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Sunday, 24 November, Year 11 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu
mircea_popescu "Vitalik understands growth hacking, and got himself a landing page. It's got that modern, professional, single-pagey look the kids all love, and takes in emails. There's even a countdown to the Revolution beginning, although it's entirely opaque as to what precisely is Revolving other than Satoshi in his grave." [00:01]
kakobrekla anyway re tooltip, it will even do you a newline [00:01]
mircea_popescu lol benkay sounds like he's read a lot of -assets [00:02]
kakobrekla so much leet. [00:02]
mircea_popescu kakobrekla that's the good tooltip [00:02]
kakobrekla :) [00:02]
mircea_popescu "Humans inevitably want to be a part of a thing. Mostly they want to be led into glorious battle by strong men, but since men no longer lead and battle is not a thing, humans now coalesce into writhing, headless balls of worms in the traditional socialist style of leaderless leadership." [00:03]
jurov if/when you fid the unicode problem, ask wao-ender for the text [00:03]
jurov *fix [00:03]
kakobrekla gime the text and ill look at it [00:03]
mircea_popescu lol kako's victory dance was shortlived. [00:03]
benkay what about it, mircea_popescu? [00:03]
mircea_popescu i like it. saves me a lot of typing. [00:03]
mircea_popescu go forth and preach it, sister. [00:03]
benkay 's not like i came up with it myself [00:04]
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mircea_popescu you ripped it ? where from ? [00:04]
mircea_popescu and wtf has exante actually done ? [00:05]
jurov kakobrekla looks like it came from there: [00:05]
jurov [00:05]
ozbot All 15 candidates now officially in presidential race - The Slovak Spectator [00:05]
wao-ender kakobrekla: [00:05]
jurov vhdl? [00:05]
wao-ender yes [00:05]
mircea_popescu vhdl ?! [00:05]
mircea_popescu shit space makes me slow [00:05]
wao-ender It's trick! [00:05]
kakobrekla ok ill take a look at some point [00:06]
wao-ender vov, ten bets, nice [00:06]
benkay mircea_popescu many many -assets conversations [00:06]
mircea_popescu yea well, you still got the words together naked. [00:07]
ThickAsThieves bitcoin magazine isnt done with the derps [00:07]
ThickAsThieves "NXT – Proof of Stake and the New Alternative Altcoin" [00:07]
ThickAsThieves new alt alt [00:07]
ThickAsThieves Yo dawg you like altcoins so much, I ... [00:08]
mircea_popescu proof of stake is kind-of the retarded concept of that original scamcoin, what was it [00:09]
mircea_popescu solidcoin [00:09]
mircea_popescu the guy with the "unspendable" millions that he spent [00:09]
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ThickAsThieves i'm gonna call an altcoin Altcoin [00:11]
* Namworld ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [00:11]
ThickAsThieves then newbs will be like what are these altcoins i keep hearing about!? [00:11]
mircea_popescu hahaha [00:12]
mircea_popescu this is a good idea actually. [00:12]
mircea_popescu "The Ethereum wiki runs Mediawiki, a tool that seemingly lacks any sort of page indexing, leaving me no choice but to look at all recent changes to all pages for the past thirty days to even get an idea of the scope of writing that's been put into the project." << benkay does this, then complains about forum. [00:13]
truffles TAT so meta [00:13]
ThickAsThieves incidentally that is one of my ideas for a blog title "So Meta" [00:14]
truffles haha [00:14]
truffles would read [00:14]
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* JoshG__ is now known as Hasbro [00:15]
benkay whaddaya mean complain about forum? [00:15]
ThickAsThieves i dont write nearly enough to hope I'd be good at it, but maybe I read so much it's possible [00:15]
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benkay i just complain about everything [00:15]
ThickAsThieves wait, isnt that why we're here? [00:16]
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truffles benkay is lurker [00:16]
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mircea_popescu these pretzels are making me thristy. [00:16]
truffles TAT id like to see your writing style, ure prob funny [00:16]
ThickAsThieves maybe one day i'll twitch it for you [00:17]
truffles :) [00:17]
mircea_popescu << o look, even the deconstructivist approach on quotes. [00:19]
ozbot CRS on BTC: Notes and Jokes [00:19]
mircea_popescu benkay learns a lot by watching does he. [00:19]
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mircea_popescu also, [00:20]
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mircea_popescu i like how the research office simply restates the MP stand on the matter back in 2012, [00:21]
benkay ya well what is research after all [00:21]
mircea_popescu yet the "community" and it's "press" fails to print in two inch letters "Hey! We have a guy here that's two years smarter than the best of the USG. That's why you're fucked." [00:21]
mircea_popescu lettuce instead focus on what pothead got busted last. [00:22]
pankkake > metal band skinny puppy [00:23]
pankkake > torture [00:23]
pankkake I guess I'm USG-proof [00:23]
kakobrekla lol [00:23]
pankkake maybe the torture is confusing music genres [00:24]
mircea_popescu you they probably torture with arab koran chanting, or with nun music [00:24]
mircea_popescu kinda funny, if you think about it, how "torture" = enforced enlarging, in this case. god forbid you listen to some music you don't normally. [00:25]
pankkake I would probably like it… I dislike happy music though [00:25]
mircea_popescu what else, they make some modest woman go about naked. torture of all hells. yet other women love being nude. [00:25]
mircea_popescu basically the one thing people most hate is being exposed to other things. [00:25]
truffles pankkake why's that [00:25]
mircea_popescu to the degree it's "torture" [00:26]
pankkake truffles: happy music makes me sad, while sad/dark music calms me [00:26]
truffles weird [00:26]
truffles sad music makes me even sadder [00:27]
kakobrekla and happy music just sad? [00:27]
truffles cheery [00:27]
pankkake [00:27]
truffles gotta turn on the sad music to go with sad mood amirite [00:27]
ThickAsThieves "altcoin" is in the works [00:28]
* twizt has quit (Quit: Page closed) [00:28]
kakobrekla make it sha [00:28]
ThickAsThieves i did [00:28]
pankkake metaltcoin? [00:28]
truffles omg pankkake no seizure warning [00:29]
kakobrekla btw if someone wants to do it, primecoin fork with a finite coinbase should do better than most of alts outthere imho [00:31]
ThickAsThieves subprimecoin [00:32]
pankkake with a coin cap? [00:32]
pankkake maybe so, but it will happen eventually [00:32]
pankkake certainly slower without asics [00:32]
pankkake (block reward decreases with difficulty increasing) [00:33]
ThickAsThieves no, Altcoin will be the clear winner because it actually serves a purpose: to clean up the ridiculous altcoin market so everyone can relax, focus on one, and become rich just like early bitcoin adopters! [00:34]
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* libbelol has quit (Read error: Operation timed out) [00:34]
ThickAsThieves i'll do to altcoins what i did to mining binds [00:34]
pankkake oh it's an altcoin named altcoin [00:34]
ThickAsThieves bonds* [00:34]
pankkake let's hope so! [00:34]
ThickAsThieves gut it [00:34]
kakobrekla whens the release [00:35]
ThickAsThieves waiting for coingen and the seat of my pants [00:35]
* LorenzoMoney1 has quit (Quit: KVIrc 4.2.0 Equilibrium [00:35]
pankkake I'll mine it unless it's scrypt [00:36]
ThickAsThieves sha [00:36]
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ThickAsThieves maybe i'll have post in forums and put in my sig [00:36]
pankkake maybe that block erupter will make me rich after all [00:36]
ThickAsThieves lol [00:36]
mircea_popescu Much of the noise in the liberal American internet revolves around making people feel good by talking about things they think are bad and raising the consciousness in a futile quest to change the world by talking. There are hugely diminishing returns to raising consciousness (even assuming the ideas you're promulgating aren't of the rankest communist origin). << this. [00:37]
mircea_popescu fucking "raise awareness". [00:37]
mircea_popescu it only works for boobs. [00:37]
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benkay you gotta stop this mp [00:37]
benkay gonna make me think my opinions aren't useless blather [00:38]
ThickAsThieves it's a good point [00:38]
pankkake writing your opinions make you stronger [00:38]
benkay writing makes your thinking stronger. [00:38]
pankkake yes, that [00:38]
mircea_popescu no actually it's been quite a pleasant read, and you have good points well stated. [00:39]
mircea_popescu it's of value. [00:39]
benkay staaahp [00:39]
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benkay ty :) [00:39]
mircea_popescu lol [00:39]
mircea_popescu s;thematter, noone ever said anything nice to you ? [00:40]
benkay problem rather that constructive criticism is so damn hard to come by [00:40]
mircea_popescu [00:40]
ozbot i wiil give cryptsy a sugestion since withdrawal delay so much [00:40]
mircea_popescu this guy rocks [00:40]
benkay praise is cheap, i'm an american child [00:40]
mircea_popescu yes, but even us folk occasionally do things well. [00:41]
mircea_popescu it can happen. [00:41]
mike_c that guy could probably help mtgox too [00:41]
kakobrekla lol [00:41]
mike_c satoshidaemon to the rescue :) [00:41]
kakobrekla it be dead. [00:41]
mircea_popescu lol [00:41]
truffles Apocalyptic around? [00:42]
mircea_popescu [00:42]
ozbot Ripped OFF by [00:42]
benkay i expect what i do to be pretty good, and for people to say 'wow that's awesome' if they're easily impressed (or paste into -assets or w/e). what i vastly prefer is "listen kid, stop blathering here here and there" [00:42]
mircea_popescu ALL OF YOU HATERS can go back and get your commissions from "TIC" now and STFU and stay off my honest and legit. post. [00:42]
mircea_popescu you payin' kako ? [00:42]
kakobrekla ok guys im outta here bye [00:43]
truffles benkay samples? [00:43]
kakobrekla mircea_popescu thats the dude from the customs btw. [00:43]
pankkake the guy is a law student according to his other posts [00:43]
mircea_popescu epic shit. [00:44]
pankkake I just want to slap him [00:44]
ozbot COINBASE - Serious Issue - Reversing Bank Deposits, erroneous withdrawals, etc.. [00:44]
mircea_popescu he could be the Consumer meets Bitcoin mascot. [00:44]
kakobrekla lol [00:45]
KRS1 I hate to bring this up again.. that article "You Can Raise It But You Can't Spend It" still doesn't make sense to me. [00:45]
mircea_popescu KRS1 but you gotta form a question/challenge of som sort [00:46]
mircea_popescu else ppl will just go "well that's nice". [00:46]
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truffles haha [00:46]
mircea_popescu "Yahoo Voices is where your expertise and perspectives take center stage! Here you will find millions of articles, videos, and slideshows on every topic – published by Yahoo users, just like you." [00:47]
mike_c i would like it make sense. what is unclear? [00:47]
mircea_popescu god help me. you mean yahoo is seriously going to do the whole bs usg thing in 2014 ?! after it died ? [00:47]
benkay mhm [00:47]
KRS1 Companies typically launch an IPO to raise funds, along with a business plan, to bring a particular product or service to market with the intent on making a profit. Why shouldn't a company raise funds for X amount of BTC, cash it in for fiat? According to the business plan, the investment should request $X dollars for Y project. As long as the funds are matched, and everything falls [00:48]
KRS1 into place, the rest is trivial. IPO's are not meant to capitalize and profit directly from investment money. [00:48]
mircea_popescu IPO's are not meant to capitalize and profit directly from investment money. << ?! what ?! [00:48]
mike_c in bitcoinlandia, there are 2 types of ipos [00:49]
KRS1 That money is to be used for the particular product or service mentioned in the business plan, right? Or do companies reinvest the money raised from the IPO and make that grow? [00:49]
mircea_popescu in general a share placement capitalises the corp. that capital is then deployed. [00:49]
mircea_popescu this system whereby corps announce what they intend to use the money for is rare irl. [00:49]
kakobrekla more common in croudfunding shit [00:50]
KRS1 The capital is deployed is key here. [00:50]
kakobrekla which is what btc ipos are [00:50]
kakobrekla only they are croudscamming [00:50]
mike_c well, so is most fiat crowdfunding too [00:50]
KRS1 The IPO funds should not be reinvested and grown further, they should be used to fund the project mentioned in the business plan right? [00:50]
mircea_popescu KRS1 yes. the company, once capitalised, has a fiduciary duty to deploy capital efficiently. [00:50]
KRS1 So a bitcoin IPO is very different than fiat IPO? [00:51]
mircea_popescu efficiently means it will see positive returns above the risk free rate [00:51]
KRS1 Right, and thats what I'm having a problem with. [00:51]
mircea_popescu aha ? [00:51]
KRS1 Why can't the company cash in the BTC to fund the project? [00:51]
kakobrekla [00:51]
mircea_popescu because it's likely that this will result in negative returns [00:51]
ThickAsThieves they can [00:51]
mircea_popescu which is contrary to wat the company is supposed to be doing [00:51]
ThickAsThieves the point is way simpler than all this [00:52]
ThickAsThieves when you invets your bitcoins, you are selling them and buying that thing [00:52]
ThickAsThieves so dont expect to get more bitcoins than you put it [00:52]
ThickAsThieves in [00:52]
* naemsi has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds) [00:52]
ThickAsThieves what mp is saying [00:52]
mircea_popescu ThickAsThieves this isn't really the thing discussed tho [00:52]
mike_c i didn't see that statement on the neobee prospectus :) [00:53]
kakobrekla so dont expect to get more bitcoins than you put it < wait what?? [00:53]
pankkake "HKCex will also allow customers to use deposit and withdraw funds to credit cards using a PayPal gateway" interesting. no dogecoins though [00:53]
ThickAsThieves is that he feels that is a major consideration [00:53]
ThickAsThieves for the company [00:53]
ThickAsThieves when to spend bitcoin [00:53]
kakobrekla why would ANYONE invest in ANYTHING then [00:53]
KRS1 Once you reach yor capitalisation goal, why can't yo ujust move on and mature the IPO as discussed in the business plan? The idea is not to make money off the initial investment, its to make money according to the business plan. [00:53]
ThickAsThieves but that company cant outpace bitcoin appreciation in whatever currency it plays in [00:54]
mircea_popescu pankkake kakobrekla curious how long that lasts. [00:54]
mircea_popescu KRS1 ok, forget bitcoin for a moment, cause this is perhaps throwing you. [00:55]
mircea_popescu suppose you are running the Fuckville power plant. [00:55]
KRS1 Who cares how much you could have made off of the initial BTC investment. As long as you've reached your investment goals, deploy the capital and fund the project. [00:55]
mircea_popescu this plant runs on coal. [00:55]
mircea_popescu you have some money to buy coal. [00:55]
mircea_popescu coal today costs 100 a ton. [00:55]
ThickAsThieves you might even say that investing in a specifically bitcoin-industry business exacerbates this problem [00:55]
assbot [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 12400 @ 0.00091709 = 11.3719 BTC [-] [00:55]
mircea_popescu they just open a new coal mine. this coal mine is larger than any one on earth, and close to your plant. [00:55]
mircea_popescu you figure at this juncture coal prices will likely go down, if nothing because of transport, and so forego buying coal yet. [00:56]
mircea_popescu next week, the coal mine installs steam power [00:56]
mircea_popescu you figure, this will take coal even lower. and forego again. [00:56]
mircea_popescu next week, they bring in mega tip top drilling tools. you again.... [00:56]
mircea_popescu now. you nominally are in the business of buying coal, [00:56]
mircea_popescu nevertheless your correct decision has so far been to not buy any coal. [00:56]
mircea_popescu what's the problem ? [00:56]
ThickAsThieves youre in the wrong business [00:57]
KRS1 yup [00:57]
mircea_popescu no, you're not. [00:57]
KRS1 Go back to your directors and tell them to rewrite the business plan [00:57]
KRS1 and IPO [00:57]
mircea_popescu uh. [00:57]
ThickAsThieves lol [00:58]
mircea_popescu you're in the wrong business because your business just got better ? [00:58]
mircea_popescu this doesn't make sense at all. [00:58]
ThickAsThieves we're going back! to the future! [00:58]
KRS1 You are god damned right it doesnt =/ [00:58]
ThickAsThieves nothing got better [00:58]
ThickAsThieves it just didnt get worse [00:58]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [CFIG] 1 @ 0.12 BTC [-] [00:58]
ThickAsThieves and since time passed, it did get worse [00:58]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [B.SELL] 5 @ 0.126 = 0.63 BTC [+] [00:58]
mircea_popescu it got better, your expenses keep dropping [00:58]
mircea_popescu which means your margins keep improving. [00:58]
KRS1 And investors keep wondering why they invested so much. [00:59]
mike_c as opposed to the investors in the company that DID keep buying coal and lost a shitload of money [00:59]
mircea_popescu right. [00:59]
KRS1 At the club house they are getting laughed at by their colleagues. [00:59]
kakobrekla lmao [00:59]
kakobrekla is this cartoon network? [00:59]
mircea_popescu it seems so [00:59]
ThickAsThieves why arent more startups proclaiming to be 100% bitcoin? [01:00]
KRS1 Their wives are ready to leave them and even the security guard at their estate is giving them better investment tips. [01:00]
ThickAsThieves i'll start a record label [01:00]
mircea_popescu ThickAsThieves because the club house is mostly populated by retards. [01:00]
mike_c krs1, wait a year. the clubhouse will have an enitrely different population. [01:00]
ThickAsThieves and i wont deal with anyone unless its bitcoin [01:00]
ThickAsThieves wanna be a vendor? whats your wallet addy? [01:00]
ThickAsThieves etc [01:00]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [B.EXCH] 2 @ 0.24310363 = 0.4862 BTC [01:00]
mircea_popescu ThickAsThieves sounds like for sound. [01:00]
mircea_popescu if people were actually willing to pay for music this may be a brilliant idea. [01:01]
KRS1 So if we all invest in a company that needs $100 dollars, using bitcoin, as long as the $100 dollar investment goal has been reached, what is wrong with executing the rest of the business operations? [01:01]
ThickAsThieves before i found bitcoin that was the plan a label called Thick As Thieves [01:01]
ThickAsThieves maybe i mix em [01:01]
KRS1 Its perfectly fine to cash in btc for fiat at the time because $X dollar investment has been reached to launch business operations. [01:01]
mircea_popescu KRS1 that you don't want to buy a house on fire at the list price. [01:01]
mircea_popescu let them either put the fire out or else let the fire run out and see what it's worth [01:02]
KRS1 You have to purchase at some point though..time is money. [01:02]
mike_c around we go. what is wrong with it is that in a year that company will be worth $200 and the bitcoins it raised will be worth $2,000 [01:02]
mircea_popescu jurov << pretty good shit. nice and thorough. [01:02]
KRS1 mice_c: Investment funds are requested using an IPO based on a business plan. If you never execute it and expecting your capital to fund the business, thats a big problem. [01:03]
benkay that'd be because i wrote it, mircea_popescu [01:03]
mircea_popescu benkay wait, wut ? [01:03]
ThickAsThieves maybe this could be the first charge of the Bitcoin Republik, we make a 100% Pure Bitcoin badge [01:03]
benkay ;) [01:03]
jurov benkay, maybe you wrote it and you will get paid [01:04]
ThickAsThieves any person or entity that only deals in bitcoins [01:04]
jurov but it was wildly inaccurate at places [01:04]
mike_c yes, it's not that companies using their bitcoins are doing something "wrong", just stupid. [01:04]
truffles lotta bitcoiners straddling the fence, makes me doubt their faith [01:04]
mircea_popescu lol jurov is such a capitalist :D [01:04]
jurov btw, part 8 futures is there too [01:04]
benkay there were mistakes in the pricing examples. [01:04]
deadweasel mind you all, i failed at it first. [01:04]
benkay scuse me - i made mistakes in the pricing examples. [01:04]
KRS1 If the market crumbles on bitcoin and you never executed your business plan and angry investors everywhere want your head then what? [01:05]
truffles hide [01:05]
KRS1 This is why I think that article is bunk. [01:05]
deadweasel change usernames [01:05]
ThickAsThieves well it was part of the plan right? [01:05]
KRS1 Well written, but has no logical basis. [01:05]
mircea_popescu KRS1 but looky, what officers do is make calls. [01:05]
mircea_popescu some of them make good calls, some of them make bad calls. [01:06]
ThickAsThieves just state in your plan your bitcoin strat [01:06]
mircea_popescu this is the substance of the ipo [01:06]
mircea_popescu not some "business plan", that's not how ipos work [01:06]
mircea_popescu that's how board meetings work, where the board selects ceos [01:06]
KRS1 Its an intriguing problem, but if the IPO is never launched and the business keeps investing the initial investment funds, which is risky, then this is idiotic imo. [01:06]
mircea_popescu i guess in retrospect this is yet another one of those places where naive "financiers" of the glbse troop confused discting things cause well, what did they know [01:07]
kakobrekla KRS1 if you dont want bitcoin exposure, GET THE FUCK OUT OF BITCOIN [01:07]
ThickAsThieves so mp, he has a point you should elaborate on [01:07]
mircea_popescu KRS1 well sure. but in principle, yeah, if you don't trust a unit of account it's saner for you not to hold it at all [01:07]
KRS1 kakobrekla I think you are missing what I'm saying..sorry if I wasn't clear.. [01:07]
mircea_popescu than to invest in corps that use it but have foreign assets. [01:07]
ThickAsThieves what specifically IS your recommendation on how a bitcoin-funded op spends [01:07]
mircea_popescu for instance : if you think the dollar is going to shit, you're better off buying euro, than buying Ford shares on the thinking that ford does business in yurp [01:08]
mircea_popescu at least grosso modo speaking [01:08]
benkay hey mircea_popescu Ubitex looks like it beat Skepsidyne to listing: [01:08]
KRS1 ThickAsThieves: My recommendation is simple...if the IPO requests $X amount of dollars to fund project Y, convert BTC to fiat and execute the business plan accordingly to yeield project Y. Simple. Don't reinvest investment dollars. Thats stupid. [01:08]
mircea_popescu o hey yes. benkay. "Shares are not securities." lolzy [01:08]
kakobrekla they are indeed insecurities, mostly. [01:09]
mike_c ThickAsThieves: a btc-funded op should spend its money to make more bitcoin. like to bankroll just-dice. [01:09]
ThickAsThieves like if S.MG has a fiat expense, what, youre gonna rob shareholders? [01:09]
mircea_popescu KRS1 "if the IPO requests $X amount of dollars to fund project Y" contradicts " convert BTC to fiat" [01:09]
ThickAsThieves we're kinda saying all spending of bitcoin is bad business, right? [01:10]
mike_c yes [01:10]
mircea_popescu we're saying that the quick increase in the btc rate puts responsible, competent ceos in the position where they forego fiat deployments [01:11]
mircea_popescu this is a major problem for bitcoin atm. [01:11]
KRS1 But you have to spend it to make anything happen. [01:11]
ThickAsThieves atm, or forever? [01:11]
mircea_popescu no argument. which is why it's a problem. [01:11]
mircea_popescu ThickAsThieves hopefully it settles down. [01:11]
mike_c seems like s.nsa built cardano with 2% of their ipo funds [01:11]
ThickAsThieves such a waste! [01:12]
mircea_popescu mike_c well, there's only prototyping for one board reported yet, and moreover most of the cost is engineering time, which obviously doesn't show [01:12]
KRS1 You aren't launching an IPO in hopes to do business to reinvest investment funds. You are launching an IPO to do business according to the business plan of whatever business you are going into. BTC is irrelevant. [01:12]
mircea_popescu seems a misrepresentation of what an ipo is. [01:12]
mike_c yes, it doesn't show. but that's the point. you don't necessarily have to spend a lot to make progress. [01:12]
pankkake I don't know many businesses that end up doing what was planned at first [01:12]
kakobrekla KRS1 a bunch of companies have a bunch of people dealing nothing but with FX risks [01:13]
pankkake I mean, not exactly [01:13]
kakobrekla which are way smaller there than here. [01:13]
kakobrekla think about that. [01:13]
KRS1 I must be out of my mind for thinking logically here and believing an IPO and a business plan should work together to do exactly what they fucking say they are going to do. [01:13]
mircea_popescu you are, yes. [01:13]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [AM1] 1 @ 0.60000001 BTC [-] [01:14]
mircea_popescu you're basically proceeding into some sort of glbse/kickfunder extrapolation as if it were a thing [01:14]
* KRS1 reminds himself to go get a refund on his BBA degree. [01:14]
mircea_popescu they're marginal. [01:14]
mike_c krs1, that is simply incorrect. [01:14]
mircea_popescu da fuck was tha tthing called anyway, fundkicker, gofuckme, what. [01:14]
mike_c no investor in an early-stage company expects them to "follow the business plan" [01:14]
KRS1 kickstarter? [01:14]
mircea_popescu that [01:14]
mike_c kickstarter is a lot like btc bizness. 99:1 bullshit but there are some gems. [01:16]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [B.MINE] 3 @ 0.2 = 0.6 BTC [+] [01:16]
mircea_popescu right, but that's more like a "daddy, gimme some dough to buy beer" sort of venue [01:16]
mircea_popescu in which case i suppose if you take the beermoney and buy pot daddy has the recourse of wtf, i gave you that twenny for beer not for pot. [01:16]
mircea_popescu an ipo is more like, i am a carpenter, give me money to carpent. the investor has no recourse as to whether the carpenter buys a hammer or a saw, [01:17]
mircea_popescu and when exactly. [01:17]
mircea_popescu in short, being an actual ceo of an actual corp which does an actual ipo, you are a professional. [01:17]
mircea_popescu being a pseudo-ceo of a pseudo-corp which does a kickstarter thing, you are a whatever, etsy service representative. [01:18]
benkay;all [01:19]
ozbot luke-jr is a scammer - he renegged on a bitcoin futures contract [01:19]
mircea_popescu in a more wtf line of inquiry, check out this bet that just closed : [01:20]
mircea_popescu [01:20]
ozbot BitBet - China's GDP growth to exceed 8% any quarter in 2013 [01:20]
mircea_popescu the datasource (china's stat bureau) has pretty much given up on publishing data [01:20]
mircea_popescu last is q1 2013. [01:20]
mircea_popescu kakobrekla any idea on wtf we do ? [01:20]
mircea_popescu benkay see, your mind's enriching already. [01:20]
benkay but not my pocket [01:22]
mircea_popescu generally your pocket starts enriching once impotence starts showing up [01:22]
mircea_popescu at least that's what i find [01:22]
benkay HURRY UP AND WILT, BONER [01:23]
mircea_popescu lol [01:23]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [AM100] 77 @ 0.00570329 = 0.4392 BTC [-] {3} [01:25]
mircea_popescu "Anyone who likes Bitcoin really shouldn’t want any new currencies to be created." [01:25]
benkay need moar coins. anyone have any bonerbgone? [01:25]
mircea_popescu derp. anyone knows this daniel fellow from the mises circle website ? [01:25]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [B.MINE] 1 @ 0.2 BTC [+] [01:26]
benkay i kinda take the opposite line on that one - anyone who likes bitcoin should be pleased at the cambrian derpsplosion of altchains [01:27]
* freshcoin ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [01:28]
mircea_popescu indeed. [01:28]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [CBTC] 4845 @ 0.00009649 = 0.4675 BTC [+] {2} [01:30]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [MS] 20000 @ 0.005 = 100 BTC [01:30]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [B.EXCH] 2 @ 0.24310363 = 0.4862 BTC [01:30]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [SFI] 150 @ 0.00084999 = 0.1275 BTC [+] [01:32]
benkay holy shit one had to run GLBSE in a VM?! [01:32]
mircea_popescu um [01:33]
mircea_popescu i don't think you realise how rare deidcated servers were in 2011. [01:33]
benkay uh [01:33]
KRS1 that shit started to really change in 2009 [01:34]
benkay i'm just a little astonished that one booted a vm to trade these securities [01:34]
KRS1 bah nothin wrong with that imo [01:34]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [B.MINE] 1 @ 0.13499919 BTC [-] [01:35]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [B.SELL] 1 @ 0.126 BTC [+] [01:35]
* naemsi (~wanderwah@gateway/tor-sasl/wanderwah) has joined #bitcoin-assets [01:35]
mircea_popescu [01:36]
ozbot Pay With Bitcoin [01:36]
mircea_popescu o look, coinbase is trying to steal bitpay's lunch [01:36]
KRS1 mircea_popescu: back to that- good analogy btw heh [01:36]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [B.EXCH] 1 @ 0.24310363 BTC [01:36]
* daybyter has quit (Quit: Konversation terminated!) [01:36]
mircea_popescu worthless businesses built on worthless models with no defensibility whatsoever by worthless ycombinated minds. [01:36]
mike_c coinbase been pushing that hard. offering $1m in free transactions to business that sign up with them. [01:37]
assbot [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 11510 @ 0.0009157 = 10.5397 BTC [-] [01:37]
mircea_popescu i noticed they take no fees [01:37]
mircea_popescu bye bye bitpay revenue for q1. [01:37]
mircea_popescu what did they make, 300k q4 ? [01:37]
mircea_popescu 287.84 of which out of businesses that did less than $1m historically. [01:38]
mircea_popescu KRS1 there's a more subtle problem than the spending bitcoin thing. [01:38]
mircea_popescu all i have to do all day is sit here and admire how people fail. i don't even have to do anything at all. just sit pat. [01:39]
mircea_popescu now that's an outrage. [01:39]
pankkake isn't coinbase usa only? [01:39]
mike_c i don't think that will last. surely competant competition will emerge at some point. [01:39]
mircea_popescu that bitcoin not spent is better than bitcoin spent we could perhaps live with. [01:39]
mircea_popescu mike_c before or after btc stabilizes ? [01:40]
mike_c hm [01:40]
mircea_popescu obviously eventually time fixes all problems. [01:40]
mircea_popescu but you see what i mean. [01:40]
mike_c yeah, you've got time :) [01:40]
mircea_popescu pankkake even if it is, for what good reason would it stay that way ? [01:40]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [AM100] 38 @ 0.00570214 = 0.2167 BTC [-] [01:41]
mircea_popescu shit. AND i finished the cognac [01:41]
kakobrekla mircea_popescu feeless refund [01:41]
mircea_popescu fucking friday night. nao what ;/ [01:42]
mircea_popescu kakobrekla i think so yeah. [01:42]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [B.MINE] 2 @ 0.19995 = 0.3999 BTC [+] {2} [01:42]
assbot [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 10400 @ 0.00091334 = 9.4987 BTC [-] {2} [01:42]
mircea_popescu can't hold the btc hostage till china. that may be 55 years. [01:42]
benkay mircea_popescu: [01:42]
* truffles has quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds) [01:42]
mircea_popescu lol [01:42]
mircea_popescu ftr, she was active for like two weeks [01:43]
mircea_popescu because even then the forum was so derptarded... [01:43]
benkay i imagine she had a business to run! [01:43]
mircea_popescu << [01:44]
ozbot Mistress Kang [01:44]
benkay i see she's doing the nikki minaj routine [01:44]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [B.SELL] 1 @ 0.126 BTC [+] [01:44]
benkay heh [01:45]
benkay [01:45]
mircea_popescu the problem with vaudeville is that you're stuck mimicking mainstream [01:45]
mircea_popescu anyway. never cared for her boobjob. [01:45]
benkay was going to say [01:46]
* mudpit22 has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds) [01:46]
pankkake oh they had kiko wu! *pornstalgia* [01:46]
KRS1 mircea_popescu: goes back to something I've noticed as I get older, most fuckwits in business or whatever it is they do, barely do it right. They're usually off putting their efforts in farting or dancing or whatever it is they do other than their jobs. [01:49]
mircea_popescu true. [01:49]
* djcoin_ ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [01:50]
* kleinessteak ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [01:51]
assbot [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 12150 @ 0.00090902 = 11.0446 BTC [-] [01:51]
mircea_popescu i can't believe todd actually went to work for mastercoin. [01:51]
pankkake they have lot of monies [01:52]
pankkake with bounties like "10 btc for css" [01:52]
benkay wat [01:53]
mircea_popescu even so. [01:53]
benkay i can get some css done for 10 btc [01:53]
pankkake they're not litteraly offering that, don't get your hopes up :) [01:54]
jurov benkay pm [01:54]
benkay jurov my irc is apparently broken [01:55]
jurov oh you can't pm? [01:55]
benkay apparently not [01:55]
jurov i just need your btc addy [01:55]
benkay nope. [01:55]
benkay do you mind holding payment for a day? [01:56]
jurov and reminding me if i didn't pay you the first installment [01:56]
jurov not mind :) [01:56]
benkay k thanks [01:56]
jurov ;;raed benkay [01:56]
gribble Error: "raed" is not a valid command. [01:56]
jurov ;;rated benkay [01:56]
gribble You have not yet rated user benkay [01:56]
benkay i'm balls deep in btctalk shit atm [01:56]
* mircea_popescu thinks maybe he should be paid for that idea :D [01:57]
jurov i see [01:57]
kakobrekla i want half, cause of the grep logs idea [01:57]
mircea_popescu ^ [01:57]
benkay this is not for 'securities' review, boys [01:58]
mircea_popescu jurov how much do you owe ? we'll take .75 btc for all teh great ideaz [01:58]
benkay payment for mpex missing manual [01:58]
kakobrekla i still want half [01:58]
ThickAsThieves working on some text for Altcoin: [01:58]
ThickAsThieves [01:58]
ozbot dpaste: #1579602: The Real Altcoin, by [01:58]
assbot 123! [01:58]
assbot 123! [01:58]
kakobrekla lol [01:58]
mircea_popescu lol [01:58]
jurov you are buying my debt from benaky or what? [01:58]
mircea_popescu no, im buying your debt to benkay from you [01:59]
mircea_popescu like teh usd does it [01:59]
mircea_popescu usg* [01:59]
* malaimo has quit (Ping timeout: 272 seconds) [01:59]
benkay wat [01:59]
jurov oh, bailout? no problem [01:59]
benkay just out of curiosity why? [01:59]
kakobrekla Altcoin slogan should be "the 15th standard" [02:00]
mircea_popescu [02:00]
mircea_popescu the community is unimpressed. [02:00]
mircea_popescu benkay just messin' with ya [02:00]
benkay thought you saved that for the girls [02:00]
* mircea_popescu passes. [02:01]
benkay the research into pre-april 2012 securities is killllllling me [02:01]
ThickAsThieves just because i love you guys so much, you get first dibs on the Altcoin package! [02:01]
* PsychoticBoy_ has quit (Quit: Leaving) [02:01]
mircea_popescu wow coingen works this fast ? [02:02]
ThickAsThieves 6 confs [02:02]
ThickAsThieves and then maybe another hour [02:02]
kakobrekla blah now i got to bring my asics back online or what [02:02]
ThickAsThieves To show my dedication to the cause, I promise to NEVER mine Altcoin [02:03]
mircea_popescu you know i like bluematt more and more as time goes by [02:03]
jurov i mined ltc before it was cool [02:03]
mircea_popescu i don't remember a shitty thing the man did. [02:03]
jurov *runs* [02:03]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [B.EXCH] 3 @ 0.24310363 = 0.7293 BTC [02:03]
mircea_popescu i actually vaguely recall zinging jurov for bothering with the silly alts a coupla years ago [02:04]
jurov yes, i was kinda psyched about the reaper (first gpu miner for scrypt) [02:05]
mircea_popescu "snoochyboochy" lol [02:05]
* malaimo (~malaimo@unaffiliated/malaimo) has joined #bitcoin-assets [02:05]
mircea_popescu guise think snoochyboochycoin will ever take off ? [02:05]
mircea_popescu midlifecrisiscoin [02:05]
mircea_popescu fraudcoin [02:05]
mircea_popescu atheistcoin [02:06]
benkay cascadiacoin [02:06]
mircea_popescu beliebercoin unusablecoin starvingartistcoin biebercoin wethepeoplecoin jasoncoin [02:06]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [B.MINE] 2 @ 0.1505 = 0.301 BTC [-] {2} [02:06]
mircea_popescu and im fucking exhausted. not even 5% of the list covered [02:06]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [B.SELL] 2 @ 0.1 = 0.2 BTC [-] {2} [02:06]
mike_c difficult to monitor, but i would like a bitbet on bitcoincharts uptime [02:07]
mike_c then i could go long, and at least make money when they are down [02:08]
jurov ok, i got some bitchings from coinbr about the opex from coinbr [02:08]
jurov gotta fix [02:08]
jurov someone had 10 O.USD.C155T there? such bull [02:09]
jurov o that was myself :( [02:09]
ThickAsThieves [02:10]
ozbot [NEW] The REAL Altcoin - Act fast [02:10]
* mike_c has quit () [02:12]
mircea_popescu lolwut ? [02:12]
ThickAsThieves just in a meta mood today i guess [02:12]
benkay did anyone save any of the glbse asset descriptions? i know they changed regularly... [02:15]
* btcretouch has quit (Ping timeout: 248 seconds) [02:16]
pankkake lol altcoin comes with no source code? [02:16]
ThickAsThieves i posted what coingen spit out :/ [02:17]
ThickAsThieves I'm new to this revolutionizing finance thing, sorry [02:18]
pankkake I don't know how coingen works, so I'm not sure how it is supposed to get seed nodes either [02:18]
ThickAsThieves the idea is too powerful, someone will figure it out [02:20]
ThickAsThieves [02:20]
ThickAsThieves lol [02:20]
ozbot [NEW] The REAL Altcoin - Act fast [02:21]
* cads has quit (Remote host closed the connection) [02:22]
pankkake YES! I mined block 1 [02:30]
pankkake and then 4 blocks [02:31]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [HMF] 6 @ 0.02899911 = 0.174 BTC [-] {2} [02:31]
ThickAsThieves nice! [02:31]
ThickAsThieves youre gonna be fukn rich [02:31]
pankkake at least I finally figured out how to solo mine [02:31]
pankkake can be useful on testnet I guess [02:32]
azi` i smell PONZI [02:32]
ThickAsThieves i'll buy some from you this weekend or something [02:32]
ThickAsThieves hey man Life is a Ponzi [02:33]
ThickAsThieves you only yolo once [02:33]
pankkake at least someone else is mining! [02:33]
ThickAsThieves meanwhile the public demands a better logo [02:33]
* truffles ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [02:33]
pankkake perhaps a combination of A and $ [02:34]
ThickAsThieves maybe a slogan too? [02:34]
ThickAsThieves like [02:34]
ThickAsThieves Quit Wasting Your Time [02:34]
pankkake YOLO = You Only Need One [02:34]
pankkake YONO* [02:34]
kakobrekla i added your node pankkake [02:38]
kakobrekla blocks raining. [02:38]
kakobrekla theres 80 of them now [02:38]
kakobrekla at least on my branch [02:38]
pankkake I'm probably only half [02:38]
kakobrekla i just hooked up my gpu, too lazy to bring out asic out of the closet [02:39]
kakobrekla but yeah [02:40]
kakobrekla no source no fun [02:40]
* Scrat (~Scrat@unaffiliated/scrat) has joined #bitcoin-assets [02:41]
pankkake now mining on 1PonZioHc2gKHhSx3mbXD2tfahJh2vefSi [02:41]
kakobrekla lol [02:41]
ThickAsThieves maybe mattblue can get source to us somehow? [02:41]
kakobrekla btw there seems to be some malware attached or something [02:41]
kakobrekla just fyi [02:41]
ThickAsThieves for real? [02:41]
mircea_popescu [02:42]
ozbot MPOE, January 2014 Statement pe Trilema - Un blog de Mircea Popescu. [02:42]
kakobrekla i dunno someone posted a link to a scan [02:42]
pankkake antiviruses get mad at any bitcoin thing [02:42]
pankkake because it's in so many botnets [02:42]
* truffles has quit () [02:42]
kakobrekla aha [02:42]
azi` 1k profits for mpex? [02:42]
pankkake anyway, source code is an option on coingen, maybe you can ask for it later [02:42]
pankkake not that it's hard to create it yourself from another source anyway ;) [02:42]
mircea_popescu what they charge for source, fiddy bux ? [02:43]
mircea_popescu buy bluematt a cuppa coffe, he deserves it. [02:43]
jurov $avg [02:44]
mpexbot jurov: An error has occurred and has been logged. Please contact this bot's administrator for more information. [02:44]
pankkake still? [02:44]
jurov kako avg fail [02:44]
jurov ;;ticker btcavg [02:45]
gribble (ticker [--bid|--ask|--last|--high|--low|--avg|--vol] [--currency XXX] [--market |all]) -- Return pretty-printed ticker. Default market is Mtgox. If one of the result options is given, returns only that numeric result (useful for nesting in calculations). If '--currency XXX' option is given, returns ticker for that three-letter currency code. It is up to you to make sure the code is (1 more message) [02:45]
jurov ;;ticker --svg [02:45]
gribble (ticker [--bid|--ask|--last|--high|--low|--avg|--vol] [--currency XXX] [--market |all]) -- Return pretty-printed ticker. Default market is Mtgox. If one of the result options is given, returns only that numeric result (useful for nesting in calculations). If '--currency XXX' option is given, returns ticker for that three-letter currency code. It is up to you to make sure the code is (1 more message) [02:45]
jurov ;;ticker --avg [02:45]
gribble 943.70991 [02:45]
pankkake "Most giveaway threads are no longer allowed in the Alternate cryptocurrencies sections. From now on, posting or replying to such threads could result in being banned." wow! [02:46]
kakobrekla jurov ?? [02:47]
kakobrekla i dont run mpexbot [02:47]
kakobrekla but yeah, if its bad, stick it to kakos ass [02:47]
mircea_popescu pankkake lol tryin to make moneyz ? [02:48]
pankkake I wanted to give The Altcoin to the community! [02:49]
pankkake my first idea of bernankoin giveaway was to award them by number of user posts [02:50]
pankkake but there were too many beks and not enough big posters [02:50]
mircea_popescu lol [02:51]
mircea_popescu wait, bernakoin actually exists ? [02:51]
pankkake of course it does [02:52]
benkay haha [02:52]
kakobrekla its a success [02:52]
pankkake [02:52]
pankkake ~500 workers still :o [02:52]
jurov kakobrekla: sorry [02:53]
pankkake a nice French guy also provided a better logo [02:53]
ozbot [ANN] Bernankoin the Coin Not Evil according to Paul Krugman DL WINQT v1.3 NOW [02:53]
jurov assbot knows vwap? [02:53]
kakobrekla no clue [02:53]
mircea_popescu " Statistically speaking, MPOE-PR and by extension MP, is far more trustworthy than myself" [02:54]
mircea_popescu escrow going wtf. [02:54]
mircea_popescu $vwap x.eur [02:54]
mpexbot mircea_popescu: X.EUR 1 day: average: 0.00166253 high: 0.00166253 low: 0.00166253 volume: 200 btc: 0.332506 7 day: average: 0.00167696 high: 0.00170089 low: 0.00166114 volume: 3800 btc: 6.372431 30 day: average: 0.00180241 high: 0.002 low: 0.0016245 volume: 19539 btc: 35.21732337 [02:54]
pankkake still, its an use of ;;gettrust over ;;getrating, not insane [02:54]
jurov it appears that mpex used 848,37 $ as vwap [02:54]
mircea_popescu jurov it just has an issue talking to bitcoincharts for some reason [02:55]
* fanquake (~anonymous@unaffiliated/fanquake) has joined #bitcoin-assets [02:55]
mircea_popescu so what's the bernakoin to altcoin exchange rate ? [02:55]
pankkake 0, there's still no exchange, no real otc trading as far as I know [02:55]
pankkake so at least something is working properly in this world [02:56]
ThickAsThieves okay Altcoin has a new logo! [02:56]
ThickAsThieves [02:56]
kakobrekla make it merge mined [02:56]
jurov i want bernankoin <-> doge liquidity!!! [02:56]
pankkake wow, so pro [02:56]
kakobrekla very money [02:56]
ThickAsThieves lol [02:56]
mircea_popescu wow 33 pages of bernakoin. you're like a celeb [02:56]
mircea_popescu hey kako, you have some altcoin alcoins atm ? [02:57]
kakobrekla yeah i got altcoins [02:57]
mircea_popescu how many you have ? [02:57]
ThickAsThieves do a giveaway! [02:57]
ThickAsThieves hehe [02:58]
mircea_popescu pankkake how much beks you got ? [02:58]
kakobrekla 30k , half immature [02:58]
pankkake about 1 million [02:58]
kakobrekla +- [02:58]
pankkake I don't mine it, as it means mining less primecoin (which pays for my server bills!) [02:58]
mircea_popescu ok, kako, you sell to me 30k alts for 30 btc. pankake you sell to tako 300k beks for 30 btc. then i sell you 30k alts for 30 btc. [02:59]
mircea_popescu this way you got market cap yo! [02:59]
pankkake "moneysupply" : 7939613962.72999954 [02:59]
pankkake lol [02:59]
* twizt (45749f31@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-assets [02:59]
kakobrekla was dat, for bek? [03:00]
mircea_popescu it was 3 way linking! [03:00]
pankkake yes, total bek supply [03:00]
ThickAsThieves i got a pm asking how to mine ATC [03:01]
pankkake [03:01]
ThickAsThieves A is better than B right? [03:01]
pankkake you're going to get a lot of PMs :| [03:01]
mircea_popescu "this coin should be sold on or a Chinese exchange if anyone know how to get it on Chinese that would be our best bet" [03:01]
mircea_popescu ThickAsThieves world's #1 letter ! [03:02]
pankkake that was the first external coverage, I was so happy to read it [03:02]
ozbot Bernankoin – The Coin to Save Our Economy – QUANTITATIVE EASING | [03:02]
* kleinessteak has quit () [03:02]
pankkake and one of the few to notice the funny commits [03:02]
mircea_popescu who';s ? [03:02]
pankkake random blogger [03:03]
pankkake and another guy made a faucet! [03:03]
ozbot Bernankoin Printer [03:03]
mircea_popescu [03:03]
mircea_popescu lmao [03:03]
ozbot Why You Need to Take Dogecoin Seriously… | [03:03]
mircea_popescu 22% is a big deal! 11 peopl voted on tardstalk! [03:04]
mircea_popescu "The market demand for Dogecoin is there. People love it. It’s fun. It’s exciting. It’s different. It’s loyal. It’s furry. It’s happy. It’s glad to see you. It’s right there licking your face telling you that it loves you." [03:04]
kakobrekla lul [03:04]
kakobrekla Ink level: 27870.5800065 [03:04]
kakobrekla Ink reserves: 550000 [03:04]
mircea_popescu "You don’t need to love Dogecoin. But you do need to see what is happening with it right now. We have a social phenomenon going on, and even if it fails, we will learn a lesson or two from it" [03:04]
pankkake it's true, actually [03:04]
ThickAsThieves i dont have answers for these people, how do you mine it? who knows?! [03:04]
* lnostdal has quit (Ping timeout: 264 seconds) [03:04]
pankkake probably the first altcoin to have a genuine community [03:05]
pankkake OK I'm going to do a howto mine I guess [03:05]
ThickAsThieves sweet [03:05]
benkay odd message from '' [03:05]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [HMF] 6 @ 0.02899999 = 0.174 BTC [+] [03:06]
benkay historic goat! [03:07]
benkay [03:07]
ozbot (ANN) I will form a mining company to be traded on (GLBSE) if there is interest [03:07]
mircea_popescu pankkake i doubt this, but perhaps it's on the grounds of being uninformed. [03:07]
mircea_popescu wtf community ? [03:07]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [HMF] 6 @ 0.02899999 = 0.174 BTC [+] [03:07]
pankkake I think it brought people that did not use Bitcoin before [03:08]
mircea_popescu so ? [03:08]
pankkake whereas altcoins are bitcoiners looking for profit [03:08]
pankkake in that sense, it is "genuine" [03:08]
mircea_popescu ok, so it has some suction power [03:08]
mircea_popescu all the people watching tv are not a community [03:08]
pankkake I'm not saying it's The Future obviously [03:08]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [HMF] 18 @ 0.02899999 = 0.522 BTC [+] {6} [03:08]
mircea_popescu no but what i mean, a community is different from a crowd. [03:09]
pankkake [03:09]
ozbot Dogecoin Jamaican Bobsled Team Olympics - Business Insider [03:09]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [HMF] 6 @ 0.02969994 = 0.1782 BTC [+] [03:09]
mircea_popescu pankkake you realise there's a few people pushing it, and manipulating social media to give the impression of traction [03:10]
mircea_popescu or do you ? [03:10]
pankkake I don't know. if it had success without organized people behind it, it's a miracle [03:11]
mircea_popescu it's quite visibly (and quite respectably) being organisedly pushed. [03:12]
mircea_popescu i have no idea specifically who's doing it, but i can tell teh pro hand. [03:12]
* caustiq ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [03:13]
assbot [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 10562 @ 0.00091464 = 9.6604 BTC [+] [03:14]
pankkake I wonder if those guys were prepared before launch, or they just saw a thing and decided to do it [03:15]
mircea_popescu that i can't discern. [03:15]
mircea_popescu but you can trivially notice there's two groups if you take all the sm profiles and do scoring on them. you don't end up with either a powerlaw or any sort of gauss curve [03:16]
benkay sm? [03:16]
mircea_popescu you end up with two. there's distinguishably group A and group B, and group A is further traceable to convergence [03:16]
pankkake social media [03:16]
kakobrekla well ThickAsThieves you gonna put a site up displaying thhe logo in all its glory or what [03:16]
pankkake things like reddit have been gamed for a long time [03:16]
pankkake or digg before that [03:16]
mircea_popescu right. [03:17]
pankkake it's been widely documented, outed, etc. [03:17]
KRS1 So dogge coin is worth throwing a few bucks at actually? [03:17]
mircea_popescu im not saying there's anything wrong with it, for that matter. the people doing it are providing data to all observers, not just to themselves. [03:17]
mircea_popescu i'd venture a guess that they're about 60-70% or so in the red so far, however. [03:17]
* Kushedout has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer) [03:18]
kakobrekla hm [03:18]
kakobrekla pankkake you split the chain? [03:18]
pankkake lol [03:18]
pankkake shit [03:18]
mircea_popescu (in the sense that total resources spent, including time / total market value - as an integral from current price to zero = ~.6x) [03:18]
pankkake my last block is orphaned [03:18]
KRS1 hmm [03:18]
mircea_popescu lol now you broke it [03:18]
kakobrekla my last 50 are dead [03:18]
pankkake well it's still working it seems, I got a 50 ATC donation! [03:18]
kakobrekla still moare comming [03:19]
kakobrekla ok wtf [03:19]
kakobrekla someone plugges some serial power [03:19]
pankkake ~1 block per sec [03:19]
kakobrekla LOL [03:19]
pankkake friedcat's mining [03:19]
kakobrekla its getting ripped [03:19]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [B.MINE] 1 @ 0.195 BTC [+] [03:20]
mircea_popescu whoa lol [03:20]
kakobrekla im finding blocks all fucked though [03:22]
KRS1 lol wut [03:22]
KRS1 [03:22]
ozbot Potential Class Action suit against Coinbase being reviewed by attorney group against : Bitcoin [03:22]
benkay yesssss [03:22]
pankkake I'd give reddit gold to the first comment [03:22]
mircea_popescu rpcuser=lol [03:22]
mircea_popescu rpcpassword=cat [03:22]
mircea_popescu bwahaha [03:22]
benkay good old asstomouthparty [03:23]
mircea_popescu "Big Vern told me he is adding this to Cryptsy tomorrow." [03:24]
KRS1 Hotuglywife goes ass to mouth. [03:24]
mircea_popescu watch this shit blowing up and each and every one of you vilified for being fucking illuminati. [03:24]
mircea_popescu "just bought 500k on coindup. get on my lvl!" lol [03:24]
kakobrekla altcoin reached 1k blocks [03:29]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [B.EXCH] 2 @ 0.24310363 = 0.4862 BTC [03:30]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [B.EXCH] 3 @ 0.24310363 = 0.7293 BTC [03:31]
mircea_popescu .d altcoin [03:31]
* libbelol ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [03:31]
pankkake 1.00000000 [03:31]
mircea_popescu ty robokakke [03:32]
pankkake I suppose diff will be changed after 2016 blocks [03:33]
pankkake so in about 1000 seconds [03:33]
mircea_popescu "Wow! I just solo mined 17 blocks with my CPU" [03:33]
kakobrekla VERY CURRENCY [03:33]
mircea_popescu lucky cpu [03:33]
pankkake easy mining was the success of bernankoin [03:33]
pankkake especially since I enabled cpu mining by default on new versions [03:33]
pankkake (it's primecoin so cpu is good) [03:34]
kakobrekla bernake uses primecoin algo?? [03:34]
pankkake yes [03:34]
kakobrekla zomg. [03:34]
kakobrekla didnt know [03:34]
benkay well gosh if -assets doesn't have its own derpcoin now [03:35]
benkay as if it didn't before... [03:35]
* libbelol has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds) [03:36]
mircea_popescu it now has it's own legion of derpcoins [03:37]
benkay the menagerie is necessary. [03:37]
benkay also whoever dm'd me; dm's aren't working for me today [03:37]
* mudpit22 ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [03:37]
mircea_popescu as conversations online progress, the odds of mp comissioning hitler paintings and the odds of each participant to the convo running their own altchain both increase towards 1 [03:37]
benkay you guys you guys you guys [03:42]
benkay [03:42]
ozbot [FREE BITCOINS] MPOE Stress testing. [03:42]
benkay historyyyyyyy [03:42]
kakobrekla o look, im in it [03:44]
* LorenzoMoney has quit (Quit: KVIrc 4.2.0 Equilibrium [03:45]
benkay har and the miss in question not in full rage mode: [03:45]
benkay rare sight these days [03:45]
benkay mircea_popescu: do you ever worry about taking years off that poor girl's life? [03:45]
benkay strike poor /strike [03:45]
benkay not at the rate she's pulling AMIRITE BOYYYYYS [03:45]
mircea_popescu lolwut ?! [03:46]
benkay all the cortisol coursing through her system all the time's gotta be bad for wear and tear on the nervous system [03:46]
mircea_popescu [03:49]
ozbot Why do gentlemen prefer blondes ? pe Trilema - Un blog de Mircea Popescu. [03:49]
* montgomery (~montgomer@unaffiliated/iwilcox/bot/countbot) has joined #bitcoin-assets [03:50]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [AM100] 31 @ 0.00594999 = 0.1844 BTC [+] [03:50]
benkay as a result, redheads are undervalued in the sexual marketplace [03:51]
mircea_popescu and for no good reason [03:52]
* mike_c (~mike_c@unaffiliated/mike-c/x-9105598) has joined #bitcoin-assets [03:52]
benkay they're generally much more entertaining, due to having to compete with all the blondes all the time [03:52]
benkay at least in my limited experience [03:52]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [CBTC] 2617 @ 0.00009304 = 0.2435 BTC [-] {6} [03:52]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [B.MINE] 1 @ 0.195 BTC [+] [03:52]
benkay it's like how overly pretty girls seem to be missing something between the ears and in the sheets [03:53]
benkay having never developed any skills in the arena due to self-overvaluation... [03:53]
benkay oh god i have to trawl economy>marketplace>services too [03:54]
pankkake always seemed obvious to me [03:54]
pankkake being a pretty girl isn't such a gift after all [03:54]
pankkake best would be to be an ugly child and then beautiful adult [03:55]
benkay haven't met many particularly good looking women over the age of 30 [03:55]
* mudpit22 has quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds) [03:55]
benkay of course, they have other assets at that age [03:55]
mircea_popescu you mean good looking naked or dressed ? [03:56]
benkay i actually take it back totally [03:57]
mircea_popescu lol [03:57]
benkay 'cause what is physical beauty without as prince calls it "pussy control" [03:57]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [CBTC] 4234 @ 0.00009117 = 0.386 BTC [-] {6} [04:04]
mod6 what a month for s.mpoe! [04:06]
mircea_popescu huge. [04:06]
* Duffer1 ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [04:09]
pankkake "difficulty" : 4.00000000 [04:09]
pankkake I guess it's capped to 4× [04:09]
mircea_popescu it is. [04:10]
pankkake > To make use of tweens, you must construct a “tween factory” [04:12]
kakobrekla ;;calc 1830/30 [04:14]
gribble 61 [04:14]
kakobrekla huh. [04:14]
assbot [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 16254 @ 0.00091181 = 14.8206 BTC [-] {2} [04:16]
mod6 At least that piece of shit has the excuse that itt's made by nobody starring Fuckfleck and wht's his name. << lol Fuckfleck [04:17]
mircea_popescu lol [04:17]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [HMF] 6 @ 0.02868325 = 0.1721 BTC [-] {2} [04:19]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [B.EXCH] 3 @ 0.24310363 = 0.7293 BTC [04:20]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [B.MINE] 1 @ 0.15 BTC [-] [04:24]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [HIF] 388 @ 0.00043 = 0.1668 BTC [-] [04:25]
benkay what ultimately happened to F.PURE.SYNTH? [04:25]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [DEALCO] 55 @ 0.00448 = 0.2464 BTC [-] [04:27]
mircea_popescu it got bought out iirc. [04:28]
mircea_popescu ;;google list of discontinued assets on mpex [04:28]
gribble NEXT: 16-12-2013 - #bitcoin-assets log: ; Prosoniq - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: ; Filing - [04:28]
mircea_popescu jezzz google. [04:28]
pankkake lol pmb [04:28]
pankkake scampex [04:28]
benkay makes it sound so innocuous [04:28]
benkay 'you scamp!' [04:28]
mircea_popescu [04:29]
ozbot MPOE, rezultate August 2012 pe Trilema - Un blog de Mircea Popescu. [04:29]
benkay ty, mp. [04:29]
mircea_popescu "III. F.PURE.SYNTH is withdrawn due to lack of interest shown by investors. All outstanding shares were rebought, the current float being 0." [04:29]
mircea_popescu pankkake you know... things today are the way they are and not worse in part because pirate got humiliated on mpex, etc. [04:30]
benkay lol: with the caveat that the correct valuation thereof has proven in practice to be more difficult than it seemed in theory. [04:30]
mircea_popescu there's a certain amt of interaction one's stuck with. [04:30]
benkay how did pirate get humiliated on mpex? [04:30]
mircea_popescu when they were running out of liquidity a bunch of assholes (goat chief among them, the "bankers" like kludge, jarnett etc, [04:30]
mircea_popescu started a campaign to list it and sucker the average holder. [04:31]
mircea_popescu rosenfeld made a fake "short' [04:31]
mircea_popescu asset. i made the real short assets. [04:31]
mircea_popescu we've been good friends ever since. [04:31]
mircea_popescu course they mostly got lost, but anyway. [04:31]
benkay rosenfeld's fake short didn't pay out? [04:32]
mircea_popescu it was so structured so it didn't short anything. [04:33]
mircea_popescu read up on it, i imagine it's still on the forum. [04:33]
benkay i can't open any more tabs [04:33]
benkay my combudder will impludder under the derp [04:34]
mircea_popescu anyway, it never got any volume, which was the point of the exercise [04:34]
mircea_popescu "let me build a strawman show you nobody REALLY wants to short pirate" [04:34]
mircea_popescu that argument led directly into the 10k bet, and so on. [04:34]
mircea_popescu history is an interlocking chain. [04:34]
benkay and so dense in cryptlandia [04:35]
pankkake [04:35]
benkay excellent [04:35]
benkay i'm vaguely aware of this 10k bet but lack the full story. highlights? [04:36]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [B.EXCH] 1 @ 0.24310363 BTC [04:36]
mircea_popescu wasn't doing much volume was it ? [04:36]
* nubbins` ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [04:37]
mircea_popescu and pirate made a bet re pirate's survival. nanotube escrowed it. [04:37]
ozbot Rating Details for User 'Vandroiy' [04:37]
nubbins` so i got a pm on the forums from goat [04:41]
kakobrekla same. [04:41]
benkay to the effect of? [04:41]
nubbins` new forum, come check it out [04:41]
nubbins` "At my new forum free-speech will be restricted a bit to enforce rules on being polite and respecting other members. We will have a very low tolerance for insulting others and more or less being a nuisance. Scamming and the like will not be tolerated at all. I hope this will be more civil place to talk about crypto and economics. " [04:41]
benkay can't in2 network effects [04:42]
benkay also TEH IRONY [04:42]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [AM100] 56 @ 0.00570003 = 0.3192 BTC [-] {3} [04:42]
nubbins` heh [04:42]
benkay man i gotta write something up about goat's role in the madhouse [04:42]
pankkake Revenue from new accounts : 1`830 BTC << wut?! [04:42]
nubbins` sometimes i don't want to be polite ;( [04:42]
pankkake jimmothy is going to explode [04:42]
mircea_popescu totally. [04:42]
pankkake nubbins`: but you're canadian. that's your nature [04:43]
nubbins` ;;calc 1830/30 [04:43]
gribble 61 [04:43]
mircea_popescu basically the guy's decided to somehow still matter in btc. [04:43]
nubbins` srsly? [04:43]
mircea_popescu pretty unclear how that'd work [04:43]
mircea_popescu but his general sniffing is correct, bitcointalk is spiraling into the toilet. [04:43]
kakobrekla nubbins` [04:43]
pankkake still that's a lot of users, I hardly believe it [04:43]
nubbins` kako, heh [04:44]
mircea_popescu then again... people like the toilet. [04:44]
kakobrekla stop doing same shit as i do [04:44]
nubbins` that's a lot of people with 30btc [04:44]
benkay mircea_popescu's self-trading nubbins` donchaknow [04:44]
mircea_popescu it's even more with 20 btc. [04:44]
* nubbins` thinks [04:44]
nubbins` right, that thing [04:44]
mircea_popescu then again... 50-100 accounts... whatevs. [04:44]
nubbins` well good for you! [04:44]
pankkake maybe they're refering themselves endlessly? [04:45]
kakobrekla free money [04:45]
nubbins` pankkake, money machine [04:45]
benkay some days i wonder if mircea_popescu didn't look at Pirate and say to himself "oh so you want to see an elegant scam, do yer?" [04:45]
* paxtoncamaro91_ (~paxtoncam@unaffiliated/paxtoncamaro91) has joined #bitcoin-assets [04:45]
mircea_popescu << somehow going through your privatge porn is ok, [04:45]
ozbot AMC Theaters Allegedly Calls FBI to Interrogate a Google Glass Wearer - Slashdot [04:45]
mircea_popescu but you copying their shitty movie is not. [04:45]
benkay old news [04:46]
benkay is old [04:46]
nubbins` recording in a theatre is a crime here in canada as of a few years ago as well [04:46]
nubbins` they will srsly call the police and charge you :0 [04:46]
mircea_popescu benkay we're even then, that wondering is even older than pirate :D [04:46]
nubbins` think about the madness of that for a moment [04:46]
nubbins` "if you point a machine at our large smooth wall, the police will put you in jail" [04:47]
* paxtoncamaro91_ is now known as madpax [04:47]
benkay mircea_popescu how did you construct the pirate short that worked? [04:49]
mircea_popescu it basically mirrored exactly all the specific performance points teh "bankers" made on their announcement. [04:51]
mircea_popescu like, so and so shares issued by so and so date doing etc. [04:51]
nubbins` [23:07:39] Sent 6 hours and 28 minutes ago: ^ [04:52]
nubbins` SUPER HELPFUL ;( [04:52]
benkay well grep the logs, breh [04:52]
mircea_popescu nubbins` :D [04:52]
nubbins` tbh i like the title [04:52]
nubbins` portraits of bitcoin's infamous, accompanied by quotes [04:53]
nubbins` a lovely inking of yifu with "this isn't good for my chi", etc [04:53]
kakobrekla :D [04:53]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [PETA] 20 @ 0.04999994 = 1 BTC [+] [04:53]
mircea_popescu [04:53]
ozbot The Bet: BMR and Sheep to die in a year : SilkRoad [04:53]
nubbins` Arbitration & escrow are being provided by Nanotube [04:54]
* robitnik ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [04:57]
mircea_popescu [04:59]
ozbot The Bet: BMR and Sheep to die in a year : SilkRoad [04:59]
mircea_popescu if only these experts had heard of bitbet. [04:59]
benkay well, fix it [04:59]
* stk` ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [05:00]
mircea_popescu sokay. [05:01]
kakobrekla you cant fix reddit [05:01]
kakobrekla you cant fix cognitive [05:01]
kakobrekla you cant fix shit. [05:01]
* AusBitBank has quit (Read error: Operation timed out) [05:01]
benkay better give up then ;) [05:02]
* twizt has quit (Quit: Page closed) [05:02]
kakobrekla im not trying to fix [05:02]
kakobrekla just trying to spare times. [05:02]
mircea_popescu fundamentally speaking, time spent trying to improve the lives of idiots is a waste. [05:03]
mircea_popescu especially if their lives end up improved as a result. [05:03]
mircea_popescu "I begin implementing code changes to freeze funds and dump them to myself. I was unable to cope with the stress and constant demand, so I panicked. I am sorry for my actions, but with the funds I gathered from the site, I will be able to keep myself from being homeless for the next several months. I will always remember those that made this possible." [05:04]
mircea_popescu lol apparently nefario v2.0 was running a silkroad clone [05:05]
mircea_popescu or wait, was this intersangro v2.0 [05:05]
kakobrekla hmm where is that from? [05:06]
mircea_popescu [05:08]
ozbot Black market owner shuts down, takes BTC with him [05:08]
pankkake bitbet would be a great tool as insurance against black market closure [05:09]
pankkake provided bitbet wants too though [05:09]
pankkake -o [05:09]
* [\] (~imsaguy@unaffiliated/imsaguy) has joined #bitcoin-assets [05:12]
* lnostdal (~lnostdal@2001:8a0:493a:fa01:219d:f529:2334:3eb6) has joined #bitcoin-assets [05:12]
Duffer1 hello [05:12]
mircea_popescu hai. [05:13]
* robitnik has quit (Quit: robitnik) [05:14]
asciilifeform looking forward to the mega-scams involving 0.001btc total, a few yrs. from now [05:16]
mircea_popescu getting there yeah [05:17]
* AusBitBank ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [05:18]
* djcoin_ has quit (Quit: djcoin_) [05:20]
* djcoin ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [05:22]
* djcoin is now known as Guest4011 [05:22]
* ericmuyser ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [05:24]
kakobrekla amazing [05:27]
assbot AMAZING COMPANY! [05:27]
kakobrekla taht story [05:27]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [B.MINE] 2 @ 0.15 = 0.3 BTC [-] {2} [05:29]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [B.SELL] 1 @ 0.10200001 BTC [+] [05:30]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [B.SELL] 1 @ 0.102 BTC [-] [05:31]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [AM1] 7 @ 0.59858299 = 4.1901 BTC [-] {6} [05:33]
* benkay has quit (Ping timeout: 265 seconds) [05:36]
mircea_popescu what's altcoin diff yet ? [05:37]
pankkake will chaneg in a few secs [05:38]
assbot [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 9700 @ 0.00090993 = 8.8263 BTC [-] {4} [05:38]
pankkake "difficulty" : 16.00000000 [05:39]
mircea_popescu o hey. two in a row. [05:39]
pankkake still 1+ block per sec, I suspect a lot are lost to stale and orphans [05:40]
pankkake coingen really makes terrible coins :)) [05:40]
mircea_popescu lol i wonder why exactly that is [05:41]
pankkake why what? the starting difficulty is too low for todays's hardware [05:41]
mircea_popescu no, why terrible. [05:42]
pankkake bad settings of starting difficulty and its adjustments; no seed nodes; same genesis block for all coins and I think same RPC port [05:44]
mircea_popescu ic. [05:44]
ThickAsThieves i emailed him about getting the source [05:44]
ThickAsThieves so we'll see [05:45]
pankkake cool [05:45]
pankkake going to sleep, hopefully will be rich tomorrow [05:46]
pankkake "connections" : 26 that part is underwhelming [05:46]
kakobrekla i quit mining. [05:46]
kakobrekla most gets orphaned [05:47]
Duffer1 pankkake coin? [05:47]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [MS] 10000 @ 0.005 = 50 BTC [05:47]
pankkake yeah :/ [05:47]
pankkake Duffer1 [05:47]
kakobrekla someone do AltGrCoin [05:49]
mircea_popescu [05:49]
ozbot [NEW] The REAL Altcoin [05:49]
mircea_popescu your shenanigans have been called. [05:49]
ThickAsThieves i replied [05:49]
ThickAsThieves All altcoins are altcoins, but only one altcoin is Altcoin. [05:50]
ThickAsThieves duh [05:50]
kakobrekla get a domain and put up the logo [05:50]
Duffer1 i'm tellin yall, Hodor Coin is the next Bitcoin [05:50]
pankkake I like Hodor Coin [05:51]
kakobrekla what about Buttcoins, pegged to 1 buttcoin value [05:52]
pankkake that would be centralized! [05:52]
pankkake unless we have colored buttcoins? [05:52]
Mats_cd03 rude [05:52]
mircea_popescu you put lipstick on a number of cocks, all different colors [05:52]
mircea_popescu and then you mine. [05:52]
Mats_cd03 'colored' [05:52]
kakobrekla rude was your daddy when he put it in your momma [05:52]
Duffer1 hahah mp [05:53]
* CheckDavid has quit (Ping timeout: 272 seconds) [05:53]
* elgrecoFL has quit (Excess Flood) [05:56]
mike_c talk about growth hacking. 20 btc into 1800. [05:56]
mike_c that's some good marketing stats. [05:57]
mircea_popescu fwiw, i don't believe they are in fact marketing stats. [05:58]
* elgrecoFL (Jezzz@unaffiliated/elgrecofl) has joined #bitcoin-assets [05:58]
mike_c what are they? [05:59]
mircea_popescu what i mean is : wall street "experts" love to take a fee if the fund does well. [05:59]
mircea_popescu statistically, the fund will do well sometime. [05:59]
mircea_popescu they have nothing to do with it. [05:59]
mircea_popescu similarly here : if you throw money around at some point good things may happen. just because marketeers imagine they have a monopoly on money beng thrown around [06:00]
mircea_popescu doesn't give them license to imagine good things happening are a marketing event [06:00]
mike_c so you're saying you weren't sure it would work, so you shouldn't get full credit. [06:00]
mircea_popescu just as well i could believe it's a sign from god and go into the church. [06:01]
mike_c but still, a nice move! [06:01]
mircea_popescu believe it or not, i'm saying the entire marketing consideration didn't even enter into it. [06:01]
mike_c you don't know how to take credit for good luck do you? what kind of ceo are you? [06:01]
mircea_popescu i'm an owner-ceo. [06:02]
mircea_popescu incredible, huh ? [06:02]
ThickAsThieves website will be up in a bit [06:02]
mircea_popescu why is it down! scam! [06:03]
ThickAsThieves omg this namecheap interface... [06:04]
mircea_popescu lol I PREDICTED [06:04]
pankkake management interface looks the same [06:04]
pankkake it's like 2000s ugly admin surrounded by trendy 2010s css [06:05]
mircea_popescu i dunno how the fuck it would, i had to use mine with nocss. [06:05]
ThickAsThieves how the hell do i get ftp access or something [06:06]
ThickAsThieves i can find so many features [06:06]
ThickAsThieves just none i need [06:06]
* madpax has quit (Quit: Now if you will excuse me, I have a giant ball of oil to throw out my window) [06:06]
mircea_popescu ahaha madpax ftw. [06:07]
assbot [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 11700 @ 0.00091307 = 10.6829 BTC [+] {2} [06:07]
ThickAsThieves this Hosting Dashboard has no hosting [06:11]
mircea_popescu yo dog. [06:14]
mircea_popescu we know you don't like hosting so we took your hosting out of the hosting dashboard. [06:15]
* [7] has quit (Disconnected by services) [06:15]
* TheSeven (~quassel@rockbox/developer/TheSeven) has joined #bitcoin-assets [06:15]
mircea_popescu [06:23]
ozbot Cantina Market Mega Thread (Up vote for visibility, this is a self post I receive no karma) : DarkNe [06:23]
mircea_popescu more lulzy [06:23]
mircea_popescu it's incredible how stupid these people are individually. the aggregate boggles. [06:24]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [PETA] 3 @ 0.04999994 = 0.15 BTC [+] [06:25]
Duffer1 wonder whatever happened to that kid that came in here trying to start his own silk road at his college [06:25]
mircea_popescu hopefully he got lazy and is now trying to shag this blonde teen. [06:26]
mircea_popescu anyway, this debacle really reminds me of the bitdaytrade thing [06:26]
mircea_popescu << typical [06:27]
ozbot Cantina Marketplace Was NOT Hacked : DarkNetMarkets [06:27]
mircea_popescu "It would be neat if a (formerly) decent darknet market were to release their source code under an open source license. Some platform to build your darknet market on would be nice, rather than starting from scratch." [06:28]
mircea_popescu because code = business. at least if you're a redditard. [06:28]
mircea_popescu "INSERT INTO users(username,password,PIN,account_type,UID,RegDate,BTC,Purse,btc_timestamp, About_me) VALUES ('" . $_POST["username"] . ", " . $_POST["password"] (...)" [06:30]
mircea_popescu check that shit out. [06:30]
mircea_popescu this is php syntax isn't it ? or does ruby use that $_post construct ? [06:31]
kakobrekla its php [06:31]
mircea_popescu "They chose "password1" as their admin password." [06:32]
* benkay ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [06:32]
mircea_popescu [06:33]
ozbot Cantina Marketplace PWND: Admin Password was: “Password1″ ? | Deep Dot Web [06:33]
ThickAsThieves okay it's up [06:36]
mircea_popescu Hello, [06:36]
mircea_popescu I am the owner of RoadSilk and I would like to ask if its possible to change the status of our website on the marketplace list. [06:36]
mircea_popescu We are legit and we do everything to make it the most secure & safe marketplace ever. [06:36]
mircea_popescu I know, we are not looking very legit but if we get some help with popular sites like yours, then everyone will notice how legit we are. [06:36]
mircea_popescu Currently we advertise on pages like TORSEARCH. [06:36]
mircea_popescu URL: kbhpodhnfxl3clb4.onion [06:36]
mircea_popescu We offer high security and 100% NO-bitcoin lose. [06:36]
* benkay has quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds) [06:37]
mircea_popescu ThickAsThieves do you even mine it / [06:37]
* nubbins` has quit (Quit: quit) [06:37]
ThickAsThieves No I have vowed not to mine it [06:38]
ThickAsThieves But I will buy it [06:38]
ThickAsThieves i dont premine, ythink i'm some kinda scammer? [06:39]
mircea_popescu a ok. [06:39]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [MS] 40 @ 0.005 = 0.2 BTC [06:39]
mircea_popescu actually it's probably better to buy it than o mine it. [06:39]
mircea_popescu seeing how buying costs the same, but also pumps it through the trade. [06:39]
ThickAsThieves another pm "May I ask what are your plans with this coin, are you gonna take it seriously ?" [06:39]
ThickAsThieves what does that even mean? [06:40]
ThickAsThieves What would my difference in behavior be if I were serious vs. not serious? [06:41]
Duffer1 the coin wouldn't exist vs the coin does exist [06:42]
mircea_popescu it does matter. [06:42]
mircea_popescu in fact, from a game theory perspective, the total dollar value of your comittment sets his maximum comitment in turn [06:42]
mircea_popescu the discount rate of commitment is a market variable, roughly analoguous to the risk free rate in an economy [06:43]
mircea_popescu and jesus fuck i've spelled commitment each possible way [06:43]
ThickAsThieves So what if I post that I'll buy 10BTC worth when it lists on Cryptsy [06:44]
mircea_popescu i dunno, i'm guessing he may risk his 0.05 btc [06:45]
mircea_popescu if there's 200 of them it stabilizes [06:45]
mircea_popescu if there's 20k of them it explodes [06:45]
mircea_popescu etc. [06:45]
mircea_popescu im curious if you beat doge's estimated returns or not. [06:45]
mircea_popescu ie, whether you ever make 6 btc back, or if you make more. [06:46]
ThickAsThieves i'll need to pay someone to update the logo in the wallet once i get the source [06:48]
ThickAsThieves people didnt like the ugly blue one [06:48]
ThickAsThieves goes to show, spending 10 minutes on a logo is better than spending 4 minutes [06:48]
kakobrekla pankkake is your man, you can pay him in bernankecoin [06:48]
mircea_popescu lol [06:49]
ThickAsThieves will Namecheap fuck me if i host the package? [06:49]
ThickAsThieves this thing is obv going viral [06:49]
ThickAsThieves :) [06:49]
mircea_popescu lol [06:50]
mircea_popescu just get a vm somewhere, dns webhosting sucks in principle. [06:50]
* djcoin_ ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [06:51]
ThickAsThieves You think a Lists Altcoin bet would pass the Halls of Judgement? [06:55]
mircea_popescu you zeroconfing the no ? [06:56]
Duffer1 bet x on yes, pay vern x -10, profit [06:56]
mircea_popescu srsly. i mean cryptsy exists to list everything neh ? [06:56]
mircea_popescu "I have no idea man. The fucking admin has disappeared. All people thinking us fucking mods in on it and we had no idea. We have no access to anything at all. All we can do is ban users and delete forum posts. We also lost everything. Invested so fucking much. No job, no security, now in fucking huge debt all because of “honest” promise of pay. I stil have some kind of hope, but it’s running out fast. I really re [06:56]
mircea_popescu ally fucking hope this is just life problems for the admin team, but I have no idea. Thanks man for your support. This is a total fucking disaster though by the looks of it. [06:56]
mircea_popescu I’m so fucking sorry for everything I’ve said in the past. I got scammed just like every other fucking person. Scared for my fucking life now people trying to fucking dox us because they think we’re in on it. Fucked up man fucked up." [06:56]
Duffer1 so.. bitdaytrade [06:57]
Apocalyptic not enough fucking [06:58]
mircea_popescu Duffer1 this is a diff one. [06:58]
Duffer1 yea [06:58]
kakobrekla labcoin? [06:59]
ThickAsThieves watch a bunch of keychain users lose their coins: [07:00]
* Jere_Jones (~Jere@unaffiliated/jere-jones) has joined #bitcoin-assets [07:00]
mircea_popescu lol [07:00]
mircea_popescu "Please only fill out the survey once, and be honest with your responses." [07:01]
mircea_popescu every page you turn, reddit gives the gist of itself. [07:01]
mircea_popescu "Right now, I've got less than 1BTC and I'm dirt poor. Back when bitcoins/litecoins weren't worth anything (< 2 years ago), I had what would now be worth over a quarter million dollars worth in my wallet. I ended up wasting it on stupid gambling sites / day trading before it was worth much. Worst foresight ever." [07:02]
mircea_popescu myeah. [07:02]
ThickAsThieves i wonder how much he sold recently [07:04]
ThickAsThieves [07:04]
mircea_popescu for the 2nd rendition in 2018, "i had almost a whole btc, worth 1/4 mn" ? [07:04]
ThickAsThieves [07:05]
ozbot Preliminary 0.9.0rc1 release notes [07:05]
mircea_popescu "I myself had over 20 BTC I needed to withdrawal. I requested that I have my withdrawals open, he said he would, then never did. Last night all the mods began to realize it was true….he scammed us.,..even his own admin team. I mean obviously scamming all of you is terrible, but to scam his own team is beyond a normal scammer. It is someone who is the lowest of the low, the lowest of the scammers who are already so lo [07:06]
mircea_popescu w." [07:06]
kakobrekla lol [07:07]
* jborkl (~jborkl@unaffiliated/jborkl) has joined #bitcoin-assets [07:12]
* jborkl has quit (Client Quit) [07:12]
mircea_popescu [07:13]
mircea_popescu "i couldn't believe you have a web page asking users for their private pgp key" [07:13]
Namworld A scammer will scam anyone... ANYONE. As long as he can get away with it. He might not scam partners who live nearby. But from another country, working on same project. Why not? [07:13]
Namworld That's a silly statement. [07:13]
mircea_popescu Namworld kinda why it's funny. [07:14]
ThickAsThieves [07:14]
ozbot Twitter / Bitcoin_Assets: The Altcoin to end all altcoins ... [07:14]
mircea_popescu ThickAsThieves so what diff are you targetting ? [07:15]
Namworld Whut? [07:16]
Namworld Altcoin: The Altcoin [07:16]
ThickAsThieves I want all the diff [07:17]
ThickAsThieves obv [07:17]
mircea_popescu not unless youy have all the btc. [07:18]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [AM100] 1000 @ 0.0057 = 5.7 BTC [-] {3} [07:19]
ThickAsThieves I'll consider it a success when it passes Doge [07:19]
mircea_popescu figure out based on mining cost what diff you want, put a bid wall around there on whatever altscam marketplace [07:19]
mircea_popescu you'll get it by simple economics. [07:19]
ThickAsThieves gotta get enough interest to get it listed first [07:19]
ThickAsThieves i wonder how they decide [07:20]
kakobrekla say neo and bee will support it [07:20]
kakobrekla and run. [07:20]
Duffer1 ha [07:20]
Duffer1 brb setting up vps [07:20]
kakobrekla also techically you can say mtgox will suport altchain(s) [07:20]
kakobrekla non capital leter! [07:20]
mircea_popescu lol [07:21]
mircea_popescu ThickAsThieves at their level, not like they can make a decision. if you say "i'll put a bid wall for x btc" they can't say no. [07:21]
ThickAsThieves hmm [07:22]
Apocalyptic I heard you have to pay Vern [07:22]
ThickAsThieves i'll wait for any more meaningful moves til i get the source [07:22]
ThickAsThieves has a coingen coin gotten into a market yet? [07:22]
Apocalyptic ThickAsThieves, i will list it for 4 btc [07:23]
ThickAsThieves you have an exchange? [07:23]
Apocalyptic [07:23]
mircea_popescu [07:24]
ThickAsThieves and youll pay me 4btc to list it? ;) [07:24]
Apocalyptic haha [07:24]
ThickAsThieves can you even do it without the source? [07:24]
mircea_popescu [07:24]
ozbot X-BT - The new marketplace for trading Bitcoin with Litecoin and Namecoin [07:24]
mircea_popescu the entire mkt depth is like <1btc ? [07:25]
Apocalyptic yeah mircea, it's new [07:25]
ThickAsThieves seems this would be an opportunity for you [07:25]
ThickAsThieves i'll let you list it for free [07:25]
mircea_popescu well so then enforce volume not fees. [07:25]
mircea_popescu tell him you'll list it if he puts at least X btc bids. [07:26]
Apocalyptic can you even do it without the source? // if you have a linux 64-bit exec yeah [07:26]
ThickAsThieves dunno the bit, but linux is in the package too [07:26]
kakobrekla why put bids [07:29]
kakobrekla you can buy it off me [07:29]
kakobrekla im jk. its better to put bids. [07:29]
ThickAsThieves how does one put a value on it? [07:30]
ThickAsThieves it's virtually priceless [07:30]
kakobrekla whats the current diff pankkake [07:30]
ThickAsThieves hey thats the slogan maybe! [07:30]
Apocalyptic heh [07:32]
ThickAsThieves making slogans is just too easy [07:33]
ThickAsThieves "Never Mine Another Altcoin Again" [07:33]
ThickAsThieves i'm gonna sting em all into a subliminal message [07:33]
ThickAsThieves string [07:33]
Duffer1 "We're totally not trying to reduce LTC diff, MINE ALTCOIN WITH CONFIDENCE" [07:34]
mircea_popescu it's shared anyway neh ? [07:34]
* caustiq has quit (Remote host closed the connection) [07:44]
* Vexual ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [07:44]
Duffer1 tat how much does it cost to coingen a new alt? [07:45]
ThickAsThieves .01btc, with some upgrade fees [07:46]
ThickAsThieves i missed the whole source code part [07:46]
ThickAsThieves i think its .05btc [07:46]
Vexual does this share keys with bitcoin? can we chared key trade? [07:47]
ThickAsThieves pankakke might know [07:47]
ThickAsThieves i'm just a CEO, what do i know [07:47]
Vexual u running a node? [07:47]
Duffer1 ha [07:47]
ThickAsThieves i havent even opened the package at all [07:48]
mircea_popescu lmao [07:50]
mircea_popescu ;;eauth mircea_popescu [07:50]
gribble Request successful for user mircea_popescu, hostmask mircea_popescu!~Mircea@pdpc/supporter/silver/mircea-popescu. Get your encrypted OTP from [07:50]
mircea_popescu ;;everify freenode:#bitcoin-otc:3dd75e1e1e35261f5cd9fbf33c902e58cae06d9217ebbfc20e59d872 [07:51]
gribble You are now authenticated for user mircea_popescu with key 8A736F0E2FB7B452 [07:51]
mircea_popescu ;;gettrust benkay [07:51]
gribble WARNING: Currently not authenticated. Trust relationship from user mircea_popescu to user benkay: Level 1: 0, Level 2: 2 via 2 connections. Graph: | WoT data: | Rated since: Sun Mar 10 13:57:45 2013 [07:51]
mircea_popescu ;;rate benkay 1 The original Cascadian. [07:51]
gribble Rating entry successful. Your rating of 1 for user benkay has been recorded. [07:51]
assbot [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 3075 @ 0.00090799 = 2.7921 BTC [-] [07:52]
mircea_popescu ;;unrate theymos [07:54]
gribble Successfully removed your rating for theymos. [07:54]
* herbijudlestoids ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [07:54]
herbijudlestoids [07:55]
ozbot TSA Agent Confession - POLITICO Magazine [07:55]
ThickAsThieves look new scams! [07:55]
mircea_popescu ;;unrate oneeyed [07:55]
gribble Successfully removed your rating for oneeyed. [07:55]
mircea_popescu herbijudlestoids you know you gotta read the log before linking stuff [07:55]
Vexual this coin better hit dollar parity, i got an orphaned ATC block at 4000M [07:55]
herbijudlestoids soz [07:55]
herbijudlestoids hullo vexual [07:56]
Vexual hey herbi [07:56]
ThickAsThieves herbijudlestoids [07:56]
* coingenuity has quit (Ping timeout: 248 seconds) [07:56]
herbijudlestoids double lul! [07:57]
herbijudlestoids nice pants mircea_popescu [07:57]
mircea_popescu ty. [07:57]
herbijudlestoids are they custom fit? no belt i see [07:57]
kakobrekla ThickAsThieves that thing has been around since time immemorial [07:57]
kakobrekla and is not a scam AS SUCH. [07:58]
mircea_popescu myeah. [07:58]
herbijudlestoids fancy [07:58]
mircea_popescu ;;rate thestringpuller 1 I dunno that he's ever pulled any strings. [07:58]
gribble Rating entry successful. Your rating of 1 for user thestringpuller has been recorded. [07:58]
herbijudlestoids is that romania? looks nice [07:59]
kakobrekla i always thougt that were guitar strings or smth. [07:59]
mircea_popescu ;;rate leotreasure 1 Trader. [07:59]
mircea_popescu herbijudlestoids that is iirc veracruz [07:59]
gribble Rating entry successful. Your rating of 1 for user leotreasure has been recorded. [08:00]
mircea_popescu ;;unrate Josh_Rossi [08:00]
gribble Successfully removed your rating for Josh_Rossi. [08:00]
mircea_popescu ;;rate jborkl_ 1 He blogs and stuff. [08:01]
gribble Rating entry successful. Your rating of 1 for user jborkl_ has been recorded. [08:01]
kakobrekla no more like for mjr? [08:02]
mircea_popescu i think he's not using that anymoar. [08:02]
mircea_popescu [08:03]
ozbot Rating Details for User 'Josh_Rossi' [08:03]
herbijudlestoids here is the distribution of 20tick lognormal returns for last ~3 days, heavy trading last night means better sample size! [08:03]
herbijudlestoids (for MPOE) [08:03]
mircea_popescu is this good ? [08:04]
kakobrekla looks like fuck you [08:04]
kakobrekla srs [08:04]
kakobrekla middlefinger. [08:04]
mircea_popescu lol kinda ya [08:04]
herbijudlestoids the simplest story the graph tells is that a gambler could bet on any 20 tick bar and more likely expect a positive return than negative one [08:04]
herbijudlestoids it also tells other stories ;) [08:05]
mircea_popescu so basically "it's going mostly up" ? [08:05]
herbijudlestoids for example, if there is a 20 tick bar with a -2% return, you should bet against it [08:05]
herbijudlestoids because its highly unlikely that the next bar will be also a -2% return bar or even a -1% return bar, etc [08:06]
herbijudlestoids this is just preliminary play info until i can get more sample size [08:06]
herbijudlestoids we are at 155 ticks total [08:06]
mircea_popescu did you truncate past -2/+2 or just never happened ? [08:06]
herbijudlestoids no i dont truncat its automatically bucketed [08:06]
herbijudlestoids so whatever tails you see are the best/worst of the distribution [08:07]
mircea_popescu a [08:07]
herbijudlestoids definitely starting to look more like the levy distributions that im used to in other stocks [08:07]
mike_c i hate technical analysis, so excuse my stupid question: wtf is a 20 tick bar? [08:07]
herbijudlestoids its a different way of plotting the data instead of price/time its price/arbitrary divisions of price [08:08]
herbijudlestoids 20 ticks == 20 trades [08:08]
* caustiq ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [08:08]
mircea_popescu [08:08]
ozbot CoinBr Live S.MPOE [08:08]
mike_c so if a stock trades down for 20 ticks, you're saying buy it or sell it? [08:08]
mircea_popescu you gotta catch one of those events [08:08]
mircea_popescu (select month) [08:08]
herbijudlestoids im not really saying anything based on a 155 tick sample size [08:08]
mike_c right, but if you were [08:09]
mircea_popescu lol [08:09]
herbijudlestoids on avg? yea bet against the down [08:09]
mike_c hm. just watch out for those head & shoulder patterns, i hear they're rough. [08:09]
herbijudlestoids it doesnt have to trade down all 20 ticks, right? just a - return [08:10]
herbijudlestoids lol h&s [08:10]
herbijudlestoids this isnt really technical analysis so much as quantitative analysis [08:10]
herbijudlestoids there is a big difference [08:10]
Vexual no hypothesis? [08:10]
mircea_popescu no, we'll just insult your crackpottery regardless [08:10]
mircea_popescu listen to that, numbers and zodiacs! [08:10]
herbijudlestoids TA guy will buy and sell based on ...for example h&s pattern...QA guy will analyse exactly what a h&s pattern is, expected returns, failure rates etc [08:11]
herbijudlestoids one sec someone at door [08:11]
Vexual cops [08:11]
mircea_popescu lol. [08:11]
mircea_popescu cops, hookers or pizza. [08:11]
Vexual trifecta [08:11]
kakobrekla hooker looking like cop bringing pizza [08:12]
kakobrekla id have that. [08:12]
herbijudlestoids lemme give you example, this is TA: this is QA: [08:12]
herbijudlestoids i mostly spend time on SSRN and tho [08:12]
mike_c your QA site is talking about h&s [08:13]
mike_c [08:13]
ozbot Bulkowski's Busted Head-and-Shoulders Bottoms [08:13]
mircea_popescu lol [08:13]
herbijudlestoids yes, but hes *tested* it over ~5000 stocks and multiple parameters etc [08:13]
mike_c If price fails to drop more than 10% below the bottom of the head-and-shoulders bottom, then it could be forming a double bus [08:13]
herbijudlestoids data going back ~30 years adjusted for bias [08:13]
mike_c *double bust [08:13]
kakobrekla lolz [08:13]
herbijudlestoids and what does it say about success rate of this pattern mike_c? [08:13]
herbijudlestoids lowwww [08:14]
mike_c ohh, so if you find patterns in a random walk, then they must be valid going forward [08:14]
herbijudlestoids wut? no... [08:14]
herbijudlestoids think of that site like mythbusters [08:14]
herbijudlestoids ...sheesh nevermind [08:14]
mircea_popescu herbijudlestoids his question is simply this : both qa and ta rely on a fundamental predictive presumption. [08:14]
mircea_popescu which is equally incorrect for both [08:14]
mircea_popescu so now, how do you insulate from that problem ? [08:15]
mike_c yeah, like i said :) [08:15]
herbijudlestoids whats the presumption? you lost me [08:15]
mircea_popescu that future data relates to past data. [08:15]
herbijudlestoids oh right :D [08:15]
mircea_popescu predictive. ie, that somehow a numeric manipulation of the past yields the future. [08:15]
herbijudlestoids mostly through the use of adaptive algorithms, for me, personally [08:15]
mircea_popescu can you see why that won't impress him ? [08:16]
* Duffer1 has quit (Quit: ChatZilla [Firefox 26.0/20131205075310]) [08:16]
herbijudlestoids i am not interested in impressing, im interested in consistent double digit returns with low vol [08:16]
herbijudlestoids ~10-20%pa is good [08:16]
mike_c apply your quant to JD and see what you can predict [08:16]
herbijudlestoids whats JD? [08:17]
mircea_popescu just dice, a dice site. [08:17]
mircea_popescu .jd [08:17]
mircea_popescu hm what was the command ? [08:17]
herbijudlestoids is it a listed stock somewhere? or do you mean apply it to bets on the site itself? i couldnt see it in my mpex data [08:17]
Vexual bot is mining atc [08:18]
kakobrekla !jd [08:18]
kakobrekla or what [08:18]
assbot Just-Dice stat: 0 BTC profit, 0.0k BTC invested, 0.00 mio bets, 0.00 mio BTC wagered [08:18]
herbijudlestoids the simplest betting strategy is to bet on the low volatility bets, i.e. those that have a low payoff but high probability of succeeding [08:18]
kakobrekla SCAM. [08:18]
herbijudlestoids most gamblers cant beat that strategy [08:18]
mircea_popescu whgat ?! [08:18]
mike_c whoa. jd is broke [08:18]
assbot [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 28750 @ 0.00090799 = 26.1047 BTC [-] [08:18]
kakobrekla he changed ips [08:19]
kakobrekla apparently [08:19]
mircea_popescu o [08:19]
kakobrekla i had direct access to his server [08:19]
kakobrekla for assbot [08:19]
mircea_popescu herbijudlestoids jd is a dice site. people gamble on it. its house edge is 1%. the returns it pays investors vary wildly. [08:19]
* smidge ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [08:20]
mircea_popescu you can bet on any self-chosen odds, including 95% for a 4% gain or w/e. [08:20]
mike_c point being, you could backtest and find patterns that would look profitable but are in fact completely irrelevant. [08:20]
mircea_popescu people do, all the time, actually. [08:20]
mircea_popescu about half the time they work. [08:20]
mike_c like people at a baccarat table marking player vs banker [08:20]
assbot [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 15500 @ 0.00090799 = 14.0738 BTC [-] [08:21]
* ozbot has quit (Ping timeout: 264 seconds) [08:21]
mircea_popescu anyway, nothing wrong with an actual quant. [08:21]
herbijudlestoids i dont really look for any form of complex pattern [08:21]
mircea_popescu too many tas in bitcoin as it is. [08:21]
herbijudlestoids im looking for robustness and simplicity [08:21]
Vexual the lucky chap claimed to have spotted it when he took jd for thousands [08:21]
mircea_popescu Vexual the first time it happened it spooked doog to all hell. [08:21]
herbijudlestoids if its a regular dice site i would say just bet using kelly criterion [08:21]
herbijudlestoids hard to outperform that [08:22]
Vexual yeah i dont doubt that mp [08:22]
mircea_popescu i wonder if im the oldest net positive jd gambler [08:22]
mircea_popescu if memory serves i was up 50 btc or so, whenever that was [08:23]
mircea_popescu prolly last syummer ? when did it launch [08:23]
mike_c [08:24]
mike_c 2013-06-19 [08:24]
mircea_popescu aha. yeah. [08:25]
herbijudlestoids hmm ok i just looked, id make bets with 60% chance to win [08:26]
herbijudlestoids and adjust bet size by kelly criterion [08:26]
herbijudlestoids done [08:26]
mircea_popescu by kc you should actually invest not bet. [08:26]
Vexual is doog on wot? who's he tight with? [08:26]
mircea_popescu kc on a negative ev is negative. [08:26]
mircea_popescu Vexual yes. me for instance. [08:26]
Vexual ah [08:27]
Vexual nuff said [08:27]
Apocalyptic ;;gettrust dooglus [08:27]
gribble WARNING: Currently not authenticated. Trust relationship from user Apocalyptic to user dooglus: Level 1: 0, Level 2: 2 via 1 connections. Graph: | WoT data: | Rated since: Thu Apr 5 06:34:26 2012 [08:27]
mike_c herbijudlestoids: i think the more analysis the better, so i hope you keep at it. i'm just not a believer. [08:28]
herbijudlestoids hope i can show you some cool stuff when hte sample size gets bigger [08:29]
Vexual trade it herbi [08:29]
mircea_popescu night all. [08:29]
* Now talking on #bitcoin-assets [14:57]
* Topic for #bitcoin-assets is: || - most days worth reading || - all days worth reading [14:57]
* Topic for #bitcoin-assets set by kakobrekla!~kako@unaffiliated/kakobrekla at Wed Nov 27 22:34:53 2013 [14:57]
nubbins` heh [15:00]
mircea_popescu wow mike_c knows how the sport tout biz works. props. [15:02]
mircea_popescu incidentally, this is how idiots like keiser work, too. all the obscure web "financial experts", or bet picking experts, or so on work on the same business model : [15:03]
mircea_popescu 1. you put up a site with some content and drive a ton of traffic to it. google ads, whatever. this is your start-up cost. [15:03]
mircea_popescu 2. you gather leads for your "special picks" list, which you contact via email. this is your stable of suckers. [15:04]
mircea_popescu 3. you split them in equal halves and give one half one pick, the other your opposite. [15:04]
mircea_popescu now you have 50% of the list worth of people who think you must be on to something. [15:04]
mircea_popescu 4. you subdivide both divisions. now you have a list of people who know you fucked up twice, this you discard ; two lists of people who think you go tone out of two. these you merge ; a most valuable list of idiots who think you got 2 out of 2. [15:05]
mircea_popescu that latter list is your money maker. the merged list is where you mine for idiots. [15:05]
mircea_popescu this allows you to actually extract a profit out of the stupidity of people who are too stupid to realise just how stupid they are. [15:06]
ThickAsThieves now swap lists for Financial News Networks [15:06]
mircea_popescu "ll the obscure web "financial experts", or bet picking experts" :) [15:06]
ThickAsThieves surely someone has done a study [15:07]
mircea_popescu surely nobody has bothered. [15:07]
ThickAsThieves how often tv picks work out to be worse then flipping a coin [15:07]
ThickAsThieves than [15:07]
mircea_popescu because the scammors can pay, and can scream, whereas the idiots can't pay, and can scream too, and they will scream against their interest. [15:07]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [HIF] 413 @ 0.00043103 = 0.178 BTC [-] {4} [15:07]
mircea_popescu you don't get a mpoe-pr in all venues. [15:07]
mircea_popescu in fact, she's so novel that people that go by "what i've seen" generally imagine she's a poor pr. [15:08]
ThickAsThieves it's also funny that this is just economics, nothing sinister [15:08]
ThickAsThieves having mpoe-pr on tv just wouldnt be as profitable ad Mad Money [15:08]
mircea_popescu well, science employed to dominate idiocy is the idiot's definition of sinister. [15:08]
mircea_popescu thinkaboutit :D [15:08]
mircea_popescu anyway, i woke up after six hour's sleep with two article ideas in my head and ended up writing a third in chat while taking a break from writing my first ;/ [15:09]
mircea_popescu to think people actually BUY drugs. whatcha got endocrine glands for, ya tits ?! [15:10]
ThickAsThieves people like variety i guess [15:10]
nubbins` ^ [15:10]
* lolstate has quit (Quit: lolstate) [15:10]
nubbins` my endocrine glands don't produce thc [15:10]
ThickAsThieves Hormones - The REAL Gateway Drug [15:11]
mircea_popescu nubbins` so return them and negrate your parents ? :D [15:11]
ThickAsThieves how long before negrate is in the dictionary? [15:12]
ThickAsThieves ;;ud negrate [15:12]
nubbins` ;:rate mom -1 bad glands [15:13]
ThickAsThieves negrate [15:13]
ThickAsThieves (N) 1. An ungrateful person, behaving as if they were entitled to everything. 2. A white person behaving as if they were black. [15:13]
ThickAsThieves (V) 1. To treat someone of the same color with the disrespect of racial discrimination. 2. To disregard a respectable black person because of their skin color [15:13]
ThickAsThieves verb: give a negative rating to a posting or a definition in Urbandictionary (thumbs down) [15:13]
nubbins` huh. [15:14]
mircea_popescu dude so meta and self absorbed and awareness rasing this. [15:15]
ThickAsThieves it is pretty on point considering your efforts to clearly define niggers.txt [15:17]
mircea_popescu lol [15:19]
* smidge has quit (Quit: sorry, but you've mistaken me for someone who gives a fuck...) [15:19]
* smidge ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [15:22]
pankkake "difficulty" : 1024.00000000 harsh [15:22]
ThickAsThieves how much hashing is that? [15:24]
ThickAsThieves Are we at one TH yet? [15:24]
ThickAsThieves :) [15:24]
ThickAsThieves anyone know a better way to reach bluematt than this coingen email? [15:25]
nubbins` kiloharsh [15:30]
nubbins` speaking of THC [15:30]
ThickAsThieves tetrahydrocoin? [15:32]
nubbins` tetrahydrocannabinoin [15:33]
nubbins` increase your harsh rate [15:33]
mircea_popescu [15:37]
mircea_popescu ThickAsThieves use his gpg email [15:37]
mircea_popescu [15:38]
ThickAsThieves typo: was = wash [15:38]
ThickAsThieves thx [15:39]
nubbins` hahah hey look, i'm practically in this article [15:39]
mircea_popescu :D [15:40]
* Dimsler_ ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [15:41]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [B.MINE] 1 @ 0.16 BTC [-] [15:42]
* Namworld has quit () [15:44]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [B.EXCH] 1 @ 0.24310363 BTC [15:45]
ThickAsThieves btw nubbins I really like that art video you shared [15:48]
nubbins` the guy's very earnest [15:49]
ThickAsThieves the guy is nuts, but it's a great mind opener [15:49]
nubbins` maybe a bit obsessed with scarlett johansson [15:49]
ThickAsThieves hehe [15:49]
nubbins` but he makes some surprisingly lucid points [15:49]
nubbins` like how there are no "problems" in art [15:49]
ThickAsThieves his convinction and consistency made it easy to follow along on something so abstract [15:50]
mircea_popescu did i miss this ? [15:50]
nubbins` [15:50]
ThickAsThieves i suspect the editing floor contains some less respectable moments though [15:50]
nubbins` haha [15:50]
nubbins` freakouts [15:50]
nubbins` the part where he goes on about whether a piece is "finished" or not is good, too [15:51]
nubbins` gestures to a piece [15:51]
nubbins` "is this finished now?" [15:51]
nubbins` makes a yellow mark on it [15:51]
mircea_popescu wow he's camera shy [15:51]
nubbins` "now?" [15:51]
ThickAsThieves oh yeha that was awesome [15:51]
* jborkl (~jborkl@unaffiliated/jborkl) has joined #bitcoin-assets [15:51]
ThickAsThieves the kink article made me think of this [15:52]
ThickAsThieves seems the answer to all these queries is Embrace Chaos [15:52]
ThickAsThieves why is change so hard for the Old Republican [15:52]
ThickAsThieves but so easy for Kink High? [15:52]
nubbins` meese said it, all politicians must resign [15:52]
* jborkl has quit (Client Quit) [15:52]
mircea_popescu lmao. dictatorship of x comes, "alles super" [15:53]
assbot [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 3000 @ 0.00091008 = 2.7302 BTC [-] [15:53]
nubbins` the bit about symbols, too [15:53]
nubbins` carl jung would have loved to meet this guy [15:53]
nubbins` or maybe the other way around? heh [15:53]
mircea_popescu lol alles relic vient kaputt machen [15:55]
mircea_popescu ahahaha so basically chimp guy wants no history [15:55]
mircea_popescu he just wants to play [15:55]
ThickAsThieves everything is a toy! [15:55]
mircea_popescu i rest the case on the representation of southpark. this guy is mj, and i'm ignorant. [15:55]
ThickAsThieves he musta went to Kink high [15:55]
nubbins` all art is play! [15:55]
mircea_popescu i doubt he has. [15:55]
mircea_popescu i have, and it changes your perspective in a particular way. [15:56]
ThickAsThieves you are bias [15:57]
ThickAsThieves :) [15:57]
mircea_popescu yup. [15:57]
mircea_popescu i think when i die, i may become the god of bias. [15:57]
nubbins` ThickAsThieves, there are some other good vice art talks too [15:58]
nubbins` the one about bongout is what inspired me to start silkscreening on paper [15:58]
nubbins` lel, related videos reminded me of another series they do [15:59]
nubbins` where they feed some poor freelancer some acid and get him to cover an event [15:59]
nubbins` like a dog show [15:59]
ThickAsThieves i'll check it out, but if i get back into printing in any way I will be mad at you [15:59]
mircea_popescu wait, is the fbi investigating vice, the drug marketplace yet ? [15:59]
nubbins` heh [15:59]
nubbins` [16:00]
nubbins` ^westminster dog show on lsd [16:00]
nubbins` there were points in that video where i legitimately felt bad for the guy [16:00]
ThickAsThieves Bilk Road [16:00]
mircea_popescu basically how did they call that thing where they paid homeless people to be abused ? [16:00]
nubbins` bumfights? [16:00]
mircea_popescu it's progressing, now you don't even spend money, just give them some crack [16:00]
mircea_popescu and pretend it's art or w/e. [16:01]
mircea_popescu funny how ideology works. [16:01]
nubbins` fun fact, you don't need to pay homeless people to take crack [16:01]
mircea_popescu fun fact : homeless people will refuse money, even in high amounts for easy jobs. [16:02]
mircea_popescu meanwhile, homeless people will not refuse drugs, even cheap shitty drugs, and do anything for some. [16:02]
mircea_popescu somehow being paid is demeaning, being drugged is empowering (this year) [16:02]
nubbins` guy in video: "things that aren't necessarily interesting become extremely interesting" [16:03]
nubbins` heh [16:03]
* CheckDavid has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds) [16:03]
nubbins` man, i've already seen this video, and watching it again is making me anxious for him [16:04]
ThickAsThieves Is that a term? Doggers? No! Dog People! [16:04]
ThickAsThieves even they know niggers.txt [16:05]
virtuals mircea_popescu, hey, would quote "a Bitcoin billionaire from Romania" like to donate to a good cause, here is more information: [16:05]
mircea_popescu ty [16:05]
* lnostdal (~lnostdal@2001:8a0:493e:a101:219d:f529:2334:3eb6) has joined #bitcoin-assets [16:06]
Apocalyptic labcoin complaint heh [16:06]
mircea_popescu virtuals have you read back in august last year ? [16:06]
Duffer1 alberto about to spend a reallly long time in jail [16:06]
Apocalyptic you know mpoe-pr warned it was a scam from the beginnin [16:06]
nubbins` 5 bucks says virtualspade takes the money and runs [16:06]
virtuals or dont you like to have anyting to do with labcoin, even helping to put alberto to jail [16:07]
* BitOTTer718 has quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds) [16:07]
mircea_popescu virtuals answer the questionm will you. [16:07]
virtuals I read that a long time ago, whet question [16:07]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [B.EXCH] 1 @ 0.24310363 BTC [16:07]
mircea_popescu so then there it is : i already donated to those idiots more than what their skin is on average worth. [16:07]
mircea_popescu some took the donation, some didn't. [16:08]
mircea_popescu it's how these things work. [16:08]
mircea_popescu those that didn't don't get a 2nd round today, it'd be unfair to their betters, that did take it. [16:08]
virtuals ok, thank [16:08]
virtuals *thanks [16:08]
mircea_popescu np [16:09]
mircea_popescu but since it's a topic, i wonder if anyone were to make a list of all the supposedly big businesses in btc ordered by the total btc sum they donated to exposing scams, [16:09]
mircea_popescu how far on it my say 500 on harnett would put me. [16:09]
* jborkl (~jborkl@unaffiliated/jborkl) has joined #bitcoin-assets [16:09]
* decimation (~decimatio@ has joined #bitcoin-assets [16:10]
Apocalyptic what happened with that harnett btw ? [16:11]
mircea_popescu he sunk. [16:11]
Apocalyptic he just defaulted and disappeared [16:11]
Apocalyptic ? [16:11]
mircea_popescu yeah. [16:11]
Apocalyptic i've read some interesting article about him a while ago [16:12]
Apocalyptic written by a supposed investor saying how confident he was, cause Patrick got too much to loose if he ran [16:12]
mircea_popescu derp. [16:12]
mircea_popescu at the time it was a big deal, people really bought it. [16:12]
nubbins` "what good is piles of btc if you don't have your internet friends" [16:13]
mircea_popescu more importantly, at the time it was really common, to the point of being a rule, that nobody made public default complaints [16:13]
mircea_popescu making it insanely easy for the scammers [16:13]
mircea_popescu afaik mpoe-pr going all public with it was absolutely the first case a default was prosecuted in public in btc [16:13]
mircea_popescu it set some standards, changed some things, etc. [16:13]
Apocalyptic because they were ashamed of being scammed ? [16:13]
mircea_popescu yup [16:13]
mircea_popescu and because they're generally immoral fuckwits, who'd rather suck up to the scammer as if he were their daddy [16:14]
mircea_popescu "can i have at least a little back ?!?!?!" [16:14]
mircea_popescu i quoted some stuff from the scamdarknet earlier, pretty much illustrating this style. [16:14]
nubbins` "i'm in a really bad spot financially right now" [16:14]
pankkake this is still going on :( [16:14]
jborkl Just the tip ok? Don't shove it all the way [16:14]
* mod6 has quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds) [16:14]
mircea_popescu jborkl i got liek 19 inches of pure love throbbin' here :D [16:14]
jborkl Lol [16:15]
* mod6 ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [16:15]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [B.MINE] 2 @ 0.1508 = 0.3016 BTC [-] [16:15]
* mod6 is now known as Guest90796 [16:15]
mircea_popescu pankkake course it is. like infection you know ? there's always going to be bacteria on your skin [16:16]
mircea_popescu the idea is for it not to be in the liver or w/e [16:16]
mircea_popescu complete sterility is apparently a serious health risk. [16:16]
nubbins` not even apparently [16:16]
mircea_popescu how you mean ? [16:17]
nubbins` how you gonna digest! [16:17]
mircea_popescu you only eat shit you don't need help with [16:17]
nubbins` pure glucose is a tough diet [16:17]
mircea_popescu ikr ? [16:17]
pankkake lack of bacteria in modern diets makes digesting harder [16:18]
nubbins` speaking of food [16:18]
pankkake eat more dirt [16:18]
* Apocalyptic is waiting for the paleo topic [16:18]
nubbins` i read an article about gut flora of natural vs c-section births recently [16:18]
nubbins` was interesting [16:18]
mircea_popescu pankkake actually it's possible that the recent rise in ass licking as a sexual practice is fundamentally driven by the need to compensate for a lack of bacterial load in the digestive tract. [16:18]
mircea_popescu i wrote about this at some point, in romanian. [16:18]
pankkake lol [16:18]
ThickAsThieves maybe thats all eating is, humans trying to find the perfect mix of microbes to balance the gut for immortality [16:18]
nubbins` ThickAsThieves, it really is [16:19]
mircea_popescu possibly. [16:19]
jborkl Well it didn't work out for the human centipede [16:19]
nubbins` consider that a human is just a bacteria colony surrounded by a fleshy support system [16:19]
mircea_popescu lol jborkl [16:19]
nubbins` bacteria colony doesn't do so well, fleshy support system suffers [16:19]
mircea_popescu nubbins` that view is not unlike the view that human society is basically women trying to survive men fucking their shit up. [16:19]
mircea_popescu popular with some nutty groups :D [16:19]
nubbins` mircea_popescu: well, kill all the women and see how far you get :P [16:20]
mircea_popescu no need to kill them. [16:20]
* Pucilowski has quit (Ping timeout: 272 seconds) [16:20]
decimation So it seems answer to "why bitcoin?" is "gentlemen prefer blondes" or "choose the black pawn" [16:20]
decimation seems legit [16:20]
nubbins` i wonder how much of humans' love for cheese, yogurt, cured meats, fermented dishes, etc etc is bacteria telling us what to eat [16:21]
mircea_popescu decimation well, if the q is "why bitcoin rather than the altcoin" then yes. [16:21]
decimation And if the q is "why bitcoin rather than the fiat" also yes? [16:21]
ThickAsThieves is there a religion for this, worshiping bacteria and our role as its protectorate? [16:22]
mircea_popescu that q is a lot more complex, but did you read discussion with herbi a few days back ? [16:22]
* jborkl has quit () [16:22]
mircea_popescu ThickAsThieves only in sf afaik. [16:22]
nubbins` ThickAsThieves, it's much more subliminal than religion [16:23]
nubbins` is there a religion for being selfish? [16:23]
mircea_popescu yes, actually. [16:23]
nubbins` heh, as soon as i hit enter [16:23]
nubbins` "wait..." [16:23]
mircea_popescu lol [16:23]
* Guest90796 has quit (Read error: Operation timed out) [16:23]
mircea_popescu so since y'all are a lot more knowledgeable than me : is there a manga/hentai/whatever you call the weird cartoons which is predicated on females being decerebrated at birth, kept on live support systems, used as reproductive furniture ? [16:25]
* nubbins` has quit (Quit: quit) [16:26]
mircea_popescu apparently i broke his client. [16:26]
* nubbins` ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [16:26]
Duffer1 the only thing i can think of that comes close isn't a manga [16:26]
Duffer1 Where Late the Sweet Birds Sang - kate wilhelm i believe [16:26]
mircea_popescu this seems kind-of obvious, i thought teh people making them were creative and like... taboo-less [16:27]
nubbins` mircea_popescu: sorry, court-controlled regex disconnect [16:27]
nubbins` lel, i kid [16:27]
mircea_popescu lol [16:27]
* lolstate ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [16:27]
nubbins` i'm sure there's a "manga" of everything [16:27]
nubbins` in the sense that some weirdo drew up a few doodles of exactly this [16:27]
mircea_popescu i use the same stereotype :) [16:27]
assbot [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 9300 @ 0.00091008 = 8.4637 BTC [-] [16:28]
pankkake I have seen those, but they're not japanese [16:28]
nubbins` did i tell you about the drawing i found when cleaning out the rental after the last tenants? [16:28]
ThickAsThieves that is exactly the only reason i enjoy some anime and asian horror, no taboo [16:28]
ThickAsThieves allows new areas of creativity [16:28]
Duffer1 lol [16:28]
nubbins` some weird masked jester lifting up a My Little Pony's tail to examine the goods? [16:28]
mircea_popescu Duffer1 kind-of anvilicious really. [16:29]
* Pucilowski (~pucilowsk@ has joined #bitcoin-assets [16:29]
nubbins` somewhere, someone is wondering "i wonder if that's been done..." [16:29]
ThickAsThieves did aeon flux have incubator people in it? [16:29]
mircea_popescu pankkake what are they, swiss ? [16:29]
mircea_popescu aeon flux had an incredibly disappointing charlize theron in it [16:29]
Duffer1 the mtv animated series was amazing [16:30]
assbot AMAZING COMPANY! [16:30]
mircea_popescu good god, anyone sane filming that'd have had her half hour nude and the rest in latex. [16:30]
mircea_popescu the spray-on kind. [16:30]
decimation Yes. I read it earlier and now I re-read it. So the transcendental nature of Bitcoin describes its ontology. Bitcoin's effect on the world of humans is more like that of a soveirgn state. [16:32]
ThickAsThieves someone wants to buy some Altcoin: [16:32]
pankkake I don't know, I don't think I kept those. I've seen a few novels too. crazy stuff [16:32]
mircea_popescu decimation even without going into all of that : bitcoin has massive advantages over fiats. chief among which its fungibility. [16:32]
decimation Much like Mr. Yarvin's Goldenstein : [16:33]
mircea_popescu << this post is epic. [16:33]
decimation Except Bitcoinstein has a much brighter looking future than Goldenstein [16:33]
mircea_popescu so succint, yet so universally representative. [16:33]
mircea_popescu decimation now you're making me read more of that stuff. [16:34]
mircea_popescu it always pisses me off, because the kid is clearly bright and yet clearly wilfully stupid. anyway. [16:34]
decimation Sorry. He has his good moments, but I agree he is a spaz [16:34]
ThickAsThieves :) [16:40]
ThickAsThieves getting my hands on the source will be Altcoin's "2 weeks" [16:41]
* gribble (~gribble@unaffiliated/nanotube/bot/gribble) has joined #bitcoin-assets [16:43]
decimation Bitcoin is immune from legal tender law. Unlike fiat, no bank will be able to force depositors to accept bank credit (in bitcoin) as fungible with actual Bitcoin [16:44]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [COG] 6 @ 0.04899931 = 0.294 BTC [+] {2} [16:47]
* RBRubicon ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [16:47]
mircea_popescu well this article does a lot to explain his psychological drive in being so bitcoin-butthurt [16:47]
mircea_popescu anyway, the arguments he makes are mostly sound and generally banal, it just so happens they didnt work out for gold. [16:48]
mircea_popescu the reason they didn't is that gold has a negative mining return. [16:48]
mircea_popescu what i mean by this is : romania sits on a mountain of gold. it was the main source of minable gold for the roman empire, when they finally conquered dacia the local king's treasury financed 100 days of straight games with plenty left over. [16:49]
mircea_popescu the austrians mined it, transylvania still sits on a pile of untold millions of ounces. [16:49]
mircea_popescu about ten years ago a mining group formed to cut out one certain mountain, convert it to gold (and silver, palladium, tungsten, etc etc) and pay the government 20% [16:50]
mircea_popescu (of the gold only). [16:50]
mircea_popescu they;ve been trying to push this deal for the entire decade, hiring pr, doing tv shows, paying the idiots living there fiddy bux a head to go "omfg we're dying of hunger", the works. [16:50]
mircea_popescu it never worked, to date, it'll never work to date. [16:50]
mircea_popescu my objection, and i'm confident the thing that sunk the project (not for it being mine, but for it being sound) is simply this : [16:51]
assbot [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 2550 @ 0.00090452 = 2.3065 BTC [-] [16:51]
mircea_popescu why bother with all the digging, all the cyanide ponds, all that, just to get gold out fo the ground, move it 500 miles south west and then... dig a hole, put it there and guard it ? [16:51]
mircea_popescu just put up a sign, National Bank of Romania Gold Vault, Rosia Montana Division on that mountain and be don with it. [16:52]
mircea_popescu it's,,, just as gold, and just as burried, where it stands. [16:52]
mircea_popescu in short : a land deed on a gold field is as good as gold itself. you have a negative incentive to actually mine it. [16:52]
decimation Indeed. Gold in the ground as ore is just as good as gold in the ground as a bar. [16:52]
mircea_popescu whereas you have a positive incentive to mine bitcoin. [16:52]
mircea_popescu so the driving force isn't bitcoin's immunity to the legal tender law, [16:52]
ThickAsThieves I actually know a guy that manages contract negotiations between governments and mines [16:52]
mircea_popescu it's bitcoin's imunity to the real estate law. [16:52]
ThickAsThieves he of course paints this as vital to their nation [16:53]
mircea_popescu bitcoin is immune to human agency, which means you can't pass a law to hinder it's fungibility. [16:53]
mircea_popescu more importantly tho... there's no rational way to represent property in yet-unmined blocks. this is so obvious it escapes notice [16:53]
ThickAsThieves but when 20-yr contracts run out, his job gets trickier [16:53]
mircea_popescu yet it;s the more important factor. [16:53]
mircea_popescu ThickAsThieves i bet. [16:53]
decimation Right, unlike anything physical, unmined bitcoin is utterly useless [16:54]
chetty You can pass such a law, they pass unenforceable law all the time [16:54]
mircea_popescu right-o. precisely BECAUSE it is in no way physical. [16:54]
ThickAsThieves isnt everything not a thing useless? [16:54]
assbot [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 19084 @ 0.00090646 = 17.2989 BTC [+] {2} [16:54]
mircea_popescu or in other words, the reasons all the "experts" in old-fiat crap give for bitcoin's failure [16:54]
mircea_popescu are in fact its points of strength [16:54]
Duffer1 law where though chetty? [16:54]
mircea_popescu this strengthening the chief pillar of all hermeneutics. [16:54]
decimation Right, and all the game-theory arguments about savings is really just restating Gresham's law [16:55]
decimation except bitcoin is harder than gold [16:55]
decimation Goldenstein < Bitcoinstein [16:55]
mircea_popescu indeed. [16:56]
mircea_popescu he does get a lot of mileage in wordcount out of restating the banal, but he does so in a pleasant form and this is a good thing, [16:56]
mircea_popescu you never know which exact word combo is some guy's aha moment. [16:56]
mircea_popescu nevertheless, it's still just as much dicking about with shit we know. [16:56]
decimation I find the goldbug's (enemies of the fiatists) objections to bitcoin to be amusing, because they complain about the lack of physicality. [16:59]
decimation Whereas that's bitcoin's greatest strength, as you point out. [16:59]
mircea_popescu well in their defense, they just rooted for the correct principle their whole life, fighting valliantly for their sanity as an oppressed minority. [16:59]
mircea_popescu to have, within their lifetime, their cookie stolen by a newcomer... [16:59]
ThickAsThieves Old Republicans [17:00]
mircea_popescu imagine if after having pampered jesus for 30 years, the entire thing was suddenly taken over by baby allah. [17:00]
mircea_popescu fucking religious war. [17:00]
mircea_popescu ThickAsThieves pretty much. [17:00]
mircea_popescu so i can understand why a 50 something guy with a bunch of gold bars and no functioning linux distro is fucking pissed at bitcoin. [17:01]
mircea_popescu and tbh i kinda feel for him. sadly tho, they also can't be helped, because... as tat points out, "The problem here is that you have no mechanism with which to do so, and that because language is not employed for the purpose you imagine it employed." [17:01]
ThickAsThieves and why in 15 years bitcoiners will be crying over some newer thing [17:02]
Duffer1 i'd be surprised if it took 15 years [17:02]
ThickAsThieves me too [17:02]
decimation At least James Turk is smart enough to recognize a good thing when he sees it. Hopefully he will get his bitcoin exchange running at some point. [17:03]
ThickAsThieves language exists so we dont have to hit each other and grunt to communicate, just more economy at work [17:04]
ThickAsThieves probly mostly cuz female facial expressions were never well-interpreted too [17:04]
mircea_popescu possibly, tho i find female facials easier to read than males. [17:05]
mircea_popescu i suspect the reason is people tend to spend more time looking at other bits, and so lack practice. [17:05]
mircea_popescu anyway. it's not clear atm that an improvement on bitcoin is in principle possible. [17:06]
ThickAsThieves i always considered myself instinctively above average with body language [17:06]
mircea_popescu this is true of gold, too, at least up to about 2005 or so. however... it did take > 2k years with gold. [17:06]
mircea_popescu maybe 15 is short. maybe we have 250 years. [17:06]
mircea_popescu ThickAsThieves so does everyone else. [17:06]
ThickAsThieves yeah but me more so! [17:07]
mircea_popescu those with good reason for good reason, those without good reason for d-k reasons. [17:07]
decimation <-- has anyone used this exchange? [17:08]
ThickAsThieves just realized that this and our prior bacterial topic bring new subtlety to "trust your gut" [17:08]
mircea_popescu never seen before. [17:08]
mircea_popescu ;;google john cussack "my gut is full of shit" [17:09]
gribble High Fidelity - Wikiquote: ; This One Time I Met John Cusack And It Changed Everything ...: ; John Cusack, Gen X's Favorite Antihero | Mother Jones: [17:09]
pankkake [17:10]
decimation LoL they have a nifty javascript historical bitcoin-price chart: [17:11]
mircea_popescu did i see 1024 altscamcoin difficulty earlier ? that means you missed no quadrupling yet ?! [17:11]
Duffer1 any thoughts on the recent high profile bankster suicides? [17:12]
Apocalyptic they finally saw their derivative balance [17:12]
pankkake mircea_popescu: yup [17:12]
Apocalyptic more seriously though, no idea [17:12]
Duffer1 ha [17:12]
mircea_popescu pankkake make a bitbet bet as to how many 4s you get ? [17:13]
pankkake I'm not mining anything now :( [17:13]
mircea_popescu Duffer1 people generally do not wish to live in any possible world. [17:13]
mircea_popescu they have a set of worlds they'll live in, and a set of worlds they won't. [17:13]
ThickAsThieves did Altcoin burn out your chips? [17:13]
pankkake I guess the bet could be "altcoin difficulty to be exactly X", but I don't know what could be a good number [17:14]
ThickAsThieves Altcoin gets listed on Cryptsy is a better bet [17:14]
Apocalyptic mircea_popescu, that implies something must have recently changed that is strong enough to shift the reality to the other category of worlds [17:14]
pankkake I think there are too many blocks per second and thus even my good finds get rejected [17:14]
mircea_popescu pankkake it could be "altcoin difficulty will be a power of 4 by bitcoin block X" [17:14]
ThickAsThieves How about this bet : Altcoin is the best altcoin. This bet resolves as Yes if the answer is No. [17:15]
mircea_popescu Apocalyptic it's not necessarily true. if you won't live in a world without cunt, and right this second i turn all women's crotch into angels' how long would it be before you realise i did it ? [17:15]
decimation tat lol [17:15]
* fanquake has quit (Remote host closed the connection) [17:15]
mircea_popescu ThickAsThieves somehow i suspect it's not getting accepted :p [17:16]
ThickAsThieves cuz your mods have no appreciation for the arts [17:16]
Apocalyptic mircea_popescu, a matter of days i guess [17:16]
mircea_popescu so there you go. [17:16]
ThickAsThieves just like my schrodinger's bitbet idea [17:16]
ThickAsThieves i will see that one implemented before i die! [17:16]
mircea_popescu ThickAsThieves actually, strangest thing : they do! if it has my seal of approval on it, they'll do it even if it makes no sense. [17:16]
mircea_popescu now that's art. [17:16]
ThickAsThieves thats slavery, not art [17:17]
decimation Ja the dictatorship of art is the ideal [17:17]
mircea_popescu ^ [17:17]
ThickAsThieves unless you are Meese... [17:17]
mircea_popescu Apocalyptic if you've ever seen V for vendetta, there's that scene with "i've already killed you" [17:18]
mircea_popescu kinda how the fiat world goes, atm. [17:18]
Apocalyptic i've seen it [17:18]
mircea_popescu "is it too late to apologize ?" "never" etc. [17:18]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [CBTC] 15000 @ 0.0000839 = 1.2585 BTC [-] {12} [17:18]
nubbins` hahaha [17:19]
nubbins` [17:19]
Apocalyptic i don't specifically recall these quotes though [17:19]
* bloctoc has quit (Quit: Computer has gone to sleep.) [17:20]
mircea_popescu Apocalyptic mebbe time to re-see it ? :D [17:20]
Apocalyptic indeed [17:20]
* bloctoc ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [17:21]
* btcretouch has quit () [17:21]
nubbins` [17:21]
nubbins` what a freak [17:21]
decimation [17:21]
* lnostdal has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds) [17:21]
mircea_popescu "Unbelievable as it may sound, the US economy today is a shadow of what it was in the '70s." [17:22]
mircea_popescu hahaha for whom exactly would this be unbelievable ?! [17:22]
mircea_popescu srsly now. [17:22]
kakobrekla [17:23]
kakobrekla gotta be persistent, you know, and things turn around. [17:23]
mircea_popescu paying forum shills now i see [17:24]
mircea_popescu shame on you. [17:24]
kakobrekla lol [17:24]
Apocalyptic that wasn't a difficult call kako [17:24]
kakobrekla why didnt you call it then!? [17:25]
mircea_popescu zing. [17:25]
Apocalyptic i don't follow the scamining scene [17:25]
mircea_popescu Apocalyptic perhaps the reason it is an easy call today is that today happens in an universe which was shaped by the uneasy calling yesterday. [17:25]
kakobrekla 3 months ago i was getting ripped [17:26]
mircea_popescu and perhaps had that not been called then, it'd be just as difficult to call today as it was then, and then you'd know about it, [17:26]
decimation In 1975 the US had a trade surplus [17:26]
decimation [17:26]
mircea_popescu yet you wouldn't still be following the scene [17:26]
kakobrekla when i went saying such things [17:26]
kakobrekla now im getting +1 ones. [17:26]
Apocalyptic Apocalyptic perhaps the reason it is an easy call today is that today happens in an universe which was shaped by the uneasy calling yesterday. // you may well be right [17:27]
mircea_popescu this is a well documented phenomenon in movies/entertainment, where a show that pioneers a lot of new devices that are then amply copied, when seen by later generations seems "stale" and "uninteresting" [17:28]
nubbins` pascale's assessment of funds on havelock: "none of these seem to be worth buying" [17:28]
mircea_popescu sorta the same thing at work, in the world which it made, which is entirely populated by its clones and copies, it seems... oddly banal. [17:28]
mircea_popescu and nobody can understand why anyone thought seinfeld was a big deal in 1995 [17:29]
nubbins` same thing happens in music [17:29]
pankkake [17:29]
mircea_popescu hence [17:29]
mircea_popescu [17:29]
pankkake héhé! [17:29]
mircea_popescu ow fuck! [17:29]
mircea_popescu wd lol [17:29]
pankkake it even was in my browser history [17:30]
mircea_popescu nubbins` definitely happens to music too [17:32]
mircea_popescu perhaps happened to music first, actually. [17:32]
nubbins` oh sure [17:32]
decimation The more white altcoins there are, the more obvious the choice of the black pawn becomes [17:32]
mircea_popescu shh :p [17:32]
mircea_popescu i keep telling these doods altcoins are useful, and they only don't throw things at me because i'm fucking scary. [17:33]
decimation lol [17:33]
decimation anyway, if Bitcoinstein rises to rule the world one day, it is likely that the history recorded here will be used as the basis for law [17:34]
mircea_popescu there's been some formalisation of this principle going on so far, too. [17:35]
* samson_ has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds) [17:36]
* lnostdal (~lnostdal@2001:8a0:4900:e01:219d:f529:2334:3eb6) has joined #bitcoin-assets [17:36]
* samson_ (~ukru@ has joined #bitcoin-assets [17:36]
* cads ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [17:37]
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assbot [HAVELOCK] [COG] 6 @ 0.04999998 = 0.3 BTC [+] [17:38]
nubbins` any news re: new eulora release? [17:38]
mircea_popescu lemme dig it [17:39]
mircea_popescu [17:39]
nubbins` cool [17:40]
* kleinessteak ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [17:41]
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mircea_popescu virtually priceless lmao [17:46]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [AM100] 30 @ 0.00546 = 0.1638 BTC [-] {2} [17:47]
nubbins` B.* is pretty lelly [17:47]
mircea_popescu ThickAsThieves i tell you, if #bitcoin-assets trollcoin made on a lark ends up disloging doge, you will have SO MUCH angry wanna-be financial darklord butthurt on your hands [17:47]
nubbins` was just reading up [17:47]
mircea_popescu you won't be able to wash it off in a river. [17:47]
KRS1 eh wut lol [17:48]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [B.MINE] 1 @ 0.1675 BTC [+] [17:48]
KRS1 f'n dogge coin is getting on my last nerve [17:48]
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assbot [HAVELOCK] [B.MINE] 1 @ 0.17 BTC [+] [17:50]
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ThickAsThieves is that a bad thing? [17:51]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [B.EXCH] 1 @ 0.24310363 BTC [17:51]
ThickAsThieves surely it's a resource for something [17:51]
mircea_popescu prolly picking up chicks. [17:51]
kakobrekla jurov you already got spam in your blogs commens [17:51]
mircea_popescu "hi baby, smell m yhands" [17:51]
kakobrekla bitbet captcha rulez [17:52]
mircea_popescu << is it not here ? [17:53]
mircea_popescu ThickAsThieves ^ [17:53]
pankkake it would have to be on an exchange first [17:54]
mircea_popescu "But one question, how to do with my block erupter ?" [17:54]
mircea_popescu such win. [17:54]
ThickAsThieves [17:54]
* montgomery has quit (Ping timeout: 272 seconds) [17:54]
nubbins` [17:55]
nubbins` ^ fake [17:55]
ThickAsThieves I decided it prudent not to go convincing people to list ATC til i get that source code [17:55]
ThickAsThieves right? [17:55]
pankkake right [17:56]
mircea_popescu lmao [17:56]
nubbins` you might want to remind them that you can't stop them from doing so, though! [17:56]
nubbins` heh, dumpîng [17:56]
assbot [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 15600 @ 0.00091008 = 14.1972 BTC [+] [17:57]
mircea_popescu pankkake [17:59]
mircea_popescu got your wish [17:59]
pankkake stupid bets get approved fast! [18:00]
mircea_popescu i love a good caper. [18:01]
ThickAsThieves just sent .1btc on yes [18:01]
pankkake someone smart/not lazy could probably game the bet, with enough mining equipment [18:02]
* davout has quit (Quit: kthxbye) [18:02]
pankkake at least for it to be Yes [18:02]
* ThickAsThieves has quit (Changing host) [18:07]
* ThickAsThieves (~ThickAsTh@unaffiliated/thickasthieves) has joined #bitcoin-assets [18:07]
* davout (~davout@unaffiliated/davout) has joined #bitcoin-assets [18:10]
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* kleinessteak has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds) [18:13]
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* decimation has quit (Quit: quitting!) [18:16]
* morgan_b has quit (Ping timeout: 272 seconds) [18:21]
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Apocalyptic .d [18:24]
* nubbins` has quit (Quit: quit) [18:26]
mircea_popescu "what's a keylogger" [18:28]
mircea_popescu famous words of a guy with a degree. in Exercise and Sport Science [18:28]
asciilifeform [18:28]
mircea_popescu ap has a "bigstory" sub ?! [18:28]
asciilifeform nobody cancelled 'idiocracy'; expect a 'bigbooms' sub for war reportage, etc. [18:30]
mircea_popescu lol [18:30]
mircea_popescu actually bigbooms sounds quite "in" [18:30]
mircea_popescu The prison had a debriefing room, where Mohammed, who saw himself as something of a professor, held "office hours," as he told CIA officers. While chained to the floor, Mohammed would lecture the CIA officers on his path to jihad, his childhood and family. Tea and cookies were served. [18:32]
mircea_popescu lmao [18:32]
mircea_popescu i am curious whether overall the value of the guy to the cia was greater than the value of the cia to the guy. [18:32]
* morgan_b ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [18:32]
mircea_popescu one of these days one of those agents shoots his comanding officer and then there you have it, you bought m's tea and cookies for him. [18:33]
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assbot [HAVELOCK] [B.MINE] 4 @ 0.16999999 = 0.68 BTC [-] {4} [18:38]
mircea_popescu omfg that board. [18:38]
mircea_popescu finally, the kids got what they really wanted all along! [18:39]
asciilifeform woah [18:39]
pankkake omg [18:39]
* daybyter ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [18:39]
mircea_popescu first page is 13 minutes long [18:39]
pankkake logo, gif [18:39]
asciilifeform mircea_popescu: you can read this? [18:39]
mircea_popescu asciilifeform i can read anything. [18:39]
asciilifeform what i meant was, without retching [18:40]
mircea_popescu it's what you get in exchange for a classics education, you can entertain yourself with any string of text. [18:40]
mircea_popescu pankkake why the fuck does titscoin wear a bra [18:40]
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assbot [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 10296 @ 0.00091176 = 9.3875 BTC [+] {2} [18:43]
mircea_popescu btw, you two, that guy's post is a good checklist of what to do. see if you can match all his links [18:43]
* RBRubicon has quit (Ping timeout: 272 seconds) [18:44]
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assbot [HAVELOCK] [B.EXCH] 3 @ 0.24310363 = 0.7293 BTC [18:45]
mircea_popescu "No one observing the Western governments today can fail to be struck by a massive sense of sleepwalking. There is no unified consciousness or purpose behind their actions. Each of their decisions is an atom unto itself, made through an almost ritualized process by a large number of very intelligent, talented and ambitious people, whose abilities tend to cancel each other almost perfectly, leaving nothing but a chillin [18:48]
mircea_popescu g bureaucratic continuity." [18:48]
mircea_popescu "a country of laws, not of men" ye wanted, such a country ye now have. [18:49]
mircea_popescu dun be a-bitchin' to me. [18:49]
* daybyter has quit (Read error: Operation timed out) [18:55]
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* daybyter ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [18:57]
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assbot [HAVELOCK] [B.MINE] [PAID] 0.32895079 BTC to 287 shares, 114617 satoshi per share [18:59]
* daybyter has quit (Client Quit) [18:59]
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mircea_popescu Professor Bernanke is just that - a professor. He is a specialist in a framework invented to employ specialists. Computer science is full of these research empires, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing. Detaching your little subfield from reality is the easiest thing in the world. Reconnecting is almost impossible. First, you'd have to admit on your grant application that you'd been studying something other than [19:01]
mircea_popescu reality. If that's hard in Berkeley, try Washington. [19:01]
mircea_popescu yea, not a bad article really. [19:01]
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* CheckDavid (~david@unaffiliated/checkdavid) has joined #bitcoin-assets [19:10]
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mircea_popescu diametric btw re the goldstein thing, grep the logs for "republic of bitcoin" [19:11]
* elgrecoFL has quit (Excess Flood) [19:12]
* kleinessteak ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [19:12]
KRS1 [19:15]
KRS1 [19:15]
* elgrecoFL (Jezzz@unaffiliated/elgrecofl) has joined #bitcoin-assets [19:15]
mircea_popescu also, for our couple greek speaking readers : Απολείπειν ο θεός Αντώνιον. [19:16]
mircea_popescu Σαν έξαφνα, ώρα μεσάνυχτ', ακουσθεί αόρατος θίασος να περνά με μουσικές εξαίσιες, με φωνές -- την τύχη σου που ενδίδει πια, τα έργα σου που απέτυχαν, τα σχέδια της ζωής σου [19:16]
mircea_popescu που βγήκαν όλα πλάνες, μη ανοφέλετα θρηνήσεις. [19:16]
mircea_popescu Σαν έτοιμος από καιρό, σα θαρραλέος, αποχαιρέτα την, την Αλεξάνδρεια που φεύγει. [19:16]
mircea_popescu Προ πάντων να μη γελασθείς, μην πείς πως ήταν ένα όνειρο, πως απατήθηκεν η ακοή σου· μάταιες ελπίδες τέτοιες μην καταδεχθείς. [19:16]
mircea_popescu Σαν έτοιμος από καιρό, σα θαρραλέος, σαν που ταιριάζει σε που αξιώθηκες μια τέτοια πόλι, πλησίασε σταθερά προς το παράθυρο, κι άκουσε με συγκίνησιν, αλλ' όχι με των δειλών τα παρακάλια και παράπονα, [19:16]
mircea_popescu ως τελευταία απόλαυσι τους ήχους, τα εξαίσια όργανα του μυστικού θιάσου, κι αποχαιρέτα την, την Αλεξάνδρεια που χάνεις. [19:16]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [B.EXCH] 1 @ 0.24310363 BTC [19:17]
* libbelol has quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds) [19:21]
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assbot [HAVELOCK] [PETA] 52 @ 0.04999993 = 2.6 BTC [+] {4} [19:28]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [HMF] 11 @ 0.02859997 = 0.3146 BTC [+] {4} [19:29]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [HMF] 57 @ 0.02899999 = 1.653 BTC [+] {2} [19:30]
mircea_popescu meanwhile in english, "Good money must have an intrinsic value. The United States of America cannot make its shadow legal tender for debts payable in money without ultimately bringing upon their foreign commerce and their home industry a catastrophe, which will be the more overwhelming the longer the day of wrath puts off its coming. Our federal constitution was designed to end forever the emission of bills of credit a [19:30]
mircea_popescu s legal tender in payment of debts, alike by the individual states and the United States; and it will have that effect, if it is rightly interpreted and firmly enforced." [19:30]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [HMF] 10 @ 0.02899999 = 0.29 BTC [+] {2} [19:31]
*jurov* [19:31]
mircea_popescu ( ) [19:31]
mircea_popescu the 1800s called, they want their pound of flesh back. [19:31]
ThickAsThieves i never realized how useful paulo coelho quotes could be in our world [19:33]
mircea_popescu their world, but yea. [19:33]
ThickAsThieves “Every blessing ignored becomes a curse.” [19:33]
ThickAsThieves “When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better, too.” [19:33]
ThickAsThieves “You will never be able to escape from your heart. So it's better to listen to what it has to say.” [19:33]
ThickAsThieves “Everything that happens once can never happen again. But everything that happens twice will surely happen a third time.” [19:34]
ThickAsThieves lol [19:34]
mircea_popescu fortune cookies ftw. [19:34]
ThickAsThieves “Remember that wherever your heart is, there you will find your treasure.” [19:34]
mircea_popescu there's an entire subculture dedicated to this stuff (and embroidery) in romania [19:34]
mircea_popescu not so in the us huh ? [19:34]
ThickAsThieves “It's the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting.” [19:35]
ThickAsThieves yeah, lotsa catholic stuff [19:35]
ThickAsThieves Footprints, etc [19:35]
mircea_popescu yeah. soft catholic, not the anti-abortion rabble-rabble types [19:36]
mircea_popescu just... zacharine 70s b movies sort. [19:36]
ThickAsThieves [19:36]
ThickAsThieves i like that domain name, cute [19:37]
mircea_popescu wow. such deep. [19:37]
mircea_popescu many footprint. [19:37]
* FabianB (~ogg@unaffiliated/fabianb) has joined #bitcoin-assets [19:39]
* elgrecoFL has quit (Excess Flood) [19:40]
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* elgrecoFL (Jezzz@unaffiliated/elgrecofl) has joined #bitcoin-assets [19:43]
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* RBRubicon ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [19:50]
* coingenuity has quit (Excess Flood) [19:54]
* coingenuity (~coingenui@unaffiliated/coingenuity) has joined #bitcoin-assets [19:54]
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* tyrion70 (~Adium@unaffiliated/tyrion70) has joined #bitcoin-assets [20:10]
* ThickAsThieves has quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds) [20:12]
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asciilifeform so casascius is alive. [20:20]
asciilifeform therefore, recipe: QT9701B or newer (Quantum Research Ltd.) [20:20]
asciilifeform charge-transfer capacitance sensor (femtofarad!) [20:21]
asciilifeform then, do the obvious (or do i have to draw a picture.) [20:21]
asciilifeform the experiment's result, especially if positive, will be highly educational. [20:22]
asciilifeform (there's gotta be somebody here with a set of balls /and/ free time both...) [20:23]
* cads ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [20:25]
* ThickAsThieves ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [20:26]
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assbot [HAVELOCK] [DEALCO] 410 @ 0.00448494 = 1.8388 BTC [+] {3} [20:30]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [CBTC] 19412 @ 0.00009889 = 1.9197 BTC [+] {6} [20:32]
asciilifeform [20:33]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [CBTC] 9841 @ 0.00010635 = 1.0466 BTC [+] {13} [20:34]
Duffer1 ya you teach those files a lesson [20:38]
Duffer1 that surely fixed the leak [20:38]
Duffer1 oh wow so they just blatantly threatened to shut down the guardian.. [20:46]
asciilifeform Duffer1: if you believe the words coming out of the mouthpiece wholesale, then sure [20:47]
asciilifeform more likely they threatened a pederasty conviction or somesuch for someone relevant [20:48]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [AM100] 50 @ 0.00540444 = 0.2702 BTC [-] {6} [20:48]
Duffer1 oh i just read: "Asked if Downing Street really intended to close down the Guardian if it did not comply, Robbins confirmed: "I'm saying this." [20:48]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [B.EXCH] 1 @ 0.24310363 BTC [20:49]
asciilifeform it isn't like you and i were there and heard what was said. [20:49]
asciilifeform all we have is the article [20:49]
asciilifeform no reason to suppose it wasn't dictated. [20:50]
asciilifeform (one of the purposes of 'totalitarian surveillance' is, when they whisper: 'newspaper magnates can also have problems' and he asks 'how', there will be a relevant and persuasive answer.) [20:51]
asciilifeform 'cooperate like a gentleman or you'll rape someone in sweden tonight.' [20:52]
asciilifeform these folks have been learning the fine art of human-to-mupper conversion for more than half a century. [20:55]
asciilifeform *muppet [20:55]
asciilifeform no special cunning required. just an unbounded willingness to use violence - 'soft violence' of disinformation on the rubes, the 'hard' variety for people who matter [20:56]
* elgrecoFL has quit (Excess Flood) [20:58]
* elgrecoFL (Jezzz@unaffiliated/elgrecofl) has joined #bitcoin-assets [20:59]
mircea_popescu ah ifonly it were that simple [21:00]
mircea_popescu what wunderking of a state would caesar have run [21:00]
asciilifeform caesar + mass broadcasting would've been a marvel. [21:02]
asciilifeform but worlds with mass chumpcasting don't produce caesars. [21:02]
mircea_popescu so then no + [21:04]
mircea_popescu "A lot of people in government think you should be closed down." [21:05]
mircea_popescu derp you know, as if that ever was different [21:06]
mircea_popescu tbh sounds morel ike guardian vying to retain relevance than anything [21:06]
mircea_popescu fact is, they failed to publish. who needs a sob story ? [21:06]
ThickAsThieves okay i will need a lil help with the Altcoin source [21:07]
ThickAsThieves he's getting it, but says we'll need to sort something about the genesis block [21:07]
ThickAsThieves [14:03] the only issue is the genesis block is like timestamped or so to make them all unique [21:07]
ThickAsThieves [14:04] so you'd need to figure out the genesis block, but other than that it would be the same [21:07]
ThickAsThieves [14:05] you could dump the genesis block via rpc, I think [21:07]
mircea_popescu well and he doesn't know the timestamp ? [21:08]
mircea_popescu anyway, yeah, you can have altcoind dump any arbitrary block [21:08]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [AM1] 1 @ 0.60999996 BTC [+] [21:08]
ThickAsThieves he doesnt know the timestamp [21:09]
mircea_popescu asciilifeform : "Two GCHQ technical experts – "Ian" and "Chris" – recorded the process on their iPhones. " <<< law enforceement never fails to unintentionally entertain part 5487649587695 [21:09]
mircea_popescu well point out to the guy it might not be the worst of ideas to store that at creation just as a convenience. [21:09]
assbot [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 40150 @ 0.00091397 = 36.6959 BTC [+] {5} [21:10]
ThickAsThieves sounds like he's sold or something [21:11]
ThickAsThieves it's "in transition" [21:11]
mircea_popescu o [21:11]
* bloctoc has quit (Quit: Computer has gone to sleep.) [21:11]
* bloctoc ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [21:12]
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* KingCoin has quit (Remote host closed the connection) [21:14]
* ozbot (~ozbot@unaffiliated/jezzz/bot/ozcoin) has joined #bitcoin-assets [21:14]
pankkake maybe a providing an exchange and bootstrap nodes could work better [21:19]
pankkake but that would not hide the fact that it was generated, though… [21:19]
pankkake (the endgame being destroying altcoins by flooding the market) [21:20]
ThickAsThieves "Coding bootcamps are scrambling to figure out how they can save their programs" [21:20]
ThickAsThieves lol [21:20]
* djcoin_ ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [21:21]
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* FabianB has quit (Ping timeout: 265 seconds) [21:24]
* FabianB ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [21:26]
* FabianB has quit (Changing host) [21:27]
* FabianB (~ogg@unaffiliated/fabianb) has joined #bitcoin-assets [21:27]
mircea_popescu "With zero premine... I'm not criticising, just wondering how you can pay bounties?" see, you're doing it right already. [21:31]
pankkake haha, that bounty thing [21:32]
pankkake kinda like paying contractors with shares, I think [21:32]
mircea_popescu i love how he's taking the entire absurdist angle up to 11 [21:32]
mircea_popescu pagefuls of retarded quotes and shit. so much win this. [21:32]
pankkake "I can't pay you, but would you like some shares of my facebook for dogs website?" [21:32]
mircea_popescu pankkake it's a step up from designerhell's commonplace "i can't pay you but you should do it for fun anyway". [21:33]
pankkake I've read a designer blog or something, yeah… I don't envy them [21:33]
mircea_popescu [21:33]
ozbot "It's like twitter. Except we charge people to use it." [21:33]
pankkake well, actually, did it. [21:34]
pankkake it got momentary hype and is probably dead now [21:34]
* CheckDavid has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer) [21:35]
* LorenzoMoney1 (~LorenzoMo@unaffiliated/lorenzomoney) has joined #bitcoin-assets [21:39]
mircea_popescu [21:41]
ozbot All you may ever need to know of financial planning pe Trilema - Un blog de Mircea Popescu. [21:41]
* LorenzoMoney has quit (Ping timeout: 253 seconds) [21:42]
* LorenzoMoney (~LorenzoMo@unaffiliated/lorenzomoney) has joined #bitcoin-assets [21:43]
* LorenzoMoney has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer) [21:46]
* RBRubicon has quit (Ping timeout: 264 seconds) [21:47]
* LorenzoMoney (~LorenzoMo@unaffiliated/lorenzomoney) has joined #bitcoin-assets [21:47]
* LorenzoMoney1 has quit (Ping timeout: 265 seconds) [21:47]
ThickAsThieves so Kelly = Jesus ? [21:52]
mircea_popescu nah, just some bell labs fellow [21:53]
mircea_popescu pankkake << give the kid some atcs too eh. [21:54]
pankkake ? [21:55]
mircea_popescu he's the one photochopping the altcoin into whatever altcoin site screencap [21:56]
mircea_popescu ima give him a bitcent, cause you gotta encourage kids. give him some altcoin too neh ? [21:56]
pankkake oh, of course [21:57]
* LorenzoMoney has quit (Quit: KVIrc 4.2.0 Equilibrium [21:57]
* LorenzoMoney (~LorenzoMo@unaffiliated/lorenzomoney) has joined #bitcoin-assets [21:57]
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* Pucilowski (~pucilowsk@ has joined #bitcoin-assets [22:05]
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* saulimus has quit (Quit: saulimus) [22:08]
kakobrekla are we gonna se altcoin options on mpex [22:12]
kakobrekla see [22:12]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [B.EXCH] 1 @ 0.24310363 BTC [22:15]
mircea_popescu options no, but futures perhaps. [22:16]
mircea_popescu if a major player in some alt gets his shit together. [22:17]
kakobrekla he said some alt. [22:17]
* deizel has quit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds) [22:18]
mircea_popescu wait so ? [22:21]
* deizel (~deizel@ has joined #bitcoin-assets [22:21]
mircea_popescu s.mpoe statement rectified (~5.4 extra btc expenses on mpex sheet) [22:23]
mircea_popescu [22:24]
ozbot [NEW] The REAL Altcoin [22:25]
mircea_popescu dude this thread is so much fun [22:25]
mircea_popescu who knew all it took was not premining. certainly all the 5464598769485 derps in the subforum there hadn't figured it out, their premine is like their holy grail [22:26]
mircea_popescu clearly satoshi had done that wrong, and clearly they be fixin' it. [22:26]
* FabianB_ ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [22:26]
* Duffer1 has quit (Quit: ChatZilla [Firefox 26.0/20131205075310]) [22:27]
* FabianB_ is now known as Guest66628 [22:27]
kakobrekla there is no 'some alt' [22:27]
kakobrekla just the alt [22:27]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [B.EXCH] 2 @ 0.24310363 = 0.4862 BTC [22:27]
mircea_popescu omg come see the violence inherent in the system [22:28]
mircea_popescu you see him repressing me ? [22:28]
mircea_popescu you saw him didn't you! [22:28]
* Guest66628 has quit (Client Quit) [22:28]
mircea_popescu [22:28]
ozbot Dennis The Constitutional Peasant - YouTube [22:29]
* FabianB has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds) [22:29]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [B.SELL] 1 @ 0.13 BTC [+] [22:30]
kakobrekla lol [22:33]
* b0n1 has quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds) [22:33]
* b0n1 ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [22:34]
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* RBRubicon ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [22:40]
mircea_popescu "Everyone that is saying that I have some kind of gambling addiction is a douche and they can go and die in hell. I have never had and I will never had a fucking gambling problem." [22:44]
mircea_popescu sounds convincing. [22:44]
* davout has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer) [22:47]
mircea_popescu lmao "galtcoin", libertyblabla, scrypt, only 1k coins (20 blocks) premined for "testing" [22:49]
mircea_popescu 2nd post ? ""blocks" : 13158,". premined to all hell. [22:49]
mircea_popescu pumper answer ? "o we had an [unannounced] open beta" but srsly, we don't mean to do any harm" [22:49]
mircea_popescu [22:50]
ozbot [ANN]GaltCoin - Full Release [22:50]
mircea_popescu back to the age old "speculator's fault! i swear!" [22:50]
* AusBitBank ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [22:50]
mircea_popescu ThickAsThieves << he has a point btw. prolly best chase down the new owners of coingen and nail them to a wall. [22:54]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [7C] 42 @ 0.00310008 = 0.1302 BTC [-] [22:55]
assbot [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 19600 @ 0.00090855 = 17.8076 BTC [-] [22:55]
ThickAsThieves shhh [22:55]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [B.EXCH] 1 @ 0.24310363 BTC [22:56]
mircea_popescu btw, get bluematt to take off w/e links/watermarks/anything nao. [22:57]
ThickAsThieves thats partly why i want the source [22:58]
ThickAsThieves to bounty people to clean it [22:58]
mircea_popescu i think he does it for like 100 bux, prolly cheapest. [22:58]
ThickAsThieves oh thats an option too? [22:59]
mircea_popescu afaik, nae. [22:59]
ThickAsThieves paying attention as a new CEO, not easy [22:59]
* b0n1 has quit (Read error: Operation timed out) [23:00]
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* b0n1 ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [23:00]
ThickAsThieves [23:01]
ozbot [BaLBOND] - Pre IPO - Bitcoin's Only Exchangeable Bond [23:01]
ThickAsThieves BEXBOND [23:01]
mircea_popescu [23:02]
ozbot Twitter / Mircea_Popescu: Hey @dogecoin, prepare to eat ... [23:02]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [DEALCO] 189 @ 0.00447956 = 0.8466 BTC [-] {4} [23:04]
mircea_popescu btw, if you want to know who we're pissing in the ear of, it's this kid : [23:05]
mircea_popescu and it doesn't seem he has much dough left, either. [23:05]
mircea_popescu adobe fuckwit. [23:06]
ThickAsThieves he made dogecoin, or? [23:06]
ThickAsThieves i will use adobe to slay him! [23:06]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [CBTC] 49865 @ 0.00011199 = 5.5844 BTC [+] [23:06]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [B.MINE] 1 @ 0.1749 BTC [-] [23:06]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [B.MINE] 1 @ 0.175 BTC [+] [23:07]
mircea_popescu < [23:07]
assbot 123! [23:07]
ozbot [NEW] The REAL Altcoin [23:07]
ThickAsThieves You see this Goat ad in the forum? [23:09]
ThickAsThieves just text that says "Goat says: "Bitcoin is NOT Illegal in Thailand. There is no law against Bitcoin in Thailand!"" [23:09]
mircea_popescu kik [23:09]
mircea_popescu good for him. [23:09]
mircea_popescu thermos is now taking goat's coin ? how much difference does a year make when you're 25, i swear. [23:09]
* smidge has quit (Quit: sorry, but you've mistaken me for someone who gives a fuck...) [23:10]
ThickAsThieves [23:11]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [HMF] 11 @ 0.0280909 = 0.309 BTC [+] {3} [23:11]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [B.EXCH] 1 @ 0.24310363 BTC [23:11]
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kakobrekla you need a blockchain reader [23:12]
kakobrekla and dice [23:12]
kakobrekla and faucet [23:12]
pizzaman1337 and mpex for altcoin [23:12]
kakobrekla ThickAsThieves why not niggers.jpg [23:12]
* CheckDavid (~david@unaffiliated/checkdavid) has joined #bitcoin-assets [23:12]
ThickAsThieves altcoin will get exactly what it needs at exactly the right moment [23:13]
asciilifeform mircea_popescu: re: the 'rogue' in your latest post: [23:13]
asciilifeform [23:13]
ozbot ROG-O-MATIC: A Belligerent Expert System [23:13]
mircea_popescu;all << this is fucking retarded in typical manner. [23:13]
ozbot [CGA] Cryptographic Anomaly - Rarest Coin EVER - RELEASED!! [23:13]
mircea_popescu jesus my brain is melting. [23:13]
asciilifeform when do we get 'EGA'? 'VGA' ? coins [23:14]
mircea_popescu asciilifeform that was afaik the best thing ai experts ever came up with. [23:14]
assbot [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 9800 @ 0.00091382 = 8.9554 BTC [+] [23:14]
mircea_popescu anyway, cga stands for anomaly w/e the fuck. the guy's idea is that the block reward for solved blocks is 0 unless some extended-modulo conditions of difficulty are met. [23:15]
mircea_popescu which he intended to make simple more-power equations unreliable [23:15]
mircea_popescu but which in fact simply make solo mining even less feasible. [23:15]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [B.MINE] 1 @ 0.175 BTC [+] [23:15]
mircea_popescu typical "we will fix this" government approach resulting in shooting own foot [23:15]
jurov kakobrekla: pm [23:17]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [KCIM] 150 @ 0.00262032 = 0.393 BTC [-] {8} [23:17]
* daybyter ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [23:20]
asciilifeform mircea_popescu: 'Eurisko' was pretty good, despite the fact that the author 'turned scammer' afterward. [23:20]
mircea_popescu i dunno that one. [23:21]
asciilifeform mircea_popescu: he never published the source, but i dug up a good bit of it via FOIA requests. [23:21]
mircea_popescu "You really are a fucking idiot and have no idea what you are talking about. The project I am working on will be more successful than twitter within a year. When I sell the project for 40 million dollars I will ignore any emails from you begging to be a part of it and will send you a postcard from my yaght." [23:21]
asciilifeform (Lenat was 100% usg-funded) [23:21]
mircea_popescu aha. [23:22]
mircea_popescu well it just goes to show i don't realy master that space :) [23:22]
mircea_popescu wait. [23:22]
asciilifeform me, i was never master, only an armchair archaeologiest. [23:22]
mircea_popescu is this the expert system that blew the usnavy staff outof water ? [23:23]
asciilifeform the very same. [23:23]
mircea_popescu ah! [23:23]
asciilifeform he had it play 'traveller,' a (now very ancient) space-war sim [23:23]
asciilifeform and won so thoroughly that he was banned from the tourneys [23:23]
mircea_popescu tho to be honest... it's success had more to do with bureaucratic idiocy [23:24]
mircea_popescu (kind of the reason nobody seriously believes the us has any real chance in any serious military confrontation) [23:24]
asciilifeform actually the u.s. navy lusing is more to do with the invention of the modern anti-ship rocket [23:25]
mircea_popescu it strictly won by exploiting badly written rules, neh ? [23:25]
asciilifeform (any naval battle with something other than muppet state should be expected to include such rockets) [23:25]
mircea_popescu a you meant in practice. [23:25]
mircea_popescu it wouldn't even have to go that far. just, you know... england beat spain into the dirt by using privateers. [23:26]
mircea_popescu spain at the time was roughly the us of today : immense empire run by idiots, access to all the gold in the world that did them no service etc etc. [23:26]
asciilifeform [23:26]
asciilifeform (brief summary) [23:26]
assbot [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 16700 @ 0.00090853 = 15.1725 BTC [-] {2} [23:26]
asciilifeform personal crackpottery: [23:27]
asciilifeform dollars to doughnuts that lenat did not write eurisko. [23:28]
asciilifeform a student or other subordinate did [23:28]
asciilifeform because the thing he did for the next 25 years was a ridiculous and worthless usg boondoggle [23:28]
mircea_popescu actually, if there's any merit in the theory of history repeating itself, we could guess that the largest bubble for the next ~3 centuries will be the result of a RoB corporation being granted the priviledge to trade one ships' worth of drugs in the us as a result of a defeatr of the us in battle. [23:28]
mircea_popescu hm... that's possible. the alternate crackpottery, of course, being that his actual work is still classified [23:29]
mircea_popescu and a student did the boondoggle. [23:29]
pizzaman1337 mpex seriously made 1`830 BTC from new accounts in Jan? insane [23:29]
mircea_popescu perhaps a very tall, slender student perfectly capable to suck a golfball through a garden hose. [23:29]
mircea_popescu pizzaman1337 you know! nobody goes "mercedes srsly sold 50 cars in 2014 ?! ?!?!" [23:29]
asciilifeform all of this quite possible. u.s. reportedly had some very spiffy logistics code in gulf war I. [23:30]
mircea_popescu it's best showing on the battlefiled for a long... long time. [23:31]
* kleinessteak has quit (Ping timeout: 272 seconds) [23:31]
pizzaman1337 mircea_popescu: well, nice work. It's just hard to believe, I suppose. [23:31]
* davout (~davout@unaffiliated/davout) has joined #bitcoin-assets [23:31]
asciilifeform re: mpex performance and outraged lusers: there was an article, many years ago, discussing an overheard: 'is that a real program, or is that something somebody wrote' [23:32]
pizzaman1337 ;;ticker --market bitstamp [23:33]
gribble Bitstamp BTCUSD ticker | Best bid: 822.57, Best ask: 822.91, Bid-ask spread: 0.34000, Last trade: 822.91, 24 hour volume: 7141.70092059, 24 hour low: 800.76, 24 hour high: 827.38, 24 hour vwap: 814.575137306 [23:33]
asciilifeform the uninitiated tend to group mpex as 'something somebody wrote' [23:33]
asciilifeform while mercedes as 'a real program' [23:33]
pizzaman1337 ;;calc 822.57 * 1800.90483924 [23:33]
gribble 1481370.29361 [23:33]
asciilifeform and their brains hurt [23:33]
asciilifeform mircea_popescu: this more or less reduces to your old observation that 'your dog thinks that you are an exceptionally large dog of the same type' [23:34]
asciilifeform [23:36]
ozbot EURISKO - [23:36]
* Evolyn__ is now known as Evolyn [23:36]
mircea_popescu something like that [23:38]
mircea_popescu pankkake incidentally, what's diff at ? [23:39]
pankkake 4096 [23:40]
mircea_popescu .d [23:41]
ozbot 2193847870.17428 | Next Diff in 610 blocks | Estimated Change: 17.0561% in 3d 12h 14m 55s [23:41]
mircea_popescu meh [23:41]
pizzaman1337 it'll catch up [23:41]
mircea_popescu 283645 [23:41]
pankkake that's not going to help me win the diff under 10% bet :( [23:41]
mircea_popescu it actually might keep it going to 285k [23:41]
mircea_popescu actually... perversely enough that bet depends on there not being a lot of power thrown in early. [23:42]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [SFI] 184 @ 0.00084476 = 0.1554 BTC [-] [23:43]
* aaa ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [23:47]
assbot [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 3473 @ 0.00091473 = 3.1769 BTC [+] [23:48]
assbot [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 116527 @ 0.00091598 = 106.7364 BTC [+] {7} [23:49]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [AM100] 18 @ 0.00574505 = 0.1034 BTC [-] {3} [23:50]
* tyrion70 has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer) [23:52]
* tyrion70 (~Adium@unaffiliated/tyrion70) has joined #bitcoin-assets [23:52]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [AM100] 40 @ 0.00549423 = 0.2198 BTC [-] {3} [23:53]
* RBRubicon has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer) [23:55]
* KingCoin (~anna@unaffiliated/kingcoin) has joined #bitcoin-assets [23:58]
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