Forum logs for 15 Mar 2016

Sunday, 24 November, Year 11 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu
phf i'm making fun of humanoidity's assumption that you guys need to go talk to devs elsewhere, by pretending to assume that bitbet was built in a very hackernews bezzel way, i.e. by outsourcing to an agile consultancy [00:01]
mircea_popescu oh. [00:01]
phf i've also been reduced to explaining lame jokes in log! [00:01]
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mircea_popescu sorry, kinda tired. anyways! [00:01]
phf yes. [00:01]
hanbot << not to get ahead of myself with you guys, but it seems to me that if these 17 btc were in fact the problem, then you acted reasonably by refusing to sign...whereas if a putative, later loss was the real problem here, a more reasonable approach might've been to sign this report, and work together to ensure that there won't be such a further monster. [00:13]
assbot Logged on 14-03-2016 23:02:31; kakobrekla: whats next, he loses 170 btc next month and make bbet pay for it too? [00:13]
kakobrekla hanbot to me this was 'unforeseen' event even if mp did it deliberately (by his own words) - there is no way that one could foresee further unforeseen events [00:16]
mircea_popescu hanbot the problem with your take on what's reasonable is that the other reasonable view is to simply say that everything's fine, nothing's wrong and there isn't nor could ever be any cause for expenditure, alarm or ultimately death. in principle this is a view that can not be dislodged, every living thing's expectation to live forever in a functional world is, misguided or not, nevertheless part and parcel of biology. [00:20]
mircea_popescu i even sympathize with it, albeit from a distance. [00:20]
hanbot i see. [00:21]
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ben_vulpes phf: it's 400k for a mobile app if you bring your own designer, 50-200k if we design it, 10-40k for a single-purpose webapp with minimal frills and if you need a website, well, squarespace is over there. heck, they even do ecomm, and better than any wordprex. [00:26]
phf this is almost the opposite of what my previous company would charge [00:28]
ben_vulpes phf: i clearly have no business being in business. [00:28]
phf ben_vulpes: i suspect they don't know what they are doing [00:29]
ben_vulpes saving people from software is mostly thankless and rewardless. [00:29]
ben_vulpes phf: that's an advantage. i can't fleece people effectively with software, being too honest. [00:31]
ben_vulpes "nice people die first in holodomor" [00:31]
ben_vulpes "are you sure you wouldn't rather secure a loan with that 50k and set up a shop on squarespace?" [00:31]
ben_vulpes "great idea! i guess we don't need any custom software after all." [00:32]
* ben_vulpes starves, withers on the vine [00:32]
mircea_popescu at least you got your youthful good looks! [00:33]
* ben_vulpes too depressed about lemon markets to dance for old men and 'rounds' this quarter, probably ever [00:33]
ben_vulpes on only a tangentially related topic, when do we get the B.H.-style AN1 that retains all earnings /in/ the corp? [00:35]
phf ben_vulpes: you can't trick me, i've been to portland, and i gotta tell ya, there's not much starving going on there [00:36]
mircea_popescu you realise what the N stands for yes ? [00:36]
ben_vulpes mircea_popescu: i'm illiterate! [00:36]
mircea_popescu lettuce spell it out then. [00:37]
assbot Accounting for the nonzero asset corporation. The MPEx standard. on Trilema - A blog by Mircea Popescu. ... ( ) [00:37]
ben_vulpes yes yes. [00:37]
mircea_popescu ("but hey mp, you should have moved bitbet to this or something!" "yes yes, aren't you a great visionary, man from the future.") [00:37]
ben_vulpes "assetti null" or some such well-coined whatever. [00:37]
ben_vulpes hey it looked like a good idea! [00:37]
ben_vulpes no shoulds on offer here. [00:38]
mircea_popescu ah, i didn't mean you, dun sweat it. [00:38]
mircea_popescu just a spot of bitter retrospective jewish humour isall. [00:39]
ben_vulpes more looking to the future [00:39]
ben_vulpes something must be on the books for there to be any book value, etc. [00:40]
mircea_popescu !up stuff0577 [00:42]
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stuff0577 hi [00:43]
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ben_vulpes anyways phf, yes, alphabet corp friends and acquaintances are all having a grand party with the low cost of living. [00:46]
ben_vulpes 'tis not quite yet a place where one makes 130k predicated on 140k in living expenses, more like 80k in living expenses. [00:47]
ben_vulpes the 'umble shoemaker, dedicated to sitting on his ass and never doing anything, will starve in this town until he turns to making fashionable shoes with heels and lace instead of the sturdy things in which men tromp through mud. [00:48]
phf seems like most places [00:50]
mircea_popescu except those where alf lives and a permanent rain cloud rains bricks upon an acre centered on his head. [00:50]
mircea_popescu (which yes, will be an eulora thing) [00:51]
ben_vulpes one for mircea_popescu [00:51]
assbot HotNoielya's Cam, Photos, Videos & Live Webcam Chat on Cam4 ... ( ) [00:51]
mircea_popescu do i have to ? [00:51]
phf hehe [00:51]
ben_vulpes you don't *have* to do /anything/, mircea_popescu! [00:53]
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punkman such logs [03:15]
punkman /me does the vexual [03:15]
punkman [03:15]
assbot HOMEBOY SANDMAN - STROLL - YouTube ... ( ) [03:15]
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punkman [05:24]
assbot Road to North Korea - Photography - M1key - Michal Huniewicz ... ( ) [05:24]
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BingoBoingo chinese playing color revolution game or clintons? [05:29]
assbot Fire – The Anti-American Hate Narrative Of The Anakbayan. | Philippine Fail Blog ... ( ) [05:29]
BingoBoingo [05:31]
assbot My Experience With College Educated Filipino Artists And Intellectuals. | Philippine Fail Blog ... ( ) [05:31]
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cazalla vexual, snorera, w/e ya name is now, shoot me an email, u turned up in log search re: minelabs [06:06]
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cazalla not a bad find [06:45]
assbot Israel Antiquities Authority ... ( ) [06:45]
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shinohai bb noise [08:11]
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assbot Logged on 15-03-2016 01:55:04; mircea_popescu: knowledge that you can drop 1, 10 or 1000 bitcoin on an arbitrary proposition and be covered fairly, people did not wish to do so! [08:27]
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assbot Logged on 14-03-2016 17:38:00; asciilifeform: nubbins`: was it really meant to live only until the first disaster, however small? e.g., stolen server ? [08:44]
assbot Logged on 14-03-2016 16:33:26; phf: nubbins`: it's a shame that you chose this approach for your denouncement. some people are here (myself, maybe ascii) not to make money, but to fuck around with novel ways of doing things. it would've been nifty if, as a "lord" if you will, you picked up the game and made your accusations formal, maybe solicited a judge from the wot, made it interesting somehow! you don't have to obviously, but [08:45]
assbot ... ( ) [08:46]
assbot Logged on 14-03-2016 16:33:27; phf: nubbins`: i think it's a pointless to discuss (and takes away from the core of the issue) whether or not miners are conspiring against bitbet. ascii's been known to say that lizard hitler personally disconnected his node, nobody cared to pipe in then, because it's an established local way of talking and thinking (не веришь прими за сказку). miners are a cartel, they can coll [08:49]
assbot Logged on 14-03-2016 16:33:28; phf: into a controversial protocol behavior, mp called it "miners are conspiring against bitbet". you can personally call mp stupid for that, but there's no "crime" there. [08:50]
assbot Logged on 14-03-2016 16:33:30; phf: nubbins`: the core of the issue (the way i understand it) is whether or not mp can use personal funds to pay out bets, and whether he can later ask for those funds back from shareholders. that seems to contradict the contract, so the accusation goes, he's in breach of contract. seems simple enough. [08:51]
assbot Logged on 14-03-2016 16:33:32; phf: i think this question is receiving far less attention then the alleged miner collusion. i would've liked to see it approached through a judge (perhaps moon is a harsh mistress style "would you be our judge?"), a carefully constructed paper, an investigation, rather than bickering in logs. i think the question is also separate from receivership and is about ensuring that the rest of tmsr maintain [08:51]
assbot Logged on 14-03-2016 16:40:41; PeterL: mircea_popescu what about the part of the listing that says shares will be paid out a minimum of 0.00001 ? If selling the domain+code does not cover the 17btc shortfall and this minimum, are you and kakobrekla expected to pay this out of pocket? [08:52]
assbot Logged on 14-03-2016 17:39:26; asciilifeform: i must agree with phf. and i think this is how nubbins` ended up killfiled by mircea_popescu, for the 'i speak for trees, for the trees have no tongues' thing. [08:53]
mircea_popescu assbot> Fire – The Anti-American Hate Narrative Of The Anakbayan << wait, wait, the anti-gaddafi hate narrative of the usg is not a "hate narrative" ? [08:53]
mircea_popescu such weapons of wordswar! [08:53]
assbot Logged on 15-03-2016 02:35:50; mircea_popescu: ironcally, bitbet is not merely "a sure thing" - it's the only actually profitable, legit bitcoin business to date. THE ONLY. [09:01]
mircea_popescu in other news - something that appears as a legitimate outfit from rochester, new york ( ) has apparently managed to lose control over its [email] servers, because they're now sending run of the mill "due bill.doc" spam but from it seems to be actually sent by them. [09:01]
assbot dpaste: 2MV15W2 ... ( ) [09:01]
cazalla does this drama add to reduce the value of the limited edition posters you made nubbins`? [09:04]
assbot Logged on 15-03-2016 03:21:23; mircea_popescu: hanbot the problem with your take on what's reasonable is that the other reasonable view is to simply say that everything's fine, nothing's wrong and there isn't nor could ever be any cause for expenditure, alarm or ultimately death. in principle this is a view that can not be dislodged, every living thing's expectation to live forever in a functional world is, misguided or not, never [09:04]
cazalla imma suggest it might raise the value given some may have been now destroyed, so fewer copies remain out there [09:05]
cazalla diff ones or a second run of that bitcoin game you made? [09:08]
cazalla link please [09:08]
cazalla did you mention this earlier? don't recall reading it in logs [09:08]
assbot [8/100] "What is Bitcoin?" silkscreened posters [UPDATED DESIGN FOR 2016] ... ( ) [09:08]
* p15x ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [09:10]
cazalla that original one would've been nice to frame and hang on the wall in this room in hindsight [09:12]
cazalla lol [09:13]
cazalla were they not meant to be distrubted by the20year along with btc vouchers or something from memory? [09:14]
thestringpuller cazalla: you up late you 'ol bloke? [09:26]
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assbot 3 results for 'elbow* button from:asciilifeform' - #bitcoin-assets search [09:30]
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cazalla thestringpuller, it's only 11:30pm here [09:35]
cazalla thestringpuller, you're up early? [09:35]
thestringpuller i go to work early now. [09:48]
thestringpuller not early enough though. i should have been in office about an hour and half ago, but whatever. [09:49]
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thestringpuller [10:04]
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mircea_popescu in the "i bet you don't understand what the bayesian approach to spam filtering turned into pretend-ai after its failure to filter spam" means for your country : the next step is for most all the jobs that are still left to be replaced by this kind of ai - it's cheaper. so you go to the hair salon and you get a hairdo - 80% of the time. hey, accidents happen, here's a free coupon for another one. and yes, you want a we [10:21]
mircea_popescu bsite made ? no problem. 72% of the time it even works! [10:21]
mircea_popescu you ARE willing to pay 50% of the money for a 72% item, and so there it is. [10:21]
assbot [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 98350 @ 0.00042177 = 41.4811 BTC [-] {5} [10:21]
mircea_popescu obviously, you won't be having any money at all to pay for anything at all on the grounds of not being born rich and there not being any further jobs at all; but whatevs, the consumer has got what it came to expect. [10:21]
* NewLiberty (~NewLibert@2602:304:cff8:1580:bd56:1dda:6191:54d8) has joined #bitcoin-assets [10:28]
deedbot- [Trilema] E pericoloso sporgersi - [10:33]
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* assbot gives voice to PeterL [11:33]
PeterL nubbins` I was under the impression that bitbet shares get either a part of the sale of assets or 0.00001, whichever is higher, are you saying they get both? [11:34]
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asciilifeform << this is nonsense. [13:13]
assbot Logged on 15-03-2016 12:31:44; nubbins`: did karpeles elbow a button when he deployed test code to gox production servers? [13:13]
asciilifeform srsly nubbins` [13:14]
asciilifeform comparing sending a 0fee tx to pushing pirate ?! [13:14]
asciilifeform it is not enough to tear off the joystick, [13:14]
asciilifeform but now have to throw it from the cockpit entirely ??!! [13:15]
asciilifeform << meant this line [13:15]
assbot Logged on 15-03-2016 12:33:48; nubbins`: did goat elbow a button when he pushed pirate-backed assets? [13:15]
* NewLiberty has quit (Ping timeout: 268 seconds) [13:20]
* rotarydialer_ is now known as rotarydialer [13:21]
* Xuthus (~NULMiJ@unaffiliated/xuthus) has joined #bitcoin-assets [13:22]
asciilifeform << this happened to software ~long, long~ ago [13:32]
assbot Logged on 15-03-2016 13:22:03; mircea_popescu: in the "i bet you don't understand what the bayesian approach to spam filtering turned into pretend-ai after its failure to filter spam" means for your country : the next step is for most all the jobs that are still left to be replaced by this kind of ai - it's cheaper. so you go to the hair salon and you get a hairdo - 80% of the time. hey, accidents happen, here's a free coupon for [13:32]
asciilifeform << naturally, not ~all~ software, and definitely not all hardware, given as there still has to be earth for all the swamp to stand on [13:32]
assbot Logged on 15-03-2016 13:22:14; mircea_popescu: you ARE willing to pay 50% of the money for a 72% item, and so there it is. [13:32]
asciilifeform but next step is to whittle away the earth, yes. [13:33]
asciilifeform my brother's schooling involved a soviet pdp clone, that worked 'on good days' [13:33]
asciilifeform operator would ritually take out, re-seat the cards, kick the thing, etc. [13:33]
asciilifeform i fully expect a return to this, of sorts [13:33]
asciilifeform e.g., cpu that clocks down to DC as the battery runs down, or the like, will be a first step [13:34]
asciilifeform then rationed internet, and then finally rationed mains current, a la best korea [13:34]
asciilifeform where you get ~hour/day to power up the tv. [13:34]
asciilifeform ~on a good day~. [13:35]
asciilifeform e.g., Dear Leader's birthday. [13:35]
asciilifeform incidentally, it may not be obvious to the alert reader why the power downclocking thing is pertinent [13:38]
asciilifeform the answer is, it is to move folks to 'cloud' crapolade. [13:38]
asciilifeform consumer pc will contain the minimal necessary horsepower. [13:38]
asciilifeform from the pov of the 1970s central planner lizards, the turn from 'pay per cpu cycle' timesharing phyootoore to personal comp was a mistake [13:39]
asciilifeform which will now be corrected. [13:39]
thestringpuller lol the cloud centralizes the need for internetz [13:39]
* SuchWow has quit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds) [13:40]
jurov then why central planners allowed win 3.x to happen? everyone was supposed to run X11 over dialup! [13:41]
asciilifeform jurov: microcomp was an unexpected thing [13:42]
asciilifeform and none of them had the might for x11, for quite some time. [13:42]
asciilifeform nor had anyone the bandwidth [13:42]
asciilifeform until perhaps starting about a decade ago, [13:43]
asciilifeform to contemplate such a thing. [13:43]
asciilifeform even the now pestilentially-common www-based spreadshit/wordprocessor/etc thing is recent. [13:43]
asciilifeform already i work in a shop where the modem hiccups and 80% work - stops... [13:43]
assbot [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 74600 @ 0.00042075 = 31.388 BTC [-] {5} [13:45]
thestringpuller hahahaha! what a familiar feeling. if internet goes out at small shop that does "web dev", everyone pretty much goes home. [13:47]
* The20YearIRCloud (uid38883@gateway/web/ has joined #bitcoin-assets [13:47]
thestringpuller except the most resilient who set up the "web environment" on the LAN and then do dev that way. [13:47]
asciilifeform nah i mention specifically re wordprocessor. [13:49]
thestringpuller i thought those could work offline... [13:51]
asciilifeform not really, no [13:59]
asciilifeform google's lets you type but won't merge iirc. [13:59]
* peter_lambert ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [14:05]
* PeterL has quit (Ping timeout: 244 seconds) [14:08]
assbot [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 63700 @ 0.00042051 = 26.7865 BTC [-] {2} [14:16]
* NewLiberty (~NewLibert@2602:304:cff8:1580:b1f8:fb4:be1f:8436) has joined #bitcoin-assets [14:19]
* twixisowned (~trixis@ has joined #bitcoin-assets [14:23]
* trixisowned has quit (Ping timeout: 244 seconds) [14:24]
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* dbclk (~dbclk@ has joined #bitcoin-assets [14:41]
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* p15x has quit (Ping timeout: 276 seconds) [14:57]
* dbclk has quit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds) [15:06]
asciilifeform ;;later tell mircea_popescu << explain plox, i'm thick. [15:16]
gribble The operation succeeded. [15:16]
assbot Logged on 15-03-2016 01:03:18; mircea_popescu: << this is a complicated proposition. the traditional avenue of the dedicated tramp is to join a group, liberally fuck anyone but the alpha of that group, insist that the alpha marry her. this presses a very strict choice on the alpha that's not trivially resolved - if he kills her everyone else loses a fuckdoll ; if he marries he [15:16]
asciilifeform what's it got to do with time..? [15:17]
asciilifeform << inventin' is this thing where lifetime-of-trade is usually not enough either [15:18]
assbot Logged on 15-03-2016 01:09:15; mircea_popescu: << how did that go, "yes half hour of my time and a lifetime of learning the trade" or somesuch. [15:18]
asciilifeform gotta also have the particular mental demon on your back. [15:19]
asciilifeform fwiw. [15:19]
asciilifeform << it is not entirely impossible for the dead to surprise the living. ask an archaeologist. [15:20]
assbot Logged on 15-03-2016 01:34:13; mircea_popescu: which is how and why chetty's passing bumped her trust in my eyes to 10 : not because she's "very good" now, but because she lacks any further capacity to surprise anyone. at least so goes the logic. [15:20]
asciilifeform << this ~will~ come, which is reason no. 1,001 why there can be ~no~ compromise with the enemy. [15:22]
assbot Logged on 15-03-2016 01:45:38; mircea_popescu: (perhaps this is obivous to me only for some god-forsaken reason, but the next step after the view on the bitcoin protocol that it permits miners to arbitrarily reject txn and the collusion of miners is - you gotta get a license to bitcoinate. why hardfork to increase their revenue, even.) [15:22]
ben_vulpes "why is the app broken?" [15:23]
ben_vulpes "is the JSON too nesty?" [15:23]
asciilifeform << i was referring to the massive coinz that move on mpex. dark matter. [15:23]
assbot Logged on 15-03-2016 02:27:13; mircea_popescu: << i dunno that this is factual, but w/e. [15:23]
ben_vulpes "the blob is like 10kb -- is that too much?" [15:23]
ben_vulpes i cannot imagine what is going on over there. [15:24]
ben_vulpes holmes i can read 10mb of json into memory naively and not even begin to sweat the phone. [15:24]
asciilifeform << if so easy, how come my high-s txen wait for a week to get malleated? [15:24]
assbot Logged on 15-03-2016 02:28:33; mircea_popescu: << for the record, this is a lot weaker than it seems, for reasons discussed but perhaps worth repeating : it is so trivial to transform all txn into a high/low-S of one's choosing, that there exists no actual barrier due to it. [15:24]
asciilifeform << waiwut?? [15:25]
assbot Logged on 15-03-2016 03:49:42; ben_vulpes: the 'umble shoemaker, dedicated to sitting on his ass and never doing anything, will starve in this town until he turns to making fashionable shoes with heels and lace instead of the sturdy things in which men tromp through mud. [15:25]
phf ben_vulpes: i dunno, i've seen some pathological cases in json readers, "too nesty" at 10kb could be one of them [15:26]
phf also might consider "too dopey", "too sleepy" and "too sneezy" [15:27]
* funkenstein_ (~bowler@unaffiliated/funkenstein) has joined #bitcoin-assets [15:28]
assbot [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 3967 @ 0.00042051 = 1.6682 BTC [-] [15:51]
jurov JsonParserExceptionTooTesty [15:57]
deedbot- [Qntra] Growing Criminal Obeast And Transmayo Problem Push New Zealand To Plus Sized Handcuffs - [16:34]
* funkenstein_ (~bowler@unaffiliated/funkenstein) has left #bitcoin-assets [16:36]
* peter_lambert has quit (Ping timeout: 248 seconds) [16:39]
deedbot- [Trilema] xkcd - [16:44]
BingoBoingo [16:47]
assbot ... ( ) [16:47]
* NewLiberty has quit (Ping timeout: 268 seconds) [17:27]
mircea_popescu davout [17:27]
assbot ... ( ) [17:27]
BingoBoingo ;;google obama war on computing [17:28]
gribble Obama Orders War On Computing And Bitcoin With New - Qntra: ; Obama's Plan to Increase Computer-Science and STEM Education ...: ; Obama administration calls for $4 billion to (1 more message) [17:28]
BingoBoingo ^ discovered researching new qntra piece [17:28]
BingoBoingo ;;more [17:28]
gribble expand K–12 computer ...: [17:28]
mircea_popescu << hey, this was pretty much 100% the itc [17:29]
assbot Logged on 15-03-2016 16:34:43; asciilifeform: operator would ritually take out, re-seat the cards, kick the thing, etc. [17:29]
phf i've been to education conferences, and i hafta tell ya, it's not very good [17:30]
mircea_popescu (institutul de tehnica de calcul, one of cluj's tallest buildings, certainly its only proper office building for a few decades (complete with cubicals!) and one of the places where ro was going to be defended informationally from the us!) [17:30]
mircea_popescu << well, has very little to do with either lizards or central planners and everything to do with the death of moore's law. no longer a frontier ? check it out, the preachers will be moving in any day now. [17:31]
assbot Logged on 15-03-2016 16:40:39; asciilifeform: from the pov of the 1970s central planner lizards, the turn from 'pay per cpu cycle' timesharing phyootoore to personal comp was a mistake [17:32]
mircea_popescu shoot as many as you'd like, the sort of sniveling cur that'd become a preacher is abundently provided by the perl cunt. [17:32]
mircea_popescu << i run multiple internets bridged together. prolly costs me altogether less than what yours costs you, business and all. [17:33]
assbot Logged on 15-03-2016 16:44:44; asciilifeform: already i work in a shop where the modem hiccups and 80% work - stops... [17:33]
mircea_popescu the advantages of the thirld world. [17:33]
mircea_popescu << with time ? what time ? oh oh, your time. guess what ? you're the whore! [17:34]
assbot Logged on 15-03-2016 18:18:07; asciilifeform: what's it got to do with time..? [17:34]
mircea_popescu the fact that this model exists and is of anthropological relevancy proves that yes, categorically impossible. [17:34]
phf BingoBoingo: i've not read the article yet, but truth is, i'm yet to meet a teacher at a conference who's at all qualified to teach computing to kids. at best the approach is entirely experiental, "when you see a tiger^W^Wa popup, you should run away^W^Wcall a teacher" or "https stands for secure!", and the educational tooling is at best an inferior rip off of Scratch but more likely a scattershot gamification of hodge podge algorithmic [17:38]
phf concepts "IF you see a wall THEN turn left!" [17:38]
mircea_popescu when i was a kid, computing class consisted of prince of persia. [17:39]
mircea_popescu i am unpersuaded better curricula could have been devised. [17:39]
BingoBoingo phf: The qntra is actually being written on a medical topic, but I was googling the "war on computing" link and was pleasantly surprised when qntra was #1 [17:39]
mircea_popescu of course, meanwhile usability and friendliness and utf and reddit happened, so that no longer works. [17:39]
phf prince of persia would be a step up from the "haaweeey kids i'm ratty the friendly rat and i'm going to teach you, 15 year old adults, about long division. it's haaaaard!" [17:40]
mircea_popescu ~1/3 of the kids figured out how to give themselves infinite lives by trashing the ram. [17:40]
* BingoBoingo in k-12 watched computer training degrade from turtle graphics on Apple II, to adobe dreamweaver/flash on Crapple OSuX [17:41]
* cazalla has quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds) [17:41]
mircea_popescu INCLUDING a variant which worked on peek and poke in gwbasic. [17:41]
mircea_popescu i guess the point i'm getting at is that teaching technology is always and everywhere a secondary concern to the human quality of they being taught. [17:42]
phf i've been coding gwbasic on my libretto. i remember a bearded su closed research facility forth guy was telling me "basic rots the brain, man, we get these developers who are forever ruined, i tell you" that was in 96. i wonder what he thinks of present crop... [17:43]
mircea_popescu yeah peeps really hated the gotos. [17:43]
mircea_popescu only to implement gotos by another name in everything all the time [17:43]
phf the purity of scheme continuations! so they let you move execution context into an arbitrary location in the past? yeah! congratulations, you just implemented haf a goto [17:44]
mircea_popescu like it or not - the prince of persia curricula is how a country the size of oregon ended up providing half the engineers hired by microsoft. [17:46]
mircea_popescu BingoBoingo incidentally, since you're maybe the only guy here that actually gas re us politics : admitting for the sake of this argument that trump really is the you know, tell-it-how-it-is, fight back against the system independent bla bla : what does the fact that he isn't making "electronic votes are not a sufficient way to settle this election" a central part of his campaign ? [17:48]
phf i started my purposeful computing education by accidentally nuking windows 95 install while trying to get rise of the triad to work! [17:49]
mircea_popescu you'd expect the anti-lizard fellow to be anti-diebold definitionally and before anything else. "either paper trial or no vote took place", [17:49]
BingoBoingo mircea_popescu: My position is and continues to be that Trump is merely and agent of Clinton [17:49]
mircea_popescu phf you and ~everyone else. [17:49]
BingoBoingo He's not anti-lizard by any stretch [17:49]
mircea_popescu BingoBoingo on the basis of that tidbit alone you'd be logically correct. [17:49]
mircea_popescu paper trail* i meant. [17:50]
jurov lol so then my education was started by trying to free conventional memory by moving a virus to the highmem [17:51]
BingoBoingo Anyways I cast my ballot on paper that was machine read. [17:51]
* BingoBoingo ended up voting for the creepy cuban cowboy in the absence of useful polling data [17:51]
BingoBoingo Useful would have broken Illinois down by congressional district. [17:52]
* BingoBoingo also seriously considered voting Bernie for the lulz [17:52]
phf jurov: HIMEM.SYS is where it all began [17:53]
phf pelevin actually has a short story "Prince of Gosplan" about that period of eu history (there's an en translation [17:57]
assbot A Werewolf Problem in Central Russia: Victor Pelevin, Andrew Bromfield: 9780811218603: Books ... ( ) [17:57]
phf ^w4r3z [18:02]
assbot A Werewolf Problem in Central Russia and Other Stories ... ( ) [18:02]
deedbot- [Qntra] US War On Physicians Escalates - [18:10]
* Xuthus has quit (Quit: Xuthus) [18:20]
BingoBoingo ;;ticker --market all [18:55]
gribble Bitstamp BTCUSD last: 415.97, vol: 4690.80614301 | BTC-E BTCUSD last: 415.05, vol: 5717.49197 | Bitfinex BTCUSD last: 415.87, vol: 9999.738613990001 | CampBX BTCUSD last: 423.0, vol: 0.24686916 | BTCChina BTCUSD last: 419.520105, vol: 27091.62690000 | Kraken BTCUSD last: 415.11, vol: 2259.39489663 | Bitcoin-Central BTCUSD last: 418.34705, vol: 59.02438821 | Volume-weighted last average: (1 more message) [18:55]
BingoBoingo ;;more [18:55]
gribble 417.738766914 [18:55]
BingoBoingo ;;ticker --market all --currency rmb [18:55]
gribble BTCChina BTCRMB last: 2733.18, vol: 27091.86730000 | Volume-weighted last average: 2733.18 [18:56]
BingoBoingo [19:00]
phf soviet joke. americans purchase a sukhoi airplane from soviets, comes in parts, there's assembly instructions though. so they go through the process, result is a working tractor. wtf. they break it down, assemble again, tractor again. so they call russian, "wtf, tried assembling all we get is a tractor", su responds "please read fine print, `the product needs to be finalized with a judicial application of hammer and file`" [19:07]
BingoBoingo lol [19:09]
* Guest80236 is now known as amiller [19:14]
* amiller has quit (Changing host) [19:14]
* amiller (~socrates1@unaffiliated/socrates1024) has joined #bitcoin-assets [19:14]
deedbot- [Daniel P. Barron] Rest Easy comments, answered. - [19:35]
* SuchWow (~SuchWow@dogecoin/staff-emeritus/suchwow) has joined #bitcoin-assets [19:44]
* NewLiberty (~NewLibert@2602:304:cff8:1580:b1f8:fb4:be1f:8436) has joined #bitcoin-assets [19:56]
mircea_popescu phf judicious. [19:57]
jurov maybe he really meant murican lawyers should do it [19:58]
mircea_popescu lol [19:58]
mircea_popescu doublefunny joke! [19:59]
mircea_popescu in other news, i'm kinda curious what comes of this danielpbarron blog in the end. [20:01]
mircea_popescu "Yea so you are an idiot. There’s no need to comment and make these shitty articles. Who are you to determine what “false churches” are? Religion is something an Indevidul believes in. It is what the said person puts their faith and trust in. I just think you should read up and do your research before posting nonsense. Thanks." [20:01]
mircea_popescu so far seems to be right on track [20:01]
* SuchWow has quit (Ping timeout: 244 seconds) [20:01]
BingoBoingo I suspect it will have to graduate from a pogo to an "edgerouter lite" sometime in the next few months. [20:04]
BingoBoingo Or he'll have to graduate from Wordpress and lead #b-a to a new blogware planet [20:05]
mircea_popescu i'm kinda waiting for the lulzy moment when "the community" decides he's you know, religious nut bla bla, then it's revealed he hangs out just fine with flaming iconoclasts such as yours truly, famous stake-in-butt practitioners like alf, sunni muftis like yourself, cascadians and what other scandalous outrages there be in this here menagerie [20:08]
mircea_popescu it's only THEM that don't get along, it's not about him. [20:08]
mircea_popescu oy vey. [20:08]
mircea_popescu o i forgot the jews, did i. THREE KINDS. [20:09]
jurov and *gasp* roman catholics [20:10]
mircea_popescu those are heretics even according to the orthodox (which literally says - TRUE FAITH. in the name!) [20:10]
BingoBoingo Oh, crap! I didn't realize I'd become muslim [20:13]
BingoBoingo This is bullish for [20:14]
assbot ISIS Introduces Coins | Qntra ... ( ) [20:14]
mircea_popescu how DID you think islam goes ? [20:14]
BingoBoingo I thought it involved collecting more devil worshipping redheads than I've managed to cage [20:15]
* CrazyTruthYakDDS (uid67551@gateway/web/ has joined #bitcoin-assets [20:16]
mircea_popescu i think that's shite. [20:16]
BingoBoingo Nah, that's all Sunni-Yazidi relations [20:16]
BingoBoingo At least this decade [20:17]
BingoBoingo I guess #b-a is the most ecumenical religious gathering around [20:19]
mircea_popescu btw danielpbarron here's a nice idea for article : step by step guide to run your own wp on pogo. [20:21]
mircea_popescu in other news, holy shit selma hayek's an obnoxious, annoying bitch. [20:22]
BingoBoingo that's not really news [20:22]
mircea_popescu i saw it in frieda and i thought it's prolly the role, right ? [20:22]
BingoBoingo But it isn't [20:22]
* mircea_popescu just watched the velocity of gary, holy shit she has no problems regular whippings wouldn't have fixed long ago. [20:23]
BingoBoingo But, too late [20:24]
mircea_popescu i have nfi who told the dumbass that sort of behaviour is independent or whatever the fuck she thinks it is. [20:24]
BingoBoingo Fonda prolly told her [20:24]
mircea_popescu anyway, the first ten-fifteen minutes are not bad, for the sheer deluge of omnisexual crazy. [20:24]
mircea_popescu the credits certainly look like a 70s sexploitation thing ; music idem. [20:29]
mircea_popescu perhaps now is a good time to bring up for another pass through ? [20:42]
assbot Logged on 10-03-2016 10:43:46; mircea_popescu: in any case we should prolly have a strategy discussion here. paging mod6 asciilifeform jurov trinque phf an' the other interested parties. [20:42]
deedbot- [Qntra] Qualcomm "Snapdragon" Chips Allegedly Riddled With Vulnerabilities - [20:44]
* TheRealJohnGalt (uid29986@gateway/web/ has joined #bitcoin-assets [21:06]
jurov special for BingoBoingo [21:20]
assbot ... ( ) [21:20]
* DreadKnight (~DreadKnig@unaffiliated/dreadknight) has joined #bitcoin-assets [21:27]
asciilifeform << i'm pretty sure i explained ~my~ position... [21:28]
assbot Logged on 15-03-2016 23:43:35; mircea_popescu: perhaps now is a good time to bring up for another pass through ? [21:28]
asciilifeform << thread. [21:29]
assbot Logged on 10-03-2016 15:47:10; asciilifeform: surrender is not a strategy. [21:29]
* asciilifeform bbl [21:29]
ben_vulpes << popescoin! [21:47]
assbot Logged on 15-03-2016 23:43:35; mircea_popescu: perhaps now is a good time to bring up for another pass through ? [21:47]
ben_vulpes what's the point of the shift? [21:48]
ben_vulpes make life easy on the miners? why bother. [21:48]
* NewLiberty has quit (Ping timeout: 250 seconds) [21:50]
* SuchWow (~SuchWow@dogecoin/staff-emeritus/suchwow) has joined #bitcoin-assets [22:25]
mircea_popescu asciilifeform something like "here's a list of my deepest unrelated fears" ? [22:27]
mircea_popescu ben_vulpes sorry, what ? [22:28]
ben_vulpes mircea_popescu: [22:32]
* NewLiberty (~NewLibert@2602:304:cff8:1580:b1f8:fb4:be1f:8436) has joined #bitcoin-assets [22:32]
assbot The necessary prerequisite for any change to the Bitcoin protocol on Trilema - A blog by Mircea Popescu. ... ( ) [22:32]
* assbot gives voice to trinque [22:40]
trinque asciilifeform: what's the proper way to apply the shiva vpatches with v? [22:40]
* trinque has discovered that it is not - apparently - throwing them in the patches dir, seals in seals, and pulling the trigger [22:40]
* gsdgdfs (~Trans@ has joined #bitcoin-assets [22:46]
* Transisto2 has quit (Ping timeout: 276 seconds) [22:47]
trinque << my flow of vpatches [22:50]
assbot ... ( ) [22:50]
trinque I can press up to asciilifeform_tx-orphanage_amputation.vpatch [22:50]
mircea_popescu trinque iirc it was a little ambiguous because bot ha standalone and a bitcoin-derived shiva set [22:52]
mircea_popescu ben_vulpes ok but i don't get what you're saying here. [22:53]
trinque << yeah, it appears I may be missing a patch [22:54]
assbot ... ( ) [22:54]
* trinque goes to look at email [22:54]
mircea_popescu trinque iirc the bitcoin-derived one had two parts named 1 and 2 which you both need [22:54]
trinque ah in place of tinyscheme genesis I would wager [22:55]
* NewLiberty has quit (Ping timeout: 250 seconds) [22:56]
trinque nope, this seems to have to do with press order; the dynload.h in question in the second dpaste is present in the tinyscheme genesis [23:00]
* trinque brb [23:00]
* gsdgdfs has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer) [23:14]
asciilifeform stop [23:16]
asciilifeform pressing [23:16]
asciilifeform tinyscheme [23:16]
asciilifeform genesis [23:16]
asciilifeform !!!!!!!1111 [23:16]
* adlai hasn't even started yet! [23:16]
asciilifeform folks [23:16]
asciilifeform just stop. [23:16]
asciilifeform it was never meant to be pressed!! Qqqqqqq11111 [23:17]
* asciilifeform bbl [23:17]
adlai rules were made to be broken, buttons elbowed, and backs broken later. [23:17]
mircea_popescu lol. [23:18]
adlai mircea_popescu: laughing at my joke!? (nah, probably just at /me.) [23:19]
mircea_popescu was laughing at alf's predicament. [23:21]
* justanot1eruser (~Justan@unaffiliated/justanotheruser) has joined #bitcoin-assets [23:21]
* justanotheruser has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer) [23:21]
* adlai wonders about his own predicament; people keep telling him to blog about it, but, as the latin teacher said when asked why he gave up correcting people's mispronounciation of his name: "I hate people" [23:24]
* NewLiberty (~NewLibert@2602:304:cff8:1580:b1f8:fb4:be1f:8436) has joined #bitcoin-assets [23:27]
adlai mircea_popescu: [23:30]
assbot xkcd on Trilema - A blog by Mircea Popescu. ... ( ) [23:30]
BingoBoingo great find jurov [23:31]
* NewLiberty has quit (Ping timeout: 248 seconds) [23:33]
trinque asciilifeform: you may be the most impossible man I've ever encountered. [23:45]
trinque lol [23:45]
trinque "WHY MUST I LIFT ALL THIS MYSELF?!?!11!" [23:45]
trinque or rather, must you bring this leak in your head into everything? [23:49]
* Transisto2 ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [23:52]
phf trinque: it's not about "not doing things", pressing tinyscheme genesis is just not the right way to get shiva [23:52]
adlai trinque: see, perhaps, [23:53]
assbot Logged on 17-02-2016 12:54:09; asciilifeform: << it had own genesis to establish pedigree with the historic tinyscheme. but shiva is a patch that bridges it into the trb tree. and yes i rebased it, it works with the current trb. [23:53]
phf trinque: as per that rant only things needing pressing are asciilifeform_shiva_part_1_of_2, asciilifeform_shiva_part_2_of_2 and asciilifeform_shiva_fix_flag_bug [23:55]
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