffypony crazy [14:43]
mircea_popescu then suddenly they ran out of money, the bottom fell out of the market, and the 20-30k or so idiots who really thought there can exist such a thing as a "career in media" upon the basis of which they could like... take bank loans and buy houses and cars [14:43]
mircea_popescu discovered they have to suck my cock for a soup each day they wish to eat a soup. [14:44]
* CheckDavid (uid14990@gateway/web/ has joined #bitcoin-assets [14:44]
fluffypony sounds like that 17 year old "CEO" from the other day [14:44]
mircea_popescu not so far off. one of the schmucks made petrom, which is exactly copied after bp [14:44]
mircea_popescu even to the logo. [14:44]
dexX7 someone with 10 years as an aff manager has to make fucking bitcoin clickbank < what is a clickbank? [14:45]
mircea_popescu rompetrol im sorry not petrom [14:45]
Naphex which got sold off tooo OMV in early 2006 [14:45]
fluffypony dexX7: affiliate marketplace, basically [14:45]
mircea_popescu dexX7 this is where we google ? [14:45]
mircea_popescu Naphex check that shit out, they evenb have the entire coin* bit* issue going [14:46]
mircea_popescu im confusing rompetrol and petrom like i'd confuse bitfuck and fuckcoin [14:46]
dexX7 oh i assumed you made this word up [14:46]
mircea_popescu anyway. << rompetrol ; << bp [14:46]
* ericmuyser ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [14:47]
fluffypony lol [14:47]
* rithm has quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds) [14:49]
* _aeon has quit (Quit: Wham!) [14:49]
* numerisTrade ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [14:50]
* numerisTrade is now known as Guest53306 [14:50]
mircea_popescu anyway, to close that up : perhaps the most lucid of thoise 20-30k idiots is a fellow named cristi parvan. this guy [14:50]
* aabtc has quit (Quit: Connection closed for inactivity) [14:51]
* HeySteve has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer) [14:51]
* ericmuyser has quit (Ping timeout: 255 seconds) [14:52]
mircea_popescu si pentru cine cunoaste, [14:52]
* Guest53306 has quit (Quit: Leaving) [14:55]
Naphex i never read blogs, or cared much about them [14:55]
Naphex where are you pulling this guys out of O.o [14:56]
Naphex :D [14:56]
mircea_popescu you see, i had an intel department for years before i found bitcoin [14:56]
* HeySteve ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [14:56]
* HeySteve has quit (Changing host) [14:56]
* HeySteve (HeySteve@unaffiliated/heysteve) has joined #bitcoin-assets [14:56]
* hansi001 ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [14:56]
mircea_popescu overnight success is the result of fortunate coincidences like that. [14:56]
mircea_popescu !up hansi001 [14:56]
assbot Voicing hansi001 for 30 minutes. [14:56]
* assbot gives voice to hansi001 [14:56]
Naphex mircea_popescu: running intel on what?:p [14:58]
mircea_popescu well yes. [14:59]
mircea_popescu well, in terms of WoT there is a time cost to registration with gribble << more like an intellectual cost. this is good, because idiots don't manage to figure out how to do it, which serves us and them. [15:02]
mircea_popescu replacing that with a financial cost only works if you live in a functioning market economy, [15:02]
mircea_popescu which is an economy in which the government accounts for 1% or less of the gdp [15:02]
* assbot gives voice to HeySteve [15:04]
* awrelll (52890f08@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-assets [15:04]
mircea_popescu !up awrelll [15:05]
assbot Voicing awrelll for 30 minutes. [15:05]
* assbot gives voice to awrelll [15:05]
HeySteve I hear what you're saying about the IQ barrier of GPG. we don't aim to replace that, only add to it [15:06]
awrelll FixmypcRO here [15:06]
mircea_popescu aha. so tell me about your aff manager experience. [15:06]
* Neil has quit (Ping timeout: 250 seconds) [15:07]
assbot [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 13000 @ 0.00098645 = 12.8239 BTC [+] [15:08]
* Neil ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [15:08]
* ThickAsThieves ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [15:09]
mircea_popescu awrelll mircea_popescu> aha. so tell me about your aff manager experience. << this was for you. [15:09]
* assbot gives voice to davout [15:09]
* ThickAsThieves is now known as Guest51885 [15:09]
davout hi all [15:09]
kakobrekla heya [15:10]
fluffypony davout: bonjour [15:10]
HeySteve hello [15:10]
Naphex hey [15:11]
* Guest51885 is now known as ThickAsThieves [15:11]
* fanquake has quit (Quit: fanquake) [15:11]
fluffypony ThickAsThieves: home safe? [15:11]
* ThickAsThieves has quit (Changing host) [15:11]
* ThickAsThieves (~ThickAsTh@unaffiliated/thickasthieves) has joined #bitcoin-assets [15:11]
* Duffer1 ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [15:11]
davout Naphex: i was a little disappointed to not see you in timisoara [15:12]
Naphex davout: i would've come but it was all out of VIP tickets [15:12]
Naphex hehe [15:12]
Naphex its only a 1.30 -> 2h drive to there [15:12]
Naphex but next year [15:12]
awrelll salut, nu am inteles foarte clar ce anume cauti, eram interesat de o colaborare in caz ca sunt potrivit [15:12]
davout next year might be quite a longer drive :-) [15:12]
mircea_popescu awrelll you speak english ? [15:13]
awrelll i do [15:13]
mircea_popescu cool. so. tell me about your experience as an affiliate manager. [15:13]
* hansi001 ( has left #bitcoin-assets ("Textual IRC Client:") [15:13]
Naphex bit of a stage fright there i figure [15:14]
assbot [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 4462 @ 0.00098645 = 4.4015 BTC [+] [15:15]
awrelll i am not sure if i qualify, i wanted to know more about this, sorry if i am wasting your time [15:15]
* assbot gives voice to ThickAsThieves [15:15]
ThickAsThieves hello folks [15:15]
Naphex hey o/ [15:15]
davout ThickAsThieves: hi [15:15]
mircea_popescu well basically the idea is i need someone with significant experience. [15:15]
ThickAsThieves i've got some catching up to do [15:16]
mircea_popescu jesus they voice everyone in here these days. ThickAsThieves when did you get out! [15:16]
ThickAsThieves just woke up after catching up on personal life and sleep [15:17]
ThickAsThieves <+fluffypony> ThickAsThieves: home safe? /// i think the airport gifted me a cold [15:17]
fluffypony ThickAsThieves: that's the worst :/ [15:17]
ThickAsThieves we'll see if it takes full form [15:18]
mircea_popescu mpoe-pr got one too. [15:18]
ThickAsThieves for now just an itchy nose [15:18]
* joesmoe has quit (Quit: One of these days I'm gonna find this PEER guy and reset *his* connection.) [15:19]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [PETA] 2 @ 0.0659989 = 0.132 BTC [+] [15:21]
Naphex so how'd you guys enjoy Romania?:) [15:22]
davout Naphex: Romania is very nice [15:23]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [PETA] 3 @ 0.06434114 = 0.193 BTC [-] [15:23]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [AM1] 1 @ 0.52 BTC [-] [15:23]
Naphex did mircea take you out to see the vampires and cheeky girls ?:) [15:23]
* joesmoe (~joesmoe@2601:1:b200:475:211:32ff:fe18:ef25) has joined #bitcoin-assets [15:24]
ThickAsThieves Romania was enjoyable [15:25]
ThickAsThieves pretty, walkable [15:25]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [AM1] 2 @ 0.52 = 1.04 BTC [-] [15:25]
ThickAsThieves no vamps tho [15:25]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [AM1] 2 @ 0.52 = 1.04 BTC [-] {2} [15:26]
assbot [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 6374 @ 0.00098529 = 6.2802 BTC [-] {2} [15:26]
* awrelll has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds) [15:27]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [AM1] 7 @ 0.52892571 = 3.7025 BTC [+] {2} [15:27]
ThickAsThieves ;;rate davout 3 bitcoin-central, puts the french back in the fries [15:28]
gribble Rating entry successful. Your rating of 3 for user davout has been recorded. [15:28]
ThickAsThieves ;;rate kakobrekla 3 pumps the #bitcoin-assets blood, bitbet [15:28]
gribble Rating entry successful. Your rating of 3 for user kakobrekla has been recorded. [15:28]
asciilifeform ThickAsThieves: no vamps tho << should've gone with me on expedition at night. i flushed out the wild dog packs that i -knew- existed. [15:29]
ThickAsThieves ;;rate asciilifeform 3 makes stuff for No Such lAbs, intellectual and storyteller [15:29]
gribble Rating entry successful. Your rating of 3 for user asciilifeform has been recorded. [15:29]
* Rulother has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer) [15:30]
davout asciilifeform: did they accept you as their new leader? [15:30]
mircea_popescu lol [15:30]
asciilifeform davout: i was too big. they were all little beagles, other miniature animals [15:31]
* nubbins` ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [15:31]
davout asciilifeform: it's not the size, it's the smell that counts :D [15:31]
asciilifeform funny these beasts - the dogs 900km east, of my childhood, were active in the day. [15:32]
ThickAsThieves ;;rate mircea_popescu 3 MPEx and other businesses, a most reliable voice of reason [15:32]
gribble Rating entry successful. Your rating for user mircea_popescu has changed from 1 to 3. [15:32]
* nubbins` has quit (Client Quit) [15:33]
asciilifeform other phun phact - the weirdo allergies i suffered since 1995 shut off like a light bulb when i landed in Ro. [15:33]
asciilifeform me sorry carcass hates teh 'new world.' [15:33]
mircea_popescu most us allergies are allergies to the us. [15:34]
asciilifeform i suspected that this was literally true, for my own case [15:34]
asciilifeform now, know. [15:34]
ThickAsThieves ;;rate mike_c 3 Making cool stuff yet to be seen by the masses, ATC supporter [15:34]
gribble Rating entry successful. Your rating of 3 for user mike_c has been recorded. [15:34]
mircea_popescu i just wonder if large scale gmo will also yield some mutant hay fevers [15:34]
mircea_popescu maybe you can get bubonic hay fever [15:35]
asciilifeform whatever the crud is, it gives me problems year round here. [15:35]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [AM1] 10 @ 0.52979 = 5.2979 BTC [+] {2} [15:35]
mircea_popescu a nerdier man would have brought home air samples. [15:36]
* rammy2k2 (050ca259@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-assets [15:36]
mircea_popescu spectrometry ftw! [15:36]
mircea_popescu !up rammy2k2 [15:36]
assbot Voicing rammy2k2 for 30 minutes. [15:36]
* assbot gives voice to rammy2k2 [15:36]
rammy2k2 hey [15:36]
rammy2k2 salut mircea_popescu [15:36]
rammy2k2 :) [15:36]
mircea_popescu hi. [15:36]
davout "a nerdier man would have brought home air samples." <<< lmao [15:36]
mircea_popescu davout im kinda curious what the difference'd be. [15:37]
asciilifeform lol, could be something more interesting (washington too close to equator by x km; magnetic field crapolade; etc) [15:37]
mircea_popescu course you need a pretty large air sample to get anything usable at the ppb range [15:37]
mircea_popescu ;;google washington dc latitude [15:37]
gribble Latitude and Longitude of U.S. and Canadian Cities | ; 107 World cities by latitude: Things line up in surprising ways: ; List of cities by latitude - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: (1 more message) [15:37]
davout mircea_popescu: the air sample thing kinda contradicts the discussion about how some stuff could be developed to work only in certain places, maybe that's the case for allergies too [15:38]
mircea_popescu 38 53 77 02 vs 45.7597° N, 21.2300° E [15:38]
asciilifeform hell knows, maybe i need 50hz mains hum instead of 60. [15:38]
asciilifeform that's the problem with systems. [15:38]
mircea_popescu but that wouldn't reallhy be an allergy. [15:38]
mircea_popescu kinda need a protein [15:38]
davout asciilifeform: just be pragmatic, move to romania, there's this beagles pack that patiently awaits its master's return [15:39]
ThickAsThieves ;;rate jurov 3 CoinBr, Coinroll, helped me transfer shares at times, kept me safe during a Bitfunder scare [15:39]
gribble Rating entry successful. Your rating for user jurov has changed from 1 to 3. [15:39]
asciilifeform lul, me canine army awaits. [15:39]
mircea_popescu rammy2k2 you speak english ? [15:39]
rammy2k2 for shizzle [15:39]
rammy2k2 sure [15:39]
mircea_popescu cool. so tell me about your aff manager experience ? [15:39]
asciilifeform ;;rate jurov 1 live human!! [15:39]
gribble Error: For identification purposes, you must be authenticated to use the rating system. [15:39]
mircea_popescu asciilifeform gribble had a glitch so it went offline so it lost auth sessions [15:40]
rammy2k2 well, i've been working in adult industry for some years, affiliates , dunno if it applies on what u need, but i was curious :) [15:40]
ThickAsThieves is wao's handle wao? [15:40]
mircea_popescu rammy2k2 adult works. who've youy been working for ? [15:40]
asciilifeform ;;gpg eauth asciilifeform [15:40]
gribble Request successful for user asciilifeform, hostmask asciilifeform! Get your encrypted OTP from [15:40]
Naphex rammy2k2: you run forum? right same rammy? [15:40]
rammy2k2 Naphex: yes :) [15:41]
rammy2k2 i try to [15:41]
rammy2k2 :P [15:41]
Naphex hey o/ [15:41]
rammy2k2 o [15:41]
Naphex get SSL working in that :) [15:41]
asciilifeform ;;gpg everify freenode:#bitcoin-otc:be89bf44d68bee3cb3c28e4fe995f38c33062d50324afe88a6a293b4 [15:41]
gribble You are now authenticated for user asciilifeform with key B98228A001ABFFC7 [15:41]
asciilifeform ;;rate jurov 1 live human!! [15:41]
gribble Rating entry successful. Your rating of 1 for user jurov has been recorded. [15:41]
mircea_popescu i guess you two have some business to conduct ? :D [15:41]
rammy2k2 mircea_popescu: streamate, money tree, chaturbate [15:41]
mircea_popescu rammy2k2 when, for how long, gimme some highlightds [15:41]
asciilifeform ;;rate mike_c 3 live human, cellular automata, jolly good fellow [15:42]
gribble Rating entry successful. Your rating of 3 for user mike_c has been recorded. [15:42]
rammy2k2 mircea_popescu: i quitted adult like 1 year ago, since i got seriously into this disease called crypto [15:42]
rammy2k2 worked for like 5 years [15:42]
* assbot gives voice to Duffer1 [15:42]
mircea_popescu rammy2k2 when you started adult is more interesting. who were you on gfy ? [15:42]
rammy2k2 yes [15:43]
rammy2k2 still am [15:43]
rammy2k2 :) [15:43]
mircea_popescu who ? [15:43]
mircea_popescu same handle ? [15:43]
Duffer1 hello [15:43]
rammy2k2 seXXXhub [15:43]
mircea_popescu Duffer1 hey [15:43]
asciilifeform ;;rate ThickAsThieves 3 live human, ate synthetic food, jolly good fella [15:43]
gribble Rating entry successful. Your rating for user ThickAsThieves has changed from 1 to 3. [15:43]
rammy2k2 had some troubles with zombaio, but who didnt ? :)) [15:43]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [PETA] 2 @ 0.0659989 = 0.132 BTC [+] [15:43]
mircea_popescu rammy2k2 to be clear, were you working as an affiliate manager for any of these programs you mentioned, or simply used them as an affiliate ? [15:44]
rammy2k2 Naphex: are u on my forum ? :) [15:44]
rammy2k2 oh, simply used them [15:44]
mircea_popescu myeah. [15:45]
rammy2k2 in what area u need stuff to be done ? [15:46]
mircea_popescu in the area where someone with 10 years' experience being an aff manager, and whom i can verify worked with programs i know and delivered results, is looking to start a biz. [15:46]
mircea_popescu you're not that guy, you're some guy that joined gfy in 2011. [15:47]
asciilifeform mircea_popescu: sends daughter to water the pole (ie, pour a bucket of water at base on old wooden pole, no cables there or anything) << engineers call this 'Kansas phone problem' : [15:47]
asciilifeform [15:47]
rammy2k2 mircea_popescu: yea, i guess i aint :) [15:47]
mircea_popescu :p [15:47]
rammy2k2 ill idle around here if thats ok , i have a feeling we can have some nice chats [15:47]
mircea_popescu read the logs while at it. [15:48]
* ericmuyser ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [15:48]
rammy2k2 how many bots around here ? [15:48]
fluffypony way too many [15:48]
fluffypony <- bot [15:48]
rammy2k2 :)) [15:48]
mircea_popescu lol. like 3 [15:48]
fluffypony just a reasonably intelligent one [15:48]
rammy2k2 cool, i always apreciate AI [15:48]
asciilifeform mircea_popescu: spectrometer << the one fellow who did get a little thorough arsework in the queue at Dulles with me, did in fact pack one! [15:49]
* nubbins` ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [15:50]
asciilifeform phun phact: as a student, i once seriously planned to build a pocket gas chromatographer, to pick up gurlz. how!? to do this - exercise for alert reader. [15:51]
asciilifeform hint: [15:51]
asciilifeform ;;google histocompatibility sweat [15:51]
gribble Major histocompatibility complex and sexual selection - Wikipedia ...: ; Major histocompatibility complex genes, symmetry, and body scent ...: ; MHC genes, body odours, and odour preferences: [15:51]
mircea_popescu asciilifeform i thought you were just gonna check if they're ovulating [15:52]
* ericmuyser has quit (Ping timeout: 264 seconds) [15:53]
Naphex hey so who was running bitcoincharts? [15:53]
asciilifeform mircea_popescu: the point of carrying minesweeper isn't usually so you can jump on the best mine. [15:53]
mircea_popescu tcatm [15:53]
Naphex ;;seen tcatm [15:53]
gribble I have not seen tcatm. [15:53]
mircea_popescu asciilifeform where's your sense of adventure. [15:53]
mircea_popescu ;;rated tcatm [15:53]
gribble You rated user tcatm on Tue Feb 28 12:40:39 2012, with a rating of 2, and supplied these additional notes: bitcoincharts fellow, sold me adspace.. [15:53]
asciilifeform and see, if i had this in me pocket, could've found which of the twelve beagles would relay orders to my canine empire. [15:53]
mircea_popescu that guy [15:53]
fluffypony asciilifeform: so like this [15:54]
asciilifeform no, this [15:55]
asciilifeform [15:55]
asciilifeform etc [15:55]
ozbot Scent of a Man | [15:55]
* zoinky (~Adium@unaffiliated/zoinky) has joined #bitcoin-assets [15:55]
asciilifeform it was a good job that my net worth was a few zeroes short of actually building this bugger then. [15:57]
davout ;;rate tcatm 1 bitcoincharts, been around a while [15:57]
gribble Rating entry successful. Your rating of 1 for user tcatm has been recorded. [15:57]
asciilifeform because the device ended up working -without being built- [15:57]
mircea_popescu i know right ? i can taste it on them if we're compatible too [15:57]
mircea_popescu no need for test gear. [15:57]
asciilifeform how: the creature i now keep as a pet was intrigued by the idea, when we met. [15:57]
mircea_popescu (says stan from within his carry on cage) [15:58]
asciilifeform mircea_popescu: you're Carl Wilhelm Scheele, we knew. [15:58]
asciilifeform chemist hero who tasted everything he made [15:59]
mircea_popescu everyone has seen this i trust ? [15:59]
davout mircea_popescu: LOL [15:59]
mircea_popescu speaking of "Testing everything", my fav robotzi episode of all time : [15:59]
* asciilifeform spilled [16:00]
mircea_popescu [16:00]
ozbot RObotzi.S03.Ep13.Sugstanta - YouTube [16:00]
* rithm (~rithm@unaffiliated/rithm) has joined #bitcoin-assets [16:00]
asciilifeform '...a detection unit contains three concealed cartridges, each of which houses eight mice. During their 4-hour shifts in the detector, the mice mill about in a common area in each cartridge as air is passed over people paused in the archway and through the cartridge...' [16:01]
asciilifeform [16:02]
ozbot Sniffer mice have a nose for explosives - tech - 03 February 2011 - New Scientist [16:02]
asciilifeform i like to imagine that certain people are destined to end up in cartridges [16:03]
davout on an unrelated note : "Romanians, not so peaceful after all" -> [16:04]
* kleinessteak ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [16:04]
asciilifeform speaking of which, does any in the pile of MIGs at TSR airport actually start? [16:04]
asciilifeform (finding where they sit - exercise for alert reader) [16:05]
mircea_popescu davout no ak47 :p [16:06]
* assbot removes voice from rammy2k2 [16:06]
mircea_popescu asciilifeform those migs not anymore, because they've been gutted for parts. [16:06]
asciilifeform good, might be for sale then! [16:06]
asciilifeform lust. [16:06]
* punkman1 (~punkman@unaffiliated/punkman) has joined #bitcoin-assets [16:06]
ThickAsThieves Vault of Satoshi now allows real-time auditing it seems [16:06]
asciilifeform washington airport muppetron: 'sir, anything to declare?' me: well, just this... [16:07]
fluffypony ThickAsThieves: yeah noticed that [16:07]
* nubbins` has quit (Quit: quit) [16:07]
fluffypony quite nifty [16:07]
* nubbins` ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [16:07]
* punkman has quit (Ping timeout: 276 seconds) [16:07]
mircea_popescu ThickAsThieves bitbet model ? published addresses, you can traverse chain at your leisure ? [16:08]
Naphex i think they just published their cold wallet [16:08]
HeySteve that robotzi show has cool animation, reminds me of this: [16:08]
mircea_popescu HeySteve yeah very competent team there. [16:08]
fluffypony Naphex: yep, no hot wallet details "for sekuritee" [16:08]
mircea_popescu o hey look at that, sorta dott. HeySteve is it released ? [16:09]
mircea_popescu Naphex so basically what is it, an address with a sum that signed a message ? [16:09]
fluffypony mircea_popescu: yep for quite a while, great game [16:09]
HeySteve yep, I think I finished that one [16:09]
fluffypony played the iPad one for hours figuring stuff ou [16:09]
Naphex mircea_popescu: they just made public their cold wallet, so people can check they have the funds [16:09]
fluffypony *out [16:10]
Naphex that it as far as i know [16:10]
mircea_popescu but.... maybe they made public MY cold wallet ? [16:10]
ThickAsThieves <+mircea_popescu> ThickAsThieves bitbet model ? published addresses, you can traverse chain at your leisure ? /// You can verify cold wallet and your own personal balance. You cannot verify hot wallet though ("security reasons"). [16:10]
asciilifeform right, we can all write this kind of 'vault' [16:10]
Naphex yeah, don't think they signed it yet [16:10]
mircea_popescu well in that case they did exactly nothing ? [16:10]
* numerisTrade (~numeris@unaffiliated/numeris) has joined #bitcoin-assets [16:10]
ThickAsThieves they didnt sign it [16:10]
ThickAsThieves ? [16:10]
* aadeseye ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [16:10]
mircea_popescu i dunno dood you brought the news. i was askin' [16:11]
Naphex people can check what balance 'their' cold-wallet has, rawr rawr, everybody's auditing [16:11]
Naphex :P [16:11]
mircea_popescu tryin to keep up with all the innovative innovations [16:11]
ThickAsThieves trouble is you can only see this if you have an account [16:11]
ThickAsThieves i do not plan to make one [16:11]
mircea_popescu it's almost as if thery go to a dedicated university to be stupid, these people. [16:11]
mircea_popescu this has to be the result of training, methodically making the wrong choice on every turn is not something that can be explained by simple randomness [16:12]
assbot [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 27350 @ 0.00098446 = 26.925 BTC [-] {2} [16:12]
ThickAsThieves it works out okay if youre marketing to stupid people though [16:12]
ThickAsThieves :/ [16:12]
mircea_popescu well sure. marketing to people who went to the same school as you did always works well. [16:12]
Naphex / [16:12]
asciilifeform one of you told me that the fellow behind 'vault' (argentinian?) has actual brain. so does he keep it in a case, buried in the garden with kalash? or use it for other ventures? because 'vault' doesn't reveal evidence of its use. [16:12]
fluffypony afaik they're using this: [16:13]
mircea_popescu asciilifeform vault of satoshi is unrelated to that guy afaik [16:13]
* LorenzoMoney1 has quit (Quit: KVIrc 4.2.0 Equilibrium [16:13]
* LorenzoMoney (~LorenzoMo@unaffiliated/lorenzomoney) has joined #bitcoin-assets [16:13]
davout fluffypony: yeah, that's just a clever way to present the data [16:13]
mircea_popescu who's olalonde ? [16:14]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [PETA] 4 @ 0.0644536 = 0.2578 BTC [-] [16:14]
davout apparently some french guy that was smart enough to move to china [16:14]
mircea_popescu Specification [16:14]
mircea_popescu Work in progress. [16:14]
mircea_popescu lovely. [16:14]
mircea_popescu so can i just copy the html page saying success, much coin excess ? [16:14]
mircea_popescu since this seems to be server side [16:14]
davout mircea_popescu: still beats the "specification is useless because code" approach [16:15]
mircea_popescu [16:15]
mircea_popescu gotta love this. [16:15]
mircea_popescu ok, this is a fucking scam. [16:15]
Naphex hehe [16:15]
fluffypony oh I take it back [16:15]
mircea_popescu so i get 50 btc from 100 users. i spend 4925 of these 5k btc [16:15]
fluffypony they're using Proof of LIabilities [16:15]
fluffypony same guy [16:15]
fluffypony [16:15]
ozbot Proof of Liabilities tools [16:15]
mircea_popescu each user sees "success! site is solvent! 25 btc extra" [16:16]
mircea_popescu fucking bitchslap these idiots with a trout omfg. [16:16]
* rammy2k2 (050ca259@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has left #bitcoin-assets [16:16]
* rammy2k2 (050ca259@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-assets [16:16]
fluffypony [16:16]
asciilifeform mircea_popescu: solvency-verifier << when i was a little boy, me brother said 'i shall build you a computer.' (he had one, a rarity, i was envious and annoying) [16:16]
jurov ThickAsThieves yes wao is wao [16:16]
* rammy2k2 has quit (Quit: Page closed) [16:16]
asciilifeform so next day he gives it to me [16:16]
asciilifeform a matchbox. push it, one side pops out, printed with answer!! 'CORRECT.' [16:17]
asciilifeform push other side, 'ERROR' [16:17]
asciilifeform 'here's yer computer' [16:17]
* aadeseye has quit (Remote host closed the connection) [16:17]
asciilifeform 'the one you deserve' [16:17]
mircea_popescu how mean! [16:17]
davout it's spelled "compootah" [16:17]
fluffypony I would've complained about the stack size [16:17]
* aadeseye ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [16:17]
asciilifeform i deserved this computer. and, apparently, some people today, still deserve. [16:17]
mircea_popescu meanwhile back at the other side of mean : "Problem 4 : Permeating all the foregoing and sufficiently so to become a problem in its own right is the incredible arrogance of the recently liberated corporate slavebois working as independent coders. Seriously, start working on the BTC securities trade system of the future without ever having worked for MPEx, without having humbly presented your inept ideas to the most gra [16:17]
mircea_popescu ndiose master Mircea Popescu (ie, me), without anything like that ? O, why, because you’re a special little trainflake of brilliance and genius who can ? Really ? [16:17]
mircea_popescu Reality doesn’t work that way." [16:17]
mircea_popescu fuckwit without a clue makes "proof of solvency". [16:18]
mircea_popescu it works worse than the one bit matchbox computer ;/ [16:18]
asciilifeform righto, both sides painted 'CORRECT' [16:18]
mircea_popescu should get fucking branded, roman empire style. [16:18]
fluffypony ok so it's an implementation of this: [16:18]
fluffypony which seems great in theory, but as mircea_popescu pointed out it's easy to fake [16:19]
mircea_popescu in like inch high letters, one letter at a time. [16:19]
asciilifeform 'i own proxima centaruri.' - 'ok, i'll believe. but first, wiggle it a bit. my gravimeter's ready, whatcha waiting for.' [16:20]
mircea_popescu 70 of them, takes two months. [16:20]
asciilifeform *centauri [16:20]
mircea_popescu ThickAsThieves ok, you wanna talk about getting under my skin ? this shit gets under my skin. [16:20]
* blackwhite_ (~blackwhit@ has joined #bitcoin-assets [16:20]
mircea_popescu asciilifeform that's not a fair test. i own my cock, but it's also too big to wiggle. [16:20]
ThickAsThieves your hands have gone weak from lack of self service [16:21]
ThickAsThieves have your girl move it [16:21]
mircea_popescu it needs like three women working it [16:21]
mircea_popescu wouldn't that be the curse of all time. [16:21]
mircea_popescu "honey! i gotta pee! get honey and honey, let's get moving on this!" [16:21]
asciilifeform yah, but you can make it report for duty, prove ownership. [16:21]
* aadeseye has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds) [16:22]
mircea_popescu asciilifeform so far. from what i hear from older people however... [16:22]
asciilifeform herr mocsny had a good point about this [16:22]
davout mircea_popescu: lazyness would command to get a chamber pot instead [16:22]
assbot [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 21700 @ 0.0009871 = 21.4201 BTC [+] {4} [16:22]
asciilifeform 'It would be interesting to do a study on men who need Viagra to have sex with their partners. How many of those same men are able to wank off to porn (whatever variety they like, but most likely it would feature women from the most physically attractive 1%) without chemical assistance?' [16:22]
asciilifeform (mocsny - [16:22]
mircea_popescu chamber pot, chamber maid, chamber music... [16:22]
mircea_popescu asciilifeform that'd be a good study. i'm also curious. [16:23]
asciilifeform speaking of chamber pot - anyone else's hotel room had... an Otohime!?!? [16:23]
asciilifeform last thing i expected to find [16:23]
asciilifeform ;;google otohime [16:23]
gribble Toyotama-hime - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: ; Otohime - The One Piece Wiki - Wikia: ; Otohime - Yu-Gi-Oh!: [16:23]
mircea_popescu a what ? [16:23]
asciilifeform [16:24]
ozbot The sound of a princess... on the toilet | CNN Travel [16:24]
Naphex oh man, the tehnology nowadays, and i used to just turn on the water [16:25]
Naphex :)) [16:25]
mircea_popescu aren't these gizmos like required by the classification board ? [16:25]
jurov i tried that switch but did not recognize any sound [16:25]
* aadeseye ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [16:25]
mircea_popescu to get your stars or w/e ? [16:25]
asciilifeform yeah mine was dead too [16:25]
asciilifeform but i'm not a princess [16:25]
ThickAsThieves ;;rate wao 2 Spreads bitcoin awareness, works with jurov (Coinroll, etc), friendly dood [16:25]
gribble Rating entry successful. Your rating of 2 for user wao has been recorded. [16:25]
* xdotcommer has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer) [16:25]
* xdotcommer (~xdotcomme@ has joined #bitcoin-assets [16:26]
* xdotcommer has quit (Remote host closed the connection) [16:26]
* xdotcommer (~xdotcomme@ has joined #bitcoin-assets [16:26]
* blackwhite_ is now known as blackwhite [16:27]
ThickAsThieves "Study confirms monkeys can do math" [16:27]
asciilifeform waiting for 'study confirms man can do math' [16:28]
mircea_popescu and by math is meant, of course, arithmetics ? [16:28]
fluffypony the three Rs - Reading, Riting, and Rithmetic [16:29]
ThickAsThieves "GitHub co-founder resigns after investigation into harassment claims" [16:29]
asciilifeform there was, if i recall, suspicion that higher animals (e.g. dog catching ball) can crunch diff. equations - until high speed photography developed [16:29]
asciilifeform then it was found that creatures merely do 'bang-bang correction' when 'solving' the motion equations. [16:30]
* benkay` ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [16:30]
ThickAsThieves [16:30]
ozbot Google is researching ways to make encryption easier to use in Gmail | VentureBeat | Security | by H [16:30]
ThickAsThieves (psp) [16:30]
ThickAsThieves oops [16:30]
ThickAsThieves (pgp) [16:30]
asciilifeform 'integrating into gmail' [16:31]
asciilifeform next news: [16:31]
asciilifeform 'google buys keybase' [16:31]
jurov google's unto embrace extern extinguish? [16:31]
jurov *onto [16:31]
mircea_popescu jurov exactly. [16:31]
asciilifeform seriously, how much radiation damage someone would need, to swallow this crap [16:31]
mircea_popescu dude srsly ? cofounders split up over that horvath nitwit ?! [16:32]
mircea_popescu poor github. so who's replacing them ? [16:32]
asciilifeform the gurl? [16:32]
ThickAsThieves appears so [16:32]
Naphex didn't google launch gmail just too show ads on your mail context? [16:32]
Naphex what ads will run for encrypted emails? ;o [16:33]
ThickAsThieves Naphex i dont think so [16:33]
asciilifeform 'products bought by other people having your private key...' [16:33]
ThickAsThieves the mail context came much later [16:33]
fluffypony Naphex: they still know what you're searching [16:33]
* daybyter ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [16:33]
mircea_popescu Naphex no, gmail was because yahoo sucked and they did mail. [16:33]
asciilifeform 'google buys phuctor', news at 11. [16:33]
fluffypony I mean searching in mail [16:33]
ThickAsThieves google just wants you to enter their cage for the most part [16:33]
mircea_popescu many shepherds in backwards places (like romania) still use yahoo mail [16:33]
fluffypony although that'll be interesting - how will gmail search work if your mail is encrypted? [16:34]
* HeySteve has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer) [16:34]
mircea_popescu fluffypony "encrypted" [16:34]
asciilifeform 'encrypted' [16:34]
mircea_popescu it's just encrypted to stop the leaks wherein haxxors get the pm's email. [16:34]
fluffypony exactly [16:34]
mircea_popescu it's not encrypted to stop google reading it. it couldn't be [16:34]
mircea_popescu otherwise, i already use encrypted gmail. [16:34]
* benkay` has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds) [16:34]
assbot [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 3350 @ 0.00098778 = 3.3091 BTC [+] [16:34]
ThickAsThieves then it aint really encrypted :/ [16:34]
Apocalyptic seriously, how much radiation damage someone would need, to swallow this crap // i like the way you put it [16:35]
ThickAsThieves the line is drawn at whether the encryption happens locally or on google servers, right? [16:35]
Apocalyptic even if it's done locally, you trust google to provide the right js script or whatever [16:36]
asciilifeform the concept of 'private key' is apparently high mathematics to some people. [16:36]
* chairman_meow (~chairman@unaffiliated/chairman-meow/x-0334314) has joined #bitcoin-assets [16:36]
* HeySteve ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [16:36]
* HeySteve has quit (Changing host) [16:36]
* HeySteve (HeySteve@unaffiliated/heysteve) has joined #bitcoin-assets [16:36]
* HeySteve has quit (Client Quit) [16:36]
ThickAsThieves isnt there already an opensource pgp mail client? [16:37]
fluffypony no clue [16:37]
jurov ThickAsThieves: KMail + Kleopatra [16:37]
mircea_popescu ThickAsThieves why do i need to mix the channel and the security layer at all ? [16:37]
* punkman1 has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds) [16:37]
mircea_popescu this is exactly wrong. i do not need gmail involved in encryption any more than i need incentivised wot [16:37]
fluffypony Mailvelope does GPG in the browser (Chrome only, FF coming) for GMail [16:37]
jurov but nothing can open PGP/MIME stuff it produces [16:37]
mircea_popescu i just encrypt in gpg, everything the same way, and then paste the text in an email. [16:37]
mircea_popescu this works with all carriers, cause it's not their job to encrypt. their job is to carry. [16:38]
jurov so I just copy paste gpg encrypted clobs anyway [16:38]
fluffypony also [16:38]
mircea_popescu sanity is separating risks not bundling them. [16:38]
* HeySteve ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [16:38]
* HeySteve has quit (Changing host) [16:38]
* HeySteve (HeySteve@unaffiliated/heysteve) has joined #bitcoin-assets [16:38]
asciilifeform it's not unlike toilet in the kitchen. [16:38]
fluffypony although probably 95% of my mails aren't encrypted or gpg signed because that would require educating all recipients on how to decrypt them [16:38]
ThickAsThieves it does seem a bit silly when you consider any mail client made for encryption essentially exists to remove the bother of copy-pasting [16:39]
asciilifeform why does your flat need both a toilet and kitchen sink? [16:39]
asciilifeform save the bother of walking [16:39]
asciilifeform save plumber some work. [16:39]
Apocalyptic ThickAsThieves, there is no bother too great for security [16:39]
* HeySteve has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer) [16:39]
ThickAsThieves i always wondered why people dont piss in the sink [16:39]
mircea_popescu asciilifeform i thought that's where the us was headed with the garbage disposal things [16:39]
* HeySteve ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [16:40]
* HeySteve has quit (Changing host) [16:40]
* HeySteve (HeySteve@unaffiliated/heysteve) has joined #bitcoin-assets [16:40]
ThickAsThieves we had this habit when i rented with other dudes [16:40]
asciilifeform someone already sells toilets with 'garbage disposal' [16:40]
mircea_popescu ThickAsThieves [16:40]
asciilifeform waiting for a bright fellow to make next step. [16:40]
* HeySteve has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer) [16:40]
ThickAsThieves even the bathroom sink is more suited for male pissing than the toiley [16:40]
Apocalyptic !up chairman_meow [16:40]
assbot Voicing chairman_meow for 30 minutes. [16:40]
* assbot gives voice to chairman_meow [16:40]
chairman_meow thanks [16:40]
* assbot gives voice to Anduck [16:40]
assbot [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 8250 @ 0.00098778 = 8.1492 BTC [+] [16:40]
chairman_meow can anyone recommend an investment like just-dice? [16:41]
mircea_popescu just-dice. [16:41]
ThickAsThieves no [16:41]
ThickAsThieves what is just-dice missing that you seek? [16:41]
* punkman (~punkman@unaffiliated/punkman) has joined #bitcoin-assets [16:41]
chairman_meow ThickAsThieves: i want to invest in gambling sites. I just don't want to put everything in just-dice [16:42]
ThickAsThieves bitbet [16:42]
ThickAsThieves [16:42]
chairman_meow thanks [16:43]
* HeySteve ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [16:43]
* HeySteve has quit (Changing host) [16:43]
* HeySteve (HeySteve@unaffiliated/heysteve) has joined #bitcoin-assets [16:43]
* ThickAsThieves waits for "30btc to register, fuck that!" [16:43]
* HeySteve has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer) [16:44]
mircea_popescu anyone recvalls that film where an aspiring actress ends up killing her baby ? [16:44]
chairman_meow ThickAsThieves: nothing that allows me to invest small amounts? [16:44]
mircea_popescu i think it was von trier maybe ? [16:44]
ThickAsThieves [16:44]
ThickAsThieves but maybe read and learn about bitbet before worrying about how to buy it? [16:45]
chairman_meow looks like what i'm looking for. kinda shady though [16:45]
* HeySteve ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [16:46]
* HeySteve has quit (Changing host) [16:46]
* HeySteve (HeySteve@unaffiliated/heysteve) has joined #bitcoin-assets [16:46]
chairman_meow heyyy mircea_popescu owns bitbet [16:47]
mircea_popescu only for the good stuff [16:47]
* HeySteve has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer) [16:47]
* ericmuyser ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [16:49]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [PETA] 5 @ 0.0657999 = 0.329 BTC [+] [16:49]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [ALC] 5 @ 0.14 = 0.7 BTC [16:49]
* Blazedout419 ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [16:49]
mircea_popescu daisy diamond! [16:49]
mircea_popescu btw, great film. [16:49]
ThickAsThieves mostly mp just adds randomness to bitbet ;) [16:49]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [B.SELL] 7 @ 0.04300042 = 0.301 BTC [-] {3} [16:50]
* ericmuys_ ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [16:50]
* assbot gives voice to Blazedout419 [16:50]
mircea_popescu ThickAsThieves my contributions throughout my life have been nixing things and doing weird shit. in that order. [16:50]
chairman_meow hmm there doesnt seem to be something like just-dice [16:50]
Blazedout419 lol love that painting mircea_popescu [16:51]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [NEOBEEQ] 2892 @ 0.0000694 = 0.2007 BTC [-] {6} [16:51]
ThickAsThieves bitcoinragazine censorshipped me :( [16:51]
mircea_popescu Blazedout419 the gauguin ? [16:51]
Blazedout419 ya [16:51]
Blazedout419 haha "paint me as hitler" [16:51]
assbot [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 11300 @ 0.00098375 = 11.1164 BTC [-] {2} [16:52]
* hansi001 ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [16:52]
ThickAsThieves i was trying to point people to check out bitcoinpete's expose on maidsafe and they didnt approve my comment [16:52]
mircea_popescu oh oh. yeah huh :D [16:53]
* ericmuyser has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds) [16:53]
mircea_popescu ThickAsThieves [16:53]
mircea_popescu [16:53]
ozbot Why your fingerprints may not be unique - Telegraph [16:53]
mircea_popescu in other nonunique news. [16:53]
* ericmuys_ has quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds) [16:54]
Duffer1 [16:56]
fluffypony lol, theymos getting called out on /r/bitcoin now - [16:57]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [PETA] 6 @ 0.0657999 = 0.3948 BTC [+] [16:58]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [B.MINE] 25 @ 0.03 = 0.75 BTC [+] [16:58]
* HeySteve ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [17:02]
* HeySteve has quit (Changing host) [17:02]
* HeySteve (HeySteve@unaffiliated/heysteve) has joined #bitcoin-assets [17:02]
ThickAsThieves "Vleisides' finances have been in question for the past several months," particularly because his residence "was recently purchased by BFL for approximately $400,000 in cash. [17:02]
mircea_popescu heh. [17:02]
* HeySteve has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer) [17:02]
mircea_popescu the noose tightens. [17:02]
* HeySteve (HeySteve@unaffiliated/heysteve) has joined #bitcoin-assets [17:02]
Duffer1 are monarchs shipping yet? [17:02]
fluffypony don't think so [17:03]
* HeySteve has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer) [17:03]
* HeySteve (HeySteve@unaffiliated/heysteve) has joined #bitcoin-assets [17:03]
Duffer1 sounds like this guy is going to pass away in prison like his father [17:03]
* ericmuyser ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [17:04]
* aadeseye has quit (Remote host closed the connection) [17:05]
chairman_meow am I still voiced? [17:05]
chairman_meow yeah I am [17:05]
chairman_meow something I don't understand with provably fair. [17:05]
* aadeseye ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [17:05]
* assbot gives voice to HeySteve [17:06]
ThickAsThieves that it doesnt prove the operator isnt stealing? [17:06]
HeySteve wanted to mention earlier, Lavaboom looks promising for secure email: [17:06]
chairman_meow ThickAsThieves: you read my mind! [17:06]
davout chairman_meow: no, he read the logs [17:06]
ThickAsThieves well in this case, it happens to be the first question i eve rasked in bitcoin [17:06]
ThickAsThieves to erik [17:06]
chairman_meow heh. so is there a solution to this? [17:07]
Apocalyptic "we do everything possible to make Lavaboom easy to use while keeping the service as secure as possible." HeySteve, you can't have it both ways [17:07]
ThickAsThieves no solution to date [17:07]
Apocalyptic or you end up with a thing that is neither one nor the other [17:07]
davout ThickAsThieves: so serious :-) [17:07]
* ThickAsThieves makes davout serious face and grunty retort noises [17:07]
fluffypony ThickAsThieves: surely the solution should be that all rolls are on a single address, no change addresses? [17:08]
* davout throws a branch of celery to ThickAsThieves to calm his anger [17:08]
HeySteve Apocalyptic, I'd encrypt myself for anything sensitive but this will improve things for people who can't do that [17:08]
ThickAsThieves lol [17:08]
Duffer1 " PayPal global asset protection officer, told her that as of September 2013, PayPal froze BFL’s account containing $11 million and that PayPal received 6,000 complaints in total." [17:08]
Apocalyptic HeySteve, it will improve the illusion [17:08]
davout HeySteve: there is no "person who can't do that", there are lazy people [17:08]
ThickAsThieves fluffy, the problem is the operator has the key [17:09]
ThickAsThieves so he can bet however he likes [17:09]
fluffypony ThickAsThieves: yeah, so when the pot is big enough he can duck [17:09]
ThickAsThieves from any random address [17:09]
fluffypony and "win" [17:09]
HeySteve right, well the more cycles wasted on lazy people using halfway solutions the better? [17:09]
ThickAsThieves it gets worse [17:09]
ThickAsThieves he can do it with investor's money [17:09]
davout HeySteve: no [17:09]
* aadeseye has quit (Ping timeout: 264 seconds) [17:10]
HeySteve unsure why not, doesn't it increase costs for spies? [17:10]
* Kushedout ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [17:10]
* assbot removes voice from chairman_meow [17:11]
davout HeySteve: does it ? [17:12]
fluffypony ThickAsThieves: so then what about a hot-wallet, lost roll amounts are sent to a cold-wallet, and the cold wallet is multi-sig, with a board of investors holding keys and the site operator holding keys. payouts happen once every 24 hours instead of immediately. [17:12]
davout fluffypony: running away with the pot/cheating -> different problemz [17:13]
HeySteve davout, in theory [17:13]
mircea_popescu Duffer1 and then gigaom harps about how coindesk is relevant in bitcoin. [17:13]
mircea_popescu meanwhile, mp says he wants vehehes' head, mp gets vehehes' head. mp says he wants karpeles' head, mp gets karpeles' head [17:14]
Duffer1 coindesk hurts my brain [17:14]
mircea_popescu and s' and s' and so on and so forth. [17:14]
mircea_popescu and ano i shall be off making bbq. [17:14]
* fluffypony ponders [17:14]
fluffypony davout: and this is why I don't gamble [17:14]
fluffypony at least not in the traditional sense :-P [17:14]
ThickAsThieves you cant remove trust from the problem here [17:17]
ThickAsThieves look at bitbet [17:18]
ThickAsThieves you still must trust them to hold your coins and pay them out [17:18]
fluffypony yeah [17:18]
ThickAsThieves that's not a problem necessarily [17:18]
ThickAsThieves it's a service [17:18]
ThickAsThieves the difference with bitbet is that the interests are better-aligned [17:20]
fluffypony yeah [17:20]
* HeySteve has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer) [17:21]
ThickAsThieves so, it would go that you might be better off investing in owning a dice site privately, than being a public investor via shares or a shared pot [17:21]
* HeySteve ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [17:21]
* HeySteve has quit (Changing host) [17:21]
* HeySteve (HeySteve@unaffiliated/heysteve) has joined #bitcoin-assets [17:21]
ThickAsThieves but then you'd also be the guy with the problem [17:22]
* HeySteve has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer) [17:22]
ThickAsThieves of not being able to prove you arent stealing [17:22]
* HeySteve ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [17:22]
* HeySteve has quit (Changing host) [17:22]
* HeySteve (HeySteve@unaffiliated/heysteve) has joined #bitcoin-assets [17:22]
fluffypony sure [17:22]
fluffypony I think it goes back to a discussion I had with someone the other day - he was espousing the values of the Dogecoin community, and how nice everyone is, and they don't have "scams like Bitcoin has" [17:23]
fluffypony so I pointed out that lending a buddy 200k Dogecoin today is worth a whopping $120, but Dogecoin's market cap is tiny ($44 mil as opposed to $6.2 bil), and would he trust his buddy to not run with those coins if they were worth $17 000? [17:23]
fluffypony in other words, operators may start off with good intentions, but when they suddenly realise they're sitting on a large pot of gold, are they still trustworthy? [17:24]
* HeySteve has quit (Client Quit) [17:24]
fluffypony and unfortunately in the case of many an operator in the Bitcoin/cryptocurrency space they don't scale their control measures in line with the money they control [17:24]
* bitcoinpete (~bitcoinpe@unaffiliated/bitcoinpete) has joined #bitcoin-assets [17:24]
assbot [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 17664 @ 0.00098778 = 17.4481 BTC [+] [17:25]
* assbot gives voice to bitcoinpete [17:25]
Apocalyptic operational security is hard to improvise [17:26]
* nubbins` has quit (Quit: quit) [17:27]
fluffypony Apocalyptic: hence my #bitcoin-dev question on accounts, I was wondering how "auditable"/visible they were publicly (the answer being not-at-all) [17:28]
mircea_popescu -dev has accounts ?! [17:29]
jurov i think it was about bitcoin-qt accounts [17:29]
fluffypony jurov: they're deprecating it [17:30]
jurov electrum devs try to do accounts right, we'll see how it comes out [17:30]
mircea_popescu oh jesus those things. [17:31]
fluffypony but I had this little brain-fart of an idea of using accounts mapped 1:1 to an address on an exchange (turns out my understanding of "accounts" was incorrect) [17:31]
mircea_popescu [17:31]
ozbot Bitcoin was written by the retarded, part II pe Trilema - Un blog de Mircea Popescu. [17:31]
mircea_popescu there, have at. [17:31]
bitcoinpete mircea_popescu: and in at #8 is the bitcoin foundation's annual letter lol [17:35]
davout jurov: ThomasV is working on accounts?? [17:36]
bitcoinpete the twitter is 6x older than the blog. all in good time [17:36]
* hansi001 has quit (Quit: My MacBook Pro has gone to sleep. ZZZzzz…) [17:36]
bitcoinpete [17:37]
ozbot NEO & BEE: THE FULL PICTURE : Bitcoin [17:37]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [HIF] 500 @ 0.00022471 = 0.1124 BTC [-] [17:37]
bitcoinpete Brewster: "Actually I thought we had 5,000, but I have checked the wallet and the coins are not there, I spent them somewhere but I don't remember on what.......we have only 140 coins left." [17:38]
bitcoinpete Andreas Antonopoulos posts on Reddit stating that “I was as surprised and bewildered by these events…dismayed that another bitcoin company had imploded amidst allegations of fraud and leaving many investors, creditors and employees with serious losses…all of whom betrayed by Danny” < [17:40]
mircea_popescu bitcoinpete ask derpopopulos how come is it possible that danny brewster fucked everyone in the ass, when he never said things such as nigger or put down women for being retarded ? [17:40]
* kermit has quit (Quit: Leaving.) [17:40]
mircea_popescu maybe he should change his spiel from his current nonsense. apparently that doesn't help anything. [17:41]
mircea_popescu carefully selecting audiences for libertardism does not on the volume of data collected so far seem to produce better businesses. [17:41]
bitcoinpete lol i'll call into joe rogan's show tmrw and heckle derpopolous live [17:41]
fluffypony I'd pay to hear that [17:42]
mircea_popescu yeah srsly. we've all been sayin' hail marys over here like he prescribed, and we still got the clap. [17:42]
fluffypony do you accept Altcoin? [17:42]
mircea_popescu what gives ? [17:42]
mircea_popescu and is he paying for it ? [17:42]
mircea_popescu tell him some investors have been very careful to follow his instructions and they still lost money. what's he going to do to make them whole ? apologize ? pay out of pocket ? [17:42]
bitcoinpete afaik andreas is fuckin broke and just scrapes by as a conference gypsy [17:43]
mircea_popescu i know, but he does it in an offensive manner. [17:43]
mircea_popescu at least to my easily offended asshole sensibilities. [17:43]
fluffypony am I the only person who hasn't seen him speak / heard him interviewed / watched him in a video? [17:44]
bitcoinpete fluffypony: maybe, you're out on some lulz [17:45]
bitcoinpete he's all about "the other 6 billion," promoting scammers, and 2.0 baloney [17:45]
fluffypony bitcoinpete: every time I see a video with him linked to on /r/bitcoin it just seems like a link to a TED talk, and I can't be bothered to watch TED talks [17:46]
ThickAsThieves i have yet to watch more than 10secs of antonopoly [17:46]
jborkl The next day Brewster shocks the management team by telling them that the 5,000 BTC have…..overnight become only 140! "Actually I thought we had 5,000, but I have checked the wallet and the coins are not there, I spent them somewhere but I don't remember on what.......we have only 140 coins left. I am going to the UK to find investors. I will send you the 140 coins left and also sell my Mercedes [17:46]
jborkl and Bentley and will send you the money to pay the March salaries and the creditors". [17:46]
bitcoinpete ;;google antonopolous joe rogan [17:46]
gribble Joe Rogan Experience #446 - Andreas Antonopoulos - YouTube: ; Joe Rogan (Podcast Site): ; Andreas M. Antonopoulos Live on Joe Rogan Experiance RIGHT ...: [17:46]
jborkl Jesus christ, what a fucking retard [17:47]
mircea_popescu fluffypony i think i saw a pic. kinda bald fellow. [17:47]
ThickAsThieves despite being hetero, i find him too unnattractive to look at [17:47]
bitcoinpete mircea_popescu: hunchy too [17:47]
ThickAsThieves maybe it's just my spider sense [17:47]
mircea_popescu jborkl "5,000 BTC have…..overnight become only 140!" << there's some truth to that. [17:47]
mircea_popescu you see, toy exchanges love to inflate their figures. [17:47]
mircea_popescu due to the complete lack of transparency, and seeing how all havelock/btct/bitfunder/glbse/etc offerings are destined to implode anyway [17:48]
mircea_popescu they can get away with the pretense that they raise a lot of money. [17:48]
mircea_popescu then inexplicable shit happens. like this : [17:48]
* soulblade738 has quit (Remote host closed the connection) [17:49]
* soulblade738 (~soulblade@gateway/tor-sasl/soulblade738) has joined #bitcoin-assets [17:49]
bitcoinpete [17:52]
ozbot Twitter / bitcoinpete: Hey @aantonop: Are you making ... [17:52]
jborkl I am going to sell my Mercedes and Bentley <-- what a asshole [17:52]
bitcoinpete not my harshest rebuke… don't feel like tearing assholes before breakfast [17:52]
fluffypony bitcoinpete: I see not everyone appreciated your maidsafe criticism [17:53]
mircea_popescu [17:54]
bitcoinpete fluffypony: not everyone appreciates frank lloyd wright either, c'est la vie [17:54]
ozbot #bitcoin-assets log [17:54]
jborkl what is maidsafe anyway? keeps the maid from stealing your bitcoins? [17:54]
fluffypony "@bitcoinpete @maidsafe @MSCProtocol any points you make get lost in what feels like a trashy review of a summer movie. Be more constructive." [17:54]
mircea_popescu it's like maid to order. a pun. [17:54]
fluffypony what a whiney little girl [17:54]
bitcoinpete jborkl: [17:55]
bitcoinpete fluffypony: blame the education system lol [17:55]
mircea_popescu fluffypony lmao. when did some fucktarded bitcoin noncompany with no wot start looking down on trashy summer movies ?! [17:55]
mircea_popescu what is this, the reverseland ? [17:55]
fluffypony lol [17:55]
* Anon29486307 ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [17:55]
mircea_popescu Your search - @bitcoinpete @maidsafe @MSCProtocol any points you make get lost in what feels like a ... - did not match any documents. [17:55]
mircea_popescu can i has linkl ? [17:56]
jborkl then it should be madesafe right? I guess I don't get the pun [17:56]
mircea_popescu jborkl they're new in the punning business. [17:56]
fluffypony mircea_popescu: sure gimme a sec [17:56]
bitcoinpete [17:56]
ozbot Twitter / russellaugust: @bitcoinpete @maidsafe ... [17:56]
bitcoinpete faster [17:56]
fluffypony [17:56]
ozbot Twitter / russellaugust: @bitcoinpete @maidsafe ... [17:56]
fluffypony oh there, beat me to it [17:56]
* fluffypony sends bitcoinpete a coke [17:56]
bounce no minute maid? [17:57]
bitcoinpete just had one of the guys in our meet-up group ask about maidsafe too. of course, a day after i blogged about it. just like he asked about bitgo a day after i blogged about that. noticing a pattern here [17:57]
mircea_popescu the bigger q here is who the fuck is that russel dood. [17:57]
mircea_popescu "Avid film and commercial editor, motion artist, and sometimes software developer." just sounds to me like unemployed young poor. [17:58]
mircea_popescu bitcoinpete the pattern being that peeps are trolling you or that peeps don't read your blog ? [17:58]
* hansi001 ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [17:59]
bitcoinpete mircea_popescu: very big q indeed. is being a "motion artist" like someone who takes jogs outside? [17:59]
bitcoinpete mircea_popescu: not reading lol [17:59]
ThickAsThieves i exist therefore i artist [18:00]
fluffypony bitcoinpete: I believe "motion artists" practice an obscure form of yoga [18:00]
bitcoinpete fluffypony: not much for coke, got any wine? [18:00]
bitcoinpete fluffypony: probably one of the hot, sweaty kinds [18:00]
fluffypony bitcoinpete: TONS, take a trip to South Africa and stop by, I'll provide the alcohol [18:00]
bitcoinpete deal [18:00]
* cgcardona_ ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [18:01]
fluffypony cgcardona_:) [18:01]
bitcoinpete reading part 3 of essences... [18:01]
mircea_popescu fluffypony i bet you it's just copied off the oscars. "the academy of motioning artistes" [18:02]
fluffypony hah [18:02]
mircea_popescu at the time in newyork young hungry cocksuckers worked like taxi cabs : you'd motion to them and they'd get to work. [18:02]
* Skirmant has quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds) [18:02]
jurov davout re: electrum multiple wallets: [18:03]
* assbot gives voice to cgcardona_ [18:03]
jurov er.. accounts [18:03]
cgcardona_ top of the morning bitcoin-assets! cc/ fluffypony [18:03]
mircea_popescu ello [18:06]
jborkl Ok, I read the website facts for Maidsafe and I feel dumb now. And if they are going to make a really bad pun they need a logo to go with it that makes you laugh [18:07]
jborkl [18:07]
jborkl [18:07]
jborkl nm the link hehe [18:07]
ThickAsThieves [18:08]
ozbot U.S. investment banker James Rickards says tie bitcoin to gold and avoid volatility [18:08]
davout jurov: thanks, i'll inquire about it [18:08]
ThickAsThieves US doctor says tie noose to neck to avoid risk [18:08]
bitcoinpete ThickAsThieves: that noose is also for professionalism [18:09]
* chairman_meow has quit (Ping timeout: 255 seconds) [18:09]
ThickAsThieves maybe #b-a logo could be a sword of Damocles with a halo at the bottom [18:11]
mircea_popescu either that or a gaping asshole [18:12]
ThickAsThieves might as well make a whole crest out of it [18:13]
ThickAsThieves hmm wsj ssl broken [18:14]
ThickAsThieves [18:14]
ozbot Tea Firm Injects Buzz into Thai Stock Market With Porsche Giveaway - MoneyBeat - WSJ [18:14]
ThickAsThieves next is BOGO? [18:14]
ThickAsThieves Sharpie of Damocles [18:16]
* kleinessteak has quit () [18:16]
* HeySteve (HeySteve@unaffiliated/heysteve) has joined #bitcoin-assets [18:18]
mircea_popescu [18:19]
mircea_popescu moar like sharpie of patrocles [18:19]
ThickAsThieves jurov: ;;rate ThickAsThieves 1 this nick maps to a real person i have met IRL, also CoinBR <<< lol I'm not aware TAT took over coinbr :D /// Surprise! [18:21]
davout whoops [18:21]
asciilifeform ;;google trading sardines [18:21]
gribble "Trading Sardines" - Bitcoin Forum: ; Natural Gas In 2013: It's Now A Trading Sardine - Seeking Alpha: ; "Sardines" are to Trade, not Eat | Gold Eagle: [18:21]
davout ;;rate ThickAsThieves 3 this nick maps to a real person i have met IRL [18:22]
gribble Rating entry successful. Your rating for user ThickAsThieves has changed from 1 to 3. [18:22]
* SatoshiJack (~linux@2600:1004:b105:605d:cad:61a5:8463:c478) has joined #bitcoin-assets [18:23]
davout ;;rate jurov 3 [18:23]
gribble Rating entry successful. Your rating of 3 for user jurov has been recorded. [18:23]
davout ;;rate jurov 3 this nick maps to a real person i have met IRL, also CoinBR [18:24]
gribble Rating entry successful. Your rating for user jurov has changed from 3 to 3. [18:24]
davout ;;rate jurov 3 this nick maps to a real person i have met IRL, also CoinBR [18:24]
gribble Rating entry successful. Your rating for user jurov has changed from 3 to 3. [18:24]
davout weird, the message doesn't get picked up [18:24]
Blazedout419 what do you mean [18:25]
jurov what? i see gribbles replies [18:25]
Blazedout419 [11:24am] <+gribble> Rating change | Old rating 3 | New rating: davout > 3 > jurov | this nick maps to a real person i have met IRL, also CoinBR [18:25]
Blazedout419 [11:24am] <+gribble> Rating change | Old rating 3 | New rating: davout > 3 > jurov | this nick maps to a real person i have met IRL, also CoinBR [18:25]
Blazedout419 it shows [18:25]
Blazedout419 the gribble spam chans shows all! [18:25]
davout okay, wasn't showing at first on bitcoin-otc [18:25]
davout seems good nao [18:25]
davout ;;rate asciilifeform 3 this nick maps to a real person i have met IRL, very knowledgeable about engineering and beagles [18:26]
gribble Rating entry successful. Your rating for user asciilifeform has changed from 1 to 3. [18:26]
Blazedout419 you guys know gribble has a chan that echos all ratings right? [18:26]
davout might as well do a little update round [18:26]
davout Blazedout419: no [18:26]
Blazedout419 ya [18:26]
Blazedout419 only gribble is voiced...and only shows ratings as added [18:27]
davout Blazedout419: no as in "oh really? tell me more" :-) [18:27]
Blazedout419 #bitcoin-otc-ratings [18:27]
davout ;;rate kakobrekla 3 this nick maps to a real person i have met IRL, also Bit4x [18:27]
gribble Rating entry successful. Your rating for user kakobrekla has changed from 1 to 3. [18:27]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [CBTC] 3053 @ 0.000135 = 0.4122 BTC [+] [18:27]
bitcoinpete ciao for nao [18:27]
* bitcoinpete has quit (Quit: bitcoinpete) [18:27]
davout ;;rate mike_c 3 this nick maps to a real person i have met IRL [18:28]
gribble Rating entry successful. Your rating for user mike_c has changed from 1 to 3. [18:28]
davout ;;rate ThomasV 3 electrum, met IRL a few times [18:28]
gribble Rating entry successful. Your rating for user ThomasV has changed from 3 to 3. [18:28]
* kermit (unknown@pdpc/supporter/bronze/kermit) has joined #bitcoin-assets [18:30]
* ericmuyser has quit (Remote host closed the connection) [18:30]
davout Blazedout419: thank you ! [18:30]
Blazedout419 ya [18:30]
* ericmuyser ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [18:30]
* benkay` ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [18:31]
davout Blazedout419: learn something new every day! [18:31]
* HeySteve has quit (Excess Flood) [18:31]
mircea_popescu davout omfg you actually didn't know ? [18:31]
* HeySteve ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [18:31]
* HeySteve has quit (Changing host) [18:31]
* HeySteve (HeySteve@unaffiliated/heysteve) has joined #bitcoin-assets [18:31]
mircea_popescu i thought sarcasm fo sho, you nooblet you [18:31]
* bettyclamp has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds) [18:31]
Blazedout419 ;;ratingsystem getrating Blazedout419 [18:32]
gribble Currently authenticated from hostmask Blazedout419! . User Blazedout419, rated since Sat May 18 17:05:13 2013. Cumulative rating 258, from 119 total ratings. Received ratings: 119 positive, 0 negative. Sent ratings: 124 positive, 3 negative. Details: [18:32]
* bettycla1p (~bettyclam@ has joined #bitcoin-assets [18:32]
jurov looks like i should update my ratings too :) [18:32]
Blazedout419 he does so many things [18:32]
jurov ;;ident jurov [18:32]
gribble Nick 'jurov', with hostmask 'jurov!', is not identified. [18:32]
mircea_popescu o look, coinbrazil has a mexico. [18:32]
jurov lol [18:32]
jurov it was supposed to be used for email, too [18:33]
jurov after some bastions are erected and moats dug [18:34]
* only (~only@gateway/tor-sasl/only) has joined #bitcoin-assets [18:35]
* mjr_ has quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds) [18:35]
* ericmuyser has quit (Ping timeout: 264 seconds) [18:35]
jurov !up only [18:35]
assbot Voicing only for 30 minutes. [18:35]
* assbot gives voice to only [18:35]
* benkay` has quit (Ping timeout: 276 seconds) [18:36]
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jurov ;;gpg everify freenode:#bitcoin-otc:13ad09cbe0fc1cde274158d2b9e2d39594bb14c40d65609dcfa6224e [18:40]
gribble You are now authenticated for user jurov with key 677ABD62D0AEE7D7 [18:40]
jurov ;;rate asciilifeform 3 NSA delivers; met IRL [18:41]
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jurov ;;rate davout 3 bitcoin-central; met IRL [18:42]
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jurov ;;rate ThickAsThieves 3 Biggest IDIFF investor, we met IRL [18:46]
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davout ;;rate mike_c 3 this nick maps to a real person i have met IRL, also btcalpha <3 [18:47]
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davout jurov: thanks for reminding me mike_c does btcalpha, luv it [18:47]
jurov ;;rate kakobrekla 4 runs several solid btc enterprises (bit4x,bitbet,panacea,...);we met IRL [18:50]
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mircea_popescu [18:52]
ozbot A complete theory of economics pe Trilema - Un blog de Mircea Popescu. [18:52]
mircea_popescu in my humble opinion, this is the most important thing written on the topic in the history of human culture, neatly dwarving adam smith and so forth. [18:52]
* benkay` is now known as benkay [18:53]
ThickAsThieves just when i was gonna take a break from reading [18:53]
* assbot gives voice to benkay [18:53]
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ThickAsThieves typo: marriage certificate. Were burning it today, all of it [18:57]
ThickAsThieves we're [18:57]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [B.MINE] [PAID] 2.48246700 BTC to 6`890 shares, 36030 satoshi per share [19:00]
ThickAsThieves thinking out loud, if something is not a medium of exchange, [19:01]
ThickAsThieves should it never be used as one? [19:01]
ThickAsThieves for example, time [19:01]
ThickAsThieves i mow your lawn so i can have you do my taxes [19:01]
* mjr_ (~Thunderbi@ has left #bitcoin-assets [19:02]
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* assbot removes voice from only [19:06]
jurov ThickAsThieves: that's barter and does not involve any medium of exchange [19:06]
* Dimsler ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [19:06]
ThickAsThieves i suppose [19:07]
* hansi001 has quit (Quit: My MacBook Pro has gone to sleep. ZZZzzz…) [19:07]
davout jurov: the distinction of barter vs. other forms of trade is imho quite artificial [19:07]
ThickAsThieves i always sorta viewed mediums of exchange as manifestations of time [19:07]
davout a medium of exchange is just another economic good, one that is particularly liquid though [19:07]
ThickAsThieves time is all we really have right? [19:07]
davout why so ? [19:09]
* peterl (d8634153@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-assets [19:12]
ThickAsThieves hmm, it's the only resource everyone has? how one "spends" their time may determine their "wealth" ...? [19:13]
benkay you're born long time and short housing... [19:13]
mircea_popescu ThickAsThieves ty! [19:13]
ThickAsThieves it is inconvenient to transfer time, so currency is used [19:14]
ThickAsThieves among other inconvenient things to transfer [19:14]
mircea_popescu so if it doesn't satisfy #2, it's not a medium of exchange [19:14]
mircea_popescu case closed. [19:14]
mircea_popescu i mean you know, you can view planets as stars, as in the case of venus [19:15]
mircea_popescu what you prefer viewing things as tho is not a point of astronomy [19:15]
ThickAsThieves well i did start by acknowledging it was not a MoE [19:15]
mircea_popescu time is definitely very important. [19:15]
ThickAsThieves maybe rephrased, would it be preferred to require currency in a barter [19:16]
mircea_popescu the problem of natural persons vs legal persons is that natural persons have constraints legal persons do not. [19:16]
ThickAsThieves instead of the man;s time [19:16]
mircea_popescu such as finite timespan, and a need to eat. [19:16]
mircea_popescu this makes corporations win out in any fair contest. [19:16]
ThickAsThieves how is it fair if one side has constraints? [19:17]
* surfcap (48314a5d@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-assets [19:17]
mircea_popescu a fair contest is a contest which does not distinguish between participants. [19:17]
mircea_popescu !up surfcap [19:17]
assbot Voicing surfcap for 30 minutes. [19:17]
* assbot gives voice to surfcap [19:17]
ThickAsThieves ah, so it's fair because the person chose to compete [19:17]
mircea_popescu fairness in this context may not be what you think when you say the word. [19:18]
mircea_popescu fairness is not a guarantee of equal resuts, even if you promise equal effort. [19:18]
mircea_popescu fair is simply anonymity. [19:18]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [ALC] 750 @ 0.14 = 105 BTC [19:18]
mircea_popescu if the contest is running, and it dun matter who's running, he still has to do 100 meters, be it obama or goldstein, [19:18]
mircea_popescu then it's a fair contest. [19:18]
mircea_popescu and from unrelated news : "Nothing makes you more powerful inside the joint than a strong grounding in currency arbitrage." [19:20]
mircea_popescu bitcoin is the best thing you could possibly be doing with your time, not last on the list because even should it put you in prison, it will probably make you a ruler there, too. [19:20]
mircea_popescu a more absolute gift of power could scarcely be devised. "even in hell, they with this staff wield power" sort of thing. [19:21]
dignork mircea_popescu: person can win over corporate entity, think of kill contract for C-level staff [19:21]
* surfcap has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds) [19:21]
mircea_popescu dignork i don't follow ? [19:21]
dignork mircea_popescu: "mircea_popescu | this makes corporations win out in any fair contest." [19:21]
mircea_popescu i know what i said, what i don't follow is what you said. [19:22]
ThickAsThieves it always amazed me how much arbitrage opportunity existed on the play exchanges [19:22]
dignork mircea_popescu: just describing situation where person can win [19:22]
mircea_popescu how does the person win ? [19:22]
ThickAsThieves and what is the contest [19:23]
mircea_popescu if you shoot all the board of X corp, what of it ? they just hire new ones. [19:23]
dignork mircea_popescu: if the game was survavibility [19:23]
mircea_popescu a corporation is like a personified feud. it can even lay dormant. [19:23]
mircea_popescu meanwhile banks adding interest to its accounts. [19:23]
ThickAsThieves so mp, with this purified definition of economy, how do we apply it to current situations for benefit? [19:25]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [PETA] 2 @ 0.06476363 = 0.1295 BTC [-] {2} [19:25]
ThickAsThieves like, we discovered quantum computing, now what? [19:25]
mircea_popescu well we apply it to understand what we do and do not understand better, and formalise both. [19:26]
mircea_popescu for instance, what does qc do ? does it attack the forum ? [19:26]
mircea_popescu does it attack the moe ? the wot ? how so ? [19:26]
mircea_popescu it can be fixed once we understand wtf it does. [19:26]
* DudeSJ (~linux@2600:1004:b004:4ddd:f07a:4b7d:4cf3:aaea) has joined #bitcoin-assets [19:26]
ThickAsThieves hmm [19:26]
mircea_popescu before we do, it's just you know, fretting. [19:26]
* SatoshiJack has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds) [19:27]
mircea_popescu and generally, it's a knife. it allows to cleave reality and the problems of reality into easier to manage bits. [19:28]
mircea_popescu say, the "problem" of x. well... how mcuh of it actually is economical ? that much should be resolved economically. [19:28]
mircea_popescu the rest is probably emotional ? or political ? or whatever the fuck else. [19:28]
mircea_popescu suddenly reality is actionable, which is what makes great science. [19:28]
mircea_popescu (and science great) [19:28]
ThickAsThieves so, it's basic first use would be as a test [19:29]
ThickAsThieves is this an economy or not, etc [19:29]
ThickAsThieves altough you do already claim it is the first real economy [19:29]
benkay good grief it's like everyone disappeared for three days and then came back and pooped it all out on the logs [19:30]
mircea_popescu which claim is that ? i make som any [19:30]
mircea_popescu benkay shuttup and read biotch. [19:30]
ThickAsThieves "It is important to bear in mind however that Bitcoin is merely a tool, that what we’re truly interested in is creating - for the first time in perhaps as long as two centuries - an actual, working economy" [19:30]
ThickAsThieves so not as sweeping as i said [19:31]
ThickAsThieves but pretty broad [19:31]
mircea_popescu yeah. the objection there is not so different from tlp's objection that medicalisation of welfare. [19:31]
* ericmuys_ ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [19:31]
mircea_popescu there's been a trend to economize welfare, and that just muddies up everything [19:31]
mircea_popescu not to mention the economization of politics, whereby politics are resisted or promoted on alleged economic grounds. [19:32]
* DudeSJ has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds) [19:32]
mircea_popescu most of the debate dealing with strictly uneconomic matters. [19:32]
benkay and the economic matters rarely have data on which to base claims. [19:32]
ThickAsThieves i wonder if this could be applied to mmporg guilds, maybe your Rift guild is missing a punishment gazette [19:32]
mircea_popescu it kinda has it, very rudimentarily, as the kick log say. [19:33]
benkay the takeaway for me from the piketty stuff (if anyone cares) is that claims about how money flows are all hot air and lacking in data. [19:33]
mircea_popescu o wow ThickAsThieves check this shit out : [19:33]
ThickAsThieves wait, but is punishment gazette the proper term? [19:33]
mircea_popescu i CREATED IT because we have an open guild bank where anyone can take out a stack, but you're not supposed to take out the WHOLE stack of things you can use 1-2 of [19:33]
benkay humiliation blotter? [19:33]
ThickAsThieves for isn't a positive note possible? and useful? [19:33]
mircea_popescu so i put a note on a guy's "officer notesd" place that hey, you took all our x runes wtf [19:33]
mircea_popescu and he put them back. [19:33]
mircea_popescu so there the fuck you go. [19:33]
ThickAsThieves hah [19:34]
mircea_popescu this theory is useful in design : how to make better mmorpgs. [19:34]
mircea_popescu or countries. [19:34]
mircea_popescu just like, you know, the original adam smith. [19:34]
ThickAsThieves but [19:34]
ThickAsThieves then it starts looking like, everything is an economy [19:34]
ThickAsThieves which you are saying is foolish already [19:34]
mircea_popescu anyway, a "gazette" is this ancient term of "where all the matters of record are published" [19:34]
mircea_popescu ThickAsThieves everything that moves has some economic part [19:35]
ThickAsThieves right but you call it punishment [19:35]
mircea_popescu much like it has an engine. [19:35]
fluffypony yeah, the issue is with the "punishment" part, not the gazette part [19:35]
ThickAsThieves so maybe i reword to, any organized effort could benefit from a properly implemented economy [19:35]
mircea_popescu punishment is any action upon an agent that happens irrespective of the will of that agent [19:35]
mircea_popescu which is why i'd say punishment is the proper term. [19:35]
* ericmuys_ has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds) [19:35]
mircea_popescu you don't need me to rate me. [19:35]
ThickAsThieves i punish you with my appreciation [19:36]
mircea_popescu sure. maybe i don't want it. [19:36]
mircea_popescu suppose pirate came back and went ;;rate ThickAsThieves 6 trusted guy helped me launder money [19:36]
ThickAsThieves i get what youre saying, [19:37]
ThickAsThieves but i think you might be choosing the wrong word [19:37]
ThickAsThieves no definition of punishment i know would include a positive rating [19:37]
ThickAsThieves whether you want to twist a positive rating into being a punishment seems to me, another thing [19:38]
ThickAsThieves you want your gazette to be impartial and permanent in and of itself [19:38]
fluffypony maybe actaque non persona is better? [19:38]
mircea_popescu ThickAsThieves well... so maybe the definition is broken you know ? [19:39]
ThickAsThieves lol [19:39]
ThickAsThieves says the guy who wants people to look up words and use them properly [19:39]
mircea_popescu but this is properly ;/ [19:39]
ThickAsThieves and you are the dicstionary [19:39]
mircea_popescu well so what else [19:39]
assbot [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 10400 @ 0.00098314 = 10.2247 BTC [-] [19:39]
cgcardona_ ;;ticker [19:39]
gribble Bitstamp BTCUSD ticker | Best bid: 493.5, Best ask: 494.5, Bid-ask spread: 1.00000, Last trade: 493.5, 24 hour volume: 6797.65308914, 24 hour low: 489.77, 24 hour high: 504.9, 24 hour vwap: 496.41813442 [19:39]
mircea_popescu gazzette d'actaque non persona [19:39]
benkay (dicktionary) [19:39]
fluffypony there [19:40]
fluffypony I like that [19:40]
mircea_popescu benkay fucktionary! [19:40]
fluffypony much better than punishment gazette [19:40]
ThickAsThieves fictionary [19:40]
* VictorM (51405268@gateway/web/cgi-irc/ has joined #bitcoin-assets [19:40]
mircea_popescu !up VictorM [19:40]
assbot Voicing VictorM for 30 minutes. [19:40]
* assbot gives voice to VictorM [19:40]
fluffypony ;;rate ThickAsThieves 1 punishment for always being in #bitcoin-assets [19:41]
gribble Error: For identification purposes, you must be authenticated to use the rating system. [19:41]
ThickAsThieves lol [19:41]
mircea_popescu it definitely fits the crime... [19:41]
fluffypony ;;rate ThickAsThieves 1 punishment for always being in #bitcoin-assets [19:41]
gribble Rating entry successful. Your rating of 1 for user ThickAsThieves has been recorded. [19:41]
ThickAsThieves we are all born sinners after all! [19:41]
mircea_popescu briar patch gazette [19:41]
ThickAsThieves hey look, even my handle has added depth now [19:42]
mircea_popescu tbh i was tempted to outright call it a wot. [19:42]
ThickAsThieves thick as thieves [19:42]
cgcardona_ wod web-of-distrust [19:42]
mircea_popescu the trouble is that wot is a horrible name, as it's not OF TRUST in the obvious sense, but in the other one. and it'd seem to discuss the actual web, rather than its notation. [19:43]
ThickAsThieves agreed [19:43]
fluffypony yeah [19:43]
mircea_popescu like the web is the set of websites, not the set of human knowledge [19:43]
ThickAsThieves the Trust part leads to noobs using it wrong [19:43]
mircea_popescu but the wot seems more the latter. yeah. [19:43]
fluffypony let's call it the Bitcoin Social Network instead :-P [19:43]
mircea_popescu the truth being that this shit's so bleedin' advanced ... we are without words. [19:43]
mircea_popescu or urmom. [19:43]
mircea_popescu we could call it urmom gazelle. [19:44]
fluffypony "I rated you a 2 on urmom gazelle" [19:44]
ThickAsThieves whatd they call those medievil books for documenting the deeds of kings, etc [19:44]
cgcardona_ web-of-connections [19:44]
mircea_popescu i'm making urmom a better gazelle than the wot ever was, bish. [19:44]
benkay "the wot"? [19:44]
benkay "the what?" [19:44]
fluffypony u wot m8 [19:44]
benkay "no, are you in the wot?" [19:44]
cgcardona_ wotupwidit [19:45]
mircea_popescu like a chronicle ? [19:45]
benkay "i'm asking you what i'm in!?" [19:45]
ThickAsThieves maybe [19:45]
benkay "let's try this again. does anyone in the wot know you?" [19:45]
mircea_popescu i guess this is actually it. [19:45]
benkay "WHAT WHAT?!" [19:45]
mircea_popescu benkay in the batt. [19:45]
fluffypony benkay: [19:45]
mircea_popescu .bait ed breath [19:46]
ozbot [19:46]
ThickAsThieves she looks like she just had a nice fart [19:46]
fluffypony Network of Awesomeness [19:46]
fluffypony NoA [19:46]
mircea_popescu ThickAsThieves yeah not bad. bated fart. [19:46]
benkay "are you in the no?" [19:46]
benkay the know? [19:47]
mircea_popescu "are you in the no?" "yes" [19:47]
ThickAsThieves what's the password? what. [19:47]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [MS] 150 @ 0.00135202 = 0.2028 BTC [+] [19:47]
fluffypony "the no is like the wot" [19:48]
ThickAsThieves you know what is fucking criminal? [19:48]
ThickAsThieves Opt Out [19:48]
ThickAsThieves ATT sends me email about some privacy shiz and says "To allow AT&T to use your CPNI, no further action is required. " [19:49]
* lippoper1 is now known as lippoper [19:49]
mircea_popescu evil. [19:49]
ThickAsThieves so TOL again (thinking out loud) [19:50]
ThickAsThieves should i be able to add someone to the WoT myself [19:50]
ThickAsThieves like AT&T [19:50]
ThickAsThieves so i can negrate them? [19:50]
mircea_popescu this would be fucking ideal, but unfortunately it'd yield fragmentation. [19:50]
mircea_popescu the wot already has a massive zooke triangle problem [19:51]
ThickAsThieves this seems to be a problem to me [19:51]
ThickAsThieves the chronicles didnt require a king to auth [19:51]
mircea_popescu (and the fact good names aren't being squatted to fuck amazes me, and it is a testament to the fundamental economic ineptitude of geeks) [19:51]
fluffypony zooke triangle? google not giving me love [19:51]
* davout has quit (Quit: kthxbye) [19:51]
benkay seeking greater ev [19:52]
mircea_popescu fluffypony a naming system can be secure, memorable and global [19:52]
ThickAsThieves it is the chronicle that needed to be auth'd, or the rater [19:52]
mircea_popescu pick two [19:52]
benkay hey so i have my conjectures but how the hell does this work: ? [19:52]
fluffypony ah [19:52]
mircea_popescu benkay condensation ? [19:52]
ThickAsThieves it says so right on the caption [19:52]
mircea_popescu ThickAsThieves the chronicles didn't work that fucking well, either. [19:53]
fluffypony ThickAsThieves: maybe the WoT should allow rating someone unknown based on their public GPG key, if it is known? [19:53]
mircea_popescu ThickAsThieves lol i didn't click. i guess he's a slow reader. [19:53]
mircea_popescu fluffypony only one way to verify it is them. [19:53]
benkay mircea_popescu: what delta-t is it leveraging, though? [19:53]
mircea_popescu the problem here is that people interact with an entity calling itself at&t and using a non-gribble method of authing. [19:53]
benkay ground? [19:53]
mircea_popescu so now trust is created that's not wot-based. so in a sense old people are attacking the wot through being... stupid. [19:54]
mircea_popescu this will go away on its own. [19:54]
ThickAsThieves yeah, i think it's only a temporary problem [19:54]
mircea_popescu already good software is gpg based as a matter of course. so what if microsoft doesn't want to sign ? [19:54]
ThickAsThieves but temporary is relative... [19:54]
ThickAsThieves but basically att not being in the wor, makes them a scammer [19:55]
ThickAsThieves but we have no competitors in the wot either [19:55]
benkay (someone start a cell company!) [19:56]
ThickAsThieves lol, you have to actually tick a box on the opt out page [19:56]
ThickAsThieves it already has no other purpose [19:56]
fluffypony I see ICANN now forces you to verify your email if you list your actual contact details on your domain [19:59]
fluffypony at least, with the domains I registered today I had to [19:59]
fluffypony because email addresses are hard to create. [19:59]
* ericmuys_ ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [20:04]
* Jezzz has quit (Quit: o/) [20:06]
* elgrecoFL has quit (Quit: ZNC - [20:06]
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* Jezzz (~Jezzz@unaffiliated/jezzz) has joined #bitcoin-assets [20:07]
* benkay has quit (Ping timeout: 276 seconds) [20:08]
* ericmuys_ has quit (Ping timeout: 255 seconds) [20:08]
* assbot removes voice from VictorM [20:11]
* benkay ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [20:12]
* assbot gives voice to benkay [20:13]
benkay did pLambert ever sort out the signature of that testament? [20:15]
TomServo signed with a weak key, last I saw. [20:17]
* dR3___ ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [20:17]
benkay was this the key that didn't match the wot key associated with the name? [20:17]
benkay and also [20:18]
benkay ;;seen mrs tick ball [20:18]
gribble (seen [] ) -- Returns the last time was seen and what was last seen saying. is only necessary if the message isn't sent on the channel itself. may contain * as a wildcard. [20:18]
benkay ;;seen mrstickball [20:18]
gribble mrstickball was last seen in #bitcoin-assets 18 hours, 27 minutes, and 29 seconds ago: 107 PH.... nice [20:18]
* BigBitz ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [20:18]
* dR3___ is now known as dR3 [20:18]
* sunshyne has quit (Ping timeout: 276 seconds) [20:22]
* Oleanie ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [20:22]
* sunshyne (sunshyne@ has joined #bitcoin-assets [20:22]
* hansi001 ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [20:23]
* only has quit (Remote host closed the connection) [20:26]
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* only (~only@gateway/tor-sasl/only) has joined #bitcoin-assets [20:26]
gribble WARNING: Currently not authenticated. Trust relationship from user mrstickball to user mrstickblal: Level 1: 0, Level 2: 0 via 0 connections. Graph: | WoT data: | Rated since: never [20:28]
gribble WARNING: Currently not authenticated. Trust relationship from user mrstickball to user mrstickball: Level 1: 0, Level 2: 3 via 3 connections. Graph: | WoT data: | Rated since: Fri Jul 5 18:09:54 2013 [20:28]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [AM1] 12 @ 0.5245 = 6.294 BTC [-] {2} [20:29]
jurov hahaha dat graph [20:29]
benkay infinity trust [20:31]
benkay what's the trilema line about business being insulated from the public? [20:35]
benkay mircea_popescu: ^^ [20:35]
benkay early bitcoin post, talking about the 30B MPEx fee. [20:35]
assbot [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 18250 @ 0.00098082 = 17.9 BTC [-] {3} [20:43]
* VictorM has quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client) [20:44]
* only has quit (Remote host closed the connection) [20:48]
mircea_popescu uh [20:49]
mircea_popescu ;;google trilema "poisonous offering" [20:49]
gribble Bitcoin prices, Bitcoin inflexibility pe Trilema - Un blog de Mircea ...: ; Strategic superiority, a saga pe Trilema - Un blog de Mircea Popescu.: ; The Ukranian Trilemma - Canadian International Council: [20:49]
mircea_popescu that ? [20:49]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [ALC] 20 @ 0.14 = 2.8 BTC [20:51]
assbot [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 21093 @ 0.00098456 = 20.7673 BTC [+] [20:52]
ThickAsThieves [20:53]
* only (~only@gateway/tor-sasl/only) has joined #bitcoin-assets [20:53]
fluffypony ThickAsThieves: I'm so surprised, and I'm sure bitcoinpete will be too [20:54]
fluffypony he had such high hopes for the project [20:54]
fluffypony [20:56]
ozbot Bitcoin Address 1KHfLixa2idRnZXMUfEisBati1vpywaH6E [20:56]
ThickAsThieves to all, would you be interested in free Altcoin stickers? note that this would involve providing a mailing address to me or an intermediary [20:56]
fluffypony wtf [20:56]
fluffypony 4460 BTC so far? [20:57]
kakobrekla see, i told you retards still have ze money. [20:57]
fluffypony ThickAsThieves: I'd love some, can I reimburse you for them? [20:58]
mircea_popescu what is that addy anyway ? [20:59]
ThickAsThieves i could provide a tip address after the fact or such, but no payment would be required [20:59]
fluffypony mircea_popescu: the maidsafe address [20:59]
fluffypony from [20:59]
ThickAsThieves it's funny how maidsafe will no longer accept mastercoins, the very platform they chose [21:00]
ThickAsThieves DarkMarket is a decentralised P2P marketplace which cannot be shut down. It can be joined by anyone and in many respects it looks rather mature, with identity and reputation rankings, seller pages, multisig escrow, private messaging and privacy features. [21:03]
mircea_popescu is it the first and biggest ? [21:04]
* ericmuys_ ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [21:05]
fluffypony assbot: is it amazing? [21:05]
assbot AMAZING COMPANY! [21:05]
ThickAsThieves it's the taaki-est [21:05]
ThickAsThieves [21:05]
ozbot Airbitz & Libbitcoin Team Up to Create DarkMarket - YouTube [21:05]
mircea_popescu ahahaha WHAT [21:06]
jborkl mircea , got last block, time since last bloc and unconfirmed added also :) [21:06]
mircea_popescu people are like their worst fucking punishments [21:07]
ThickAsThieves i actually have a saying [21:07]
ThickAsThieves The life a man leads is punishment enough. [21:07]
ThickAsThieves the context is more around calming people down when they get all angry about welfare exploiters and such [21:08]
* ericmuys_ has quit (Ping timeout: 264 seconds) [21:09]
ThickAsThieves haha darkwallet gets a bsod during the presentation [21:10]
jborkl *rename darkwallet bluewallet [21:11]
ThickAsThieves !up only [21:12]
assbot Voicing only for 30 minutes. [21:12]
* assbot gives voice to only [21:12]
only mircea_popescu: not gonna fly, darkmarket? [21:13]
jborkl Darkmeat [21:14]
jborkl Darkmeet <- now that is a good pun [21:15]
jborkl stupid maid service [21:15]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [PETA] 2 @ 0.06445866 = 0.1289 BTC [-] [21:15]
mircea_popescu only seems improbable. [21:15]
ThickAsThieves well according to the Popescu Theory of Economics, DarkMarket is missing at least a public forum [21:15]
ThickAsThieves after that i'd have questions about privacy over the system [21:16]
mircea_popescu im sure they have where to whine at each other [21:16]
ThickAsThieves well they have private disupte resolution [21:16]
ThickAsThieves dispute* [21:16]
ThickAsThieves didnt mention forum [21:16]
ThickAsThieves but would be an easy add [21:16]
mircea_popescu anyway, i hope taaki doesn't end up sending intenret hitmen to kill me or something [21:17]
ThickAsThieves just pay them more [21:17]
ThickAsThieves to hit him back [21:17]
ThickAsThieves CREAM [21:17]
TomServo lol [21:17]
mircea_popescu lol [21:17]
mircea_popescu [21:17]
ozbot A complete theory of economics pe Trilema - Un blog de Mircea Popescu. [21:17]
mircea_popescu this is actually a pretty good q. [21:17]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [COG] 33 @ 0.00757584 = 0.25 BTC [-] {4} [21:18]
only so decentralizing a marketplace is another shitty pipe dream? [21:19]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [PETA] 3 @ 0.06410013 = 0.1923 BTC [-] {2} [21:21]
* sunshyne has quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds) [21:22]
ThickAsThieves depends what your expectation/definition of decentralization is i suppose [21:22]
assbot [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 16644 @ 0.00098898 = 16.4606 BTC [+] [21:23]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [AM1] 4 @ 0.528745 = 2.115 BTC [+] {3} [21:25]
* sunshyne (sunshyne@ has joined #bitcoin-assets [21:25]
* mod6 ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [21:25]
* mod6 is now known as Guest61089 [21:26]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [AM1] 1 @ 0.5317 BTC [+] [21:26]
bounce to some people "decentralised" is a buzzword. "it must be decentralised!" -- yeah, sure. leaving aside the "how" for a moment (you did think that one through, didn't you?), there's the "then what?" as in how'd you use that in practice? did you just go from a single point of failure to N of those? how does that make the situation better? what if something goes wrong, someone rips you off, et cetera? [21:27]
Naphex i cant wait for decentralized voip with pay2relay telephony [21:27]
only ThickAsThieves: decentralizing the platform (similar to twister) and the escrow [21:28]
* davout ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [21:28]
* davout has quit (Changing host) [21:28]
* davout (~davout@unaffiliated/davout) has joined #bitcoin-assets [21:28]
jurov benkay: [21:28]
ThickAsThieves well you cant decentralize escrow [21:28]
bounce there's also the revenue model. who'll benefit? thence, who'll build the thing? [21:29]
only ThickAsThieves: [21:29]
dexX7 bitrated relies on a third party as mediator [21:30]
ThickAsThieves the 3rd party is the escrow [21:30]
Naphex set up community tribunal [21:30]
Naphex for mediations [21:30]
Naphex for the lulz [21:31]
bounce that'll be a riot. [21:31]
ThickAsThieves wouldnt you rather have one person that is good at it, than 50 that suck or are ill actors? [21:31]
only ThickAsThieves: as long as the 3rd party can be anyone, isn't it enough? [21:31]
ThickAsThieves that's not decentralization [21:32]
ThickAsThieves decntralization would be distributing the risk, not necessarily randomizing it [21:32]
benkay jurov this thing'd be a radiative collector then? [21:32]
Naphex a normal market with escrow/mediations and marketable ads is enough imho [21:33]
ThickAsThieves some things are worse off decentralized [21:33]
jurov yes. but it tihnk the numbers are BS [21:33]
Naphex yet we still dont have that [21:33]
jurov it can get few liters per night at most [21:33]
only ThickAsThieves: but how is it worse off by being decentralized? [21:34]
ThickAsThieves which "it" do you mean? [21:34]
ThickAsThieves bounce may have already summed it up though [21:35]
only ThickAsThieves: it = consumer-to-consumer marketplace [21:36]
jurov me? i was replying to benkays' water tower sry [21:36]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [PETA] 10 @ 0.06395923 = 0.6396 BTC [-] [21:36]
ThickAsThieves we hadnt discussed the overall decentralizing of a marketplace as a bad thing [21:36]
benkay ;;gettrust only [21:37]
gribble WARNING: Currently not authenticated. Trust relationship from user benkay to user only: Level 1: 0, Level 2: 0 via 0 connections. Graph: | WoT data: | Rated since: Mon Feb 17 18:33:39 2014 [21:37]
dexX7 well trustless cross-chain trading is possible (sort of) as well as colored coins <> btc markets [21:37]
ThickAsThieves it would involve dentralizing the software and content [21:37]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [PETA] 3 @ 0.06395923 = 0.1919 BTC [-] [21:37]
ThickAsThieves and then ensuring security and privacy [21:37]
ThickAsThieves which is where their plan is most likely to fail [21:38]
ThickAsThieves but i havent seen their method [21:38]
* coingenuity has quit (Ping timeout: 264 seconds) [21:38]
ThickAsThieves they'd also need to provide same security and privacy to any host of the pieces of the system [21:39]
ThickAsThieves as in, if one person is selling weed in a jurisdiction he is not allowed, and you are host to that, you are now a target [21:39]
* coingenuity ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [21:40]
* coingenuity is now known as Guest90201 [21:40]
only not to mention the kiddie porn [21:42]
* assbot removes voice from only [21:42]
ThickAsThieves well that raises another point, if it's really decentralized, how is it moderated? [21:44]
ThickAsThieves not saying it HAS to be moderated [21:44]
ThickAsThieves but... [21:45]
dexX7 what are you referring to by "it"? [21:45]
ThickAsThieves the market [21:46]
ThickAsThieves and its contents [21:46]
* assbot gives voice to davout [21:47]
davout !up only [21:47]
assbot Voicing only for 30 minutes. [21:47]
* assbot gives voice to only [21:47]
jborkl Now, the company's critics have fresh ammunition because of this same executive. A federal judge in Kansas has ruled that the man in question, Sonny Vleisides, violated the terms of his probation in the lottery scam case. As a result, Vleisides’ probation—previously slated to end in September 2013—will now continue for another two years. [21:47]
* Guest90201 has quit (Changing host) [21:48]
* Guest90201 (~coingenui@unaffiliated/coingenuity) has joined #bitcoin-assets [21:48]
* Guest90201 is now known as coingenuity [21:51]
* HeySteve has quit (Ping timeout: 264 seconds) [21:54]
* TestingUnoDosTre has quit (Remote host closed the connection) [21:54]
* HeySteve ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [21:55]
* HeySteve has quit (Changing host) [21:55]
* HeySteve (HeySteve@unaffiliated/heysteve) has joined #bitcoin-assets [21:55]
* only has quit (Remote host closed the connection) [21:57]
mircea_popescu yeah what bounce said. [22:00]
* jborkl has quit (Quit: jborkl) [22:00]
mircea_popescu Naphex> set up community tribunal << you know how well that worked, do you. [22:00]
mircea_popescu ThickAsThieves: as long as the 3rd party can be anyone, isn't it enough? << definitely not. [22:01]
* rabite has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds) [22:05]
* ericmuys_ ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [22:05]
ThickAsThieves Blockchain Strikes Five Year Deal to Exclusively Manage [22:09]
ThickAsThieves (.info) [22:09]
assbot [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 10437 @ 0.00098898 = 10.322 BTC [+] [22:10]
* ericmuys_ has quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds) [22:10]
assbot [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 2507 @ 0.00098782 = 2.4765 BTC [-] [22:12]
Naphex hehe [22:12]
Naphex mircea_popescu: league of legends [22:12]
Naphex the game actually set up a community tribunal [22:13]
* zedong ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [22:13]
* tris ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [22:13]
Naphex and its filled with the funniest things ever. [22:13]
* aegis (~aegis@ has joined #bitcoin-assets [22:18]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [B.MINE] 12 @ 0.03074998 = 0.369 BTC [+] {4} [22:18]
Naphex so let the users post evidence and yell, and let the community decide :D [22:18]
* only (~only@gateway/tor-sasl/only) has joined #bitcoin-assets [22:20]
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assbot [HAVELOCK] [HMF] 14 @ 0.00800009 = 0.112 BTC [-] {4} [22:22]
* blackwhite has quit (Quit: blackwhite) [22:24]
fluffypony [22:28]
fluffypony " 75% of the total number of all Dogecoins are held by 0.75% of investors AND this inequity has been INCREASING" [22:29]
dexX7 afaik the lol tribunal works quite well and reduced toxic player behavior greatly [22:30]
* rithm has quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds) [22:32]
fluffypony !up only [22:33]
assbot Voicing only for 30 minutes. [22:33]
* assbot gives voice to only [22:33]
only thanks fluffypony [22:34]
fluffypony no problemo [22:34]
mircea_popescu Naphex [22:35]
fluffypony didn't the rota only have 1 case? [22:35]
fluffypony I would've loved to have seen more [22:36]
mircea_popescu fluffypony it's actually a measure of their thing failing. in the sense they can't pass off the scamcoin fast enough for their dump-and-dillute engine to actually extract enough value out of the environment to keep the ball rolling. [22:36]
mircea_popescu fluffypony yeah, only one case. i suspect now i built it the wrong way, [22:36]
dexX7 what would you make different next time? [22:37]
mircea_popescu because YES loltribunals do work, not just on league of legends, but here too. [22:37]
* chetty (~chetty@unaffiliated/chetty) has joined #bitcoin-assets [22:37]
fluffypony mircea_popescu: that article really tears the coin apart...gets a little weird in places, but makes REALLY good points [22:37]
mircea_popescu dexX7 i think it'd look a lot more like bitcoin-assets. [22:37]
* blackwhite (~blackwhit@ has joined #bitcoin-assets [22:38]
dexX7 the lol tribunal is so many dimensions less complex than "real" cases so i'm not sure, if it's possible to draw conclusions based on that [22:38]
only "bounce: there's also the revenue model. who'll benefit? thence, who'll build the thing?" - can't one hard code an escrow commission into a p2p app? [22:38]
fluffypony hard code can be changed [22:39]
bounce then do so. :-) [22:39]
bounce [22:39]
ozbot Coinfloor Mulling Plan to Launch New Bitcoin Market for Institutional Investors | Forex Minute - Fin [22:39]
bounce then again, if it's p2p, and now you get to pay someone else for the privilege of hosting the service yourself, er, why'd you use the app at all? [22:40]
only you pay that someone for the privilege of using the app he coded [22:41]
only unless there is a free alternative [22:42]
only but why would anyone build one (your argument) [22:43]
* assbot gives voice to chetty [22:45]
mircea_popescu bounce lol. who the fuck is coinfloor again [22:45]
chetty [22:45]
mircea_popescu chetty wb! [22:46]
mircea_popescu people missed you in timisoara [22:46]
chetty thanks MP, yeah bummer I miss all the fun [22:46]
bounce says mark lamb, obi nwosu, amadeo pellicce, and "the team" (among them james "nefario" mccarthy as "senior developer") [22:48]
mircea_popescu all famous btc people nobody's heard of. [22:49]
mircea_popescu asciilifeform you gotta read this srsly i'm creaming my pants over here. [22:49]
* Namworld ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [22:54]
davout !up Oleanie [22:55]
assbot Voicing Oleanie for 30 minutes. [22:55]
* assbot gives voice to Oleanie [22:55]
* HeySteve has quit (Ping timeout: 255 seconds) [22:55]
Oleanie ;;rate davout 2 [22:56]
gribble Rating entry successful. Your rating of 2 for user davout has been recorded. [22:56]
* HeySteve (HeySteve@unaffiliated/heysteve) has joined #bitcoin-assets [22:56]
dexX7 can you please voice me? [22:56]
davout !up only [22:56]
assbot Voice for only extended to 30 minutes. [22:56]
* assbot gives voice to only [22:56]
* lnovy ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [22:59]
only davout, dexX7 was already voiced, but thanks [22:59]
dexX7 ah, only saw your query a few seconds ago and didn't really notice [23:00]
* rithm (~rithm@unaffiliated/rithm) has joined #bitcoin-assets [23:00]
bounce such spamm0r [23:01]
bounce lucky this isn't -otc then eh [23:01]
assbot [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 27000 @ 0.00097978 = 26.4541 BTC [-] {3} [23:03]
ThickAsThieves <+Oleanie> ;;rate davout 2 /// haha davout only gets a 2 from his better half [23:03]
* HeySteve has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer) [23:03]
* HeySteve ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [23:03]
* HeySteve has quit (Changing host) [23:03]
* HeySteve (HeySteve@unaffiliated/heysteve) has joined #bitcoin-assets [23:03]
* HeySteve has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer) [23:04]
* HeySteve ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [23:04]
* HeySteve has quit (Changing host) [23:04]
* HeySteve (HeySteve@unaffiliated/heysteve) has joined #bitcoin-assets [23:04]
* HeySteve has quit (Client Quit) [23:04]
* ChanServ removes voice from Oleanie [23:05]
davout ThickAsThieves: yea, teach your gf GPG, end up in an argument about how she only got rated 3 [23:06]
* ericmuys_ ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [23:06]
ThickAsThieves so by Mirceanomics, Bitcoin is an economy itself, right? [23:07]
ThickAsThieves bitcoins being the medium, blockchain the gazette, mining the forum? [23:07]
jurov how is blockchain the gazette? [23:07]
ThickAsThieves it is a record of all transactions [23:08]
ThickAsThieves including unsuccessful ones, no? [23:08]
TomServo I thought he suggested the WoT was the gazette, and this chan the forum [23:08]
* Oleanie has quit (Changing host) [23:08]
* Oleanie (~Oleanie@unaffiliated/oleanie) has joined #bitcoin-assets [23:08]
chetty lmao Mirceanomics, a new school is born [23:08]
jurov i understood the gazette as transaction history *with human sematics* [23:08]
bounce haven't really paid attention to exactly what putin said in response to snowden, but them russkies don't appear to engage in dragnet-and-store type surveillance. they know very well who they're after and they're good at it, if not very subtle. [23:08]
ThickAsThieves i'm applying it, not defining it tomservo [23:08]
assbot [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 18893 @ 0.00098165 = 18.5463 BTC [+] {2} [23:09]
jurov bounce you saw they just openly snatched vkontakte? [23:09]
bounce yeah I read that link [23:09]
ThickAsThieves if the theory can be applied to the Sun and elements, surely applying it to the Bitcoin system isn't absurd [23:10]
jurov only and anybody else: if you have significant coinbr volume amd want voice, ask me [23:10]
ThickAsThieves i have a feeling though, this theory will end up distilling into one that already exists [23:10]
* ericmuys_ has quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds) [23:11]
* olidstva (~Obroda@ has joined #bitcoin-assets [23:11]
bounce jurov's trade for ratings programme, now with volume discounts [23:11]
jurov >:D [23:12]
chetty ThickAsThieves, yup, nothing new under the sun. But this version has less trash attached [23:12]
* Oleanie has quit () [23:12]
jurov but it reserve the right to decide. even tiberiusiv had some coinbr volume [23:13]
jurov *I reserve [23:13]
* sunshyne has quit (Ping timeout: 276 seconds) [23:13]
ThickAsThieves jurov, also the blockchain does allow storage of text [23:14]
* aabtc (uid27975@gateway/web/ has joined #bitcoin-assets [23:14]
jurov hmmm but it does not allow negative ratings [23:16]
ThickAsThieves mirceanomics speaks nothing of ratings [23:16]
jurov unless everyone agrees on special protocol for the O_RETURN text [23:16]
ThickAsThieves only punishments [23:16]
* sunshyne (sunshyne@ has joined #bitcoin-assets [23:17]
jurov ooookay , so i'll rephrase specially for you [23:18]
jurov it does not allow punishment records, unless...etc [23:18]
* Oleanie (Oleanie@unaffiliated/oleanie) has joined #bitcoin-assets [23:18]
ThickAsThieves could you say that an orhpaned block or unconfirmed tx is a punishment? [23:18]
jurov !up sunshyne [23:18]
assbot Voicing sunshyne for 30 minutes. [23:18]
* assbot gives voice to sunshyne [23:18]
jurov nope [23:19]
ThickAsThieves why not? [23:19]
jurov how can you cause orhpaned block or unconfirmed tx on purpose whne someone scams you? [23:19]
jurov unless you're kncminer [23:19]
ThickAsThieves i'm merely trying to see whether Bitcoin would qualify as another echo to apply it to, not whether it fits a perfect example [23:20]
ThickAsThieves like the Sun example [23:20]
ThickAsThieves you wont get hydrogen reporting helium for scamming [23:20]
* assbot gives voice to Oleanie [23:21]
ThickAsThieves i think whether it applies might lead to other interesting things [23:21]
ThickAsThieves i've got this hammer now, and trying to sort out what it can smash and what it can build [23:22]
ThickAsThieves or whether it's a hammer at all [23:22]
ThickAsThieves maybe it's a ruler [23:22]
ThickAsThieves maybe it's a cloud of smoke [23:22]
jurov youre stretching it too extreme... then the blackhole is punishment gazette too [23:22]
jurov if the theory that hawking radiation carries information about whatever fell in [23:23]
jurov is correct [23:23]
jurov *and* you wait 10^10^100 years or so [23:23]
ThickAsThieves to give you an example of what i mean [23:24]
ThickAsThieves say bitcoin is an economy [23:24]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [B.MINE] 106 @ 0.03112262 = 3.299 BTC [-] {4} [23:24]
ThickAsThieves is the gazette itself also one? could it be? [23:24]
ThickAsThieves same for he forum [23:24]
jurov i'd think about real world example like pirate's coins or gox coins [23:25]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [B.MINE] 4 @ 0.0325 = 0.13 BTC [+] [23:25]
* draino ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [23:25]
Naphex [23:26]
jurov even if they managed to mark them in the blockchain [23:26]
assbot [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 12294 @ 0.00098721 = 12.1368 BTC [+] {2} [23:26]
jurov we need extra-blockchain information to assess them [23:26]
* assbot removes voice from only [23:27]
jurov you won't get useful info whether to trust gox from only some "mtgox" tag [23:27]
* cgcardona_ has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds) [23:28]
jurov you need karpeles' head on the pike plus public record what he did [23:28]
* kermit has quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds) [23:28]
assbot [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 4398 @ 0.00098398 = 4.3275 BTC [-] [23:29]
chetty karpeles record is pretty public [23:30]
* tyrion70 (~Adium@unaffiliated/tyrion70) has joined #bitcoin-assets [23:30]
* kermit (unknown@pdpc/supporter/bronze/kermit) has joined #bitcoin-assets [23:31]
ThickAsThieves jurov i somewhat disagree [23:31]
ThickAsThieves (note i'm taking this position for sake of the debate, i have no conclusion) [23:31]
ThickAsThieves first, the theory doesnt require consensus judgment and punishment (head on pike) [23:32]
ThickAsThieves it only requires communicating the actions punishable [23:32]
ThickAsThieves "punishment" in its terms are merely individually given [23:32]
ThickAsThieves and then those would then be interpreted separately by any individual user [23:33]
ThickAsThieves i may decide mark's head didnt belong on a pike [23:33]
* smidge has quit (Quit: sorry, but you've mistaken me for someone who gives a fuck...) [23:33]
ThickAsThieves you may express you think it should be piked [23:33]
ThickAsThieves et [23:33]
ThickAsThieves c [23:33]
ThickAsThieves [16:26] <+jurov> we need extra-blockchain information to assess them /// do we? each address may function as a user/reputation [23:34]
ThickAsThieves and we do have a source for extra-info, the bitcoin software [23:34]
ThickAsThieves it's interesting to me to see how much the 3 separate elements would/could function as economies themselves, and how their traits might converge [23:35]
ThickAsThieves as in the gazette now wants to be decentalized, like bitcoin [23:35]
mircea_popescu o hey [23:35]
chetty if the judgement is individual isnt the choice of information source also individual? [23:35]
ThickAsThieves well just use the WoT for reference [23:36]
jurov okay, my another objection is that rating is not done at the same time as transaction [23:36]
ThickAsThieves is the gazette also an economy? [23:36]
mircea_popescu ;;rate Oleanie 1 liked my rose [23:36]
gribble Rating entry successful. Your rating of 1 for user Oleanie has been recorded. [23:36]
ThickAsThieves jurov that's also not a requirement of the theory as stated [23:36]
jurov no that was my objection to using current bitcoin blockchain [23:37]
ThickAsThieves no requirement to be timely in your rating [23:37]
mircea_popescu bitcoins being the medium, blockchain the gazette, mining the forum? << it's a very limited economy at that, but i guess so. [23:37]
ThickAsThieves if the WoT is decentralized, and has verification methods, signing, identities, etc, and bitcoin also does, they start to converge in their features [23:38]
mircea_popescu i have a feeling though, this theory will end up distilling into one that already exists << kinda cxurious about this myself. [23:38]
* kermit has quit (Ping timeout: 255 seconds) [23:38]
ThickAsThieves (bitcoin and the WoT) [23:38]
mircea_popescu hmmm but it does not allow negative ratings << 0 to 20, -10 to 10, no diff. [23:39]
jurov yes that's the protocol that must be agreed upon [23:39]
ThickAsThieves what might be the medium of exchange in the WoT? Rating points, right? [23:40]
mircea_popescu ThickAsThieves it has no medium of exchange it'd seem, because points are created and destroyed [23:40]
* tyrion70 has quit (Quit: Leaving.) [23:40]
mircea_popescu bitcoins, you will note, are never destroyed. neiuther is gold. [23:40]
ThickAsThieves maybe just requires creative interpretation [23:41]
mircea_popescu neither are fiat bills (not in the sense of the physical bill, but in the sense of it being authorised, it'll get reprinted, and trhe bill is that trademark that spawns the authirisation) [23:41]
jurov's "taint analysis" is very crude implementation of WoT, perhaps? [23:41]
ThickAsThieves every user has 40 points they can work with, unto any other user [23:41]
ThickAsThieves you cant create them [23:41]
ThickAsThieves only allocate [23:41]
mircea_popescu ThickAsThieves this is what someone was proposing at conference, when i introduced fain [23:41]
mircea_popescu and how constants don't work [23:41]
mircea_popescu so no, that's what it is : it isn't a wot because it can't be [23:42]
ThickAsThieves <+mircea_popescu> i have a feeling though, this theory will end up distilling into one that already exists << kinda cxurious about this myself. /// one thing it reminds me of is your basic escrow deal [23:42]
benkay fain? [23:42]
benkay mircea_popescu: ^^ [23:42]
* neilol (44c2ceb5@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-assets [23:42]
mircea_popescu benkay for years before and some time during bitcoin i had a romanian language digg style thing. [23:43]
mircea_popescu it had no moderators and no spam. [23:43]
benkay no wai [23:43]
mircea_popescu yes wai. [23:43]
benkay perpetuum mobile [23:43]
mircea_popescu it drove most of .ro traffic at some point. [23:43]
benkay wow well extravagant claims etc. how'd you do that? [23:44]
mircea_popescu prop sauce, but basically it leveraged individual actions to evaluate everyone else's. [23:44]
mircea_popescu not so hard to distinguish machines from humans if your machine has a stable with many humans [23:44]
ThickAsThieves <+mircea_popescu> so no, that's what it is : it isn't a wot because it can't be /// well i can accumulate points no? and at any given time, a maximum amount can be had, and every time a user joins anew, the system inflates to accommodate [23:45]
jurov i'd extend a punishment gazette with 3. shared protocol and then maybe public forum can be simplified away [23:45]
benkay mircea_popescu: i assume the normal 'upvoting rings' developed and existed? [23:45]
mircea_popescu ThickAsThieves but any ounce of gold stays an ounce of gold permanently. where do your rating points go when they go ? [23:45]
mircea_popescu benkay not effectually, no. [23:45]
mircea_popescu let me dig some pretty graphs. [23:45]
ThickAsThieves my rating points are held by every user that hasnt given them to me yet [23:46]
ThickAsThieves if they take them away, they still exist [23:46]
mircea_popescu [23:46]
mircea_popescu there. [23:46]
ozbot Activitatea utilizatorilor pe fain pe Trilema - Un blog de Mircea Popescu. [23:46]
benkay pretty indeed. [23:47]
mircea_popescu same thing, earlier [23:47]
ozbot Sa desenam cu fain pe Trilema - Un blog de Mircea Popescu. [23:47]
benkay are collusive rings in these content farms necessarily a bad thing? [23:47]
* Evolyn has quit () [23:47]
ThickAsThieves it's not a typical economy, cuz it has allocation idiosyncracies, but i'm not sure if that disqualifies it [23:48]
mircea_popescu user activity. [23:48]
ozbot Istoria unui proiect online pe Trilema - Un blog de Mircea Popescu. [23:48]
mircea_popescu peaks at 10k comments/day [23:48]
mircea_popescu benkay no. they're only bad if they dominate [23:48]
assbot [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 23750 @ 0.00098529 = 23.4006 BTC [+] {2} [23:48]
mircea_popescu otherwise they form and dissolve naturally. [23:48]
* cgcardona_ ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [23:48]
ThickAsThieves in fact, don't people do things at times strictly for the points? [23:49]
benkay what drives formation/dissolution vs dominion? [23:49]
* tyrion70 (~Adium@unaffiliated/tyrion70) has joined #bitcoin-assets [23:49]
jurov !up cgcardona_ [23:49]
* assbot removes voice from sunshyne [23:49]
assbot Voicing cgcardona_ for 30 minutes. [23:49]
* assbot gives voice to cgcardona_ [23:49]
jurov !up tyrion70 [23:50]
assbot Voicing tyrion70 for 30 minutes. [23:50]
* assbot gives voice to tyrion70 [23:50]
cgcardona_ thank you [23:50]
* Evolyn (~Evolyn@2a02:8071:4282:9500:1172:d679:251a:c147) has joined #bitcoin-assets [23:51]
ThickAsThieves furthermore, <+mircea_popescu> ThickAsThieves but any ounce of gold stays an ounce of gold permanently. where do your rating points go when they go ? /// where is it in your theory that this matters? [23:51]
ThickAsThieves also, i'm with jurov, i see some weakness in the gazette/forum definitions and separation [23:52]
mircea_popescu benkay that's ocmplicated. [23:53]
ThickAsThieves first, the gazette does not require identification in your definition [23:53]
mircea_popescu ThickAsThieves conserves over time. [23:53]
ThickAsThieves however psuedononymous, it may be, identification is required, right? [23:53]
chetty oh hey, they up the ante on why btc is bad [23:53]
chetty [23:53]
ozbot Europol director warns of paedophiles using Bitcoin to view webcams | Mail Online [23:53]
assbot [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 15979 @ 0.00097873 = 15.6391 BTC [-] {2} [23:53]
cgcardona_ wow thats some url slug [23:54]
mircea_popescu chetty daily mail raped babies ? [23:54]
* tyrion70 has quit (Ping timeout: 255 seconds) [23:54]
mircea_popescu outrageous. i hope the police catches up with them and gives them what for. [23:54]
ThickAsThieves hmm maybe i dont fully understand the conserving over time aspect [23:54]
ThickAsThieves you mean i can accumulate it? [23:54]
mircea_popescu you familiar with the conservation of energy ? [23:55]
mircea_popescu even if you expend it, it still goes somewhere. [23:55]
ThickAsThieves ah [23:55]
ThickAsThieves but didnt i cover that? [23:55]
Naphex [23:55]
ozbot BBC News - Nigeria: Police probe Ibadan 'house of horror' [23:55]
mircea_popescu well, if i unrate you now, where do the points go ? [23:56]
ThickAsThieves you took them from me [23:56]
mircea_popescu "About 150 soldiers from the 173rd Infantry Brigade Combat Team (Airborne), based in Italy, are heading to each of four countries — Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia — in rotational deployments that the Pentagon says will be sustained until further notice." herp. [23:56]
mircea_popescu ThickAsThieves well so where are they ? [23:56]
* wolverineks has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer) [23:57]
ThickAsThieves the system doesnt need to track them visibly because the system allocates for each ouser in it [23:57]
ThickAsThieves for every user, every other user gets 20 neg coins and 20 pos coins [23:57]
ThickAsThieves each user may spend them on each other specific user only [23:57]
ThickAsThieves under the arrangement that you may also take them back [23:58]
mircea_popescu this breaks conservation. [23:58]
ThickAsThieves it doesnt just mean it's an economy with special rules? [23:58]
mircea_popescu nope. [23:59]
mircea_popescu it means it has no moe [23:59]
ThickAsThieves i mean i could certainly barter for rating points [23:59]
ThickAsThieves i could perform services for pos coins, etc [23:59]
mircea_popescu but your proposition was that the rating points are the moe. [23:59]
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