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Sunday, 24 November, Year 11 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu
mircea_popescu << there. that's your "liberal elite" [00:00]
assbot The elephant in the room on Trilema - A blog by Mircea Popescu. ... ( ) [00:00]
mircea_popescu in a shitty 70s suit, looking like they won the zoo lottery and it's more monkeys. [00:00]
decimation what do you expect? being carried in the streets in a litter? [00:00]
mircea_popescu if that's what elite is... [00:01]
mircea_popescu if anyone wonders what "lich" in that pic is, [00:02]
assbot LICH Act passes Assembly | Capital New York ... ( ) [00:02]
mircea_popescu apparently NEEDS MATTER!111 [00:02]
decimation it's more complicated than you might think. in many us states it is against the law to build a hospital unless you 'prove' that there's a 'need' for one [00:03]
decimation "In 1964, New York became the first state to enact a statute granting the state government power to determine whether there was a need for any new hospital or nursing home before it was approved for construction." [00:04]
mircea_popescu the notion of "approved" for construction is foreign to my mental universe. [00:05]
mircea_popescu ima build a fucking wizard tower on my own land if i feel so inclined, and if anyone doesn't like it ima add cannons to it. [00:05]
decimation ^ that's highly illegal in nearly all locales in the us [00:05]
decimation especially if the plans are unapproved [00:06]
mircea_popescu i guess neartly all locales in the us are fortunate i don't give a shiot about building anything there. [00:06]
decimation some places in rural bumfuck you can do it though: [00:07]
assbot Bishops Castle ... ( ) [00:07]
* assbot gives voice to TheNewDeal [00:07]
TheNewDeal mp, I've got a talented phocomelus that can man your wizard tower. 5 star techie [00:09]
decimation " If you do stop and talk to Jim, you'll discover that the hardest work in the whole project was fending off all kinds of attacks on him and his work coming from the federal government and the National Forest Service: he's on private property but he's surrounded by National Forest and the feds want complete control of everything. In Jim's words: the only thing they haven't done is they haven't shot him, yet." [00:09]
cardigm cazalla chatquack CheckDavid chetty chiral_ coderwill ColinT copumpkin copypaste Cory Crypton [00:09]
mircea_popescu TheNewDeal cool! [00:09]
* shmadz (cfe44e18@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-assets [00:10]
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mircea_popescu decimation adding that nonsense to the porcfest nonsense (or was it burning man ?) i'll lol once every house in the us has to have a special bathroom for any visiting cops [00:10]
mircea_popescu that the residents may not use [00:10]
TheNewDeal that was required by 3rd amendment v2.0 [00:12]
TheNewDeal must haz cops [00:12]
decimation yeah it was burning man when usg agent demanded royal tent serviced by servants [00:12]
decimation the powerpoint even demanded that the thing be called 'blue pit' [00:13]
mircea_popescu and to think 99% odds are all these shenanigans is because the sexually deprived twerp was trying to get laid with some marginally fuckable middle aged woman. [00:14]
decimation he kinda implied he was better than 'little people', does that make him elite? [00:16]
mircea_popescu did he say it ? [00:19]
mircea_popescu you gotta ask the girl out to be a man. that's the bar. you don't ask, you're not a man. you hint at her you might like to, you're a lesbian trapped in a transsexual's body, not a man. [00:19]
mircea_popescu elite works the same way. [00:19]
decimation I doubt there was a blank on the permit form that allowed one to declare one's superiority [00:20]
mircea_popescu which is why form pushers can never be elite. [00:20]
mircea_popescu clerks are clerks. [00:20]
mircea_popescu they can hang as elite, sure. a hare can hang as a fox. [00:21]
mircea_popescu but it can never BE a fox, while living. nor can these pencilnecks be elite. [00:21]
* shmadz has quit (Quit: Page closed) [00:23]
decimation in this sense, the us is like a jealous mob - always keeping one eye out for the unforgivable crime of trying to clamour above the others [00:24]
mircea_popescu well, democracy. [00:24]
mircea_popescu ;;seen xemist [00:24]
gribble I have not seen xemist. [00:24]
TheNewDeal an envious lot, I think jealousy goes to far... implies too much work [00:25]
TheNewDeal methinks* [00:26]
mircea_popescu what's your definition of jealousy ? [00:27]
TheNewDeal you know. Seeing pencilneck prick drive a jaguar down the road. Slober at him, then go home and watch tv to forget [00:28]
mircea_popescu and envy ? [00:28]
TheNewDeal ah shite [00:28]
mircea_popescu lol yw. [00:28]
decimation ;;dict envy [00:28]
gribble wn: envy n 1: a feeling of grudging admiration and desire to have something that is possessed by another [syn: {envy}, {enviousness}] 2: spite and resentment at seeing the success of another (personified as one of the deadly sins) [syn: {envy}, {invidia}] v 1: feel envious towards; admire enviously 2: be envious of; set one's heart on [syn: {envy}, {begrudge}] [00:28]
TheNewDeal that was my envious example [00:28]
decimation ;;dict jealousy [00:29]
gribble wn: jealousy n 1: a feeling of jealous envy (especially of a rival) [syn: {jealousy}, {green-eyed monster}] 2: zealous vigilance; "cherish their official political freedom with fierce jealousy"-Paul Blanshard [00:29]
TheNewDeal I was thinking jealous should be the superlative [00:29]
mircea_popescu i ask because this is a fine example of english being a pigdin, where dictionaries don't define and nothing means anything specific [00:29]
TheNewDeal ;;ud jealous [00:29]
gribble | For instance, envious/jealous behavior such as a friend has a nice new car and instead of being truly happy for them you badmouth them or the car or make up ... [00:29]
mircea_popescu in sane languaged jealousy is sexual and envy material [00:29]
mircea_popescu but apparently that's not widely known in english. [00:29]
danielpbarron i thought it was that you're jealous of your own things and envious of other people's things [00:30]
TheNewDeal whats that one commandment about neighbor's wives? [00:30]
mircea_popescu "make sure they're always pregnant" ? [00:30]
decimation ;;dict covet [00:31]
gribble wn: covet v 1: wish, long, or crave for (something, especially the property of another person); "She covets her sister's house" [00:31]
TheNewDeal covet [00:31]
phf covet [00:31]
TheNewDeal that's the ticket [00:31]
phf ha [00:31]
mircea_popescu may be a false friend, it comes from a time when wives were just another kind of chattel. [00:31]
TheNewDeal a person's wife is obviously their property. This material vs sexual is getting to intermingled [00:31]
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mircea_popescu don't covet another man's fleet of ships, gaggle of cunts or flock of deer. [00:31]
mircea_popescu this obviousness doth not follow. [00:31]
TheNewDeal have you published an actual 10 commandments yet? We need a v1.0 [00:32]
mircea_popescu i don't believe in the prescriptive approach. [00:32]
TheNewDeal not some fairytale nonsense [00:32]
TheNewDeal It can be something cheesy along the lines of the native american 10 commandments [00:33]
assbot The Ten Native American Commandments ... ( ) [00:33]
mircea_popescu da fuck is this respect [00:33]
TheNewDeal like in da Ali G sense [00:34]
mircea_popescu [00:34]
assbot The Ten Commandments Of Liberalism - John Hawkins - Page 1 ... ( ) [00:34]
mircea_popescu [00:34]
assbot The 10 Commandments For Drinking Like a Man ... ( ) [00:34]
mircea_popescu check it out - everything on the internet is a list now. [00:34]
TheNewDeal truly [00:34]
mircea_popescu pretty sad indictment of the intellectual capacity of the people behind it. [00:35]
TheNewDeal usians crave buzzfeed and chive, nothing more, nothing less [00:35]
mircea_popescu even english lit professors a few decades ago would have laughed this pedestrian bullshit out of class. [00:35]
decimation [00:35]
assbot The Power of Ten -- Rules for Writing Safety Critical Code ... ( ) [00:35]
mircea_popescu "oh, you have no clue about composition so take refuge in the bullet point ? go back to the hoe." [00:35]
TheNewDeal 60 lines, what kind of piss-ass function is this? takes that many to clear the registers and program counter [00:37]
TheNewDeal update the PC [00:38]
punkman [00:39]
assbot The Notorious B.I.G (Ten Crack Commandments) - YouTube ... ( ) [00:39]
mircea_popescu " Snapping, clapping, yelling, whistling or just general rudeness to someone waiting on you are a sure sign to anyone in your company that if they spend enough time around you, you’ll eventually treat them with the same selfish nonchalance and disdain that you treat those who are paid to be nice to you." [00:39]
mircea_popescu motherfucker. [00:39]
mircea_popescu someone "paid to be nice^H^H^H^H be my servant who fucks up his DUTIES is going to be called to task. before a sound beating. [00:40]
mircea_popescu and yes, anyone else contemplating the same position'd better get in their skulls that no, they don't get to fuck around on the job. [00:40]
mircea_popescu here we sit discussing "elites" in a space that doesn't even know how to keep the servants in line [00:40]
mircea_popescu or more importantly, that there IS such a thing as servants, and such a thing as a line for them to keep to. [00:40]
mircea_popescu what fucking elite. start by keeping a household. [00:41]
mircea_popescu elite comes a century thereafter. [00:41]
decimation levelers gotta level [00:41]
TheNewDeal it's a land of servants, and the alleged elites are house-negros [00:41]
mircea_popescu anyways. off to look for slithy toves. [00:42]
mircea_popescu the life i lead... [00:42]
punkman do they still make english butlers? [00:42]
ag3nt_zer0 well I just spent a few hours following that eulora mac guide and last 2 steps yielded this: Install1 /usr/local/eulora/lib/libxdelta3-0.0.a ...failed updating 4 target(s)... ...skipped 8 target(s)... ...updated 15 target(s)... xxxx-Mac-mini:eulora MacMini$ ./euclient -bash: ./euclient: cannot execute binary file [00:42]
ag3nt_zer0 so think I am done as I don't know what the hell I am doing [00:43]
decimation early yarvin had a point about this: "You are a Catholic. Your parents were Catholics. You were educated by Catholics. You are governed by Catholics. All your friends are Catholics. All the books you've ever read were written by Catholics. [00:43]
TheNewDeal just pay someone here to do it [00:43]
decimation "How do you convince this guy or gal that the answer to all the world's problems is not "more Catholicism"? How do you say, um, dude, this Trinity thing - the virgin birth - transsubstantiation... ya know... [00:43]
TheNewDeal who's those yarvin character? [00:44]
TheNewDeal and for the record punkman, the 10 crack commandments shouldn't be grouped with the liberal buzzfeed nonsense, because that's legitmate knowledge passed down by a semi-respectable ruffian [00:45]
ben_vulpes more like a jester, retelling stories he heard knights bandying about [00:46]
* yhwh_ has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds) [00:46]
* ben_vulpes to numb the family-in-law with more booze [00:46]
decimation TheNewDeal: it's mencius moldbug: [00:47]
assbot Unqualified Reservations: The case against democracy: ten red pills ... ( ) [00:47]
punkman TheNewDeal: yeah those 10 are not so bad [00:48]
TheNewDeal never heard him referred to as yarvin [00:48]
decimation it's his real name, curtis yarvin [00:48]
TheNewDeal doxxed! [00:48]
TheNewDeal I jest [00:48]
TheNewDeal decimation I had a friend convice me quite shortly after being confirmed as a Catholic. Just need to be open-minded. Tough for a large majority of sheeple [00:54]
williamdunne mircea_popescu: In Romanian is new and first the same word? [00:54]
williamdunne ignore me [00:54]
williamdunne Trying to work out why a translation is so poor [00:54]
decimation TheNewDeal: I have no problem with catholics, but what's not obvious from what I pasted is that moldbug is making a point about being submerged in a particular point of view from birth [00:55]
decimation usians know nothing other than rabid egalitarianism [00:55]
* danielpbarron has a problem with catholics [00:55]
decimation heh yeah I'm not a fan of the pope and the authority of the church over scripture [00:56]
TheNewDeal egalitarianism is the biggest epic fail of usian existence [00:57]
TheNewDeal but hey, write it on a few pieces of parchment, print it on the money, and it must be true [00:58]
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TheNewDeal I must stfu and catch up on many a log. May be looking to resell part of a bitbet in the near future (approx 1 week from now). Keep that in mind if it sparks your interest [01:11]
danielpbarron !up Bingo_bar [01:11]
* assbot gives voice to Bingo_bar [01:11]
Bingo_bar Oh I wish Zimbabwe were in dixie [01:12]
Bingo_bar Hooray [01:12]
Bingo_bar Hooray [01:12]
ag3nt_zer0 [01:13]
assbot "The Destruction of the Christian Tradition (Part 1)" - an essay by Rama Coomaraswamy ... ( ) [01:13]
TheNewDeal !down [01:14]
TheNewDeal !down TheNewDeal [01:14]
* assbot has kicked TheNewDeal from #bitcoin-assets (Bye.) [01:14]
Bingo_bar Oh I wish I were in Dixie land to take my stand. [01:14]
Bingo_bar To live or die in dixie [01:15]
Bingo_bar Hooray [01:15]
Bingo_bar Hooray [01:15]
Bingo_bar I wish I were in Dixie [01:16]
decimation Bingo_bar: you at stone mountain? [01:16]
Bingo_bar Hooray [01:16]
Bingo_bar Hooray [01:16]
decimation !down Bingo_bar [01:16]
* assbot removes voice from Bingo_bar [01:16]
* Vexual is now known as lolballz [01:16]
decimation !up lolballz [01:17]
* assbot gives voice to lolballz [01:17]
lolballz bb found the jukebox? [01:18]
decimation !up Bingo_bar [01:18]
* assbot gives voice to Bingo_bar [01:18]
Bingo_bar Niggers, too many here [01:18]
Bingo_bar I wish [01:19]
Bingo_bar Anyone here loan me a dead bigger for storage [01:20]
* Bingo_bar has quit (Quit: Bye) [01:20]
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lolballz 2@37.5 bb [01:22]
williamdunne Is there a sign saying dead nigger storage? [01:22]
lolballz rock out [01:30]
lolballz with yer cock out [01:32]
asciilifeform ;;later tell mircea_popescu << lulzy re: 'reddit' et al [01:34]
gribble The operation succeeded. [01:34]
assbot 1.7 billion "anonymous" comments from 5% of the internet ... ( ) [01:34]
lolballz ziggy played guitar [01:39]
punkman I need more disks [01:39]
* DreadKnight has quit (Quit: #AncientBeast - Master Your Beasts ( )) [01:40]
punkman with all the terrabyte sized datasets floating around [01:40]
* CheckDavid has quit (Quit: Connection closed for inactivity) [01:46]
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* assbot removes voice from lolballz [01:48]
punkman [01:57]
assbot Deanonymizing Darknet Data · atechdad ... ( ) [01:57]
punkman (fellow finds GPS coords in images from that darknet dataset linked yesterday) [01:57]
punkman !up lolballz [01:59]
* assbot gives voice to lolballz [01:59]
lolballz u greeks brew nice beer, why are u so broke? [02:02]
punkman they export greek beer? [02:04]
lolballz yep, not like italian beer made locally [02:05]
punkman mediterranean beer is awful [02:05]
lolballz we're getting proper peroni now [02:05]
lolballz tasmania has some excellent ones, hops barley and water [02:06]
assbot [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 31200 @ 0.00051442 = 16.0499 BTC [-] {2} [02:06]
punkman there's the odd small-scale brewery that makes ok beer [02:06]
lolballz half the country drinks beer from cazallatown [02:07]
punkman but really all spanish/italian/greek beer I've had is almost as bad as heineken or worse [02:07]
lolballz i don't mind heineken, i like to know what my armpit smells like tommorrow [02:08]
lolballz the hops are unique [02:09]
lolballz tazzie blends em [02:10]
lolballz well [02:11]
lolballz like "single malt" [02:12]
lolballz doent mean shit if u can do it [02:12]
lolballz *can't [02:12]
lolballz fuck a larger tho, gimme an ale [02:16]
lolballz and so, i prefer a single malt [02:17]
assbot [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 35300 @ 0.00051868 = 18.3094 BTC [+] [02:17]
punkman any of those left that Diageo doesn't own? [02:18]
lolballz you want a nice cigar? [02:18]
punkman nah [02:19]
lolballz just accessible info? [02:21]
lolballz yeah id swap everything for a good cigar [02:24]
lolballz [02:27]
assbot Luscious Jackson - Naked Eye - YouTube ... ( ) [02:27]
* assbot removes voice from lolballz [02:30]
* lolballz is now known as picknroll [02:32]
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* pete_dushenski (~pete_dush@unaffiliated/pete-dushenski/x-8158685) has joined #bitcoin-assets [03:06]
decimation > "I’m halfway through Look Who’s Back, a book in which Hitler wakes up in 2011 and, homeless and friendless, ... The Reichsmark was no longer legal tender, even though others—probably some clueless dilettantes on the side of the victorious powers—had clearly adapted my plan to turn it into a European-wide currency. At any rate, transactions were now b [03:06]
assbot Philip Greenspun's Weblog » Hitler’s thoughts on the Euro ... ( ) [03:06]
decimation being carried out in an artificial currency called “euro,” regarded, as one would expect, with a high level of mistrust. I could have told those responsible that this would be the case." [03:07]
decimation "“Haven’t you ever been abroad?” “Well, obviously: Poland, France, Hungary . . .” “OK, they’re inside the EU.” “And the Soviet Union.” “You got in there without a passport?” I thought about it for a moment. “I cannot recollect anybody having asked me for one,” I replied confidently." [03:07]
* assbot gives voice to pete_dushenski [03:09]
pete_dushenski decimation: kinda funny to consider what the man woulda thunk had he been time warped into the present eh. [03:10]
decimation heh yeah [03:10]
pete_dushenski this quote, of course, being the first of two that greenspun wrote on 'look who's back' [03:11]
pete_dushenski the second being the inspiration and provocation for my 'turns out you wanted hitler after all' article [03:11]
pete_dushenski i definitely appreciate how prolific phil is. i've been visiting his blog daily the last couple weeks. [03:12]
decimation heh awesome, I was just gonna lookup the nazi platform [03:12]
decimation you saved me the trouble [03:12]
pete_dushenski and added my free commentary whether you wanted it or not ! [03:13]
* hanbot has quit (Ping timeout: 264 seconds) [03:15]
pete_dushenski << a question that may yet be answered some day. [03:17]
assbot Logged on 18-07-2015 02:33:25; ben_vulpes: i wonder how pete woulda treated the tesla [03:17]
pete_dushenski someone in my meatwot is bound to splurge for one, and it'd then just be a matter of time before i snagged some seat time. [03:18]
decimation heh this nazi stuff is lulzy, looks much like the modern lefty platform - save the anti-immigrant stuff [03:18]
decimation which is actually pretty rational if you are gonna make a 'nationalist' welfare state [03:19]
pete_dushenski given that i was able to attract a fair few steers of unusual and exciting personally owned autos with my old blog, it should be a cinch with contravex's broader readership as a selling point [03:19]
* ColinT has quit (Quit: Leaving...) [03:19]
pete_dushenski decimation: the anti-immigration, the free education for gifted only, and the get off your lazy ass elements are the only differences i could really spot [03:20]
* TheRealJohnGalt is now known as MoltenTrixisowne [03:20]
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* MoltenTrixisowne is now known as aaltc [03:20]
pete_dushenski but hey, times change (albeit modestly) and usians are emphatically not teutons [03:20]
pete_dushenski not entirely, at least. [03:20]
* aaltc is now known as MoltenMoriarty [03:21]
decimation actually, the white part has a significant portion [03:21]
* hazirafel has quit (Ping timeout: 244 seconds) [03:21]
decimation but their cultural distinctiveness has long disappeared into germanic surnames [03:21]
assbot [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 2148 @ 0.00053186 = 1.1424 BTC [+] [03:21]
* hazirafel (~hazirafel@ has joined #bitcoin-assets [03:22]
pete_dushenski what's 'significant' ? 10% ? 20% ? [03:22]
decimation I think more than that, more like 50% [03:22]
pete_dushenski even with all the irish, italian, and eastern yurapeans ? [03:23]
pete_dushenski seems high. [03:23]
pete_dushenski "The ten largest ancestries of American Whites are: German Americans (16.5%), Irish Americans (11.9%), English Americans (9.2%), Italian Americans (5.5%), Mexican Americans (5.4%), French Americans (4%), Polish Americans (3%), Scottish Americans (1.9%), Dutch Americans (1.6%), and Norwegian Americans (1.5%)" << via 2008 census bureau [03:24]
pete_dushenski boom. called it ;) [03:24]
pete_dushenski "It's still an honorable thing to get a Ph.D. " << bahaha on what planet is this ? [03:25]
decimation interesting, I thought it was higher [03:25]
decimation I'm sure that the relative portion is higher in certain regions like the midwest [03:25]
pete_dushenski "It's not as if the Wiz Schools have killed CS at universities. Not yet, anyway." << mkay then. pass the pipe. [03:25]
pete_dushenski << #b-a is for adults, not kids. [03:27]
assbot Logged on 17-07-2015 23:24:38; williamdunne: 00:06:08 - gabriel_laddel: ascii_field: reference material for ben+pete's school for kids who might maybe not suck one day <<< isn't that what #b-a is anyway? At least that's how I'm trying to use it. [03:27]
pete_dushenski kids gotta climb the ladder before they can jump off the diving board into the deep end. [03:27]
pete_dushenski lift head before sit up, crawl before walk, etc. [03:27]
decimation apparently wisconsin, daktoas german ancestry is 'self reported' to be ~40%, roughly 20% through the midwest [03:30]
decimation [03:30]
assbot ... ( ) [03:30]
pete_dushenski where it's cold and the people hardier, basically. [03:30]
decimation yes, and that area happened to be where land was cheap when the wave of germans were fleeing derpiness/overcrowding [03:31]
decimation actually many in that time period saw the centralization of the prussian mega-state and decided to leave... because there was somewhere to go [03:35]
pete_dushenski right. it wasn't the urbanites that were fleeing the old world so much. [03:35]
pete_dushenski or if they were urbanites, they weren't died in the wool urbanites [03:36]
pete_dushenski like, say, teh jooz [03:36]
decimation initially it was poor folk with no other choice, but many in hte 1830-1860 bulge were people of some means who were 'voting with their feet' [03:36]
decimation as their ancestral homeland/city-states were steamrolled [03:36]
pete_dushenski lol not hard to imagine 2030-2060 usa being similar [03:36]
decimation no, but the problem in 'where is the frontier'? [03:37]
pete_dushenski that's a point. [03:37]
pete_dushenski the number of countries offering free fertile soil to industries immigrants is awfully limited [03:37]
decimation really, it was a rare point in history where people of some means had alternatives [03:37]
pete_dushenski industrious* [03:37]
decimation most people for most time do not [03:37]
* MoltenMoriarty is now known as TheRealJohnGalt [03:38]
pete_dushenski well there's always money in the banana stand... [03:39]
pete_dushenski by which i mean, there's always south america [03:39]
pete_dushenski only 400 mn people currently in the southern half and inhabited by a reasonably conquerable people [03:40]
pete_dushenski latin america is certainly a better opportunity than, say, asia, africa, the middle east, or europe for those usians looking for an exit door [03:40]
* WolfGoethe has quit (Quit: My MacBook Pro has gone to sleep. ZZZzzz…) [03:48]
* TheRealJohnGalt is now known as MoItenMoriarty [03:52]
pete_dushenski << ahem. -does- no wrong. [03:52]
assbot Logged on 18-07-2015 02:09:47; ben_vulpes: razr did no wrong [03:52]
pete_dushenski << sop to suck automaker cock and gargle balls in car blogosphere, of which 'autoblog' once ruled the roost (they still might even, but i doubt it, even though i stopped paying attention) [03:58]
assbot Logged on 18-07-2015 02:30:18; mircea_popescu: bunch of retarded fucking monkeys. << this inept fuckwit really thought THAT is what needs to be reported. [03:58]
pete_dushenski writing about every little retarded marketing detail is par for the course. [03:59]
* MiningBuddy (~MiningBud@gateway/vpn/privateinternetaccess/miningbuddy) has joined #bitcoin-assets [03:59]
pete_dushenski this is what passes for "being observant" in an industry where you can't actually criticise the plastic balls of shit you drive every week. [04:00]
pete_dushenski lest you, y'know, bite the hand that feeds you. [04:00]
* ag3nt_zer0 has quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds) [04:01]
* hazirafel has quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds) [04:02]
pete_dushenski as far as car news sites and writers go, there's literally no other branch of 'journalism' that's so bereft of intellectualism, individualism, and integrity [04:02]
pete_dushenski this is very much by design. [04:02]
* hazirafel (~hazirafel@ has joined #bitcoin-assets [04:02]
pete_dushenski derps like sebastian get wrung through the gawker-esque grinder for a fraction of the rate of internal marketing staff at an automaker [04:03]
pete_dushenski and to largely the same effect, with the added bonus of the illusion of independence to what i can only assume are very slowly-witted readers. [04:04]
* MoItenMoriarty is now known as TheRealJohnGalt [04:05]
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assbot [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 44983 @ 0.000541 = 24.3358 BTC [+] [04:14]
pete_dushenski << well with that kinda tall shadow being cast onto the street, and that sort of whimsical 'build whatever wherever whenever' attitude, you're just gonna drive a stake through the heart of your pedestrian-friendly utopia, mister [04:14]
assbot Logged on 18-07-2015 03:02:21; mircea_popescu: ima build a fucking wizard tower on my own land if i feel so inclined, and if anyone doesn't like it ima add cannons to it. [04:14]
mircea_popescu yeah i know [04:26]
mircea_popescu i'm not ready yet. [04:26]
* Xuthus (~x@unaffiliated/xuthus) has joined #bitcoin-assets [04:29]
mircea_popescu << eventually there's going to be a binary for macs as well, so check back in a few weeks [04:30]
assbot Logged on 18-07-2015 03:39:46; ag3nt_zer0: so think I am done as I don't know what the hell I am doing [04:30]
pete_dushenski mircea_popescu: you're also not alone here. i'd be pleased to offer my urban planning and architectural services to the cause :D [04:33]
mircea_popescu hehe l [04:33]
mircea_popescu k* [04:33]
* hazirafel has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds) [04:34]
* samO__ has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer) [04:34]
* hazirafel (~hazirafel@ has joined #bitcoin-assets [04:35]
mircea_popescu asciilifeform nobody will care. [04:37]
mircea_popescu there's this very strange delusion where twerps on the internet and beyond imagine someone, somewhere, (important! secret!) gives a shit what they do. [04:38]
mircea_popescu in point of fact the various governmenbts don't have enough of a clue to even keep track of the most direct threats to their very existence, [04:38]
mircea_popescu let alone random twerp in montana not possessed of enough intelligence to find a mate. [04:38]
mircea_popescu and in any case "the right to be forgotten" comes from the same set as "the right to fried chicken". forgetaboutit. [04:39]
pete_dushenski mircea_popescu: how went the slithy toves this eve ? [04:42]
mircea_popescu << hitler was a national-socialist, the current lefties are international-socialists [04:42]
assbot Logged on 18-07-2015 06:15:38; decimation: heh this nazi stuff is lulzy, looks much like the modern lefty platform - save the anti-immigrant stuff [04:42]
mircea_popescu pete_dushenski poorly. still none found. [04:43]
pete_dushenski hm. tough gig. [04:43]
mircea_popescu an' in other news, [04:43]
assbot ... ( ) [04:43]
pete_dushenski re: modern leftist : they're inter-everything, inter-sexual, inter-raced, inter-gendered, all the way to inter-opinionated [04:45]
pete_dushenski where 'every opinion is valuable... unless it's mean !' [04:45]
* WolfGoethe ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [04:48]
* samO (~samO@unaffiliated/samo) has joined #bitcoin-assets [04:54]
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assbot [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 74200 @ 0.00053235 = 39.5004 BTC [-] {2} [05:02]
pete_dushenski "As faking a 7 percent figure takes more risk than releasing a lower but real one, China has no motives to forge the data... It is hence groundless to suspect the NBS faked its statistics." << cute. [05:02]
assbot [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 38400 @ 0.00053186 = 20.4234 BTC [-] [05:09]
* ColinT ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [05:10]
* WolfGoethe has quit (Quit: My MacBook Pro has gone to sleep. ZZZzzz…) [05:10]
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assbot [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 37066 @ 0.00054239 = 20.1042 BTC [+] [05:24]
pete_dushenski !v assbot:pete_dushenski.rate.bitstein.2:c6425fc9b7bc8e79dc702b54d5d0ec5414ad73b61b10728dc9432eb06cc1f72a [05:25]
assbot Successfully updated the rating for bitstein from 1 to 2 with note: doing god's work on social media. [05:25]
pete_dushenski !v assbot:pete_dushenski.rate.mircea_popescu.4:e29fd8985f2d0012bbacc5e9ca3f45037fdf14c37bddce4ebf46752b89fa5176 [05:27]
assbot Successfully updated the rating for mircea_popescu from 2 to 4 with note: still the mpex rabbi [05:27]
* DreadKnight (~DreadKnig@unaffiliated/dreadknight) has joined #bitcoin-assets [05:29]
* trixisowned has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer) [05:30]
pete_dushenski !v assbot:pete_dushenski.rate.danielpbarron.2:7da19ed5834cd7e319ea1fc69b27cda70efb9e5c75e8e39dda74af49967f5b88 [05:30]
assbot Successfully updated the rating for danielpbarron from 1 to 2 with note: priestly feller. doing god's work on sm. [05:30]
pete_dushenski !v assbot:pete_dushenski.rate.jurov.4:9b4b6d115c7e3ae9efa66c174d0b1cb0d980b7fbbf1fccd227565c1a6956c928 [05:32]
assbot Successfully updated the rating for jurov from 2 to 4 with note: coinbr broker. [05:32]
pete_dushenski should do it for tonight. [05:34]
* pete_dushenski has quit (Remote host closed the connection) [05:34]
assbot [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 50200 @ 0.00054629 = 27.4238 BTC [+] {2} [05:38]
cazalla ;;later tell bingoboingo cascade or boags? [05:42]
gribble The operation succeeded. [05:42]
* DreadKnight has quit (Quit: #AncientBeast - Master Your Beasts ( )) [05:46]
* ColinT has quit (Quit: Leaving...) [05:52]
assbot [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 58691 @ 0.0005529 = 32.4503 BTC [+] {4} [05:53]
cazalla <<< riddle me this.. is it women who desire the buttsecks more so than men? [05:53]
assbot Logged on 18-07-2015 07:40:30; mircea_popescu: an' in other news, [05:53]
assbot [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 50460 @ 0.00055781 = 28.1471 BTC [+] [05:56]
mircea_popescu womenz don't desire teh buttseks, womenz desire to be hurt by a cool guy. buttseks' means to an end. [06:07]
mircea_popescu further study [06:08]
assbot ... ( ) [06:08]
cazalla can't say i'm too fussed on the idea and both times i was pressured into it and obliged because if i don't, someone else surely will, in it goes [06:20]
* ValentinJesse ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [06:20]
jurov cazalla: own experience? [06:21]
cazalla yeah how else would i know? [06:22]
cazalla just to clarify.. i fucked them, not some weird ass pegging shit if you're trying to set me up with some cool meme [06:23]
jurov ;;ud ass pegging [06:24]
gribble | anal sex reveresed. instead of the man sticking his penis up the womans butt, the woman wears a strap-on and sticks it up the mans butt. [06:24]
cazalla jurov, do you remember your first blow job? [06:25]
* Duffer1 has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer) [06:26]
jurov no [06:26]
cazalla guess ya sorta derailed my joke then [06:26]
jurov dude was not very keen on bj's, went straight for the ass [06:27]
* shovel_boss (~shovel_bo@unaffiliated/shovel-boss/x-4881665) has joined #bitcoin-assets [06:35]
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assbot [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 43100 @ 0.00053552 = 23.0809 BTC [+] {2} [06:43]
shinohai @ cazalla "not some weird ass pegging shit" < Traps perhaps? [06:53]
shinohai Nothing to top off the weekend like a relaxing prostate massage. [06:55]
shinohai think of them as hot girls with snipped dinglies. [06:57]
cazalla would ya give bailey jay a bit? [06:58]
jurov ;;ud bailey jay [06:58]
gribble | Also hotter than most women you'll ever meet. "Hey, did I seriously just catch you fapping to Bailey Jay?" "Hell yeah! No homo." by Bill27 March 31, 2014. 43 1. [06:58]
shinohai For say 5 BTC then yeah, I'd turn down the lights and plow that. [06:58]
* shovel_boss has quit (Quit: Leaving) [06:59]
shinohai Slap dat ass with Icy Hot and ride! [06:59]
* shovel_boss (~shovel_bo@unaffiliated/shovel-boss/x-4881665) has joined #bitcoin-assets [06:59]
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cazalla shinohai, seems relevant [07:02]
assbot Rog on traps - YouTube ... ( ) [07:02]
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* NewLiberty ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [07:19]
* ColinT ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [07:21]
* execut3 has quit (Ping timeout: 248 seconds) [07:32]
* DreadKnight (~DreadKnig@unaffiliated/dreadknight) has joined #bitcoin-assets [07:37]
* ColinT has quit (Quit: Leaving...) [07:42]
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* shesek ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [07:44]
* yhwh_ (~yhwh@unaffiliated/yhwh/x-6819798) has joined #bitcoin-assets [07:52]
* yhwh_ has quit (Ping timeout: 256 seconds) [07:58]
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* ColinT ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [08:35]
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cazalla ;;isup [09:12]
gribble is down [09:12]
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assbot [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 61067 @ 0.00054747 = 33.4324 BTC [-] [09:30]
* Eulorian (b29938c9@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-assets [09:41]
* Eulorian has quit (Client Quit) [09:41]
shinohai qntra isup 4 me [09:56]
* Xuthus (~x@unaffiliated/xuthus) has joined #bitcoin-assets [10:15]
* WolfGoethe ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [10:19]
* trixisowned ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [10:20]
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* WolfGoethe has quit (Quit: My MacBook Pro has gone to sleep. ZZZzzz…) [12:23]
mircea_popescu mod6 so what's the plan, turning stator into a release ? [12:24]
assbot [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 29300 @ 0.00053766 = 15.7534 BTC [-] {3} [12:32]
* Guest58663 (uid31665@gateway/web/ has joined #bitcoin-assets [12:38]
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* Khayman (~hfenring@unaffiliated/hasimir) has joined #bitcoin-assets [12:49]
* Hasimir has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds) [12:50]
* Khayman is now known as Hasimir [12:50]
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thestringpuller ;;isup [13:19]
gribble is down [13:19]
* GoMaD has quit (Ping timeout: 264 seconds) [13:29]
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Naphex [13:59]
assbot XOtika.TV: Bitcoin adult live streaming community. ... ( ) [13:59]
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* williamdunne (~Thunderbi@unaffiliated/williamdunne) has joined #bitcoin-assets [14:14]
* liquidassets (4b6f1ccf@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-assets [14:45]
* assbot gives voice to liquidassets [14:47]
* Now talking on #bitcoin-assets [22:24]
* Topic for #bitcoin-assets is: || || || [22:24]
* Topic for #bitcoin-assets set by kakobrekla!~kako@unaffiliated/kakobrekla at Wed Mar 5 16:58:12 2014 [22:24]
-assbot- Welcome to #bitcoin-assets. To get voice (ie, to be able to speak), send me "!up" in a private message to get an OTP. You must have a sufficient WoT rating. If you do not have a WoT account or sufficient rating, try politely asking one of the voiced people for a temporary voice. [22:24]
* assbot gives voice to mircea_popescu [22:24]
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decimation the volt was a good idea - except for its price [22:28]
pete_dushenski it was a bit dear. [22:29]
decimation anywyay pete going to your point last night, I think that's why uk 'top gear' was so popular [22:30]
decimation they had the balls to call most of the cars they drove 'crap' [22:30]
pete_dushenski that's certainly why i enjoyed tg and i was hardly alone [22:31]
pete_dushenski starting out, i modelled by writing on clarkson's [22:31]
pete_dushenski who is not only an entertaining presenter but a wicked wordsmith [22:31]
decimation he's a showman, no doubt [22:32]
decimation that's why the other top gears didn't really work, clarkson made the show [22:32]
pete_dushenski totally. [22:33]
decimation it's a real shame the whole thing ended the way it did - clarkson being sacked for hitting the incompetent servants [22:34]
pete_dushenski looking up prices for porsche 964/993 generation of 911 for '$75 dream garage' and i cannot motherfucking believe how inflated their prices have become in the last 5 years [22:34]
pete_dushenski easily 2-2.5x 2010 prices. easily. [22:35]
decimation yeah, it's the case for all the 'billionare toys' [22:36]
pete_dushenski i almost bought a black japanese import '89 964 in 2010 for ~25k. it would readily command 60k today from what i'm seeing on ebay and autotrader. [22:37]
pete_dushenski unbefuckinglievable. [22:37]
decimation is it because porsche has 'moved on' to a new design? [22:37]
pete_dushenski i'd say so. [22:37]
pete_dushenski i wouldn't want a water-cooled porsche. [22:38]
pete_dushenski except maybe a 997 gt3. [22:38]
assbot [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 18215 @ 0.00056284 = 10.2521 BTC [+] [22:38]
pete_dushenski but the newer ones are all plastic and electronics [22:38]
pete_dushenski porsche is about purity and simplicity [22:38]
pete_dushenski they've gone 'chinese' this last decade or two. [22:38]
decimation lol I didn't realize the old ones were air cooled [22:38]
pete_dushenski up until '98 [22:39]
decimation my dad told me that his dad used to have an air-cooled vw beetle back in the day [22:39]
decimation it sucked because there was no cabin heat; they weren't allowed to breathe [22:39]
decimation some of the later beetles had a 'gasoline heater' kit [22:40]
pete_dushenski lol i was driven to kindergarten in a '71 beetle that was exactly like this. [22:40]
pete_dushenski in -30C canadian winters, no less. [22:40]
cazalla pete_dushenski, ya got dat dere momo steering wheel bro? [22:40]
decimation I would imagine that porsche comes with gas burning heater [22:41]
pete_dushenski cazalla: what, in my merc ? [22:41]
cazalla i dunno man, just shit stirring.. we need some more green thumbs in #b-a, petrol heads are winning [22:42]
decimation cazalla: you grow your own brussel sprouts? [22:42]
cazalla decimation, yeah, probably another 4 weeks or so until i can eat em [22:43]
decimation you plant them in autumn? [22:44]
decimation I love brussel sprouts, I'm not sure it's worth growing them. I guess they are easy to freeze [22:44]
cazalla i planted them mid march from memory and yeah, i am not sure it is worth growing them either given limited space.. take a while [22:45]
cazalla plus i lose half my gardening area to shade in the winter here.. shitty houses built close together which block out the sun [22:47]
mod6 i've got 22 tomato plants, 8 pepper plants and 4 cucumbers. tomatoes are starting to ripen... [22:53]
cazalla i've got about 20 fava beans, 10 sprouts, bunch of spring onions, rocket and english spinach and i just put some more radish in which should be ready to be pulled once spring arrives [22:56]
mircea_popescu grow mint or something cazalla [22:56]
cazalla in the spring [22:56]
assbot [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 19700 @ 0.00056279 = 11.087 BTC [-] [22:57]
* ascii_modem ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [22:58]
mod6 !up ascii_modem [22:59]
* assbot gives voice to ascii_modem [22:59]
mod6 punkman: your updated debug_sanity patched fine: [22:59]
assbot ... ( ) [22:59]
ascii_modem << su sop [23:00]
assbot Logged on 19-07-2015 01:36:55; decimation: some of the later beetles had a 'gasoline heater' kit [23:00]
* ascii_modem has quit (Remote host closed the connection) [23:09]
* ben_vulpes to wedding [23:11]
assbot [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 2200 @ 0.00056279 = 1.2381 BTC [-] [23:19]
* decimation (~decimatio@unaffiliated/decimation) has left #bitcoin-assets [23:19]
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assbot [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 89900 @ 0.00054099 = 48.635 BTC [-] {4} [23:41]
* decimation (~decimatio@unaffiliated/decimation) has joined #bitcoin-assets [23:43]
* pete_dushenski has quit (Remote host closed the connection) [23:52]
* ag3nt_zer0 (328f93cf@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-assets [23:59]
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