Domestic casting

Thursday, 16 May, Year 11 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

I bought myself a casting couch. You know the item, ifi you were in the biz back when the biz still was a thing.ii

Or, I guess, if you're old enough to have watched the biz being a thing from a more or less hopeful distance.

Anyway : it's this couch designed for the comfort of fucking multiple girls, to support their interaction and so forth, rather than for any other kind of social or personal considerations. It's not for watching TV, it's not for receiving a Tupperware party, it's for alligning cunt.

And since I got it, well...





The problem with female garb is that everything's made seemingly for the express purpose of its giving way. This irritates the girls ("why does everyone hate women!!!") but I suspect it's actually a matter of biological influence upon culture : women themselves are made for the express purpose of giving way, it stands to [some, contorted] reasons that the people trying to make women adequate clothing would make it in such a manner as to reflect the water clothed.


Above : What is this for, I wonder ?

Below : Boxed bimbo.



A few days after buying myself a few chains de-un stinjeniii I fixed the girl as can be seen, cuffs and anal hook locked together to a length of chain. I will say the comings and goings of the poor soul make a most melodious musing on the glazed floor ; and besides -- you can offer her chocolate, which she loves, at the length of her chain. Is there much more degrading than having to pull, innards and all, so as to reach the little delicious praline your very amused master's holding just barely, maybe, out of reach ? Can it be reached ?

And of course, once done teasing one end of the reach, one can step out into the garden, go around the house, and come back in at the other end of the reach. And then go out again and come back... at the other end again ? Or maybe at the same one as before ? Which ? Which way should the chainlinks tinkle ?

As they say... life's what I make of it.


  1. The problem with the social dissolution brought about by the indulging of the precious cuntlets' idle pretense to self-determination is the forgetting of tools, means and methods. You may remember what your betters were doing long past anyone in your sad socialism stopped doing it ; but you're hard pressed to remember how they did it even during the times they're actually doing it! The tools, the means and the methods disappear under the overwhelming dead weight of simulacra and cvasi-originals nobody knows how to distinguish from the genuine article anymore long before the activities they used to support are altogether renounced as such. That's be why you're still pretending to be engaging in computing long after the last computers became unavailable to you. That's why you can't buy silk anything, that's also why I have to argue with the clerks over cotton socks ("oh, it only says 80% cotton 20% synthetic" "right" "that's the elastic, you don't want socks without elastic like for diabethics do you ? the kind that crumple around the ankle and don't stay up ?" "..." They're always shocked when they proclaim so and so article "no longer exists" and I point out I'm wearing it.

    Voi ati minca salam cu soia ? []

  2. It's going away, by the way, not merely in itself but in its whole downstream. Habits of civilisation and proper behaviour created by the overwhelming social pressure pornography imposed upon your mothers twenty to thirty years ago are disappearing with the dissipation of that same pressure. The civilising factor is no longer sufficiently felt by your sisters, and will likely entirely escape your daughters, which means you're going straight the fuck back to your previous sad state. Reversion to the mean, it's called. The sweet fruits aren't for everyone. []
  3. Old Romanian measure of length, between almost two meters and 2m1/4. []
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  1. > The problem with the social dissolution brought about by the indulging of the precious cuntlets' idle pretense to self-determination is the forgetting of tools, means and methods.

    This is IMHO an excellent point. However, from where I'm looking, at least in this particular case the tools, i.e. the casting couch, seem to be readily available to whomever's buying. Or is a casting couch a casting couch (instead of a regular one) mainly because of the way it's being used rather than its presence? What's the substance of the casting couch here?

  2. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Tuesday, 21 May 2019

    The fact that you can have furniture made to order doesn't in itself guarantee you'll long remember what to order.

    God knows you can make IC crystals to order, and yet that doesn't mean anyone has any good designs.

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    Isidra Soron 
    Friday, 24 April 2020

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    Mircea Popescu 
    Friday, 24 April 2020

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    Mircea Popescu 
    Saturday, 25 April 2020

    @Bhagwant Singh Do you realise there's people who live in, like, different villages and things ?

    I don't even mean over the hill, you know, or on the other side of the valley, where the problem is that even if she starts walking by the time you're done talking, she'll be close enough to jump your bones the next day.

    I mean large distances, and bodies of water and impassable jungles and swamps and mountaintops such that people usually... fly. Yeah, that's right : when I gather up the sluts & whorey it usually involves airfare! Do you know how much airfare is, Bhagant? Mai bagabontule mai!

    There's such distances and wonders and complications in this world, a mere phone number's not even enough. You have to provide a country code at the very least! And... other things.

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