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Sunday, 24 November, Year 11 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu
hanbot mircea_popescu well at least those marriages could be dissolved with this guy's plan. walk her up to some chicks, "listen, i know this is weird, but this woman won't leave me alone. would you stay with me a while so she'll maybe leave?" [00:01]
mircea_popescu i give this 0.3% chances of working [00:02]
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BingoBoingo [00:04]
assbot Why did Mike Hearn meet with the banks today? : Bitcoin ... ( ) [00:04]
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mircea_popescu "the banks" hurrr [00:15]
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mircea_popescu these people are the same fucking idiots that created "the banks" of Bitcoin cca 2012. [00:16]
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mircea_popescu in other news, [00:25]
BingoBoingo [00:25]
assbot ... ( ) [00:25]
assbot RuTracker Counters Lifetime ISP Ban By Going Public - TorrentFreak ... ( ) [00:25]
mircea_popescu wtf is a "lifetime isp ban" [00:26]
ben_vulpes "In each case, I was not the instigator, only the one who fought back. But being unapologetically white and male worked against me in every case." [00:29]
deedbot- [BitBet Bets Bets] 3.00000000 BTC on 'No' - Rand Paul will be Republicans' 2016 Presidential Nominee - [00:29]
ben_vulpes whoo hoo hoo [00:29]
BingoBoingo mircea_popescu: Some silly eastern thing [00:30]
* mircea_popescu wonders at just how dumb black folks in the us gotta be. seriously, a negligible minority being cast into this "infiltrated all levels of power!!!" role and they don't figure out what's next ? WAKE THE FUCK UP YO! THIS IS ~~~exactly~~~ WHAT HAPPENED OT THE JEWS, 1915-1935. [00:31]
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asciilifeform << which that [00:36]
assbot Logged on 10-11-2015 02:39:56; mircea_popescu: asciilifeform what was that all about ? [00:36]
asciilifeform << great wall [00:36]
assbot Logged on 10-11-2015 03:24:51; mircea_popescu: wtf is a "lifetime isp ban" [00:36]
ben_vulpes funny, i was just having a conversation with ladybird about how "teh h0rr0r" of the holocaust (mostly concentration camps) is the entirety of what americans are taught about wwii and hitler and de and politics of the time generally. another instance of "stealing the having been stolen from". [00:37]
asciilifeform ben_vulpes: aka 'holocaustianity' [00:38]
asciilifeform mircea_popescu: if you were asking re: the adlai thread: i decoded that turd he keeps deedbotting [00:39]
mircea_popescu o.o [00:39]
mircea_popescu gpg 0day ?? ? [00:39]
asciilifeform aka base64. [00:40]
mircea_popescu a [00:40]
asciilifeform ben_vulpes looked surprised also, l0l [00:40]
mircea_popescu i have no idea how the russkis imagine "great wall" works on people who follow torrents [00:41]
mircea_popescu i mean, the peasantariat of china, ok. [00:41]
mircea_popescu it hinders the least effort, bs approach of the ustarded "media", ok [00:41]
asciilifeform it works on moo [00:41]
mircea_popescu but how's this supposed to work. [00:41]
mircea_popescu well moo's not on trackers [00:41]
asciilifeform 'omg111111 is down!!111' [00:41]
mircea_popescu you know, the one red thread here is, a certain mental pattern of the imbecile. "hearn spoke TO BANKS" says the idiot who, after asking two awkward hermit females and a distant relative, gladly reports "i asked WOMEN". [00:42]
mircea_popescu so then "this is the website of torrents!" [00:42]
mircea_popescu because hey, "this is place of work" and "this is paycheck" and "this is life" [00:43]
mircea_popescu he's the same sort of idiot who parks in the nuclear core twice, ~~~discovers~~~ "nothing happened" and announces there's a conspiracy re nuclear cores to make proles believe they're bad for you when really NOTHNING HAPPENS [00:44]
mircea_popescu he's tried twice! [00:44]
mircea_popescu makes me think of the argentines a lot. this very speciffic "wool pulled deeply over eyes" going through things. [00:45]
asciilifeform 1,2,3,maxint [00:45]
mircea_popescu pretty much. a deeply seated, apparently deliberate but certainly defiant opposition to data integrity. [00:45]
mircea_popescu the meaningless-er the better-er! [00:45]
asciilifeform anyway the situation with ru torrent bans, prosecutions of the great b00kw4r3z libraries (yes) etc. is that the copyrasts latched onto putin's 'dictatorship of the law' thing of the past decade to try to have their 'rights' [00:46]
asciilifeform which, unknown to most western folks, include outrages like privatization of classic sov. works incl. children's items which are still ubiquitous, etc [00:46]
asciilifeform and the public at large is largely laughing its collective arse off [00:47]
mircea_popescu not so smart. [00:47]
asciilifeform can't fault their logic though - if privatization of the rest of the shebang (from petro to fish) slid by without mass guillotinings, why not this. [00:48]
asciilifeform and given as the thread holding these folks together is the particular odd notion that books, films, are entirely like petro & fish - unsurprising [00:49]
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asciilifeform in other 'news', sov era 2kB EPROMs have been regularly selling for 5 bux or so each. SOMEBODY's buying. [01:04]
asciilifeform and there are NOT 5bux of au in there. [01:04]
phf perhaps to mount on a wall, framed retro style? [01:06]
* asciilifeform walked 'ebay' and similar and concluded that it is quite feasible to build whole computer, and in fact run a conveyor, out of nothing post-1990 and nothing west of bulgaria [01:06]
asciilifeform phf: it is not uncommon for the listings to feature a link to a modern scan of the data sheet [01:08]
asciilifeform so prolly not for wall hangings... [01:08]
asciilifeform they get plugged in. [01:09]
asciilifeform << spiffy orlol [01:10]
assbot ClubOrlov: Supporting Evidence ... ( ) [01:10]
asciilifeform 'A number of readers ran straight for the “conspiracy theory” rabbit hole. “Conspiracy theory” is strictly a term of abuse invented by the enemies of free speech and used to try to invalidate narratives that are not officially sanctioned by the Lügenpresse (the lying press). This term fails to signify anything beyond the fact that those who use it need to be taken out to the woodshed.' << with new, shiny, teutonic fla [01:11]
asciilifeform vour ! [01:11]
asciilifeform 'Hundreds of Magdeburg citizens affiliated on a Facebook group with the goal of creating a militia. In Barleben, according to an report by the “Volksstimme,” a milita was already formed and patrols the village. Around 70 citizens want to secure their village.' [01:12]
asciilifeform 'Austrian Army Major: “I was at the border today: It's a war!” “21 October 2015: Today is the blackest day of my life. At 11:30 I had to witness with my own eyes how around 5,000 men, all of them young and very fit, breached the Austrian border at Spielfeld, completely unopposed and unchecked.”' [01:12]
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mircea_popescu imo conspiracy theorism is a discrete pathology. now, that derps run off with it... sure, they run off with everything. [01:35]
mircea_popescu but in any case, "rabbit hole" is misused in that context. [01:35]
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ben_vulpes asciilifeform: what kind of os would one run on that kind of hardware? old 'nixy' things? [01:59]
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phf perhaps, alan cox thing, unix that targets z80, builds with pcc [02:20]
assbot EtchedPixels/FUZIX · GitHub ... ( ) [02:20]
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ben_vulpes << deserves tacking on of and re: alan cox [02:30]
assbot Logged on 15-05-2014 00:24:14; mircea_popescu: in which alan cox fucks up the pty. [02:30]
assbot LKML: Linus Torvalds: Re: [PATCH] kdesu broken ... ( ) [02:30]
assbot LKML: Alan Cox: Re: [PATCH] kdesu broken ... ( ) [02:30]
ben_vulpes today i learned that one can else in a for in python [02:38]
ben_vulpes what the shit [02:38]
phf it's a pretty useful behavior [02:40]
ben_vulpes oh i get it now. [02:41]
phf like for example, for stuff in things: if right(stuff): break; else: error("can't get the right stuff") [02:42]
ben_vulpes but that's inside out! [02:43]
phf i think typical refactoring done elsewhere is to put the whole for loop into a small function, replace break with return and then assume that any escape out of loop is an error [02:43]
phf or rather an escape out of loop means that nothing was found and the alternative should be taken [02:44]
phf otherwise you need to do foo=NULL; for(...) {...}; if(!foo) { ... } [02:46]
ben_vulpes looks like ad hoc implementation of common use cases with arbitrary language features to me, but i've also spent a bit of time with the loop macro lately [02:46]
phf but then you potential run into sentinel issue [02:46]
ben_vulpes i just discovered named loops and returning from inner loops to arbitrary outer loops and am just startled at this particular codification of the pattern. [02:48]
ben_vulpes it's an interesting gem demonstrating how the design of a language determines how people think about solving problems in it. [02:48]
ben_vulpes related: mod6 and asciilifeform's v implementations. [02:49]
phf named loops in common lisp? i don't actually know the feature [02:53]
phf but speaking of, lines 92-102, is precisely that pattern [02:53]
ben_vulpes yeah, using variables. [02:54]
ben_vulpes the else thing just threw me. [02:54]
ben_vulpes (loop named foo ... (loop named bar ... (return-from foo thinger)) [02:55]
phf in fact in v's case $verified serves no other purpose, but to do the whole for:else: [02:57]
ben_vulpes exactly. [02:57]
phf oh yeah, re lisp, i've not had a chance to use it, but i'm pretty sure i have a bunch of code that does (loop .. do (catch :foo ... (loop ... (throw :foo ...))) [02:59]
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phf probably can be cleaned up, but where's that catch being interpolated when you do (loop named foo...) [02:59]
ben_vulpes interpolated? [02:59]
phf placed in the form that's the result of macro expansion of loop [03:00]
phf oh, it's placed around, so (loop named foo ...) == (block foo (loop ...)) [03:01]
phf ok, on this incoherent note, i'm going to sleep [03:03]
ben_vulpes ah, blocks under the hood [03:04]
ben_vulpes i've not touched blocks yet. [03:04]
phf ben_vulpes: yeah, you can do macroexpand on loop to see what's going on underneath, though it's probably least readable macroexpansion [03:04]
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punkman bon dia [04:14]
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punkman [04:21]
assbot Global temperatures set to reach 1 °C marker for first time - Met Office ... ( ) [04:21]
punkman [04:24]
assbot Artist Sets Fire to Russian Security Headquarters - artnet News ... ( ) [04:24]
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shinohai <<< also the Sun is hot. More at Eleven. [06:12]
assbot Sean Parker on tech industry's 'tricks': 'Social media feeds our narcissism' | Technology | The Guardian ... ( ) [06:12]
punkman travel by boat an increasingly attractive proposition [06:14]
assbot The Disturbing Truth About How Airplanes Are Maintained Today | Vanity Fair ... ( ) [06:14]
shinohai Perhaps there are equally disturbing truths concerning boat maintenance somewhere. [06:16]
BingoBoingo Overheated, core breach [06:33]
assbot Missouri protesters force media out of “safe space” quad. ... ( ) [06:33]
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punkman [10:31]
assbot Czur scanner : build your own digital library | Indiegogo ... ( ) [10:31]
copypaste Cool, an affordable book scanner [10:32]
copypaste I've seen current professional book scanners, they are huge and cost $10K USD minimum [10:32]
copypaste Oh, actually, it's not that impressive. [10:33]
copypaste I thought it had all the moving parts of a pro one; automatic page turning and so on [10:34]
punkman page turning is tricky indeed [10:35]
copypaste punkman: [10:37]
assbot Fujitsu PA03641-B005 Document Scanner: Electronics ... ( ) [10:37]
copypaste color me unimpressed [10:37]
copypaste this Fujitsu product has been out a year already, and since it's not a KickStarter there's actually a chance of getting what you ppaid for ;) [10:37]
punkman yeah this design seems nice for quick document scanning [10:37]
punkman the foot pedal seems like a nice touch on the Czur [10:39]
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copypaste And here is a pro book scanner like Google would use for their Books service [10:41]
assbot ScanRobot 2.0 MDS: Scanning very thick books up to 15 cm (6 inch) - YouTube ... ( ) [10:41]
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copypaste i doubt they needed that much money just to make a foot pedal [10:41]
copypaste I am again thoroughly convinced that KickStarter is nothing more than a platform for clueless derps to make money on even more clueless derps [10:42]
copypaste well, maybe it's a good thing for Communist countries. It gives people something to do. [10:44]
copypaste "Your job is to turn pages and press a red button." [10:44]
copypaste "Da" [10:44]
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thestringpuller anyone in china that can do me a solid? [12:12]
jurov a what? [12:15]
* shinohai actually wishes he was in China. [12:16]
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thestringpuller "BitPay and Coinbase are forward-thinking companies." My lulz for the day are complete. [12:29]
punkman [12:31]
assbot The desperate tactics being used to avoid inheritance tax - Telegraph ... ( ) [12:31]
punkman "A wealthy, elderly man, for example, could technically marry the father of his daughter’s children. This would enable an estate of any size to pass tax-free into the next generation on the older man’s death. After his elderly “husband” had died, of course, the younger man would be free to marry the daughter, with the estate thus secured intact." [12:31]
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asciilifeform << a unix or any other multitask os, on an 8-bit box with no mmu, running at a few MHz - would be a sad joke [12:46]
assbot Logged on 10-11-2015 04:57:52; ben_vulpes: asciilifeform: what kind of os would one run on that kind of hardware? old 'nixy' things? [12:46]
asciilifeform (though yes, it is physically possible) [12:46]
asciilifeform so no, this would not be your pc, it would be a machine with a specific purpose [12:46]
* hazirafel has quit (Ping timeout: 250 seconds) [12:46]
asciilifeform ideally, a purpose that fit into 64kB of z80. [12:46]
* DreadKnight has quit (Quit: #AncientBeast - Master Your Beasts ( )) [12:47]
asciilifeform (and i anticipate that somebody will mention bank switching. ahahaha. tricks like that demolish the already unenviable performance of such a box) [12:47]
asciilifeform so, a 'soviet' comp built in 2015 would have to have a very specific purpose in life. e.g., xoring serial stream with a onetimepad stored on magnetic tape, or the like. [12:49]
asciilifeform << can't wait for the 'hyooooooman rightz!!!!111' nato bootlicks to help this fella emigrate to usa and practice his fascinating 'art' in washington. [12:50]
assbot Logged on 10-11-2015 07:22:01; punkman: [12:50]
asciilifeform << and they don't flip pages, either [12:51]
assbot Logged on 10-11-2015 13:30:52; copypaste: I've seen current professional book scanners, they are huge and cost $10K USD minimum [12:51]
asciilifeform at least not the $15k one i used some years ago [12:51]
asciilifeform today i use a tripod and ordinary digital cam, similar to how old-time spies used 'minox' [12:52]
asciilifeform it works fine. [12:52]
asciilifeform scanning books is very tedious work, but it is important to remember that: [12:53]
asciilifeform 1) there are NOT so many books worth keeping! [12:53]
asciilifeform and [12:53]
asciilifeform 2) NOBODY ought to have to do this twice [12:53]
asciilifeform which is why a proper w4r3z infrastructure is essential. folks will scan if they have some notion that the result will be taken up and live. [12:54]
asciilifeform for completeness, and because mircea_popescu is asleep, i will mention the third, [12:54]
asciilifeform 3) could always just decide that books are for the birds, and that the congo is an acceptable standard of civilization. [12:55]
asciilifeform 3 comes with risks though. [12:55]
thestringpuller i choose 3 [12:56]
thestringpuller so BIP-65 adoption may kill XT if it's not merged in [12:57]
thestringpuller since BIP-65 and BIP-101 are incompatible in practice [12:58]
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mircea_popescu say my name say my name [13:02]
mircea_popescu [13:02]
assbot Destiny's Child - Say My Name (Official Video) - YouTube ... ( ) [13:02]
thestringpuller today i learned that mircea_popescu listens to destiny's child [13:04]
thestringpuller yesterday I learned what he looked like as a child [13:05]
thestringpuller i wonder what I'll learn tomorrow [13:05]
* jurov googled bip-65 , first cam giihub, second one qntra. wd! [13:05]
mircea_popescu i wonder what the libtards will do when they discover the machines actually like their enemies much better than them [13:06]
thestringpuller iirc from terminator that's when we start time traveling? [13:08]
assbot [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 21252 @ 0.0005509 = 11.7077 BTC [+] {5} [13:19]
mircea_popescu heh [13:23]
punkman [13:24]
punkman in other news [13:26]
assbot ... ( ) [13:26]
mircea_popescu sweet. [13:27]
mircea_popescu who the hell is she ? i have this unshakable impression of knowing the girl [13:34]
punkman remy lacroix, she gets around [13:35]
mircea_popescu oh right [13:35]
asciilifeform recent wash., d.c. lulz for mircea_popescu: , [13:54]
assbot ... ( ) [13:54]
assbot ... ( ) [13:54]
mircea_popescu asciilifeform lol, recall the indian kid ? with an idea ? for an app ? [14:01]
asciilifeform can't say that i do.. [14:01]
asciilifeform and doesn't every indian kid 'have idea for app' [14:01]
mircea_popescu o was such a great thread. lemme fish it out. [14:01]
mircea_popescu asciilifeform << log link y compris. [14:02]
assbot "You cannot fix a machine by just power-cycling it with no understanding of what is going wrong." on Trilema - A blog by Mircea Popescu. ... ( ) [14:02]
asciilifeform the 2nd photo is even lulzier [14:12]
asciilifeform so much braindamage packed into one ad [14:12]
mircea_popescu why ? [14:13]
asciilifeform 'each gift helps outfit a woman for her interview' [14:14]
asciilifeform sorta implies that there is this silent mass of downtrodden mill gurlz or somesuch who could have the coveted american dream (tm) Respectable Job, if only she could afford a new skirt... [14:15]
mircea_popescu nah [14:16]
mircea_popescu you don't understand how the ring works. [14:16]
asciilifeform and that the moneyed ladies who buy ersatz chocolate in a train station for the cost of its weight in plutonium, ought to pay for this [14:16]
mircea_popescu it's not a practical matter. it's that if you give a woman a token she can fix her grip on, she'll be less anxious and more confident [14:16]
asciilifeform which ring? the 'one ring to rule them all and in the darkness bind'em' ? [14:16]
mircea_popescu think baby in bath situation. needs your finger! FOR BALANCE!!1 [14:16]
mircea_popescu so, give her this supervaluable unique important trinket that can focus the love and good will of the community for her. [14:18]
mircea_popescu it's there in mythology as well, for the 50% of the heroic population that's battling cunted demons in their head. [14:19]
asciilifeform baby in the bath wants finger, but won't grab the faucet - how does the charity thing work [14:22]
asciilifeform where is the 'human element' or whatnot [14:23]
asciilifeform or do i just lack the necessary lsd here. [14:23]
mircea_popescu you don't see how the charity aspect actually strengthens it ? [14:24]
mircea_popescu "he doesn't love me, he just likes my tits, doesn't count." [14:25]
asciilifeform precisely [14:25]
* funkenstein_ (~bowler@unaffiliated/funkenstein) has joined #bitcoin-assets [14:25]
mircea_popescu "these people don't even know me! IT MUST BE FOR THE REAL ME" [14:25]
asciilifeform ah, and the charity 'could not possibly like my tits,' ergo - genuine ..? [14:25]
mircea_popescu which, in the kind of the sort of woman that doesn't even own her own suit, is precisely how it goes. "real me = motherhood" or some bs. [14:25]
* assbot gives voice to funkenstein_ [14:25]
asciilifeform 'it must be ~ME~!111!, couldn't possibly be my mass in pork !' [14:25]
mircea_popescu aha. [14:26]
mircea_popescu anyway, the 2nd add is very well done, i wouldn't negrate the author [14:26]
mircea_popescu even tho they're an advertiser. [14:26]
* Xuthus (~x@unaffiliated/xuthus) has joined #bitcoin-assets [14:27]
* hazirafel has quit (Remote host closed the connection) [14:28]
jurov lmao [14:28]
assbot Weltneuheut - Der schnurlose Duschkopf | - Lustige Bilder, Lustige Videos und Picdumps die dich zum Lachen bringen ... ( ) [14:28]
asciilifeform [14:28]
assbot ... ( ) [14:28]
* diana_coman has quit (Quit: Leaving) [14:30]
mircea_popescu (the above is, incidentally, the whole reason and rationale of the diamond ring, and the fact this point is never made in oh-so-edgy and libertarded discussions of the habit plainly indicates for me just how much of women do the incels in question understand, and what miserable family heads they;'d make. [14:30]
mircea_popescu not yet old enough to own his own goat, something pashtun kid passed with flying colors age 11. but hey, maybe "we" "need" to spend more on "education". clearly it's been doing wonders for them.) [14:31]
mircea_popescu anyway, bbl. [14:31]
shinohai <<< kek [14:33]
assbot Peercoin blockchain fork of 2015-11-09 - Peercoin Wiki ... ( ) [14:33]
jurov btw, bitmonero is going to hardfork, too [14:34]
* CheckDavid has quit (Quit: Connection closed for inactivity) [14:35]
funkenstein_ is that a repeat of the block 168000 fork? [14:44]
* Niels_ (4ffbc287@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-assets [14:52]
funkenstein_ maybe not exactly the same but appears to also be related to dynamic linking to whatever happens to be there in openSSL [14:53]
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* BashCo has quit (Remote host closed the connection) [14:55]
* Niels_ has quit (Quit: Page closed) [15:05]
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* ChanServ gives voice to gribble [15:40]
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shinohai [16:20]
assbot U.S. charges three in huge cyberfraud targeting JPMorgan, others [16:20]
asciilifeform preeeet! [16:22]
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* julmae has quit (Client Quit) [16:28]
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* cristina_ (501ebff8@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-assets [17:06]
BingoBoingo I thought it had all the moving parts of a pro one; automatic page turning and so on << Faster still is cutting the spine off of book and using sheet fed scanner [17:18]
asciilifeform BingoBoingo: generally, the books for which this option is attractive are ~already~ on warez [17:18]
asciilifeform and otherwise you're nuking something worth 300-500 usd [17:19]
asciilifeform (depending on the b00k) [17:19]
BingoBoingo Also for that purpose get the trade paperback of the book. [17:20]
asciilifeform again those tend to be findable in clean scan ALREADY [17:20]
asciilifeform and/or being pablum that isn't worth scanning to begin with [17:21]
BingoBoingo Page numbering gets fucked in mass market paperback [17:21]
asciilifeform (if nobody scans '50 shades of shit' or whatnot - it'll be a ~better~ future) [17:21]
BingoBoingo btw, bitmonero is going to hardfork, too << Up to twice a year [17:23]
jurov rly? lol [17:23]
thestringpuller BingoBoingo: that's pretty ingenius. going to tell people that next time someone asks me how to "scan a book" [17:23]
BingoBoingo BingoBoingo: generally, the books for which this option is attractive are ~already~ on warez << Sure [17:24]
* PeterL has quit (Quit: PeterL) [17:24]
BingoBoingo and otherwise you're nuking something worth 300-500 usd << For this you want a sewn hardcover to unsew, or a page flipping monkey [17:24]
BingoBoingo jurov: Yeah, It's what got MP disinterested [17:25]
BingoBoingo again those tend to be findable in clean scan ALREADY << But yes, reason these are available in clean scan is exactly not fancy "book scannzors" but likely sensible people who know to lop the spine off and just do the sheetfed thing. [17:28]
* joshbuddy (~josh@wikimedia/Joshbuddy) has joined #bitcoin-assets [17:43]
* Hasimir has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds) [17:57]
* TheAdversary has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer) [17:57]
BingoBoingo for mircea_popescu [17:58]
assbot ... ( ) [17:58]
* TheAdversary (~adversary@unaffiliated/hasimir/bot/theadversary) has joined #bitcoin-assets [18:03]
* Hasimir (~hfenring@unaffiliated/hasimir) has joined #bitcoin-assets [18:03]
* DreadKnight (~DreadKnig@unaffiliated/dreadknight) has joined #bitcoin-assets [18:07]
* Xuthus has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer) [18:09]
asciilifeform BingoBoingo: actually not a single one of my ru scans looks like the result of cutting spine & sheetfed [18:10]
asciilifeform i suspect that partly it is a cultural thing [18:11]
asciilifeform but partly that you don't nuke something that nobody will be making any more of, and which you ~like having~ enough to want to go through the bother of a scan [18:11]
* joshbuddy has quit (Quit: joshbuddy) [18:18]
* mitch_callahan (~mitch_cal@unaffiliated/menahem) has joined #bitcoin-assets [18:22]
deedbot- [BitBet Bets Bets] 2.00000000 BTC on 'No' - Bitcoin to drop under $190 before Jan 2016 - [18:28]
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* imposter has quit (Quit: Connection closed for inactivity) [19:06]
thestringpuller so for now one buy 2 copies of everything [19:06]
thestringpuller one to gut one for collecting [19:06]
mircea_popescu wait why for me ? [19:08]
* hazirafel ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [19:11]
mircea_popescu << in honesty i never quite understood the "scrap boats" thing in the 30s/40s. or rather, why in the 50s they didn't fix it. [19:11]
assbot Logged on 10-11-2015 09:12:17; punkman: travel by boat an increasingly attractive proposition [19:11]
mircea_popescu ok, so via plane you get there faster. whatever. what if you're not the sort of infantile imbecile that has to get places fast ? [19:11]
mircea_popescu what if what's important is to get there with three women and a library in woprking order, while having your evening port in comfort ? [19:12]
BingoBoingo Boat can have problems too [19:12]
mircea_popescu sure. but on the speed/size continuum all choices are arbitrary. you don't don a spacesuit to be shot to new york. [19:12]
mircea_popescu maybe i want to travel in no less than 1k sqft. [19:13]
BingoBoingo ;;google edmund fitzgerald [19:14]
gribble S.S. Edmund Fitzgerald Online: ; SS Edmund Fitzgerald - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: ; 40 years ago, the 'Witch of November' sank the Edmund Fitzgerald: [19:14]
mircea_popescu "In a truly weird turn, the Mizzou story now seems to have rotated into a battle between activists and another Mizzou institution: the media." [19:14]
mircea_popescu lmao, the media is "a mizzou institution" ? [19:14]
mircea_popescu the media's everyone's enemy, doh. [19:14]
asciilifeform << now we know why atomic dirigible !! [19:14]
assbot Logged on 10-11-2015 22:09:41; mircea_popescu: ok, so via plane you get there faster. whatever. what if you're not the sort of infantile imbecile that has to get places fast ? [19:14]
mircea_popescu asciilifeform but you understand how every urgency is the result of bad design, right ? [19:15]
mircea_popescu the person who's always in a rush is simply stupid by another name., [19:15]
asciilifeform or slave [19:15]
deedbot- [BitBet Bets Bets] 4.00000000 BTC on 'No' - Bitcoin to top $600 before Jan 2016 - [19:15]
BingoBoingo lmao, the media is "a mizzou institution" ? << "Top Journalism School"(TM)(R) [19:15]
BingoBoingo The j-school's building is probably in the best location on campus [19:16]
mircea_popescu heh [19:16]
mircea_popescu see, libtard camp falling over itself on the score of "who shall profit from this event". [19:17]
BingoBoingo Seriously [19:17]
mircea_popescu << no, that's "america". [19:18]
assbot Logged on 10-11-2015 13:40:20; copypaste: I am again thoroughly convinced that KickStarter is nothing more than a platform for clueless derps to make money on even more clueless derps [19:18]
mircea_popescu << word. [19:18]
assbot Logged on 10-11-2015 15:29:16; punkman: "A wealthy, elderly man, for example, could technically marry the father of his daughter’s children. This would enable an estate of any size to pass tax-free into the next generation on the older man’s death. After his elderly “husband” had died, of course, the younger man would be free to marry the daughter, with the estate thus secured intact." [19:18]
mircea_popescu the consequences of the derps "revolutionizing" things are always this one and the same. [19:18]
mircea_popescu not "technically" and not "desperate". the word is "in yo' face, foos!" and "you are poor for a reason, and that reason is you suck." [19:19]
mircea_popescu << books, not even once. [19:22]
assbot Logged on 10-11-2015 15:51:29; asciilifeform: 2) NOBODY ought to have to do this twice [19:22]
mircea_popescu they shouldn't have been fucking books in the first place. [19:22]
mircea_popescu dumbass process from hell. write a blog already. [19:22]
asciilifeform mircea_popescu: like it or not, just about everything worth knowing at present is ONLY on dead tree [19:23]
asciilifeform not even in a live head anywhere. [19:23]
asciilifeform sorta like it's the year 1000 again. [19:23]
jurov ;;ticker [19:24]
gribble Bitfinex BTCUSD ticker | Best bid: 335.0, Best ask: 335.29, Bid-ask spread: 0.29000, Last trade: 335.0, 24 hour volume: 77100.43220391, 24 hour low: 330.51, 24 hour high: 384.44, 24 hour vwap: None [19:24]
* mircea_popescu is in principle opposed to scanning books for the same reason he was against the "preservation of historical buidlings" in (and summarized in ) [19:26]
assbot El ingenioso hidalgo Don Quijote de la Mancha si conul Andrei Pippidi. on Trilema - A blog by Mircea Popescu. ... ( ) [19:26]
assbot N-am putea sa avem si noi on Trilema - A blog by Mircea Popescu. ... ( ) [19:26]
asciilifeform mircea_popescu: you could wait 10,000 years for it all to get rediscovered but IT'S GONNA END UP IN BOOKS AGAIN [19:26]
asciilifeform forfuckssake [19:26]
mircea_popescu ie, there, "it's not the job of the state to protect the cultural patrimony OF INDIVIDUALS and their clans ; if those individuals and clans are so degenerate, bankrupt and chlorotioc as to no longer be able to protect their heritage, let the worms havce it. no, not even for comunist metaphisics ; no, the property of x isn't "ours", no x's history isn't "ours". let them uphold it or let it die. [19:27]
mircea_popescu same exact fucking thing with the books : they belong to a defeated people. [19:27]
mircea_popescu either retel the [19:27]
mircea_popescu either retell the books you care about or let them die. [19:28]
phf après nous le déluge [19:30]
mircea_popescu no. [19:30]
mircea_popescu they lost. i didn't tell them to lose. they did it all on their own. [19:30]
mircea_popescu unless they come back out from the graves and make books matter again, they get burried with them. [19:30]
mircea_popescu i'm not scanning fucking accra idols, either. i piss on them instead. they make fine urinals, for a very good reason. [19:31]
asciilifeform mircea_popescu sees no difference between, e.g., galois algebra, and an idiot idol ? [19:31]
mircea_popescu is it in a book ? [19:31]
mircea_popescu if it's in the logs it gets to live. [19:31]
mircea_popescu if it's not in the log, the difference is not there. [19:31]
asciilifeform it isn't in the log until it is. [19:32]
mircea_popescu so put it in there. but mind what i said : RETELL. [19:32]
mircea_popescu this is important. the defeated tribe does not get to live on through "scanning". [19:32]
asciilifeform i can retell galois or i can $work. [19:32]
mircea_popescu they get culturally absorbed. the price is complete and total loss of identity. [19:32]
mircea_popescu like women marry. no rights for the people of books. [19:32]
asciilifeform btw ru did this when it swallowed europe's maths & eng. [19:33]
mircea_popescu right ? [19:33]
mircea_popescu and look how well it worked. [19:33]
mircea_popescu meanwhile, "america" (the ideal construct, that never really existed) SCANNED the fucking europe books. [19:33]
asciilifeform mircea_popescu, i betcha you learned 'ostrogradsky's' and not 'gauss's' theorem. [19:33]
mircea_popescu look where it's now. [19:33]
mircea_popescu asciilifeform no, it was gauss'. the romanians sat omn the sidelines poking fun at the russians. [19:33]
asciilifeform then only because of this. [19:33]
mircea_popescu yea. [19:34]
mircea_popescu kinda why/how that "ustards keep rebranding things" article came about. the comment in the house of mp was "check these idiots out, like the second coming of some castrated soviets" [19:34]
funkenstein_ hardcopy can survive a generation of nobody giving a shit. [19:44]
mircea_popescu it can't survive this. [19:45]
mircea_popescu it is culturally irrelevant now, because i expect my text searchable and my lines logged and indexed and so forth. [19:45]
mircea_popescu there's no way for books to compete with the log. [19:45]
funkenstein_ as long as there are people of means archiving the log, i agree [19:46]
mircea_popescu this is not a valid precondition [19:46]
mircea_popescu as it's the precondition to culture in general. [19:46]
mircea_popescu if there aren't, books aren't gonna MAKE THEM [19:46]
asciilifeform it can't survive this. << this is demonstrably false. [19:46]
mircea_popescu the us experience again is informative. [19:46]
funkenstein_ look at e.g. greek classics.. would be lost without hard copies in arabic [19:47]
asciilifeform i personally picked up too many of these to list. and they will live for at least as long as i do. [19:47]
mircea_popescu asciilifeform ill be sure to recall this if we dispute computers in the future :) [19:47]
mircea_popescu funkenstein_ they ARE lost. [19:47]
funkenstein_ ouch [19:47]
asciilifeform i dug balanced ternary system out of FUCKING BOOKZ [19:47]
asciilifeform and could have otherwise spent my whole life rediscovering it [19:48]
mircea_popescu good for you, asciilifeform [19:48]
mircea_popescu good for YOU. [19:48]
asciilifeform so this is all batshit. if i need islam i know where to find it [19:48]
mircea_popescu i dug whatever, the giving tree out of a book too. [19:48]
mircea_popescu it sucked as i found it. [19:48]
mircea_popescu and im not linking to the book. because, elementary, can't. because IT is fucking islam. [19:49]
mircea_popescu (i lie, i never read the actual book, it was online or it wouldn't have existed.) [19:50]
phf is the idea that ascii can read book, or whatever, can even give me copy to read, or whatever, but ultimately there's not going to be library of b-a, because only relevant knowledge is whatever ascii or i (in this example) say in the logs, how we got there is our own business? [19:51]
mircea_popescu pretty much. [19:51]
mircea_popescu to put it another way, if you think the SCANNING is time consuming you have nfi. [19:52]
phf right [19:52]
asciilifeform the translation, reading, GROKKING, etc. are very time consuming. i expect to spend most of my life on it. [19:52]
asciilifeform but none of it can happen without the scanz! [19:52]
mircea_popescu i expect you to be happy that your life ends before it. [19:53]
mircea_popescu because... srsly, think about it. [19:53]
asciilifeform not having to rederive, e.g., motherfucking group theory, is ~how we actually advance~. not because better classes of human were dropped down from the sky each generation, no. (quite opposite, afaik) [19:56]
jurov yes, should we recreate everything out of orally handed first principles? [19:57]
mircea_popescu not a matter of should. that's reallty all you got. [19:57]
mircea_popescu not like anyone invented a substitute for actually re-derivign the whole group theory IN YOUR HEAD as part of "grokking" it. [19:57]
mircea_popescu what barbarian apostasy is this, the talisman of book ? [19:58]
jurov and burning the books helps how? [19:58]
asciilifeform ^ [19:58]
mircea_popescu i only burned a coupla! [19:58]
mircea_popescu and also they were not very good. [19:58]
asciilifeform mircea_popescu: talisman of the parachute. it's old, rat-eaten, and has ДОСААФ 1966 printed on it, but ~it's the one you're wearing~ while falling. and you can try to make a new one out of your underwear before you splat, or use that one. [20:00]
phf well, it's very medieval idea (without the negative connotation) or reminiscent of samizdat culture. scans only come when someone asks for a scan, rather then the other way around, i.e. "archiving initiatives" [20:00]
mircea_popescu do i look like i'm falling to you ? [20:01]
asciilifeform no but only because 'i'm ok to ride a horse' [20:01]
mircea_popescu what more could there be ? [20:01]
asciilifeform i mean, this ~is~ a self-consistent thing. pashtun needs galois like a dog needs beets. [20:02]
mircea_popescu do you need all the ars longa you don't currently have ? [20:03]
asciilifeform but mircea_popescu for some reason is not moving to afghan, has not sold his computer, bought moar horse ? [20:03]
asciilifeform actually yes [20:03]
mircea_popescu aha. [20:03]
mircea_popescu relax, alfie. you got plenty of time. [20:03]
asciilifeform i'ma need electron beam lithography, for instance. [20:03]
asciilifeform and possibly a bit of else. [20:04]
* funkenstein_ once had pictures of dog eating beets. Sadly they were never put on paper so lost after a decade or so. [20:04]
asciilifeform phf: at no point did i ever propose 'scan everything' [20:05]
asciilifeform that'd be the braindamaged pack rat approach, and yes, it has adherents [20:05]
mircea_popescu loot the tombs at your leisure. [20:05]
mircea_popescu just for as long as you understand they're tombs. you don't belong there. [20:06]
asciilifeform exactly what i was suggesting re: the scanz. [20:06]
mircea_popescu what's that great quote... [20:06]
asciilifeform and i think i might have once described how maths is to work should a sane computer ever be constructed [20:07]
asciilifeform (as a demonstrable moving part of the edifice) [20:07]
asciilifeform somewhere, in the logz [20:07]
mircea_popescu "My companion drew in the dank, cold air of the Tomb. It seemed to... strengthen him. I stood in the doorway between Light and Dark. What was left of my sanity implored me not to enter. But that voice... was just a whisper now. As we worked our way down, deeper and deeper into the Crypt, I began to see a change in my companion. He seemed to be gaining strength. I could hardly see in the gloom, but my companion seemed t [20:07]
mircea_popescu o know the way. We came at last to a great hall... It was then I realized my companion hadn't been gaining strength. He had been losing what was left of his humanity." [20:07]
mircea_popescu damn the dumbass "humanity" all to hell. [20:08]
* mircea_popescu , perfectly willing to wipe books altogether to get rid of rousseau & friendz. [20:08]
mircea_popescu or in other words, books, much like plutonium, are liable to make your stupid and your offspring monstruous. handle with care. [20:10]
asciilifeform does mircea_popescu have anti-rousseau spray to apply to prevent relapse ? [20:11]
mircea_popescu mno. [20:11]
mircea_popescu i read somewhere it can't be had. [20:11]
asciilifeform this also is sorta what the books are for. [20:11]
mircea_popescu mno. [20:12]
mircea_popescu not unless you mean "cancer is also what people are for" [20:12]
* hazirafel has quit (Remote host closed the connection) [20:14]
phf asciilifeform: right, i'm not arguing your original statement, just trying to understand this part of thread. if i wanted to grok electrodynamics, can get scan, or easier to just walk to friend and get landau of the shelf. doesn't matter that he has millions of other books, or that there's an archive of book scans somewhere. mp's point seems to be that the activity should be treated as tomb raiding either way, rather then "i have a [20:14]
phf library, therefore" [20:14]
asciilifeform phf: everybody and his mother has a copy of landau [20:14]
asciilifeform but many of my own explorations are powered by relatively obscure works [20:14]
mircea_popescu i just don't want the easy mistake be made where the stupidity of the children of books today is ascribed to non-bookdom. [20:14]
mircea_popescu it is UPON THE BOOKS. they, chiefly, mostly, did this. [20:15]
asciilifeform mircea_popescu: 3 y.o. finds an uzi, sprays. not the machine's fault [20:15]
asciilifeform it's an excellent leadthrower [20:15]
asciilifeform the other thing is that, at least from my perch, nowhere are there symptoms that the folks pushing rousseauism actually read the bloody book [20:17]
asciilifeform idiots are perfectly able to propagate their cults without the verbatim text [20:17]
* funkenstein_ has quit (Quit: Leaving) [20:18]
* cristina_ has quit (Quit: Page closed) [20:20]
* Kushed has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer) [20:20]
* Kushed ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [20:20]
assbot [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 4100 @ 0.00055289 = 2.2668 BTC [-] {2} [20:31]
punkman asciilifeform: that'd be the braindamaged pack rat approach, and yes, it has adherents << dunno, I like [20:45]
deedbot- [Contravex: A blog by Pete Dushenski » Contravex: A blog by Pete Dushenski] The danger of unchecked assumptions, or the surprising depths of inequality. - [20:52]
asciilifeform ;;later tell mircea_popescu mazdak, quite possibly, was 'rousseau' long before rousseau. what bookz do we blame him on ? [20:53]
gribble The operation succeeded. [20:53]
asciilifeform unless i catastrophically misread this thread, it is almost as if mircea_popescu thought that stupidity were a ~technology~ that we'd be happily without if only some malefactor had not carefully developed it, and dropped on us, like a nuke [20:54]
BingoBoingo ;;later tell pete_dushenski Tag Heuer is more $1500 than 10 k price range [20:57]
gribble The operation succeeded. [20:57]
asciilifeform ;;later tell pete_dushenski [21:00]
gribble The operation succeeded. [21:00]
assbot The danger of unchecked assumptions, or the surprising depths of inequality. | Contravex: A blog by Pete Dushenski ... ( ) [21:00]
asciilifeform ;;later tell pete_dushenski [21:05]
gribble The operation succeeded. [21:05]
assbot The danger of unchecked assumptions, or the surprising depths of inequality. | Contravex: A blog by Pete Dushenski ... ( ) [21:05]
punkman Buterin doesn't get to keep 44k btc [21:05]
asciilifeform got private key ? could keep if he likes. [21:05]
asciilifeform or what, coke machine ? [21:05]
punkman he must spent it on stupid shit [21:06]
asciilifeform 'must' how ? [21:06]
asciilifeform could move it to a fresh addr and vanish tomorrow. [21:06]
asciilifeform like the others. [21:06]
punkman he already had a chance to do that [21:06]
punkman or maybe never had the keys [21:06]
asciilifeform or. [21:06]
asciilifeform it's a very convenient rationalization [21:07]
asciilifeform when an idiot has xxxxx btc, 'oh but he couldn't possibly have the keyz' [21:08]
asciilifeform why the everliving fuck not. [21:08]
asciilifeform and SOMEBODY has the keys. [21:08]
asciilifeform what now, all of these 'somebodies' are gurus worthy of submission and imitation ? [21:08]
punkman somebody has, and they will spend it on eth "development", "conferences", etc [21:08]
asciilifeform ergo not so smart. [21:09]
punkman whoever keeps it, is smart [21:09]
BingoBoingo Carl Mark Force Model IV has the keys [21:09]
asciilifeform BingoBoingo: iirc the moron sold it all [21:09]
asciilifeform so he'd be a point in support of pete_dushenski's hypothesis [21:09]
shinohai <<< sadly, people will pay to fund shit like this [21:09]
assbot Pillow Talk connects distant lovers as they drift to sleep ... ( ) [21:09]
* mitch_callahan (~mitch_cal@unaffiliated/menahem) has joined #bitcoin-assets [21:09]
BingoBoingo There's more of that idiot's production [21:09]
mircea_popescu asciilifeform but this is the problem of the bloody book. in "removing the requirement for a wot" it creates more problems than it resolves [21:10]
mircea_popescu admitting it resolves any. [21:10]
asciilifeform how does it remove ? [21:10]
mircea_popescu and NO, idiots are not able to propagate anything without the printing press. which is why prior to it there were 5000 different idiocies summing to 0 and ever since tyhen we've been deluged in organised imbecillity. [21:10]
* hanbot has quit (Excess Flood) [21:11]
asciilifeform tora/koran/et al worked fine without press. [21:11]
mircea_popescu and yes, stupidity is a technology like any other. [21:11]
asciilifeform schmucks sat with goose pen. [21:11]
asciilifeform anyway, i need not-having-knuth (or table of motherfucking permeattivity constants, or landau, or,or,or,x10,000) like i need to have my arms and legs and cock chopped. [21:13]
asciilifeform i don't see this argument going anywhere. [21:13]
mircea_popescu i personally read mazdak as a [21:14]
assbot In general evreii trec drept oameni destepti, on Trilema - A blog by Mircea Popescu. ... ( ) [21:14]
mircea_popescu the idea that the torah is a book is a peculiar one. [21:14]
mircea_popescu it's a scroll. [21:14]
mircea_popescu scrolls scan just fine. [21:14]
asciilifeform book in general sense. [21:15]
mircea_popescu there IS NOT SUCH A GENERAL SENSE [21:15]
asciilifeform (via vexual.) seems like they finally killed esp8266. [21:15]
mircea_popescu "usg in the general sense" [21:15]
assbot ... ( ) [21:15]
mircea_popescu books mean a very specific PERVERSION of culture ; much like usg is a very specific perversion of governance. [21:15]
asciilifeform 'esp32' !!111!111 now with all the bullshit you enjoyed not having in the original! [21:15]
mircea_popescu heh. [21:16]
asciilifeform mircea_popescu: i'm approximately as interested in inhabiting a world without landau as you are in inhabiting world without cunt. [21:16]
mircea_popescu so keep it. [21:17]
* thestringpuller_ ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [21:17]
asciilifeform that's kinda what the thread was about [21:17]
asciilifeform but then we get 'but it isn't in the logz, ergo useless' [21:17]
mircea_popescu it is in the log via you. is it ? [21:18]
asciilifeform not wholesale ... [21:18]
mircea_popescu aha so then. [21:18]
asciilifeform 'Besides integrating hardware accelerators for AES and SSL....' [21:18]
mircea_popescu loller. [21:18]
asciilifeform 'a rich peripheral interface with DMA.....' [21:18]
mircea_popescu ahahaha [21:18]
asciilifeform oh for fux sake [21:18]
* mircea_popescu blames books. [21:19]
asciilifeform RIP esp8266 [21:19]
asciilifeform we hardly knewya [21:19]
asciilifeform now i gotta wait for mircea_popescu to teach me to make replacement for it out of horses [21:19]
mircea_popescu "e simplu : pune coaiele pe nicolava". [21:20]
mircea_popescu dja know the joke ? [21:20]
asciilifeform nein [21:20]
mircea_popescu arab guy through the desert [21:21]
mircea_popescu camel is all slow and shit. [21:21]
mircea_popescu sees a camel soup-up and service shop. goes in [21:21]
mircea_popescu "do you make camels go faster ?" "aha" [21:21]
mircea_popescu "make this one go faster then!" [21:21]
mircea_popescu "put its ballsac on the anvil" [21:21]
mircea_popescu the guy does, the mechanic hammers it one solidly, the camel takes off doing something between scared hare and arrow in flight [21:22]
mircea_popescu "that's nice but... i'm still here. how do i catch it now ?" [21:22]
mircea_popescu "put ballsac on anvil." [21:22]
trinque lol! [21:22]
* thestringpuller_ has quit (Remote host closed the connection) [21:23]
mircea_popescu asciilifeform anyway, the thread was about you saying how nobody should have to reprocess books ; and i made the point that but for the historical accident, one wouldn't even have to process them in the first place. [21:25]
mircea_popescu it was meant as a soothing observation. [21:25]
BingoBoingo How does someone sooth a man with such clear and limited emotional registers? [21:26]
deedbot- [Qntra] Preet Ups the Charges for Operators - [21:26]
mircea_popescu << dja qntra that yet shinohai ? [21:26]
assbot Logged on 10-11-2015 19:18:09; shinohai: [21:26]
BingoBoingo shinohai: If you qntra that now make sure to include details and history. [21:27]
BingoBoingo also shinohai if you decide to include it [21:28]
assbot ... ( ) [21:28]
mircea_popescu <<< yeah intel eventually dug out some lines ab out how "hardforking is the future" and it entirely cooled me on the notion monero has any sort of future. [21:29]
assbot Logged on 10-11-2015 20:21:31; jurov: rly? lol [21:29]
BingoBoingo [21:30]
assbot Media must use “StopHillary” Wi-Fi password at tonight’s Republican debate | Ars Technica ... ( ) [21:30]
assbot [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 2072 @ 0.00055208 = 1.1439 BTC [-] [21:31]
mircea_popescu lol. [21:32]
mircea_popescu they're worried about the wrong things. [21:32]
mircea_popescu then again... republicans, right ? [21:32]
BingoBoingo Seriously, now everybody in rf range can sniff their packets [21:32]
shinohai You're right BingoBoingo the pic makes it [21:33]
BingoBoingo But yes, these are typical failings of USia's other socialist party [21:33]
BingoBoingo brb [21:36]
* gabriel_laddel (~Brucio-85@unaffiliated/gabriel-laddel/x-9909917) has joined #bitcoin-assets [21:38]
assbot [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 4650 @ 0.00055208 = 2.5672 BTC [-] {2} [21:38]
* gabriel_laddel has quit (Client Quit) [21:40]
* gabriel_laddel (~Brucio-85@unaffiliated/gabriel-laddel/x-9909917) has joined #bitcoin-assets [21:42]
assbot [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 5792 @ 0.00054816 = 3.1749 BTC [-] {2} [21:43]
* assbot gives voice to gabriel_laddel [21:46]
* BashCo has quit () [21:46]
* hanbot (~hanbot@unaffiliated/hanbot) has joined #bitcoin-assets [21:46]
* assbot gives voice to hanbot [21:47]
punkman << makes one wonder about all the unintended consequences of this revolution [21:47]
assbot Logged on 10-11-2015 22:16:48; mircea_popescu: the consequences of the derps "revolutionizing" things are always this one and the same. [21:47]
gabriel_laddel Well folks, we're 202 days into MP's sustained attack on Stan's identity, and neither side shows signs of tiring. Meanwhile, the cardano languishes on the sidelines... [21:48]
punkman lol [21:48]
assbot [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 5500 @ 0.000553 = 3.0415 BTC [+] {3} [21:51]
* Michail1 ( has left #bitcoin-assets [21:54]
* mitch_callahan has quit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds) [22:03]
* joshbuddy has quit (Quit: joshbuddy) [22:05]
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* joshbuddy (~josh@wikimedia/Joshbuddy) has joined #bitcoin-assets [22:07]
* gabriel_laddel has quit (Remote host closed the connection) [22:07]
punkman lullaby for teh little ones [22:09]
assbot ΝΑΝΟΥΡΙΣΜΑ - ΜΑΤΩΜΕΝΟΣ ΓΑΜΟΣ 1955 - YouTube ... ( ) [22:09]
ben_vulpes gabriel_laddel: good afternoon to you as well [22:11]
mircea_popescu wait wut! ? [22:13]
ben_vulpes << somewhere in there perhaps? i have nfi. [22:16]
assbot #bitcoin-assets log ... ( ) [22:16]
* gabriel_laddel (~Brucio-85@unaffiliated/gabriel-laddel/x-9909917) has joined #bitcoin-assets [22:16]
punkman hmm Uncle Vanya production is visiting, is the play any good? [22:18]
asciilifeform punkman: what's this [22:20]
punkman asciilifeform: which [22:20]
asciilifeform lullaby [22:21]
punkman from greek version of Federico García Lorca's Bodas de Sangre [22:22]
asciilifeform ah [22:22]
asciilifeform gabriel_laddel: what've you been smoking [22:22]
asciilifeform !up gabriel_laddel [22:23]
* assbot gives voice to gabriel_laddel [22:23]
gabriel_laddel ty. Anyways, nothing? [22:24]
gabriel_laddel ben_vulpes: howdy. [22:24]
* joshbuddy has quit (Quit: joshbuddy) [22:29]
ben_vulpes hola [22:30]
* asciilifeform observed an interesting effect. have two very similar pairs of cheapo headphones, but one emits strange scratchy sounds, other does not. then realized that it is the ~insulation on the cord~ that was at fault [22:37]
asciilifeform one set had cloth fiber, to 'look retro' presumably [22:37]
asciilifeform and it scratched on shirt, chair, etc. and vibration - propagates [22:38]
asciilifeform the other, with the more ordinary smooth insulation does no such thing. [22:38]
punkman sounds like the wire is damaged, not the insulation [22:39]
asciilifeform brand new. [22:40]
kakobrekla yeah cable microphonics are annoying as fuck. [22:40]
asciilifeform nono [22:40]
asciilifeform this is WITHOUT ANY CURRENT [22:40]
asciilifeform as in, 100% mechanical [22:40]
kakobrekla yeah. [22:40]
* Guest66401 has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds) [22:40]
kakobrekla seen that more that id wish to admit. [22:41]
kakobrekla than* [22:41]
punkman without current, like cans and string? [22:41]
asciilifeform aha [22:41]
asciilifeform precisely [22:41]
punkman oic [22:41]
punkman never seen this [22:41]
kakobrekla prolly most headphones do this. [22:42]
asciilifeform mno [22:43]
asciilifeform only this set with the cloth cable. [22:43]
kakobrekla most headphones have shitty cable. [22:43]
asciilifeform not in this particular way. [22:43]
kakobrekla superlux do this as well. [22:44]
kakobrekla put them on, unplugged, move the cable, hear noise. [22:44]
* Duffer1 ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [22:45]
asciilifeform never before seen this. [22:45]
kakobrekla just lucky i guess. [22:46]
asciilifeform i've been through perhaps a hundred disposable sets [22:46]
asciilifeform and not one did this. [22:46]
kakobrekla very lucky. [22:46]
asciilifeform l0l [22:46]
punkman question is, does nobody test the things before making a full factory run [22:48]
asciilifeform turns out not [22:48]
asciilifeform OR, more interestingly, yes, and it doesn't matter [22:48]
asciilifeform they laugh all the way to the bank [22:48]
asciilifeform the cloth on the cable is a classic 'fuffle' [22:49]
asciilifeform built to 'spray on' the appearance of quality where none exists [22:49]
* Duffer1 has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer) [22:49]
* sylvain ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [22:49]
asciilifeform sorta like those weights that have - likewise - turned up in certain heaphones [22:50]
* sylvain is now known as Guest57887 [22:50]
asciilifeform which are in no actual way distinct in purpose or in effect from the weights found in fraudulent chinese hard disks [22:50]
punkman so you think it has big magnets? [22:50]
asciilifeform [22:50]
assbot ... ( ) [22:50]
asciilifeform magnets, frame, etc. [22:51]
asciilifeform [22:51]
assbot ... ( ) [22:51]
asciilifeform [22:52]
asciilifeform etc. [22:52]
assbot This Chinese External Battery Is Not What It Seems (5 pics) - ... ( ) [22:52]
punkman lol, bag of sand? [22:53]
* assbot removes voice from gabriel_laddel [22:54]
asciilifeform << vintage lul [22:55]
assbot Islamization Watch: EGYPT: Chinese Alert, Fake Pharaohs and Incomplete Digital Korans Invade the Market ... ( ) [22:55]
asciilifeform 'China stops at nothing: incomplete digital Korans and fake pharaoh finds are invading the Egyptian market...' [22:55]
assbot [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 4400 @ 0.00055049 = 2.4222 BTC [-] [22:56]
* villan has quit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds) [22:56]
* villan ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [22:56]
* joshbuddy (~josh@wikimedia/Joshbuddy) has joined #bitcoin-assets [22:57]
asciilifeform << aka the alcubierre space engine [22:59]
assbot Logged on 11-11-2015 00:20:11; mircea_popescu: "put ballsac on anvil." [22:59]
kakobrekla < just hope its not sand from fuckoshima [23:00]
assbot Logged on 11-11-2015 01:51:21; punkman: lol, bag of sand? [23:00]
* joshbuddy has quit (Quit: joshbuddy) [23:09]
* DreadKnight has quit (Quit: #AncientBeast - Master Your Beasts ( )) [23:14]
* mitch_callahan (~mitch_cal@unaffiliated/menahem) has joined #bitcoin-assets [23:15]
* joshbuddy (~josh@wikimedia/Joshbuddy) has joined #bitcoin-assets [23:19]
deedbot- [BitBet Bets Bets] 15.18664247 BTC on 'No' - Bitcoin to top $600 before Jan 2016 - [23:21]
assbot [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 4000 @ 0.0005568 = 2.2272 BTC [+] {3} [23:22]
* SuchWow has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer) [23:29]
* SuchWow (~SuchWow@unaffiliated/suchwow) has joined #bitcoin-assets [23:31]
deedbot- [BitBet Bets Bets] 3.02484407 BTC on 'No' - Bitcoin to top $800 before Jan 2016 - [23:31]
* mitch_callahan has quit (Ping timeout: 276 seconds) [23:38]
assbot [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 3100 @ 0.0005582 = 1.7304 BTC [+] [23:41]
* mitch_callahan (~mitch_cal@unaffiliated/menahem) has joined #bitcoin-assets [23:44]
punkman [23:50]
assbot DDoS attack may lead to potential service disruption this week | FastMail Blog ... ( ) [23:50]
punkman [23:52]
assbot Poetry Lovers' Page - Rudyard Kipling: Dane-Geld ... ( ) [23:52]
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