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Sunday, 24 November, Year 11 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu
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mircea_popescu ahh, happy new year everyone! [19:18]
mircea_popescu and now, to the log! [19:19]
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mod6 wb mircea_popescu [19:41]
mircea_popescu how goes mod6 ! [19:41]
mod6 it goes! been busy. :) [19:41]
mod6 foundation got a lot accomplished in December, but still have at least one defect to eradicate. [19:42]
mod6 hopefully, won't be too bad. [19:43]
mircea_popescu :D [19:43]
mod6 how was time afk? [19:44]
mircea_popescu actually... ok at first, but it wears thin pretty fast. [19:48]
BingoBoingo [19:48]
assbot Your Friendly North Korean Network Observer by nknetobserver ... ( ) [19:48]
mircea_popescu i ended up fucking reading, which is roughly the equivalent of a gamer that ends up firing his nintendo gameboy because fuck this "real world" shit. [19:49]
thestringpuller huh? [19:49]
mod6 heheh i hear ya [19:49]
thestringpuller game gear is where its at [19:49]
mircea_popescu low tech b-a, on dead trees. because the dirty little secret nobody wants to admit is that people sorted by geographical proximity yields an incredibly limited and ultimately boring set. [19:49]
thestringpuller you nintendo fanboiz pffft [19:50]
mircea_popescu that's why we don't fucking talk to people on the bus, in the train, at the bank. because outside the novelty of it, it's so god damned boring. [19:50]
mircea_popescu thestringpuller nono it was just an example. [19:50]
thestringpuller srsly tho, how can b-a be as boring as florida? [19:51]
mircea_popescu uh ? [19:51]
cazalla thestringpuller, game gear + tv = blown away back in the day [19:51]
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mircea_popescu !s sporadic [19:52]
assbot 13 results for 'sporadic' : [19:52]
* kermit (unknown@pdpc/supporter/bronze/kermit) has joined #bitcoin-assets [19:53]
mircea_popescu look at that, like two weeks. wonder how long this'll take. [19:53]
thestringpuller cazalla: yah i think it did for all da kidz [19:54]
mircea_popescu << here's what blacklists are : some inept "Architect" designed a house that doesn't stand up, so some of the construction crew are left behind supporting walls and whatnot with their backs. [19:54]
assbot Logged on 16-12-2014 19:11:15; jurov: prolly not many [19:54]
mircea_popescu how long can this last ? and why would anyone do that instead of you know, architecture school ? [19:54]
thestringpuller because architecture school is hard [19:55]
thestringpuller you have to do maffs and stuff [19:55]
mircea_popescu "the cock is hard" is no excuse. [19:55]
mircea_popescu if it weren't hard then yeah, one'd be excused. [19:55]
mircea_popescu but when teh cock is hard, there's work to be immediately done. [19:56]
thestringpuller funny, the PE requirement really do force out the n00bs, at least in this state [19:56]
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mircea_popescu whoa this Luke-Jr getting murdered thing... apparently b-a does a perfectly fine job of rendering derps with or without mp. [20:00]
mircea_popescu encouraging. [20:00]
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mircea_popescu "mats: but yes. be less poor." is this in the bash even ? [20:01]
mircea_popescu danielpbarron: this "spam on the blockchain" is only a thing because blocks go unfilled for the most part << exactly. [20:04]
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mircea_popescu Luke-Jr: Adlai: I favour absolute monarchy and small government. <<< afaik that's pretty much ... the majority view here ? [20:08]
mircea_popescu "Adlai: what criterea would you expect a monarch to use when picking a successor?" <<< welcome to the "none of your business, pleb" side of the monarchy stick. why would you expect you're qualified to discuss that ? [20:09]
mircea_popescu anyway, there's no "bootstrapping" a monarchy just like there's no training a virgin. a monarchy exists because it exists, if it does. that's all it can do. [20:10]
mircea_popescu Adlai: the question still stands. how does humanity pick a monarch, or conclude that a currently serving (because it's both a privilege and a duty) monarch is incompetent << humanity does not pick a monarch. and a monarch is not serving, the humanity is serving. if it doesn't [do a good job] of serving, or if it's not lucky to get stuck with a good monarch, it will diminish and eventually extinguish. while both of thes [20:13]
mircea_popescu e are essential matters for its future, only serving is much in its control, and even then, rather vaguely. [20:13]
* Lycerion is now known as GuyJean [20:14]
mircea_popescu !up GuyJean [20:15]
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* assbot gives voice to GuyJean [20:15]
ben_vulpes hola mircea_popescu [20:29]
mircea_popescu Vexual: Luke-Jr: Is it the current one that really annoyed you? << im pretty sure he held the same opinion at the time of jp2. since then there's been one who... abdicated ?!?! (i didn't know they could do that) and all sorts of innovative bs. i can readily see his argument, in that the papacy since perhaps Pacelli has little to do with what is preserved in the literary record of the renaissance and a lot more to do wi [20:29]
mircea_popescu th its historical roots during the french years. [20:29]
mircea_popescu hey ben_vulpes ! [20:29]
mircea_popescu Adlai: kakobrekla: i don't think i've been politically correct or pretending. in case there's any doubt, i also think that there's some level of delusion involved... but i also value conversation over insult <<< how do you distinguish ? "insult" is a subjective construction, like love. it has nothing to do with phenomenology. [20:31]
mircea_popescu "Luke-Jr: adlai: Catholicism has always made a big deal of any attempts to change doctrine; one couldn't do that unnoticed" << now s/catholicism/bitcoin/ and pray. i know ben_vulpes is at times worried on the score. [20:37]
ben_vulpes block scarcity must be preserved! [20:40]
* HeySteve has quit () [20:46]
* assbot removes voice from GuyJean [20:46]
mircea_popescu *: Luke-Jr wonders what kind of former Gentoo dev hates USE flags <<< always fascinating just how facetious this dude gets. i wonder if they have like, a special school in Stupid Kingdom or it just somehow naturally occurs. like radon pouches. [20:49]
* devthedev has quit (Remote host closed the connection) [20:51]
mircea_popescu fluffypony: Catholicism is a snare and a racket. If you're going to have belief in a higher power, at least choose a religion that isn't controlled by a central body with billions of USD at stake. << "if you are going to use shitty software, at least use some fly by night operator rather than microsoft" ? not logical, this. obviously you want the biggest, richest one there is. [20:51]
mircea_popescu asciilifeform: Luke-Jr: 'spam' debate aside - how do you intend to filter the dice txes when the dicemeisters let go of the idiocy of reusing addrs ? <<< why idiocy ? [20:52]
mircea_popescu fluffypony: it must suck to be universally accepted as mind-numbingly stupid and yet not have the intelligence to be introspective enough to see it within yourself and change for the better << guy's wilful. intelligence can do relatively little, and it generally manifests in people who don't have much will to speak of. [20:54]
* gernika (~awt@unaffiliated/gernika) has joined #bitcoin-assets [20:55]
mircea_popescu "Where do anti-good ideas come from? They come from misguided attempts to do the impossible" quite. [20:56]
* assbot gives voice to gernika [20:56]
* rithm is now known as `jcpham [20:57]
* `jcpham is now known as jcpham` [20:58]
gernika hello from buenos aires [20:58]
* jcpham` is now known as rithm [20:58]
mircea_popescu o hey there. how you liking it ? [20:59]
gernika loving it [20:59]
gernika beautiful city [21:00]
mircea_popescu mhm [21:00]
mircea_popescu didja score any local tail ? [21:00]
assbot [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 22000 @ 0.00059782 = 13.152 BTC [-] [21:02]
gernika no. my wife would not approve of that [21:03]
* jordandotdev (uid7502@gateway/web/ has joined #bitcoin-assets [21:06]
mircea_popescu oh :p [21:06]
mircea_popescu Over the course of my career, I've noticed that dramatically fewer of the "early adopters" build successful, secure, mission-critical systems. [21:07]
mircea_popescu i've noticed trhe same. in fact, on a broad look, i fail to think of any particular field in which early adopters are top performers. not even idle chit-chat, where they should be supported by their endless stream of novelties. [21:08]
mircea_popescu they don't; get better sex, they don't drive better cars, live in more comfortable houses or enjoy happier lives. [21:08]
mircea_popescu in fact, "early adopter" will probably go the way of nigger : from a statement of fact to a slur. [21:09]
gernika even early adopters of bitcoin? [21:09]
mircea_popescu anyway, this ranum thing is pretty great : it even cites feynman [21:09]
assbot The Six Dumbest Ideas in Computer Security ... ( ) [21:10]
mircea_popescu gernika they're all bankrupt. look at the people who adopted before me, see who's still moving. [21:10]
gernika mircea_popescu: ok so early adoption stopped in 2010? [21:12]
mircea_popescu mid 2011 actually ? [21:12]
* Namworld ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [21:12]
mircea_popescu obviously everything's going to become "Early" as time goes by, but you gotta draw a line somewhere. [21:12]
ben_vulpes sub dollar. [21:14]
ben_vulpes sub ten dollars. [21:14]
assbot [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 19734 @ 0.00061302 = 12.0973 BTC [+] {2} [21:14]
ben_vulpes sub hundred. [21:14]
ben_vulpes etc. [21:14]
* badon (~badon@pdpc/supporter/active/badon) has joined #bitcoin-assets [21:14]
gernika early adopters are a strange sort [21:14]
mircea_popescu yes. like lunatics. [21:15]
mircea_popescu !up badon [21:15]
-assbot- You voiced badon for 30 minutes. [21:15]
* assbot gives voice to badon [21:15]
gernika self sacrificial almost [21:15]
badon thanks mircea_popescu [21:16]
mircea_popescu how's the pm racket [21:16]
* diana_coman has quit (Quit: Leaving) [21:18]
gernika mircea_popescu: i do notice a sigificant police presence here. [21:19]
mircea_popescu where ? [21:19]
mircea_popescu oh in ba ? maybe they've got a game or something. [21:19]
gernika mircea_popescu: palermo [21:20]
gernika no sign of crime though except bars on everything [21:21]
mircea_popescu Number of visits: 141,392 - Average: 141 s. [21:21]
mircea_popescu ;;calc 141392*141 / 3600 [21:21]
gribble 5537.85333333 [21:21]
mircea_popescu gernika i wouldn't be too worried, argentine policemen are harmless. [21:22]
mircea_popescu mats: i apologize for making this a topic of discussion <<< it was kinda lulzy. [21:28]
mircea_popescu adlai: in the case of multiple business addresses, it's easy, but in the case of the business using a single address, you can still see which input from the customer transactions was used <<< but it's meaninless. [21:29]
* mike_c has quit () [21:33]
* gernika has quit (Quit: WeeChat 0.3.8) [21:36]
kakobrekla >Fuck, the NEWSBTC site said people who are “against paycoin” are “cryptoextremists”. [21:41]
kakobrekla lulz [21:41]
* devthedev (~devthedev@unaffiliated/devthedev) has joined #bitcoin-assets [21:44]
* devthedev has quit (Remote host closed the connection) [21:45]
* assbot removes voice from badon [21:45]
cazalla yeah, that site was sold in november because the guy running couldn't keep up the pace of coindesk seeing they're funded by gaw adverts and newsbtc was not at that time [21:47]
cazalla i was going to write up a big time line of past 2 days events with this gaw garza shit but i'm quite over it all [21:48]
* aegis has quit (Ping timeout: 244 seconds) [21:52]
* gabriel_laddel has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer) [21:54]
* shovel_boss has quit (Quit: Leaving) [21:54]
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* Belxjander (~Belxjande@sourcemage/Mage/Abh-Elementalist) has joined #bitcoin-assets [22:00]
cazalla 38c, windy as fuck, watermelon vine taking a beating : [22:00]
mircea_popescu o hai kako [22:04]
kakobrekla heya [22:04]
mircea_popescu cazalla as a general rule, the two bullet approach is probably best. (news outlet can write on any matter at most twice) [22:04]
* mius has quit (Remote host closed the connection) [22:04]
mircea_popescu mike_c: i hear bitcoins in argentina are dirt cheap too <<< nah, they just don't really exist. yet. [22:06]
mircea_popescu kakobrekla: i dont leave the house if i dont have to. << this can turn into a debilitating issue you know. [22:10]
cazalla mircea_popescu, yeah, i'll leave the mac 10 spray it everywhere and hope it hits to someone else [22:10]
mircea_popescu :p [22:10]
* mius (~mius@gateway/tor-sasl/mius) has joined #bitcoin-assets [22:34]
cazalla damn, so many fires [22:36]
assbot ... ( ) [22:36]
assbot [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 29850 @ 0.00059507 = 17.7628 BTC [-] {2} [22:40]
mircea_popescu mats: looks like an oversized nintendo ds << irlol [22:40]
mircea_popescu asciilifeform: 'can't delete avahi-0.6.31p10 without deleting cups-libs-1.6.3p0 gtk+2-2.24.20p1 gvfs-1.16.3' << brain damage beyond belief <<< "can't delete usg without deleting roads and the sky above". [22:42]
mircea_popescu the exact sort of interested stupidity the gnomes like to peddle. [22:42]
* copumpkin (~copumpkin@unaffiliated/copumpkin) has joined #bitcoin-assets [22:44]
mircea_popescu asciilifeform: just as the cattle rancher. he will be zapped, when the story is sufficiently forgotten and no longer media-enabled << "we never forget. expect us." [22:51]
mircea_popescu the media is not the point here. [22:51]
mircea_popescu gabriel_laddel: BingoBoingo: dosen't matter really. have you met any American cattle? when the country fails they'll find themselves rejected everywhere / killed outright. << the younger females will still be usable. [22:54]
mircea_popescu which really is the best outcome of a failed civilisation anyway. [22:55]
mircea_popescu PeterL: so to become king, you just have to outlive all the other leaders << this is a good half of what the catholics used to do too. [22:56]
mircea_popescu punkman hey, deeds ?! [22:56]
mircea_popescu what the hell's going on with that thing, what has it been, a straight month / [22:56]
mircea_popescu asciilifeform: gabriel_laddel: the very reason why it is still trivial to leave usa is the lack of an obvious destination. << this is not much unlike proposing that the reason the gun's not fired is "because the bullet has nowhere to go". [22:58]
mircea_popescu when it fires, it fires. it'll go wherever it goes. [22:58]
decimation << happy public domain day, the day that nearly nothing enters the public domain (under us law) [22:59]
assbot Public Domain Day ... ( ) [22:59]
* mike_c (~mike_c@unaffiliated/mike-c/x-9105598) has joined #bitcoin-assets [23:06]
mircea_popescu heh. [23:10]
decimation the 'window' for new copyright expiration will open in 2019 I think (right now, frozen at works copyright 1923 and earlier) [23:10]
mircea_popescu asciilifeform: i'm a... sorta what naggum was. <<< ulcerous misanthrope ? [23:11]
decimation someone should start a bitbet that disney will get congress to save mickey mouse again [23:11]
* assbot gives voice to mike_c [23:12]
mircea_popescu decimation i dunno, seems to me all sorts of bathroom pics as well as sony's latest crud got public domaine'd just fine [23:12]
mircea_popescu (and yes they're about same-value items) [23:12]
decimation well, of course. that's why they fear old works going into public domain - they are well aware that old works are generally superior in nearly all aspects [23:12]
mircea_popescu BingoBoingo: gabriel_laddel: If USia disappears Israel probably becomes untenable as a state <<< i have my doubts. for all their noise, the palestinians do not seem genuinely interested in running a state. [23:13]
mircea_popescu taking old western women for all the charity they're worth, sure. actually working ? meh. [23:13]
mircea_popescu they're like greeks, except on the other side of the same old sea. [23:13]
decimation they have an interest in running a mafia it seems [23:14]
mircea_popescu that's always fun. [23:14]
decimation or at least, a semi-criminal organization [23:14]
mircea_popescu PeterL: If US disappears, then many of the other US allies will be having problems, so will be unable to help Isreal << fwiw i suspek the us is on the balance of things more of a problem than a solution. [23:15]
mircea_popescu so yeah the allies will ahve some new problems. easier to solve than their current problems that alliance is causing. [23:15]
decimation yeah I suspect Israel would be able to figure its shit out with out the us just fine [23:15]
mircea_popescu if there's no longer a "public opinion" in the sense that term has been abused by usian know-nothing all-one aunt pollies, all sorts of anal child behaviour will necessarily go away. [23:16]
mircea_popescu there's not large groups of unemployed but healthy youths swarming around crossroads glaring at passengers in places that arent usistans. [23:17]
* Keefe_ is now known as Keefe [23:17]
mircea_popescu random example : somehow the black community in buenos aires - which is ACTUALLY being oppressed into the dirt - is neither hostile nor in any case fearsome to anyone. [23:18]
mircea_popescu somehow they can go about peacefully earning their existence. [23:18]
decimation I suspect that all the Palestinians who have more ambition than scamming old women or stealing 'aid' money have already left the place anyway [23:18]
mircea_popescu so no, it's not "genetic", and pointedly no, the statal measures intended to help do not in fact help, they massively hinder. [23:19]
mircea_popescu decimation wouldn't you ? [23:19]
decimation absolutely [23:19]
mircea_popescu right. [23:19]
mircea_popescu gabriel_laddel: cazalla: consider this a request for a qntra article entitled <<< what makes you thik he'd be in a position to write it ? guy never left australia. [23:21]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [AMHASH1] 1568 @ 0.00089999 = 1.4112 BTC [+] [23:21]
mircea_popescu asciilifeform: for instance, afaik, white man anywhere in east asia is either a miserable wretch, a hermit, or largely confined to an enclave of his own kind. <<< from what i hear it's mostly "just grab any girl and fuck her, ask later". [23:22]
mircea_popescu i guess it depends on the sample. [23:22]
mircea_popescu gabriel_laddel: asciilifeform: absolutely correct. should be something more along the lines of "unemployment rate for skilled programmers". <<< programmers who depend on some sort of regionalized unemployment rate can't possibly be all that skilled. [23:23]
mircea_popescu and god help me this log is tough... barely on the 17th ?! [23:23]
decimation it gets much thinner later [23:23]
* joecool_ is now known as joecool [23:24]
mircea_popescu that's a releif. [23:24]
mircea_popescu gabriel_laddel: wtf is even being discussed. <<< nerds doing metaphores. it's a sight. [23:25]
TomServo calc [23:28]
* TomServo derps. [23:28]
mircea_popescu asciilifeform: i don't own any bitcoin assets, incidentally. << you're on the public record owning a majority of s.nsa lol. [23:31]
mircea_popescu asciilifeform: gabriel_laddel: iirc, that was mircea_popescu describing the virtues of working on inventions in a yurt <<< iirc that was mostly a joke built on the probleblems of garbage collecting. [23:32]
* saulimus has quit (Quit: Leaving) [23:32]
mircea_popescu asciilifeform: PeterL: i do in theory, but it doesn't work yet <<< an asset is not predicated on whether it works or not lol. whether you own the house and whether anyone's paying you rent for it so far are different matters. [23:34]
mircea_popescu holy shit Luke-Jr raises kids and plans to buy sheep, has no clue about anthrax before reading up on b-a ? [23:40]
* AdrianoOliveira (~adriano@ has joined #bitcoin-assets [23:40]
mircea_popescu !up AdrianoOliveira [23:40]
-assbot- You voiced AdrianoOliveira for 30 minutes. [23:40]
* assbot gives voice to AdrianoOliveira [23:40]
mircea_popescu these logs are like better than average. [23:40]
AdrianoOliveira thanks! [23:41]
mircea_popescu sure. [23:43]
mircea_popescu kakobrekla: he is just caught in a local pain minimum. <<< kako is like our blind slovenly prophet. he knows teh truths! [23:44]
BingoBoingo [23:44]
assbot The Most Dangerous People on the Internet Right Now | WIRED ... ( ) [23:45]
mircea_popescu mats: no buttcoin option <<< considering what they want to do is "continue development" i'd much rather they never got a dime anyway. [23:45]
BingoBoingo holy shit Luke-Jr raises kids and plans to buy sheep, has no clue about anthrax before reading up on b-a ? << Why so surprised? [23:45]
mircea_popescu BingoBoingo at some point you run up against the inevitable "how did this guy make it so far" [23:46]
mircea_popescu i suppose that's the best proof he's entirely correct on his religious observances. his continued existence -> best miracle yet. [23:46]
BingoBoingo Sheer inertia of luck [23:46]
mircea_popescu which is exactly the proper context to link ... [23:47]
mircea_popescu [23:48]
assbot Assorted Fruits of Wrath ... ( ) [23:48]
BingoBoingo [23:49]
assbot Geewoks ... ( ) [23:49]
mike_c you're on the public record owning a majority of s.nsa lol. << he actually doesn't own any [23:50]
mike_c lots of options though [23:50]
mircea_popescu i think that qualifies. [23:51]
mircea_popescu otherwise if you could skirt reporting by structuring instruments nobody'd own anything anymore. [23:51]
BingoBoingo !b 4 [23:52]
assbot Last 4 lines bashed and pending review. ( ) [23:52]
mircea_popescu << this one rocks actually. [23:53]
assbot Semi-Final ... ( ) [23:53]
mircea_popescu ahahaha jesus she's been on a roll [23:54]
assbot Hot Buttons ... ( ) [23:54]
decimation yeah that last one was pretty good [23:55]
decimation "you can't just curse a district to democracy" lol [23:55]
mircea_popescu nono, it's "you can't just A then B" [23:56]
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